Sweet Poppy, Chapter 6

  • Posted on August 18, 2021 at 2:50 pm

by Joe Dornish

After what had seemed like an eternity — though really, it had only been less than a week — my fantasy was finally coming true. My beautiful mother and I were hand in hand, making our way to Kiki’s bedroom, where we would make love for the first time. Actually, I’d never had real sex with anyone before, so this would be another first for me.

Much as Mum wanted this, she’d given me every opportunity to back out of going to bed with her, and I was certain that she’d make sure one last time that I hadn’t changed my mind before we got undressed. So just as we reached the bedroom door, I gave Mum a very serious look and said, “Remember… you don’t have to do this unless you really want to.” Then I winked and slapped her bum!

Mum laughed out loud, then gave me a gentle kiss. “Sweet Poppy,” she said.

When we opened the door we were greeted by a lovely flowery scent. The room was lit by something like a  dozen candles that Henri has placed all around the room. The bed had been turned down and there was a bottle of mineral water on each bedside table. Two fresh, soft white bathrobes hung waiting to be used, the smaller one obviously meant for me.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Mum said.

I was shaking my head in awe. “This house is… it’s magnificent. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” she grinned, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Well, it was. And Kiki is so nice, too. I think she’s great!”

“I’m so pleased you like her — and Henri, too.”



“Um… what does Kiki do for a living?”

“The honest answer is… not a lot. She took her twat of an ex-husband to the cleaners in the divorce. Oh, she has property and investments to manage, but you couldn’t really call that work.”

“Kiki paid for all my new clothes today.”

Mum nodded. “I know, sweetheart… she’s been desperate to take you shopping. You made her very happy.”

“Really? I’m glad she’s happy. I really do like her, Mum.” I wanted her to know how pleased I was with my new friends — not just because it was true, but somehow I knew that she needed to hear it. This was a big step for my mum, too, and those little reassurances seemed to mean a lot to her.

“I was very proud of you today, Poppy,” Mum said, taking me in her arms. “You were so charming and kind… a real lady.”

I wanted her so badly I ached — but right then, my mother was too busy paying me compliments to notice. I cut her off by suddenly kneeling between her legs, looking up to say, “Mum?”

Her eyes were huge. “Um… yes, sweetie?”

“Kiss me, please.”

She bent to me, and our mouths met. The embrace was gentle and completely unrushed. We enjoyed the taste of each other’s lips and tongues, letting our hands wander. When we finally drifted apart, I slowly rose to my feet. Mum was perched on the edge of the bed, looking up at me with adoring eyes as I stood before her.

I slowly reached out to cup Mum’s breasts, enjoying the weight of them in my hands, then teased her nipples, thrilled to feel them harden to my touch. By then, I was desperate to just rip my clothes off and jump her, but that didn’t feel right. Maybe next time, I thought, my heart beating fast when it hit me that there definitely would be a next time.

Cradling Mum’s face in my hands, I bent to kiss her again. She was fondling my bum through my skirt as our tongues mingled. After a while, I broke away and straightened up, then began to take off the blue cashmere jumper I’d borrowed from Mum, but she stopped me. “I’d like to undress you, if that’s okay.”

Needless to say, I was more than happy with that notion. ”Sure.”

Getting to her feet, she took hold of the hem and slowly lifted my jumper up and off. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Mum went all dreamy-eyed at the sight of my bare chest, whispering, “So beautiful, so sexy.” She sat back down and began to caress me, fondling my little buds, then kissed and licked each nipple in turn. It was heavenly.

Reaching round to undo the clasp of my skirt, Mum let it drop to the floor, leaving me in just my tights and knickers. I’d already taken my shoes off. She ran her hands up and down my legs and bum, then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my tights. “May I?”

“Please, Mum.” Why was she even asking? Couldn’t she see how desperate I was to be loved? My head was buzzing like it was swarming with bees, and I felt hot and cold at the same time.

