Sweet Poppy, Chapter 8

  • Posted on September 30, 2021 at 5:47 pm

by Joe Dornish

I woke up the next morning in bed with Kiki. I left her sleeping and wandered to the kitchen, where I found Mum and Henri drinking tea. Mum had her white robe on, but Henri was naked.

“Morning, sweetie,” said Mum, giving me a big hug and a kiss.

“G’morning, sexy,” said Henri and kissed me passionately.

“Are you hungry?” asked Mum. “I’m about to start breakfast.” Knowing I’d be wanting orange juice, she was already pouring me a glass, I took it from her and gulped it down, eager to replace the fluids I’d lost from hours of sex and God knows how many orgasms.

I set the empty glass on the counter. “Yes, please, I’m starved.”

“Fancy a swim while Heather’s doing breakfast?” Henri asked.

Suddenly I was my ten-year-old self again, eager to play in the pool. “Oh yes, please! Is that okay, Mum?”

She had to laugh. “Of course, love. Go have fun, we can eat by the pool. Think I’ll join you afterward.”

As Henri and I ran off toward the pool, I almost blurted out, ‘“Wait, I’ve not got a bathing costume,” but luckily I caught myself first. Since when did I have to wear anything around my new lover?

We quickly rinsed off at the nearby showers and jumped into the pool which, I was pleased to discover, was heated.

We had a lovely time swimming, splashing and messing around. There was lots of kissing and fondling, of course, which was what we were doing when Kiki came in with the drinks.

“Morning, girls. Breakfast is ready. Poppy, there are towels on the side.”

“Morning, and thanks!” I shouted across the pool.

As I clambered out of the water, Henri fondled my pussy, making me laugh and scream at the same time. That sent her into fits of giggles, and she chased me out of the pool and to the table. We were dripping water everywhere and laughing so hard that tears were coming down our cheeks. That was when Mum and Kiki brought out the rest of breakfast on a couple of trays. I snatched up a towel, quickly rubbed myself down, then took a seat.

Kiki and Mum had laid out an array of pastries, toast, jams, sliced meats and cheese. There was yoghurt, fruit and juice, along with a pot of tea. I tucked in right away, loving every bite, I’d not eaten breakfast like that before — we usually just have cereal or toast and a fry up at the weekend. Mum explained it was a continental breakfast. I nodded to let her know I understood, which of course I didn’t.

We had finished eating and were all about to get in the jacuzzi when Mum’s phone pinged. She glanced at the message, then said, “Poppy, we’ve been invited to Sunday lunch with Nicole and her kids.”

This was news to me. “Today? Really? That’s a bit random. I haven’t even spoken to Mia. Why didn’t she let me know?”

The last time I’d hung out with Mia she’d ended up a bit off with me, just because we were caught kissing by my mum. Of course, Mum thought that was wonderful… but for some reason, it bothered Mia. Now her mum was inviting us over?

Kiki, Henri and Mum all looked at each other for the briefest instant, but I noticed right away. What was going on? I felt like there was some secret I’d not been told about just yet.

“Nicole told me that Mia tried to call you, sweetie,” Mum said. “In fact, she left several messages.”

I made a face. “Oh, hell… I haven’t checked my phone. It’s in my bag in the spare room.”

Mum had got me a small pay-as-you-go mobile phone two years ago for safety, My sister Lilly has one, too. We have a ten pound a month allowance. Mia is the only person I ever speak to, so I managed to save a lot of my credit up, I’ve got over thirty pounds at the moment. Lilly uses her allowance within days and is constantly complaining about it for the rest of the month. Sometimes, if I’m feeling sorry for her, I’ll let Lilly use my phone for a few minutes.

“Don’t you want to go to Nicole’s, sweetheart?” Mum asked me. “I’m sure that Mia would love to spend some time with you.”

“Well, sure. What time do we have to be there?”

