Birds in Flight, Chapter 4

  • Posted on January 24, 2021 at 3:28 pm

by Girl Lover

When Jill awoke the next morning, her first sight was of Linda, resting peacefully next to her. Though it wasn’t their first night together as lovers, it was as a new family.

Wanting a better look at Linda, she gently tugged the blanket down, revealing the little girl’s bare body. Jill’s heart swelled with love as she studied the dozing ten-year-old, remembering how good it had been to make love to her last night.

The welts Linda’s mother had given her daughter still showed on the child’s upper half, though fainter than before. Soon they’ll be gone completely, Jill told herself, and that horrible bitch will never hurt Linda again. Not ever.

She reached out to touch the girl, letting her hand glide lightly over Linda’s body, down to her bottom, then her fingers slipped into the cleft to stroke the child’s rosebud.

Linda’s eyes slowly drifted open, and Jill placed a kiss on her cheek, murmuring, “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Linda whispered back.. Unable to resist, Jill kissed her again, this time on the mouth. Linda snuggled deeper into the older girl’s arms. “This feels so good. It’s like we’re the only people in the world.”

“I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too.” Linda glanced down at Jill’s breasts, “Um… can I touch them some more?”

“We’re lovers, you and me… so you don’t ever need to ask. Touch me whenever you want to.”

Grinning, Linda reached out to gently take one breast in each hand, giving them a playful squeeze. “I hope mine will be this nice,” she said, dipping down to place a bashful kiss on a nipple. “So pretty,” the child whispered. She nuzzled Jill’s breasts, then buried her face in them, a moan escaping her lips.

Jill stared in astonishment as the little girl’s face began to move around, rubbing her boobs. Wow, it’s like she’s feeling me up, only without using her hands. The experience was intensely erotic, especially when accompanied by Linda’s whimpers of pleasure. Jill had never seen her young lover so aroused, and her cunt throbbed in response. She ached to touch Linda, to kiss her, but remained motionless, not wanting to interrupt this precious moment.

Linda glanced up, saw Jill watching her with a serene smile, and abruptly pulled away, blushing furiously. “You probably think I’m weird, huh?”

Jill shook her head, “Not at all. I like it.”  She moved closer, offering her breasts to the girl. “Do it some more.”

Suddenly, they heard the loud yammer of the TV. Jill and Linda raised their heads to look, and saw little Emma standing in front of the TV in nothing but yellow underpants, the remote in her hand.

Jill sighed, then shrugged. “Well, I guess it’s time to get up.” She turned to Linda and kissed the tip of her nose. “It’s okay… we’ll make love again tonight, and then you can kiss my boobs as much as you want.”

“I’d like that,” Linda replied, still blushing a bit.

Throwing back the blanket, Jill got to her feet and began fishing through her backpack for some clean panties and a shirt, while Linda did the same.

Emma turned to face them, her arms folded. “I’m hungry,” she announced.

Not bothering with a bra, Jill slipped into a shirt. “I’ll make us some pancakes.”

“You can make pancakes?” Emma asked, surprised.

“Yup. They’re world-famous, too.” Jill opened the electric griddle that she’d bought at Wal-Mart back in Austin, then took out the milk and pancake batter that she’d picked up in the last town.

“Are they really world-famous pancakes?” Emma asked Linda.

Linda smiled at Jill, then her little sister, “If she says so.”

As they ate, Jill unfolded the map and plotted that day’s route through New Mexico and Colorado. Linda came over and looked at it, sighing, “We still have a long way to go, don’t we?”

“At least two more days.”

“Do you have enough money for gas and motels?”

“I think so.”

Once done with breakfast, Jill checked out of the motel, then she and the girls got in the car and resumed their journey. By noon they caught their first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains. Having never traveled, Linda and Emma were especially impressed.

They lunched on sandwiches, then did the same for dinner. By that point, all three of them were getting extremely tired of sandwiches. Jill was too concerned about their dwindling funds to think of stopping for a hot meal, though.

The daylight passed into darkness, obscuring the scenery as they made their way through most of Colorado. Jill drove until she felt herself growing drowsy, finally pulling into a motel late that evening.

