Sweet Poppy, Chapter 9

  • Posted on October 16, 2021 at 2:57 pm

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by Joe Dornish

I’d been making a lot of extra effort with my little sister Lilly, just being super nice and spending more time with her than I used to. It wasn’t just that I just wanted to have sex with her; I felt guilty that Mum and I were making love on a regular basis without Lilly being part of it. It felt wrong, keeping such a big secret from my sister.

One afternoon, though, I had a breakthrough. We were playing with her dolls, and she had two of them kiss each other — both girl dolls, I was interested to see. Looking up, she said to me, “Have you ever kissed anyone, Poppy? Like, y’know, proper grown-up kissing?”


“With a girl, right? Sure, ‘cos you’re gay. So, um… what’s it like?”

My heart was pounding like crazy, but I managed to appear calm. “Really good. Seriously, it’s the best. Would you… would you like to try it now?”

Lilly’s eyes widened. “With you?”

“Yeah, with me. Just so you’ll know what it’s like.”

“Um… okay.”

Dropping her doll, Lilly just sat there with her eyes closed, waiting for me. Bless her. I leaned in and gave her a feather-light peck, and she giggled. Then I kissed her more firmly, letting it linger a bit.

Finally, we drifted apart. “That was soooo cool,” she whispered, grinning foolishly.

“Shall we do it again? Only this time, we use our tongues? That’s a real grown-up kiss.”

“Okay,” she said, then leaned into me.

Our lips met, and a moment later I slipped the tip of my tongue into her mouth, quickly finding hers. Lilly wasn’t shy, but not too eager either. In fact, she was a natural at this, her arms winding around me as she kissed me back.

We French kissed for quite a while. Lilly’s lips were soft and dreamy, and she felt so good in my arms. I could have done this with her all day long.

When we parted, I had to ask, “Lilly, are you sure you’ve never kissed anyone else before? You’re awfully good at this.”

“Um… promise not to tell Mummy?”

“I promise,” I said, crossing my heart.

“I kissed Evie. We… we used our tongues, too.” Lilly was blushing, unable to meet my gaze as she spoke.

That surprised me. Evie? Mum had admitted to having a huge crush on Nicole’s eight-year-old daughter… and Lilly had already made out with her!

“I need to tell you something else,” Lilly said. “It’s a secret, too.”

There was more? “Well, sure.”

“I, um… I like girls. Really like them, the same as you.”

“No kidding! How’d you find out?”

She shrugged. “I started thinking about it after you and Mum said you were gay. After me and Evie kissed, I was sure.”

By then, my excitement practically had me bouncing up and down. “Hey, that’s great! But why do you want to keep it a secret?”

“Oh… Mum’s always telling me, ‘You’re too young for this, you’re too young for that…’ so I figured for sure she’d say I wasn’t old enough to — to fool around with other girls.”

I rolled my eyes. “Hell’s bells, Lilly… just because she won’t let you get your belly button pierced, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to kiss Evie!”

“She won’t let me have a skateboard, either,” my sister pouted.

Taking both Lilly’s hands in mine, I said, “Listen, sis. I swear to you, Mum won’t have any kind of problem with you being a lesbian. Trust me on this, she’s cooler than you know.”

“Okay, if you say so.” She gave me a bashful smile. “Now, can we kiss some more? I think I need the practice.”

So adorable. “Sure we can, but you don’t need the practice. Let’s just kiss because we want to, okay?”

“Sure,” she said, all smiles.

Seconds later, Lilly’s arms were wrapped around me and her tongue was in my mouth. We were kissing like lovers, with a fervor that stole my breath away. I slumped back, taking her along, and then my sister was lying on top of me.

I wanted so badly to slip my hands under her t-shirt, or reach down to unfasten her pants. Was her pussy wet? What did she taste like? I was dying to find out!

But I remembered what Mum told me: It has to be Lilly’s choice. Don’t pressure her. So I stuck to kisses and hugs.

This time when we broke apart, Lilly looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes of hers and whispered, “I love you, Poppy.”

That floored me. I knew that my sister felt that way, but I couldn’t remember her ever saying the words out loud. All I could do was lose myself in her adoring gaze and say, “I love you too, Lilly.”

My head was spinning, and I had no idea what would happen next. What actually did happen was that Mum entered the house and called out, “Girls?”

The moment lost, we quickly got up, straightened our clothing, and raced downstairs to greet our mother.