“One o’clock. We’ve still got our change of clothes, so we can go straight from here. It’s not far, we can leave at twelve forty-five and still be early.”

“That’s nearly three hours!”  Henri exclaimed, clapping her hands. “Come on, let’s sit in the jacuzzi until we wrinkle up!”

“Sounds like a plan,” said Kiki, rising to her feet.

A moment later the four of us were soaking away under the bubbling water, I was seated between Kiki’s thighs, resting against her breasts. She was cuddling me, lightly stroking my body and sometimes my pussy, but it wasn’t so much sexual as affectionate. It felt lovely, especially with the hot water caressing our bare bodies.

But something else was on my mind. I was wondering about that lunch invitation. I couldn’t even say why, it just seemed odd. Finally, I decided to just come out with it. “Mum?”

“Yes, sweetie.”

“Why did Nicole invite us for lunch?”

Kiki and Henri both gave Mum that look again, and she said, “All right, I’ll tell her.”

I knew it! Something was going on, and by then, I was determined to find out what it might be. “Tell me what?”

“Well, you see,” Mum began, “Nicole and I sent a few messages to each other, and now we’re getting friendly.”

“So why are you being so, so secret about it?”

“Well, you see…”

“Heather, would you like me to explain?” said Kiki.

Mum gave her a grateful look. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all.” She turned to me. “Poppy, darling… even though you and your mum have have had full-on lesbian sex together, I’m afraid that she can’t help but see you as a little girl. Okay, you resemble a child, but you and I both know that you’re really a sizzling little sex pot.”

I blushed at such flattery, but managed to say, “Um, thanks.”

“No need — I’m just stating the facts. Anyhow, seeing as you know how to make love like a grown woman, I see no reason not to treat you like one. With me so far?”

“Well… sure.”

So here it is. Your mother wants to fuck Nicole Buckly in a big way, but she isn’t able to tell if Nicole genuinely interested, or if she’s just being friendly. I’d say that the lunch invite was Nicole’s way of moving things along… wouldn’t you, Poppy?”

“Er, yeah, I suppose… but is that okay with you? It looks like you’re trying to help Mum get with Nicole. Does that mean you don’t mind if, you know, Mum does sex with other women?”

Kiki looked at Mum, who shrugged and said, “You’ve started now, love — might as well tell her everything.”

Taking a deep breath, Kiki said, “You see, Poppy, your mum isn’t the only one here who’s lusting after a member of the Buckly family. I know that you’re crushing on Nicole’s daughter Mia, but can you guess who else fancies who…?”

I pondered Kiki’s words. “Well, Henri likes Mia’s big sister Lottie, I know that much. Who else, then?”

She smiled. “First, it is true that your mother wants to fuck Nicole, but so do we all. Even you, I’ll wager,” Kiki added with a wink.

I pondered that for a moment, then nodded. I’d never had sexual thoughts about Mia’s mum until right then, but she was a beautiful woman who was totally fit — why wouldn’t I want to go to bed with her?

Kiki continued. “The thing is, the one your mum wants most of all is Nicole’s daughter Evie — and I don’t blame her one bit, that child is an absolute stunner.”

It took me a second, but then it sank in. “Wait… Evie is in the same class as Lilly. She’s only seven!”

By then, Mum was looking incredibly embarrassed, her cheeks flushed a bright pink. Kiki took her hand and patted it. “You see, Poppy… your mummy has a sexual attraction to little girls. She made love to you, after all, and you’re only three years older than Evie.” She smiled at Mum, who was unable to meet my gaze. “When did you begin to have these feelings, Heather?”

Mum shrugged. “Oh… when I was fifteen or so, just after I realised that I was gay.” She looked up at me. “There was this sweet little eight-year-old named Julia who I used to babysit. I ended up falling in love with her.”

“Did you ever, um… do anything?” I asked. “With her, I mean. Julia.”

“I never did, but I thought about her often when I masturbated,” said Mum, giving me a shy smile. “Just like I’ve fantasised about you, sweetheart — many, many times.”