Minutes later, she and the girls were in their room, watching TV. Jill held Linda in her lap, occasionally kissing and nuzzling the ten-year-old’s neck.

Linda knew that Jill was waiting for Emma to go to bed, impatient for the two of them to make love again. She was surprised by how much that excited her. Some of the sex things she’d done with Jill the night before had made her uncomfortable, even grossed her out a bit. But thinking about it since then, Linda was beginning to feel differently. Now the idea of licking Jill’s pussy again seemed, well, interesting. And it didn’t taste bad at all, she mused.

Then there was the really wild thing they’d done, when Linda had put her whole hand into Jill. At the time, she’d been too nervous about hurting the older girl to pay much attention to what doing that felt like… now, it was practically all Linda could think about. How hot and slippery Jill had been on the inside. The way that juicy hole had gripped her hand so tightly. The sounds she made while Linda thrust her arm in and out, in and out… and how incredible Jill’s good feeling had been when it finally happened. Orgasm, the ten-year-old reminded herself. That’s what she called it.

They would be making love again in just a few minutes — and this time, Linda was determined to be more open to what Jill wanted, to avoid the reluctance she’d shown the night before. I want to be the best lover I can for her.

A few minutes later, when she came out of the bathroom, Jill was in bed and propped up on an elbow, giving Linda a look that made her feel warm all over. Enough of Jill’s upper half was exposed to make it clear that she was naked beneath the blanket.

Trying to keep her excitement from being too obvious, Linda went over to the TV and turned it off. “Time for bed,” she told Emma.

“Mmmkay,” Emma said, and crawled underneath the blanket of her bed. Then, as Linda was tucking her in, she whispered, “Can I watch you and Jill?”

Confused, Linda asked quietly, “Huh?”

You know…” Emma said. “When y’all are doing stuff with no clothes on.” She lowered her voice even further. “That’s sex, right?”

Linda’s eyes widened. “You were watching us last night?!”

The seven-year-old shrugged. “I woke up. Y’all were making too much noise.”

“You shouldn’t have been watching us. That’s our private time.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because we’re girlfriends… and that’s what girlfriends do. They make love.”

Emma pouted. “But I really wanna watch.”

Linda kissed her forehead, “Go to sleep.”

“Why can’t I watch?”

“Go to sleep,” Linda repeated in a firmer tone, then stood up and went over to the other bed, where Jill was waiting.

“What was that about?” Jill asked quietly.

”Emma wants to watch us.”

Watch us?”

“You know… when we’re doing it. I think she feels left out.” They were silent for a moment, then Linda asked, “What do you think about… teaching her?”


“About what it’s like to be with someone who loves you,” Linda continued, walking her fingers along Jill’s chest, “and the things girls do together when they feel that way. You’re teaching me… so why don’t we teach her, too?”

Jill narrowed her eyes warily at Linda, “Wait, wait. You want me to fuck your sister?”

Making a face, Linda lightly smacked Jill’s arm with the back of her hand, “Not” — she mouthed the word — “fuck. Make love. Show her how beautiful it is. So she’ll know. I want her to be with someone as kind and sweet as you are.”

“I don’t know, Linda,” Jill muttered. “She probably doesn’t want to do anything but watch us.”

“Yes, I do!” Jill and Linda were startled by the sound of Emma’s voice. They both looked up to see her standing nearby, her arms folded.

“You’re supposed to be asleep,” Linda scolded.

“But I want Jill to fuck me,” Emma protested.

“Emma!” Linda gasped. “Don’t say that word! We call it making love.”

“But that’s what she kept telling you to do last night,” Emma replied. “How come I can’t say it?”

Turning back to Jill, Linda spread her hands helplessly. “See, this is why we need to teach her the right way. Say you’ll do it. Please?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Jill muttered to herself as she drew back the blanket.

Linda waved Emma over. “C’mon.”

Emma went from pouting to delighted in an instant. “Really?!”

“Yes. You need to be naked, though.”

Emma quickly shucked her T-shirt and panties, then eagerly bounced into bed between Linda and Jill with a whoop of pure joy.

