Sweet Poppy, Chapter 10

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Author’s note: When I first found Juicy Secrets, I was gobsmacked. Not by the content (well, maybe a little), but by the quality of the writing. I read a few stories that I loved, then I found Naughty Mommy’s work and was instantly smitten, especially with ‘The Joy of Looking.’ It’s a wonderful story, and if you’ve not read it I urge you to do so! There were things about that story that inspired me to write my own piece for JS, notably the way she portrays the main character Julie, and its sprawling length — over 130 incredible chapters thus far! One of my favorite chapters is where the characters invent and play the ‘Spy Game’. That more than anything is what inspired me to write ‘Sweet Poppy,’ and where I came up with the idea of the Monsters game. This chapter is my homage to the Spy Game and ‘The Joy of Looking.’ Thank you, Naughty Mommy, for giving us this erotic masterpiece.

And once again, a massive thank you to JetBoy, who spends countless hours editing this and many other wonderful stories for us all to enjoy.

(P.S. Naughty Mommy, I do hope you return to ‘The Joy of Looking’ one day — I’d love to see how the New Year’s Eve party goes!)

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by Joe Dornish

As usual on a Friday, Mia had a music lesson at lunchtime. That would normally be a bad thing, as it meant I’d be eating alone. But I wanted to speak to Henri privately about what we’d be doing that night, so it’s just as well that Mia wasn’t around.

Of course, getting Henri alone for a private chat wasn’t easy. Ever since she let it be known that we were friends, some of the popular girls in my year have been extra nice, inviting me to shopping excursions, sleepovers, birthday parties, or just opportunities to hang out. The downside of this newfound popularity, besides making me feel rather uncomfortable, was that there was always someone stopping me for a chat, usually to ask about Henri. That day, I had to politely shrug a couple of girls off while I searched for her.

When I found Henri, she’d just finished eating and was sitting with some of her friends. Thankfully she saw me from the other end of the dining hall, so when I winked at her and pointed outside she got the message and joined me a minute later.

“Hi, Poppy. Is everything okay?”

“Oh, I’m good. Are you still coming over tonight?”

“Are you kidding? If Lottie’s going to be there, wild horses couldn’t keep me away!”

“What would you say if I told you I’ve thought of a way for you to see her naked?”

Henri flashed a wicked grin. “I’d say you’re a bloody genius, and that I’ll love you forever.”

“It’s a bit naughty, though. I’m not sure it will work.”

“Come on, girl. I want to hear everything.”

So I told Henri all about the game I’d invented, and how I wanted to invite everyone to play it at our sleepover that evening. She listened intently and didn’t interrupt me once. When I was finished, she hugged me and kissed my cheek. “Fuck me, you are a genius. That’s an incredible idea.”

“Well, I guess we can count on you to play, at least. Are you going home first, or coming straight over after school?”

“I’ve got my stuff with me, so I can go straight to your place.”

“That’s great! Oh, by the way, you’ll never guess what happened last night!”

Henri shook her head. “Then I’m not gonna bother trying. What is it?

I looked around to make sure no one could hear us, then whispered, “Mum and I had sex with Lily!”

“Your little sister? No fucking way! You’re not messing with me, are you?”

“Nope, it’s all true.” I couldn’t stop grinning.

Henri seized my arm. “You have to tell me everything!”

I spent the rest of the lunch break relaying the events of the previous night to a very wide-eyed Henri. By the time the bell rang, our knickers were wet enough to wring out. We were both thrilled to bits, imagining what Saturday night would be like when Lilly became part of our mum-and-daughter sexfest.

At that moment, going back to class seemed like the most boring, pointless idea imaginable. If we didn’t have the sleepover to look forward to that evening, Henri and I probably would’ve bunked off and crept into the loo for a quick fuck. Instead, we bid each other a reluctant goodbye and trudged back indoors.


It seemed to take an eternity, but school finally let out for the day. Mia and I hurried to the entrance hall, where we met Lottie and Henri. We made our way over to the primary school to collect Lilly and Evie, then walked back to my house together. The pavements in our village are quite narrow, so we walked in three pairs, Lilly and Evie were running ahead of Mia and me, while Lottie and Henri were behind us.