I felt such a rush of love for my mother right then that it made me dizzy. It made me want to go over and climb in her lap, but I didn’t want to look like a kid.

“Your mum isn’t the only one here who loves little girls,” said Kiki. “I do, too.”

“So do I!” Henri exclaimed. “Oh my gosh, those junior school cuties…” She rolled her eyes. “I want to strip them all off to their knickers.”

“That’s what this lunch invitation from Nicole is all about,” Kiki told me. “It seems that all four of us take a sexual interest in the Buckly family, and your mother intends to do something about that.” She had a hand tucked between my legs, and the tip of her finger was gliding up and down through my slit.

“What if…” I said, “What if we could all have fun with them at the same time? Us and Mia, and Nicole, Lottie, Evie… with our clothes off and d-doing sex stuff, like we were last night? Oh, wow, I bet that would b-be amazing!” I was babbling, caught up in this crazy fantasy while Kiki masturbated me.

Kiki didn’t seem to think it was crazy, though. “Poppy, love… that is exactly what we were thinking — a massive lesbian orgy, all mums, daughters and sisters together.”

A question occurred to me. “Kiki? You like girls, the same way Mum does… so there must be one special girl you like most of all, huh?”

“You’re very perceptive, Poppy. I was just coming to that part. Do you know Beth Cornish?”

“You like Beth Cornish? She’s in the year above me, I think she’s twelve. She’s very pretty.”

“I know! That red hair and fair skin and those bright green eyes… they make me melt every time I see her. I’m smitten, I admit it. There, shoot me at dawn if you will, I’m a lost cause!” She drew her wrist across her forehead and rolled her eyes in a totally dramatic way. We all giggled and laughed at that.

Kiki wasn’t touching my pussy any more, but I didn’t mind — actually, I was hoping that we’d be having sex again, and I wanted to save myself for that.

“You never know, maybe it’ll happen,” I said.

Kiki was beaming, “Thanks, Poppy. I do love an optimist.”

Then Mum spoke up. “There’s one more thing we ought to talk about, sweetie.”

“Um… is it about Lilly?” If Mum hadn’t raised the subject of my little sister, I would have. If Evie was old enough for sex, then so was Lilly, right? Besides, I’d been having fantasies about her for days…

Kiki was clearly pleased. “Poppy, you are a marvel… wise beyond your years, emotionally mature and able to enjoy sex just as much as any grown woman. It’s true — we’ve been discussing Lilly, thinking about getting her involved in our little mother-daughter sex club. We aren’t sure if she’s ready for it, though. What do you think?”

I was thrilled she’d asked my opinion, treating me like a grownup, “Um. Well, I’m pretty sure she likes girls. If Lilly knew Mum and I were having sex, or that we wanted to do stuff with girls like Evie… then she’d want to do it too.”

Kiki kissed my cheek. “That’s what I think. Henri’s not sure and your mum… well, Heather thinks we should wait.”

“Mum, if Lilly found out, then she’d be unhappy with us for not including her. She doesn’t like being left out of anything. I think we should let her know. Maybe don’t tell her everything all at once.”

Definitely don’t do that,” said Mum. “In fact, don’t tell her anything until I say so, okay? If we’re bringing Lilly into this, we’ve got to be careful.”

“I’ve got an idea about that, Mum. What if, uh… what if I fucked Lilly?”

That shocked her, and no mistake. I heard Henri murmur, “Bloody hell.”

“Good on you, girl!” Kiki exclaimed, breaking into a huge grin. She looked over at Mum. “I think Poppy’s got the right idea, Heather. It’s a lot less risky than you or me seducing her.”

“I’ve created a monster,” Mum declared, shaking her head. Gazing evenly at me, she said, “Fair enough, sweetie. Here’s the deal. if Lilly wants sex with you, then fine, I’m all for it. But when I say ‘only if she wants to’, I mean that. It has to be Lilly’s choice. Don’t twist her arm, don’t pressure her.”

