A Bordello in New Orleans, Chapter 6

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by Kinkychic

Bill was to walk Antoinette home, as he had walked with me when I was a novice. Chantelle gave her a basket of food to take along, and when the girl was safely out the door, poured me a glass of champagne.

I was about to report on my first encounter with our new apprentice, but Chantelle spoke first. “That was so sweet, Francine,” she said. “I can see that she will fit in well.”

“How … how do you know?” I stammered.

“The years you’ve been here, and you don’t know? I can see in every room if I want to. I seldom look but this was different. I wanted to see. I wanted to see how you would do, and whether Antoinette would be suitable or not.”

“But how?” was all I could manage.

“There is a narrow passageway from my room to every other – courtesy of our Spanish host, who designed the place. You should study the large picture in your room.”

“I guess I understand with Antoinette, but why would you be that bothered at how I would do?”

“I have a surprise for you – if you want it, that is. I have respected your wishes when it comes to men, and I know that you’ll never change. I told you that you were getting too old for some of the ladies, although there are still those that love you. Soon you will be sixteen. I trust you and I love you as if you were my own daughter.” She paused to pour herself some wine.

I could not begin to imagine where she was going with this.

“You are my confidante already,” she said, “But I want you to become my assistant. Of course, it will mean longer hours some days, and some evenings. But I would like to be able to take a bit of time off. You would get a wage besides what you bring in yourself. What do you think?”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. “Chantelle, I’m shocked. Do you really believe I could manage? And what of the older girls? Won’t it upset some of them? I mean, I’m still so young.”

“I wouldn’t have offered you the position if I didn’t think you could manage. Of course you could. As for the girls – well, they come and go. Only one or two have been here longer than you, and they won’t be bothered. There’s only one who I think will object, and I’ve been thinking of dismissing her anyway. I don’t much care for her attitude at times.”

“Davina,” I said.

“There, you see? You’re wiser than you think. Don’t forget that Bill will always be here to help you if you need it. Now tell me, or would you prefer some time to think about it?”

I jumped up and flung my arms around her. “Oh Chantelle, you don’t know how proud you’ve made me. Of course, I don’t need time to think. I’d be honoured to take the position, and I thank you for your faith in me. I do wonder what Mother will say.”

Chantelle laughed. “Oh, I’ve already consulted her. She’s as delighted as you are.”

We clinked glasses. “A prosperous future then, you and I, Francine,” she said.

I returned home on my own. Bill was still off with Antoinette, but the streets had seemed safer of late. I guessed it was the American administration that had improved things. And of course, we lived closer now to the Palacio.

It was true what Chantelle had said: my mother was indeed happy for me. She saw it as my chance to build some security into my life. Veronica was just as pleased for me, but she asked quite a few questions about Antoinette. I sensed that she was worried, and perhaps jealous.

“Veronica, my love, you have no need to worry,” I said. “She’s a sweet little thing, and I think she will fit in. I’m teaching her, but that’s all there is to it, and it’s all there will be, so please don’t be silly.” But I felt a twinge of guilt as I spoke. Antoinette had indeed touched my heart. She was so delightfully naïve, and now Veronica’s words showed me the danger of entangling my work with my emotions.

She looked contrite. “I’m sorry Frances, I should have known better. I just thought of how I saw you when we were the same ages as you and she are now. It was stupid of me.”

When I got to the Palacio the next morning, the first thing I did was to check the painting in my room. At first, I saw nothing, but then, feeling with my hands, I found it. The girl in the picture was quite naked, standing with a parasol in her hand. And there it was – a hole in the black knob at the tip of the ferrule that  was almost invisible until you knew it was there.

Antoinette arrived looking fresh and bubbly. I asked her whether she wanted to walk for a bit, but she shook her head. “I want to go straight to your room. I want you to show me what to do.” Then she lowered her voice, as if afraid someone would hear, and spoke with some urgency: “And I want to come again!”

Well, she certainly seemed to have overcome her shyness. When I suggested we undress, she didn’t hesitate, and she watched my every move. I did not tease her at all, and soon I stood naked before her, inviting her gaze. It was much the same for me. I had felt her beneath her clothes, but I had not yet seen all of her. I found that she was everything I could have hoped for.

Yes, she was young, but her figure had begun to develop – soft curves, well-shaped legs, a pleasantly muscled stomach, and beautiful little breasts with slight pink puffs about the nipples. Her mound was quite pronounced, and adorned with a light sprinkling of blonde hair. Lastly, her pussy – the tightest little slit I had ever seen. No wonder I’d had to keep to one finger when I’d fucked her.

