Strange Brew, Chapter 22

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A quick recap of the Story Thus Far: Rural paramedic Nettie Hastings finds herself in the middle of a flurry of unexplained overdose calls and, with the help of her best friend and former lover, Terry Wilder, puts clues together to link the source to her own hometown. A DEA agent named Bridgette Ramscone is brought in to work the case, and she takes a special interest in Nettie who, in the meantime, has entered into a clandestine affair with Terry’s preteen daughter Halee. It turns out that Terry’s ex-wife Kathryn is the linchpin of the criminal enterprise behind the overdoses. A showdown occurs in which Halee is shot, and Terry taken hostage. Thankfully, Terry escapes, Halee survives, and the drug dealers are all arrested or killed. While Halee is recovering in Intensive Care, Nettie meets an anesthesiologist named Hannah; both feel an immediate attraction. Hannah quickly recognizes the love Nettie holds for Halee, and reveals that she is sexually intimate with her thirteen-year-old daughter Bethany. Shortly thereafter, Hannah invites Nettie to her home for dinner… and whatever else they might think of to pass the time. Dinner passes pleasantly enough – now it’s time for dessert.

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by Rachael Yukey

My pulse hammered with excitement as Hannah and Bethany led me to the lower level of their home, which featured a large, luxurious bathroom with a bathtub big enough to accommodate four or five adults comfortably. Water was running, and I now understood what Bethany had been doing when she went downstairs.

Hannah turned to me. “Bathing should be a social activity when it’s possible… wouldn’t you agree, Antoinette?” She pulled the unflattering scrub top over her head, revealing smooth, silky skin.

“I would,” I replied, removing my sweater. I did it slowly, going for a light tease and hoping my pits didn’t stink too much after a long day. I started to reach behind my back, but Bethany was there first, reaching for my bra clasp.

“May I?” she said.

I nodded, not trusting my voice to remain steady. She undid the clasp, gently peeled my bra away and tossed it atop my sweater, which I had just dropped to the floor.

Hannah was eyeballing my chest with desire etched into every pore. “Oh, Antoinette,” she said. “Those are nice.” Bethany scooted around behind her mother, unclasping Hannah’s bra and casting it aside. Now it was my turn to stare. Hannah’s breasts were large, round, and looked gloriously firm. Her nipples boldly protruded from quarter-sized pink aereolae.

She caught my gaze and held it, craning her neck to maintain eye contact as she slowly shoved her scrub bottoms and panties to the floor. I undid my jeans, pushing them down from my hips along with the underwear. As I stood there, pants around my thighs, Hannah removed her socks, eyes flicking downward to my womanly center. I’d shaved it smooth that morning in anticipation of this evening.

Finally Hannah stood upright, and I took a good long look down below. She was as freshly shaven as I was, her pussy lips pressed tightly together. She was an innie. I bent over as I pushed my pants down the rest of the way, taking the opportunity to get a better look at her cunt. Seeing what I was doing, she placed her feet further apart, showing me everything she had.

After I’d divested myself of pants and socks, I stood upright, and our eyes met again. Hannah stepped forward, took my hand, and guided me to the tub. She climbed in, sighing with pleasure as she stretched her body beneath the water’s rippling surface. I admired the view from above for a moment, then joined her, luxuriating in a tub with room enough for me to stretch out full length. I closed my eyes and allowed my head to sink, so only my face was above the water.

I lifted my head, and was treated to the sight of beautiful little Bethany standing a few feet from the tub admiring her mother and me, her expression a portrait of helpless lust. Her breathing was wobbly and harsh. Mostly, her eyes were on me, roving up and down my bare body.

It wasn’t lost on her mother. “I warned you,” Hannah said to me with merriment in her voice, “Bethany is all about tall and dark. You’re in deep trouble.”

She turned her eyes to her daughter. “So… are you joining us, or what?”

As if in a trance, Bethany pulled her t-shirt over her head, tossing it into a corner. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and my eyes fixed on her budding breasts. They were larger than Halee’s, but still just small mounds that could be almost entirely concealed by a baggy enough shirt. The aereolae, however, were the same size and hue as those of her mother. The nipples stood stiff and erect.

Bethany pushed the leggings to the floor, leaving her panties in place for the moment. When she stood, she ran both hands up the inside of her thighs, coming to rest just below a dark wet patch in the white cotton. “That’s how hot I think you are,” she said. It occurred to me that this girl would probably also be attracted to Halee, who was already taller than Hannah and still growing, and whose natural hair color was a dark brown. I ought to set up a playdate, I told myself, filing that delicious thought away for later.

