Sweet Poppy, Chapter 7

  • Posted on September 12, 2021 at 3:21 pm

by Joe Dornish

When I first opened my eyes I figured it was morning, then realised it was still dark outside. Mum was still lying next to me. 

“What time is it?” I asked.


Wiping my eyes, I sat up. “Um, 2 AM?”

Mum chuckled. “Nope.”

“3 AM, then.”

“No, you’re getting colder.”

“Midnight?” It felt much later than that.

“It’s nearly ten-thirty,” Mum said, grinning.

What? Are you serious?”

“I am indeed. Look,” she said, pointing to the clock on the bedside table.

“Wow, I was sure it was later,” I mumbled.

“Don’t forget, we were done with dinner around 8 PM before you and I came up here. That’s later than we usually eat.”

“How long was I asleep?”

“I’m not sure, since I dozed off too… but no more than half an hour, I’m thinking.” Mum smiled at me. ”How do you feel, sweetie?” 

“My kitty — no, my pussy is tingling. In a good way, though. Y’know, I think I’ll say ‘pussy’ instead of ‘kitty’ from now on. It feels more grown up.”

Mum was all smiles, her happiness plain to see. She ran a hand over my body “You are very mature for your age — emotionally, I mean.” She was looking me up and down while she talked, tenderly stroking my tummy. “I look at you and still see my beautiful child… sweet, kind and fun. But now there’s another side to you, one you’ve recently discovered: this sexy, smouldering girl who is hungry for love. Oh, Poppy… do you have any idea how irresistible you are?”

I shook my head. Being desired by others was a new experience for me.

“And that just makes you all the more lovable,” Mum continued.

I glanced at the clock. “Um, I know it’s past my bedtime, but I’m wide awake. Can I stay up with you?”

Mum was pleased with that, I could tell. “Of course you can, sweetheart. In fact, I was hoping you’d wake up, just so we could fuck again. I want to keep this going until the early hours.”

She had a dreamy look in her eyes that I was beginning to recognise. It was subtle, but it was there, and I was ready to do whatever my mother wanted.  

“Yeah! Let’s do that! Hold on, Mum… can I ask you something first?”

“Well, sure. Anything at all. What is it, sweetie?”

“Are… are making love and fucking the same thing?” It still felt strange, swearing in front of Mum. I felt my face getting hot. It was crazy — an hour ago I came on her face, now I’m blushing because I said ‘fuck’. Mum was right, there was a part of me that still felt like a bashful little girl.

She thought about it for a moment, then said, “I suppose they are similar physically, but emotionally they’re very different.”


“Hmmm… I know, I’ll demonstrate it to you. Pay attention, now.” Mum leaned in and stroked my face with the back of her hand, kissed my cheek, then tenderly brushed my lips with hers, whispering softly, “I love you, sweetheart.”

A shiver ran down my spine. I tried to say I love you too in reply, but before I could Mum said, “And now…”

Suddenly she sat up and yanked the covers away, leaving me completely bare, then quickly straddled my belly. Seizing my wrists, she held me down then attacked my neck and shoulder with kisses and little love bites. 

I yelped and squealed in delight. It was just like the monster game, and my pussy was throbbing like crazy. Then, with her face about an inch from mine, Mum gazed into my eyes and said, “I love you,” in this sultry, sexy voice, all the while grinding her pussy against my thigh. Fuck, it was exciting! 

Then just like that, she stopped, then stretched out next to me again. “Okay, then. I used the same words… but which one was fucking, and which was making love?”

“Ah, I get it now. The first time was making love, the second time was fucking. So that’s the difference, then.”

“They’re both very enjoyable. But it’s not always that clear cut, sometimes it’s some of each. More than anything, it depends on what you and your lover are in the mood for. You’ll find out as you go along.”

I made a face. “I’d rather know now.”

“It’s not that simple. Look, I’ve been to Florence and you haven’t, right? I can tell you all about the city and how lovely it is, but it’s not the same as going there and seeing it for yourself.”

“Okay, I see what you mean. So that makes you a sort of tour guide, huh?” I said with a cheeky grin.

Mum laughed. “You catch on quick. Believe me, I’m looking forward to taking you to some very interesting places.”