“Do you know where we’ll be sleeping tonight?” Mia asked.

“The house is pretty full,” I told her, “so we’ll have to double up. Evie is in with Lilly, you’ll be in with me, and Lottie and Henri will sleep on the two sofas. I think your mum is staying over as well… she’ll share a bed with my mum, I expect. Does that sound okay? It’s a bit of squash, I admit.”

Mum had told me that she’d fucked Mia’s mother Nicole a few days earlier, but I wasn’t sure if Mia knew about that yet. I was hoping she’d get the hint when I mentioned our mums sleeping together.

“It sounds perfect to me,” Mia responded. “I bet we’ll have lots of fun!” Her hand slipped into mine, and we walked the rest of the way home like that.

When we arrived Mum was waiting for us, a camera in hand. I was mortified at first as she gushed and carried on about how adorable we all looked, then had us group together for a photo. No one else seemed to mind, so I didn’t let myself get too embarrassed. Once Mum got the shot, she immediately shared it with Nicole and Kiki. Mum’s phone went berserk after that, I can just imagine what they were saying about us!

After that, we all went into the living room to hang out. Mum came in a few minutes later and said, “Girls, I just want to go over a few things, then I promise I’ll leave you alone. I’ve laid out plenty of snacks for you — biscuits, cupcakes, crisps and dip, sweets… and the fridge is fully stocked with drinks. Help yourselves to whatever you like. Lottie is the oldest, so I’ve given her money for a pizza whenever you’re ready for actual food.” We laughed at that. “Poppy knows my number, but if anyone else needs something I’ve left it on the fridge as well. That’s all I have to say, except… have fun, the house is yours, enjoy yourselves!” She turned to me. “Poppy, sweetie, can I borrow you for a second?”

I followed Mum into the kitchen. Lowering her voice, she said, “When I spoke to Nicole earlier, she said something very interesting… something that has me thinking she may be sharing a bed with her daughter Lottie.”

I was floored. “What? Oh, my God! What did she say?”

“Nicole and I were talking about the sleeping arrangements, and she said, ‘If space is very tight, maybe one of the girls could sleep with us? I’m sure Lottie would be happy to.’ If that wasn’t a bloody great hint, I don’t know what is!”

“That… that’s awesome. What did you say to her?”

“I said, ‘That sounds cosy. I bet Poppy or Lilly would be happy to share our bed, too.’“

“You never!”

“Cross my heart. I think this is going to be one amazing evening, don’t you?”

“You can say that again. Speaking of which, would it be a problem if we were all naked when you came home?”

Mum nearly choked on her tea. “Christ, no! I’d be delighted. Hold on a tick — is this that party game you’ve been talking about with Lilly?”

“Yeah. If I can get everyone to play, it’ll be bloody awesome!”

“I’m sure, but remember, now — don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want.”

“Sure, Mum. Don’t you worry, we’ll be fine. Where are you guys going, anyhow?”

“To this posh restaurant Nicole knows about, then we’ll have a few drinks after.”

“Well, have fun, Mum.” I gave her a hug, followed by a brief tongue kiss. She went upstairs to get ready, and I rejoined the others.

By then, everyone had helped themselves to snacks. Mia found our DVD of Mamma Mia and asked if we could watch it. No one objected, so I popped it into the player, and we settled down to watch.

About half an hour into the movie, our sugar rush really kicked in, so we cranked the volume up and began to sing and dance. Even Mum came down in a bathrobe, her hair up in a towel, and sang along to “Dancing Queen,” then rushed off to finish getting ready. I thought she looked a little nervous about her date with Nicole, which seemed really cute. It gave me a great idea. I told the others that when Mum and Nicole came in to say goodbye to us, we should all make a big fuss and cheer and carry on. They agreed, and we took a break to top up our sugar levels before returning to the movie.

Nicole turned up just as the movie was ending. When the doorbell rang, Mum came rushing downstairs to answer, then she brought Nicole into the living room to greet everyone before they left.