Bethany slipped out of her panties, revealing a smooth, silky slit with just the faintest sprinkling of red down. Between Hannah’s intoxicating proximity, the naked nymphet standing before us, and the imminent thrill of sex with a mother and her daughter, I felt like it would just take one more stimulant to make me come.

Bethany stepped into the water, stretching out at my side. I felt a little overwhelmed, lying there in that bubbling pool, the woman pressed against my left arm, the girl at my right. Glancing at Hannah, I found her watching me with an intense, hungry expression. Wrapping my hand around the back of her head, I pressed my mouth to hers.

There was no subtlety to the kiss, no buildup. Tongues dueled frantically, desperate desire oozed from every pore in our bodies. Then she pulled away.

“Let’s… oh, God.” Hannah’s words came out raspy and harsh. She drew in a steadying breath “Look, you keep doing that, and it’s all going to go down right here. But I always feel gross after a shift at the hospital, so let’s get cleaned up first. Then we can do whatever we want.”

I nodded, forcing myself into some semblance of control. The truth was, after a long while with no opportunity to shower, I felt pretty disgusting myself.

We lay side by side, washing our bodies with big, soft sponges, then shampooing our hair. Every movement, every touch of our bodies, hit me like a dose of low-level electric current. When I ran the sponge over my cunt, an intense wave of pleasure coursed through me, and I bit my lip to stifle a moan. Uneven breathing to either side of me gave me to know that I wasn’t the only one in this state. None of us spoke much.

Finally Hannah stood, water cascading in rivulets down her glistening buttocks. Reaching above her head, she plucked a towel from the rack. “Who’s ready to adjourn to the bedroom?” she inquired, vigorously toweling her hair.

We padded naked up the stairs – Hannah in the lead, me right behind her and Bethany bringing up the rear, no doubt staring at my ass every step of the way. Hannah’s bedroom was surprisingly goth, adorned with lava lamps and smelling of incense. It occurred to me that I’d never seen her in anything but scrubs, and I wondered what her wardrobe looked like. Then I spied the king-size bed, and the excitement of what lay before us expunged all other thought from my head.

Hannah gestured towards the bed with an ‘after you’ flourish. I climbed aboard and stretched myself out, tingling from head to toe. Advancing towards the bed, Hannah lowered her body onto mine. The weight of her glorious nakedness, skin pressed to skin, the warm wetness of her cunt against my thigh… well, it tore away the last vestiges of my control.

I threw both arms around Hannah, crushing my mouth to hers in a bruising kiss. Our tongues dueled, bodies ground together. I felt like we’d been restraining ourselves from doing exactly this from the moment our eyes first met in Halee’s ICU room.

I ran my hands down Hannah’s back, fingernails scraping the soft skin until I reached her shapely yet oh-so-firm backside. It fitted my grasp perfectly. I began to squeeze and massage that amazing ass, slipping my fingertips into her crack and sliding them up and down. She broke the kiss, trailing her lips across my chin and down to my neck. I began to thrusting my hips into hers, my body alive with raw animal hunger.

In my peripheral vision I saw Bethany sitting cross-legged on the bed. She lifted one hand to her budding breast, dipping the other between her legs. Thrusting a finger between those sweet pussy lips, she threw her head back. A hitching breath was followed by a low moan.

Hannah must have heard as well, because she lifted her body slightly to look up at her daughter.

“Keep going, you guys,” Bethany gasped. “I’ll g-get my turn.”

Hannah turned back to me, but before she could return to her ministrations, I used her semi-erect posture to get my hands on those luscious tits. I cupped them both, glorying in a perfect combination of firmness and pliability. They felt every bit as good as they looked. I circled my hands around them, sampling their impressive heft. Hannah arched her back, mewling like a cat. I buried my face in the valley between those two mountains of succulence, running my tongue around one, then the other.

Hannah was ecstatic, making little growling noises in the back of her throat. Her hands sought out my tits, flicking my nipples, then pinching them. “Fuck!” I panted.

When I finally took the tip of her breast between my lips, teasing it with lightning-fast flicks of the tongue, she moaned, then began grinding her pelvis against mine.

I glanced up at Bethany, still perched on the edge of the bed. Her hand was still moving in a slow, steady, thrusting motion as she fingered her cunt. The girl’s breath came in huffs and sudden sharp intakes of air. Her lips were slightly parted, jaw trembling.

