Selkie Days, Chapter 3

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By BlueJean

My uncle’s ship sailed into port the next morning, so Aunt Rita and I headed down to the harbour to help unload his cargo of fish. It had been a good haul – a rarity in these days of pollution, overfished waters, and the remnants of EU regulations.

I dragged a bucket of fish across the jetty, screwing my nose up in disgust. A single fish was smelly enough – hundreds of them were quite horrific.

Odette – one of Uncle Derek’s crew – shot me a grin as she hoofed a large crate around on her shoulder. “You do not like fish?” the heavyset French woman asked.

“I prefer them when they’re cooked and on a plate,” I told her.

“Oh, but when you cook a fish that you yourself have caught, it will taste many times better, you know?”

I wasn’t convinced. “If you say so.”

“I do say so.”

Jack – another crew member and a cocky one at that – strutted around bare chested with a permanent gum-chewing grin on his face. He winked at me as he passed, then stopped in his tracks and settled his gaze on Aunt Rita’s arse as she bent to pick up another crate. Odette slapped him round the back of the head.

“Ow! Fuck! Why’d you do that?” the boy squealed.

“You know why I did this, you little shit,” Odette growled at him. “If Derek catch you looking at his wife this way, he will give you more than a smack, I think.”

Aunt Rita regarded Jack with humourous eyes. “Give it up, boy. I’d eat you for breakfast.”

“Who mentioned breakfast?” Uncle Derek boomed as he jumped down from his boat. “I could eat a scabby horse!”

My aunt and uncle headed over to The Mal De Mer with Jack and Odette. The pub doubled as a café during the day, presumably to make up lost income from a dwindling clientele and increasing bureaucracy.

I had already eaten a big bowl of cereal earlier that morning and didn’t care much for sitting in stuffy pubs, so I stayed behind with Sully, Uncle Derek’s first mate. The old man sat on deck smoking a roll-up, fiddling with a piece of rope.

“What’re you doing?” I asked him.

“Knots,” he grunted, barely acknowledging me.


“Aye. Sailor’s knots. This one’s a clove hitch – nice quick knot when you’re in a fix.”

I perched on the gunwale next to him. “Do you like being a fisherman?”

Sully took a long draw of tobacco and seemed to consider my question carefully. “Not sure it matters if I like it or not. It’s all I’ve ever known, and I’m too old to start anew.”

“Yeah, I suppose. Have you… have you seen any weird stuff out there?” I figured if anyone knew anything about mysterious ocean spirits, it would be Sully.

The old timer flicked his cigarette into the water. “I found a trouser press floatin’ in the ocean once,” he told me, stony-faced. “Took it home and fixed it up. Never sailed out with creases in my bib ‘n’ brace ever again.”

I stared at him until his face contorted into a grin and he coughed out a croaky laugh. I slapped him on the arm and laughed with him. “Oh, you!”

“I’m just messin’ with ya,” he told me, ruffling my hair.

“Have you ever seen a Selkie?”

The old man’s demeanour shifted all of a sudden. His smile vanished and something akin to panic filled his pale eyes. “Why you askin’ me that?”

“I’m reading a book about a Selkie. Do you think they really exist?”

The stiffness in his posture seemed to soften, then he was back to his old self again. “I’ve seen some strange things for sure. Don’t recall seein’ any Selkies, though.”

“But how would you know? A Selkie could have climbed out of its sealskin and might be living as a normal person, but no one would have a clue.”

“Well… that’s as maybe, but I wouldn’t worry yourself over it. Selkies is harmless enough. Now, Finfolk – there’s something you don’t wanna run into.”


So Sully told me the saga of the Finfolk, wicked shapeshifters who lived in their underwater city of Finfolkaheem, and how they would come ashore and kidnap people, forcing them into a life of servitude.

I listened enthralled as he recounted the old sailor’s tale in his gravelly timbre, until eventually the others returned from their breakfast, and the task of unloading the rest of the fish demanded our attention.

By lunchtime we were done, so Aunt Rita and I made our way back home while Uncle Derek secured his boat. As we passed a row of houses that overlooked the beach, my aunt gestured to one of them and told me it was where Madeline lived. I was quick to make a mental note of it.

The first thing I did back at the cottage was scrub myself raw in the bath, eager to rid myself of the fishy stench that clung to me. Having done that, I slipped on my best summer dress – my only dress – did a little curtsy to myself in the mirror, then headed out to return the doll that Isla had mistakenly left at Aunt Rita’s last night.

