Birds in Flight, Chapter 5

  • Posted on February 13, 2021 at 2:31 pm

by Girl Lover

Jill woke up to something squeezing her breast. The room was still dark. She squinted at the clock, which read 2:47, then felt her nipple being pinched. “Emma? Is that you?” she called out.


“What on earth are you doing?”

“I wanna play with your boobies,” said the little girl.

“Good grief, Emma… It’s the middle of the night!”

“But your boobies were calling me. I heard them!”

Jill couldn’t keep from chuckling but had to say, “They were not calling you, silly. They’re sleepy, and you should be, too. Let’s go back to sleep.”

“After you wake up, can I play with them then?”

Jill rolled her eyes, “Yeah.”

“Okay, g’night.”

Jill sighed, “Good night.”



Jill woke up, still half-asleep, “Wha…?”

“Are you awake now?” It was Emma’s voice.

Jill groaned. It was still mostly dark, although a faint light had begun to shine through the window. What time is it?, she wondered, peering at the clock through half-closed eyes. 6:02. Well, at least it’s almost daylight, Jill thought, then replied, “Yeah, I guess I’m awake,” trailing off into a yawn.

“Can I play with your boobies now?”

“Yeah, yeah. I guess so.”

“Yay!” Emma cheered, then grabbed roughly at Jill’s breasts.

“Ow! Hey, careful there.”

This, of course, awakened Linda, “What’s going on?”

To which Jill replied, “Our new girlfriend. She wants to play with my boobs.”

“Emma!” Linda’s unusually stern voice called out.

“Jill said I could.”

“It’s okay. I like it,” Jill murmured, then kissed Linda.

The two lovers cuddled together watching Emma, who sat at Jill’s side, kneading her breasts like modeling clay. After a minute, the urge to join Emma became too great for Linda, and she too began to fondle Jill’s boobs.  For her part, Jill propped her hands behind her head and relaxed, enjoying the loving attention.

Before long, though, Jill allowed her hand to wander down Linda’s bareback until she was caressing the girl’s silken bottom. Her desire mounting, she slipped a finger… into Linda’s butt crack, teasing her little lover’s anus.

Linda started, then gazed at Jill, her eyes glowing with adoration. “Oh, Jill… I love you.”

Jill answered the ten-year-old with a kiss, purring with delight as Linda’s tongue emerged to dance with hers.

It seemed as if their morning was going to start with an hour or two of lovemaking, but a glance at the clock over Linda’s shoulder set Jill straight. Breaking the kiss, she sighed. “I hate to break this up, ladies, but we’ve got to get up and get packed. Check-out time is in less than an hour, and we need to hit the road soon anyhow.”

Emma pouted. “We gotta ride in the car again? Can’t we not do it today, an’ — an’ stay here?”

Jill shook her head. “There’s only enough money left for one more night in a motel, pumpkin. That means we’ve got to get to Gramma’s place tomorrow, or we won’t just be riding in the car… we’ll have to sleep in it, too.” Climbing out of bed, she stretched and yawned. “Who’s first for the shower?”

“Me!” Emma exclaimed, leaping to her feet.

While Emma got cleaned up, Linda began to pack their things while Jill made pancakes. Emma soon emerged, pink and glowing, and they sat down to eat. No syrup, but there was half a jarful of grape jelly left, so they used that for the pancakes. After breakfast, it was getting perilously close to check-out time, so Jill and Linda elected to shower together.

The sight of Linda, naked and wet, had Jill longing to take her right then and there, but she managed to settle for a few passionate kisses. As they took turns drying each other, she said, “When we go to bed tonight, I’m gonna make love to every inch of your body.”

“I want to f-fuck you, too,” Linda replied, then blushed.

Laughing joyfully, Jill wrapped her arms around the girl, and they kissed once more.

A few minutes later, the girls were on the road, taking up the next leg of their journey to Montana. They noticed how much more scenic it was compared to yesterday, when they had just entered Colorado.

A couple of hours later, after noticing that the tank was getting low, Jill pulled into a gas station. Parking at the pump, Jill went inside to pay for the gas, Emma went along to look at the gift shop, and Linda got out to stretch her legs.