Despite her initial reluctance, Jill felt a sudden rush of arousal at the sight of the nude seven-year-old. Wow, I must really have a thing for little girls, she realized, Wonder how long I’ve felt like that and never knew it?

At the sight of Jill’s bare breasts, Emma turned to Linda, exclaiming, “Omigosh! You’re right, her boobies are huge!”

Arching an eyebrow, Jill glanced at Linda, who blushed fiercely. “I… I kinda told her, after the first time we, um, did it….”

“So what do I do now?” Emma interrupted. “Can I touch them?”

“Sure, if you want to,” Jill replied.

Emma reached out to carefully place her hands on Jill’s breasts. “Wowwww,” she breathed, obviously impressed, “These are the coolest things ever!”

Amused by the little girl’s awed expression, Jill began to tickle Emma’s sides, causing her to squirm away, giggling. “No, no!” she squealed.

Jill’s heart raced as she playfully wrestled Emma onto her back, lightly tickling the little girl’s bare body until she was thrashing about, shrieking with helpless laughter.

Her desire now at a fever pitch, Jill pinned Emma’s arms to the bed, then bent over the helpless girl, a sly smile on her lips. “Okay, Emma,” she said, “we’re gonna show you how girls make love,” then dipped down to nuzzle the child’s neck.

She continued to kiss a pathway down the little girl’s body, pausing to give each tiny nipple a lick, making Emma gasp in surprise. Then she went lower, pressing her face into the softness of the seven-year-old’s tummy and adorning it with kisses.

“Oh, wow,” Emma said, suddenly breathless with excitement. “Th-that feels funny, but I — I like it!”

Jill continued on her downward journey until she was lying between Emma’s thighs, gazing hungrily at the little girl’s baby-smooth slit. She inhaled deeply, taking in the scent — something like how Linda smelled, but intriguingly different. Moistening her lips, she drew closer to give Emma’s sex a tender kiss, then licked it.

“Huh,” the child murmured, as if she was looking at something interesting.

Raising her head, Jill looked up at Linda, who was kneeling next to them. “Why don’t you help me, Linda? Lick your sister’s nipples. We’ll make Emma’s first time really special.” With that, she returned to her task, going down on the little girl.

Linda hesitated, chewing on her lower lip, then bent down to her little sister’s flat chest. Extending her tongue, she touched it to a taut nipple, then slowly circled it.

“Mmmmm… that’s good,” Emma said. “Do it some more.”

Uncertain whether the child was speaking to her or Jill, Linda began to flick the tiny bud with playful swipes of the tongue. She wasn’t sure how she felt about doing sex things to her own sister but wanted Emma to feel good, wanted to show her how wonderful it was to make love. Switching to the other nipple, she pleasured it in the same way.

Lying between Emma’s thin legs, Jill probed the little girl’s vagina with her tongue, delighting in the taste of it — like some sweet, exotic fruit she’d never sampled.

After a few more licks, Jill raised her head. “Do you like that, Emma?”

The child thought about it, then said, “Yeah, it’s pretty nice. Kinda wet, like when I’m washing myself in the tub. Um, can I play with your boobies some more? I really liked that.”

Jill crawled up to where Emma lay and stretched out alongside her, then slipped a hand between the little girl’s thighs to fondle her sex. To Emma’s delight, Jill’s breasts were now within reach. Cupping one, she murmured, “Wow, it’s sooooo soft.

Linda looked up from her little sister’s chest. “They’re really nice, aren’t they?”

“Uh-huh,” Emma agreed, cooing with delight as she felt Jill up.

“She really likes it when you play with these,” Linda said, touching one of Jill’s nipples.

“Okay.” Emma took the swollen buds between her fingers.

“Pinch them,” Linda told her.

Emma arched an eyebrow. “Won’t it hurt?”

“No, she likes it.”

Emma carefully squeezed the tips of Jill’s breasts and, hearing no complaints, pinched them harder.

“Ooooh! That feels good,” Jill said, still stroking the child’s moist slit. Linda was lying on her side, propped up on an elbow, watching Emma getting masturbated. “D’you like seeing me finger your baby sister’s pussy?” Jill teased her.

