Greenfield Tales, Chapter 8

  • Posted on March 28, 2021 at 3:44 pm

By JB West

For helpful information about this story’s main characters, please consult The Girls and Women of Greenfield Tales

Part 1 – A Whole New Woman

Kim and Rachel arrived at Cassidy and Deena’s home just after six-thirty the next evening. Kim had called Cassidy that morning to ask if she and Rachel could stop by later, telling her that they had an idea they wanted to discuss and a favor to ask. Cassidy was, of course, happy to have the sisters over, but let Kim know that Deena wouldn’t be home until sometime after six.

Rachel pulled up next to the curb, parking the car, then looked over at her sister before turning off the ignition. “You sure you want to do this?” she asked. Kim had been hesitant to go along with her idea at first and Rachel wanted to be absolutely sure that Kim was doing this because she wanted to, not because her big sister was pressuring her into it.

“Yeah,” Kim said. She looked over at Rachel and smiled. “I’m a little nervous, to tell you the truth, but yes, I want to do this.” Taking her sister’s hand, she gave it a reassuring squeeze.

The sisters walked up the short driveway and onto a small path that brought them to the front door, where Rachel rang the doorbell. A moment later, the door opened and they were greeted by a smiling Cassidy. She quickly ushered them inside and they exchanged quick kisses on the cheek. Cassidy offered the sisters something to drink and explained that Deena had only gotten home about five minutes earlier, was taking a quick shower, and would join them soon.

She gave Kim and Rachel a quick tour of the house, although there wasn’t much to show. It was a modest dwelling — two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small kitchen that was basically part of the same space as the living room, although the two areas were divided by an island countertop. There was no formal dining area, just a small table for two where Cassidy and Deena normally took their meals.

Cassidy led the sisters down to the basement and showed them her studio. There was also a small laundry and utility room. The rest of the basement was mostly used as a storage area. Cassidy was a bit of a packrat so there were many boxes of miscellaneous stuff that she had collected over her years of travel and adventure before settling down with Deena.

They made their way upstairs, meeting Deena just as she emerged from the bedroom in jeans and a t-shirt, her hair still damp. A quick round of hellos were said, then they all moved outside to the patio to enjoy the beautiful summer evening.

The women chatted for about twenty minutes before Kim finally got up the nerve to address their true reason for stopping by. “Cassidy,” Kim began, “I wonder if I could ask you to do something for me.”

Oh, no, Cassidy thought. Here it comes. She’s going to ask me to undo what I did. She wasn’t happy about this turn of events and suddenly felt quite nervous, but she responded with a nonchalant tone. “Sure,” Cassidy said. “What is it?”

Kim took a sip of her water and swallowed hard, still struggling with her own nerves. “I was hoping you could answer a question I had.”

Cassidy felt a weird sense of relief. All Kim wanted was a question answered. Easy enough. “I can try,” she said.

“Over the past couple of days I’ve — well, we’ve…” Kim indicated Rachel, who was sitting beside her, then reached over and took her sister’s hand. “We’ve been wondering… how exactly did you change us, and… did you change Rachel more than me? If so, why?”

Cassidy chided herself for assuming that Kim’s question would be an easy one to answer. She took a deep breath to steady herself, then launched into an explanation.

“You were such a mess the other night,” she began “and I felt responsible for it. I don’t feel like I forced you to do anything against your will, but after our encounter in the hot tub, the sheer amount of grief and anguish you were feeling was overwhelming. I told you I can sense the emotions in others around me, and the stronger the emotion, the more I feel it. Your grief was like getting punched in the gut. It felt terrible, and I know I was only experiencing a fraction of what you were feeling.”

Cassidy’s head was bowed while she spoke, but then looked up at Kim, tears forming in her eyes. Stricken by the sight, Kim wanted to take Cassidy in her arms, to tell her that everything would be all right but froze in the moment as the memory of her absurd grief came rushing back to her. Kim could feel her own tears welling up, and she had to look away from Cassidy for fear that she might start crying.

“When I was in your mind, I changed the things I felt you needed changed; to help you regain control of your life.” Cassidy’s tears were now streaming down her face. “And I — I wanted you so much, Kim. I felt such an intense desire for you. I m-made it so you’d be able to feel the same for me.” A sob broke from her lips. “I’m sorry if I went t-too far…”

Kim trembled as Cassidy’s words resonated in her mind. Her breathing was shallow and ragged, but the memory of how the young woman had freed her from sorrow and guilt filled her with pure joy. The tears that threatened to burst forth finally did, but they were bereft of sadness. Kim could only feel the peace that had been granted to her by Cassidy and the changes she had made.

