Ripples, Chapter 21

  • Posted on February 5, 2020 at 4:10 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy


Jessica spent the next couple of days focused on business. The shop was doing nicely, but one couldn’t become complacent about such things. This was a prosperous town, and when shops closed, they were often quickly replaced by more upmarket establishments, many of which were clothing stores, so she fought any impulse to rest on her laurels and worked hard to maintain and grow the business.

Luckily, her foresight to serve a diverse customer base had paid off. The more affordable range, catering for a wide age-group, was the bread and butter of the business, while her development of mid- to high-end ranges and bespoke couture brought in the big money, coupled with her reputation for great personal service from a loyal and meticulously recruited sales team, ensuring Jess a loyal clientele among the town’s upper crust.

Friday afternoon found Jessica in her office drinking a coffee, feeling greatly satisfied with the work she’d done over the last couple of days. As she relaxed, her mind turned to the chat she’d had with Blanche a week or so back, when her friend had made an offer to help expand Jessica’s business.

Remembering that day, she also recalled Blanche’s friendlier than usual touchy-feely parting and, thinking back on it, wondered if the woman had picked up on her reaction to seeing their young daughters exposing themselves — had it been entirely accidental or not? — at the sleepover party Blanche had hosted at her estate. When her little girl Annabelle did that cartwheel, showing us that she wasn’t wearing panties… did Blanche notice the effect that had on me? And what about Blanche? Is she okay with her daughter going naked under her dress? Did she encourage Annabelle to expose herself like that?

Finally, Jess shrugged off her concern; telling herself, It’s all in your imagination. Sure, you’ve been crushing on underage girls in a big way, but it’s bloody mental to believe that every other woman thinks like that. Well, okay, Rachel does, but who else?

Jess often reflected on how much her life had improved, now that she’d fully accepted her sexuality — her lesbianism, the special love she felt for her daughters, and the growing attraction she felt for young girls in general. It seemed that everywhere Jessica went, she noticed them, frequently stealing glances at the tight bottoms of… well, children, in many cases, some even younger than Poppy.

That was the private side of her new life, though. As for her newfound preference for females, Jess decided that, having already come out to Cat, she needed to do the same with the rest of the team, also letting them know about her relationship with Rachel. She elected to make her announcement on the following Monday, with Rachel agreeing to do the same with her own business partner and employees.

Jessica left work late in the afternoon, then stopped by the supermarket to get something for a light dinner before she picked up Katie and Poppy. Rachel and the girls would be coming over around 8 PM, so Alice could help her make dinner and clean up before they got ready for the evening to come.


Bang on time, the doorbell chimed. Alice rushed to let Rachel and her daughters in, eager for the evening’s festivities to start. Although the stated reason for this little get-together was to discuss the future of their two families, work out any practical issues and set some ground rules, Alice had no doubt that before the night was through, she would have sex with Mum’s lover Rachel, her best friend Bella, and ten-year-old Cindy, the icing on the cake.

Except for one special part of the evening that her mum had proposed, which Jess and her girls were all looking forward to, there wasn’t exactly an itinerary. But Alice, being Alice, had conspired with her siblings to add a couple of extra surprises to the agenda.

As they all hugged and kissed each other like at any normal family gathering, Alice felt a flutter at the vision of Auntie Rachel. The shapely brunette was wearing a short, body-hugging cobalt blue stretch dress with a front zip from top to bottom, set off by dark stockings and killer heels.

As Rachel kissed Jessica, she caught Alice appraising her over Bella’s shoulder as the girls hugged. Jess did tell me about her, Rachel thought. She said Alice had taken to being gay as if it was second nature, and won’t be at all shy about going for what she wants. Still, she was still a little surprised at the look of predatory desire in the young girl’s eyes, as intense a hunger as she’d ever seen.

As they moved into the living room, Alice glanced back to see Rachel staring appreciatively at her long coltish legs, displayed to impressive effect beneath a very short denim skirt. Rachel raised her gaze to meet Alice’s, and a common thought flashed wordlessly between them. We’re going to fuck tonight, you and me.

There was an air of anticipation, mixed with more than a little nervousness. Bella felt especially jittery, despite wanting to explore lesbian love even further. This was such an enormous undertaking — both their families coming together for an evening of sex between adults and children — that she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by it all.

Jess and Alice poured drinks for the guests, then they settled themselves on the twinned sofas in the living room, the two mothers on one with the four girls opposite. Alice perched on the arm, facing Rachel.

“Is Poppy upstairs, then?” asked Rachel.

Jess responded casually, “Yes, she is. I’m going to talk to Poppy tomorrow, so I can explain a few things to her. I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I wanted to tell her about what’s happening without any… distractions.”

“Probably best,” agreed Rachel.

Jess decided to take the lead. “So… how are we going to do this? Shall I start?” Before anyone could say anything, she took a breath and commenced. “Well, as you girls all know, Rachel and I have decided we want to be together… as lovers.”

Rachel reached out to take and squeeze Jessica’s hand, and they exchanged affectionate smiles.