“I wouldn’t do that to my own sister, Mum!” I protested, feeling a little hurt.

Mum made a face. “Sorry, sweetheart. I know you’re better than that. I’m just being extra careful.”

“It’s okay. I mean, she might not even want to do anything with me. I kinda think she will, though.”

“Just have fun, darling. Oh, and be sure to tell us all about it!” said Kiki.

“I will. Also, Henri and I can try to be really good friends with Beth Cornish. Then we can bring her home with us… and, y’know, introduce her to our moms.”

“I’d like to be her friend, and not just ‘cos I want to fuck her,” said Henri. “I mean, she seems like a really nice person anyhow.”

“Aren’t our girls just the best, Heather?” said Kiki. She glanced at her watch. “We haven’t got long before you two dash off to Nicole’s, so how about we wander back to the bedroom and have some more fun?”

“I like the sound of that,” I said.


That morning, I learned that when two women rub their pussies together, it’s called tribbing. Mum, Kiki and Henri each showed me different ways of doing it, like scissoring or lying on top of each other. Henri told me that the more I did it, the better I’d get. Good thing too, because I planned on doing it a lot!

I needed another shower after all that sex, and as we left for lunch at Mia’s house, my pussy was still tingling from I don’t know how many orgasms.

We were on the way to pick Lilly up from her friend’s house before going to Mia’s, when Mum suddenly asked me, “So what do you think of Kiki and Henri, then?”

“Oh, Mum, they’re so, so much fun… I love them to bits. I still can’t believe that Kiki bought me all these amazing clothes.” Then I realised something.  “You know, I haven’t shown you any of the things she got me.”

“Well, Kiki gave me a good idea of what you picked out. Maybe when we have a moment alone, you can model them for me.”

That made me grin. “Sounds like fun.”

Mum touched my bare knee with the tip of her index finger. “Actually, what I’m looking forward to isn’t so much seeing you in your new things… it’s getting you out of them.” As Mum spoke, she trailed that finger up my thigh until it slipped beneath the hem of the dress I wore, then returned her hand to the steering wheel, a smirk on her lips.

Even after the sex party we’d just had, Mum’s touch made my heart throb and got my knickers damp. I didn’t even need that much to turn me on — just thinking about Mum and me being lovers was enough. And soon, hopefully, I’d get the chance to explore those same pleasures with Lilly.

As if Mum knew exactly what I was thinking about, she said, “Let’s talk about your sister for a moment. Do you remember when I showed you how to masturbate?”

“Yeah. Pretty amazing.”

“Poppy, you’ve no idea how much that turned me on, I get wet just thinking about it. So I was wondering if you could do something like that with Lilly, teach her the right way to touch herself.”

Of course, I loved the idea. “That would be so hot! Shall I talk to her about it tonight?”

“If you feel it’s right, then sure. Don’t come straight out with it, though — you don’t want to scare her off.”

“Okay. Maybe I’ll try and play a kissing game with her first.”

Mum nodded her approval. “That’s a good idea.”

We had to change the subject, because we arrived at Lilly’s friends’ house.

When she got in the car, Lilly was buzzing with excitement and full of tales of her weekend. She’d had a lot of fun, from the sound of it. Not as much as me, though! I told myself.

I don’t normally have an enormous appetite, but I guess sex must make you really hungry, because I was positively ravenous by the time we got to Mia’s house. Mum parked out front, then we got out and marched up to the front door. I rang the bell, then Nicole answered and invited us in with a friendly smile.

I’d only briefly met Mia’s mum and sisters at school, so I hadn’t had much of a chance to study them in detail. The family resemblance was clear — they all had similar features with the same light brown hair.

Lottie, the eldest, was fifteen, and I could see at a glance why Henri liked her so much. She has beautiful smouldering eyes that she accentuated with dark makeup. She wore tight jeans with a tight-fitting jumper, which really did make her look dead sexy.