As for myself, I was becoming quite the mature young woman. Many would say my body had achieved the perfect balance between girlishness and adulthood. Nor was this conceit on my part. My profession demanded beauty, and I was fortunate to have it.

I opened my arms to her. “Come here,” I said, and she ran to my embrace. For a while we kissed, pressing our naked flesh together, and I soon found how much she had retained from the previous day.

I dropped my hands to her ass, giving each cheek a soft caress. She clutched at mine in return, and I knew it must be the first time she had ever touched another’s behind. I moved my mouth to her ear. “Be gentle, my sweet,” I whispered. “Urgency comes later.”

She did as I instructed. Her touch became lighter and more pleasant. She began to mirror my movements as I cupped and slightly separated her cheeks. When I slipped a finger gingerly into her crack, she did the same for me. She hesitated when I reached her little rosebud, but not for long. In a moment, her finger was tickling my bumhole. She even pressed when I did.

Both of us had begun to breathe harder. “Shall we go to the bed?” I suggested.

I lay on my back and pulled her alongside. “Prop yourself up with your elbow – yes like that. Now you can see and explore, use your fingers to find where my body responds. Touch me, and when you’re ready, then use your lips and your tongue. Your aim is to drive me mad with your teasing, to make me want you.”

The tiny smile on her face told me she was now completely willing. She had begun a journey of discovery that she eagerly wished to embrace. Her mind was in the right place – but could her skills fulfil her intentions?

Her tongue just showed between her lips as her fingers began to stroke me. Remembering what I had done to her, she began at my neck with beautiful, soft touches that never quite relented. My breasts anticipated her caress, but I resisted the urge to guide her. She must discover the secret for herself.

I involuntarily closed my eyes when her hand covered my breast. She squeezed gently, and my nipples stood to attention. I felt her breath on my neck, followed by the caress of her lips. They worked their way down until they joined her hand. Quick pecks followed, all over my bosom. Her teasing was perfect – it seemed an age before her lips encircled a nipple. She sucked before I felt her tongue flicking me.

My stomach clenched when her hand went lower, her fingers barely touching as they roamed about. I could feel my arousal increasing. It was becoming more difficult to let her play at her own pace.

The palm of her hand passed briefly over my mound, her fingers grazing my pussy lips. I jumped then, and almost started to reach for her. But she lifted her head. “Don’t move,” she said. “Allow me.”

She kissed my belly button, her tongue extended, wet and warm as it dipped inside.

Her hand was on my thigh, gently massaging as it travelled. “God, she is good,” I thought. It was clear she would need but little instruction. Then her fingers ploughed through my patch of curls. I parted my legs, willingly granting her access.
The bed creaked, and I opened my eyes as she placed herself, kneeling, between my legs, a look of total concentration on her face. Once more, her tongue poked between her lips. It would be her trademark expression.

She spread my lips carefully, her face close as she peered into me. She looked up at me but once – a quick glance before her focus returned to my pussy. Her finger went inside, and I clenched wholly at the contact. It stopped her for a second, but she continued as I relaxed.

My need had become desperate. Again I fought with myself, but even then, my hips lifted, bringing her deeper into me. The sensations grew more insistent. She knew to add a second finger before she slowly began to fuck me.

My eyes had screwed tightly closed once more, my hands clutched at my breasts, and I moaned softly as the pressure built within my body. With an effort, I forced it back. I must not climax. Not yet.

Her fingers groped the top of my pussy. She had remembered to search for my clit. Her first touch there sent shivers through me, and I jolted quite noticeably. She chuckled at that, clearly relishing her power over me. Then she was tweaking my clit, followed by a rub.

Suddenly, I could no longer hold back. She had achieved such total control over me that I was desperate to come.

“Now, Antoinette! Make me come! Fuck me harder! Please!”

She did as I entreated. My body spasmed, and I shuddered more violently than I had in some time – even with my beloved Veronica.

Antoinette lay between my legs, her fingers still inside me. Reaching for her, I drew up beside me and took her fingers into my mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise as I licked my juice from her hand. I saved a little, however, and put one finger to her own mouth. “Taste me,” I said. “I think you’ll like it.”

She sucked tentatively, then smiled. “Ooh, that’s nice.”

“That’s nothing, my sweet. You just wait. Now give me a kiss.”

Although I wanted to rest for a bit, I knew that she was aroused and needed my attention. “Are you ready for your next lesson? I think you might be surprised.”

She nodded her head, and the look on her face told me everything. Not only did she want to be taught, she needed to be.