Rising from her chair, Kim moved to Cassidy’s side, took the younger woman’s chin in her hand, then tilted her head up so that they were looking into each other’s tear-filled eyes. Kim leaned down and placed a gentle, loving kiss on Cassidy’s lips. Cassidy started to laugh as the relief of knowing that Kim was not upset with her passed through her mind. Cassidy took Kim’s hand and held it close to her heart.

Cassidy then turned her attention to Kim’s older sister.

“Rachel, you were much easier to help than Kim. The death of her husband and the trauma it caused… trying to put her life back together, it left your sister with deeply seeded issues of grief, guilt and… resentment to deal with.” Cassidy gave Kim’s hand a light squeeze but then continued, “Kim was in a much more vulnerable state than you. I knew that I could tinker with your subconscious mind without doing you any harm, so I didn’t need to be quite as cautious.”

“Can you tell me what you did?” Rachel said. “Whatever it was, it worked, and I’m definitely not upset… but I am curious. How did you change me, exactly?”

Now that she knew the sisters weren’t angry with her, Cassidy felt far more at ease explaining how she’d used her powers. “Well, first, it was obvious how much you wanted Deena, so I enabled you to act on those desires. I stripped away any inhibitions you had and increased your libido just a bit. It sounds so crude to say out loud, but I… I took away anything that might prevent you from being my — well, mine and Deena’s, really — our ideal sex partner. I could see how badly you wanted to be with her, but you were too reserved to allow that to happen. So I fixed that. I made you completely open to letting your desires run wild.”

Rachel’s heart throbbed with excitement. She’d had her own ideas about how Cassidy had altered her sexuality, and now her suspicions had been confirmed, absolutely and without question. The Rachel from a few days ago would have been horrified by Cassidy’s confession, but now she was turned on and weirdly, deeply grateful.

Cassidy had more to say, though. “I also could tell from poking around in your head that you’re a very adventurous person when it comes to sex — much more so than you think. So I decided to… well, I eliminated any inhibitions you had about the idea of incest, or making love to little girls.” Cassidy looked away, a sudden blush coloring her cheeks. “I wanted to make it easier for you to love other women, but I also wanted you to feel that same desire for your sister… and your child. I… I wanted you to be like me and Deena.”

Rachel nodded slowly, her suspicions confirmed. She knew now for certain that all the new feelings and desires she’d been experiencing for the past two days were the result of Cassidy’s alterations in her mind. More than that, she was correct in her guess that Cassidy and Deena shared an attraction for young girls.

Rising from her seat, Rachel began to pace restlessly back and forth, her mind buzzing with the significance of these revelations and how they might affect her life going forward. For the millionth time, she imagined what it would be like, taking her daughter Emily as a lover. Was such a thing even possible? The idea still turned her on — if anything, more than ever.

A storm of lust raged inside her. She wanted to scream, to sing, to break into unrestrained dancing, to tear off every stitch of her clothing. Instead, Rachel stopped pacing and stood in front of Deena, looking down at her. “Did you know about this?”

Deena took a deep breath. “I know what Cassidy is capable of. I didn’t know exactly what she’d done to you, not until now.”

She would have said more, but then Rachel suddenly bent down to kiss her. It was an aggressive kiss, smoldering with the full heat and intensity of Rachel’s passion. Deena was taken aback at first, but she quickly responded in kind, meeting and matching the older woman’s ardor.

Still holding Kim’s hand as she watched the amorous display playing out before her, Cassidy gave it another squeeze. She looked up at Kim, enthralled by the desire in her eyes, but also by the deep sexual hunger that radiated through Kim’s soul, a hunger that Cassidy felt as acutely as her own.

“So,” Kim said, gazing down at Cassidy, “Do you think you could do one more favor for me?”

Cassidy’s eyes met Kim’s. “Anything.”

“I need you to finish the job,” Kim said. “I want you to go back into my mind and do for me what you did for Rachel.”

“What? Are you sure?” Cassidy was shocked. She had feared that this night would be filled with accusations and recriminations. Instead, Kim was asking to have her mind altered once more, to complete the transition into a wanton devotee of lesbian love. Cassidy was so elated she almost jumped out of her seat.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Kim said. “Ever since you told me about Emily watching us, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the girls… our daughters. These feelings, these thoughts, I can’t quite shake my feelings of guilt. I’m tired of feeling that way. You’ve shown me that it doesn’t have to be like this, so I’m asking you to help me again. I want this. I need this. Please.”