Evie was cute as hell, with a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts. She was a cheerful girl who always seemed to be in a good mood. Her blue dress and ankle socks were adorable and she had her tied back in a French plait.

Their mother Nicole had warm, friendly eyes, and a presence that made you feel at home straight away. She was wearing quite a short red pleated skirt with a white blouse that was so sheer you could see the lacy pattern of her bra underneath. Her legs were bare and beautiful, and I couldn’t help but picture myself lying between them.

Mia was wearing black leggings with a long pink T-shirt. I could see the shape of her nipples through the fabric, and it made me wonder if she’d gone without knickers as well.

After all the greetings were over and done with, Mia showed me around the house. I could see right away that she wasn’t upset anymore about Mum catching us kissing. In fact, Mia was her old happy, chatty self while she gave me the grand tour, which was a big relief.

The Buckly home is semi-detached and very nice, although it couldn’t help but seem a bit small after the sprawl of Kiki’s house. Lottie and Nicole have their own bedrooms, but Mia and Evie share one. Maybe that was why she’d never invited me for a sleepover, because she didn’t have a room of her own.

I liked being shown around and spending time with Mia, but still felt incredibly hungry. Thankfully, lunch was ready just as we’d seen all there was to see.

As it turned out, Nicole was a great cook. We had roast lamb with all the trimmings and chocolate cake for dessert. I ate until I could hardly move, and just wanted to curl up with Mum on the sofa and have a nap. I knew that wasn’t the polite thing to do, though. Anyway, a few minutes after we finished dessert, Mia gave my hand a squeeze and invited me to come up to her room.

So while Mum, Nicole and Lottie sat at the dining room table and chatted, Evie and Lilly ran off to play in the living room, and Mia led me upstairs. When we got into her room, she closed the door and, without a word, kissed me on the mouth! A proper kiss, too — with tongues and everything. I was surprised, but in a very nice way.

When we broke off, Mia said, “That’s to apologise for being so grumpy at your house. I just got a little freaked out when your mum caught us kissing.”

“Oh, that’s okay, honest — Mum was fine about it, and so was I.”

“Anyhow, I told my mum that we kissed… and that your mum saw us.”

“Wow! What did she say?”

“She said it was beautiful, that it was fine and we should just have fun, you and me.” She giggled. “Y’know,  It was Mum’s idea to kiss you to say I was sorry.”

“Tell her I thought it was a great idea!”

Mia sat on the bed, so I sat down beside her.

“Um, Poppy? I told my mum that you’re a lesbian. I hope that’s okay.”

“I’d rather you’d asked me first… but yeah, it’s fine.”

“Sorry. Um, the thing is… I told her that I’m a lesbian, too.” She was blushing, staring down at her feet.

“That’s wonderful!” I cried. “Oh, Mia… well done. What did she say?”

“You’ll never guess.”

I nudged her impatiently. “Go on, tell me!”

“My mother is bisexual! She’s had lots of girlfriends. She likes women more, actually.”

“No way! That’s mental. You know, I think we’re all into girls. Well, most of us.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, me and my mum are both gay, like you and your mum…”

“Wait, wait — your mum is into girls?”

“Oh, yeah, definitely,” I took a deep breath, then went for it. “I think Lilly might be, too. What about your sisters — do they like girls? If they did, then that would be all of us!” I said, showing a little more excitement than I’d intended.

“Gosh, um, I know Lottie is into girls, she told me so… but Evie? I’m not sure, maybe she is.”

I couldn’t stop grinning. “It’s mad to think that we could have two whole families of lesbians.” Actually, it was three families, counting Kiki and Henri, but I couldn’t tell Mia that.

“I like your room,” I said, figuring that I’d pushed the subject of our sexuality as far as I could for the moment.