Walking around to the front of the store, Linda noticed a thin little girl, younger than Emma, dressed in dirty clothes and clutching a teddy bear. At first, she didn’t pay much attention to the child, figuring she would soon get back in a car with her parents, but instead, she remained where she was on the sidewalk, holding out her bear to whoever passed by as they went in and out of the store.

Curious, Linda drew nearer, as the little girl held out her teddy bear to a man who was coming out of the store. “D’ya wanna buy my teddy?” she said in a tiny voice. The man smiled, shaking his head as he headed to his car.

A woman approached the store, and the child turned to her. “Scuse me, d’ya wanna buy my teddy?” The woman shook her head, an expression of distaste on her face as she went inside. The little girl stared miserably after her.

Linda came over, “Hello.” The little girl looked at her but said nothing. “What’s your name?” The girl still didn’t answer. “Why are you selling your teddy bear?” Linda finally asked.

“I’m hungry,” was the girl’s faint reply.

“Why don’t you ask your mom to get you something? I’m sure she will.” The child didn’t reply, just stared down at her feet.

Linda began to notice how thin the girl was, and the shabbiness of her clothes. She ventured a guess, “Did you run away from home?”

The girl’s face became alarmed. She whispered, “Please d-don’t make me go back!”

Linda squatted down. “I won’t,” she assured the trembling child. My name’s Linda. Where do you live?”

The girl turned, leading her behind the store. Linda followed, expecting to find a small house or trailer like she used to live in, but there was nothing but an empty alley. The girl went behind a stack of pallets and there, Linda saw a dirty blanket on the ground, an empty cereal box, a battered plastic cup, and nothing else. Her mouth grew dry as she saw the frightened look in the child’s eyes, then felt a shudder of dread at the sight of red marks on her arms. Welts, caused by a leather belt. Linda still wore fading hints of similar violence on her own body. Fighting back tears, she saw herself in this little girl.

Gently taking the child’s arm and touching the marks, Linda barely heard the girl whisper, “I was bad.” She took a deep breath, wiping her eyes as a sudden blast of icy breeze chilled her. Looking at the darkening clouds off in the distance, she made a decision.

“Hey, we have some sandwiches and cereal you can have,” Linda murmured soothingly. “C’mon.” The little girl’s eyes brightened, and Linda took her hand, leading her back around to the front of the store.

As they headed to the car, Linda noticed that Emma had come back. Pointing to her, she said, “That’s my sister, Emma. She’s really nice.” Walking to the back of the car, where Emma had lowered the tailgate and was reaching into the cooler where the food was, Linda told her sister, “This girl is really hungry. Help her make a couple of sandwiches, okay?”

“Sure. Hi there!” Emma cheerfully exclaimed, and Linda was pleased to see the sad little girl smile for the first time.

Linda went around to the driver’s seat where Jill was sitting, a sandwich in her hand. “Who’s that?” she asked, taking a bite.

“She won’t tell me her name.” Linda watched as Emma helped the child spread peanut butter on a slice of bread. Linda bit her lip then said quietly, “Jill… we need to take her with us.”

Startled, Jill sat straight up, turning around to stare at the silent girl. ”What? You want to… What’s going on here? Who is she?”

“She’s homeless… and she came from a bad place.”

“We can’t just take her,” Jill protested. “Let’s call the police and they can find a home for her.”

Linda shook her head. “No,” she said, a determined set to her jaw. “She’s scared enough as it is, and the police and a bunch of strange people would just scare her even more. Somebody hurt her, too… and she might even get sent back to the people who did it. We can give her something better.”

“That’s not how the police would see it. They’ll think we kidnapped her. I mean… How do you know she even wants to come with us?”

Before Linda could answer, Emma and the girl came over to the driver’s side of the car. “Can Madison come with us?” Emma asked. Linda and Jill glanced at each other, then back at Emma and her new friend. “I told her how we’re all going to live with your gramma, and she wants to come too.”

“How did you find out her name?” Linda asked.

“I asked. Well, can she?”

Jill studied the girl “You want to come with us?” Madison nodded.

Emma added, “I told her how your gramma lives on a big farm in Montana, and how nice you are.”

“Did you tell her how far away Montana is… and that we won’t be coming back?”

“I showed her the map, and she doesn’t want to stay here anymore. She says it’s scary at night.”