“Of course I will,” Cassidy replied, impressed by Kim’s resolve. Even after hearing the unvarnished truth about the changes she’d made to Rachel, Kim wanted more than anything to have those same alterations done to herself. Cassidy had helped Kim through her grief, and now she would enable Kim to become the person she was meant to be.

Cassidy had no way of knowing it, but what she was about to do would not only change Kim’s life, but the lives of many others as well, including her own.

“Are you ready?” Cassidy asked, and Kim nodded. “Let’s do this, then.”

Rising to her feet, she placed another chair directly across from hers, motioned for Kim to sit, then retook her own seat. Cassidy took Kim’s hands in hers, gazed into her new friend’s eyes, inhaled deeply, then engaged Kim, carefully entering the woman’s mind.

Once again, Cassidy found herself in the familiar landscape of Kim’s psyche, where she quickly set to work destroying the last vestiges of the inhibitions that Kim so desperately wanted to be rid of. Just as she’d done with Rachel, Cassidy made certain that Kim would never feel negative emotion as a result of her desires. From this day forward, Kim would experience the world just as her sister did; never again would fear or doubt or embarrassment keep Kim from exploring her sexual needs and acting upon them.

A moment later Cassidy broke the connection and felt her consciousness flow back into her body. Like the last time, it took Kim a minute to regain her senses, but then she opened her eyes, smiling hugely. Just like the time before, Kim could tell that changes had been made to her psyche, changes for the better. A sense of calm contentment had taken hold of her and the joy it brought was overwhelming.

“Thank you,” Kim whispered, a single tear rolling down her cheek, a beatific smile on her lips.

Her gratitude was intended for all three women. Thank you to Rachel, for always being there for her no matter what, for persuading her to make the change. Thank you to Deena, for helping save her life, protecting Katie, and bringing Cassidy into her life. And thank you to Cassidy, for making her a whole new woman and hopefully, a happier person.

Kim felt genuinely alive. The weight of her grief and guilt were entirely gone, and she was free to become the woman she’d always wanted to be, even if she hadn’t known who that was until now.


Part 2 – The Plan

Deena was seated in her chair with Rachel nestled in her lap, occasionally swapping kisses while Cassidy and Kim continued to meditate. Like the others, Deena had no idea what was going to happen moving forward, but the erotic potential of this situation thrilled her to the core. The fact that Rachel had fully accepted the truth of what Cassidy had done to her turned Deena on more than she could put into words. She was a dominant person by nature, and the possibility of having easy access to not just one but two sexy older women who were open to doing whatever she asked of them was almost too exciting to comprehend. And the fact that Rachel and Kim were sisters, each with a gorgeous little girl of her own… in Deena’s mind, it made the whole situation all the more intriguing.

Noticing that Cassidy had slipped back into consciousness, Deena broke her kiss with Rachel and turned her attention to her lover. Cassidy was watching Kim intently, waiting for the woman to regain her senses.

Gradually, Kim returned to herself, the others watching as her eyes fluttered, then opened. Her face seemed to glow with bliss and she was smiling. A single “thank you” was all that Kim could manage.

“Did it work?” Rachel asked. She’d been watching Kim and Cassidy closely, but had no way of knowing whether Cassidy had been able to successfully alter her sister into being the sexually liberated woman that she longed to be.

In reply, Kim gazed lovingly at Rachel, on the verge of joyful tears. All but leaping from her chair, she seized Rachel’s wrist, pulling her up from Deena’s lap and into a tight embrace. Their mouths met in a kiss that quickly grew deep and passionate.

Kim broke the kiss and looked into her stunned sister’s eyes. “What do you think?” she said, laughing.

“I’d say yeah, it worked,” Rachel chuckled, allowing a hand to drift down to rest on her sister’s ass. “And, um, the other thing?” She wanted to know if Kim’s newly discovered desire for young girls was still a problem, or if Cassidy had managed to sort that out.

Getting the hint, Kim quickly conjured an image of Emily in her mind. She imagined her eight-year-old niece standing in the doorway of her bedroom looking in, completely nude, with a curious expression on her angelic face. Kim, also nude, was laying on the bed. She motioned for the girl to come to her. Emily padded into the room and slowly climbed up onto the bed, all the while gazing longingly into Kim’s eyes in a way that made the woman shiver. The child crawled between Kim’s wide-splayed legs, then bent down and pressed an open-mouthed kiss into the juicy flesh of her aunt’s pussy.