We both needed to pee, so I followed Mum into the bathroom, which isn’t unusual. When my sister and I were little, Mum was always complaining that she never got any time to herself, even on the toilet. That just made me and Lilly want to barge in on her even more. These days, we pee in front of each other all the time.

“Hey, are you hungry?” Mum asked when we were done in the bathroom.

“Starved. Have you got anything to eat in your bag?”

“No, but there’s a whole kitchen full of food out there. We’ll go fix ourselves a little something.”

“Won’t that wake Kiki and Henri up?”

Mum shook her head. “It’s early, they’re still awake. I heard them fucking while you were asleep.”

“Oh my God… do you think they heard us?”

“They probably did. We were pretty loud, after all. But that’s okay, we’re all friends here.”

“Sorry, I forgot how…” I took a second to think of the right word, “…how open this all is.” Then I gave a nervous laugh. “Maybe ‘open’ isn’t the right word.”

“It’s exactly the right word. Did you come up with that by yourself?”


“Clever girl. An open relationship, that’s the correct term for what Kiki and I have. Henri’s part of it, too. Speaking of which, shall we pay them a little visit?”

Needless to say, I liked that idea a lot. “Yes!”

We put on the fluffy white robes Kiki had left out for us. Mine fit me perfectly, I realised that it didn’t fit anyone else in the house, so Kiki must have bought it especially for me.

As we padded toward the door, Mum stopped me. “Poppy, before we leave the room, I want to ask you something.”


“You know that Kiki and Henri are lovers.”

I could see right away where she was going with this. “Uh-huh, sure.”

“Well, now that you and I have become lovers too, and they’re our friends… I think we can have some fun with them, too, don’t you?”

“Do you mean, um, have sex with them?”

“Yes,” Mum hesitantly replied.

“Well, I was kinda hoping that would happen.”

That brought a smile to her face. “Are you sure?”

“I’m totally sure. If they want to, then yeah, I’d love to have sex with them both. Is that okay?”

Grinning hugely, she kissed me. “It’s more than okay. They’ve both got the major hots for you.”

By then, Kiki and Henri had flirted with me enough that I suspected Mum was right about that. Still, only a week and a half ago, I was still thinking of myself as a skinny lesbian kid who wouldn’t have a real girlfriend for at least five years. “So they really do want me that way? Really and truly?”

Mum laughed. “I told you, I wouldn’t kid you about stuff like this. Kiki and Henri feel the same way I do. They think you’re the sexiest creature imaginable… and the moment you enter the room, they’ll be thinking about what’s under that robe you’re wearing.”

“That’s so crazy. Wow, it’s like I’m living a dream!”

“HA! Believe me, sweetheart, this is going to be better than the happiest dream you ever had.” She studied herself in the mirror, toyed with her hair a bit, then gave a satisfied nod. “Well then… shall we pay a visit to our charming hostesses?”

“Okay,” I said, suddenly feeling shy. I took Mum’s hand, and she led me from the bedroom.

Wearing nothing but our robes, we walked barefoot down the plush carpeted hallway and onto the polished wood floor of the main room. I had no idea what to expect, but what I got was awfully exciting — Kiki and Henri were lying naked in each other’s arms on the fluffy rug in front of the fire. 

I couldn’t help but stare at their lightly tanned bodies, stretched out side by side in all their glory. Kiki’s hair is a darker blonde and longer, and of course, her figure more curved and womanly, though she had a petite frame. Their breasts were almost the same size, maybe a B cup, but at fourteen Henri was still growing. Both women were shaved smooth, I noted. Other than the hint of down on my vulva, Mum was the only one of us who had pubes.

“Hey, look who’s up!” said Kiki, getting up onto her knees.

Henri grinned at me. “Hi there, Poppy. You look like someone who just had a very good time.”

“Oh, it was marvelous,” said Mum. She drew me to her and we kissed, a lover’s kiss, right there in front of them.

“Aw… isn’t that something to see,” said Kiki.

“God, that’s so hot!” Henri exclaimed.

Mum and I seated ourselves on the sofa, still holding hands, Kiki laid back down on the rug with her daughter, so she and Henri were practically stretched at our feet. They were so lovely in the nude, too. I couldn’t stop looking at their bodies, and they certainly noticed that! Kiki winked at me, and Henri actually opened her legs, giving me this incredible view of her pussy.  