“We know you’re all happy about this, and so am I… but you should also be aware that we haven’t officially come out yet as an item. Right now, the only person outside this room who knows about us is Cat at the shop.” At this admission, surprise registered on the faces of all four daughters.

Noting their reaction, Jess continued. “I know that we’ve both told you all that no-one must know about our… special situation, and that remains the most important rule of all. You need to be careful and never let slip anything about what we do in the privacy of our homes. Your mums could get in big, big trouble if anyone found out that we’re making love with our own daughters.

“However, Rachel and I are adults, and while we’re not about to start shouting about our relationship from the rooftops or putting an ad in the paper, it’s important that the people we work with and our friends know about and accept that we’re a couple. These days, lots of women choose to love other women, but some people still have a problem with it.”

Jess turned to her daughters. “Your grandma is still on her cruise, and your Aunt Laura is overseas on her photography assignment. I’ll tell them both about Rachel when they get back. You see, if we’re open about the both of us being lovers, people are less likely to start adding two and two and getting five. They’re bound to ask us, and you girls, how you feel about what your mums are doing, and the best thing to say is–”

Before she could finish, Alice intervened. “We’ll just say it’s great, having more sisters and two parents… and that having two mums instead of a mum and dad makes no difference to us, long as you’re happy.”

The mothers looked at each other, then back at Alice, who seemed well pleased with herself. They scanned the faces of the other girls and saw that they too seemed content with that simple assessment of their “special situation.”

Rachel spoke next. “Well, I couldn’t have put it better myself. That pretty much sums up the way it is… other than the secret things that your mum and I do with you girls, of course.”

Jess gave Alice a warm smile, feeling immensely proud to have a daughter with such a mature outlook for her age. Rachel also gazed at Alice who, when she noticed her mum’s lover looking, casually moved one leg onto the floor by the side of the sofa, causing the short skirt she wore to ride up her thigh.

From the angle where Rachel sat, she had a clear view up Alice’s skirt and felt a shiver of delight at what she saw. Oh my… this little minx isn’t wearing panties!

In response, Rachel slightly widened her own legs, the action barely noticeable except by Alice, who dropped her eyes to see a shadow beneath the blue material. As her eyes scanned up the nylon-sheathed legs, she detected a darker band of material between the toned thighs, but the elevated position in which Alice sat prevented her from seeing anything more. Raising her face to meet Rachel’s amused gaze, she gave the woman a wry smile. I’ll be seeing more of you soon enough, Alice thought.

Jess continued. “The second most important rule is this: no late night shenanigans if you’ve got school the next day. If you want to make love, do it in the afternoon. We don’t want to see your school work slipping or have any teachers telling us you’re dozing off in class. Is everyone clear on this?”

As she scanned the faces of the girls, they all nodded in agreement — although Jessica had no doubt that Alice would take liberties with the new rules whenever she could.

Katie put her hand up, as though she was in class. “What should we call Auntie Rachel?”

Jess was surprised at the question, not having given the matter much thought. “Er, whatever you want, I suppose. Aunt Rachel, if you like, just Rachel, or whatever you and she are comfortable with.”

“Can we call her Mum as well?”

Jess turned to Rachel, who responded, “You can call me whatever you like, sweetheart… though I will say that I’d be honoured to be your second mum.”

Jess smiled at Rachel’s girls. “Bella, Cindy, if it feels odd calling me Mum, that’s fine. You can call me Jess, or Aunt Jess, or whatever you want. I just want you to know that you can come to me with anything at all; I’ll be here for you the same as I am for Alice, Katie and Poppy. We’re one family now, and we look out for each other.”

Cindy, who had been quiet up until then, furrowed her brow. “Um… where will we live?”

Jess smiled. “Well, your mum and I haven’t talked about that yet, and who knows what we’ll decide in the future — but for now, darling, you’ll stay in your own house. Of course, you can come over anytime you like, and my girls and I will sometimes spend the night at your place. It’s probably best if everyone stays in their own home on school days, but we can have dinners together, and at weekends and school holidays you can sleep wherever you like. I want you to feel this is your home as well, so you can leave some nightclothes and personal stuff here and share beds.” She turned to Rachel. “Is there anything you want to add to that?”

Rachel nodded. “The same goes for me, girls; I want you to treat our home as your own.” She paused, rubbing her hands together. “But now that the serious rules are out of the way, let’s discuss the fun rules.”

Grinning broadly, Alice turned to Katie, who returned the grin, exclaiming “Yeah!” Bella seemed a little less nervous than when she first arrived, and Cindy was practically bouncing in her seat with excitement.

Studying the girls and their reactions, Jess realised that Rachel was clearly establishing herself as the fun mum. Which makes me the sensible mum, I suppose.

Rachel continued. “I think Jessica’s right, that we should keep living in our own homes for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay over at either one if you want some private time with each other. You’re allowed to sleep with any of your sisters — or your mums.

