Sweet Poppy, Chapter 19

  • Posted on July 18, 2022 at 2:15 pm

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by Joe Dornish

After Emma drove me back home, dropping me off with a hot kiss and a cheerful “See you tonight!” I raced inside to find Mum and Lilly waiting.

“So what happened? Tell us everything!” Lilly demanded, bouncing in place.

So I filled them in about the totally awesome sex I’d had an hour earlier with Emma’s sister Chrissie and her twin daughters. Mum said she couldn’t wait to meet little Lola and Lexi, which I knew meant she was desperate to fuck them. I knew she would feel that way, ‘cos girls that age really turn my Mum on… and the idea of sex with identical five-year-old twins had to be driving her crazy with lust. I made a mental note to try and get her into bed with them as soon as I could that evening.

I’d been thinking about Mum’s love of especially young girls. I knew she had sex with Lilly as often as with me, maybe even more. And Evie came over at least once or twice a week, where she’d make love in the afternoon with my sister, then spend the night with Mum. Lilly was totally okay about sharing her girlfriend with our mother, especially since she usually spent those nights in my bed. And every now and then, all four of us would have a sleepover in Mum’s room, where we’d fuck until everyone passed out.

Wanting to chat with Mum, I went into the kitchen where she was ironing clothes.

“Can I ask something, please?”

She smiled at me. “Of course, sweetie.”

“You have a big thing for Evie, right.”

“Yes,” she said, folding a shirt, then reaching for another.

“Is that your favourite age?” Then I realised what she was probably going to say, so I quickly added, “I know you like all girls and women, and each one is beautiful in their own way… but I was just wondering about, y’know, the way you feel about little girls.”

“Well…” She put the iron down, and a gush of steam came blowing out. “I suppose I am especially into the little ones… Evie’s age, yes, perhaps a couple of years younger, even. It depends on the girl, though.”

“I don’t follow.”

“As you rightly say, all children are lovely, but that doesn’t mean I have sexual feelings for every little girl I see. Look, I’m a lesbian, you know that. But that doesn’t mean I’m attracted to all women… just as I’m sure you’re not interested in every single girl at your school. Though I have to admit that quite a few girls around four, five or six have what it takes to get my knickers damp.”

“Is there an age that’s too young for you to like that way?”

“Until recently, I would’ve said that a child needs to understand what they are doing, enough so they can consent to it. She should be able to stop whenever she likes, and understand the importance of keeping secrets. That’s a lot for a young mind to take in, too much for children under four.” She paused, then shrugged. “At least that’s what I thought. But when you hear Kiki talk about Henri… well, it makes you think.”

“What did Kiki say, then?”

“In a nutshell, Henri went straight from nursing at Kiki’s breast to playing with her pussy – even licking it. Nothing Kiki could do would stop the child from going for her cunt, even before she could walk or talk. Baby Henri loved to touch herself, too… even more than playing with her toys.

“Mind you, Kiki did nothing to encourage that kind of behaviour. In fact, it was a couple of years before she got the courage to admit to herself it was okay and healthy. And by that time, they were lovers.”

Needless to say, I was hugely impressed. “Wow, that’s so cool. Little Henrietta was a lesbian, even as a baby!”

“Pretty much. Henri is a normal fourteen-year-old in every other way. Don’t forget, she’s been having proper sex since she was three or four. It’s the only way of life she knows. Henri’s had far more sex than I have, by a long shot.”


“Absolutely. And she’s our Mad Eleven sister, so I know she won’t mind me telling you this.”

Mum loved referring to everyone in our little club that way. I liked it too, the idea of being sisters with all these beautiful women and girls. She was right, too: there were no secrets in the Mad Eleven because, well, what deeper secret could there be than having sex with your own children?

“By the time she was about ten, Henri had become a very experienced lover. Lesbian lover, that is. To my knowledge, she’s never been near a boy… but who knows, that could change.”

“I doubt that,” I said. “Boys are always sniffing after her, but she can’t be bothered. I mean, there’s this one fella that other girls are always crushing on… he kept asking Henri out, and she finally told him to sod off! So, um, what was Henri like when she was younger?”

Well, Kiki tells me it was always Henri who pushed the boundaries and thought of new things for them to do. Apparently, she went through a phase of wanting sex outdoors.”

“Hmmm… now that sounds like a lot of fun.”