Of course, all I really wanted was to see Madeline. I was a little wary of the glamorous doctor, but also incredibly drawn to her. My encounter with her the night before may simply have been teasing on her part, but it wasn’t hard convincing myself she’d been flirting with me, and that left me keen to find out how far she was willing to take things. After all, as far as her own daughter was concerned, the woman’s moral lines were few and far between.

“I’m just going downtown to take Isla’s doll back,” I told my aunt as she tinkered with one of her cars in the yard. It was Sunday afternoon and Madeline wouldn’t be at the surgery, but I hoped to find her at home.

My aunt arched a sceptical eyebrow at me. “You look a bit overdressed for a quick delivery. Why the nice frock?”

I flapped my arms up and down in an attempt to project casual indifference, then realised it probably just made me look weird. “Uh, Dunno, it’s a nice day so I thought I’d wear it.”

As I left the cottage behind, Aunt Rita called after me in a sing-song voice. “She’s going to gobble you uh-uuup!”

I was counting on it.


Madeline’s status as town doctor afforded her a prime piece of real estate – or as prime as the humble seaside town would allow – that overlooked the beach. Strolling up to the house, something occurred to me: Why would a Selkie bother going to all the effort of enrolling in medical school? Perhaps she was an incredibly ambitious Selkie. Or could it be she had the whole town fooled and wasn’t actually a doctor at all? The latter didn’t bode well for the health and well-being of the local populace, so I considered the former more plausible. With that little mystery resolved to my satisfaction, I straightened out my dress and rang the doorbell.

Isla answered the door in nothing but a pink t-shirt and a pair of matching panties. “‘Ello!” she hollered at me.

“Hi, Isla. I brought your doll,” I said, handing her the little plastic toy. “You left it at Aunt Rita’s.”

“Thanks! Did you play with it? I don’t mind if you did.”

“No,” I told her, breaking into an involuntary grin as I recalled my aunt’s unique use for the toy. “But Aunt Rita did…”

“Okay, bye then!” Isla beamed back, before closing the door on me.

“Wait! Am I allowed to come in?”

“Who is it, Isla?” I heard Madeline call from inside.

“It’s Hailey. She said Rita played with my doll.”

“Well, don’t leave her standing on the doorstep, silly girl – let her in.”

Isla turned back to me. “Mummy said don’t… don’t leave her… um… you… she said not to—”

“I know, I can hear her,” I interjected.

“Okay, come in.”

Stepping across the threshold of the Selkie’s lair, I pondered my chances of making it back out alive. “Do I have to take my shoes off?” I asked Isla.

“Dunno,” she helpfully replied, so I took them off anyway.

I was marshalled into the lounge where Madeline held court from a leather recliner chair, looking stylish in a pair of flared cappuccino trousers and a cream blouse unbuttoned at the neck. Lush, dark hair cascaded down across her shoulders to frame an ample bosom.

The room was light and airy, long sash windows draped with wispy net curtains that undulated gently in the breeze. A set of sliding glass doors opened out onto a wooden balcony and a flight of steps leading to the ocean. It wasn’t hard to imagine Madeline slipping into her sealskin in the dead of night and making her way down to the waters of her true home.

This is a nice surprise, Hailey,” the doctor purred.

“I just came to bring Isla’s doll back.”

“She bringed my doll back,” Isla confirmed, and held the toy aloft to prove it.

“That was kind of Hailey, wasn’t it?”

The little girl nodded. “Hmm-mm.”

“Did you say thank you?”


Madeline smiled across at me, her fingertips idly teasing the space between neck and cleavage. “Isla told me you both had lots of fun last night.”

“Um… yeah,” I mumbled, an encroaching feeling of impending doom tugging at me.

“What did you do that was so much fun?”

“We… we just watched TV mostly.”

“Oh? That isn’t what Isla told me.”

The six-year-old clambered up onto her mother’s lap. “It’s okay, Hailey. Mummy doesn’t mind.”

“Hailey, take a seat,” Madeline instructed me, then I knew I was in trouble.

I sank down into the couch opposite mother and daughter. Giving the front door a quick side-glance, I wondered if I could get to it before Madeline got to me. I hadn’t worn my nice dress just to end up being utterly destroyed by a mythical sea creature. Actually, I don’t think Selkies murdered people – not according to my book, anyway. Madeline may have been the exception to the rule, though.

“So you were doing rude things with my daughter.” A statement, not a question. The cat was well and truly out of the bag.