Mum looked stunning. She wore a green, figure-hugging wraparound dress that was tied at the waist. It had a low scooped neckline that showed off her cleavage and quite a lot of leg. She wore black stilettos with such tall heels that I had no idea how she was able to walk in them. (I’d been practising in my much shorter heels, and only had a sore ankle to show for my efforts).

Nicole was wearing a brown suede mini skirt with a tight-knit black jumper. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so you could see the outline of her nipples. I loved her black ankle boots with spiked heels, so much that I made a mental note to ask Mum if I could have a pair for my birthday.

Mum was just parting her lips to speak when all of a sudden the room burst into cheers and clapping. Henri put her fingers in her mouth and wolf-whistled so loudly it hurt my ears! Everyone was yelling and shouting stuff like ‘WOW!’ and ‘Beautiful!’ When my own pathetic attempt at a wolf whistle failed I shouted, ‘Sexy ladies!’ then Henri wolf-whistled again. Both Mum and Nicole blushed. It was a great reaction; just what I was hoping for.

Once we’d calmed down, Mum and Nicole went through all the usual stuff parents say when they leave you on your own, like don’t open the door, call us if you need anything, etc. Then Mum said to me, “Oh, by the way, sweetie… I’ve turned the heating up, so when you play your game later it’ll be nice and warm.”

Then she gave us her customary wink which, from what I saw when I looked around, melted a heart or two, and Nicole said something very interesting, “I look forward to hearing all about that game of yours when we get back.”

It was the way she said it, all slow and sultry. Also, she was staring intently at Lottie, who noticeably blushed. There was a palpable ripple of arousal in the air, although neither Mum nor Nicole were familiar with the details of the game. In fact, only Henri knew, as she’d helped me with some of the details earlier at school.

That sexual vibe seemed to linger in the air after Mum and Nicole left. Everyone badgered me for details about the game but I made them all wait until after we’d eaten. I didn’t want some guy delivering pizza while our house was full of naked girls, most of them underage — but I wasn’t going to tell them that, not yet.

Instead, we hung out and chatted. Lottie and Henri seemed to be getting on very well, they were sitting together on the sofa, deep in conversation. Mia and I were on the other sofa and Lilly and Evie were playing upstairs. Given the nature of the film we’d just seen, the conversation with Mia turned to our fathers. I knew nothing of her dad, only that he didn’t live with them.

When Mia said something about one of the fathers in the film, I took the opportunity to ask, “Do you ever see your dad? I know he doesn’t live with you anymore.”

She shook her head. “No. He left when I was little, just after Evie was born. I wasn’t sure what happened, but he and Mum had a big row and we never saw him again. Mum said he’d gone to live with someone else and that was that. A few years later, Lottie told me that Dad ran off with a woman he worked with.”

“Oh, that’s really shit. Mia. I’m so sorry.” I hugged her, then took her hand.

“It’s fine,” she said with a shrug. “I don’t remember him anyhow — it’s just blurry images and what Mum and Lottie told me. Not having a dad around feels normal now. God, I can’t even imagine what living with a man would be like!”

“Urghh, no thanks!” I giggled and snarled my face up in mock disgust, which made her laugh.

“How about your dad, then? You never mention him at all!”

“That’s because I don’t know who he is,” I told her. “It’s kind of a weird story.”

“Can you tell me? I’d like to hear it.” Mia smiled so sweetly, it nearly made me swoon.

“Sure. It’s not a secret, but it isn’t something we advertise either. My dad is a friend of my mum’s; they met at university. She wanted to have a baby without having to get married, and he offered to help. See, she already knew she was a lesbian, and he was okay with them just being friends. So when the time was right, Mum went to her friend. He got her pregnant twice — first with me, then with Lilly.”

“That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard!”


“Are you kidding? Yeah, that’s brilliant. Have you ever met him?”

“No. I don’t even know his name. Mum said he is only our dad bio-logic-ally, which means he’s not a part of our lives. She says that he was handsome and kind and very clever and that we look like him. That’s all I know. Heck, we didn’t even know about Mum being gay until she told me and Lilly a few weeks ago.”