“I thought you might say that. Anyway, they nearly got caught fucking in a car park. That put them off public sex – for a while, anyhow.” She laughed, shaking her head. “When I first had sex with Henri, I couldn’t believe how experienced she was! This cute butter-wouldn’t-melt girl fucked me absolutely senseless. She was twelve then, nearly thirteen.”

Mum paused for a second to take a sip of water while I waited impatiently to hear more. I love these stories; they’re far better than any silly soap opera.

“When I started seeing Kiki regularly, Henri was getting especially adventurous, coming up with all sorts of new ideas for things she wanted to try.”

“Like what?” I asked eagerly.

“At first, it was just new positions and toys and stuff like that. But then… well, Henri’s tastes can be a little full-on, honestly.”

“Yeah, you’ve lost me, Mum.”

She sighed deeply, “Sweetie, this is super personal stuff. Perhaps I should let Henri tell you about what she likes. I’m a bit concerned that you’re too young for some of this.”

“Oh, Mum… can’t you tell me anything? You know Henri will if I ask her, right?”

“I’m not sure she would, Poppy, but you can try her out if you like.” She thought for a moment, then said,  “Fine. One thing she enjoys is roleplay.”

“What’s that, then?”

“It’s like a game where you pretend to be someone different. A bit like when kids play mums and dads, but sexual.”

“So… like make-believe?”

“Sort of.”

“But that doesn’t seem like it would be, y’know, especially wild. Sounds like fun to me!”

“It is fun, for sure. But sometimes when adults pretend to be other people, it can be a bit scary if you don’t know what’s going on. Young kids might think it’s real and not pretend, even if you tell them it is.”

“What kind of stuff is scary, though? That’s the bit I don’t understand.”

Mum shook her head. “You’re too clever for me, Poppy. If I tell you about one thing, and one thing only, will you promise to leave it there? For now, at least.”

“Well, I guess… but if it’s silly, the promise doesn’t count, agreed?” I extended my hand.

Mum laughed and shook it. “Agreed. Here it is. Henri likes to pretend she’s done something especially wicked, and then she wants to be spanked for it.”

That threw me. I could only stare.

“I can see your mind going at a hundred miles an hour, sweetie. Come on, ask away.”

“Erm, why?”

“Ha! I can trust you to always ask the right question. You’ll make a good barrister one day. Believe it or not, spanking can feel very nice. It’s as much a mental thing as a physical one. Have you ever fancied a teacher, even when she’s telling you off?”

I giggled. “Um, yeah, sort of.”

“It’s sort of like that, really. When you’re older, you’ll understand it better… but for the foreseeable future, that kind of thing is strictly out of bounds for you.”

I had no idea what ‘that sort of stuff’ was – other than spanking, which didn’t sound like fun at all.

“Yeah… it’s okay, Mum. Honestly, I’m not sure I want to know anymore. Um, there is one other thing I wanted to ask. It’s about Chrissie.”

“What’s that, then?”

Mum seemed genuinely interested when we spoke about stuff like this. I never got that feeling of being fobbed off or patronised by her. She was as much a friend to me and Lilly as she was a mother – or a lover.

“When I was with Chrissie and the twins, it seemed to me that Chrissie didn’t want to use the word ‘child’. She sort of hesitated before she said it.”

“Was it in a sexual context?”


Mum nodded thoughtfully. “Emma told me about Chrissie and the twins when we arranged your visit to see them. Here’s the thing: she’s not been having sex with her daughters for very long. She’s fine with letting them be intimate with each other, but really struggled with the desire to make love to them herself.”

“She sure seemed happy about doing stuff with them today, though,” I pointed out. “And the girls, they totally loved it!”

“Sweetie, it’s not always easy for a woman to come to terms with… with liking little girls that way. It’s even harder to do something about it. And when the child you fancy is your own daughter, well, it can lead to some very confused feelings.”

Mum’s tone had changed. Now she wasn’t looking at me… just staring at the wall.

I took her hand in mine, “Mummy, you know Lilly and I love you to the ends of the earth. You’re the best mum ever. We’re both so, so happy right now. Know why? Because you were brave enough to take that first step, to help us become your lovers.”

Mum started crying, hugging me so tightly I could barely breathe. Wiping her tears away was useless, they just kept coming.

“Sweet Poppy,” she sobbed as I held her.

Once she’d calmed down and blown her nose, Mum said she needed to hear that, then told me I have a way with words. I’m not sure what she meant. All I do is say what I feel, really.