Jill had to admit that the child’s wretched state affected her as much as it had Linda. And if she needed any more convincing, a faint rumble of thunder sounded in the distance. Glancing at the dark clouds to the north, she nodded “Okay.”

“Really, Jill?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, yeah, but let’s get going before anyone notices what we’re up to.”

“C’mon!” Emma exclaimed excitedly, then she and Madison jumped in the car.

As they pulled out, Linda turned around, grinning at the girl in the back. “Welcome to our family, Madison.”

Settling in for the long drive ahead, Jill and Linda soon noticed that Madison didn’t say much to them. In fact, the only person she would really talk to was Emma, and the two little girls quickly became friends.

“I’m eight. How old are you?” Emma asked.


Pointing to Linda, Emma said, “My sister’s ten and that’s our girlfriend, Jill. She’s really old, like seventeen.”

“Hey, that’s not old,” Jill said, making a face at Emma in the mirror.

“Your girlfriend?” Madison asked.

“Yeah. At first, just Linda and Jill were girlfriends,” Emma explained proudly, “but now we’re all girlfriends, which means we fuck each other.”

In the front seat, Jill and Linda’s mouths dropped. Linda jerked around to glare at her sister, her eyebrows raised in a clear sign of annoyance. “Emma!”

“Oh, sorry,” Emma turned to Madison, “I’m s’posed to call it ‘making love’.”

Linda was flabbergasted, “You’re not supposed to call it anything, not to strangers. That’s our private business!”

“But Madison isn’t a stranger,” Emma pointed out. “She’s part of our family now.”

“Well, sure, but…” Linda didn’t know how to respond.

Jill turned to Linda, “Well?”

“I… I guess she is,” Linda responded to Jill, “I just don’t want her thinking wrong of us.”

“We’re not doing anything wrong,” Jill told her. “Anyhow, it’s not like we could keep it a secret from her.”

As the day passed, Madison opened up more and more, until she was chatting amiably with Linda and Jill, too. Madison didn’t seem to be inclined to talk about her past, and Linda and Emma thought it best not to ask for details. Whatever had hurt this little girl, they were leaving it far behind.

A couple of hours after sunset, Jill pulled over into a motel in Laramie, Wyoming, just inside the state border. Once Jill got a room, they all made their way inside, Emma running to the bathroom, then quickly emerging with a delighted grin. “They got a bathtub! I get it first!” Without waiting for a reply,  she turned on the water.

Jill approached Emma before she began to undress. “Um, listen,” she said quietly, nodding in Madison’s direction. “I think our new friend needs her bath first. I’m sure it’s been a few days since she’s had one.”

Emma frowned, but a look at Madison and her dirty clothes were enough. She nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. She needs new stuff to wear, too. I’ll give her somethin’ of mine, how ‘bout that?”

Kneeling before Emma, Jill gave her a hug. “That’s really sweet, Emma. I’ve got another idea — why don’t you two share a bath? You can help her get washed up.”

“Yeah!” Emma squealed, delighted all over again. She raced over to Madison, seizing the little girl’s hand. “C’mon! We’re gonna take a hot bath!” She led her friend into the bathroom.

Half an hour later, the girls were freshly scrubbed and in their nightwear. Emma had given Madison a pair of her panties, while Linda had loaned her a faded Britney Spears t-shirt that was a few sizes too big. They had to admit that she looked much better, now that she’d been cleaned up.

While Jill was showering. Linda noticed how Madison seemed to be lost in the room, constantly moving around and looking at everything. It reminded her of how she and Emma had been, just two days ago at the first motel that they stayed at on their journey. Her heart went out to the dazed child. She needs time to get better, she thought. All we can do until then is make her feel loved and wanted.

Kneeling before her, Linda pointed at one of the beds. “You and Emma will sleep here, and me and Jill will be in that bed, okay?” Madison nodded, then wandered over to the dresser and began to fiddle with the drawers.

Linda then approached her younger sister. “Listen, Emma,” she said, speaking quietly, “You’ll be sharing your bed with Madison tonight. Take care of her, okay? Try to keep her from feeling sad or lonely.”

Emma frowned. “Does that mean I can’t make love with you and Jill tonight?”

“I don’t think we’re going to be making love anyway, Em. It’s been a long day, we’re all tired, and we’ve got a long drive ahead of us tomorrow, Let’s just rest tonight, okay?” She gave her sister a hug. “We should eat something. Can I make you a sandwich? Ham and cheese?”