Mia furrowed her brow. “Really? How’d she explain the whole… pregnancy thing to you, then?”

I laughed. “Oh, she just told us that she wanted kids, but not a husband.”

“Don’t you want to know more about him, though?”

“Eh, not really. Mum talks to me and Lilly about it whenever we like. Honestly, I’m happy with the way things are. He just helped Mum get pregnant, that’s it. Good thing he did, though — otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Well, I sure wouldn’t want that! He sounds like a nice guy.”

“Yeah, I bet he is. Hey, are you hungry?”

Almost as if on cue, Evie and Lilly came thumping down the stairs and declared loudly that they were ‘starving’. Henri and Lottie agreed, so we phoned in our order for pizza.

When the order came, we decided to eat it like a real meal, off plates at the kitchen table. Lottie and Henri even insisted that we clean up afterward. Mum would have been proud of us. By the time we’d loaded the dishwasher and tidied up the living room, I decided it was time to play the Monsters game.

While we were gathering in the living room, I asked Lilly to go upstairs and fetch a sheet of her stickers. My little sister has a big thing for stickers — any sort will do, but the brighter and sparklier the better. Unicorns were a particular favourite. In our old house, she’d covered her bedroom with them, all over the walls and windows, everywhere! When we moved into our new home, Mum laid down the law, telling Lilly that she could put them on the back of her door, but nowhere else. Since the door was almost full, my sister had plenty of stickers and nowhere to put them.

Lilly came back, handed me the sheet of stickers, then sat down on the floor next to Evie. Everyone was looking at me, waiting to hear about my party game. I was suddenly feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing, unsure how my idea would go over. It was too late to back down now, though.

I began, “I made up a game for us to play. It’s just a bit of fun… you don’t have to play if you don’t want to.”

“No, come on, tell us how to play!” Lilly exclaimed, and the others all nodded in agreement.

“Okay, well… it’s called Monsters. One person starts as the monster and goes and counts to one hundred in the bathroom while everyone else hides.”

“Why the bathroom?” asked Lilly.

“There’s nowhere to hide in there, so we don’t miss out on any hiding places. Anyway, everyone except the monster has to secretly hide one of these stickers on themselves.” I held up the sheet for everyone to see. “You put the sticker on your bare skin, somewhere on your body where it’ll be hard to find. Don’t tell anyone where you put it.”

One by one I asked them to choose a sticker, then go out into the hall in private to hide it on themselves. When they were all done, I told them the rest of the rules.

“Those stickers are very special, because they keep you from becoming a monster yourself! The monster counts to a hundred and yells, ‘I’M COMING TO EAT YOU!’ then tries to find everyone who’s hiding, and get the sticker off them so they turn into monsters.”

“But if the sticker is hidden on our skin, how’s the monster supposed to find it?” asked Mia.

“That’s the fun bit. The house will be completely dark, all the lights off. When the monster finds someone, they have to get that person’s clothes off to find the sticker. Oh, and monsters don’t wear clothes, right? So that means the monster has to be naked.” I paused. “Um, that’s pretty much it.”

I held my breath, waiting for a response, only to break into a happy grin when I got excited giggles and a roomful of girls, eager to play.

“So, wait. If the monster gets my sticker, and some of my clothes are still on, I’ll have to take them all off, right? Cause I’m a monster, too,” Lottie said.

“Exactly. But if anyone doesn’t want to take their clothes off, it’s fine. You don’t have to if you don’t feel like it.” Everyone nodded, but for Mum’s sake more than anything I decided to make doubly sure.

“Okay, I need everyone to put their hand up if they’re cool with playing the game and being naked!”

Everyone’s hands shot up without a hint of hesitation. Good, the game was on! “Oh, yeah,” I quickly added, “the last person to get caught wins!”

“What do they win?” asked Lilly.

That stopped me. “Um, I hadn’t thought of that.”

Mia spoke up. “How about the winner gets to kiss whoever they want?”

“Or how about they get to kiss everyone?” said Henri.