Before Linda could reply, they heard Emma gasp, the child’s body tensing, then relaxing. Her hips began to move, responding to Jill’s caresses.

“Is she…?” Linda asked, her eyes wide.

“Yeah, she’s starting to feel it,” Jill answered.

Now wearing a dreamy expression, Emma had forgotten about playing with Jill’s breasts. “It’s… it’s nice,” she whispered.

Jill suddenly withdrew her hand. “I want to make you come with my mouth, Emma,” she said, scooting back between the trembling girl’s legs.

Emma was confused. “C-come?”

“It’s the good feeling,” Linda spoke soothingly, placing a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Just you wait. It’s gonna be amazing.”

When Jill began to tongue Emma’s cunt, the seven-year-old whimpered, “Ohhhh… that’s really nice.” Her hands balled into fists, and her breathing grew ragged. She appeared to be in pain, but Linda knew that her younger sibling was loving every lick.

The child’s juices were flowing more freely now, and Jill nursed from the baby-smooth cleft, amazed by how intensely it turned her on. The sex she’d explored with boys had been fun, but nothing compared to this.

Wanting to help make her sister feel good, Linda laid down next to her. “Hey, Em… you wanna learn how to kiss? Y’know, the way lovers do it?”

Emma’s eyes popped open. “S-sure,” she gasped.

“Okay, then — just do what I do.” Pressing her mouth to Emma’s, she gave the child several gentle pecks, then parted her lips, allowing the kisses to linger. Then she brought her tongue into play — brushing her little sister’s lower lip, then slipping it into her mouth.

Emma was shy at first, but quickly got her bearings. Soon she and Linda were kissing passionately, at least until a violent shiver raced through the seven-year-old’s frame.

Gently breaking away, Linda gave her little sister a loving smile. “It’s happening, isn’t it?” she whispered. “The good feeling.”

“Y-yes!” the child blurted, her eyes wide open. “It f-feels so — so — I don’t know…”

Linda watched in awe as the expression on Emma’s face grew more pained,  her breath coming in ragged gasps. Suddenly she went stiff all over, emitting a choked cry that rose to a squeal, finally going limp and lying motionless, except for the rise and fall of her chest. Her eyelids fluttered, then closed.

Jill crawled up to join Linda, taking the younger girl in her arms. “Thank you for doing that,” Linda said, turning to face her lover.

They came together in a kiss, then Linda licked her lips. “Mmmm… that’s what my sister tastes like, huh? It’s pretty nice.”

“Looks like someone’s getting to like the taste of pussy,” Jill said, amused.

Linda’s cheeks flushed a bit, but she laughed. “Yeah… I guess I am.”

“Well, if we make love to Emma again, then you can lick her; how about that?”

Linda frowned. “But she’s not my girlfriend… I don’t love her the same way I do you! Besides, sisters aren’t supposed to do sex stuff, right?”

“Hey, don’t ask me,” Jill said with a shrug. “I could get thrown in jail for doing the deed with a ten-year-old girl. And you, kiddo, you’re in the same boat as Emma — you aren’t allowed to be having sex at all.”

“Guess not,” Linda sighed, nestling into Jill’s embrace.

“And sure, Emma’s not my girlfriend or yours… but think about this: where on earth could she even find a girlfriend of her own? So it’s only fair that we let Emma share our bed every now and then. That way, she won’t feel left out.”

“I s’pose I’m okay with that. She is a pretty good kisser!” Linda glanced at her little sister who, to all appearances, was dead to the world. “Do I look like that when I’m asleep?”

“Yeah, just like a little angel.” Jill wrapped her arms around Linda, kissing her neck. “Do you think she liked it?” she whispered.

“Oh, totally!” Linda whispered back.

Startling them both, Emma opened her eyes and sat up. “That was great!” she exclaimed, wearing a huge smile, then looked from Linda to Jill. “Can I do stuff to you guys now?”