“Thanks for letting us use your room, by the way,” Mum said.

“Oh, stop it,” Kiki replied with a dismissive gesture. “It’s yours any time you like, Heather, you know that.” Sitting up, she stretched herself, then said, “Would anyone like a drink?”

“Ooh yes, please,” said Henri. “I’m parched.”

“Wine?” asked Kiki, looking at Mum.

“Yes, thanks.”

When Kiki nodded subtly in my direction, Mum nodded back, then Kiki smiled at me. “Would you care for another spritzer, darling?”

“Yes, please,” I answered. “I’d love one.”

Mum stood. “I’ll come with you, Kiki. We’re in dire need of something to nibble.” They went into the kitchen together. I could still see them, but couldn’t hear what they were saying.

Henri reached out to touch my knee. “Do you mind if I ask how it was, making love with your mum?”

God, just thinking about that made me feel warm all over. “It was great, totally great.”

Henri was beaming. “You had a couple of awfully big orgasms, going by the sound of it. We could hear you coming. Your mum, too.”

“I made such a big mess when I came, too. Thought I’d wet myself!”

“I do that too!” Henri exclaimed, giggling. “Mind you, it’s nothing compared to what Mum can do! It was quite a shock, the first time I saw her squirt. That was…” she thought for a moment, “…it was the second time that me and Mum had sex.” 

“Mum told me about that, squirting. What’s it like?”

Any shyness I had quickly disappeared as Henri and I — a naked fourteen-year-old teen and a girl of ten in a robe and nothing else — nattered away about sex. Lesbian incest sex at that. It was so cool to know that we’d both made love to our own mothers.

Henri told me about the first time she got to be with my mum. It was nine or ten months earlier when Henri was thirteen, and they did it in the same bed that Mum and I had used. She spoke about my mum with such love and knew her so well that before long, I was thinking of her as the older sister I’d never had. At the same time, I wanted to be closer to Henri than sisters usually are.

Mum and Kiki came back in with drinks and a tray of sandwiches. Kiki sat next to me, Mum squatted down on the floor next to Henri and we passed the sandwiches about.

In between bites, Kiki said in her posh voice, “Henri, did you know Poppy has a special gift?”

“No, what is it?” 

“Uh, yeah, what? I’m kinda wondering myself,” I added.

“It seems that Poppy has a talent for finding the G-spot.”

Henri grinned at Mum, “Heather, you lucky lady.”

“Poppy was edging me,” Mum said. “I nearly passed out!”

Kiki gazed at me, looking very impressed “Locating the G-spot and edging on the first time out? We have a lesbian prodigy in our midst.”

“Edging… what was that again?” I asked. “Mum told me, but I can’t remember.”

“It’s when you bring someone up to the point of having an orgasm, then stop and pull back. You can keep doing that for ages, hanging on the edge of coming,” said Henri.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Sounds mean, actually — like teasing.”

“Teasing can be fun, sweetie,” said Mum. “Some people like that kind of thing, some don’t. It’s all down to personal preference.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

Henri giggled. “Sometimes she does.”

“You have to watch out for that one, Poppy… she can be a terrible tease,” said my mother, pointing at Henri.

“Isn’t she just!” agreed Kiki. “We still adore her, though.”

We ate our food and finished our drinks, all the while chatting. By now I was more than used to Kiki and Henri being naked, and was thinking about taking my own robe off. It was getting uncomfortably warm, sitting so close to the fire. 

Mum and Kiki cleared the things away and refilled our glasses — just lemonade for me, though. Kiki sat next to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, while Mum took her robe off and laid down naked next to Henri. In a heartbeat, the mood shifted to one of heightened arousal. 

Henri was stretched out on the rug with Mum at her side, their legs intertwined. They began to gently caress one another, then slowly came together in a kiss. I saw Henri’s tongue dip into Mum’s mouth, then their kisses grew hot and passionate. 

Some girls might’ve been jealous to see their new lover kissing someone else, but the idea never even occurred to me. To my mind, Mum had so much affection in her that there was plenty to share.

I was so engrossed in what Mum and Henri were doing that I jumped when Kiki said, “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“What? Sorry. Um, yes I am, thank you.”

“Did your mother tell you how sexy I think you are?” She touched my chin with the tip of her finger, then traced a line down my neck, slipping into the opening of the plush robe to the top of my chest, where my breasts would be if I had them yet. 