She carefully tugged the tights down to my ankles, and I stepped out of them. Now I was nude but for my plain white panties, which had a small wet patch on the front. Mum gently kissed my mound through the fabric, then inhaled deeply, breathing in my scent. God, that was such a thrill — A shiver raced through me, and my legs wobbled a bit.

Wearing a saucy grin, Mum looked up at me. “Did you like that, baby?” As if she didn’t know!

“Yes, Mum!” I exclaimed.

She kissed me there again, but let it linger this time. I could feel the warmth of her mouth, and it made my pussy throb. Sitting back, Mum took hold of my knickers and peeled them down, letting them fall to ring my ankles. I stepped out, now completely naked.

Her eyes seemed enormous as she stared at my bare slit. I could see her hand tremble as she reached out to touch it with the tips of her fingers. “Such a beautiful pussy, so perfect, so…”

Then she kissed me, right there, her bare lips against mine. Another rush of excitement surged through me, and I had to clutch Mum’s shoulders to keep from falling over. Just from one little kiss!

Mum stood up in front of me, reaching behind for the clasp of her dress.

I had to stop her. “Can I do that for you, Mum? I want to take your clothes off.”

She smiled. “I’d love that, sweetie.”

I walked behind her, then went up on tiptoe and kissed the back of Mum’s neck, which made her shiver. Undoing the catch, I slowly pulled the zip down, then slipped the dress from Mum’s shoulders to her waist. While I was there, I also undid the clasp on the red lace bra she was wearing, then turned her to face me. She let the bra fall off as she turned.

Reaching out for Mum’s breasts, I cupped them, one in each hand. They felt lovely to the touch, but there was something else I wanted. Giving her a shy glance, I asked, “Can I kiss them?”

“Poppy… my body is all yours,” she said. “Do whatever you like.”

Moving in, I began to place gentle kisses all over those gorgeous tits. Mum groaned and cradled my head in her arms while I licked her left nipple, then the right one. I buried my face in her breasts, loving their amazing softness. Would mine be this nice when they grew in?

I could feel Mum quiver, hear her whispering, “Oh my baby girl, so sweet and gentle… make love to Mummy, please. Mmmm, I adore you…” It sounded as if she was talking to herself as much as me. I could have played with her breasts for hours, but felt even keener to get the rest of her dress off.

When I finally stepped back, Mum looked as if she was in a dream world, her eyes hazy with pleasure. Taking hold of the dress, I tugged it over her hips and down to the floor. I knelt in front of her, she lifted each foot in turn, and I slipped Mum’s high heels off.

She stood before me, a sex goddess wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy red lace knickers that matched her bra. There was a wet patch on the front of her panties, a lot bigger than mine was. I caressed the damp spot, and Mum inhaled sharply.

“I didn’t know you could get that wet, Mum,” I said.

She only smiled, touching my cheek. ““Sweetie, you’ve got me positively dripping.”

“I hope so,” I said and slowly pulled her knickers down, edging my face as close to her pussy as I could get without touching it. Her scent seemed to draw me in, inviting me to take a lick, but somehow I held back.

When Mum had stepped out of her undies I ran my hands up and down her bare legs, then between them, just gentle touches to get her excited. I placed a kiss just below her trimmed pubes, then a lot more of them all around Mum’s pussy lips without quite touching them. She liked that, speaking my name out in a choked half-whisper. I finally stood up, giving each of her boobs a quick kiss for good measure, then our mouths came together in a brief but very heated tongue kiss.

Now that we were both naked, Mum took me by the hand and led me onto the bed. We laid down together side by side and kissed again, letting it go on for a long time with our tongues doing a sexy dance. I could feel her fondle my bum like she had before, only this time she let a finger find my pussy lips and slide between them. I nearly swooned with delight.

“May I touch you here?” she whispered, her lips touching my ear.

I was in a highly aroused state, certain that one good stroke to my clit would make me come… so Mum’s question caught me completely by surprise.

Frowning, I looked her in the eye. “Mu-um… you know you don’t have to ask!”