Mia, on the other hand, wasn’t ready to let it drop. “Thanks. It’s not as nice as yours, though, and I have to share with Evie. Um, Poppy? Would you like to do some more kissing? It’s okay, my mum said we could if we wanted to. She even promised to make sure Evie doesn’t barge in on us.”

Actually, I wouldn’t have minded Evie barging in at all, but kept that to myself. “I’d love to!”

I leaned in with my eyes closed and our lips met. I put one arm on her shoulder and the other on her waist as our tongues mingled. We shared a long, affectionate kiss, then Mia let out a cute little murmur of disapproval as I broke off.

“Aw, I was enjoying that,” she pouted.

“Me too… but why don’t we lie down while we kiss?”

Mia pondered that, then broke into a huge grin. “Okay!”

We laid down on our sides, face to face, and had the most wonderful kissing session. First we were silly and playful, giggling all the while — then everything became sweet and gentle, which was even better. We let our hands do some exploring while we kissed, touching each other’s chests, tummies and bottoms. That’s when I realised that Mia really had gone without wearing knickers!

Despite how excited that got me, I didn’t feel the urge to take things any further just yet — maybe because we were already having such a lovely time.

After about an hour or so, I asked Mia, “Do you want to have another sleepover at my house?”

“You know I do,” Mia said. “By the way, I’m sorry that I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed visiting your house last time. I wanted to invite you to spend the night over here, but…” She pointed to the other bed, the one that her sister slept in. “I was a bit embarrassed, ‘cause I share with Evie and you’ve got your own room.”

“I don’t mind,” I said. “We’ll both sleep in your bed, won’t we?” Actually, I was thinking about how cool it would be to fuck Mia with Evie just a few feet away. Now that I’d got a good look as Mia’s little sister, I found myself wanting her just as much as Mum did.

Mia blushed, and we kissed for a while longer until her mum called us. Before we went downstairs, Mia said she’d ask her mum about me staying over at her house, then accepted an invitation to stay at mine on Friday night.

When I entered the living room, I was a little surprised to see Nicole in an easy chair with Lilly in her lap, while Evie was nestled in my mother’s arms on the sofa. Lottie must have been in her room. To Mia, it must have all seemed very innocent, but there was a certain mood in the air that I picked up on straight away. For starters, Mum had a dreamy look in her eyes, the look that said she wanted to make love. I knew for sure that her knickers had to have a big wet patch on the front.

Mum’s hand was resting on Evie’s knee, while Nicole had her left arm around Lilly’s waist, with the right hand stroking my little sister’s thigh. There was nothing openly sexual going on, but something I saw in Nicole’s expression was suspiciously similar to Mum’s. Something had passed between them, I was sure of it.

“Erm, Mum… I invited Mia to a sleepover on Friday night. Is that okay?”

She smiled at me. “Of course it’s okay, but that gives me an idea. Nicole, how about you and I go out on Friday night as well? Lottie and my friend’s daughter can babysit the girls together at my house.”

“Is that the girl you mentioned earlier… er, Henri?” asked Nicole.

“Yes, that’s her.”

“Why not? Let the girls make a party out of it. I’m sure they’ll have fun.”

Mum turned to us. “What do you say, girls… shall we have a big sleepover at our house?”

Of course everyone loved the idea, so much that our excited shouts brought Lottie downstairs.

Nicole filled her eldest daughter in on the plan for Friday night. “So, are you willing to look after the girls for us, Lottie?”

“Sure, why not,” Lottie answered.

“Do you know a girl named Henri who goes to your school?” asked my mum. “We wanted to ask her to babysit with you.”

Lottie nodded. “Yeah… I mean, she’s a year below me so we’re not close, but I do know who she is. She seems nice.”

I knew that Henri would be thrilled to hear that, and vowed to call her with the news as soon as I got home. Then it struck me, something Mum said just a moment ago. “Did you say ‘as well’? Are you going out another time too?” I asked, looking from her to Nicole.