Meanwhile, Hannah’s movements were becoming more urgent, her need for release plain to see. I chose to be merciful. Placing my hands on her hips, I brought a leg up between her thighs. She went with it, stretching her legs out behind and rolling us a little to one side. She slipped her leg in, thigh grinding against my pussy. White lights went off before my eyes as I fell into Hannah’s rhythm.

We moved frantically, urgently, squeezing each other in a mutual death grip, crying out in purest bliss as we humped each other. Blinding flashes of pleasure radiated out from my center, surging through my body. Hannah’s moans became low and guttural as mine grew more high-pitched and strident.

Then I was coming, pleasure overwhelming my senses and shutting out any remaining capacity for rational thought. I’m sure I screamed.

My rhythm slowed as I came down, but Hannah was thrusting harder and faster against my thigh. I met her equally, determined to give her what she’d just given me, and was rewarded with renewed fireworks of my own. Her body went rigid; she pressed her face into my shoulder and howled as a convulsive orgasm consumed her. And suddenly I was coming again, my cries mingling with hers in shared ecstasy.

Then we lay still, clinging to each other like children. “Oh, my God,” Hannah whispered. “Oh, my God, Antoinette.”

As my eyes slowly drifted open, I became aware of movement on the other side of the bed. Looking up, I saw Bethany still sitting there, still masturbating.

Hannah gave her head a sharp shake and rolled onto her back, eyes fixed on her daughter. “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” she said with an abashed chuckle. “I guess we kind of forgot you were there for a moment.”

“That’s okay, Mom,” Bethany intoned in a husky voice. “That was, like, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. You two just… just melded together.”

“But now you need to be taken care of,” the girl’s mother replied.

Bethany simply nodded, lowering her head and drawing a shuddering breath. Her finger had yet to cease its slow, steady grind between her labia, making tantalizing liquid sounds with each stroke.

A wave of renewed lust hit me like a thunderbolt. I just had to have that tender young cunt in my mouth.

“May?” I said, beckoning the girl closer.

She drew near, straddling my belly as she presented her sex to me. I snaked my way between her legs until my head was directly beneath her glistening cunt. Reaching out to cup her delectable little buttocks, I guided Bethany down to my already open mouth. Bethany was shivering in anticipation, and I wasn’t even licking her yet.

Knowing this wasn’t the time to tease, I slipped my tongue straight up into her slit, moving it in slow circles, then licked a pathway to the hard bud of her clitoris. She rewarded me with a hoarse moan, and her nectar began to flow, coating my lips and chin. I picked up the pace, maintaining pressure and moving my tongue in a circular motion. Her shaky breathing and those little catlike sounds she made were sweet music to my ears. Bethany was slowly working her hips against my jaw as she raced toward full-on meltdown.

Determined to make that orgasm one to remember, I reached between Bethany’s legs, teasing her dripping hole with a finger. Moving cautiously, I penetrated her, meeting no resistance. I found myself wondering how old she’d been when Hannah took her hymen.

When I entered Bethany, she gasped loudly and bucked against my face. Encouraged, I decided to risk a second finger. It went in easily, and she shuddered, accompanied by a sharp moan. She was humping faster now, fucking my face and fingers, making ecstatic noises with almost every breath.

Hannah, I saw, was stimulating her little girl’s nipples with the fingers of one hand. “Fair warning,” she whispered in my ear, “Keep finger-fucking her like that, and you’re apt to get squirted on.”

Sounded good to me! I licked her even faster, my  head moving in time as I kept the pressure on with my tongue. I worked my fingers in and out at the same tempo, Bethany’s body moving along like a well-oiled machine.

Then she was jerking helplessly, crying out over and over, her pussy muscles squeezing my fingers so hard that it actually hurt. Her cries mounted to a sharp scream, and a gush of warm liquid drenched my face. Wow, she really can squirt! I marveled, trying to gulp down every drop of her essence.

Bethany finally collapsed, slumping to one side. Hannah caught the girl and lowered her to the bed with the ease of long practice. She held her baby girl, snuggling her close and whispering softly in her ear. I wrapped my arms around Bethany from the other side, placing gentle kisses on her cheek.

After a moment, Bethany opened her eyes. She smiled at me, turned to smile at her mother, then looked back at me. “Hope you didn’t mind getting sprayed.”