She just laughed. “I’m just being a mother, sweetie… and looking out for you is part of that.”

Okay, I need to do something about this, or we’ll be all bloody night getting around to the actual sex, I told myself.

Maintaining eye contact with Mum, I slid a hand between her legs. She parted them for me, and I touched her wetness properly for the first time. The folds of her smooth labia parted for my finger as it slowly trailed its way down towards my mother’s opening. I’d seen her masturbate, and knew she liked to put her fingers inside herself. My eyes still locked with hers, I plunged my middle finger into her vagina, as far as it would go.

“Oh — oh my GOD!” Mum cried, a violent jerk shaking her body. “Mmmm yes, Poppy, yes!”

“I take it we can touch each other, then?” I said, giggling. “And we’re all done with worrying, right…?”

“What? Oh, yes, fuck it… let’s do this.”

I wriggled my finger about inside her. Mum arched her back, “Oh, shit,” she cried out.

“Are you sure you don’t mind me touching you?” I eased another finger into her.

“B-bloody brat,” she cried. “Stop… teasing your poor mummy.” I began to twist my hand from side — which meant, of course, that my fingers were twisting inside Mum’s pussy. “Fucking hell… you’re only t-ten years old! How — how d-did you get so good at this? Ohhhh…”

It looked like she was about to come, but I didn’t want that to happen just yet, so I stopped moving my hand back and forth. Mum gave a deep groan. “Christ, almighty, you — you’re fucking edging me!”

What’s edging? I wondered. No time to think about that; I had a job to do.

As I slowly began to work my wrist again, Mum was babbling like she’d gone mental. I twiddled my fingers around inside my mother for a few more minutes, getting her all worked up again.

Once in a while I’d wiggle my fingers around a bit harder, and every time I did it Mum’s eyes got huge, and she gasped as if something startled her. As sexy as it was, there was something funny about it, too. I really had to try hard not to laugh out loud, not that she would have noticed.

It was thrilling, too, knowing that what I was doing was getting Mum off in such a big way. Through sheer luck, I was doing something right. Oh, I was incredibly aroused myself, but determined to stay fully focused on her. I’d just been playing around before, but now I had a purpose: I wanted my mother to come, and I wanted it to be huge.

Suddenly Mum was looking at me. “The rough bit… rub the rough b-bit,” she said, breathing heavily.

Rub the what? I felt around and sure enough, there was a tiny rough place inside Mum’s pussy, so I stroked it with the tip of my finger. Her body seized up, and she went completely nuts. Whatever it was, she loved it! I kept touching her there, and after only a minute or so she cried, “Ohhhh! Ohmigod, oh fuck YES!” and that was when she came, practically bouncing on the bed. It was all I could do to keep my fingers inside her, but somehow I managed to. I was stunned by how much juice came out of her, my hand was bathed in it.

After a minute or so, her orgasm subsided. I withdrew my fingers, now glistening with Mum’s fluids, and took them into my mouth. It was a strange flavour, but I liked it.

“Fuck me, that was amazing,” she mumbled, a weary smile on her lips.

“I did okay, then?”

She nodded. “More than okay. You found my G-spot the first time out.”

Something else I don’t know yet, I realized. “Your… G-spot?”

“Uh-huh. It’s that bit inside me that you were tickling there at the end. It’s a very sensitive area, and can be notoriously hard to find.”

“Why, does it move around?” I felt stupid as soon as I asked the question.

Mum gave a huge laugh. “Ha! Now that would be a trick! No, sweetie, it doesn’t move. It’s just tricky to find, because a woman’s plumbing is, well, pretty complicated. And now that you know where it is, you’ll be able to find it again.” As she spoke, Mum was toying with my nipples.

“Does everyone have a, um, G-spot?” I asked, reaching out to fondle her breasts.

“Mmmm, that’s nice. Er, yes and no, depends who you ask. Men don’t have them, anyhow.”