“I guess,” Emma replied, making a face, “but boy, am I gettin’ tired of sandwiches!”

“I know, kiddo,” Linda said with a laugh. “I bet Jill’s gramma will have something good for us when we get to her place.”

That cheered the seven-year-old, and she went over to tell Madison, “Hey, my sister’s gonna make us sandwiches. What kind do you want?”

Later, the four of them were eating while watching a movie on TV. Linda was distracted by the pitter-patter of rain, which quickly grew into a torrent. Going over to the window, she gazed out at the downpour. Jill came over to look as well, pressing her fingers to the glass “Wow,” she murmured, “it’s really coming down hard.”

Linda nodded. “Imagine being out in this. Wet. Cold. Alone in the dark.” They both turned to look at Madison, who was taking a bite of her sandwich as she and Emma watched the movie. “Now she has a soft, dry bed. In a warm room. With a family that loves her.” She wrapped her arms around Jill. “We did the right thing. We’ll give her a good life.”

They cuddled for a while, accompanied by the TV and the gentle thrumming of their beating hearts. Linda finally broke away. “I still need to take a shower. Bet I smell terrible.”

“You don’t,” Jill insisted as Linda drifted into the bathroom, giving a shy wave before she began to take her clothes off.

Jill lingered near the door, watching her young lover undress. She toyed with the notion of joining Linda in the shower, then glanced at Madison and decided not to. With a sigh, she sat down on the bed and leaned back against the headboard, checking out the movie the youngsters were watching. It was a silly comedy with some actor who used to be on Saturday Night Live, but she couldn’t remember his name.

From the shower, Linda called out, “Jill… can you get my toothbrush from my bag?”

“Sure,” Jill replied, then got up and padded over to the dresser, where Linda’s duffle bag rested. Opening it up, she dug through it, looking for the toothbrush, then something else caught her eye. A small notebook with the words MY ANGEL written on the cover.

Curious, she picked it up and looked inside. It seemed to be a diary of sorts, with the date September 30 of that year written at the top of the first page. Each page was for a new day. On the first page, below the date, Jill read:

Tomorrow is the first day at my new school since moving here. I’m so excited and nervous because I’ll be starting late in the year. Will it be that much different than my last school? Will the other kids like me? Will I like my teacher? I hope they don’t give us lots of homework. 

I have everything ready to go in my backpack. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a great day.

Jill smiled at how adorable Linda’s hopes and dreams seemed as she turned the page.

Monday, Oct 1

My first day was pretty good. I like my teacher. The other kids are nice. The school is so big and there are so many people here. It’s nothing like Big Sandy School. I actually got lost a few times! But all in all, I like it. Some of the boys are cute, but I keep noticing the girls more. Well, really just one girl. I’ve only seen her from time to time. Mostly during lunch. She’s a senior and SO beautiful. I don’t know her name yet but until I do, I will call her Angel.

That interested Jill. Huh. So there was a girl who she had a crush on. Wonder if I knew her? Curious to know more, she turned another page.

Tuesday, Oct 2

I had such a wonderful day. Every time I’m in the halls between classes, I look for Angel in the senior area. She doesn’t know that I watch her and I would die if she were to ever find out. But I can’t help it. She’s so beautiful. I feel warm inside whenever I see her.

Sunday, Oct 7

Tomorrow, I’ll be able to see my Angel again. Everyday, I can’t wait to see her. It’s weird that I feel this about another girl, but I can’t help it. 

I still don’t know her real name yet, but I like calling her Angel. It just seems to suit her. She’s a cheerleader and tryouts are tomorrow. I think I’ll try out and maybe, they’ll let me join.

Jill arched an eyebrow. Omigod, this Angel girl was one of the cheerleaders? Who on earth could it have been? She read on.

Monday, Oct 8

I went to the cheerleader tryouts so happy to see my Angel. And she was there. But she and the other girls laughed at me, and one of them called me a pig.

An icy finger touched Jill’s heart, her eyes filling with dismay as she pored through Linda’s words.

They told me to get out. I heard them laughing as I left. I couldn’t believe my angel would be so mean. And I heard her name for the first time. Jill.