“W-we were just messing about,” I squeaked.

Madeline’s words were honey laced with razor blades. “Tell me what you did.”

“Just… just stuff.”

“Tell me.”

“I-I don’t want to,” I stuttered.

“Why don’t you want to tell me?”

“Because… it’s embarrassing. And you’ll be angry.”

“No. I won’t be angry. And there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Nothing at all.” Madeline drew her daughter’s t-shirt up past her waist. “Isla was very naughty to tell you about the things we do together. I’ve explained to her the need for secrecy in these matters.”

The doctor snaked a hand down between Isla’s legs, her fingers tracing the child’s cleft through the pink cotton of her panties. “But now we both have a secret, don’t we? And if you keep my secret, I’ll keep yours. Does that sound fair, Hailey?”

I sat mesmerised as Madeline stroked her little girl. It was happening. Sex was happening. Right here. “Yeah. Don’t worry, I won’t ever say anything.”


Madeline planted little kisses across the child’s neck. “Lift your bottom up for Mummy,” she told her, then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Isla’s knickers, drawing them down her legs and discarding them upon the floor. “Knees up and legs apart, honey. Let’s give Hailey a nice view.”

“Are we going to show Hailey rude things?” Isla asked as her chubby legs parted to reveal a puffy pink mound.

Her mother licked a finger, then ploughed it through the bulbous lips of her daughter’s pussy, a perfectly manicured, painted nail parting the pale flesh as it went to and fro. “We certainly could. But perhaps we shouldn’t. We don’t want Hailey to get scared and run away, do we?”

She was daring me to stay the course. Telling me it was all or nothing, that if I chose to walk away the door would be closed to me forever. Even at eleven, I understood what the stakes were. I would never get a chance like this again.

Hiking my dress up, I slipped my panties off without hesitation, then spread my legs to display myself to the beautiful woman and her daughter opposite me.

Madeline flashed her eyes. “Well, there’s a challenge if ever I saw one.” She set Isla on her feet and gave the six-year-old a pat on the bum. “I think we should take this upstairs. Show Hailey where my bedroom is, poppet. I’ll be up in a sec.”

Isla grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up from the couch. “Follow me, Hailey!”

Madeline’s bedroom was spacious and without clutter, a cool white suite dominated by an ornate cream and gold queen size bed, the sheets as pale and stark as the surrounding decor. Isla leapt upon it with a  whoop, while I sat on my haunches upon the bedspread in a more respectful manner.

Madeline wasn’t far behind. She closed the door, then unbuttoned both her blouse and trousers, discarding each garment upon the grey wooden floor. “Two pretty little girls in my bedroom… Whatever shall I do with you both?” the doctor purred as she knelt on the bed and took Isla into her embrace. “Kiss Mummy.”

Isla wrapped both arms around her mother, and the two of them shared an intimate kiss. Then a little pink t-shirt was being pulled up and off, leaving the six-year-old naked and cherub-like. Madeline bent to take a tiny nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue round the pink nub before switching to the other.

The little girl gazed at me with a dreamy smile. “Look what Mummy’s doing.”

All I could do was sit and stare, and wonder if I was to remain a spectator in this delightfully erotic game. Until Madeline finally set her hungry eyes upon me. “Help Hailey take her dress off, Isla,” she told her daughter, then Isla was unzipping me, pulling the dress down my body.

Madeline stalked panther-like across the bed, then pushed me onto my back. She raked her fingertips down my pale frame, causing me to shiver. When her hand found my pussy, I thrust myself against her touch, a short moan escaping my lips.

“So eager,” Madeline growled, her finger slipping inside me. “And so wet for such a young girl.” She fucked me for a few tantalising minutes before sucking herself clean of my juices, then reached back to unsnap her bra and allow her breasts to spill free. She loomed over me, a dangling tit guided toward my mouth. I took her dark nipple between my lips as she stroked my hair and murmured, “Suck my titty. Make it nice and wet.”

Isla wriggled her way alongside me to grasp her mother’s other breast with both hands and suckle upon it like a baby.

“Now kiss each other,” Madeline demanded, so we exchanged her nipples for each other’s tongues while she peppered her way down our bodies – a trail of kisses snaking across chests, ribs and navels. Then finally down to our pussies, where she lingered, bobbing between Isla and myself, fingers, teeth and tongue employed with expert precision.

I moaned out loud and tried to grab her hair, but she slapped my hands away.