“Yes, we are. Nicole and I are having lunch together on Wednesday.”

“Oh, good.” I was a bit embarrassed for blurting out the question in the first place.

We left soon after, arriving home around six o’clock. Mum sent Lilly up to have a bath, then she and I went into the living room to chat. She had white wine, and I had hot chocolate.

“Some weekend, eh?” she asked.

“You could say that… actually, it’s been mental. I’ve loved every minute of it. Can we do it again soon?”

“Trust me, sweetie, I want a repeat performance just as much as you do. You’ll see Henri on Friday, and I’ll ask Kiki to pick her up from our house on Saturday morning. That way Kiki can meet Lilly.”

“But when do you think we can have sex with Henri and Kiki again?”

“Well… we have to think about Lilly. The next time she spends the night with a friend, we can do it then.”

“God, that could be ages,” I sighed, cuddling up to Mum.

“Don’t worry, we’ll see them soon.” She kissed the top of my head, her fingers gently teasing my nipples through the top I wore. “And if you want to, we can have a little fun in my room once Lilly’s gone to bed.”

“Yes, please!” I’d assumed that we wouldn’t be making love, as it was a school night.

“We have to be super quiet… and since it’s a school night, you can’t stay up too late.”

“No problem.” I hugged her tightly. Thanks, Mum. I love you.”

Mum caressed my face. “I love you too, sweetheart. It means so much to me, this… this closeness you and I have now.” She placed a tiny kiss on the tip of my nose. “It makes me so incredibly happy, being my little girl’s lover.”

I was just about to tell her about how awesome she made me feel, but then Lilly came in with wet hair and a towel wrapped around her body, saying, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Oh, nothing, really. Who’s turn is it to pick the film this time?” I said as Mum quickly removed her hand from my chest.

“Mine,” Lilly insisted.

She wanted to see some silly animated film. I can’t remember what it was, because I was too occupied by thoughts of sex with Mum, my new friends Henri and Kiki, and Mia’s family. Also, I was sneaking glances at my sister, wondering if she was naked under that towel.


After that visit, I was pretty sure Mia was my girlfriend, although we hadn’t yet said it out loud. Most days, we were sneaking behind the hedge on the school grounds to kiss and touch each other before heading home. I was really looking forward to the sleepover on Friday, and dropping none too subtle hints around Mia about sharing a bed with her. I even told her I planned to sleep naked. She thought I was kidding, though. I couldn’t wait to see her face when I started stripping off at bedtime!

Mum and I did fuck on Sunday night, right after Lily went to bed. We did it again in the bathroom on Monday morning, and after school that same afternoon while my sister was at ballet class. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Every chance we got, Mum and I had a quick kiss and a cuddle, more if we could. We had to be careful Lilly didn’t catch us, though.

It felt so naughty and thrilling, sneaking around and having sex whenever we could. More than that, it was also very romantic. I’d never felt so close to my mother, never loved her more. It made me sad to think that Lilly was missing out, though. I was trying to spend more time with her, looking for any opportunity to discuss sex, or even kissing.

I’d seen Henri at school, of course, and we caught up on what progress we were making with our crushes. I told her that Lottie definitely liked girls, and that she thought Henri was nice. Henri was delighted, to say the least, and made plans to strike up a conversation with Lottie if the opportunity arose.

In the meantime, Henri had made good progress with Beth Cornish. She’d spoken to the girl twice, and they seemed to be getting friendly. In passing, Henri mentioned to Beth that she was friends with me, so I made a mental note to introduce myself to Beth when I saw her.

On Wednesday afternoon I was walking home alone — Mia had a music lesson — and a few streets away from my house, Nicole drove past. She noticed me, and we smiled and waved at each other. Then I hurried home, wanting to find out how Mum’s lunch with Nicole had gone.

Lilly was already home when I got in. She came up to me as I was taking my coat off and said, “You just missed Nicole. I got to sit on her lap again!” Then she skipped off triumphantly, as if she’d won some big prize.