“We both love all you girls, and want to keep making love with you… we just need to be sensible about it, like Jess said. It might feel a bit funny at first, all of us being sexually intimate, but I’m sure you’ll get over any shyness you feel very quickly. After all, you’re all very sensible, grown-up girls, and we trust you.

“Now, I think we should address the subject of sex, since we’re almost certainly going to be having a hell of a lot of it.” The girls giggled. “I’m glad you agree,” murmured Rachel. “First, there’s the question of certain words that often get used in the, er, heat of passion. Words like ‘fuck’, ‘cunt’, and ‘tits’. I’m sure that you girls know a few others.” Another round of giggles. “Well, you still aren’t allowed to use those kinds of words in everyday life, but you can during sex. Cindy, if we’re in bed, you and I, and we’re making love, it’s perfectly okay for you to say, ‘Lick my cunt, Mummy’. Understand?”

Rachel’s youngest daughter blushed brightly. “Uh-huh.”

“Good. As for the sex itself, we’ve got two rules to follow. Other than that, anything goes. First, you can do anything you want to anyone in this family, but only if they want it, too. As I said, we trust you girls, and I can’t imagine a single one of you breaking this rule.”

“That’s right,” Jess said. “The best thing to do is always ask before you try something new… that way, your sex partner won’t get any unpleasant surprises.”

“The second rule is a little trickier,” said Rachel. “Basically, you need to avoid any kind of sex act that can hurt you, or leave marks. We want you to be especially careful about putting anything in your vagina. Really, it’s best for you little ladies to stick to licking and rubbing when you have sex, because it’s easier than you think to injure yourself down there. And if we end up having to take you to a doctor, he’s sure to ask how you got that injury. Understand?” The four girls all nodded. “Excellent. Any questions?”

Eager for the fun and games to commence, Alice spoke up right away. “When do we start? Um, making love, I mean.”

Rachel thought for a moment, then said, “Why not start now? That is, if it’s okay with you, Jess.” Rachel looked at Jess, who slowly nodded, feeling a throbbing heat begin to pulse beneath her belly.

Turning to her eldest daughter, Rachel murmured, “So, Bella… why don’t you show Alice how much you’ve learned about making love to a girl? I know you’ve been looking forward to doing that.”

At that, Bella looked nervous again, as though a teacher had just given her a question she couldn’t answer. “W-what do you mean, Mum?”

“I mean that we’d all like to watch you and Alice make love. I don’t think she’ll have any objections,” Rachel said, turning to catch the lustful glint in Alice’s eye.

“You mean now… here, in front of everyone? Can’t me and Alice just go up to her room?” It was true that Bella was eager to go all the way with her best friend, especially after their little chat during lunch a couple of days earlier. But the idea of undressing and having sex before an audience, even one made up of family and friends, was causing her to have second thoughts about the whole evening. “I… I’m not sure I want to d-do this,” Bella stammered, suddenly unable to meet anyone’s eye.

Rachel certainly didn’t want to make her daughter feel uncomfortable… but she also knew that it was crucial for the girl to conquer this shyness of hers. When she managed to get past her timidity and immerse herself in the moment’s pleasure, Bella was capable of amazing things — the sessions of lovemaking she’d engaged in with her mum and baby sister were proof aplenty. If we can just persuade her to relax a bit…

Leaning forward, Rachel said, “Bella, darling, we’re all one big loving family now, and there’s no need at all for you to feel awkward or nervous. You’re a beautiful, sexy girl, and we’re all thrilled at the idea of watching you and Alice make love — really make love — for the first time. And I promise you this, my sweet child… after tonight, you’ll have no problem being naked and having sex in this house, even when we’re around to see it happen.” She turned to Alice, who was nodding vigourously. “You appear to have something to say, young lady. Very well, the floor is yours.”

Turning to Bella, Alice reached out to take her best friend’s hand. “Your mum’s right, Bel. I love taking all my clothes off and having sex. Thing is, it’s even better when someone else you care about is watching… and when they join in!”

With that, she stood up, grasped her t-shirt and lifted it over her head, then unbuttoned the front of her skirt, pulled down the zip and let it drop to the floor. That left the girl without a stitch on, catching everyone except Rachel by surprise — especially Jess, when she realised that her daughter had gone without panties.

Rachel now had her first glimpse of Alice’s nude body. She felt herself growing warm all over as she studied the nicely developing breasts and lightly-downed pubes of her lover’s twelve-year-old daughter.

After watching Alice undress, Katie echoed her big sister’s words. “I get what you’re feeling, Bel, ‘cos I used to be the same way. I wouldn’t ever let anyone see me without clothes on — even Mum, or my sisters! Now I love being naked… and when I think about giving cute girls and sexy ladies a good look at my pussy, that gets me crazy hot!” She giggled, rising to her feet. “Like right now…”

Katie shrugged the dress straps off her shoulders, tugging it down her body to pool on the carpet, showing that she  hadn’t bothered with knickers either — adding more fuel to the fire of Auntie Rachel’s lust.

Those little so-and-so’s, Jessica thought, gazing at her nude daughters with outright admiration. Bet they totally planned this little sideshow, too.