I began by reciprocating what she had done to me, but this time, when I kissed her mound, I carried on down, licking her slit. A look of shock came to her face as my tongue traversed the length of her pussy.

She went on staring as my fingers pulled her open and my tongue went deep. Then I drew my tongue along her opening, and her expression changed to one of sheer pleasure when I reached her clit. I thought she would come right then, she was so wet with arousal, but her slender hips began to rotate beneath my tongue, and her hands took hold of my hair.

I used all of my little tricks, dipping a finger into her pussy and then sliding into her crack, teasing her rosebud, even pushing inside a little way before returning to her pussy. Inside her pussy, I found her pee hole and tickled her there, my tongue never slowing on her clit.

Soon, she was lifting her hips, arching her back and stiffening. And at last, after a long, delicious approach that made me envious of her self-mastery, she came. She emitted a desperate screech, calling my name just as I was splashed in the face. She was squirting on my throat and breast. I wanted to drink it up, but I would not leave her clit. I was determined to keep her going, to break down every vestige of her control, her very identity. And in this I was victorious: I impelled her to three climaxes, each louder and more potent than the last, before leaving her in an incoherent, semi-conscious state. She collapsed into the bed.

Softly, I licked her pussy dry. Not that it mattered, as the bed was soaked. I crawled up alongside her again and kissed her cheek and her forehead, all the while whispering to her how wonderful she had been, though, truly, I was much more pleased with myself.

When she finally opened her eyes, there was a questioning look. “I think I peed. How can that be?”

I just smiled at her. “I thought you would, so I forced you. You had no choice.”

“You wanted me to pee?”

Mmm, ” I said, rubbing my jaw, which, I noticed, was aching.

“It’s strange,” she said, “but it is very naughty.”

“Some of your ladies will want that. Others won’t. A few will want to do it to you, and you must learn to accept it – even if you don’t like it. We’ll find out soon enough when I come on your face.”

She rested her head on my shoulder, her hand fondling my breast. “Francine, you’re a lovely teacher. I’m glad I have you to help me.”

A while later, Bill walked her home. I’d asked her if I could come and meet her mother. She was surprised, but she agreed. I told her that I’d be there in a couple of hours: I needed to bathe and I would speak with Chantelle before I left.

In almost no time at all, I faced my beaming madame. “Well, Chantelle. Did you watch us today?” Of course, I already knew the answer.

“Oh yes, every minute of it. Do you mind? I won’t watch anymore if you say so.”

I laughed. “No, I don’t mind, I wouldn’t care if you were in the room with us. Hey now, that’s an idea. Would you like that?”

For the first time ever, I saw Chantelle blush. “You’d let me? God yes, I’d love that, Francine.”

I gave her my most wicked smile. “Well, you’d best keep tomorrow free then.”


Antoinette’s mother looked like a lady who had suffered. The lines on her face marred her looks, and I could see she was aged beyond her years.

She was shy before me, too, just as Antoinette had been. She seemed embarrassed but grateful as well, as she accepted the basket I had brought for her. I nodded at Antoinette to leave us, and suggested we go into the small garden. There was a somewhat rickety bench that creaked beneath our weight.

“I can see that you’re worried for your daughter,” I said. “I came to tell you that there’s no need. She’s safe, she’s well liked, and she’ll be well looked-after. She is my protégé, and I shall take responsibility for her. She will come to no harm, that I promise you.”

She looked at me directly, carefully weighing her words. “You are still a child yourself, and yet I find you like an adult, and a clever one at that,” she said. “Annie thinks you are special. I see the high regard she has for you, but I told her to guard her feelings. I think you understand?”

“Yes, of course I understand. I already have a love in my life. I’m not looking for anyone else. I will guide her carefully, and teach her the difference between work and love.”

Some of her misgivings seemed to lift. Her face softened, and she smiled. “I only just met you, but you seem kind.  I feel a bit happier now, although I must say that this is not the life I would have chosen for her.”

I squeezed her hand. “She won’t be exposed to men at all, and the ladies she will see are all carefully chosen. They will not mistreat her in any way. That’s another promise.”

She cried softly, and I heard her whisper, “My little girl.”

I pulled her to me and embraced her. “If you want to come and see the Palacio, you have only to ask. You’ll be welcome.”

“No, I don’t think so,” she replied. “I can live with the knowledge. but I don’t want to see it. I mean no disrespect, but I hope you can understand.”

I told her I could, perfectly.  Then I told her that I would be taking Antoinette to get her some new clothes the next day and invited her to come with us. This time, she did say yes. She would like that.

