Birds in Flight, Chapter 10

  • Posted on August 5, 2021 at 3:21 pm

By Girl Lover

Mabel gazed in awe at the wondrous, yet unsettling sight of three naked young girls waiting in her bed, instead of the usual two.

Drinking in the sight of Shelly’s undeveloped body, Mabel was surprised to find how quickly her worries were overtaken by a growing lust. She began undressing for the girls, trying to do it as seductively as she was able. When she unclasped her bra and her breasts spilled out, she heard Shelly gasp. Emma whispered, “Told ya.”

Once she was completely nude, Mabel padded over to the bed and sat. “Well, Shelly, since you’re the guest here, what would you like for me to do?”

Shelly didn’t move, just stared at Mabel’s naked body. Finally, Emma asked, “Can you get on your hands and knees?”

“Would you like for me to do that?” Mabel asked Shelly. Shelly gave a small nod, so Mabel positioned herself on all fours. “Now what?” Again, Shelly was like a deer caught in the headlights, unable to respond.

“Shelly,” Emma said, “Get under her like this.” Emma laid down with her head directly under Mabel’s left breast. Seeing this, Shelly arranged herself in a similar way, her face beneath the right breast. Mabel’s breasts hung down far enough that her nipples were touching the girls’ faces. “Take it in your mouth,” Emma told Shelly.

Mabel groaned with delight as she felt one, then two little mouths nursing from her throbbing nipples. In fact, the sight of her friend’s daughter in this position, suckling her breast like a baby, captivated Mabel. “Do you like this, Shelly?” The child nodded. “I like it too,” Mabel cooed, smiling at her new lover.

Little Madison was kneeling behind Mabel, licking her lips as she stared at Gramma’s wet, open pussy. She placed two of her fingers against the opening, then pressed forward, the little girl’s eyes widening in astonishment at how easily they slid inside.

“You’re all hot an’ gooey in here, Gramma,” Madison said, moving her fingers around, getting the feel of the woman’s vagina and liking it.

Mabel couldn’t help but chuckle. She could always count on Madison to say the most adorable things. “That means I’m very excited, honey,” she replied.

Madison’s fingers moved around easily inside Gramma, enough that it had the child wondering if she could get even more in there. She added a third finger, then a fourth, both entering with little effort. Cool! she told herself. Now, what if I did this with my thumb…?

Mabel stiffened as she felt Madison’s entire hand sliding into her cunt, pushing deep inside until the girl had penetrated her right up to the wrist… then she felt that little hand moving around. With the other two girls pleasuring her nipples, Mabel knew she wasn’t going to last long.

Sure enough, within sixty seconds she was groaning loudly, her voice rising to a sharp scream as she came, a gush of warm juice flowing out of her, splashing on Madison.

“She peed on me!” Madison cried out excitedly.

The other two girls slid out from under her, Emma exclaiming, “Hey! Pee on me too, Mabel! And on Shelly!”

Out of breath, Mabel rolled over on her back. Emma immediately pushed her way between the woman’s thighs and began to rub her cunt. “Maybe I can make you pee again, Gramma,” she said,

Propped up against the pillows, Mabel’s breathing was still labored, but she managed to say, “Emma, since Shelly’s our guest, why don’t you show her how to do that.”

“Okay.” Emma moved over and Shelly squeezed in, leaning in close. “Put your fingers in here,” Emma pointed. Nibbling her lower lip, Shelly cautiously poked her index finger into Mabel’s pussy, about an inch deep.

“You can go in a little more, sweetie,” Mabel said.

Shelly penetrated the older woman’s vagina, entering her up to the third knuckle.

“Keep going,” Emma said. “And use more fingers.”

“Will it fit?” Shelly asked, her brow furrowed with concern. “I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“It’ll fit,” Mabel assured her. “Just go slowly.”

Shelly kept pushing, still wearing a worried expression, until, with a quiet sucking noise, her hand slipped all the way into Mabel’s vagina.

“Omigosh!“ Shelly squealed, eyes wide in astonishment, then she turned to Emma. “Um… now what do I do?”

Emma peered over Shelly’s shoulder. “Just kinda move your hand around some.”

With a quick nod, Shelly did just that. Mabel gasped a shiver racing through her body. Shelly hesitated, but the older woman put the child’s mind at ease “Don’t mind me, dear,” she said “Keep going. You’re — ooooh yes, you’re doing wonderfully.”

Shelly continued to probe Mabel, who leaned back and luxuriated in the movement of the little girl’s hand. Then she felt hands on her breasts, and opened her eyes to see Emma and Madison guiding her nipples into their mouths to suck. She studied the three children, each one making love to her naked body, and thought, I still can’t get over this change in my life. I’ve become a woman who has sex with little girls, for goodness sake! But I’ve never been happier.

She stroked Emma’s and Madison’s bare backs as their little mouths worked at her breasts. “So sweet,” she murmured. “So precious.”

It wasn’t long before she felt herself coming again.

“Hey, she’s doing it!” Shelly cried out excitedly, “There’s all this pee squirting out of her!”

Emma and Madison jumped up and quickly scampered over, looking on in awe as Gramma’s juices coated Shelly’s thrusting arm. The sight of the girls’ awed faces made Mabel come even harder, until she was utterly spent.