“And what does ‘edging’ mean? You said I was doing that to you.”

“So I did,” Mum replied with a thoughtful nod. “That’s when you take your lover close to coming, but stop before she does, then start over again. It’s a kind of teasing, really. But when you finally do come, it’s… well, it’s incredible.”

I wanted to know more, but got distracted by Mum using the word lover. Was that how she thought of me? Much as I was into the idea of sex with my mother, imagining myself as her lover made me tingle.

As if she knew what I was thinking, Mum slipped a hand between my legs. I shivered as she traced the line of my slit. “I love your pussy,” she said. “It’s so soft and warm.”

We came together in a sweet kiss that heated up in a hurry. Mum was massaging my mound with the palm of her hand, and my legs were wide open, urging her on. She masturbated me for a minute or two, then got up on her knees next to where I lay. Her fingers twined through my hair.

She gazed down at me, the love in her eyes plain as day. “I want to make you come, sweetheart,” she said.

“It won’t take long, Mum. I’m ready for it.”

She laughed. “Good… because I’m ready to make it happen!”

A tiny whimper escaped me when Mum slid the tip of her finger into my pussy, then slowly drew it upwards, headed for my clit. I knew what was coming, but I still jumped when she found my little button and began to stroke it in a slow, steady rhythm. Her free hand was roaming over my body as she masturbated me, touching my nipples, my tummy, my thighs.

By then, I was pretty keyed up and in need of release, because Mum only got to make love to me for thirty seconds or so when I felt the heat began to rise inside. Bracing myself for the explosion to come, I gripped the bed with clenched fingers as my head clouded over. Before I could draw another breath, my orgasm took hold and spread through my body like a petrol fire.

Fuck!” I shouted, then bit down on my lip as the feeling intensified. Then Mum took it even further, sliding the tip of a finger inside me as she continued to rub my clit. Going completely on instinct, I thrust my hips in Mum’s direction, forcing her even deeper into my vagina. That set off a second orgasm, hitting me before the first one had finished. I was rolling from side to side, trying to ride the wave as far as I could, until it finally gave out and my ecstasy faded into a cozy, warm glow. It was a million times better than anything I’d ever experienced on my own.

In my drowsy state I squinted through half-open eyes at Mum, who was licking her fingers. She noticed me looking. “Mmmm, you taste good,” she sighed. “I’m going to want more of that.” Winded as I was, a prickle of excitement raced through me when I realized what she meant.

We shared some water from one of the bottles on the bed table, then snuggled together on the bed with me as the little spoon. We laid in silence and watched the flames flicker in the fireplace, kissing little bits of each other that came within reach.

It wasn’t long before Mum’s hands were wandering again. She was caressing my legs and hips, then began to play with my puffy nipples. When she kissed my neck, it tickled and I had to laugh. I shifted around to face her and we kissed, a deep, passionate kiss between mother and daughter.

We remained like that for a long while — kissing and touching, embracing each other, whispering words of love. Then Mum eased me onto my back and started kissing my chest, pausing to lick and suck my nipples. Reaching over to the bed table, she picked up a band and tied her hair back, winking at me in a way that made me go all hot and gooey inside.

Gently pushing my legs apart, Mum knelt between them, then bent to kiss my tummy. I knew what was coming. The butterflies in my stomach were dancing around, caught up in anticipation. Somehow, though, I was relaxed, my nervousness completely gone.

“So sexy,” Mum whispered as she drew closer. “I’m going to make love to you for real now, sweetheart, the way I’ve always wanted to. I’m going to lick you, taste your little girl pussy…”

That’s not what she did at first, though. Mum kissed all around the top of my mound, down to my legs and inner thighs, shifting to nuzzle my tummy — everywhere but where I longed for her to go. I guess she was paying me back for how I’d teased her a few minutes ago.

After what seemed like an eternity, I felt her tongue lightly graze my clit… and I can’t put into words how amazing that felt. I was on the edge of going off like a bomb, my mind in that delicious half-dreamlike state. I tried to keep my eyes open, wanting to watch what Mum was doing to me, but my body wasn’t following instructions. All I could do was lie back and surrender to her magic touch.