Later that evening, I told Mum about Lilly being gay. As I expected, she was enormously pleased. “You know, I suspected something was going on between Lilly and Evie, but I finally decided that… well, maybe I was just seeing what I wanted to see.”

“I think Lilly is ready for more,” I said.

“So do I… and we’re going to do our best to make that happen.”


The following day, Lilly and I went straight up to her room when we got home from school, laid down together on the bed, and did a lot more kissing.

After a few minutes, I asked her, “When we kiss, does it make your kitty get wet and tingly? That’s what happens to me.”

“Yeah, me too!” Lilly replied, grinning.

“Have you ever masturbated?”

She shook her head, “I’ve heard that word, but I’m not sure what it means.”

“It’s when you rub your clitoris to give yourself an orgasm,” I said, feeling fairly certain that Lilly wouldn’t understand that, either. In fact, my scheme hinged on it.

Sure enough, my sister looked at me like I’d just spoken Japanese, “Rub my what for a what?”

“Rub your… oh, I’m sorry, Lilly. I’m not very good at explaining. Mummy did a better job when she taught me how to do it.”

Lilly was starting to get frustrated. “Taught you? What are you talking about?”

“She showed me how to rub my kitty in a special way, so it feels super good. That’s what masturbating is.”

“Wait — Mummy showed you how to touch your kitty?” Lilly’s eyes were huge.

“Uh-huh,” I said, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Huh. When did this happen?”

“Oh, ages ago, like last month or something. Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s get Mum to show you how to masturbate, just like she did with me!”

My sister gave me a very stern look. “Poppy… are you making some kind of joke?”

I quieted her with a tender kiss, then said, “Lilly, I’ll never joke with you about kissing and sex and stuff. I promise.”

She slowly nodded, taking in the suggestion I’d just made. “So… it feels good? Masturbating?”

“Trust me — once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to do it all the time!”

“Okay then, let’s ask Mum,” Lilly said.

Mum had been waiting for my signal, so when I called out for her, she came into Lilly’s room right away.

“Did you want me, sweetie?” Mum said. She’d changed into a snugly fitting top and a pair of shorts that really showed her legs off.

“Mum, I was talking to Lilly about masturbation. She’s never done it before. Can you teach her how, the way you showed me?”

“Of course I can if it’s what she wants. Is that something you’d like to try, Lilly?”

Suddenly bashful, Lilly nodded. “Could I, please? It sounds like fun.”

“Oh, it’s a lot of fun. Look, why don’t we move this to my room? Lilly, your sister, and I can show you how we touch ourselves, then you can try it.”

“Ooooh, right now? Sure!”

Taking Lilly’s hand, then mine, Mum led us both into her room, then said, “Okay, we’ll need to strip off naked, so we can see properly.”

Without a word, the three of us took our clothes off and sat on the bed. For the first time since she was a toddler, I got to see Lilly naked, which was awesome. At the time she was only seven, flat-chested of course, with a pert little bum and a perfectly smooth slit. I hadn’t even touched myself, and my pussy was already wet from the sight of my baby sister.

Meanwhile, with two nude females to observe, Lilly looked from Mum to me, then back again, checking us both out with enormous interest. She couldn’t stop grinning, her excitement plain to see.

“That’s right, girls… let’s have a good look at each other,” Mum said. “We’re all the same, yet each unique in our own way.” She sat back and opened her legs, so Lilly and I did the same.

Our mother then gave us an anatomy lesson, pointing to the various parts of her vagina and asked us to find and identify them on ourselves. When we got to the clitoris, Lilly pulled her lips apart and bent over to see, frowning in concentration. Pointing between her legs, she said, “Is this my clit, Mummy?”

“It looks like it, sweetie. Here, try rubbing it like this.” Mum began to demonstrate, openly masturbating for us to see.

I angled myself to get a better view between Lilly’s legs, then started teasing my clit as well.

Mum nodded her approval when she saw me. “See, your sister is doing it, Lilly… now you try!”

“Um, okay.” Taking a deep breath, Lilly spread her legs even further apart, paused to watch what Mum and I were doing, then hesitantly began to touch herself. Within a few seconds, she gasped. “Oh… oh, yeah… Ohhhhh!”

“Are you feeling it?” I asked.

“Mmmmm yeah,” she moaned. “Wow… how come I never knew about this before?”

It was the most amazing sight, watching my seven-year-old sister experience sexual pleasure for the first time. She was so cute, yet incredibly sexy. I ached to kneel before Lilly, bury my face between those thin, lovely legs and taste her pussy. I bet this is how Mum feels when she looks at me, I told myself.