“I like that idea,” said Lottie, wearing a smile that reminded me of how Mum looks when she’s thinking about something naughty.

“Okay, so the winner gets to kiss everyone.” I looked around the room. “Who wants to be the monster first?”

Mia spoke right up. “I think it should be you, Poppy!”

The other girls chimes in right away, all of them in agreement.

“Okay, it’s me,” I said. “Now let’s turn off all the lights, then I’ll go into the bathroom, get undressed and start counting!”

We raced around the house, switching the lights out until it was dark, with just enough light coming in from the street to keep our guests from walking into walls. That task accomplished, I went into the bathroom and shouted “I’m starting my count now!”

We were all still wearing our school uniforms. I took mine off while I was counting and left it in a heap on the bathroom floor, then studied myself in the mirror, hoping that Evie and Lottie — the only ones who hadn’t seen me naked yet — would like what they saw.

I could hear excited giggles and heavy footsteps as everyone ran around looking for hiding places. By the time I neared the end of my count, the house was dead silent.

Opening the bathroom door, I shouted, “I’M COMING TO EAT YOU!” as loud as I could in a growly monster voice.

Straight away I heard giggles coming from downstairs, and knew right away that it had to be either Lilly or Evie. It felt very naughty, wandering naked through the house, and it was turning me on so much that I started getting wet. I walked into Lilly’s room and started growling, hoping that a nervous giggle would give someone away, but there was only silence. I felt around under the bed — nobody there.

I was about to open a cupboard door when I heard a scream. I jumped with fright as Henri bolted out from behind a curtain and raced downstairs before I even knew she was there. Okay, she got away, I told myself, but I’ll get her later.

Next, I went into my room and growled again… not a sound. I opened a wardrobe door, but it was empty. I checked behind the curtains, nothing. I was about to leave the room when I saw movement on the bed. Someone was under the covers!

I shut the door then stood still, hoping they’d think I’d left the room. Then with a wild cry, I flung myself on the bed. Mia shrieked, then fell into fits of laughter.


She clutched tightly at the covers, but eventually, I got them away from her. Mia struggled with me as I pretended to eat her neck and arm. Then I started searching her body.

“Where’s that sticker? GRRRRRRRR!”

Mia wasn’t really putting up much of a fight, so I managed to unbutton her shirt, then pull it off. She was wearing a bra, which surprised me. I ran my hands all over her as if I was searching for the sticker, but of course I was really just feeling her up. Then I tried to get her bra off, and she pretty much let me do it with no resistance.

“Off with your clothes, little girl!” I growled. “I must have that sticker!”

While I was battling with her skirt, Mia started pretending to fight back… but really, she was just touching me everywhere! Her hands were all over me, even lightly brushing my pussy! When I finally tugged her skirt free I seized the waistband of her tights and pulled them off together with her knickers in one go. Mia was squealing and thrashing about, barely trying to stop me.

Once I had her naked, I started searching her body for real. I felt around everywhere, spending lots of time on her bum. Mia wasn’t even putting up a fake fight now, just letting me touch her. I searched her backside completely and there was nothing there, so I turned her over and explored her front. Her breasts felt a bit more developed than mine — which made sense, as she was a year older. They were soft, but her nipples were erect. Still no sticker, though. There was only one place left that it could be.

She whispered, “Oh… oh, yeah,” as my hands drifted up her legs to briefly cradle her hips, then I allowed my fingertips to drift beneath Mia’s belly, moving toward her vulva. She opened her legs, and as my hand moved between them I felt the sticker on the top of her mons. Mia had a sprinkling of amazingly soft pubes there, and I was tempted to linger there. Instead, I pretended I’d not noticed the sticker, letting my hand drift between her legs until I was touching her slit. She gasped, then tensed when my finger parted her lips. Her pussy was wet and warm to the touch. Mia’s hands slipped around me to cradle my bum as I leaned in and kissed her.

As nice as this felt, I was very aware everyone else was still hiding, waiting to be found. Gently breaking our kiss, I told Mia, “You’re a monster now.”