The fantasy piqued Kim’s arousal but she felt no guilt whatsoever. Just desire. Just love. It was the proof she needed to answer Rachel’s question.

Definitely.” Kim said with a sigh.

Rachel clapped her hands in delight. The first part of her plan, getting Cassidy to alter Kim the same way she’d been altered, was complete. It was now time to proceed with the second part: getting Deena and Cassidy on board. And since Cassidy had already confirmed that she and Deena were also attracted to young girls, Rachel knew that this next step would be easy.

She turned to face her new friends. Deena was still seated and Cassidy was now perched on the arm of her lover’s chair. They were holding hands. “I’ve got a proposition for you both,” Rachel said. “And I think you’ll really like it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it’s exactly what you’ve been hoping for.” Rachel shot Deena a knowing look.

Deena felt a small quiver in her pussy. She hadn’t known Rachel long but she knew her well enough to recognize the look of desire behind her eyes. “Well, that sounds promising,” Deena said with a playful tone. “What did you have in mind?”

“Maybe we should all sit down.” Kim chimed in.

Once the four of them had taken their seats, Rachel took a sip of water and began to share her thoughts. She launched into a brief summary of her plan, the first part of which was getting Cassidy to adjust Kim’s psyche. That accomplished, Rachel proceeded to run through the rest of it while Deena and Cassidy listened intently. They really liked what they heard, but each had questions that Rachel and Kim were keen to answer.

Over the next hour or so, the women discussed the plan until it had morphed from a collection of loose ideas into something that was sure to be an extraordinary experience — that is, if they could pull it off.

They had just finished ironing out the details when Kim peeked at her wristwatch. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed. “It’s later than I thought.” She informed Rachel of the time, and they agreed that they should get home soon to tuck the girls in.

“You wouldn’t believe how expensive babysitters are in my neighborhood,” Kim told her new friends. “I swear, this girl we’ve got tonight is going to bankrupt me!” The women shared a laugh as she and Rachel rose to their feet.

“Before you two go, there’s something I need to show you,” Cassidy said. Kim could tell from the tone of the younger woman’s voice that it was something serious.

“Sure,” Kim replied.

The group proceeded inside and Cassidy led Kim downstairs to her studio, Deena and Rachel close behind. She walked over to the far corner of the room and stopped in front of a small cloth-covered canvas that was resting on an easel.

“Do you remember what I told you about the Buzz… and how it’s always there in the back of my head?”

Kim nodded.

“On Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night. The Buzz is what did it. The sound was so loud, so intense.” Looking at Cassidy with concern, Kim took her hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“That wasn’t the first time that it’s happened,” Cassidy continued, “and when it does, there’s only one way to dial it down. I look into a mirror, concentrate on myself, and then meditate, counting backwards from ten. Normally, as soon as the countdown is complete the buzzing subsides, and I can rest easy. But the other night, something… different happened.” Cassidy paused, taking a deep breath.

“It’s okay. You can tell me,” Kim reassured Cassidy in an almost motherly fashion. Cassidy smiled bashfully at Kim, then leaned in for a quick kiss before she resumed her story.

“When I was finished, the Buzz had stopped, but an image flashed in my mind. A face. A face I had never seen before.” Cassidy took another deep breath. “I rushed down here, grabbed my brushes and started painting. I needed to see that face. Somehow I knew that whoever it was, they held the answer.”

“The answer?” Kim asked. “The answer to what?”

“I don’t know.” Cassidy said. “I don’t even know the question. But maybe she does.” Taking hold of the cloth draped over the canvas, she pulled it away.

Kim immediately gasped in surprise. It was not a photo-realistic depiction by any means, more impressionistic, but it was unmistakably the image of Katie’s face.

Kim stared at the painting, trying to grasp what it meant. “Y-y-you said you did this Friday night?” she stuttered.

“I started it that night. I’ve been working on it since then, a little bit every day.”

Kim pressed a hand to her forehead. “Friday night. Before you even met her!”

“Yes,” Cassidy confirmed. “In fact, Deena hadn’t even told me about her — or any of you, actually — when I… I had my vision. I had no reason to know of Katie’s existence, but I saw her face so clearly in my mind.”

“And you think she’s the answer to — to some unknown question?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.” Cassidy’s voice quivered with uncertainty. “I don’t know.”