Mum had stopped rubbing her clit, probably because she didn’t want to come just yet. I stopped too, just edging myself while watching Lily get more and more worked up.

“Does that feel good, honey?” Mum asked Lilly.

“Yeah, really good,” Lilly panted. “I — I think I f-found my clit!”

“Hee hee, I think you did, too. You’re still very young, so it might not happen… but keep rubbing it like that, and you could have an orgasm. ”

Lilly’s eyes snapped open, and she paused in her fingering. “Mummy, what is an orgasm? Poppy said that word before, but I don’t know what it means.”

Mum laughed. “How could I have left that out? It’s the most important part!” She put a hand on Lilly’s knee. “Sweetheart, an orgasm is this wonderful feeling that a lover can give you when you have sex… but it’s also something very nice you can do for yourself. That’s the reason for masturbating, you know — to have orgasms.” Mum turned to me. “Poppy, why don’t you try to give yourself one, so Lilly can see what it’s like.”

“Sure, Mum. I’m pretty worked up right now, so I’ll probably come right away!”

Lilly frowned. “Come…?”

“It’s another word for orgasm, sweetie.”

“Oh, okay.”

I laid back, resting my head on the pillow. Keeping my eyes on Lilly, I spread my legs and pulled my knees up high so she had a really good view. Then I slowly ran two fingers up and down my slit, repeating that a few times.

In a whispered tone, Mum said, “See how Poppy starts? Slowly and gently, that’s the best way.”

I slipped my middle finger inside myself all the way up to the knuckle, then pushed it in and out a few times. Lilli gasped, slipping a hand between her legs as she stared at my pussy.

Mum was masturbating again, too. “That’s it, sweetie — if it feels good, then go ahead and touch yourself while we watch Poppy. We’ll do it together.”

Lilly was really going at it now, rubbing herself for all she was worth. I watched her closely, fucking myself hard and deep with the fingers of one hand, thumbing my clitoris with the other. A minute or so later I was coming. Letting go completely, I cried, “Fuck, that feels good!” and kept going.

If I’d been alone, I would have stopped after one orgasm and relaxed. But it felt so wicked and exciting, masturbating with Mum and Lily, my pussy on full display for them to see. It made me want to carry on. I was making a puddle on Mum’s bed, my fingers were dripping, it was getting harder to breathe, my head was blurry and heavy and I was bathed from head to toe in sweat — but watching my little sister rub her pussy got me so fired up that I managed to make myself come for the second time in five minutes. I’d never had two orgasms so close together before, and this one was so intense that I blacked out.

I suppose that it only lasted for a few seconds, because the first thing I heard was, “Is Poppy okay, Mummy?”

“Yes, sweetie. She just had an orgasm. A big one, by the looks of it.”

I opened my eyes to see Lilly looking down at me. “That was great,” I said. “God, I was so turned on!”

“It sure looked good,” Lilly said. “What was it that turned you on so much?”

“Well, it was really hot to masturbate with you and Mum… and seeing you naked, that’s what got me more excited than anything else.”

That surprised her. “Me?” she said. “Why me? I’m just a kid… I don’t have anything to see!”

Something told me that if I handled this right, I’d be halfway to making love with my little sister. I gave her the warmest, most adoring look and said, “Don’t even think that, Lilly. You’re a beautiful girl. Sexy, even.”

She’s right, sweetheart,” Mum chimed in. “Oh, you’ll be an absolute knockout when you reach those teen years, but you’re absolutely exquisite as you are.”

Lilly still seemed a bit confused but grateful for the praise. “If you guys say so,” she said, not quite hiding a smile.

While we were talking, I began to caress myself again. Lilly was stealing quick glances at my pussy. “It’s okay — I don’t mind if you watch,” I said. She blushed, but didn’t look away.

Feeling a powerful urge to take things even further, I slipped a finger into my vagina, rolling it around in circles. Once it was coated with my fluids, I brought that finger up to my lips and sucked it clean.

“Mmm, that’s yummy,” I said, still looking at Lilly.

She absently moistened her lips. “Um… what’s it taste like?”

I pushed the finger back inside myself for a few strokes, then held it out to Lilly, “Try it for yourself.”

Lilly looked at Mum, who smiled and nodded. Reassured, Lilly leaned forward, took my finger into the warmth of her mouth. I felt her tongue circling it. Sitting back, she paused to savor the taste, then smiled. “It’s… it’s nice! I’m not sure how to describe the flavour, but I like it.”