“She did. Um, I think you’re sexy, too,” I answered, trying to sound calmer than I actually was. Mum had already made it clear that Kiki wanted to fuck me, but I didn’t realise that she intended to do it right away — as in right then. That was Kiki’s intention, though. I could read that much in her eyes.  

She drew closer, her lips nearly touching my face. “Poppy, can I kiss you?”

I felt myself getting lost in her eyes. “Sure,” was all I could say.

Her lips were soft and moist, and her tongue flirted expertly with mine. I still felt shy, but Kiki’s kiss was so delicious that I quickly found myself responding. Her hand was resting on my knee, stroking me. 

When we broke our kiss, I glanced up to see that Mum was still kissing Henri, cupping the girl’s face with both hands. Henri was rubbing herself on Mum’s leg — no, actually, she was humping, that’s it, grinding her pussy against my mother’s thigh. 

Kiki turned to my mother. “Heather?” 

Mum looked up, licking her lips. “Hmmm?”

“May I get to know your daughter a little better?” With that, Kiki slid her hand up my thigh, and I let my legs fall open for her without a second thought. 

My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it. My mum’s lover was asking permission to have sex with me, right there on the sofa!

Mum smiled. “If it’s okay with Poppy, then yes, of course, have fun.”

“Well, what do you think, Poppy?” Kiki purred. “Would you like for me to make love to you?”

All eyes were on me. I — I’d love that!” I exclaimed.

“There you are, Kiki,” said Mum. “Make my little girl happy.” With a parting wink for me, she turned to Henri and kissed her again.

Toying with the belt of my robe, Kiki said to me, “You’re not wearing anything under this, are you?”

“Nope, not even knickers,” I told her with a grin. What nervousness I’d felt had evaporated. All I knew was desire for this sexy woman. “You can take it off me, if you like. It feels sort of silly… y’know, being the only one here who isn’t naked.” 

“Oh, my,” said Kiki. “What a wonderful offer.” The fingertips of one hand were teasing my inner thigh, while she gently tugged at my belt with the other. 

I nodded. “I really like you, Kiki. And Mum says it’s okay so, um, you don’t have to ask for anything. You can touch me, I want you to!”

She got the knot undone and slowly opened the robe, her eyes never leaving mine. “Good, because I intend to make love to every sweet inch of you.” She paused to look, drinking in the sight of my bare body. “You are absolute perfection, child.” Her hands followed, tenderly caressing my shoulders, my arms, my chest. I shivered with pleasure as she brushed my nipples, teasing them. On the thick carpet at our feet, Mum and Henri had returned to making love.

Kiki noticed me watching. “They look good together, don’t they?”

“Yeah.” I was already turning to jelly, slouched half off the edge of the sofa while Kiki fondled me.

Then Mum broke off her kissing and looked up, winking at me just as Kiki touched my pussy. I gasped and had to struggle for breath. Bloody hell, she’d gone straight for my clit! 

Nibbling at her lower lip, my mother put a hand between her legs as she watched me get fingered by her grownup lover. Mum touched herself for a moment, then Henri placed a hand on her wrist. “Let me make you come, Heather,” she said. “I want to bring you off with my mouth.”

Mum got onto her knees, carefully straddled Henri’s face, and slowly lowered her pussy until Henri could reach it. I saw my friend’s tongue come out and glide through Mum’s naughty bits.

Soon Henri was switching between giving Mum’s pussy long licks and deep slurping kisses. I could see my mother’s juices coating Henri’s mouth, even oozing down her cheeks. And Mum was smiling at me while she was getting licked.

“Does that turn you on?” asked Kiki, nodding at the sex show taking place in front of us.

Did it turn me on? Actually, I was so excited that I could barely speak. Somehow I managed to stammer,  “Um, y-yeah. A lot!”

Her lips were brushing my cheek. “Want me to make love to you while you watch them?”

“Oh God, yes. Please.”

Kiki slipped down from the sofa to kneel before me, then spread my legs apart. Her eyes burning into mine, she slowly lowered her face between my trembling legs. I whimpered as her lips barely grazed my clit, then she flicked it with the tip of her tongue. I was so keyed up and tense that I wanted to scream, but when Kiki covered my pussy with her mouth, plunging her tongue into me… well, it was so beautiful that I wanted to cry. I was bathed in light, shining like a star.