“What about you, Cinders?” Katie said, turning to ten-year-old Cindy, who was sitting quietly on the sofa. “Wanna get naked with us?”

The child hesitated, then exclaimed, “Yeah!” jumping to her feet. She wriggled out of her t-shirt, then pushed her shorts down to the floor, stepping out to display herself in pink ‘Elsa’ underpants.

Cindy was about to tug them down too, but Katie interrupted her. “Let me!” she said, going on her knees in front of the girl. Grasping the waistband, she slowly pulled the pink knickers down as Cindy rested her hands on her friend’s shoulders for balance, lifting each foot in turn so Katie could remove them completely.

Still kneeling, Katie brought the panties to her nose and breathed deeply of their scent. She looked up at Cindy with adoring eyes, then lightly kissed her tummy. Rising to her feet, Katie turned to Jessica and threw those cute underpants into her mum’s lap.

Jessica started a little at the unexpected gift. She’d been distracted by the unveiling of Cindy’s nakedness, already lost in a fantasy of kissing the ten-year-old, then pleasuring both her holes. Uncertain what to do with the child’s knickers, she turned to Rachel, who just smiled and said, “Go on… you know you want to.”

Jess looked down at her lap and picked up the small cotton panties, slowly raising them to her face to sniff, closing her eyes as she savoured the enticing aroma of little girl, visions of smooth slits and flat chests dancing in her head.

Rachel’s voice broke into her reverie. “It seems as if some of us are keen to get the party started.”

The two younger sisters giggled, then Katie turned and manoeuvred Cindy onto the sofa, this time with her back to the arm, one leg on the floor and the other against the backrest, indicating that her friend should sit between her legs. Cindy leaned back into Katie, who wrapped both arms around Cindy’s waist, ready to watch their elder sisters make love.

Recalling how shy Katie used to be, Rachel was impressed at the girl’s newfound confidence. Then there was Cindy, her youngest, who was willing to strip off at the first suggestion. Now if we can help Bella to find that sort of courage…

Jess was downright dizzy with lust, seeing the two younger girls naked and entwined. Cindy’s legs were carelessly spread apart, putting her baby-smooth cunt on full display. Katie’s fingers were just inches away, on the verge of caressing her best friend’s slit. Go on, touch her, Jessica silently urged, aching to see the two children fuck.

Before that could happen, though, Jess was distracted when Alice knelt down before Bella — touching the clasped hands of her friend, which were resting in the girl’s lap. “See, Bel? There’s nothing to worry about. We’re all girls together, doing what feels good.”

Shifting her hands to Bella’s knees, Alice parted them enough to move in closer, then reached up to slowly unbutton her friend’s blouse, never breaking eye contact. Bella could only stare as Alice worked her way through each button until she reached the waistband of her plaid skirt and unfastened it.

“Oh, my,” whispered Jess, watching in awe as her oldest daughter, already naked herself, slowly disrobed another girl.

Alice reached back up to slip her hands inside Bella’s blouse, then slid it over her shoulders, pushing it down the girl’s arms to expose a very nicely filled bra. She’d only caught partial glimpses of Bella’s breasts before, mostly due to her friend’s bashfulness. Even on occasions when they were both in the school changing rooms and showers, or in a dimly lit bedroom during her aborted attempts to engage Bella in sex, Alice never got the long look that she craved. Her own breasts were nothing to be ashamed of, but Bella was well on the way to inheriting her mum’s gorgeous titties.

Alice ran a fingertip over the lacy material of the bra, feeling her friend shiver as if hit by a static charge. Breaking their eye contact, she gently pulled the top of one cup down to reveal a very erect nipple. Leaning forward to tease the bud with her tongue, Alice then took the tip of Bella’s breast between her lips.

Bella caught her breath, then emitted a quiet whimper, quickly succumbing to Alice’s warm, sucking mouth. She was still uneasy about the idea of having sex in front of everyone else, but her nerves were fast losing ground to the mounting pleasure she felt. “Oh… oh, Ali!” she gasped.

Thrilled by her friend’s response, Alice plucked away the second bra cup to expose Bella’s other breast, shifted her attention to that nipple for a moment, then lavished attention on each in turn as Bella’s head lolled back and her mouth hung slack, the girl’s hands still dangling by her sides.

Still nestled snugly between Katie’s legs, little Cindy was so enraptured by the sight of Alice making love to her older sister that she barely noticed when Katie’s finger lightly teased her nipple. As the touch registered, Cindy glanced over her shoulder at her friend and smiled.

Noting the girl’s tacit approval, Katie drew close and placed a tender kiss on Cindy’s lips, tracing her mouth with the tip of the tongue and whispering,  “Love you, Cinders,” letting their noses lightly touch before they returned to watching the older girls.

Katie glanced across the coffee table, wondering what their mothers were up to. By then, Rachel had sidled closer to Jessica and had one hand on the front of her lover’s dress, fondling those generous breasts as they continued to watch their eldest daughters.