“Oh, I warned her, but she didn’t stop,” said Hannah with a giggle.

“You taste amazing,” I assured her.

Hannah leaned over her daughter, capturing my lips with hers. We made out slowly, sensuously, and then she let the tip of her tongue roam my cheeks and chin.“Scrumdiddlyumptious,” she said.

We all laughed.


“Bethany has school tomorrow, so she has to go to bed soon,” said Hannah. “Would you like to tuck her in, Antoinette?”

We adjourned once more to the lower level, and they led me to Bethany’s room. It was obviously the bedroom of a girl transitioning into her teen years, equal parts stuffed animals and band posters.

I arched an eyebrow. “How much time do we have?”

“Oh, enough to do it properly,” Hannah replied, tipping me a wink.

Loosening my towel and letting it drop to the floor, I advanced on Bethany. I practically ripped the towel from her body, then took her face in my hands, fingers sliding across her cheeks and tangling in the girl’s still-damp hair. Her breath was already quickening and becoming irregular; Hannah hadn’t been kidding about that short fuse.

Sensing that Bethany wanted to be dominated, I tilted her head back and began nuzzling her cheeks, her chin, her nose. Every time I got close to her lips, I backed away. Those lips were parted, tremulous breaths shuddering in and out.

“Your Mommy says it’s bedtime,” I said, wondering what had gotten into me. “Were you a good girl? Did you eat everything on your plate?”

I heard a whimper from my left. Casting my eyes that way, I saw that Hannah had discarded her towel, perched herself on a chair, and was now fondling her breasts.

“Yes, I ate every bite,” a wide-eyed Bethany whispered.

“Then you can have some dessert,” I said, and my mouth captured hers. Our lips alone dueled for a moment, sucking and nibbling, finally bringing our tongues together. Without breaking our kiss, I lifted Bethany by her bare butt and carried her the last few feet to the bed, tumbling her down upon it.

I stood over her, hands on my hips, feeling my skin tingle deliciously as I gazed down at that sweet little body.

What a time these last few weeks had been! I’d had the adventure of a lifetime, and all my secret sexual fantasies had come true, starting with Halee, continuing with Naomi and Chelsea, and culminating in this bizarre yet amazingly hot tryst.

“That was delicious… but it’s not really what I wanted for dessert,” Bethany gasped.

I looked across the room to Hannah. She was hand pinching and caressing a nipple with one hand, the other playing across her belly. “This is some spoiled brat you have here,” I observed.

“You have no idea,” Hannah breathed. “But if we’re going to have any peace tonight, you’ll have to give her what she wants.”

“Fine,” I said. I lay down on the bed, spreading my thighs wide. “Here, kiddo. You decide what you’re hungry for.”

Bethany loomed over me, then swooped in like a bird of prey, mouth leaving traces of fire all over my belly. Then she found my breasts, licking, sucking and lightly biting at my nipples. When she moved higher, her tongue flicking out across the nape of my neck, I groaned loudly.

Bethany lifted her head. “Ooh, Mom,” she said. “Her neck is one of those, um, erogical zones.”

“It’s erogenous, sweetie,” Hannah said with a laugh. “And yeah, I noticed that when we were in the tub.”

Then Bethany was kissing and biting my achingly sensitive neck, unfolding her sweet, clean, delicate body on top of mine. I clutched her tightly, kissing her face and ears wherever I could find a way in.

Resuming her journey, she scooted down to kneel between my open legs. As her mouth explored my thighs, she paused, her kisses now slow and deliberate. She kissed one leg, then the other, slowly moving upwards and inwards.

“It’s all delicious,” she whispered, “but I’m getting close to what I’m really hungry for.”

Then her tongue was sliding across my pussy, circling my hole, finally coming up to brush across my clit. I whimpered, clamping my hands across the back of her head. She reached between my legs, slipping a finger inside me. I shuddered in ecstasy.

She lifted her face as far as my clutching hands would permit. “Two fingers… or three?”

“How many is that now?” It came out as almost a wail as she withdrew, then slid them in even deeper.

“That’s two.”

“Oh… oh, my God. Three!”

Another finger joined the first two, and as her tongue found my clit again, she began pumping them in and out.

“Oh God,” I heard myself say. “Oh God, oh yes, fuck me.

Bethany’s tongue and finger action only increased in urgency. Suddenly Hannah was by my side, her sweet mouth covering mine, a warm tongue parting my lips. Her hand caressed my breast, tweaked the nipple.