When I saw Mum in the kitchen she was beaming and looked lovely in a black mini-skirt and a white blouse — no bra, I noted.

“You look happy,” I said and kissed her.

“Oh, I’ve got a very good reason to be happy,” she was grinning from ear to ear. She looked around. “Where’s your sister?”

“Watching TV.”

Drawing closer, Mum whispered, “Nicole and I fucked!”

“No way! Good for you, Mum! How did it happen?”

“Nicole was supposed to come over here and pick me up, then we were to head over to the pub for lunch. Instead, we didn’t even leave the house! I guess we could both sense a growing attraction between us ever since Sunday… and this afternoon, it went off like a bomb.”

I was hanging on Mum’s every word. “Just like that, huh?”

“Nicole had her tongue in my mouth less than sixty seconds after I closed the door behind her. We had sex on the couch, then went upstairs and did it again. In fact, we were in bed until just a few minutes before your sister got home.”

“What was it like?”

“Fantastic! Oh my God, Poppy, Nicole looks amazing out of her clothes… and she’s a wonderful lover, very generous in bed.”

“Stop it, you’re making my knickers wet! Wow, wish I could fuck her, too…”

That made Mum grin, like she’d been up to something naughty. “Oh, I’m working on that. In fact, I made a big step forward today.”


“Mu-um!” Lilly called from the other room.

She went to see what my sister wanted, then came back in the kitchen, got some juice and cookies and took them back out to Lilly.

When she got back, Mum said, “Sorry, where were we?”

“You made a big step forward,” I offered.

“Oh yes. I think you’ll like this. We were upstairs and when we passed your door, Nicole asked if that was your bedroom. I said yes, and showed her inside. Now, at this point, we’d already had sex a few times, so we were still completely starkers.”

You were both naked in my room? Cool!”

“Oh, it gets better. Nicole commented on how nice the room was, then she said something curious. She spoke of what a lovely, innocent girl you were. The way she said ‘innocent’ was intriguing; it seemed to me that there was more to it, some deeper meaning. So I took a chance and said, ‘Poppy isn’t that innocent’. Then I showed her your thongs.”

“You never! What did she say?”

“She thought they would look very sexy on you. Then she saw those unopened stockings. I told her that you were saving those for a special occasion, and maybe you’d model them for us sometime soon. Nicole said that she would like that very much… especially if you were showing off one of your thongs at the same time. She said it like a joke, but I could tell that the idea turned her on.”

“Omigod. Really? You’re not kidding? Mia’s mum wants to see me in my thong and stockings?”

“Who can blame her? Sweetheart, you have no idea how sexy you are. The next time we visit Kiki and Henri, you’ll have to model some of your new things for them, too. And for me.”

“I like that idea, Mum — of stripping off to my knickers and having women look at me. I, um…” I was getting embarrassed, seeing Mum smile as I rambled on. “It makes me feel excited, the idea of girls and ladies wanting me and thinking I’m sexy, even, y’know, sort of like… um, I’m not sure what.” I gave a jittery laugh, then fell silent.

Placing a hand on my shoulder, Mum murmured, “I know exactly what you mean. I find it very erotic to be the centre of attention in a slutty, whorish way.”

I frowned. “And that’s okay? To be… slutty or whorish?”

“Of course it’s okay. Sweetie, you can be whatever or whoever you want to be when it comes to your sex life. So long as you are happy and nobody’s getting hurt, then it’s fine. Sometimes Henri, Kiki and I play a little rough when we fuck, and I let them use me however they want. If I’m in the right mood, it’s incredibly erotic.”

“Wow, I had no idea.”

“There’s still a lot for you to discover, sweetie. You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.”

“Yeah, and I can’t wait to discover it all!”

Mum laughed, then gave my bum a pat. “One step at a time, sweetie.”

On to Chapter Nine!


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