“Okay… okay, Shelly,” Mabel gasped, clutching the child’s wrist, “That’s enough. Let me rest a bit.” She used a hand to fan her flushed face. “You can take your hand out, sweetheart… just be careful about it.”

Shelly slowly withdrew her hand. Mabel’s cunt was still tender from the workout she’d just had, and a low moan escaped her lips when Shelly’s knuckles emerged past the vaginal ring. Finally releasing her breath, Mabel fell back into the damp sheets, panting for air.

Emma crawled up to her, “Can you do stuff to us now?”

“Of course I can, child,” Mabel managed to say. “Just give me a minute…”

After a brief rest, Mabel sat up. The girls were nestled together, sharing caresses. Emma had a hand tucked between Shelly’s thighs and was lightly stroking her new friend’s slit.

“Now, my darlings,” Mabel announced, “I’m ready to make love to all three of you.” Giving Shelly a warm smile, she said, “Since you’re our guest, you get to be first.”

“Are you gonna lick her, Gramma?” asked Madison.

“Indeed I am,” Mabel replied. Placing a hand on the child’s bare rump, she lovingly caressed it. “You have a beautiful little bottom, Shelly.”

All three girls cracked up at this remark, then Emma began to sing, “She loves her bot-tom, she loves her bot-tom…”

“Now you gotta kiss it!” Madison cried, clapping her hands with glee.

“I think I’ll do just that,” said Mabel. Gently guiding Shelly onto her back, she spread the little girl’s buttocks open and gave her anus a tender kiss, then licked through her crack a few times. Shelly gave a surprised gasp, while Emma and Madison giggled at the sight of Gramma putting her tongue in their friend’s bottom hole.

A moment later, Mabel turned Shelly back over, nestled between the child’s thighs and kissed her sex lovingly, then covered it with her mouth, sucking at the baby-smooth cleft.

Madison whispered to Shelly, “This is the thing she does that feels really, really good.”

Shelly shrugged. “It feels… kinda weird.”

Emma grinned. “Just wait. You’ll see!”

So Shelly lay back, gazing at Mabel, not knowing what to expect. All she knew was that Emma and Madison had told her that getting licked down there was the best feeling in the world. It mostly felt wet, like when she washed herself in the bathtub. Okay, it did feel sort of relaxing, like having your tummy stroked.

Closing her eyes, Shelly pressed her head back into the pillows as a warm, tingly feeling began to make itself known between her legs. She jerked as a sensitive spot was touched, somewhere deep inside. What it was, she didn’t know… but she didn’t care, either, because Mabel’s caressing tongue was starting to feel really good. Shelly’s heart began to race, her breathing grew deeper…

“Did you get the good feeling yet?” Madison blurted out, startling Shelly. Her eyes flew open.

Mabel raised her head. “Shhh, Madison,” she said, then returned to her work, exploring the little girl’s slit with her mouth.

The first time she’d gone down on Emma and Madison, Mabel had been somewhat uncertain about committing such a lewd act, but she did want to make the girls happy. Now, she loved everything about eating pussy — the sensuality of the act itself, the heady scent of female arousal, the warmth, the wetness, the rich, tangy taste. And the sounds of a little girl in ecstasy, she told herself as Shelly began to moan. Mustn’t forget that.

Those little jolts were racing through Stacy again, making her shiver. Suddenly craving more, she instinctively reached out to grasp Mabel’s head, holding it firmly against her vulva.

Oh my, Mabel thought. She’s really enjoying this.

Wielding her tongue like a paintbrush, Mabel continued to lick at Shelly’s cunt until she began to feel the girl’s hips pushing forward and back against her. Shelly was actually humping her mouth! Mabel trailed the tip of her tongue up to the top of Shelly’s vulva, seeking her clitoris.

It only took a few flicks of the tongue before Shelly suddenly went completely still, her body iron-rigid. Her hips froze in mid-thrust, her face scrunched up. Her voice rose to a wild cry, then she went completely limp, her chest heaving.

“Is she okay?” Madison asked, her eyes wide with wonder.

“Yes,” Mabel replied, “It’s a lot to handle and it wore her out. You do the same thing yourself when you come, sweetheart.”

“I do?”

Both of you do. No, no — let her rest.” Mabel licked her lips, savoring that last hint of Shelly’s flavor, then smiled at her adopted granddaughters. “All right, now… who wants to be next?”

Madison cried, “I do! I do!”

“No, do me first!” Emma insisted.

Mabel thought for a moment, then said, “Tell you what. Let’s see if we can all do something together.”

“How do we do that?” asked Madison.

Moving over to the end of the bed, Mabel stretched out on her side. “Madison, why don’t you come over here,” Madison crawled over and lay down by her head. “Turn more this way, sweetie. Now, Emma lay over here.”

Getting into position, Emma pointed out, “We’re in a circle.”

“Yes, Emma. Now we can all make love to each other at the same time, you see.”

“Huh. That’s pretty cool,” Emma declared.

Mabel gently spread Madison’s legs open, so that her pussy was bared, then began to kiss it. She licked the bare slit a few times, then noticed that Madison was still watching her. “Sweetheart, don’t you want to make love to Emma?”

Madison shook her head. “I’d rather do stuff to you.”