Even though she was still a bit tender down below, having been fist-fucked to a massive climax just last night, Jill was in the mood for more… and this little vixen was clearly eager to try her hand at lesbian love. “Sure,” she said, then propped herself up against the headboard, her legs spread apart.

Emma flopped down on her belly between Jill’s legs, her face just inches from the teen’s pussy. “How do I do this?” she asked. “Just lick you here?”

In reply, Jill pulled her inner labia apart, exposing the interior of her vagina. Emma’s eyes grew huge at the sight. “Wow… it goes so deep.”She turned to Linda, “Is that ‘cause you had your hand in there last night?”

Linda’s cheeks flushed a bright pink. “No! It was already like that…” She faltered, then grinned sheepishly at Jill, who was shaking with laughter. Reaching out to tousle her little sister’s hair, Linda said, “You’re so silly.”

Emma scowled. “Am not.” Returning her attention to Jill’s cunt, she scooted closer, her face lit with wonder, then glanced up at Jill, “What do I do, what do I do?”

Linda flopped down on the bed beside her sister. “Just do what she did to you. Kiss it, lick it.”

Emma pondered this. “Does it taste like pee?”

“No. It’s hard to describe, really. I wasn’t sure at first, but I’m getting to like it.”

Curious and more daring than her big sister, Emma leaned in to sniff Jill’s cunt a few times, then gingerly touched her lips to it. She looked up. “Was that good?”

“You’re doing fine,” Jill said, giving the child an encouraging smile.

Emma leaned in again, giving it another kiss. It felt nice, but Jill was impatient for some serious tongue action. Then she had an idea. Reaching over to where her backpack rested on the nightstand, Jill fumbled around inside until she found one of the small packets of syrup that she’d bought for their pancakes. Tearing it open she squeezed out a liberal amount of the sticky syrup onto her pussy, then used her finger to spread it around.

As the others watched, wondering what she was doing, Jill spread her thighs in invitation. “Try it now,” she said with a broad grin.

Emma moved in to lick at Jill’s glistening labia, pausing to savor its taste, then announced, “That’s yummy!” Dipping her face between the older girl’s legs, she feasted on Jill’s pussy, slurping at the sweet, sticky flesh.

Wanting to taste it for herself, Linda squeezed in next to her sister, her head bumping against Emma’s as  they took turns licking Jill’s pussy all over. Spreading her thighs further apart to accommodate both girls, Jill watched in wonder as Emma and Linda crowded together, almost fighting for room as they both tried to go down on her at the same time.

After a minute, Emma sat up, her mouth set in a pout. “It’s all gone,” she said.

Reaching for another packet of syrup, Jill tore it open and smeared the thick amber fluid onto her pussy, then watched in disbelief as the girls dove in like it was feeding time at a trough.

Jill kept repeating this process until the syrup was gone. “Guess we’ll have to eat our pancakes plain tomorrow,” she said with a shrug. Looking up at Emma, she told the girl, “Put your finger in my pussy.”

Her face scrunched up in concentration, Emma pressed her index finger into Jill’s vagina, tentatively feeling around inside, Jill watched with genuine interest as the little girl poked and prodded about, clearly unsure of what she was doing.

After a moment, Emma looked up, a hopeful gleam in her eyes. “Are you getting the good feeling yet?” she asked.

Jill reached out to tousle the child’s hair. “You’re doing just fine, sweetheart,” she murmured. “Know what, though? You can fit even more of your fingers inside me, if you want.”

“Like Linda did last night, huh? I saw her… she used all of her hand. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Mmmm, I’d love that,” Jill replied. “Just don’t put all your fingers in at once… add them one at a time, let my pussy get used to it. You’ll be fucking me then, y’know.” Noticing Linda making a face at that last remark, Jill gave her lover a playful wink. As an afterthought, she told Emma, “Oh, and don’t do it really hard, okay? I’m still a little bit sore from last night.”

“Okay.” Emma went back to work, moving her finger around inside the teenager’s vagina with the careful consideration of a painter, then carefully inserting another.

“Yeah,” Jill sighed, nodding in approval. She looked up at Linda, who was sitting on her haunches, observing the goings-on with interest. “Hey, you… don’t just watch. C’mere and make love to me.”