Shortly after that, Lilly came downstairs asking about lunch. Mum made us sandwiches, then she took me and Lilly upstairs for ‘birthday sex’, which meant whatever I wanted. Mind you, I did want to take a nap and get rested up before the party, but I wasn’t about to turn down sex with Mum and Lily. I wasn’t that tired!

So the three of us stripped off and got down to it. I had Mum and Lilly fuck me the way I wanted, one of them licking my pussy while the other ate my bum, and had an amazing orgasm. Then Lilly and I teamed up on our mother and had our way with her until she came buckets. I noticed how confident Lilly has become with anything to do with sex; she’s quite the little lover now (says me, the lesbian expert).

After we’d had our fill of fun, Lilly and I snuggled up and fell asleep together, while Mum went back downstairs… to finish getting stuff ready for that night, I guess. She gently woke us both up just before five o’clock. When she told me I only had an hour and a half to get ready, it all became very real, and I was bubbling over with nervous energy. After what seemed like years of waiting, my birthday sexfest was about to happen!

After a shower, I put on some music and did my hair. Mum came in as I was nearly finished. Her hair and makeup were done, but she was still naked. She was wearing a bit more makeup than normal, and bright red lipstick that matched her nails. God, she looked positively delicious. I wanted to kiss her, but forced myself to stay focused.

She placed a hand on my shoulder. “Need some help getting ready, sweetie?”

“Yes, please,” I answered, making a face at my reflection. “I can’t decide. Hair up or down?”

“Either looks good, but if it’s up it’ll stay out of the way when you’re having sex. Here, this is the invitation Kiki sent to everyone. I thought you’d like to see it.”

She handed me a black envelope with the invitation inside. The fancy gold lettering stood out against the black card.


The Mad Eleven request the pleasure of your company for the birthday celebrations of

Miss Poppy Webb

The theme is ‘Dare to Bare’!

Wear your sexy best!

But be warned, we’ll be going out in public!

Please arrive no later than 6:30, for cocktails and lots of fun and games!


On the back were Kiki’s address and contact details.

“Dare to bare? What’s that mean?” I asked.

“It means, daughter dearest, we’re going out dressed like a bunch of tarts. That’s all I can tell you.”

That did nothing to calm my growing anxiety, but I tried not to let it show. “What are you wearing, then?”

Mum gave me a smile that made my heart flutter. “Not much, believe me. You’ll see it before we go.”

I wanted to ask more questions, but decided it was best to get ready instead. I was glad to have accepted Mum’s help, as the straps and hooks on my lingerie were fiddly and needed adjusting.

I was just about to step into the knickers, but Mum shook her head. “Put those on over the suspender belt, love. If you wear them underneath, you won’t be able to take them off without undoing everything.”

“Oh, yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!”

We put the suspender belt on, fixed the straps to the right height, then Mum had me sit on the bed. One at a time, she rolled each silky smooth stocking up my leg to the top of the thigh and attached them to the straps dangling from the belt. It was incredibly sexy, having my naked mother dress me in such skimpy underthings.

Standing up, I needed a bit more adjusting, but was pleased that everything fit so nicely. The stockings were soft and sheer, so much nicer than my usual ones. Next, I put on the black lace shorts, arranging them so the pearl string hung right over my slit. The shorts sat on what little hips I have, feeling nice and snug. The choker with the chains went on next. I loved how the thin gold chains fell down my chest and went around to my back.

Mum did my makeup for me. Lilly and I had painted each other’s toes and fingernails bright red the night before, so that was taken care of. Mum put more make-up on me than usual, using lipstick that matched my nails, a touch of liner around the eyes, even a hint of mascara.

I got into my little black dress, brushed my hair again, then let Mum put it up in a bun for me. I slipped into my heels and paraded up and down.

“My God… you look stunning,” Mum said, resting a hand on her chest.

Gazing into the mirror, I took stock of myself. I looked older, maybe thirteen or so, dressed in a way that was completely inappropriate to be seen in public. My dress was so tight you could practically see the line of my slit through it, and the hem barely covered the tops of my stockings. The scoop neckline showed a hint of the gold chains that were also slightly visible through the dress.

I smiled at my mother’s reflection, “I think I’ve got the slutty bit sorted out, Mum. I won’t be able to bend over without flashing everyone!”