“I understand, dear, but I think Emma would really appreciate it if you would play with her.”

“You gotta play with my butt,” Emma teased her.

“I’m gonna whack your butt,” Madison countered.

Mabel rolled her eyes. They’re just kids, after all. “Come on, girls…, let’s get back to what we were doing.”

“What are you doing?” Shelly asked, now sitting up.

“Oh, you’re awake,” said Mabel. “Well, you might as well join in. Emma, scoot over a little so Shelly can move in between you and Madison.”

Shelly got herself in place, then asked, “Now what?”

“Watch me. I’ll show you what to do.”

Mabel gave Madison’s pussy a tender kiss. Shelly copied this, kissing Emma’s slit. “Do you remember how good it felt when I did this to you?” Mabel asked Shelly, who gave a bashful nod. “Well, it will feel just as good to Emma. While you lick her you can also use your fingers to touch her inside there… Be gentle, now… There you go, just like that.”

Returning to Madison, Mabel began to go down on her, which distracted the child from what she was supposed to be doing to Shelly. Lost in the good feelings she was getting from Gramma’s tongue, Madison rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide apart, fully exposing her bare slit.

Amused by the child’s enthusiasm, Mabel covered Madison’s sex with her mouth, loving how the smoothness of it felt against her lips. She pressed her tongue into the snug opening, sending a little shiver through the girl’s thin frame.

“Ooh, I like that!” Madison cried. “Do it again.” Mabel did; absolutely loving the little girl, wanting to give her every pleasure imaginable.

Their oral chain was broken, with no one to lick Shelley, but Mabel just shrugged and continued to pleasure little Madison. At least Shelly’s already had hers, she reasoned. If she needs to come again, I’ll take care of that myself.

Meanwhile, Emma, meanwhile, was attending to Mabel’s cunt, thrilled as always by how hot and wet it felt against her face. She wanted to make Mabel squirt some more, and worked hard to realize that goal, licking and sucking Gramma’s pussy with everything she had.

Mabel was amused by the little girl’s all-out effort to make her come, unaware that after her last orgasm, she was done for the moment. Still, Emma’s licking did feel very nice.

As for Shelly, she seemed to be thoroughly intrigued by Emma’s pussy. Out of the corner of her eye, Mabel could tell that Shelly was watching what she did to Madison, mimicking the woman’s every move as she pleasured Emma with her tongue and fingers.

Suddenly Emma told Shelly, “Ooh, yeah — do that again.”

“This?” Shelly moved her finger.


“Hmmm,” Shelly twirled her finger around inside Emma’s vagina, searching.

“Ooooooh yeah! There! Right there!” Emma blurted. Shelly worked her finger back and forth, causing Emma to cry out, “Hey! That tickles!”

“Keep doing that,” Mabel instructed Shelly, “It will make her feel wonderful.”

“Gramma?!” Madison cried out in a tiny pleading voice, “Please touch me some more.”

“Oh, I’m sorry dear,” Mabel apologized, quickly going back to bathing Madison’s pussy cleft, like a mother cat licking her kittens clean. It was a marvelous experience, loving this sweet child with her mouth, hearing the blissful sounds of pleasure that Madison made, feeling her cute little bottom wriggle with each swipe of the tongue.

“Oh… oh, Gramma… I can… I can f-feel it…” the girl stuttered.

“I know, dear,” Mabel replied, briefly raising her head, then got back to work. As she traced Madison’s slit with the tip of her tongue, Mable reached up to lightly pinch the child’s tiny nipples.

Madison’s coos stopped and she grew very still. Mabel watched the little girl’s face become red from strain as her entire body tensed up. Then she suddenly exhaled the breath she’d been holding, sinking back into the sheets. Mabel crawled up to lie beside Madison, lovingly stroking the young nymph’s cheek as she rested.

My God, Mabel told herself, I am so in love with this child. Emma, too. And, yes, Shelly. How could it have taken me so long to realize how beautiful, how perfect little girls are?

Gramma,” called a pouting Emma, “Shelly’s not doing it as good as you do.”

“Now, you be polite to our guest, Emma,” Mabel said, frowning slightly. Shelley’s new to this, remember… she just needs practice.”

“Um… I’m not sure how to hold my mouth,” Shelly said, raising her head.

Mabel rose to her feet. “I think I know something that can help.” Padding into the bathroom, she soon emerged with her electric toothbrush. Turning it on and handing it to Shelly, she said, “Try touching her with this.” Shelly looked first at the toothbrush, then back at Mabel, puzzled. “The bristles on the brush. Touch them to her,” Mabel added.

Moving cautiously, Shelly grazed Emma’s smooth sex with the vibrating bristles. Emma gave a slight jump, crying, “Oooh!”

Shelly grinned, touching the toothbrush to Emma again. The reaction she got was so intense that  Shelly went a little crazy with the brush, moving it all over her friend’s pussy. Emma gritted her teeth, the girl’s hands opening and closing ast the sensations grew stronger and stronger. Finally, a long, loud moan escaped Emma’s lips, she trembled all over, then clumsily pushed Shelly’s hands away, pleading, “Stop! Stop!” Her eyes were wide open, and she gasped for breath.

Wooow,” Shelly said, thoroughly impressed.