Antoinette might have been in heaven as she gazed at the colourful fabrics on display at the shoppe of New Orleans’ most fashionable modiste. I selected three dresses for her to try. When she appeared in the first, looking at us apprehensively, her mother gasped. The cut suited her somewhat, but I felt it wasn’t quite right. I sent her to try the next one.

“It does seem to expose a bit too much for her age,” her mother said.

“Not enough, actually,” I replied. “That’s why I rejected that one.”

She was about to speak, but at that moment, Antoinette came back. This time, she looked stunning. The dress emphasised her waist, and the bodice squeezed her nascent titties together into an enticing, if shallow, cleavage.

I clapped my hands with delight. “Perfect! It makes you quite the desirable young lady. Now, all we need is a pair of slippers to make you taller, and some silky underthings.”

Her mother had a hand to her mouth. Again she turned to me. “It’s very revealing, but … if you say it’s right …”

They both blushed at the undergarments I chose. They blushed even more when I asked her to lift her skirts and show us. But she did show us, and she even smiled coquettishly as she did.

When she had gone back to change, her mother took my hand. “I think I’ve said goodbye to my little girl.”

With the new items safely wrapped, a beaming Antoinette and her mother went home. I told Antoinette I would see her at the Palacio in the morning, and she was to wear her new clothes.

Antoinette had never been in the salon, and today I took her in and introduced to the girls. They gave her a warm reception, as they did with every newcomer. I had expected the few raucous wolf-whistles would make Antoinette blush, but to the contrary, she lapped up every moment of it. She clearly felt at home.

Chantelle passed around the champagne, then left me to it as she sat to one side. It was comical for her to see Antoinette take her first drink of sparkling wine, just as it had been when she watched me take mine those few years ago.

Chantelle also took this opportunity to announce my new position. Davina had already gone, and so, again, the response was heartwarming. Everyone looked pleased and expressed their delight for me.

I led Antoinette to my room, and she looked quite startled when Chantelle followed. Tongue in cheek, I told her, “Your final examiner.” Chantelle sat in a corner, though I knew that we’d soon forget she was even there.

I invited Antoinette to sit on the bed.  “Today, I will show you how you should undress,” I told her. “Not always, but in most cases.” I gave her my most beguiling show, explaining the fine points of self-exposure as I proceeded.

Then it was her turn, and she did not disappoint me. Indeed, I was beyond astonished. Where was the girl who had been so shy only a few days ago? She was confident, knowing, and I could not help but feel my arousal mounting. A glance at Chantelle assured me she felt the same.

Antoinette stood before me, naked, awaiting my approval with a slightly apprehensive look. “Come here, you little beast,” I said, and I pulled her with me into the centre of the bed. We kissed and our hands wandered, giving each other wonderful little caresses.

“Are you ready for some fun, something very different?”

“Whatever you say, Francine. Just tell me.”

But I did not tell her. Instead, I guided her to sit on my chest, facing toward my feet. She glanced over her shoulder at me, clearly puzzled, and I grasped her hips, pulled her pretty backside toward my face. Then I gave her back a gentle push until she was lying along my abdomen. Her hindquarters rose, and her pussy came to my mouth. At once, I licked at her slit. She had not yet tasted pussy, except for my juices on her finger. Would she understand? And would she be brave enough to follow?

Of course, I need not have worried. It was only seconds before I could feel her hair tickling my legs, and her warm breath at my centre. I opened her slit as I elbowed her legs further apart, allowing me easier access to her delights.

As I’d expected, I had forgotten Chantelle’s presence, but a rustle of clothes drew my attention. I managed a peek, and was delighted to see her skirts pulled up to her waist, her hand between her spread thighs. She watched us with an intensity I did not remember ever seeing in her before. The sight of her moving hand only served to increase my arousal.

Antoinette recaptured my attention. Her fingers played with my lips for a few moments before she eased them inside, her other fingers firmly exposing my clit. She paused in her movements, however, as my lips encircled her own clit, and I knew what was going through her mind. I willed with all my might: “Please Antoinette. Take that step.”

I had long been used to the feeling, and yet still I jolted when her lips touched my pussy. It always felt so very wonderful. I sucked her quite hard, and she did the same for me, and then we both lapped at each other. She was mirroring my movements exactly.

I set her a challenge. I put a finger to her rosy bumhole, teasing and tickling and getting it nice and wet with the juice from her pussy. She tried to emulate me, but found it difficult to penetrate the crack of my ass. It was a long few seconds before she struck upon the solution of lifting my legs, passing her arms through and tucking them back. Such a clever girl!

I expected her fingers there, but got her tongue instead, licking and tickling my tight hole. Her fingers remained at my clit. I eased a finger into her and was rewarded when she pushed back, taking my finger ever deeper into her burning ass.