“Wait, wait,” she protested. “You haven’t found my sticker yet!”

“Oh, yeah.” I reached down and peeled it from her vulva. “Here it is!”

“Okay, you got me,” she giggled. We shared a quick kiss, then set off in search of the others.

Mum’s room was next. It’s at the front of the house, and there was a small beam of light from the streetlamp outside. We opened the cupboards, growling as we went — then there was a giggle from under the bed. I reached underneath and dragged out Evie, whose shoulders were shaking as she quietly laughed. I’ll give her her due — Evie fought well. She was very slippery, and twice she nearly got away from us. However, we managed to get her on the bed, and I held her arms while Mia stripped her little sister.

Evie’s cute cartoon knickers were the last thing to come off before I growled, “Now, we search every yummy bit of you! AAAARRRRGGHH!”

Mia and I felt all over Evie’s body. She wriggled and bucked beneath us as our fingers explored every inch of her bare skin. I could see just well enough to notice that Mia went straight for her pussy, getting a really good feel of her down there. Hmmm… now that was interesting.

I stroked Evie’s chest, then gently tweaked those perky little nipples, which made her squeal with delight. It was a lot of fun, but I longed to finger her slit.

I indicated to Mia that I wanted to swap places, and when she moved away I slipped a hand between Evie’s legs. Omigosh, she was actually wet! I couldn’t believe it, although she was laughing so hard that I thought it might have been pee. I had a quick sniff of my fingers, though, and they smelled a lot more like pussy. It made me want to lie down between Evie’s thighs and lick her, but I couldn’t let myself forget about the game.

We found the sticker hidden on her butt, just inside the cheek. Once Mia peeled it loose, Evie sat up. “So, um, am I a monster now?”

“Yup. Remember, you’re s’posed to act like a monster, too.”

“Okay, I will,” Evie replied, then added, “But how do I know for sure that you guys are really monsters? I should check and see.”

I chuckled. Good idea, Evie — wish I’d thought of that.” Approaching her, I spread my arms wide. “Go on then, check us.”

Mia and I stood there naked while Evie’s naughty little fingers roamed all over our bodies. She wasn’t shy at all about touching my pussy, and spent quite a long time having a good feel. I loved watching Evie search Mia, too. She paid just as much attention to her big sister’s pussy as she did mine. By then, I was certain this wasn’t the first time they’d touched each other like that.

I quickly checked to make sure we’d not missed anyone in the bedrooms, then the three of us made a big deal of stomping heavily down the stairs making scary noises. Choosing to stick together, we began to search for the others. There was nobody in the kitchen, so we made our way to the dining room. It was very dark and we could barely see, but Evie found Henri hiding under the table.

I quickly dragged the chairs out of the way and the three of us set upon Henri. Evie tickled her, Mia and I grabbed an ankle each and we dragged her out into the open. Reaching under Henri’s skirt, which had ridden up, I seized her tights and knickers and pulled them off in one go. By then, Henri had all but stopped struggling and was allowing us to undress her. Evie and Mia were working on her shirt and bra while I fumbled with her skirt. Soon enough, we had the girl totally nude.

“Right, let’s search her,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Um, Henri, can you stand up?”

Henri did as asked and the three of us began touching her all over — Evie and Mia exploring her front side, while I took the back. I found the sticker on her shoulder right away, but I didn’t say anything to the others, just peeled it right off.

Pressing my body against Henri’s, I had a good feel of her bum, then slipped a hand between her legs. As it was dark enough to keep the others from seeing me, I kissed Henri’s neck and the nape of her shoulder and was rewarded with a quiet murmur of satisfaction. Her pussy was dripping wet.

I felt the urge to chuck this whole game, lay Henri down right there on the kitchen floor and fuck her silly. But there were still two girls hiding, waiting for their chance to be stripped bare and transformed into monsters. So instead I said, “Hey, I found the sticker!”

“So now I’m a monster too, right?” said Henri.

Evie spoke up. “Yeah. but now you gotta feel us all over, to make sure we’re really monsters!”