Once she got her strength back, Emma sat up and plucked the electric toothbrush from Shelly’s hands, “Now I’m gonna do that to you!” she exclaimed, her eyes ablaze with excitement.

“Wait,” Shelly said. Drawing close, she whispered something in Emma’s ear.

“Okay… yeah!” Emma replied with an eager nod. The girls both turned to Mabel, smiling mischievously as they drew closer to her.


As Jill came out of the bathroom and flipped out the light, a high-pitched yelp came from down the hall.

“Was that Gramma?” Linda asked.

“Yeah. I don’t even want to imagine what they’re doing to her. I think she bit off more than she can chew with those three.”

Linda was lying on her side, the blanket pulled up, leaving her face peeking out. Kneeling down so she was eye to eye with her little lover, Jill asked teasingly, “Are you naked under there?”

“Look and see,” Linda said, giggling with delight

Jill lifted the blanket and peered underneath. Sure enough, the girl was naked, her body curled up.

“Are you cold?” Jill asked quietly. Linda nodded. “Do you want me to keep you warm?” Linda nodded again, her smile getting bigger. Rising to her feet, Jill gazed into Linda’s bright, hopeful eyes as she undressed.

This was Jill’s favorite part of the day. Night had fallen, and she and Linda were on their own with nothing that needed doing, with plenty of time to make love. Once again, Jill mused about how much she adored this sweet, gentle child of ten.

Once she was naked, Jill crawled onto the bed and knelt before the little girl, offering up everything she had. Her breasts were dangling just above Linda’s face.

“So… what do you want?” Jill asked. Tonight, I’ll do anything for you. I”m yours to command, my love.”

Linda thought for a moment, then said, “Just lay here with me.”

Jill stretched out next to Linda, tugging the blanket over so that they were both covered. “That’s all you want?” Linda nodded as she stared at Jill’s voluptuous breasts.

Slowly moving closer, Linda gave one nipple a shy kiss, then buried her face in Jill’s cleavage, humming happily. Jill didn’t move, not wanting to interrupt her lover’s endearing little antics.

After a few moments, Linda looked up at the older girl “Would it be okay if I spank you?” she whispered. Surprised, Jill arched an eyebrow. “Not a hard spanking,” Linda quickly added. “Just a little one.”

Jill smiled. “I’d love for you to do that,” she replied. Whipping the blanket away, , then rolled over onto her belly, putting her ass on display as Linda got on her knees.

Jill looked back over her shoulder as Linda caressed her buttocks, then raised a hand and gave the right cheek a light slap.

“That didn’t hurt, did it?” Linda asked, a touch of concern in her voice.

“Of course not. Hit me harder.”

“Really? You really want me to?”

“Yeah,” Jill said, nodding her head. “Make me feel it.”

Linda raised her hand again, then brought it down, slapping Jill’s ass with a bit more force. “How’s that?”

“Keep doing it,” Jill encouraged her.

So Linda did just that, slapping the older girl’s rump harder and faster. Jill loved every moment of it. She twisted her head around to watch, relishing the view of this little girl spanking her.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Linda finally declared. Bending over, she placed little kisses all over her lover’s tingling buttocks, then rolled Jill over on her back. Jill let the girl move her, wondering what she intended to do next.

Once Linda had Jill’s body in place, she carefully straddled the girl so that her slit was resting against Jill’s thigh, then laid down on top of her older lover. Once in position, she began to hump Jill’s leg.

Jill reached up to caress Linda’s bare body as the young girl moved back and forth, an expression of pure joy on her face. Her thrusts became faster, Linda’s thigh was brushing against Jill’s pussy — not enough to get her off, but Jill didn’t mind. The look of ecstasy on Linda’s face was more than enough to get her juices flowing.

Suddenly, Linda stopped in mid-grind, her face frozen in a rictus of pure ecstasy while a low, guttural groan escaped her lips. That was enough to set Jill off, though she also reached down to stimulate her clit as she came, driving her ecstasy even higher.

The two rested in each other’s arms. Linda was on top, her cheek nestled against Jill’s breast. Jill heard her sigh in contentment. Jill closed her eyes, wrapping both arms around Linda, twining her fingers in the girl’s hair. She felt Linda’s lips brush her left nipple.

Already in the mood for more lovemaking, Jill trailed her hand down Linda’s back until she was cupping the incredible softness of the ten-year-old’s bottom. She slowly wrapped that hand around one cheek, her fingers gently probing into the crack of Linda’s ass. Withdrawing to bring a finger to her nose, she breathed in her young lover’s scent, then moistened the tip in her mouth before returning it to the pucker of Linda’s anus.

“Oh, Jill,” Linda whimpered. “I… I love you so much.”

“I love you too, babe,” Jill said, her lips barely touching the little girl’s ear. She gently pushed against Linda’s rosebud ever so slowly, so it wouldn’t hurt. She felt the sphincter muscles tighten around her finger. She waited, letting Linda get used to it before easing in a little further. Linda didn’t speak, just continued to burrow her face into Jill’s breasts.

Jill kept inching her finger into the girl’s rectum, going gradually deeper until it was buried inside up to the third knuckle. Grasping Linda’s right buttock with her free hand, she squeezed it, moving her finger around in little circles.