Alice was now rising from her kneeling position, taking Bella’s hands in hers and guiding the girl to her feet, then twining both arms around her waist. They stood motionless for a few heartbeats, their bare breasts nearly touching.

Bella gazed deep into Alice’s eyes, as if searching for something in them. Then, perhaps finding what she sought, Bella smiled, her shyness somewhat eased. Raising both hands to cup her friend’s face between them, she pulled Alice in for a kiss, her tongue immediately darting into the blonde girl’s mouth. Alice immediately responded in kind, her own tongue joining in the dance..

After the best part of a minute, Bella broke away from their passionate kiss — face flushed, chest heaving, somewhat surprised at her own daring. She was smiling, though.

Returning her friend’s smile, Alice allowed her hands to drift downward until she was stroking the smooth skin of Bella’s thighs. Then she took hold of the girl’s skirt, slowly lifting it to expose pale peach lace panties. They matched the bra that still encircled Bella’s body, just beneath her breasts.

Moving very carefully so as not to frighten her friend at this crucial moment, Alice slipped her hands under the tartan skirt to grasp the elastic of Bella’s knickers. Taking a deep breath, the twelve-year-old girl began to pull them down.

As Alice slowly went down on her knees, Bella parted her lips to protest, then fell silent, meekly allowing herself to be stripped. Finally, the lacy knickers ringed Bella’s ankles, and Alice deftly plucked them away.

As Katie had done with Cindy’s underpants, Alice brought the lacy material to her nose to savour the rich scent of pussy that she’d come to love so well — each unique, yet somehow similar. The twelve-year-old was almost giddy with anticipated pleasure as she breathed in the musk of her best friend for the first time.

In their previous fumbled encounters, Alice had only barely sampled her friend’s womanly essence. Now, not only was the gusset of Bella’s knickers infused with that essence, but now she had direct access to the source — right in front of her, concealed for the moment beneath that woolen skirt.

Alice patted the sofa. “Sit,” she said, beaming up at Bella, who dutifully obeyed, her pulse racing as she wondered what her friend intended to do next.

Taking one last deep sniff of Bella’s still-warm panties, Alice paused and, just as Katie had done, threw them into her mum’s lap. She watched as her mother picked up the damp lace and brought the garment to her face.

The scent was strong. Breathing it in, Jess closed her eyes and leaned back into the sofa, cupping the material over her nose so as not to let any of the thick aroma escape. Rachel was watching her in wry amusement.

Bella felt her face grow hot at the lewd sight: her best friend’s mum, who she’d known since the age of four as “Auntie Jess,” now clutching the knickers Bella had been wearing just a few seconds ago, practically rubbing them into her face. It embarrassed the girl at first, but then the whole scene struck her as, well, sort of hot. She really likes the way I smell, Bella thought, half-noticing that Alice was removing her shoes and socks. Bet she wants to lick me, too. 

Alice slipped her hands under Bella’s knees, lifting them slightly to pull her towards the edge of the sofa, causing Bella to tear her gaze away from the beautiful redhead — Mum’s lover, she reminded herself — who was still nuzzling her sodden underwear. Bella wasn’t sure what her friend was trying to do, then realised that she wanted her to scoot forward on the sofa. So she did, her eyes widening when Alice immediately came closer, drawn toward Bella’s pussy as if hypnotised.

Licking her lips, Alice took her first real look at Bella’s unadorned sex. Despite the girl’s reluctance, the rosy flesh of her cunt was positively glistening with arousal, the opening framed by dark pubic curls. So pretty, she thought, pausing to breathe in the enchanting scent from its source. Placing her thumbs on either side of Bella’s pudenda, she used them to open the flower.

This was the furthest Alice had ever managed to get with her friend, despite her best efforts to initiate sex with Bella in the past. Only once had she ever gotten a hand into the girl’s panties, just long enough to touch her bush before the timid girl succumbed to panic, afraid her mum would catch them in the act.

Just look at us now, Alice thought, unable to restrain a smile as she imagined what Auntie Rachel might be doing right then. Checking out my bum, I bet. She allowed her knees to drift further apart, wanting to give the woman — and Mum, too! — an even more explicit view of her naughty bits.

Bella was breathing deeply, heart pounding like a kettledrum. She was fighting an internal battle with her confused emotions — on the one hand, longing to take her relationship with Alice to the next step, on the other, still feeling a reluctance to completely let herself go in front of both their families. That conflict was settled when Alice moved in for the kill, trailing her tongue up from the bottom of Bella’s cunt in a long, slow lick that ended with a playful flick of the clit.

Bella could not suppress a strangled cry when Alice latched on to her clitoris and began to suckle. Looking down, her eyes met Alice’s lustful gaze, which only added to the excitement she felt. Her body began to quiver as she reached out with both hands to take hold of Alice’s head and cradle it between her thighs.

Her apprehension was gone, banished as if by the sweep of a magician’s wand. Bella no longer cared who was looking, no longer even noticed the four pairs of eyes that were glued to the scene.

As she watched her sister make love to Bella, Katie let her hand drift down to Cindy’s smooth slit. Her middle finger slipped easily between the girl’s nether lips, moistening it before she began to draw circles around the tiny nub of her friend’s clitoris.