She laughed. “I think we’re all in the same boat there, sweetie. Christ, you look hot. If we had time, I’d fuck you silly right now.”

“Pity we’ve not got the time.”

“A pity indeed. Come on, let’s get your sister ready.”

Lilly was playing in her room. She was amazed at how grown-up I looked and said I was “totally the sexiest birthday girl ever!” She got a big kiss for that, then had to wipe my lipstick off her cheek. Funny, but since we’ve been fucking, my sister and I have got on brilliantly. If Mia wasn’t my girlfriend, I think Lilly would be my next choice.

Compared to Lilly, I was dressed rather conservatively. She wore the tiniest pair of shorts I’d ever seen. Mum called them ‘hot pants.’ They were bright gold and about three sizes too small for Lilly, by the look of it. They were too tight to wear knickers underneath and hugged her pussy so closely you could see the groove of her slit. Half her bum was exposed, too. On her upper half, she had a skimpy gold vest covered in sequins with thin spaghetti straps.

Mum held up a pair of strappy gold kitten heels. I helped Lilly put them on and she strutted about for us. She wobbled a bit at first, but took to them soon enough. “Where’d you find these, Mum?”

“I got them from that place that sells your ballet outfits. They’re dancing shoes, like the ones they wear on Strictly.”

I had to applaud. She was positively yummy! “Wow, Lils, sexy stuff! You look great.”

“Thanks! Now you, Mummy. Show Poppy your dress.” Lilly turned to me, grinning. “Wait till you see this!”

From the back of her wardrobe, Mum pulled out a dress I’d never seen before. It still had the clear plastic dry cleaner bag protecting it. Mum pulled that off and held up a red halterneck dress that looked even smaller than mine.

“Would you believe I got this over fifteen years ago, when I went to Ibiza? I planned to wear it clubbing, but chickened out. In fact, I’ve never worn it. I’ve put on a lot of weight since then, so I’m having second thoughts now.”

“Oh, pish posh, Mum. You’re still a major hottie. Now put it on, let us see you in it!”

She wriggled into the dress, then put on a pair of tall red heels. Nothing underneath, of course. I hadn’t realised the entire back was cut out so low you could see the top of her bum crack. It was skin-tight, her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric, and the hem? Well, short doesn’t cover it. In fact, that dress didn’t cover much of anything.

Mum tugged it down far as it would go, then studied herself in the mirror she said, “I think my minge is showing.”

Lilly giggled. “No, it’s covered up, Mum… but only just.”

“Well, I’ve got nothing else that I can wear, so it’ll have to do.”

“Have to do? Mum, I don’t think you realise how much you’re turning me on right now,” I told her.

Without warning, Lilly thrust a hand under my dress and felt my pussy. “She’s not lying, Mum, those pearls are all wet.”

Mum and I burst into laughter “What? She is wet!” Lilly protested.

“We had better get going,” Mum announced, reaching for her handbag. Come along girls, we’ve got one hell of a night ahead of us!” She led the way downstairs, and we dutifully followed.

Looking at the outrageous way we were dressed, I was having a hard time believing we were going out in public, but that’s what the invitation said. As the car pulled off I was nervous… but also utterly thrilled.


By the time we got to Kiki’s, I was in an excited tizzy, my tummy doing somersaults. Kiki opened the door and made a big fuss over me with lots of birthday kisses.

As I expected, she’d gone all out on her ensemble for the evening. Her dress, if you could call it that, was black and made of completely see-through fabric, like a stocking that covered her body. Underneath was a tiny g-string and a lace bra that failed to conceal her nipples. Her outfit was completed by a pair of black Christian Louboutin stilettos and a gold necklace.

As we entered, everyone clapped and cheered and shouted “Happy Birthday!” I was covered in kisses and drowned in hugs. We were the last to arrive. The whole Mad Eleven was there, plus Chrissie with those adorable little girls Lola and Lexi.

There was one person I hadn’t met, though. A girl who I’d guess was in her late teens, with jet-black hair, smouldering dark eyes and a curvy, hourglass figure. She was wearing a thin, dark green silk dress with black lace around the top and bottom. It was short and flimsy and her ample breasts jiggled nicely under the thin material. Then I realised that it wasn’t a dress, but a negligee!

Nicole saw me looking at the stranger and came over to introduce us. Nicole, by the way, was falling out of a little black dress about the same size and fit as my mummy’s and her legs were sheathed in sheer tan stockings.