Going on instinct, I drew my legs up higher, hugging them to my chest — then got rewarded with a long stroke of her tongue from the bottom to the top of my slit, just like Mummy did to me earlier. Kiki kept doing that over and over again, and my head seemed to spin faster with each lick. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to keep an eye on my mum, who seemed to be practically smothering Henri with her pussy, grinding it into the girl’s mouth. 

Suddenly Mum cried, “Oh, fuck — don’t stop, I’m s-so close!”

Kiki chose that moment to take my clit into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it in a kind of circular motion that got to me straight away. “Oh… oh yes, oh yes…” I moaned. 

My arms were feeling the strain from holding my legs up, but Kiki somehow sensed that. She put her hands on the backs of my thighs, pinning them back for me. I sank into the sofa, finally letting my eyes drift shut. I could hear my mother coming; I heard Kiki making happy humming sounds while she licked me. Then I was gasping through my own orgasm as it spread from my pussy and outward, through every inch of me.

“God, yes… ohhhhhhhh!”

I was shaking like a leaf in a brisk wind as Kiki’s mouth did all kinds of lovely things to my pussy. Mum was still making sounds of pleasure as her own orgasm slowly wound down, while I was climbing higher and higher. Then, when it felt like I was going to fall completely to bits at any moment, those incredible feelings began to fade. By that time, it was almost a relief. 

There I was, slumped back on the sofa, unable to do much more than draw breath. Kiki seemed to know that I’d had enough. She’d stopped licking me, and was now placing light kisses on my inner thighs. 

My eyes finally drifted open to a view of the room’s ceiling. Somehow I managed to raise my head and look down at my new grownup lover, who sat back to smile at me.

“That was… intense,” I said, “I’m totally buzzing.”

“Oh, we’re just getting started, darling,” said Kiki, slipping the tip of her finger into my pussy.

I was still tender down there, but her finger felt wonderful. It helped that she was taking it slow and easy. When she’d entered me up to the first knuckle, Kiki started licking as much of my pussy as she could reach. helping me get used to the feel of fucking me. 

Because, I told myself, that’s what she’s doing, fucking me. I wasn’t sure I could handle another orgasm so soon after the last one, but I wasn’t about to tell Kiki to stop, either.

“Do you like this?” she asked, wiggling the finger about inside me just a little.

Mum was still watching what I was doing and clearly enjoying it, which made me want to be a bit bolder. I looked into my mother’s eyes as I answered Kiki. “It feels good. Can you put your whole finger in my pussy and, and fuck me for real? ‘Cos that’s what I really want.” 

Bringing a hand up to my chest, I began to caress my nipples, still gazing at Mum, who was now staring at Kiki’s hand, watching her lover slide the rest of her finger inside me, then take it out and lick it clean before inserting it again. 

I guess that was what Mum was waiting to see, because that’s when she came in Henri’s face, wailing, “Oh, fuck. FUCK!” 

Kiki was working her finger in and out of my pussy, moving slowly and gently — but then, once I was getting really hot and juicy down there, she started going faster. I loved it, that feeling of her inside me, so close and intimate. I noticed that Mum and Henri finished making love on the rug and were now kneeling on either side of Kiki, watching her fuck me. Both of them were masturbating.

“You look so fucking hot, baby,” Mum said to me. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I just winked, like she so often does. That made her smile. Kiki was now pushing her whole finger in and out of me, the way I’d seen Mum do to herself. 

I still hadn’t fully recovered from the first orgasm Kiki gave me, and now I wasn’t sure when that one ended and this one began. She’d somehow stretched it out more than I thought possible, until my head was spinning. She must have decided it was time to bring me off, and quickly bent down to suckle my clit. It startled me, how quickly and fiercely I went over the edge.

“Oh, hell, I — OHHHHHHHH!”

Sweat was pouring off me, my body was jerking, I was gasping for breath, blurting the occasional swear word, and I’m sure that my face was as red as a ripe tomato. Kiki just soldiered on, using her mouth and fingers to carry me through a smashing orgasm, with Mum and Henri touching themselves while they watched us. 