“Oh, God,” Linda moaned, her butt cheeks clenching Jill’s probing finger.

Kissing the top of Linda’s head, Jill whispered, “You are so beautiful. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes… then you’d know how completely in love I am.”

Linda looked up at Jill.“Your finger’s gonna stink,” she said, then burst into giggles.

“Oh, very romantic,” Jill retorted, pretending to scowl. “Y’know, you really do have to love someone to do this for them.” She worked her finger around in a circle, massaging the walls of Linda’s rectum.

A shiver raced through the little girl’s body. “Whoa,” she moaned, “I — I can feel that right down to my toes.” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Mmmm, that’s really nice.”

“God, I love you so much,” Jill quietly said, leaning in close to kiss. Linda, who wrapped both arms around the older girl’s neck as their tongues met and tangled. Linda slid her left hand down to Jill’s waist and began to pull it in her direction.

Jill broke their kiss. “What are you doing?”

Gazing deep into her older lover’s eyes, Linda said, “I want you on top of me.”

“Why?” Jill carefully rolled over onto Linda.

“You’ll see. Now raise up a little bit.” Linda wasn’t looking at Jill anymore, but at her breasts. Perplexed as to what the girl wanted, Jill got up on her hands and knees. “No, no. That’s too much,” Linda protested. “Come back down some”

Jill had no idea what Linda was up to, but decided she didn’t care. Her eagerness was so adorable that it practically qualified as foreplay. Jill lowered herself a bit. “Okay… right there… now move forward a little bit…” As Jill inched forward, she realized what Linda wanted, once her breasts were dangling just above Linda’s lips. As Jill watched, The ten-year-old took hold of them with a firm grasp, rubbing the nipples all over her face.

Jill had to smile. Linda sure has a thing for tits, she told herself. The girl was breathing deeply, her excitement building as she brushed her mouth with the tips of Jill’s breasts, then took one into her mouth to suckle.

Jill closed her eyes as her heart began to race. God, she’s good at this. She tried to relax, letting Linda do what she wanted, but soon found it impossible to remain passive. The urge to make love to the child was simply too strong.

Raising herself up, Jill felt her breasts being pulled as Linda held onto both nipples. “Nooooo!” Linda cried, “I — I’m not done yet.”

“I have to taste you, lover. Let me turn around,” Jill said.

“But I want to play with your boobs,” Linda insisted. “I love them so much!”

“Just let me lick your pussy first, and I promise that then, you can have as much fun with my tits as you want.”

“For as long as I like?” a pouting Linda asked, mulling over Jill’s proposal.

“Well, we both have to get some sleep tonight, but… sure.”

“Okay, then,” Linda replied, releasing Jill’s nipples.

Jill raised herself up, then turned around so that she was on top of Linda in a sixty-nine position.

When Linda saw Jill’s pussy just above her face, she suddenly remembered what happened at the hotel a few weeks earlier, the way Jill had squirted all over the bed when she came. She’d done that a few times since then, too.

“Um… can we turn over, so I’ll be on top?” Linda hesitantly asked. “I d-don’t want you to, y’know, gush all over my face when you, um, come.”

“Sure, I guess,” Jill replied with a shrug. “But I’d love it if you ever did that to me.” She dismounted Linda and rolled onto her back, then Linda swung a leg over Jill and got on top of her.

Linda studied Jill’s pussy, then glanced over her shoulder at Jill, “D’ya want me to lick it, or stick my finger inside?”

“Whatever you want, babe… just make love to me.”

Linda reached out to trace the moist pink slit with a finger, then drew closer, extending her tongue to tease Jill’s clit. She licked it several times, then pressed her mouth into the older girl’s cunt, exploring it with bigger and deeper swipes of the tongue. When Jill had introduced her to the concept of oral sex, Linda had been grossed out at first. Why would anyone want to kiss another girl down there? But after going down on Jill a few times, she was learning to love the taste of pussy.

Spreading the labia open, Linda licked inside the vaginal cleft. What she lacked in skill, she made up in enthusiasm. Her licking would sometimes center on Jill’s clit, sometimes her cunt, and other times, the area around her vulva. The pleasure that Jill felt would build, then subside, then build again, then subside. Sure, the back-and-forth could be frustrating… but when her orgasm finally hit, it was like her birthday and the Fourth of July wrapped up together.

Suddenly remembering how much she’d wanted to taste her little lover,  Jill raised up, pressing her face into Linda’s tender bottom, inhaling the thick scent of the child’s anus. “Oh, Linda,” she whispered, kissing the inside of both cheeks before nuzzling into her crack.

She rimmed Linda for a while, then turned her attention to the girl’s pussy, kissing it several times before covering the smooth slit with her mouth. She stuck out her tongue, licking up and down before sliding it inwards, probing the warm, wet vagina, then trailed its way up to Linda’s tiny clit, which Jill took between her lips to suck.

“Ohhhh,” Linda moaned, raising her face from Jill’s dripping sex. Then she bent down again to continue her licking.

With Linda’s clitoris still between her lips, Jill placed a finger at the threshold of the young girl’s pussy and slowly pushed it inside. Back when they’d only just become lovers, Jill could only enter Linda up to the first knuckle, but now her whole finger entered with ease. Linda’s legs stiffened as her vagina was fully penetrated.