“You still haven’t had an orgasm yet, right?” I asked Lilly. She shook her head. “Why don’t you have a go at it? See if you can come this time.”

“Okay,” she cheerfully said.

I moved to kneel to my sister’s left, Mum positioning herself on the right. I caught Mum’s eye and she winked at me, nibbling at her bottom lip. She was clearly desperate to come but holding back, letting Lilly touch herself first.

We were both studying Lilly’s slim, childish figure, her pale skin, the tiny pink nipples on her flat chest and that gorgeous puffy slit. Mum must have read my mind when she said, “My baby girl, I can’t find the words to tell you… to make you understand how beautiful you are.”

“Oh, Mummy,” Lilly whispered, her eyes shining with love. “Thank you.” A pause for breath. “Um, I’m gonna start now…”

She closed her eyes, shifted around a bit, then opened her legs. Propping myself against the headboard, I lightly caressed my own folds. I was still tingly and sensitive down there, and didn’t need much attention. As for Mum, she was fucking herself hard with two fingers as Lilly began to masturbate. Her first caresses were gentle, just as Mum had recommended.

“Ahhh,” murmured Lilly, instinctively raising her knees, bringing them toward her chest. Now I could see the pucker of her anus, and I found myself wanting to lick her there, too.

My sister was using two fingers to rub herself, just as I’d done, working her clit faster and harder as she went. Her face was flushed with exertion, and her movements were starting to shake the bed.

“That’s so hot!” Mum panted, “So f-fucking hot…” Her eyes squeezed shut, and a choked cry escaped her lips as she came.

Lilly kept rubbing for a while, clearly enjoying it, but there was no orgasm. Finally, she slowed down, then stopped. When she opened her eyes Mum, who had recovered by then, said, “Did that feel good, sweetie?”

“Yeah, it was nice. Um… I’m not sure if I had an orgasm, though. I don’t think I did.”

“Oh, there’s no rush, Lilly. You may be a little too young to come just yet. Don’t worry, though — if you keep trying, it’ll happen. And believe you me, you’ll know when it does.” Getting to her feet, Mum stretched, then reached for her clothes. “Well, I need to get dinner started. You girls can hang out in here if you like. I’ll call you when it’s time to eat.”

When Mum left, I turned to Lilly. “Hey, wanna do some kissing?”

Needless to say, she was all for that! She crawled into my arms, and we shared kisses and cuddles. It was even better than the first time, because we were both naked. Lilly was lying on her back with me on my side next to her. Our tongues were playing a flirting game, and I was stroking her chest and tummy with my left hand, getting closer and closer to her pussy.

When I got to where the waistline of her knickers would have been, I stopped. “Lilly… is it okay if I touch your pussy?”

She thought about it, then nodded. “It’s fine with me… but would Mummy mind?”

“Mum will be okay with it, trust me. There’s other fun stuff we can do, too.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”

Lilly’s eyes got huge and she took in a deep, trembling breath when my finger parted her lips, briefly teasing her clit. My mouth claimed hers, and we shared a passionate kiss as I explored the velvety smoothness of my little sister’s pussy. When I brushed her clit once more, she shivered — and that was when I felt certain that I could make Lilly come. I rubbed her clit slowly and continuously, falling into a gentle rhythm. When she began to move her body to my caresses, I picked up the pace and was rewarded with whimpers and moans.

Lilly was losing herself to the moment’s pleasure — at that point, she probably had no idea what year it was. My wrist was starting to ache, but she was so close I couldn’t stop. Sure enough, a minute or so later my sister screamed and went rigid, her body arching up from the bed as her first-ever orgasm took hold.

Detecting motion to my right, I looked over at the doorway. Mum was there, watching us. She gave me a huge smile, then quietly crept into the room until she was standing next to the bed, gazing down at my sister.

Soon Lilly was sprawled limply on the bed, utterly spent. I withdrew my hand and massaged the wrist, trying to work out the soreness.

Lilly’s eyes fluttered open, then she smiled to see Mum seated on the bed next to her, stroking her hair. “When did you come back, Mummy?” she asked, still slightly dazed.

“A little while ago. I thought you might be able to relax a bit better if it was just you and your sister.” She gave a happy sigh. “So you finally got to come. How did it feel, baby girl?”

“Oh my God, like, just…wow. Poppy is really good at this.”