I could tell that I made a big sloppy mess when I came, my pussy wetter than it had ever been. Thankfully, I was still wearing that big fluffy robe, or I would’ve left a wicked stain on the sofa. Maybe that’s why Henri and Kiki like to do sex on the rug, I thought.

Juicy as I was, Kiki was doing her best to gulp down every drop. Henri was licking her lips as she looked on.

Then Mum said, “Oh, Kiki… I think that Henri really wants a taste.”

“Oh, yes, you must, sweetheart!” Kiki exclaimed, straightening up. “She’s absolutely scrumptious.” 

Henri gave me a pleading look. “Would it be okay if I licked your pussy, Poppy?”

“Be my guest!” I told her with a grin. “Go easy, though. I’m kinda sensitive down there.” 

Kiki and Henri swapped places, while I shrugged the robe off my shoulders, making sure to keep it spread out under my bum. I sat back and opened my legs for Henri, then a thought came to me. 

“Um, sort of dumb question, if that’s okay?” I asked, of no one in particular. 

It was Mum who answered. “There are no dumb questions here, sweetie. Go ahead.”

I loved the way nothing really stopped when we talked. Mum fingering herself, Henri kept kissing the insides of my thighs, drawing closer and closer to my pussy, and Kiki was teasing my clit with one hand and masturbating with the other.

“Well, Kiki just licked me, right? Shouldn’t I do that to her now?”

Mum gave me a delighted smile, “That’s not a dumb question at all. In fact, it’s very considerate and mature of you, thinking of your partner’s needs. As it’s Kiki we’re discussing, maybe she should answer.”

“Your mother’s right, Poppy — that way of thinking only proves to me that you’re an unselfish lover. And yes, I’d love for you to return the favour… but only if that’s what you truly want.”

“Oh it is, it is! I want to lick you, Kiki. I really do!” That just spilled out, making me sound more like an excited little kid than I’d intended. Oh, well, it made everyone laugh.

Henri looked up at her mother. “You gotta love this girl.” Then she plunged her tongue into my pussy hole, which felt amazing.

“Fuck, Henri, that’s so g-good…ahhhh!”

Mum was gazing thoughtfully at me “You still want to taste Kiki, don’t you sweetie?”

“God, yes, but, but…” I was on my back, half hanging off the sofa. How was I supposed to lick someone else?

Kiki knew how, of course. That’s why she got to her feet and said, “Time we took this into the bedroom, ladies.”

I held Kiki’s hand as she led me to her bedroom, my mum and Henri close behind. When we got to the room we all climbed on the bed and Kiki laid me on my back. It’s a big bed, so there was enough room for all four of us.

Kiki was stroking my cheek, gazing at me with adoring eyes. “Remember how your mum was sitting on my daughter’s face, and Henri was licking her?” 

“Um, yeah, sure. That was hot!”

Glad you thought so. Well, I’d like to sit on your face, and you can get that taste of me you wanted. And while you do that for me, Henri will lick your pussy. Would that be okay?”

“You don’t have to keep asking, Kiki. I want to have sex, all of it!” I knew they were just trying to make sure that I was okay with all of this, since I was still just a kid. But by then, I was getting impatient with all the concern. Wasn’t it obvious by then how much I loved to fuck women?

Kiki giggled. “Fair enough, darling. Next time, I won’t ask permission.” 

She knelt next to me, then swung a leg over my face. I felt Henri licking the folds of my pussy as Kiki brought her mound closer to my mouth. My lips were parted, waiting for it.

While she was licking me, Henri was wiggling her bum from side to side. That got Mum’s attention soon enough. “Hmmm… I spy something tasty,” she said, then pressed her face between Henri’s cheeks.

“Ooooohh, yeah,” the girl moaned, raising her mouth from my pussy. “Fuck yes, Heather! Lick my ass!”

That caught me by surprise. Whoa — Mum was using her tongue on Henri’s bumhole? Did lesbians really do that to each other!? Clearly, I still had a lot to learn about being gay.

By then, Kiki’s smooth-shaved pussy was brushing my lips. I kissed the top of her slit — and going by her reaction, I must have made contact with her clitoris. Hmmm… okay, so I really was new at this whole sex thing, but I had a pretty decent idea how to make a woman feel good. Far as I was concerned, being a lesbian was the best, coolest thing I’d ever done. And it wasn’t just about the pleasure, either. I was the centre of attention like never before and loved it.