“Bethany loves the dirty talk,” Hannah whispered in my ear. “Isn’t that right, you filthy little slut?” she said more loudly.

A guttural sound escaped the girl’s throat, her tongue grinding against my clit.

“Harder, you d-dirty bitch,” I spat out. “Eat my pussy like the little whore that you… oh… dear fucking God…”

As I climaxed, my hips were rocking so frantically that I was afraid I’d throw Bethany off like a rodeo bull. But bless her, she rode it out with me, her face and mouth remaining firmly in place until I collapsed in a dazed, sweaty heap.

She scrabbled up the bed, throwing herself onto me. I kissed her hungrily, tasting and smelling my own juices. She was humping my thigh, little “uhs” and “ohs” escaping her lips. I ran my hand down the gentle curve of her ass, then slipped a finger into her pussy from behind. I meant for it to be just a little tease before moving on to something bigger, but it turned out to be the catalyst that tipped my young lover over the edge. She came hard, her lips still crushed against mine, emitting little yelps straight into my mouth.

Afterwards, we put Bethany to bed for real. She washed up, got into pajamas, and brushed her teeth. Then Hannah and I each kissed her goodnight. Hannah gave her daughter a full, hungry, open-mouth kiss with lots of tongue, and I could only follow suit. As I held this bewitching little beauty for the last time that night, I felt the fire inside me smoldering again, despite having already enjoyed three orgasms that evening. Jesus, girl, you’re just fucking insatiable these days.

Then Hannah and I were together in her big queen-sized bed on the upper level, exploring each other’s bodies, taking our time. Eventually the moment came when I buried my face and two fingers into that sweet pussy for the first time and ate her, glorying in her frenzied movements and guttural yowls.

“Oh, by the way,” she gasped as her gyrations reached maximum intensity, “the squirting is genetic… UUUUHHHHOOOHHHH!”

As her vagina clenched my fingers, Hannah’s warm fluids doused my face and trickled down my chin. I lapped up as much as I could, then crawled up the bed to flop down next to her. We shared the heady essence of pussy in a sensuous kiss.

Finally she broke away, smiling. “Will you sit on my face?” she asked, exactly as one might say, ‘Please pass the peas’.

Moments later I was on my knees while Hannah ate my pussy from below. I reached around behind and finger-fucked myself, shuddering and groaning as my final orgasm of the night claimed not only my body, but my soul.

Afterwards, we lay together in relaxed silence. I felt drained of energy, not to mention fluids, but completely at peace for the first time in what seemed like ages.

Finally Hannah spoke.“It’s too bad we live at such a distance,” she said, “because I’d really like to get to know you better. I don’t think I’ve felt such a strong connection to someone on such short acquaintance, not ever.”

“I’m there with you,” I acknowledged. “I mean, it’s too early to tell anything for sure, but I like you a lot. And sexually…”

“I know,” she said, giggling, “when we were humping, just wrapped around each other, I was gone. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”

“It isn’t hopeless,” I said. “We can FaceTime or whatever for now, and get together when we can. And if it’s really good for us, who knows? I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to the city for a long time.”

Hannah laughed. “That’s funny. I was about to say that I’ve been toying with getting the fuck out of the city for a long time.  I know Bethany would be all about it. She keeps telling me she wants to be closer to flowers and trees and nature.”

I laced both hands behind my head, smiling as I realized I’d picked up the gesture from Terry.

“So we date, in person when we can, digitally when we can’t. And we keep our options open.”

Hannah nodded. “I like it. I do think it’s a little early for exclusivity. You agree?”

“Oh, definitely.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Of course, the nursing staff was in on it. We told Halee we were leaving for the day at a quarter to four, got the cake and pop out of the fridge at the nurse’s station, and assembled the troops outside of her hospital room door. I was astonished at the sight of the pop; Terry rarely allows his girls sugary drinks.

At five minutes to four, Hannah and Bethany arrived. Bethany was dressed to kill in a form-fitting turquoise sweater, a maroon floor-length skirt, and a green scarf looped fashionably about the neck. Hannah, of course, wore scrubs.

And so it was that myself, Terry, Halee’s sisters, Hannah, Bethany, and a handful of nurses burst through the door, singing “Happy Birthday.” Halee put both hands over her face and groaned, but I could see the smile underneath.