“I know,” said Mum, giving my sister a wink.

We waited for her to process this, then a shocked Lilly said, “Poppy, she — she does that to you, too?”

“That’s right, sweetie… and lots more.”

I was surprised to hear Mum admit that she and I were having sex. Was Lilly ready to know about that? I wasn’t sure. Still, the cat was now out of the bag, so when Lilly turned to look at me, I nodded, confirming what Mum said.

“You guys do… other stuff? Like what?” she asked with a puzzled look.

Mum was about to answer, but I broke in first. “Uh, Mum? Y’know, it was really nice, you and me having our first time alone. So, erm, after dinner, why don’t you do that for Lilly? Take her up to your room and show her all the things you showed me, just the two of you. I bet she’d love it.”

“I —  I bet I would, too! Can we, Mummy, pretty please?” exclaimed Lilly. Okay, she didn’t really know what we were talking about… but how could she not love being touched and licked by our mother?

Mum leaned in and kissed me with her tongue, right in front of Lilly. “Poppy, you are so sweet! Goodness, what an unselfish thing to think of. Are you sure you don’t mind not being there with us?”

Honestly, I did want to be part of my sister’s first full-on lesbian experience… but I also knew that my instinct was correct, that Lilly should have Mum to herself this time. “No, it’s okay — it should be just the two of you, like it was for me.”

“Okay, then,” Mum said.

“On the other hand…” I added, “maybe when you and Lilly are finished…”

“…then you can come in and join us, that’s an excellent idea!” Mum said, picking up where I left off. “How about it, Lilly — are you ready to learn more, do you think?”

“Yes! Learn more about what, though? But yeah, sure, I’m ready, whatever it is,” Lilly had turned into a cute naked pixie, bubbling over with excitement. If she knew how good this was gonna be, she’d be ten times as thrilled, I told myself.

Mum laughed, then said, “Poppy is suggesting I show you how to have sex, the same way I showed her.”

“You… taught her how to have sex? You mean, like grownups do?”

“I did, sweetheart..”

My sister sat up and stared at me, her mouth hanging open. I told her, “It’s fun, Lilly. Trust me, you’ll love it! I sure did.”

“Well, um… what sort of stuff is it that you do? All I know about is kissing.”

I wanted to answer but looked to Mum first. “Go ahead, you can tell her,” she replied, smiling at me.

“You can do what you want, but you definitely don’t have to do anything you don’t want,” I rolled my eyes. “Mum will tell you that, like, a million times. Anyways, we did pretty much everything lesbians do. Let’s see… I sucked Mum’s nipples and she sucked mine, we licked each others’ pussies, we rubbed our pussies together — that’s called tribbing, by the way. We did all sorts of stuff. All I’ll say is this: if you’re ready, then you’ll love it.”

Lilly was grinning hugely, so excited that she was nearly bouncing in place. “I’m ready. I want to do it!” she announced.


After taking a shower, I put on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt, then went into my sister’s room. She was naked, having just got out of the shower herself. I helped dry her hair, then tied it into a French plait for her.

We looked through her underwear drawer, then decided she should wear her favourite pink knickers, the ones with light blue stars on the front and a little bit of lace around the waist. They were cute, but also hugged her pussy so tightly you could see the outline of her slit. I knew Mum would like that as much as I did. Next, we chose a pretty white dress with shoulder straps that came down to her knees. She wore white ankle socks and a pair of flat white shoes. I ran into Mum’s room, got some perfume, and sprayed a little on Lilly’s neck.

Standing before the mirror, I wrapped both arms around Lilly. “There you go,” I told her. “You look good enough to eat.”

“I’ve got a funny feeling in my tummy,” she admitted.

“Is it like when you’re about to go on holiday or something?”

“Yeah, just like that.”

“I felt the same when it was my first time. It’s only Mum, there’s no need to worry.”

“I’m not worried. Well, maybe a little nervous.”

I kissed her. “You’ll be fine.”

Then Mum called us down for dinner. She’d had a shower too, and was now wearing a beautiful blue dress. It had a scooped neck and was quite short, showing her legs off wonderfully. Her hair was down and she’d put a bit of makeup on. She’d even worn high heels. Lilly was taken aback at the effort Mum had made for her.

“You look beautiful, Lilly,” Mum said.

“Thanks, Mummy. You look sexy!”

Mum blushed. “Thank you, sweetie,” she said, then kissed Lilly’s mouth, allowing it to linger.