While Henri teased my pussy with delicious kisses and flicks of her tongue, I quickly brought Kiki to an orgasm. She was so juicy that I was practically drinking her come while she was perched on my face, and it thrilled me like nobody’s business. 

When Kiki was done, she climbed off my face and flopped down next to me, but I stayed right where I was. Henri was licking me, and I was getting close to yet another orgasm, my fourth of the evening. Who knew that was even possible?

Then Mum moved across the bed to where I lay and swung her leg over me then lowered her pussy to my mouth, holding her lips open with two fingers. She never asked, just said, “Lick me, lick Mummy’s pussy, baby girl,” like she was giving me an order. God, that turned me on so much.

My answer was to go straight for her clit, which was standing proud and erect between her fingers. I teased Henri a bit with my tongue, then began to suck her tiny bud like a nipple.

“Ooooh! G-good girl, Poppy!” Mum gasped as she got off. I didn’t stop or even slow down, wanting to show that it was okay for any of them to do stuff to me without having to ask first. From then on, things seemed to flow naturally, and the four of us were free to enjoy each other.

I think Henri had been waiting for me to finish my mother off, because as soon as Mum dismounted my face and collapsed at my side, Henri started fingering my clit while her tongue probed my pussy. Before I knew it, I was creaming all over her face and hand. It wasn’t as powerful as the previous three, but that was probably for the best — another orgasm that intense might’ve done my head in.

Before I’d fully recovered, Henri quickly moved to kneel above my face to offer me her pussy, just as Mum and Kiki had already done. I was dead pleased about that, too. Getting to lick the slits of all three of my new sex partners… for me, it was the stuff dreams are made of.

I wanted to take my time with Henri, but it was clear that she was aching to come, grinding herself into my face so that I could barely breathe. No way was I about to quit, though. Instead, I reached around Henri’s thigh and felt for her pussy, then wriggled my finger inside. I could only enter her halfway, but it was enough. With that, coupled with me licking her clit, she was soon coming. And she swore like mad! I couldn’t believe it as she cried, ‘lick my cunt’ and ‘fuck my hole’ while her honey flowed down my throat. 

I was glowing with satisfaction, thrilled that my mum and her lovers enjoyed me, they wanted me and that I turned them on. It was like being in a magic lesbian kingdom where I was the princess. 

Once Henri raised her pussy from my face, Mum was there. “I’m so proud of you, sweetheart,” she murmured. “You made all of us feel wonderful. Can you get up on your hands and knees? Mummy has a nice surprise for you.” 

Shagged out as I was by then, I loved my mother much too much to refuse her anything. Besides, I was curious to know what further delights she had in store for me. So I struggled onto all fours, waiting for my surprise.

Mum parted my cheeks with both hands, then bent down to lick my bum hole. I loved it straight away. My pussy was dead tired by then, and there was no way I’d be having another orgasm anytime soon, but having my bottom hole made love to was so soothing that I just went limp and let Mum please me. 


I had no idea how long we’d been fucking — an hour, maybe two — when we finally took a rest. I worried that the night had ended and that we’d be going to sleep. Me, I was hungry for more, even though my pussy ached a bit, hoping that this was just halftime. Kiki went to fetch some drinks and bits of chocolate, which quickly perked us all up. 

Henri and I were seated on the bed, while Mum and Kiki were chatting on the little sofa. We’d finished our drinks, so Henri got up to clear the glasses away. She returned to join me on the bed, but this time she laid her head in my lap and was smiling up at me. Without thinking about it, I began to stroke her breasts, teasing the nipples until they stiffened to the touch.

“Are you tired?” she asked.

“Sort of, but I don’t want it to end. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun!”

She nodded. “I know what you mean. I’m a bit knackered too, but this is way too much fun for us to stop.”

I rolled Henri’s nipple between finger and thumb. “It’s all just so, so like a dream or something.”

“Surreal. That’s the word you’re looking for.”

“Yeah, that’s it… surreal.”

Turning her head, Henri pressed a kiss into the tender skin of my inner thigh. “Y’know you’re bloody good at this. At sex, I mean. I’ve lost count of how many times you made me come.”

“It’s three, I think, and thanks. I’ve no idea how many times I’ve come. There was one time, when Mum was sat on my face and I couldn’t see who was licking me. Don’t know who brought me off then!”