With a gleeful grin, Linda stretched out next to Jill and embraced her. Their mouths came together in a kiss that quickly grew heated. They played a sparring game with their tongues, flicking them back and forth. As they kissed, Linda blindly felt for her older lover’s breast. She cupped the soft orb, then teased Jill’s nipple with her fingertips.

Meanwhile, little Emma had eased a third finger into Jill’s cunt, and shifted into a steady in-and-out rhythm that felt divine. True, the child lacked skill, but her determination to please soon made Jill’s pussy a sopping mess.

Breaking her kiss with Linda, Jill told the ten-year-old, “I want to lick you again. Sit on my face.”

That startled the young girl. “What?”

“It’s another way to make love. Just get on your knees, then move up here.” Linda did as instructed. “Now, swing your leg over… okay, squat down…” Jill guided the girl’s smooth slit down to her parted lips for a kiss, licked at the rosy cleft a few times, then began to use her tongue on Linda’s anus.

Emma glanced up, then giggled. “Eewww… Jill, what’re you doing?!”

“It’s… it’s just s-something she likes to do,” Linda mumbled.

It had seemed kind of weird when Jill licked her bottom hole for the first time. Why would anyone ever want to do that? But now, the older girl’s tongue felt so warm and nice that Linda began to see the point.

Then, when Jill began to stroke her pussy at the same time, Linda whispered, “Oh, my gosh,” giving herself up to the moment’s pleasure.

Emma’s voice was broken up by spasms of laughter as she gasped, “But Jill’s licking your… your b-b-butt!”

Withdrawing her tongue from Linda’s crack, Jill raised the girl up from her face, just high enough to fix Emma with a stern look. “Okay, that’s enough laughing. Get back to work, you,” she said, patting her pussy.

Still giggling, Emma dutifully resumed her task, fucking Jill with three fingers. Before long, she was able to add a fourth.

Jill continued to pleasure Linda, gently toying with the young girl’s slit while bathing her rosebud, licking up and down the toast-warm cleft. She didn’t know why rimming a ten-year-old girl thrilled her so much, only that it did. Guess I really am a pedophile now, she told herself. Not that it bothered her. It’s just a word.

Emma’s fingers felt lovely, moving in and out of Jill’s cunt in a clumsy but unceasing rhythm. The soreness from the previous evening was gone, though Jill suspected that she’d be feeling it again later. She longed for Emma to put her whole hand in, but didn’t want to stop licking Linda to say so.

But then, as if the seven-year-old could read Jill’s mind, Emma withdrew her fingers almost completely, and when she began to push them back inside, the difference was immediately obvious. Remembering how hard she’d come when Linda fisted her last night, Jill braced herself for the explosion.

She was ecstatic, beside herself with joy. With one young girl perched on her face and an even younger one fisting her pussy, it couldn’t get any better.

Working her hand back and forth inside Jill’s private place, , Emma stared in awe at the lewd spectacle playing out for her. A naked Linda was parked on Jill’s face, wearing a dreamy look as she swayed to and fro, caressing her budding chest. Jill was moving in time to Emma’s churning arm, moaning into Linda’s bottom hole with each stroke.

Catching her sister staring, Linda froze, suddenly embarrassed to be seen in such a vulnerable state. An instant later, she felt Jill tweak her clit between finger and thumb, triggering an orgasm before she could draw a decent breath.

“Wow,” Emma whispered at the sight of her big sister’s ecstasy. Linda was hugging herself, eyes squeezed tightly shut and mouth slack, tiny jerks racing through her body as she came.

Then Jill seized up in a violent shudder, her vagina gripping at Emma’s hand. “Oh, fuck… oh, SHIT… FFFUUUCCCKKKKK!” she cried, but since Linda was still astride her face, the words came out all muffled and funny-sounding,  making Emma giggle.

As Linda’s climax subsided, she collapsed next to Jill, who took the dazed girl in her arms. Emma crawled up on the other side,  resting her head against Jill’s chest. “That was so awesome!” she sighed. Jill pulled the blanket over the three of them.