Jill began to work her finger in and out, fucking her ten-year-old lover while she kept nursing at Linda’s clit, tickling it with her tongue. The child’s moans became louder, more erratic. Her pelvis pushed against Jill’s mouth, relaxed, then pushed again, Then again, settling into a steady rhythm

She’s humping my finger!, Jill realized with delight. As Linda’s body quivered, she worked her hips forward and back,her breathing harsh and ragged. She was no longer licking Jill, who was too busy pleasuring her to care.

Jill felt Linda freeze in mid-thrust — then one, two, three, four violent jerks shook the girl’s body, a hoarse cry exploding from Linda’s mouth as Jill gulped down the sweet, warm honey flowing from her pussy. Even after the child’s orgasm had faded to a glow, Jill continued to suck from the smooth slit, not wanting to lose a drop.

Linda was completely spent, and Jill had to carefully roll her onto the bed, then turned around to stretch out next to her. The little girl’s eyes were closed, her chest was heaving as she lay there. Jill cradled Linda close, stroking her cheek and giving her tender kisses.

After a while, Linda’s  eyes drifted open, and she gave Jill a weary smile. “Wow…” she whispered, “That felt… sooo good.” Suddenly animated, the little girl sat up, took a deep breath, and declared, “Now it’s your turn!” With that, Linda swiveled around where she lay, burrowing between Jill’s thighs to pick up where she’d left off with her licking.

Jill gave a blissful sigh as she felt Linda’s tongue explore her slit, delighted by how skilled the girl had become at the art of oral sex. Better than any of the boys I’ve been with, that’s for sure.

“Ohhhhh God yessss,” Jill moaned, her fingers knotting into fists as Linda began to suckle her sensitive clit. She began to tremble, her body spasming as the sensations mounted inside. And with a rush of ecstasy that stole her breath away, Jill came.

When Linda felt warm liquid splashing on her chin, she quickly lifted her head so she wouldn’t get wet, but made sure to continue stimulating Jill’s clitoris with her fingers. She watched in awe as Jill squirted all over the bed at the peak of her orgasm.

As Jill rested, Linda frowned at the large wet spot on the bed between the older girl’s legs, then went into the bathroom and brought back a towel. Carefully spreading it over the damp patch, she then climbed into bed and snuggled up to Jill, resting a hand on her lover’s breasts. Jill wrapped both arms around Linda, cuddling her lovingly as they fell asleep.


The next morning, Jill was awakened by sunshine streaming in through the window. She looked down at Linda who was still asleep, curled up like a kitten. She gave the child a gentle kiss on the forehead, gently extricated herself from her embrace, and got out of bed. Slipping into a nightshirt, though not bothering with panties, she stepped outside, quietly closing the door behind. Going to the kitchen, she poured herself a bowl of cereal, topped it up with milk, then padded over to the couch, where she curled up in a woolen throw and began to eat.

A few minutes later, Mabel emerged from her room, dressed in a nightie and looking somewhat worse for wear. She yawned as she trudged into the kitchen and started the coffee machine. Once her cup was filled, she came over to join Jill, plopping down heavily on the couch. “I never should have given them that toothbrush,” she mumbled, then yawned again.


“Never mind.” Mabel took a sip of coffee, then smiled wryly. “I’m too old for this.”

Jill chuckled. “You’re never too old for love, Gramma.”

“You’ve only got one little girl to satisfy, sweetheart. Last night, I had three to keep happy,” Mabel took another swallow from her cup, then shook her head. “It seemed like every fifteen minutes, one of them would be poking me, wanting to go at it again. They’ll probably sleep until noon.”

At that moment, a slight noise at the bedroom door caught their attention. A naked Shelly came shuffling out, her eyes half-closed, sporting a sleepy grin as she walked out of the bedroom and right into the wall opposite the door, bumping her head.

Jill giggled, then leaned closer to Mabel to murmur, “Good grief, Gramma… you must’ve fucked her silly!”

Jill!” Mabel exclaimed, giving her granddaughter a stern look. She got up and went over to the girl, gently turning her around. “She had a long night is all.”

Guiding Shelly back to her bedroom, Mabel helped Shelly back into bed, whispering, “Go back to sleep, sweetie.” Emma and Madison were still sound asleep, lying half in, half out of the covers, their arms and legs akimbo. Pausing to admire their partially exposed bodies, Mabel gave each girl a kiss on the cheek, then quietly left, returning to the living room to join Jill on the sofa.

They watched the sunlight glistening over the field, gazing placidly through the patio window. “So, Gramma,” Jill said, “how are you feeling about things? Are you happy?”

“I am,” Mabel replied. She gave a blissful sigh. “I still can’t believe how much my life has changed.”

“It’s okay, Gramma,” said Jill, reaching out to take the older woman’s hand. “You’re just finding yourself… and it’s taking you to places you haven’t been before.” She laughed. “Believe me, I know!”

Mabel said, looking thoughtful. “Your life has changed, too — even more than mine. You lost everything, your family, friends, home.”