I was already starting to regret saying that Lilly should be alone with Mum for her first time. God, I so wanted to be there! I knew it was the right thing to do, though, so I kept quiet.

After dinner, instead of going into the living room to watch TV, we sat around the table chatting, mainly about school. Around eight o’clock, Mum said, “How do you feel, Lilly?”

“Good, Mummy,” Her cheeks were a bewitching hue of pink. She knew it was time.

“Well, then, shall we go upstairs?”

Lilly nodded vigorously. “Yes, please.”

As they stood up, I said, “I think I’ll go and watch some TV, relax a bit.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” Mum said. “I’ll come to get you later.” Blowing me a kiss, she took Lilly by the hand and led her upstairs.

My pussy got wet at the thought of what they would be getting up to, and I soon slipped a hand in my knickers. I masturbated thinking of Mum and Lilly, naked and fucking like lovers. I had a big orgasm, then drifted off to sleep.


I woke up about nine o’clock, and there was no sign of Mum or Lilly. I fetched a packet of chocolate biscuits from the kitchen, then sat down at the telly to wait. I don’t recall what I watched; my mind was elsewhere.

It was about a quarter to ten when Mum came downstairs and sat next to me. She was naked, her hair was tousled, her face flushed.

“How did it go?” I asked eagerly.

Mum gave a happy sigh. “Brilliantly. She’s a natural, just like you.”

“Oh, wow, that’s awesome!” I exclaimed. “Did she come?”

“Several times. She’s very keen to see you.”

“Really? Can I come upstairs, then?”

“She’s waiting for us. Let me get some water, and we’ll both go.”

I stripped as I walked, leaving a trail of clothes behind me on the way to Mum’s bedroom. The door was open, Lilly was on the bed, stretched out on her back, eyes closed as she toyed with her pussy. The room smelt of sex, and as I drew closer I could see my little sister’s pussy, glistening in the dim light.

Lilly opened her eyes and saw me. “I had sex with Mum!” she cried. “We — we fucked!”

“That’s awesome,” I said, climbing on the bed to lie beside Lilly.

Mum put a large tumbler of water on the bedside table, then laid down on my sister’s other side. She gave Lilly a kiss, then playfully tickled her.

“Did you know we can even swear when we’re having sex? We can say ‘fuck’ and even ‘cunt’ if we want to!”

“Yeah, I know. Mum’s the best.”

“It’s true — she’s the best mum ever!”

Mum made a face. “Aw, you two are going to make me cry if you carry on like that. “She hugged Lilly to her, then reached out to touch my cheek. Thank you, my precious girls. You’re everything a mother could wish for.”

Just then, I had a great idea. “Y’know what, Lilly? I bet Mum would love to watch us fuck.”

Her eyes immediately lit up. “Yeah… I bet she would!”

“You’ve got me there. I would definitely like to see that,” Mum said.

I got on top of Lilly and kissed her, exploring her little-girl mouth with my tongue, with Lilly giving every bit as good as she got. We kissed for ages, with Mum gently masturbating right next to us.

I was trying to rub my pussy against Lilly’s as we made out. It felt pretty good, but our angle was a bit awkward. Finally I broke our kiss. Her nose was touching mine when I whispered, “I want to lick your pussy, Lilly. Can I?”

“Yes, please! Then I’ll lick yours. Okay?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Mum sighed blissfully as she continued to finger herself. “Mummy’s little girls making love… so beautiful.”

I nuzzled my way down Lilly’s body, intoxicated by the scent of her, the softness of her skin. Soon my head was nestled between the pale thighs of my seven-year-old sister. I looked up at Mum and said, “I’m not gonna make love to your little girl… I’m gonna fuck her.” With that, I slowly licked Lilly’s pussy from bottom to top.

“Oh, shit, Poppy!” she gasped, then grabbed her legs just behind the knees and pulled them back, opening herself up to me. Tilting my head to one side, I traced the line of Lilly’s pretty pink slit with the tip of my tongue.

“That’s it, Poppy,” Mum said. “Fuck your little sister. Lick her cunt.”

I didn’t need any encouragement, but it really turned me on to hear Mum say rude things like that. I made a mental note to ask her to do it more often.

Lilly’s pussy was gorgeous, all puffy and pink from the attention it had received, and it tasted amazing. I could have spent the whole night with my face buried between her legs. I could hear Lilly’s breathing get deep and ragged, and she was clutching my head tightly, pressing my face into her sex. My sister was getting close to the edge, and I was almost ready to push her over.