After the song, the nurses excused themselves, and Terry got things rolling with his customary efficiency. He’d brought a set of bluetooth speakers, and on his phone he’d already conjured a playlist of the indie punk that Halee had been indulging in lately. I knew this music was sandpaper on Terry’s soul, but he put it on with an easy grin, then began cutting the cake.

As he attended to these tasks, I beckoned Hannah and Bethany over to the bed. “Halee,” I said, “these are the new friends I was telling you about. I thought you’d like to meet them. This is Hannah, and her daughter Bethany.”

Halee perked up considerably upon meeting the two lovely redheads, and it did my heart a world of good; she’d seemed pretty down at the mouth when we’d told her we were taking off for the day. She and Bethany were instantly making eyes at each other, and even better, they hit it off right away. Hannah and I shared a secret smile.

How Terry had gotten a bakery to bake a personalized cake on such short notice I’ll never know, but he’d chosen a good place, and the chocolate cake, emblazoned with “Happy thirteenth birthday, Halee,” in green icing, was delicious. Terry presented her with an iPhone, and her sisters each had an accessory for it to give her. I gave her a gift certificate for the best hair salon in Johnstown, remembering her desire to put colored highlights in. Of course, I’d cleared that with Terry first.

Hannah and Bethany brought a gift as well, something Hannah had procured during her lunch hour. She’d quizzed me that morning on the sort of clothes Halee liked to wear. I wasn’t sure of her size, but Hannah had seen enough of Halee during surgery to make a decent guess. Their gift was a set of ripped-looking goth jeans.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Terry mouthed at Hannah as Bethany stepped forward with the package.

Hannah reached for my hand; gave it a squeeze. “I wanted to.”


After the party, it really was time to go. “Your sisters have to be back in school tomorrow morning,” Terry said to Halee. “We’ll be back either Friday evening or Saturday morning, and now that you have a phone we can communicate whenever you like. Call me anytime, kiddo, and I mean that.”

“That goes for me, too,” I told her. “You want to talk, I’ll be there.” I’d noticed earlier that when Halee was setting up her new phone, she’d tested it by sending Bethany a text. I had a feeling those two would be communicating quite a bit in future.

As we all filed out of the room, Terry turned to Hannah. “Are you still on-shift?”

“No. I swapped off my last couple of hours so I could come to the party.”

“We’re going to stop for dinner on the way out of the metro. Would you and Bethany care to join us? I’m buying.”

Hannah smiled. “I never turn down free food.”

On to Chapter Twenty-Three!


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    OMG!! I cannot believe I am the first comment here. Huzzah! Okay, this chapter is every bit the hot focussed arrow that you are capable of, Ms. Yukey. The movie that played in my head, (it was three-dee by the way), had me on edge from just after dinner right through bedtime. I am quite disappointed that the story is reaching it’s conclusion, but I am also hoping that you will wrap things up in a way that will allow us avid readers to feel good about the ending. I am not going to make suggestions about what I would like to see… ,I am just going to trust you to understand what we readers want to see and give it to us. That is a great deal of trust to give an author, but I think you are worthy of it. I can say that I sincerely hope that this is not the only feature length mind movie you are constructing here on this site. I for one would enjoy very much any thing you might want to write about. You have at the very least one anxious and avid consumer right here. I really hope you have a pleasant and safe day!

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    With just one chapter left, it is becoming difficult for me to grasp how this story can be fully resolved. So much seems to be unresolved.

    Whether Terry can find true love (and, indeed, what will happen to him), how the four now-motherless girls will fare, how whether Nettie has found true love with Hannah, whether Halee will fall in love with Bethany. What about Terry’s youngest daughters, who can’t yet understand what’s going on?

    I don’t believe Nettie has found love anywhere. It’s hard to believe she has found it with Hannah, a very late addition to the story and one she meets just by pure circumstance.

    I believe, and don’t think I have been proved wrong, that a true love relationship takes months to years to build. Nettie loves Terry, Halee, and the other kids like family members. Terry is still Nettie’s best friend. Terry’s daughters, despite the sexual affairs, are as close to Nettie’s daughters as she has ever gotten.

    And I have never understood the role of Nettie’s father, mother, and stepmother. Her dad showed up only to die. He died doing a really heroic thing. Was he a hero? Probably not, but was he a heel? (I am talking about this because of a 9/11 related story many years ago on another site, where a firefighter who died rescuing people from one of the towers was eaten up by stress and took it all out on his wife, in secret, leaving her with a very different and complex feeling about him.

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