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” said Henri, “it was me that was licking you, by the way — and you’re welcome.”

I bent down to kiss those amazingly tender lips. “Thank you.”

“There’s something I’d like to do with you, if you want to try it.”

“What is it?”

“Oh, it’ll be lots more fun if I show you. Lay back,” she said, kneeling on the bed.

Our movements on the bed drew attention from the sofa. “Having fun, darling?” Kiki asked when she caught my eye.

Brimming with the enthusiasm of the child I still was, I said, “Henri’s going to show me something new!”

“Oh, she is? Well, we’d better come and watch, then. Don’t you think, Heather?”

“I agree, Kiki. Let’s go watch our little girls fuck.” They kissed passionately. I could see their tongues flicker back and forth. Then they rose to their feet and came to join us on the bed, one sitting on either side. 

I was lying on my back, waiting excitedly for Henri to begin. I thought it was going to be something she did with her mouth, so I was surprised when she lifted my leg. Spying the confusion on my face, she said, “Trust me,” and blew a kiss my way.

Before I could tell Henri that yes, of course I trusted her, she got into position and scooted forward, pressing her pussy onto mine. Making contact, we both gasped, then moaned. It felt like our kitties were sharing a warm, sexy kiss.

“Oh my God, that feels good,” I whimpered.

Henri gave a shaky laugh. “I’ll say.” Then she began to move against me, and that was even better.

Mum and Kiki were masturbating each other while we fucked. That’s what this was, just like Mum had told me earlier — we weren’t making love, we were fucking. Soon Henri was grinding faster and harder, and I’d joined the lewd dance. I was thrusting my pussy into hers, knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

“Oh, oh, Poppy… ahhh… fuck, yes. Keep going!”

“Fuck me, Henri,” I panted, “fuck my pussy.”

“Oh, shit, that’s so, so hot!” My mum exclaimed. Kiki was already coming, unable to speak..

“I can… I feel how wet you are, Henri… come on me now, c-come on my pussy!” I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying, I was feeding off this girl’s energy, letting myself go.

After that, I couldn’t say anything, really. Henri and I got off at the same time, our pussies locked together as we stared into each other’s eyes. Our juices flowed and mingled in a deliciously hot mess as once again, I gave into ecstasy.

While Henri and I recovered, we watched Mum and Kiki do the same thing, rub against one another until they came. It was an awesome sight, watching two women fuck. 

After that, Henri said “Can we do lights out now?” and the others agreed. I thought that meant we were settling down to sleep… but thankfully, I was wrong about that, as I quickly found out when Kiki reached for a remote and switched off the overhead, plunging us into the dark. I felt someone’s hands reach for me.

Within seconds, the four of us were entangled in a mini-orgy. It was pitch black and I had no idea who was doing what to whom. Occasionally I could tell who it was, but for the most part I didn’t even think about it, just kissed, licked or fondled whoever was in front of me. Hands were touching me all over, a finger slid inside me, then another. 

There was more licking around my bum, and that made me feel brave enough to do the same and use my tongue on someone’s bottom hole — Henri’s, I was fairly certain.

We fucked in the dark for a long, wonderful while until exhaustion overcame us. It was a delicious tangle of hot, sweaty sex, with two mums and their daughters coming together as lovers. What more could a ten-year-old lesbian ask for?

On to Chapter 8!


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  1. sue says:

    Wonderful chapter, Joe. We get to see the continuation of Poppy and her Mum having sex as well as Henri and Kiki joining in. Really great loving sex. I guess the only thing hotter than mother and daughters, is mother and daughters swapping off with the others mothers and daughters. The little orgy in the dark is a wonderful climax to the chapter as Poppy said,

    It was a delicious tangle of hot, sweaty sex, with two mums and their daughters coming together as lovers. What more could a ten-year-old lesbian ask for?

    And what more could these two much older lesbians ask for either when reading about it.

    Kim & Sue

  2. David says:

    Another great chapter Joe, very erotic and well written and detailed. I agree with Kim & Sue, there is nothing hotter then mother daughter love but mothers swapping daughter is right up there with it. With all the pussy eating I was surprised they didn’t get in a 4 person daisy chain.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. Joe Dornish says:

    Awe, thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

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