“I didn’t say you could touch me, little girl,” she told me harshly. “Put your hands behind your head and keep them there until I make you come.”

l swallowed my defiance and did as the doctor asked while she flicked and lashed her tongue over me, parting my labia with her thumbs so she could get at the swollen nub of my clitoris.

I came harder than any eleven-year-old had any business coming. Hard enough that I thought I might actually faint. “Oh, my God!” I shrieked.

Isla’s orgasm was a more subdued affair. She sucked on a thumb and gazed down drowsy-eyed as Madeline took the child’s entire peach-like vulva into her mouth, tongue rolling back and forth inside the tight gooey hole. Isla closed her eyes and drew a long breath of pure ecstasy, writhing and quivering as the climax racked her small body.

I lay there in a daze and watched Isla get on her hands and knees at her mother’s instruction. When the child’s bare bottom was adjacent to my face, Madeline bared her teeth at me – more snarl than smile. “I’m going to lick my little girl’s arsehole now, Hailey. Would you like to watch me do that?”

“Yeah. I would,” I answered quickly.

She laughed at my eagerness, and a mocking edge tinged her words. “Are you sure? It’s ever such a rude thing for a girl your age to see.”

“Please, Madeline,” I whined. “I won’t tell anyone or anything.”

“Well, seeing as you asked so nicely…”

She began with a light flick of her tongue – a mere tickle upon the child’s puckered hole. Isla squealed with laughter and jolted away, her rosebud twitching at the sudden violation. “Keep still,” her mother growled, then plunged back between her daughter’s arse, stabbing lewdly at the taut muscle while I watched on in appalled fascination.

Without warning, Madeline swung a hand back and gave Isla a light slap across each bum cheek, employed at exactly the right angle and with enough force to elicit a satisfying crack, causing the pink globes to quiver like jelly.

Ow-wa,” Isla protested half-heartedly, peering back at her mother with a scowl, and perhaps the faintest hint of a smirk.

“Oh, shush,” Madeline scoffed. “Mummy will kiss it better.” She grasped each tiny cheek and sucked on them one after the other, leaving the pale flesh ablush and glistening with saliva. Then, prising the little girl open once again, she snaked her tongue through the tight slit and back into the crack of her arse.

Turning to me with wild eyes, Madeline told me, “I want to see you eat her,” before grabbing Isla’s legs and unceremoniously depositing her on my face. The doctor slipped her own knickers off and knelt adjacent to us, then spread her daughter’s bum cheeks apart. She dipped two fingers inside herself, and they emerged moments later glistening with her juices. I thought she meant to pop them into my mouth, but instead she smeared the viscous fluid over her little girl’s smooth cunt. “Taste it,” she commanded.

I slithered my tongue through the sticky bare flesh while Madeline held the six-year-old open for me. The scents that filled my nostrils were potent and complex: The faint acrid notes of Isla’s pussy and arse – subtly akin to the smell of saliva on skin – and the mature earthy musk of her mother, all combined into one overpowering carnal perfume.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in a fog of hypnotic arousal, willfully resigning myself to Madeline’s control. Her fingers grasped and probed at me: between my legs, in my mouth, and stroking through my hair. When she had me lick Isla’s arsehole, cooing and tittering at me as I went about it, I knew I was simply another one of her playthings, but didn’t much care.

Then she was lowering herself down onto my face, the hot moist Venus flytrap of her cunt rubbing against my mouth as she squatted over me and hissed nasty words, until my head swam with it all and the need for release was an exquisite torture.

We sat opposite one another with our legs slung wide, and joined pussy to pussy, grinding together at the doctor’s instruction, while Isla stood over us and rubbed the palms of her hands up and down her swollen vulva.

“I’m so glad you decided to pay us a visit, Hailey,” Madeline purred as we tribbed.

“M-me, too…” I whimpered.

Isla was chuckling away to herself as we fucked beneath her.

“What’s so funny, munchkin?” her mother asked.

“This!” the six-year-old trilled impishly, then proceeded to pee over the two of us.

But the good doctor barely batted an eyebrow, and though I was all too familiar with her daughter’s little party trick, this time I was too far gone to muster any complaint.

“Dirty, dirty child,” Madeline hissed as the warm liquid splashed against her tits. “It’s rather rude to piss on us when we’re fucking, isn’t it, Hailey?”

“I’m… gonna do an orgasm…” I groaned as Isla gleefully swivelled her hips this way and that, the last of her piss dribbling over my belly and down between our legs.