“Ohhh,” Cindy moaned, opening her legs further. It felt so lovely, having Katie’s nude body pressed against her bare back, the girl’s fingers doing wonderful things to her pussy. Her excitement soared even higher when Katie began to stroke and tease her nipples with the other hand, making them stiffen.

Katie fondled her friend’s slit until the ten-year-old’s juices were flowing freely, then she eased a finger into the warm orifice to gather a dollop of the sticky secretions, bringing her hand up to Cindy’s mouth. “Here,” she murmured, “taste your pussy.”

Cindy sucked on the finger until all traces of her essence were gone, then twisted herself halfway round to face Katie, tilting her head back so they could kiss.

As she watched the girls blissfully swap tongues, Jessica whispered, “Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re doing this. It’s like some crazy, beautiful dream.”

Rachel turned to her lover, all smiles. “Think of it as the joining ceremony of our families,” she said, reaching out to undo the buttons of Jessica’s dress, slipping a hand inside to cup a breast.

Until then, the girls’ mothers had restrained themselves, content to watch their daughters take part in their first inter-family sex party. But when Katie broke her kiss with Cindy, she saw her mum slumped back against the cushion, legs splayed wide with one leg up on the seat while Auntie Rachel sucked her nipples, having opened the front of Jessica’s dress to bare her breasts. In the meantime, Rachel’s hand was far from idle, now moving about inside her lover’s panties. The squishing sound of fingers exploring cunt could be heard throughout the room.

Ready to take things further, Katie withdrew her hand from between Cindy’s legs and tapped on the girl’s shoulder. “Get up for just a second, okay?”

“Um, okay,” said Cindy, and rose to her feet.

Katie stood, then indicated to her friend that she should sit back down. “Rest your bum near the front, like how Bella’s sitting,” she said, patting the edge of the sofa cushion, then grinned. “I’m gonna lick your pussy now, Cinders. You okay with that?”

“S-sure,” Cindy said as she seated herself, “but can we kiss some more first? I really like kissing you.”

“No problem,” Katie cooed, then straddled her young lover’s lap, bending to claim Cindy’s mouth with her own. Within seconds, the two girls were swapping tongues.

Jessica’s head swam as she watched the hot underage lesbian action that was playing itself out in her living room, performed by four girls, all nude or nearly so.

Alice was on all fours, her cunt and anus on full display as she went down on Bella, who had removed her bra and was palming her breasts with shaking hands, panting like a sprinter — obviously, very close to coming.

On the other end of the sofa, Katie and Cindy were clutching one another tightly, caught up in a lover’s kiss. Then Katie dismounted her friend’s lap and struggled to her feet, only to immediately kneel. Grasping Cindy’s hips with both hands, Katie pulled her forward until she was perched on the very edge of the seat cushion, then dove in, licking the cunt of Rachel’s youngest daughter as if she’d been starving for it.

Now the Matthews sisters kissed, sucked and licked at the Thomas girls, bringing another exclamation from Jess as she watched the debauchery, a mad inferno raging between her thighs. “Oh, fuck, this is so… oh!” The power of speech failed as Rachel’s fingers continued to piston in and out of her vagina, but Jessica still fought to focus her vision on the lewd tableau taking place just a few feet away.

Opposite, Bella was fast approaching climax, Alice tweaking her clit while ravishing her pussy with mouth and tongue. As she reached her crescendo, the twelve-year-old emitted a strangled cry, her head thrown back while she bucked and trembled helplessly.

Wanting to see her friend come, Alice sat back — replacing her mouth with two fingers, still using the thumb to work Bella’s clitoris, unable to keep from grinning hugely as her long-held fantasy came true. I did it, she told herself, glowing with pride. I finally fucked Bel.

Her eyes still tightly closed, Bella went rigid for a moment, frozen in mid-gasp before she slumped down, her chest heaving, totally spent.

Alice leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her friend’s cunt, then looked to her right, nodding her approval as she watched her little sister doing a great job going down on Cindy. They look so cute together, she thought, just as Cindy reached her own orgasm, the child’s voice rising to a squeal before she went limp.

Gazing to her left, Cindy slowly reached out, taking and squeezing the hand of her big sister. Bella’s eyes fluttered open when Cindy’s fingers brushed hers, and she took in the sight of the two younger girls — caught up in passion’s aftermath, just like their older siblings.

As Katie sat back to observe the final throes of Cindy’s throes of climax, tasting the girl’s essence on her lips, she glanced at Alice, noting a look of sisterly pride on her sibling’s face. As their eyes met, Katie and Alice drifted together to share a kiss, exchanging the sweet nectar they’d each sampled from the Thomas girls.

Having been fighting off her own climax, not wanting to miss any of the hot daughter-on-daughter action opposite, Jess finally let go as Rachel smothered her mouth in a kiss, muffling the cries of release. All four girls looked on in wonder at the sight of their mothers making love.