“I have a new family, friends and home,” Jill replied. “Those days I spent as part of high school royalty, they all seem so… so fake to me now. I thought I had everything, but I was empty inside. It took a scared little girl with no friends to show me where I’d gone wrong. A girl named Linda.” She smiled, giving herself a little hug. “Now she’s mine, and I’m hers, and yeah… I’m very happy.”

Mabel nodded. “It’s a good feeling,”

They fell silent, gazing out into the back yard, then glancing back as a sleepy-eyed Linda padded into the room, wearing her cotton nightie.

“G’morning,” said the little girl.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” called Mabel.

“Hey, babe,” Jill said with a grin. “Come over and sit with me.” She patted her lap.

Linda obediently clambered into Jill’s embrace, nestling into the older girl. “What are you two doing, anyhow?”

Jill thought for a moment, then softly answered. “Feeling satisfied.”

“Yes,” Mabel said with a nod. “That’s it, exactly. We’re feeling satisfied.”

“Hmmm. Sounds good,” said Linda.

They sat quietly together, watching the breeze gently stir the long grass.

The End


4 Comments on Birds in Flight, Chapter 10

  1. sue says:

    A sweet ending to a story that had it’s share of danger and heartache. We loved Jill and Linda’s little spanking play, as it’s something we enjoy sometimes ourselves.

    Also loved that we got right in on Mabel’s fun with three little girls right off. Hope to see more stories from you, Girl Lover.

    Kim & Sue

  2. Bryan says:

    This was and is an awesome story and I loved every word thank you for sharing

  3. Morris says:

    Hope to read jill and grandma with strap on.

  4. VerityVioletViola says:

    I eagerly followed and looked forward to each new chapter of this story from fairly early on (Chapter 3, I think?), and now, a month after this last chapter was posted and a month after I read it, I’ll finally share my review/comments/feedback on the story as a whole (I would’ve a month ago when the last chapter was fresh, but I needed some time to collect and organize my thoughts, plus “real life”-related stuff got in the way, as it tends to do). Girl Lover, you are and remain one of my favorite authors of all time in this subgenre/niche, and my favorite one actively publishing fiction in this vein presently.

    The premise of this story was so wonderfully heartwarming, romantic and sweet, and I loved the characters, especially the main couple (of Linda & Jill). Linda’s permeating innocence, goodness and lovely likeable personality that shines through despite her horribly abusive and neglectful upbringing to that point is amazing, and resonated with me. As comes across here and there in the sexual exploration scenes to your/Girl Lover’s signature humorous effect, she seems to be a very “good girl”–that is, to have a strong sense of empathy, morality, modesty/propriety, good intentions and a desire to “do the right thing”–and that resonated with me a fair amount as it always does (I identify with that concept intensely and relate most strongly to little girl characters who are, well, characterized by it). And as I said in another comment under an earlier chapter, Jill represents a distinct progression and reflects a marked improvement in your ability to write teenage characters (one of your weaknesses, in my view, for all your many strengths as a writer–along with pacing and especially endings, but I’m getting to that shortly below, so I digress). She’s considerably more nuanced/dimensional, human, considerate and likeable/appealing than the teen girls in dynamics with preteens in your earlier stories, and while her sexual tastes are, um, a bit on the adventurous side and one can tell that she’s somewhat experienced for her age, she comes across as much more believable/realistic (because more tempered) in her libido, approach and inclinations than, say, Courtney from “An Unlikely Romance” or Stephanie from “Stephanie’s Master”. Along those lines, I really liked that her desire for/towards Linda is more “organic” and develops out of her love for her following their bonding once Jill has her attack of conscience, change of heart and befriends her–that the sexual desire follows and emerges from her caring feelings of amity for and desire to rescue Linda (first from the bullying at school, and then from her abusive mother) rather than seeming predatory and the other way around. The littler girls are adorably cute, too, of course, and Mabel is the warm, unconditionally supportive archetypal grandmother everyone wishes they had. (Shelly, though, came out of nowhere, too late to get a good sense of her character/personality, so I felt that she was extraneous.)

    Now, for some more critical feedback–honestly, I found the ending disappointing and a bit bewildering, not in itself but because it means that plot points I interpreted as key and suspenseful didn’t end up going anywhere and that two thirds of the story is effectively denouement. Don’t get me wrong, I love that all the little birds got to have a happy ending in a safe nest, but I just expected things like the girls’ parents wondering/investigating where they went and whatever might’ve come from that to be addressed. In fact, that would’ve made the ending a more securely “happily ever after” one, as while Linda and Emma’s mother plausibly might well have been glad to be rid of them and all nominal responsibility (though she presumably does still have legal custody she could reassert at any time, which is an issue–but I understand of course that there’s always some suspension of disbelief and that may be a little nitpicky here), it beggars belief that Jill’s parents would’ve just let her go, considering their (over)active roles in her life (and punishment, once her relationship with Linda comes to light), fractured relationship with Mabel, and intention to impose their rigid morality upon their daughter. I especially had a hard time suspending disbelief and imagining that any of the parents would’ve been inclined to just let the girls go just like that upon realizing (as they inevitably would) that they absconded together.