Kim shuffled over to the opposite corner of the room where there was a small wooden chair covered in many years worth of dried paint. She sat down and slumped over, holding her head in both hands. A few feet away, Deena and Rachel stood still as statues, watching as Cassidy moved behind the chair and began to lightly rub Kim’s shoulders.

“Do you think she might be like you?” Kim mumbled, her head still down.

“Maybe.” Cassidy said. “Or maybe it was some kind of premonition. Or…”

“I still think it’s just a case of you picking up on my thoughts.” Deena said.

Raising her head, Kim peered thoughtfully at Deena, who seemed to be cool and calm, as always. Rachel, on the other hand, wore the same concerned expression as Cassidy.

“What do you mean?” Kim asked. ”What kind of thoughts were you having about Katie?”

Deena hesitated for a moment. She was worried about how open she should be about her feelings for Katie, but decided that complete honesty was her only course.

“That night, after spending so much time with Katie, she was very much on my mind,” Deena explained. “Then later, Cassidy and I… um… we had sex, and all the while, I was thinking about her. I even asked Cassidy to pretend she was a little girl while she was going down on me. And I fantasized that she was really Katie.”

Kim knew that Deena had a strong sexual desire for young girls, nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel somewhat shocked by her words, even though she’d had very similar thoughts about Katie. The night before, when Rachel had fingered her to orgasm while they stood at Katie’s bedroom door, Kim had wondered what it would be like to touch her daughter like that. Now Deena was putting this forbidden desire into words, saying out loud that she wanted sex with Katie. Kim knew that she should be appalled; instead, she was thrilled by the notion and found herself getting turned on all over again.

Deena was still voicing her thoughts. “I think that my feelings for Katie were so heightened at the time that Cassidy couldn’t help but pick up on them. Somehow that translated into the vision she had.” With a helpless shrug, Deena added, “Mind you, I can’t prove any of this. I still don’t completely understand Cassidy’s powers.”

The room was silent as the four women each pondered the various ideas that had been discussed.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with all this,” Kim said, her desire colored by worry. Her first priority was Katie’s well being, of course, but she also needed to understand the meaning behind Cassidy’s vision, if there was one.

“I don’t know either… but I will be here to help you and Katie, however I can.” Cassidy said. She knelt down next to Kim and hugged her.

Kim wrapped her arms around Cassidy and held her close, whispering, “Thank you.”

“Um, Cassidy? Maybe you could take a look around Katie’s mind. You might find some answers that way,” Rachel suggested.

Kim looked up from Cassidy to Rachel, then back. She took Cassidy’s hands in hers. “What do you think?” she asked. “Would you be willing to try that? Would it even help?”

“I — I’ve never used my power on anyone so young before.” Cassidy said. “I mean, I’m sure I could do it… but would Katie be willing? I’m not comfortable with the idea of forcing my way into her head.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Kim said. “Katie will be fine with it. She’s the most curious child I know. If we tell her about your gift, and how you’d like to try an experiment with her, you won’t even have to ask. She’ll be begging you to do it.”

“Or we could make it one of the games we want to play tomorrow night.” Rachel said. “Like pretending to hypnotize her or something. I’m sure she’d be a very willing subject.”

Cassidy absently tugged at the hem of her t-shirt as she pondered the request. Despite Kim’s confidence in her skills, she couldn’t quite shake her reservations about invading the mind of a child.

But Kim wants me to at least make the attempt. How can I look into those enchanting eyes and tell her no?

“I… I’ll try.” Cassidy finally said.

Kim stood, then helped Cassidy up from her knees. They embraced again, holding each other tightly. Kim wanted to express what she was feeling, but couldn’t find the words. A simple thank you wouldn’t be enough, and anything sexual seemed inappropriate. Fortunately for Kim, words weren’t necessary as Cassidy could literally feel the emotions that she wanted to convey.

Deena and Rachel took the opening to slip back upstairs. It was obvious that Kim and Cassidy were sharing a private moment so the other two women quietly left them be.

After another minute of holding each other, gently swaying in their embrace, feeling the warmth of their bodies close together, Kim and Cassidy broke their hug. Kim then looked at the portrait of her daughter. again “It really is a very nice painting.” Kim said.

“You think?”

“Of course.” Kim gave Cassidy a shy smile.

“Well, it helps that the subject is so beautiful — and desirable,” Cassidy said as she brushed back a couple strands of hair that had fallen across Kim’s face. “Just like her mother.”