Rachel had been content to watch her lover savour the joining of their families, revelling in the actions of their daughters and occasionally making love to Jess. Now she was dying for her own release, but wanted to resist getting naked and immersing herself in the mêlée in favour of her own goal, enjoying the wait as much as the act when it came, knowing that she would not have to postpone her urges very much longer. Still, the scene opposite had challenged Rachel’s willpower, and she felt the urge to strip off and fuck the first sweet young thing within reach.

As the four girls gathered their breath, Alice turned to her sister. “Hey, Kat, do what I do!”

With that, she got off her knees and climbed onto the sofa, standing with her legs astride Bella. Katie mirrored her actions, straddling Cindy in the same way. Alice then moved forward, presenting her vulva to Bella. Opening her slit with two fingers, she looked down at her best friend, saying without words what she wanted Bel to do.

Glancing sideways at her sister, Bella saw that Cindy had got the message and was already licking Katie’s slit, wearing an expression of perfect bliss. Then she looked over at Alice’s mum, whose dress was spread wide open, exposing her beautiful breasts. She had come down from her own climax and was watching them avidly. Making eye contact with Bella, Auntie Jess slowly nodded in encouragement. Go ahead, she seemed to say. Taste her, you’ll love it.

Turning back to study Alice’s vagina up close for the first time, the rosy flesh of it now less than two inches from her mouth, Bella drew forward to take a tentative lick… then another.

Alice placed a hand on the back of Bella’s head — partly for balance, but mainly to keep the girl’s mouth in contact with her cunt. She needn’t have worried. The once-shy girl wanted nothing more than to bring pleasure to her beloved friend, and seemed to be making up for lost time as she forced her tongue into Alice’s juicy cleft as far as she could get it, seeking more of the girl’s honey.

The angle was awkward, though, and Bella finally broke contact, staring up at Alice with lust-filled eyes. “Let me lie down, Ali,” she said, “You can get on your knees over my face, and I’ll lick you that way.”

Alice peered back over her shoulder to make sure there was room for Bella to stretch out, reassured when she saw that Katie was now perched on the back of the sofa, with Cindy kneeling on the seat cushion before her, still feasting on Kat’s bare slit.

Turning back to Bella, she found her lover — ‘Cos that’s what she is now, Alice told herself — lying back and waiting. She’d finally removed that tartan skirt, and was wearing nothing but a smile.

“Well, come on then,” Bel said. “I’m ready if you are.”

“Oh, I am,” Alice replied, carefully straddling the twelve-year-old’s face, presenting her cunt to the girl. She waited, taut with sexual tension, then a long, whispery moan escaped her throat when she felt the gentle caress of Bella’s tongue.

The licking was tender at first, but grew increasingly fervent as Bella applied herself, sucking and slurping wildly at the heated flesh, remembering all over again how much she enjoyed eating pussy.

Alice began to sway to and fro, thrilled beyond words to finally know the delights of oral sex from her best friend, the very first girl she’d tried to make hers. She continued her rocking movements, smearing the lower half of Bella’s face with sticky nectar that coated her cheeks and chin.

As Alice rode her hot, sucking mouth, Bella’s nose accidentally slipped into the blonde’s vagina. This brought Bel’s mouth lower, her tongue darting into the anal cleft. Her first reaction was to pull away, but she managed to hold steady.

Actually, it doesn’t taste at all bad, she quickly realized. More like her pussy than anything else. At the same time, Alice’s response made it clear that she really liked being licked there, so Bella threw herself into the task, trailing her tongue again and again through the crack of Ali’s arse.

Thrilled as she was to have Bella licking her pussy, Alice’s excitement turned to shocked surprise when she realised that the girl had discovered her bum hole and was rimming her. She tilted her hips forward, offering Bel better access to the nether hole, then thrust a hand down to her groin, seeking out the fleshy button of her clitoris.

It only took a few seconds for Alice to reach climax, and she released it loudly, legs locked and rigid as surges of pure rapture assaulted her slim frame. Heedless to restraint, she shifted her pelvis back again and ground her vulva into Bella’s face, riding her lover’s mouth like it was a saddle.

The suffocating pressure of these movements forced Bella’s lips and nose into the hot flesh, rendering the girl all but unable to breathe. To her credit, she refused to let up — going wild on Alice’s cunt, snatching gulps of air when she could. Bella felt positively euphoric when Alice reached the peak of ecstasy, her voice rising to a shriek.

When Alice’s thighs loosened their grip on her head, Bella twisted away and sat up, inhaling deeply to fill her starved lungs, eyes filled with awe at what she’d just accomplished.

Still on her knees and slumped against the back of the sofa, Alice struggled to right herself, finally sliding down into a sitting position next to Bella. Reaching out with clumsy hands, she took her friend’s face in both hands and kissed the girl, gently but with a lingering passion. Finally, they held one another, their foreheads touching.

Alice gave Bella a sleepy smile. “So… are you officially gay now, Bel? And does this mean we can finally be girlfriends for real? I do love you, y’know.”