Jill stopped breathing. Numb with horror, she began to shake her head. No. No. Oh, my God please NO. Anything but that!

Linda’s voice echoed from the bathroom. “Um… Jill?”

Jill didn’t hear. A wave of dizziness was sweeping through her, and she felt like throwing up. The impulse was there to stuff the notebook back into Linda’s bag, bury it at the bottom and pretend to never have seen this evidence of the horrible person she’d been. But Jill couldn’t tear her eyes away. She read on.

At lunch, her friend called me a pig again. I know I’m not thin and pretty like those girls are but I can’t help that. I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been so unhappy.

The shower shut off. Jill felt her tears come as Linda emerged, now wrapped in a towel. “Couldn’t you find my toothbrush…? Hey, what’s wrong?”

Jill held up the notebook for Linda to see. “All that time…” she said in a very small voice. “My God, the way I laughed at you at those tryouts, and you had a crush on me the whole time, thinking I was some kind of — of angel…” A tear rolled down her cheek.  “I’m so, so sorry, Linda…”

“I know,” said Linda, placing a hand on Jill’s arm. “You made me sad then, but it gets lots better. Honest, it does! Read what I wrote about you a few days later… like that next Saturday.”

Jill turned several pages and read.

Saturday, Oct 13

I can’t believe how much things have changed since Monday and Tuesday. Today, Jill took me and Emma to the art and science museums. It was the best day that I’ve ever had. I couldn’t really pay much attention to the art because I was so nervous with having my angel beside me. I pretended it was a date even though it wasn’t. 

I can’t believe the change in Emma. She’s never talked to anyone before and she loves being with Jill, just like I do. Best of all, Jill wants us all to spend the night together soon. I’m so nervous, I can hardly think.

“See? It’s not all bad.” Linda took the diary and flipped through the pages, “I wrote about everything we did. When you first held my hand… when we first made love…” Linda made a face, “Except I ended up making that a bad day.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know… when I ran away and went inside because of what you said about Mama hitting me, and then she m-made me tell her what you and I did, and, and that got you in trouble with your parents. It was such a special d-day we had, and I messed it all up.” Now Linda was blinking back tears of her own.

“You didn’t mess it up, babe. You just got scared.” Jill drew Linda to her, enveloping the girl in her arms. “How about this: if you forgive me for being so awful to you at the tryouts, I’ll forgive you for getting me in trouble. Deal?”

Linda sniffed, then smiled. “Deal.” She rested her head on Jill’s chest. “You saved me and Emma. And now we saved Madison. You’re still my angel.” Going up on tippy-toes, she kissed Jill’s mouth.

Once the movie was over, the four of them went to bed. With everything that had happened, neither Jill nor Linda were in the mood for anything other than holding each other as they drifted into slumber.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Absolutely amazing the emotional side of this story is phenomenal

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    Beautiful story💕❤️

  3. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow!, so good. totally agree with Bryan and Lakeisha.
    With so much angst,fear, and lack of compassion going on in this country and in the world in general, it’s really nice to read stories and fantasies with hope and wondrous expectations for a better life, especially for battered and abandoned children.

    Girl Lover, has so far, done a great job with this story, balancing the amazing, tender, reaffirming saga of the main characters with their blossoming sexual discoveries and the way they interact in such a realistic manner with each other.

    Lovely chapter, Girl Lover!…hope the girls get to Montana quickly and safely!


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    Lovely story thanks.

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    That chapter nearly broke me. Precious little Madison trying to sell her teddy for food was heartbreaking: Cue tears of sadness. Precious little Madison getting adopted into the fledgling family was heart warming: Cue tears of happiness. Linda’s diary? yep, more tears.

    The girls migration north has been emotionally invigorating and exhausting. I’m actually glad there is a break between chapters so I can compose myself. And yes, that is a compliment.

    Great work Girl Lover!!!

    • Girl Lover says:

      Madison selling her teddy bear came from an actual news story that I saw a couple of years ago in which a 6 year old boy was found by a police officer at a gas station trying to sell his teddy bear in order to buy some food

      • Erocritique says:

        It sounded familiar, and really hit me hard.

        Life is so cruel sometimes, and people really need to embrace the better angels of our nature.

        Stories like this renew my faith / belief in the good within people’s hearts and souls.

        Thank you.

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