She responded by pushing her tongue until it entered me. I had always loved that feeling – that first irruption into my ass – but this sensation was wholly new.  Somehow, Antoinette had succeeded without having first opened me with her fingers. I had learned long ago that I could come when my ass was fingered, but I had never climaxed with a tongue there.

I sucked her clit, I fucked her ass, and I knew that she was close.

I focussed my mind on her fingers. They went from my clit to deep within my pussy, then back again, as her tongue snaked into my rear.

Finally, she tickled my pee hole, and I knew what she expected – what she wanted.

It was almost time. I fucked her ass faster, rubbed her clit harder, and pressed my tongue further up her cunt. The motion of her fingers became more erratic, but she did not falter.

I let myself go, and in seconds my body shook with my release, and I spurted profusely. She came then, shaking violently and forcing herself down on me. Her own flood hit me harder than I expected. I was drowning, struggling to breathe and swallow, her pussy flush against my lips, her pee filling my mouth and nose.

I pushed her up, for I had to breathe, but still I was coming. I could have died then, drowned or suffocated, but I would only have traded one heaven for another. I came harder than I could remember. On and on it went, one orgasm flowing into another.

In the end, I collapsed, with Antoinette an inert object on top of me.

Chantelle’s voice came from directly above us. “My lovely girls, so beautiful, so very lovely,” she said. “Will you let me lie with you?” She stood naked beside the bed, and her body was as inviting as the day she had first disrobed in my presence. I raised my hand and guided her down.

She came alongside, and I spoke in her ear. “We’ve discovered an angel.”

“Francine, there are two angels here, and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, watching them make love.”

I reached for her pussy but found Antoinette had arrived first. I placed my hand over hers, and we both pressed. Antoinette’s smile was wicked. She arched an eyebrow, and then we both lowered our heads, each of us taking a breast in her mouth.

Chantelle was soon in paradise. I had long been her favourite, but now she had another. Antoinette was almost exactly as I had been a few years ago. More forward, perhaps, and more desperate to please, but with the same zeal to learn.

Between us, we drove Chantelle wild, roving across her body, licking and sucking. One moment her breasts, then her ass, her pussy and clit. We rolled her over and loved her from every direction. We took it in turns to fuck her in every possible way.

When she started to come, my tongue was in her ass. Antoinette was sucking her clit, we both had fingers in her pussy, and our eyes were only inches apart.

She looked at me in triumph, knowing she had done well. I knew, too, that I had met my match. This girl was extraordinary, and she would earn us a fortune. Of that I was sure.

At last, we lay still, gasping and spent. No one needed to speak. What was there to say? Chantelle had never reached such heights of ecstasy, and Antoinette and I knew it had been a pinnacle of sexual congress.

She leaned across Chantelle’s body, and our lips met. Then she pulled back a little. “Did I give satisfaction?”

I stared at her, totally dumbfounded. One minute this girl had been so timid and afraid. Now – what? She was the most sexually voracious girl I had ever encountered, one whose skills were commensurate with the sort of experience she did not possess.

“What happened, Antoinette? How –?”

She laughed. “Yes, I was frightened. I did not want to be here – not truly, in my heart. But when you made love to me, I experienced something I could never have imagined. You gave me a pleasure I did not know was possible. I came alive, and I want more.”

Antoinette was an immediate success. Word of her youth, her beauty, and her forwardness soon spread among ladies of high standing, several of whom competed against for the right to lie with her first. This was not our way, in general, but the ladies were adamant. The winning bid was the highest sum ever paid to the Palacio for a one-to-one encounter.

I handed Antoinette a fistful of guineas, trying to mask my excitement. Astonishment showed on her face. “Is there some mistake? How much is here? It’s a fortune!”

“No, my sweet. There’s no mistake. Ten guineas and here are two more – your lagniappe from the lady.”

“But, Francine, twelve guineas! That’s more than my brother earns in a year. How can this be?”

“Don’t question it,” I told her. “Just enjoy it. You won’t get that much for one fuck again.”

Certainly, she did not, as this was an unheard of amount. But in a short time, she would command the highest fees ever seen at the Palacio. She would also earn the sobriquet I gave her the day I first ate her pussy. I had only meant to tease her with it, but her clients and her fellow whores all agreed it suited her. She became known as the Little Beast.

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    Kinkychic another fantastic and erotic chapter. I love the direction this is going in. I have been away on vacation so I am a little behind is reading the latest JS stories. So I am looking forward to reading the next chapter of this story.

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