There was something else I wanted to try first, though. The way Lilly had her legs drawn back, with both knees touching her chest, it exposed not only her cunt, but the cleft of her anus. I’d imagined myself licking my sister there earlier, and now I was going to do it for real.

Down I went, trailing my tongue through Lilly’s slit — only this time I kept going until I reached my goal, the wide-open crack of her arse. I bathed it with a long swipe of the tongue, and a startled Lilly cried, “Oh my God, Poppy — what are you d-doing?” But her shock disappeared right away, Lilly’s voice trailing off into a moan as I licked her hole.

“Yes, Poppy, yes!” Mum panted. “Rim your sister, lick her bum.”

So I did just that for a while, and Lilly certainly seemed to love it — but the way her body was twitching, I knew that she really, really needed to come, so I licked my way back up to her clit, which I took between my lips and sucked like a straw.

I could hear Mum’s voice, but it almost sounded like she was talking to herself, mumbling stuff like “…such a pretty little g-girl, her sweet, smooth cunt, yes… lick her, let her honey d-drip from your chin, so fucking delicious… oh, my sweet sexy children, Mummy’s little lovers…”

Suddenly Lilly was coming hard, right in my face. I was amazed at the intensity of her orgasm, and how much juice came out of her. I was practically drinking from my sister’s pussy! She was howling like a banshee, her legs clamped tightly around my shoulders as she clenched her fingers in my hair. It was difficult for me to breathe, but I didn’t even care. Lilly was so loud that I didn’t hear it happen, but Mum was coming at the same time.

I kept licking my sister, wondering if I could get her off again, but she pushed my face away, blurting, “Stop, p-please stop!”

I sat up, crawled over to an exhausted Mum and Lily and laid down between them. I was in the best mood imaginable, even if I did really need an orgasm of my own.

Once Lilly had returned to herself, she snuggled into me. “Bloody hell, Poppy… you’re really good at that!”

“Thanks. Your pussy tastes great… I could have stayed down there all night.”

“She is delicious, our Lilly,” said Mum. “I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a sweeter pussy.”

I didn’t know if Mum had told Lilly about Kiki and Henri or not, so I asked her, “Mum, have you said anything to Lilly about our special friends?”

“No, not yet. I was waiting for you. I did impress on Lilly how important it is that we keep our lovemaking a secret. Would you like to tell her?”

“Tell me what?” Lilly immediately asked. “Who are these special friends?”

“Well, you know that Mum and I have been having sex, right?”

“Uh-huh. Sure.”

“Here’s the thing. It’s not just the two of us. There are two other people involved.”

“Who? Involved how? Tell me!”

“Hmmm… I’m not sure if you’re ready to know just yet. It’s an awfully big secret.”

Lilly’s eager expression quickly inverted into a scowl. “Mu-um! Poppy’s being mean!”

“Stop teasing your sister,” Mum told me, but with a tiny smile.

“Tell you what, sis. If you can give me an orgasm, then I’ll tell you everything.”

Deal! Ha bloody ha! I was gonna make you come anyway!”

“Ha right back! I was gonna tell you anyway!”

We all fell about laughing until Lilly sat up and announced, “Right, I want to lick your pussy now.” And she plonked herself between my legs.

As frivolous as she was, my sister knew what she was doing when it came to oral sex. I guess Mum was right, that Lilly and I were born to be gay. Looking down and seeing her pretty mouth pressing into my pussy made my heart turn flips.

She was licking me beautifully, but I suddenly wanted her to go into my pussy. “Hey, Lilly… can you finger me?”

“Um, sure. Like this?” She slid a finger inside me.

“Oh yeah, just like that.”

Mum leaned in. “Lilly, sweetie — move your finger in and out like this, then lick her clit at the same time.”

When I looked over at Mum she had her legs spread and was fucking herself, showing my sister what she meant. That was enough for Lilly, who promptly fastened her lips to my clit, then began to drive her finger into my pussy again and again, thrusting in a hard, steady rhythm.

I felt the bed shift, and opened my eyes to see Mum kneeling next to me and masturbating yet again. She was close to coming, too, by the look of it.

“Mum… let me lick you.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice. Mum straddled my face, feeding me her pussy. She was facing Lilly, probably so she could take in the incredibly lewd sight of her seven-year-old daughter going down on me.