“Poppy, I’d like you to meet Celeste.”

We said hello and she kissed my cheek – then kissed the other one, which threw me a bit. We almost bashed noses!

“I am sorry, ma chérie. In France, we kiss both cheeks,” she said in the world’s sexist accent.

Then it hit me. Celeste was the French au pair who stayed with Mia’s family for a while. I remember Mia telling me how everyone in the family had made love with her. Gosh, I was smitten straight away, and found myself hoping I’d get the chance to have sex with her later.

“Erm, that’s fine,” I told her. “I mean, more kissing is always better, right?” That made everyone laugh.

Moving across the room, Henri handed me a drink. “Here, this is for you, love. Mind you, there’s only a little bit of booze in there.”

It was red, had lots of fruit and a cute little umbrella in it, and tasted just like fruit juice. I wondered if there was any alcohol in there at all. Henri was wearing a tiny checked mini-skirt with a bra top and heels. That was it.

“You look stunning,” she said, caressing my bottom.

“Thanks, so do you,” I replied. “In fact, everyone looks brilliant.” They did, too. A roomful of beautiful women and girls, all dressed in their skimpiest, naughtiest things and ready to play.

There were too many people to tell you what everyone was wearing… this story would go on forever! A few did stand out, though. Just like my little sister, Evie, Lola and Lexi all wore hot pants. The twins were in black and white but opposite – so one had a white top and black shorts, while the other was reversed. Evie had on blue shorts and a red top. They all wore those cute little kitten heels.

Emma was in a mini dress with a high neckline and long sleeves with see-through mesh across the front that just missed exposing her vagina and breasts, but enough was revealed to make it clear she was nude underneath. But Mia… gosh, I nearly fainted at the sight of her! She was wearing a tight dress similar to mine, but in white. Underneath she had on white hold-ups, but her dress didn’t cover the lace tops, she left them on full show. White heels, a pearl necklace and stunning make-up finished off the look. She came over when the fuss of my arrival had died down and we kissed passionately.

“I love you,” I told her, loud enough for the others to hear, and they all went “Aww…”

Mia blushed and handed me a small envelope. “Happy birthday,” she told me with a shy smile.

I opened the envelope and read the card. It was very sweet, one she’d made herself with little hearts drawn everywhere. There was another small envelope inside. I opened it, and out fell a card that said, Valid for one navel piercing.

Mis saw the look of confusion on my face. “Our mums said we can have belly button piercings! We’re going to get them done together, next week!”

I felt myself light up inside. “You’re kidding me! Really?”

Mum was standing beside me, “Nope, we’re not. I’ve found a place that’s very nice, one where they won’t ask questions about your age.”

I was taken aback – what an amazing gift! Hugging Mia again, I whispered how grateful I was. She knew I desperately wanted to have my navel pierced. I’d nagged my mum for ages about it. Mia told me later that she and her little sister worked together to persuade Mum. I can only imagine what that involved!

Kiki came over to me holding a medium-sized present, with Henri next to her holding a smaller one. Kiki raised a hand, and everyone fell silent to hear her speak.

“First, I just want to say thank you to everyone for coming, then let all of you know how goddamned sexy you all look! Well done, ladies, you’ve outdone yourselves.” There was a round of applause and cheering and Henri did a loud wolf whistle. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone excited about what was to come.

“Tonight, our fledgling Mad Eleven club has some very special guests in attendance. There’s Celeste, and Chrissie with her beautiful twins Lola and Lexi. Welcome, ladies!”

Everyone clapped again. The twins got shy and hid their faces against their mummy’s legs.

“We are here,” Kiki continued, “to celebrate the eleventh birthday of a very special young lady, our very own sweet Poppy.”

The cheering and applause were loud and went on for ages, along with lots of wolf whistles. Nicole shouted “Our very sexy Poppy, you mean!” I felt myself blush, but blew everyone kisses.

Kiki resumed. “Like many women and girls around the world, we all appreciate the delights of lesbian sex. However, we’ve found that there’s an extra special bond that takes place when mothers, daughters and sisters come together to make love. We also understand that one can experience and enjoy sex even as a child… and when women and little girls come together as lovers, it’s especially delicious!”

There was lots of clapping with everyone nodding in agreement – especially Mum, who seemed on the verge of joyful tears.

“Children become curious about such things whenever they’re ready to, not when some law says they should!” Kiki declared. “There’s no shame in accepting the precious love and affection a child can offer. Whether you’re six or sixty, you are ready when you are ready!”