A few more light kisses on my pussy lips pushed me closer, then her tongue touched the very bottom of my slit, just above the anus. That was when Mum licked a pathway up the length of my slit, moving so slowly that it was almost excruciating. When she reached the halfway mark,  I tensed up and clutched the sheets even tighter. Nearer and nearer… finally, when she reached the top, she nibbled ever so gently at my clit.

It felt incredible. I was begging for more — maybe swearing, I’m not sure. Mum must have been listening, anyhow, because she took my throbbing clit between her lips and flicked it with her tongue.

“Oh, m-my GOD!” I screamed. Mum never stopped, didn’t even pause. I’d had quite a few orgasms since learning how to masturbate a week earlier — but this one was spectacular, even better than the one Mum had given me just minutes ago. I forgot where I was and what was happening, blind to all but pleasure.

Once I’d returned to myself, I lay motionless — well, except for the rise and fall of my chest as I gulped down lungfuls of air. I could feel Mum’s head resting on my hip, the warmth of her breath, her hand caressing my tummy. Finally, I managed to raise my head and looked at my mother. She smiled. “Are you back?”

“Barely,” I mumbled.

She chuckled. “I wish you could have seen yourself come just then… it was really something.”

“I’m…” I was at a loss, couldn’t think of what to say.

“Shhhh, just rest.” She crawled up to stretch out next to me. “I love you, Poppy,” she said.

I snuggled into her, inhaling deeply of my mother’s warm, familiar scent. “I love you too, Mum… and that was so, um… oh, bloody hell, where have all my words gone?”

Mum laughed and kissed me. My flavour was on her lips. Suddenly I wanted to return the gift, to taste her. I tried to push myself up from the bed, but my arms wouldn’t support me.

I felt her firm hand on my shoulder, holding me in place. “Stay there, sweetie, just relax for a bit.”

We cuddled for a few minutes while my head cleared and I regained my strength. I was suddenly very aware of how wet I was. Feeling between my legs, I discovered that there was a damp patch on the sheets, “Omigod… did I wet the bed?”

“Uh-huh, you did,” she answered with a grin. I felt my face grow hot, then Mum explained. “You didn’t pee yourself, sweetheart. When you came, it was so intense that you squirted. Ejaculated, that’s another word for it. I must say, you surprised me. I didn’t think, at your age, you would come so hard and get so wet. It was sexy as hell.”

I thought about that. “So, Mum… how wet do you get?”

Her grin got bigger. “Oh, I’ll let you find that out!”

“Deal!” I said and we laughed.

“I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you this… every now and then, Kiki will squirt when she comes. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see her do that yourself. Seriously, she goes off like a fountain!”

My eyes went wide. “Really? Are you kidding?”

She kissed my forehead. “No baby, I’m not. I’ll always be honest about sex with you. I want you to have lots of fun learning and exploring.”

“I feel so, so lucky. Y’know, I think all girls should do this with their mums. The world would be a better place.” Mum burst into laughter. “What? I’m serious, everyone should.” I protested.

“Oh, my dear, sweet baby. Come here,” she said, taking me into her arms. “You’re absolutely right. If all mothers could make love to their daughters, it would be a very good thing. The world doesn’t work like that, though.”

“I know. People would freak if they knew we’d just… hey, so we did just have sex, right? You and me?”

Mum gave me a puzzled look. “Well, of course. What else could it have been? It certainly wasn’t a piano lesson, sweetie.”

Okay, I was being dense, but right then I was so happy that it didn’t matter a bit. “Oh, wow, that’s so cool! I just made love with my mum, the most beautiful woman in the world!”

Blushing a pretty pink, Mum started to laugh, but I cut that off with a deep, hungry kiss. She seemed surprised at first, but was fast to respond, her tongue darting into my mouth.