“We – we’ll talk about this later, young lady,” Madeline told her daughter as she ground into me, pumping faster and harder. “But in the meantime, you just… stand there… while Hailey and I make each other come.”

We brushed labia against labia with an increased urgency, the roughness of Madeline’s pubic thatch sublime against my clitoris. Our climax was simultaneous, cunts joined as one, juices mingling, the sheets beneath us warm and wet.

I slumped back against the bed in exhaustion as Madeline hovered over me, her mouth upon mine. “You’re mine now,” she told me when finally we parted. “I’m going to corrupt you, Hailey. Just like I corrupted your aunt.”

I lay beneath her with the silliest of grins on my face – wet, exhausted, and stinking of sex. “Oh, Okay. I don’t mind, actually,” I told her breathlessly. “That sounds… quite nice?”

Madeline climbed off the bed and pulled her trousers back on. She straightened out her hair and gave me a perplexed look that told me I was probably a bit odd for an eleven-year-old. “Yes. Well. Would you like a glass of ice tea before you head home?”

“Ice tea for me, please!” Isla piped, bouncing up and down on the wet sheets.


When I got back to the cottage, Uncle Derek was in the yard mending fishing nets with Odette, while Aunt Rita busied herself beneath a car bonnet, as usual.

“There she is!” my uncle hollered. “Been off exploring, have ya?”

I gave him a sheepish look. “Uh, yeah. Kind of.”

“Stay away from the sea caves down in the bay, though,” he warned me. “The tides can catch ya out if you’re not careful.”

“I think she is more into reading books than exploring sea caves,” Odette mused.

“I do like to read,” I agreed. “But I like to have fun sometimes, too.” Especially if it involved sex with beautiful perverted ladies.

“Bastard fucking thing!” Aunt Rita yelled and hurled her spanner through the air. “Fucking carburetor hates me.”

I picked the tool up and went over to hand it back to her. “Why did you become a mechanic, Aunt Rita?”

“Because I’m an idiot,” she told me in a brusque manner, but then seemed to regret her tone. She breathed a sigh and told me, “I’m fascinated by machines. We didn’t have any where I came from.”

“Did you have to go to mechanic school?”

“Nope. Self taught. One morning I found myself tinkering with a broken toaster, and the next thing I knew, I’m fixing the whole town’s cars. Weird.”

“Do you want some help?” I offered.

“Underneath a car bonnet’s no place for girls in pretty dresses.” Shooting Odette and Uncle Derek a brief glance, she turned back to me with a sly look and a hushed tone. “But you can tell me why I smell a certain doctor on you.”

I gave her a doubtful smirk. “You can’t smell her.”

“Oh yes I ca-an! I’d know that body spray anywhere. Details, please!”

Did I want to tell her? My aunt seemed pretty laid back, and I’d seen first hand the extent of her own perversions. But there was still a chance she would take her friend’s molestation of me badly, me being her niece and all.

“She’s quite… rude, isn’t she?” I ventured. Neither an admission nor a denial.

“Ha! I knew it!” Rita cackled. “I bet she had your face between her legs.”

“Maybe…” I mumbled in a barely audible voice, my finger idly tracing the shape of a heart into a thin layer of dust upon the car chassis.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” my aunt asked me softly.

I nodded bashfully.

“Did she make you come?”

Another nod.

“I’m jea-lous!” she sang, and I wondered exactly who she was jealous of.

I regarded my aunt with a growing curiosity: Her thick, dark hair, all tied up in a bun, pale skin and sparkling brown eyes. And then suddenly a memory. No, not a memory – because I remembered her with red hair, not black, and green eyes instead of brown. A dream, then. And in my dream Rita was not the loud, brash aunt I knew, but a quieter, more subdued creature. I tried to clarify the image in my mind’s eye, but it slipped away as all dreams do.

“Don’t you mind?” I asked her.

“Mind what?” Rita replied, glancing up at me from her work. I must have been daydreaming for longer than I thought.

“That Madeline… did stuff to me?”

Aunt Rita merely shrugged. “I tried to warn you what would happen if you went over there. And you did tell me you enjoyed it. Do you want me to mind?”

It was my turn to shrug. “No. I’m glad you’re okay with it. You’re a pretty cool aunty, actually. And you say swear words in front of me.”

“Fuckin’ right I’m cool!” she exclaimed and tried to give me a high five.

I screwed up my face and recoiled. “Nah, you’ve got oily hands.”

My aunt rolled her eyes. “Kids these days – terrified of getting a bit of dirt on ’em.”