“No problem!” said Henri, who set to work running her hands all over us. Naturally, she took plenty of time touching our breasts and exploring between our legs before announcing, “Yeah, you’re all for real.”

The only room in the house we hadn’t searched was the living room, so we knew that Lottie and Lilly had to be in there. The four of us went into the barely lit room, each of us making silly monster noises. Then came a scream — it was Lilly, and one of us had found her. Then Henri shouted, “I’ve got Lottie, help me!”

The room was now a riot of naked and semi-naked young girls screaming, giggling and wrestling. I could hear Lilly howling with laughter on the other side of the room as she was being stripped. As near as I could tell, Mia and Evie were the ones doing the stripping, so I quickly moved to assist Henri.

Lottie was putting up a decent struggle, but me and Henri at the same time were too much for her. I managed to get Lottie’s arms above her head, then sort of half laid on them to pin her down while Henri tugged her skirt off. then unbuttoned her top. Lottie was on her back so we couldn’t get her shirt or bra off. Henri’s solution was to just push the bra up over Lottie’s breasts and then feel them. I could hardly see in what little light there was through the blinds, but when I got to touch them myself, her titties were a lot more developed than I expected.

As I was rolling those stiff nipples between my fingers, Henri was kissing Lottie’s tummy, then she stuffed a hand down into her tights. At that point Lottie stopped struggling, so I released her arms and carried on playing with those beautiful breasts. I was thrilled to bits when Lottie began to do some touching of her own, her hands sliding round my back to cradle my bum. And I moaned out loud when she reached even lower, her fingers seeking and finding my pussy.

When she realised how wet I was, Lottie grew even bolder, searching for my clit. When she found it, I almost came right then and there. Henri was pulling Lottie’s tights and knickers off, then she laid down beside her and they met in a juicy kiss. At least, it sounded juicy.

I knew how much Henri liked Lottie, so I decided that it would be best to give them some space to enjoy one another. I felt my way over to where the others were, only to find Lilly standing naked while Mia and Evie were caressing her all over. I joined in and ran my hands all over my baby sister’s bare body, placing a few kisses on her tummy.

All of a sudden someone started tickling Lilly, and she dropped to the floor squealing with laughter. It must have been Evie who did that, because she immediately threw herself on top of Lilly and the two seven-year-olds rolled around together, unable to stop laughing.

That left Mia and me. I felt around in the dark for her, then held her close. I cupped her bum with both hands and she did the same to me as we came together in a warm kiss that quickly turned very hot.

Then I heard the key turn in the front door. Oh, my God — Mum and Nicole were home!

The hallway light spilled through the open door into the living room, the overhead light was switched on, and there they were — our mums, both of them looking very shocked indeed. As for us girls, we were frozen to the spot, too startled to do anything else.

When I looked around the room, I could see why Mum and Nicole had that astonished look on their faces. They’d been greeted by the sight of Mia and me making out naked on the floor, with Evie and Lilly doing pretty much the same thing right at their feet. And behind the sofa, Henri had been going down on Lottie when the light came on. The wetness around her mouth made that clear enough.

Honestly, having our mums come home and catch all of us having sex had been what I’d hoped for when making plans to play this game in the first place. What I hadn’t counted on was them returning so early. We’d been playing Monsters for less than thirty minutes — barely time for everyone to get naked!

Nicole seemed to get over her shock quickly enough. Turning to Mum, she said, “Well, well… didn’t we come home at the perfect time, Heather?”

As for Mum, she’d gone cool as a cucumber. “Indeed we did, Nicole,” she replied with a smile, then glanced around at us. “Having fun, girls?”

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  1. kinkys_sis says:

    Very cleverly thought out and written. A great, and very exciting story.