Struck speechless, Bella gaped at her friend for a few heartbeats, then finally managed to say, “Yes, Ali… that sounds wonderful. And I love you.” She pulled Alice in for another kiss, but quickly broke away. “Oh, um… actually, my little sister kinda wants me to be her girlfriend, too. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Alice replied. “I mean, there’s no way that I’m gonna stop fucking my sisters… or Mum. But that’s a big secret, right? You and me… I want us to be able to hold hands at school and snog between classes and stuff like that. I want all the other girls to know we’re together.”

In response, Bella hugged Alice fiercely. “I want that, too!” she whispered, her eyes shining.

The sound of a whimper caused both girls to turn towards their younger siblings, who were still making love. Cindy was face deep in Katie’s pussy, slurping and sucking at the delicate crease, clutching Kat’s bum with both hands in an effort to still her friend’s helpless shaking. On the other sofa, the two mothers watched, gently fingering one another as their little girls cemented their new sisterhood.

As the crescendo of Katie’s climax and sounds of her pleasure increased, she could no longer maintain her balance and slipped down from the back of the sofa and onto the couch itself, stuffing a hand between her legs, frantically rubbing herself in a desperate attempt to replace Cindy’s tongue.

Quickly recognising an opportunity for more fun and games, Alice placed a hand on Cindy’s shoulder. “Get up on the sofa — it’s Kat’s turn to lick you.” The grinning ten-year-old leapt up to stand on the seat cushions, where she squatted over Katie’s face, offering her cunt to the girl.

Katie barely paused for breath before she fastened her mouth to Cindy’s slit, plunging her tongue into the now familiar vagina of her school friend while masturbating herself.

Turning back to Bella, who sat gaping at the scene before her; Alice seized the girl’s arm and pulled her towards their siblings. Pointing between Katie’s legs, she cooed, “Lick my sister.”

Bella hesitated for a moment, glancing over to their mums as if seeking approval, only to be confronted by the lewd spectacle of her own mother, now kneeling half on the floor and half on the cushions before Jess, who was slouched down on the sofa, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

Rachel had shoved Jessica’s dress up over her belly and had spread the lips of her cunt wide open, alternating between licking at the fleshy opening and sucking noisily at her friend’s clitoris. Both women were watching Katie finger herself while she ate Cindy’s pussy.

Unable to tear her eyes away from the sight of Mum going down on Auntie Jess, Bella stared until she felt a tap on her shoulder, She turned to face Alice, who grinned and said, “Don’t just watch, silly — let’s fuck some more!” Again, she pointed to her younger sister’s sex. “Why don’t you try licking Katie’s pussy? You haven’t tasted her yet.”

Gazing at the nine-year-old’s smooth sex, glistening with her juices, Bella thought, Yes… yes, I want to do this. She gave Alice an absent nod, then carefully knelt between Katie’s thighs, moistening her lips as she came closer.

Feeling warm breath caressing her pudenda, Katie withdrew her hand, awaiting the touch of a tongue, not knowing — or much caring — whose it was.

As her mouth made first contact with Kat’s cunt, the tangy flavour of it sharp on her tongue, Bella forgot about what her mother was doing and focused her attention on her lover’s little sister. She glanced up above, appreciating the now familiar sight of her younger sibling’s bottom.

From the corner of her eye, Bella saw Alice come into view — standing by the side of the sofa and leaning in to Cindy, turning the girl’s face to hers and engaging her in a passionate kiss.

Her tongue playfully sparring with Cindy’s, Alice ran her hand over the young girl’s flat chest, then slid it down, adding a finger to accompany Katie’s licking tongue.

From where she was, Bella couldn’t really see what the Matthews girls were doing to her little sister, but she did notice the sudden shiver that raced through Cindy’s body when Alice joined them. Bet they’re both making love to her, she thought.

The room echoed with the sound of four young girls and two adult women engaged in carnal acts — some of them moaning while experiencing pleasure, others making squishing and sucking sounds with their mouths and fingers.

Almost as if on cue, Jess and Cindy reached climax together — soon followed by Katie, who was so keyed up from the excitement of licking Cindy while getting licked herself that it didn’t take long for Bella to make her come.

As for Bella, she was thrilled to be going down on another girl for the first time. In fact, she was already wondering what it would be like to use her mouth on Auntie Jess, having just done the very same thing to her daughters.

The sounds of ecstasy lessened, finally subsiding. Brows were mopped, bodies shifted into more comfortable positions, and the aroma of sweat mingled with the other female scents that pervaded the room. Everyone there had climaxed but for Rachel, who was also the only one still fully dressed. Now she was ready to reap the reward for her patience.

Pushing herself up from between Jessica’s splayed legs, Rachel sat back down on the sofa in her original position, looking up to catch the gaze of her lover’s daughter Alice. Giving the cute preteen a dazzling smile, Rachel beckoned to her with an extended index finger.

Alice padded over to where Auntie Rachel sat, a question in the girl’s eyes.

Rachel spoke. “I’ve a present for you, young lady… and I think it’s high time you opened it.”

Awaiting you ahead: Chapter 22!


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