We all cheered, and Nicole shouted, “Well, I’m ready!” which made everyone laugh.

Kiki turned to me. “I think it’s safe to say that without Poppy, there would be no Mad Eleven club… and we’d not be here tonight. We owe a debt to this young lady.” Holding her cocktail high, she said, “To sweet Poppy.”

Everyone loudly echoed, “TO SWEET POPPY!” and drank. Wow, I was super embarrassed by then. Kiki wasn’t finished, though.

“Before we carry on, I know how my darling Poppy loves to show off her sexy little body in public… hence our theme for tonight. I, for one, would like to get a peek at what she has on under that dress. What do you say, ladies?”

The room was filled with cries of “Yes!” and ‘Take it off!”

Henri approached me and said, “Arms.” I lifted them up and she pulled the dress over my head, then handed it to Mum.

There were gasps around the room. My face flushed even hotter, and my legs quivered a bit. I’d never imagined I’d be stripped to my lingerie in front of everyone so early in the evening. And since my black lace knickers were open at the crotch, my slit was on full display. It felt a bit awkward, but I was very turned on, too… and that sensation was getting more intense. I wondered if they would ask me to get completely naked next, thinking that I’d be okay with it.

“There now, that’s better,” said Kiki with a wink. “Okay, time for more gifts. This is a small one from me and Henrietta.”

“But I thought the party was my gift from you?”

“It is, but I couldn’t resist giving you this as well. Go ahead darling, open it up.”

I peeled the paper off the smaller of the two presents. It was a long pale blue jewellery box with a name I didn’t recognise on the top, ‘Tiffany’s’. I opened it up and started to cry straight away. Somebody handed me a tissue and I wiped my eyes.

Kiki and Henri had got me a gold necklace. Attached was a poppy made from lots of little bright red gemstones and clear ones around the outside, all inlaid in gold. Kiki took it out and put it on for me.

“There now.” She nodded approvingly. “That looks more beautiful than I imagined.”

It was, too. But before I could offer thanks, Henri handed me the larger package.

“This is from everyone here, especially your mum and Lilly.”

When I got the paper off, all I saw was a brown box with writing on it. Then I read the word LAPTOP.

“Oh my God!” I squealed. “You got me a laptop?”


“I can’t… how did… I’m just – oh hell, I don’t know what to say! Th-thank you, everyone…I’m so…”

I felt so special, so loved at that moment. It was too much. The tears started again – only this time, most of the adults were crying, too, and so was Mia. In fact, she was weeping more than I was.

A cuddle with Kiki, then Mia soon had me smiling again. Then Nicole came over and playfully pinched my nipples, which made me laugh.

Once our jovial mood had been restored, Kiki placed a chair in the centre of the room and asked me to sit in it as everyone gathered around. Standing next to Kiki, Henri was holding a small velvet drawstring bag. Like the one I use for my vibrator, only fancier.

“No birthday party would be complete without a few games,” Kiki began. “This is something that Henri came up with, called ‘Draw a Name’. It’s simple enough – the birthday girl starts us off by drawing a name from this bag. Whoever gets their name picked gets to make Poppy come right here, in front of everyone. Then that person gets to take a turn. She sits in the chair and picks a name from the bag. Whoever that gives her an orgasm, and so on.”

“What a marvellous game!” Mum exclaimed.

“I hope I get picked,” Evie said, giving me a look that made my heart throb.

Putting my hand in the bag, I drew a small piece of folded paper, which I handed to Kiki.

She smiled when she saw the name. “Perfect.” Looking up, she said, “Celeste… will you come forward, please?”

Our special guest shyly approached me. As she drew closer, I caught sight of the slip of paper in Kiki’s hand. To my surprise, the name on the paper wasn’t Celeste, but Kiki! She caught me looking, then winked and blew me a kiss. God, I loved Kiki so much at that moment. So unselfish of her, going all out to make our newcomer feel special. I’m sure she also knew that I was eager to be pleasured by Celeste. I blew a kiss back to Kiki, promising myself that I’d be fucking her silly that night.

Celeste was standing before me, hands clasped together. “This is a very nice way to get to know you, Poppy! Please tell me – how would you like to be made to come? Shall I use my tongue?”

“Oh, gosh, er… yes, please!”