Kim blushed at the compliment. She wanted to grab Cassidy and kiss her, but didn’t get the chance, as  Cassidy had felt her own sudden rush of desire and acted on it before Kim was able to. Their kiss was long and slow and sensual and fully conveyed the desire that each of them felt for the other.

Meanwhile, Deena and Rachel were upstairs, making out on the couch. They were just getting to the point where articles of clothing were about to be removed when they heard a light cough, followed by the sound of Cassidy snickering. They looked up to see Cassidy and Kim standing over them, big smiles on their faces.

“Okay, enough of that, you two,” Cassidy said, pretending to scold them. Deena dramatically feigned ignorance to any wrongdoing — of course, as an officer of the law she was beyond reproach. Rachel then accused Cassidy and Kim of cock-blocking, and they all laughed.

“We really should get going.” Kim said after the laughter died down.

It was getting close to the girls’ bedtime, so Rachel reluctantly agreed. The women all exchanged kisses at the door, then Cassidy and Deena watched as Kim and Rachel walked to their vehicle, got in and drove away.

Shutting the door, Deena turned around to find herself drawn into Cassidy’s arms. They exchanged a long kiss, just as passionate as the ones they’d shared with the sisters, but more cozy and familiar. After they broke the kiss, they stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment. No words were needed.


Later that night, Cassidy crawled into bed, snuggling up close to Deena. She rested her head on Deena’s chest and listened to the slow, steady beat of her lover’s heart.

Deena took Cassidy’s hand, brought it to her lips and pressed a warm kiss into the palm. “Are you nervous about tomorrow?” she asked.

“No.” Cassidy replied. “More like super excited.”

“I was talking about Katie,” Deena said. “Going inside her head. Poking around.”

“Oh. Yeah.” Cassidy looked across the room at the mirror in the corner. “I guess I’m a little bit nervous.”

Deena took Cassidy’s chin in hand and tilted her head so that they were gazing into each other’s eyes. “You know that I’ll be there with you every step of the way.” She leaned in to kiss her lover.

“I know that,” Cassidy said as she rolled over, facing away from Deena. “I guess I’m just worried about what I might find.”

Deena settled in behind Cassidy, spooning her body, hugging her close. Feeling Cassidy shiver, she placed a few feather-light kisses on the back of her neck, a technique that always seemed to relax her partner. “Whatever happens, we’ll handle it. You and me, babe.”

Placing her arms atop Deena’s, Cassidy hugged them tightly to her chest. “I love you so much,” she whispered.

“And I love you.”

A few minutes later, Cassidy could tell that her lover had drifted off. She extricated herself from Deena’s embrace and slipped out of bed. Padding over to the mirror, she studied her reflection, just as she’d done the other night. Cassidy toyed with the notion of doing her meditation but decided not to, unnerved by the possibility of what she might see. Instead, she sat down on a small chair in the opposite corner of the room and peered out the window.

From there she could see the streetlight that dimly illuminated the cul-de-sac. There was a swarm of insects frantically flying around the light, and she was almost convinced that she could hear them —  but no, it was the Buzz, there as always. Her reminder that she wasn’t a normal person.

The vision of Katie’s face flashed in her mind once again, and Cassidy shivered. By this time tomorrow, she’d have her answer, the mystery would be solved, but in that moment all Cassidy had was doubt, fear and a sense that no matter what she discovered, her life would be forever changed.

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  1. SugoiiKacey says:

    Aaaugh… Suspense! 🙂
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    To be frank, while “powers” are a neat aspect to me, I thought the potential was there of shifting to just a sex story, all worked up just the sex and maybe just using powers control. I didn’t consider/realize Kim’s desire to be free of all like Rachel and that _that_ was the plan.

    Nope.. there’s a lot more to develop that makes the story so much more than “just” jilling material. And I love it.
    Now if I could get Dr. Who to visit and take me to the future to not have to wait :D. Good work and thanks!

  2. sue says:

    Finding the Buzz/mind control most interesting. Is there a real power? Or is just the thought of it enough to make someone drop all inhibitions?

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    Kim & Sue

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    Something which seems important, and hasn’t been addressed at all yet, is how Deena and Cassidy found each other. It sounds like that could be a terrific story in itself.

    I very much like that there is no actual sex in this chapter. Rachel and Kim really needed to be ready for it in their minds; it was also important for Cassidy to reveal her thoughts and deals.

    Goodness, I love this story!

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    Thanks for the nice words everybody. I’m so happy that you’re all finding the story enjoyable.

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