    I still have that little complaint that the young one’s language is wrong. They think and talk like adults, not kids.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      Thank you for the lovely comment and feedback, it’s very much appreciated.
      I’m glad you picked up on the language of the kids, it was a conscious decision I made when I planned the story. In the first few chapters Poppy does think and talk more akin to her age. Then, as she becomes sexually active, I deliberately started to move her to a more adult way of communicating. I did this because although Poppy is a child, she doesn’t see herself as such, she feels and in her mind acts very maturely, especially since her sexual awakening, she thinks she is an adult now. There’s a point early on where she stops using childish words for her vagina and switches to the adult terms her mother uses, this is the where Poppy ‘grows up’, in her own mind at least.
      These maybe fictional characters but I want them to be able to understand and enthusiastically consent to the fun they have, and it’s easier to write that consent into the story if the younger characters display a more adult way of communicating. And, writing a female POV as a guy is challenging, even more so when the protagonist is a child, remaining in that headspace while I write very demanding. If I tried to keep the language more accurate to her age I’d make mistakes and keep slipping up, so for continuity and my own limitations as a writer it’s more practical to write her thoughts slightly more grown up.
      You make a good point though, and as I’m still writing this story I will keep an eye on the language I use for the younger characters, especially where Poppy is interacting with other kids.
      Thanks again for the feedback.

      • kinkys_sis says:

        I acually didn’t so much mean the use of childish names for the vagina etc. Any youngster will learn the adult terms quite quickly in this modern age. You might be very surprised how kids talk at school today, certainly here in the UK. For example – I overheard a ten year old, saying to a boy, “Stick it up your ass and swivel.” Refering to his bottle of drink. Her friend then said, “Nah, he might like it!”

        It is more the English Language used in the story. There are any number of words that show your own good command of English, but the point is … kids would not have spoken that way, regardless of how adult they might feel.

        I am lucky, English is my favourite subject and I have a writer’s imagination. I am also at least a year ahead of my peers. I can pass for much older than I am, both in real life, writing and, far more importantly … sexually. There is nothing in my stories that I haven’t experienced. (PS. What stories you may ask? They’re on the way when Jetboy get’s the time to post.)

  2. Naughty Mommy says:

    Joe, thank you so much for the touching comments you made about my writing in the author’s note at the beginning. I’m honored that you would think of my work as an inspiration.

    Your story is quite good, and *highly* erotic. It may be moving a bit too fast for my taste, but then you’ll know from reading my stuff that I generally prefer an extremely long, drawn-out, incremental seduction. I realize that can frustrate some readers, but each of us, as artists, must do what works for us, not for anyone else.

    Anyway, keep it up, I’m looking forward to what comes next!

  3. Saule says:

    I’m a lesbian, and I like your stories very much, although in fantasy I can fulfil my secret desires.

  4. David says:

    Great chapter Joe, well written and detailed. Loved the monster game and how they got everyone naked and I think some really wanted to be naked judging by the place they hit their sticker. Looking forward to the next chapter with the mom’s getting involved!

  5. Kim & Sue says:

    So fucking hot and a great tribute to and variation of Naughty Mommy’s wonderful sex game from ‘Joy of Looking’

    All the lovely sisters and friends at last together and enjoying each others company. The party is a great ice breaker for sure. We know kids love naughty games and this was a dream come true.

    And the mothers coming home to find a house full of nude sexually excited girls is the icing on the cake, leaves us drooling for the next chapter.

    As for the way the girls talk, well we have no problem with it. Maybe it could be more real? but not sure if it would change things all that much.

    We do understand what Kinky_Sis means, and don’t strongly disagree but on the other hand we come to this story not for a ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ type of perfection of children’s talk, but to masturbate to a well written sex story of a very certain type.

    But whatever, keep doing what you’re doing because it keeps us coming. Next chapter soon please.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      Kim & Sue…
      “But whatever, keep doing what you’re doing because it keeps us coming.”

      There can be no greater praise for someone who writes erotica!

      From the start you’ve been so supportive with your lovely comments, thank you so much. This is quite literally why I write. There will be more for you to enjoy soon.

    • kinkychic says:

      I understand what sis was trying to say, she really didn’t mean to detract from anyone’s fun. She’s not like that.

  6. Iceman says:

    First time committing on this story. It’s great 👍. Language or not please keep up the good work.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      Thank you so much! And please feel free to comment, it’s the wonderful feedback that inspires me to write more!

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