Celeste knelt in front of me and spread my legs wide, licking her lips as she studied my exposed cunt. “Beautiful,” she murmured. “I would love to please this pretty pussy for many minutes, but our time is short, so…”

Then she attacked my clit with her tongue. Leaning back in the chair I gripped both arms tightly, settling in for what promised to be a wild ride. I looked for Mum, and saw she’d pulled her dress up and was rubbing herself with one hand, caressing little Evie with the other. Some of the others were masturbating, too.

Celeste took no prisoners. Her tongue was like a machine that brought me off quicker than I’d ever come before. Of course, getting fucked with an audience of scantily dressed women and girls only added to the thrill of it all.

Once she’d brought me to a squealing climax, Celeste stood, smiling as she licked her lips. “That was lovely, Poppy. I am glad to have been the first to make you come. Tonight, I hope you have many more.”

“Thank you, it was wonderful. Er, could we do that again later, please? I’d like to return the favour.”

“Of course! I would like this very much,” she said, giving me a deep, hungry kiss before rejoining the others.

I sat there with legs spread, my sloppy cunt on full show. “Doesn’t Celeste get to pick a name from the bag now?” I said.

“Not yet, darling,” Kiki told me. “It’s nearly time for us to go. We’ll play this again later on, though.”

Mum handed me my dress. “Put this back on, sweetie.”

I shrugged into it. Mum fussed with my hair a bit, kissed my cheek, then went over to Lilly to help adjust the spaghetti straps on her tiny top.

I managed to steal a quick moment alone with Henri before we left, and asked her, “Can you help me with something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I’d like to set Mum up with the twins and Evie and Lilly, so she can have some private time with them all. Making love to four little girls at once… God, that would make her sooooo happy! I want it to be a surprise, so I can thank her for being the best mum in the world.”

“That’s a smashing idea, Pops. I’ll have a chat with Mum and sort it all out. Probably for when we get back from dinner – how’s that sound?”


When we emerged from Kiki’s house, two black limousines were waiting for us. They were the longest cars I’d ever seen, much too big to get up the driveway, so we clip-clopped our way down to them and piled inside. I was in the front car with little Lexi (who chose to climb into my lap), her aunt Emma, Lilly, Evie, Celeste and Mum.

The interior of the limousine was incredibly posh, like a small luxury flat. There was a TV inside, even a bar with chilled champagne! Of course, Mum insisted on opening one of the bottles, so we could toast my birthday yet again. Even the kids got glasses of bubbly, only theirs were topped up with lemonade. That left us in a warm, mellow mood, so we settled in for a cosy chat.

Emma had some very interesting news for us: after dropping me off that morning she went back home, where she made love to her nieces for the very first time. Of course, she’d wanted to be with Lexi and Lola for a while, especially after they became sexually involved with their mum, but couldn’t quite bring herself to make that first move.

“When you made love with the girls this morning… God, it made them so happy,” Emma told me. “And after the amazing time I had at Kiki’s place, I couldn’t stop thinking about my nieces that way. I spoke with Chrissie that night and she told me that I didn’t have to be afraid of my feelings for Lola and Lexi… that they wanted me to enjoy them, to love their beautiful little bodies.” She gave a happy sigh. “So, this afternoon, after I dropped you home… that’s exactly what I did!”

“And it was soooooo nice!” Lexi cried, squirming in my lap.

Mum smiled sweetly at the adorable five-year-old. “I’d love to hear about it,” she said, absently cupping her left breast.

So Lexi, with occasional help from Emma, began to tell us about how she and her twin Lola spent the afternoon in bed with their beloved aunt. Lexi was very articulate for her age, and the adults talked to her just as they would to each other. It made me feel good to see that in our little private society, a girl of five was just as important and interesting a member of the group as someone like Kiki.

By the time their story reached its conclusion, my knickers were damp… but so were everyone else’s. Lexi said, “That’s all,” then gazed up at her aunt with adoring eyes. “I love you, Auntie Emma,” she whispered.

“I love you too, sweet child,” Emma softly replied. Leaning in, she claimed her niece’s mouth in a sensuous kiss. The sight of their tongues engaging only got me wetter.

Before I knew it, our half-hour journey had flown by, the two limousines were pulling up to the curb of the restaurant. Mum mentioned on the way there that Kiki had booked a large private function room away from the main restaurant, so we would have complete privacy. As you can imagine, I was excited to hear that!