Nestling contentedly into Jill’s bare body, Emma asked, “Does this mean I’m your girlfriend too?”

Jill thought for a second. “I guess it does.”

“Cool,” Emma whispered, mainly to herself, then laid her hand on Jill’s breast, giving it a gentle squeeze before she drifted into slumber.

Raising her head, Linda kissed Jill on the cheek, whispering, “Thank you so much.” She lay quietly for a moment, then added, “We’re even more of a family now.”

“What kind of family?” Jill asked, nuzzling her young lover’s sweet-smelling hair..

“A different kind,” Linda replied with a nod.

Linda and Jill held each other close before falling asleep themselves.

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  1. sue says:

    What a delightfully dirty chapter. Good comes for the characters and these two readers. Most wonderful job, Girllover.

    A very nice way to leave the new different kind of family. But we wonder whats in store for them.

    Kim & Sue

  2. Bryan says:

    Oh my god…amazing absolutely love it

  3. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Wow! so good!..just have to agree with Sue and Bryan, delightfully dirty and amazing!
    really loved the cuteness of the banter between Emma, her sister Linda, and Jill, as they were teaching young Emma all the “intricacies” of beautiful lesbian sex ( or “love” as Linda preferred to call it ) it was so realistic and made me giggle, having no difficulty imagining the scene in my mind, which is a great indicator of just how well this chapter and story are written & edited…awesome work, Girl Lover & Jetboy!

    Fav few lines from this chapter( excepting the entire sex scene with Emma exploring Jill’s pussy while Linda was sitting on Jill’s face…:) ) ,were these:

    [ Linda ] “…do I look like that when I’m asleep?”

    “Yeah, just like a little angel.” Jill wrapped her arms around Linda, kissing her neck. “Do you think she liked it?” she whispered.

    “Oh, totally!” Linda whispered back.

    Totally, indeed!…hope things will progress smoothly and lovingly for this new found family of amourous females in the coming( no pin intended ) chapters…


  4. Rosey says:

    Call me a prude, but I’m usually a little hesitant to read stories with a girl this young (It’s just a year, but 11 and up seems to be my comfort zone). But after seeing that you also wrote Caring for Molly (Loved it), I knew I had to give it a try!

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it so far! The shame Linda showed at the idea of someone seeing the marks of abuse brought me back to my own childhood, but seeing Jill take the girls away from their awful mother melted my heart. Very hot, and as sweet as syrup!

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

  5. Erocritique says:

    The title “Birds in Flight” is making a lot more sense now. There’s a real sense of a flight to freedom away from the girls troubled abusive past. I have an uneasy feeling that they are being pursued by malevolent forces and I will feel a lot better when they arrive at their new nest in Montana. I’m guessing Grandma is a tough old bird and will be able to protect the fledgling family.

    As for the erotic events in the story, Jill is one kinky chick, and is really pushing the envelope with Linda and Emma. Rmimg and fisting is pretty advanced for sexual novices, but little hands and butts are perfect for both activities in practice, and perfect for a JS story.

    I still feel this story is in the style of “Tears of the Sun” and “A Young Desert rose” with its mix of adventure, danger, love, and passion.

    So good…….

  6. Allison says:

    You have to truly appreciate when kids act like kids during sex, and you’ve done that so well here. In my mind, this is totally a 7-year-old girl, a 10-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl learning about their new, unique kind of fucking. “Does it taste like pee?” is a great line. I have read this particular chapter several times, in several, um, sessions, haha. It’s better every time. I really, really need the next chapter. The syrup part? Absolute genius. Kudos!

  7. David says:

    I have to agree with all the others, this story is so hot and erotic. Jill making love to both of them and caring enough to take them away to be safe from their drunk and abusive mother. I look forward to the next chapter and future ones. Only one thing I noticed was that Emma was both 7 & 8 in this story. Either way it makes no difference, just confusing. You are a great writer Girl Lover, keep up the good work.

  8. Keiko says:

    Thank you thank you thank you, Girl Lover… this is another great chapter… so very sensual and intimate and horny… simply beautiful!

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