    So, sorry, but while not every story needs to follow a conventional template for pacing, it is detrimentally odd and doesn’t work as well to have the climax of a story (of this length) in the first three chapters. (That it was so early in–Chapter 2!–is largely why I kept expecting more to happen with the plot up to that point, that the parents would take action, etc.) Unless the arrival at Mabel’s home is supposed to be the “climax”–but the way that was written, it didn’t come across as such at all. The pacing could’ve been improved with, for instance, more drawn-out development of Linda and Jill’s relationship dynamic in the beginning (pre-“flight”), and/or less “road time” (though the amount of time spent traveling to Montana makes sense given the title…). I remember reading recently somewhere on this site (in one of the essays/articles, I think, by either Cheryl Taggart or Naughty Mommy) a distinction between “plotters” and “pantsers” with respect to writing style, and while both naturally have their merits and problems, honestly, I feel this story illustrates well the potential pitfalls of a strongly “pantser” approach, in several ways.

    Another issue is, as I said in my previous comments, I feel like there’s just too much sex in this story for what it is, as silly as that critique might seem for a piece of erotica. The extensive sex scenes shoehorned into every chapter and major part/event seem to come at the expense of plot (not leaving any room to address the matters mentioned above) and character development. Though I liked the characters as said above, the lightning-fast alacrity with which they take and delve headfirst right into the sex and accept their new, drastically transformed life situation stretches verisimilitude and is somewhat conspicuously incongruous with the way that they’re characterized (with Emma and Madison’s young ages, and Linda’s and Mabel’s conscientiousness). I just can’t help but feel like more space could’ve been devoted to showing how the characters got from “there”–naive innocence (in Emma, Madison and later Shelly’s case), self-consciousness and some degree of inhibition and shame (in Linda and Jill’s psyches), grappling with what their taboo desires for and willingness to sexually engage with very young girls mean for who they are (in Jill’s and mostly Mabel’s case), etc.–to “here” (unabashedly, contentedly sexual and sexually adventurous with each other), but that feels like it was compressed/rushed/glossed-over a bit and edged out by the constant, lengthy, prominent and super-explicit sex scenes. And I may be in the minority with this opinion, but I feel that even in erotica the explicit sexual stuff is most effective when it’s interspersed and contrasted with ample plot/character development through conflict (internal and/or external), emotional struggles and progression, slice-of-life and/or otherwise non-outright-sex scenes, and so forth. One can savor it that much more, and it’s more meaningful and impactful to the reader that way, with at least a more even balance or ratio of sex scenes to everything else that comprises and is important in a narrative.

    Additionally, not only was there a little too much sex quantitatively as it were IMO, I had some gripes with the (“qualitative”) nature of the sex/sex scenes and the way that was written in itself here. In most instances throughout, it’s very “play-by-play” and graphically explicit in a way that comes across as more porn-ish/smutty and raunchily lascivious rather than sensual, loving and sweet. For some authors that’s just simply their preferred approach overall, some stories are just written to be “stroke-y” and that’s fine (though not at all to my tastes, personally), but it was jarring in and didn’t really fit the context of this story, which is set up to be a more emotional/sentimental, character-and-plot-driven, depth-based and loving/romantic one. Some of the acts, scenarios and sexual practices featured–fisting, object penetration and strap-on use, and group sex–struck me as a tad extreme (and more distinctly “adult”, if you know what I mean…), a little much to be writing characters this young (and emotionally vulnerable, which they all are for many reasons well beyond their ages, lest you think I’m moralizing in a conventional fashion here) into and for a story of this nature with the plot-context of this one. Admittedly, maybe my impression there stems partially from my just not being as personally into that stuff, I don’t know, but I did enjoy the way your common/pet motifs of little-girl-breast-fixation, spanking, squirting etc. were incorporated into this story, and at least everything (including the things that I was slightly taken aback by) in the sex scenes was written with characteristic playfulness, exploratory wonder and is mostly uncontrived.

    Summarizing and concluding my thoughts on the sex/sex scenes, I hope you won’t take offense to this, Girl Lover (none is intended, certainly!) but in a general sense, this seems like a prime example of a story that would’ve benefited majorly from the writer rubbing one out *before* composing each chapter instead of doing so *afterwards* or *during*, y’know? ;-P

    Anyway, to wrap this review up, in summation I feel as if, while this story is a favorite (primarily by virtue of the author, the characters, the beginning and the plot-context) and I enjoyed it overall, it didn’t quite live up to the promise/potential of the strong beginning, and could’ve been so much more. As a kind of coda to its not-fully-actualized potential–I absolutely adore, am all about comfort sex and the like, but although the setup is perfect for that with characters who are all presumably hurting a lot inside (Linda and Emma from the parental abuse/neglect and bullying, Jill from the ostracization from her peer/friend group, Madison due to her poverty/homelessness and abandonment, Mabel from her loneliness and fraught relationship with Jill’s parents, etc.), that never really materialized–the characters sort of comfort each other and derive comfort from their relationships with each other, but that’s never quite combined with the sexual aspects of the dynamics in the way I’m referring to. Obviously the lack of this specific favored element can’t be a fair criticism of the story, just something I’d have liked to see (and was somewhat surprised at not seeing here, again given the context which would’ve been ideal for it…) and would’ve made the story a lot better.

    In comparison to most of the writing/stories in this genre, I’d rate this one four out of five stars. Relative to all the other stories by this author (that I’ve read thus far), three or perhaps three-and-a-half out of five stars.

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