We climbed out and made our way to the entrance, where a doorman with a shiny top hat opened the doors and ushered us inside. I was impressed to see Kiki give him a twenty-pound note. The restaurant was inside a very posh-looking hotel, so we had to walk through the lobby and over to the desk. Kiki spoke briefly to a woman behind the counter, who nodded, then vanished.

We were being very quiet and trying not to attract attention, but it was futile. The main bar was just across from the reception desk, with a steady stream of people coming and going, and the way we were dressed was bound to get us noticed. We were all tits and legs, with so much bare skin on show that it looked like a stripper convention… only one with little girls participating. Some of the women gave us disdainful looks, and more than a few of the men were staring in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

It felt like forever, but soon a smiling hostess appeared, leading us over to a lift that led to a large room on the first floor. There was one long table set for us with fine linen and more knives, forks and glasses than I’d ever thought possible to use in a single meal.

We had the most marvellous dinner, with six – no, seven courses. Each course consisted of plates with beautifully arranged tiny bits of food, every one a work of art. I can’t tell you what most of the dishes were, but I tried everything and enjoyed nearly all of it. I was sitting between Mia and Nicole, with Emma and Lilly close by.

Emma asked Mia and me about our relationship, grown-up stuff like how we first knew it was real love. She wanted to know how we dealt with jealousy, if it was a problem when one of us had sex with someone else. We both giggled, then I told her that actually, it turned us on to see each other having fun. We have a rule, though, that at the end of the night we always slept together, or at least tried to – sometimes, you have to nod off right where you are.

Emma laughed, and Nicole said, “Quite a few adults could take a leaf out of your book, girls.”

While we dined, I’d been eyeing up some of the waitresses. Kiki, you see, had requested that only women serve us that evening, and they were all young and beautiful. Once the dessert dishes were taken away, they cleared the table completely, then wiped it down with little brushes.

Kiki stood and tapped her glass with a fork. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at her.

“Ladies, we made special arrangements for this evening’s meal, and the staff went all out to accommodate us. I think they did a stonkingly good job of it, too.”

She began to clap, then everyone stood up and applauded the eight pretty girls. They all looked pleased; some of them even blushed. Kiki gave one of them an envelope and said something I couldn’t hear. The girl nodded, then they all left the room. I noticed a couple of the girls giving us wistful looks, as if they wanted to be part of whatever it is we were doing.

There was only one door into the room, and when the waitresses left, Kiki bolted it shut from the inside. “Now that we’re alone, we have just enough time for one quick round of Draw a Name.” Producing the bag, she held it out to Celeste. “Would you do the honours?”

“Oui,” she murmured and picked a piece of paper from the bag that Henri held out to her.

Celeste peeked at the paper, then smiled. “Christine,” she said.

We all cheered and clapped and said rude things. I shouted, “Lick her pussy!”

After a brief word with Celeste, Chrissie climbed up onto the table and stretched out on her back. The cheering got louder as Celeste kicked her heels off, then pulled the pretty green dress over her head. I wasn’t surprised to see that underneath, she was completely nude. She had lovely wide hips, a thick but neatly trimmed patch of black pubes, and full heavy breasts with brown nipples. Her skin was an olive tone, and I noticed as she got up on the table that her underarms were unshaven. Gosh, she seemed so sexy and exotic to me. I was determined to have sex with her at least once more that evening.

Squatting above Chrissie, Celeste slowly lowered her cunt to the older woman’s mouth. She had her arms extended out to the sides for balance, and Mum took one hand for support so Celeste didn’t topple over. She gently rode Chrissie’s face as we all looked on. There was a little laughter and chatter around the room, but it was much quieter than before.

I had a perfect view of Chrissie’s tongue as she trailed it through her younger lover’s pussy, licking her over and over again, making happy humming noises that made it clear how much she enjoyed this. Celeste was swaying back and forth, dreamy-eyed with pleasure. I was fingering myself while I watched the sex show – not to make myself come, but because it felt nice.

When Celeste had her orgasm, we all cheered and clapped, then helped them both down. Looking around the table, I guessed that some of the others had been masturbating too.

I was snogging with Mia when Kiki told us it was time to leave. We marched through the lobby again, heads held high, making a godawful racket as we laughed and giggled our way out to the waiting limos, ready to take us back to Kiki’s place.

It was only 9 PM, and the party was about to get started for real.

On its sexy way: Chapter Twenty!


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