I fondled Mum’s full, lovely arse for a bit, then got an idea. Probing around blindly, I found her anus, teased it with a fingertip then slid it all the way inside with a single smooth stroke while I nursed at Mum’s clit. She came in my face, gasping and shouting, “Oh my God, yes — fuck me, finger my bum!”

Lilly must have been inspired by Mum’s ranting, because all of a sudden I felt her finger wriggling its way into my own bumhole. I wasn’t expecting it, and it made me jerk a bit. It didn’t hurt, though. In fact, it felt rather nice, and Lilly was having fun exploring me down there. So I was more than happy to let her do what she wanted, especially since she was still licking my clit.

Soon enough I had a wonderful orgasm, coming hard in my little sister’s face as she fingered my bum and I tongue-fucked my mother’s cunt.

I’d love to say that we carried our incestuous lesbian threesome into the early hours of the morning, but it was a school night and Lilly and I were both way past our bedtimes. Mum said that as a special treat, because it was the first time all three of us had sex together, we could sleep in her bed that one night.

We dozed off with Lilly and me on either side of Mum, all cuddled up naked. It might sound funny, but that was one of my favourite parts of the evening, our whole little family falling asleep together.


I was awakened by someone shoving me, exclaiming, “Wake up! You never told me, Poppy. WAKE UP!”

Mom’s voice, then, short and sharp: “Lilly! Leave your sister alone, let her sleep.”

I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes. There were rays of sunshine filtering through the curtains here and there, but the room was still dimly lit.

“What time is it?” I asked, then yawned.

“Nearly time to get up for school,” Mum said, “but you’ve got a few minutes yet.”

That wasn’t about to silence Lilly. “Poppy, you never told me about your special friends, who they are… and Mummy won’t say. Please tell me.”

“Lilly, I love you, but let me get in a little more sleep here, okay? I’ll tell you at breakfast, I promise.”

“Fine,” she pouted, then settled down and nestled into me, with Mum lying behind her as the big spoon. We had ten more blissful minutes of lovely cuddling, then it was time to get up.

Once I was showered, dressed and ready for school I went down to breakfast, where an eager Lilly was waiting. I told her everything she needed to know, starting with the game of Monsters I played with Mum, the time I accidentally humped her leg. Then I talked about Kiki, how she and Mum showed me their pussies when I was under the kitchen table. Then there was Kiki’s daughter Henri, and the sex party the four of us had on the night when I made love to Mum for the first time. Finally, I told her that my best friend Mia and I had just become lovers, too.

Lilly was completely taken aback, but not enough to keep her from asking, “Can I have sex with Kiki and Henri too?”

“If you want to, I’m sure that they’d love it.”

I’ll phone Kiki and see if I can set something up,” Mum said. “Maybe tomorrow night.”

“Oh my God! I can’t wait!” Lilly cried, leaping to her feet and bouncing in place.

Incredible as that sounded, I found myself thinking, I wish we could do something sexy and exciting later tonight, instead of waiting for Saturday… but Mum had already made plans to go out with Nicole, Mia’s mother.

Okay, then, what is Mia up to tonight? Or Evie? Maybe they could come over…

“Hey, Mum,” I said, “since you and Nicole are going out tomorrow, could we have Mia and Evie spend the night here? Lottie, too, if she wants.” Lottie is Nicole’s oldest daughter. She’s fifteen, probably too old to feel like hanging around with a bunch of younger kids, but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

“I’m fine with that,” Mum told me. “You’ll need someone older to be here, though, if Lottie doesn’t want to come.”

Then I had an inspired notion: “What about Henri, Mum? She could watch us. I bet Lottie would want to come over if Henri is here!”

“You wicked thing,” Mum murmured, giving me a look of purest admiration. “I’m starting to wonder if I should cancel this date and stay home.”

“I’ve got a better idea,” I told her. “Go out with Nicole, then come back early. With her.”

“Yeah!” Lilly cheered, thrusting her fists heavenward. “Then we can all have a good time!”

Mum kissed me. “I’ve raised a genius.” She glanced up at the clock. “Oh, my. I’ve got to get dressed!” She hastened out of the kitchen, blowing us kisses along the way.

“If there are enough of us tonight, I know something fun that we can all do,” I told my sister. “I’ve made up a game we can play while Mum’s out.”

“What sort of game?” asked Lilly.

“I need to think about it some more… but if it works out, we’ll have a seriously great evening.”

Lilly giggled. “Pretty fucking hot, huh?”

“That’s right, baby sister,” I said, drawing her into my arms. “Fucking hot indeed.”

On to Chapter Ten!


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