“I’m gonna have a shower, okay?” I told her, making my way towards the cottage.

“Hailey?” my aunt called, beckoning me back with a finger.


“Not a word of this to your uncle. Or anyone else for that matter. They wouldn’t understand.”

After all the very adult things I’d participated in that day, I found myself a little offended at being reminded of the child I still was. “I’m not stupid, Aunt Rita. I won’t tell anyone.”

She kissed me on the forehead. “Good girl.”

Back in my room, I dove onto the bed with a whoop and lay there grinning up at the ceiling with my arms and legs splayed wide. What on earth had I gotten myself into? I’d climbed aboard a magical ferry and sailed over to my very own porn movie featuring a naughty aunt, a perverted doctor and a dirty little girl. Mum could stay on honeymoon with her slimy new husband for as long as she wanted, for all I cared. I was quite happy here on this isolated peninsula with Aunt Rita, Uncle Derek, Madeline and Isla. I thought I could still smell the doctor’s scent, then suddenly remembered why.

I pulled a pair of panties out of my dress pocket and inspected them. I’d snatched them up from the floor while Isla helped her mum make tea in the kitchen, squirrelling them away in my dress before anyone had noticed. Madeline’s dirty knickers. The scent of a Selkie. Probably.

I crushed the soiled satin against my face and breathed in its aroma. “Fuck you, Mum,” I mumbled into the damp undies with a big satisfied grin on my face. “Fuck you.”

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  1. Clit Licker says:

    Great chapter. I love the attitude of the little heroine. I came when she was tribbing with Madeleine. Sooo yummy.

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    well crafted loved the detail. thank you

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    I would have liked a quick shower / bath scene after Isla played her “trick” on Hailey and Madeline for a number of reasons. And I was a bit surprised that Aunt Rita smelled Madeline’s perfume on Hailey but didn’t smell Isla’s pee. I guess Madeline’s perfume covered it??? (Isla is a very naughty little girl BTW). Overall, the mystery surrounding the Selkie, and now, the Finfolk, has captured my attention and my imagination. How that mystery is resolved keeps me totally invested in the story. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • BlueJean says:

      It never really occurred to me that they maybe should’ve taken a shower afterwards, to be honest. Probably because in the original version Isla never peed on them.

      The problem is, if they showered, Rita wouldn’t have been able to smell Madeline’s perfume. But we can assume Isla’s pee wasn’t very pungent, and that they simply made do with a towel. And, er, that Madeline has a handy waterproof protector over her mattress…

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      Thanks for the feedback, friends.

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        Well that ^ explains a lot. I was trying to be diplomatic about what I considered to be an unusual clunky-ness in the body of the work. Definitely a cautionary note for those considering introducing new elements into a previously completed story. 🤔

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        I really liked that part. It’s a great addition to the story. Sometimes dirty can be better. I’m not taking away from others’ opinions; just sharing mine. Thanks for the great chapter!

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    Great story and great chapter! The very dirty part did it for me! Again, great job!!! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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    I have found that if a young boy or girl is properly hydrated, when they let out the processed liquid from themselves, (provided they do not have Juvenile Diabetes), it is 85+% water and very little of anything else that would make an unpleasant odor that might overpower perfume. Depending on the specific perfume and whether or not it was made in Europe or North America, this dictates how long it would last after being rubbed off onto Hailey. I also have found that most imported European perfumes are a bit stronger,(especially the French ones from Paris), than the ones produced for the American markets.

    • BlueJean says:

      Some other factors may include: Prior dietary intake. Asparagus, coffee, and the popular British breakfast cereal Sugarpuffs have been known to affect the smell of urine. I suspect Isla is not a coffee drinker, and eating asparagus that early in the day seems unlikely, if not downright decadent, for a six-year-old. Sugarpuff consumption is the most likely candidate then, but given the sheer choice of breakfast cereals on the British market (and this is assuming Isla’s not a ‘chucky eggs and dippy toast’ kinda gal) this seems improbable.

      Decay period and environmental conditions. Hailey has to climb a steep hill back home in warm summer weather, but I do not believe enough time has lapsed for any remaining urine to become stale and odorous.

      And, of course, the bane of wildlife hunters and pissy eleven-year-olds everywhere: Wind direction…

      Madeline’s perfume is Glossier You Eau De Parfum, a balanced and versatile scent that lends itself well to every day wear. Very much the perfume of choice for the “sports inclined” lady.

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