I was rested, refreshed and on fire, desperate to taste my mother. Breaking our kiss, I pushed her back on the bed, bending to give Mum a quick peck on the lips, then began to make love to her for real. I started with her neck, nuzzling her soft skin, then gave her left earlobe a light nip. She gasped, but I was already on the move again, traveling downward.

Much as I longed for my first real taste of Mum, there was no way I could pass up the chance to have some fun with her boobs. I covered them in kisses, then sucked each nipple in turn. I was resting between my mum’s thighs, feeling her warm, wet pussy against my belly.

Down I went, burying my face in the softness of her tummy, where I licked the few small stretch marks Mum had. She always claimed to be proud of them, that they reminded her of Lilly and me.

When I reached the top of Mum’s pubes, which were neatly trimmed into what she called a “landing strip,” I hesitated, deciding where to go next. Should I start licking right away, or tease her for a bit longer? In the end, Mum decided for me. “That’s it, baby,” she whispered, stroking the back of my head with a quivering hand. “M-my precious little girl… lick your mummy, please!”

I was about to do what she wanted, but then I just had to pause first, to get a good look at what Mum had. Seeing her pussy up close excited me no end. The smell was strong and sweet, and her outer lips had parted enough for me to see inside, the fiery pink opening shining with her wetness. I could see the clitoris standing proudly, like it was asking for my attention. So I gave it some, moving in close to flick the pink nub with my tongue.

Mum cried out, “Oh my Jesus god… yes, baby, right there.”

That made me proud. Good, I found the right spot. Then I did what she’d done to me — teased her, kissing her pussy over and over again, lightning-fast kisses that drove my mum absolutely wild.

“Please baby, lick me,” she begged, unable to keep still. She was staring into space, and her hands were opening and closing. “Oh, baby girl… please lick Mummy’s pussy.” Hearing her say that got me heated up all over again, as if I hadn’t already come just a few minutes ago.

I thought about putting a hand between my legs to rub my own kitty while I licked hers, but decided to focus on what I was doing to Mum. Remembering how she made love to me, I slipped my tongue into her slit and began to slowly drag it upward, bathing the hot, wet flesh with a single long lick.

Mum froze, then she arched her back. “Oh god yes, baby. So g-good, so fucking good…”

Still moving at a crawl, I drew nearer and nearer to her clit until…

“Oh, shit!” she blurted when I gave it a tickle with the tip of my tongue.

By then, I knew that if I sucked on Mum’s clit, she would come right away. But I didn’t want that to happen just yet — not until I was able to explore her juicy hole. It looked every bit as yummy as it tasted, a ripe fruit that I wanted to savor until I’d had my fill. Moistening my lips, I pressed forward, giving my mother’s pussy a big, messy tongue kiss. Her moan was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard.

I was licking Mum for the first time and loving every second. I sucked her inner lips into my mouth and caressed them with my tongue, which she liked a lot. Then I licked around inside her, using my tongue like a man’s willy. I’m fucking her, I thought, thrilled by the idea of it.

Mum’s pussy was incredibly wet, and the more I kissed and licked her, the wetter she got. Her juices were all over my mouth and cheeks, dripping from my chin. It made me smile, because I was reminded of when I was a little girl, and Mum would scold me for being a messy eater. Bet she doesn’t mind that now, I told myself.

Much as I enjoyed making love to my mum, I knew that she needed to come soon. Tears were falling from her eyes, and she was trembling from head to toe. I gave her pussy one last deep kiss, then began to work my way up to her clit. But before I got there, an idea came to me — one I really liked. Taking Mum’s clit between my lips, I began to suck it like a nipple.

“Yes, Poppy — yes!” she cried. That’s when I quickly slipped my hand between my mother’s legs, finding the opening to her vagina. I heard her take a surprised gasp — and before she was able to exhale, I thrust two fingers into her. I was clumsy, but managed it on the first try.

Mum’s response came fast and intense. “Ohhhhhhhh! Oh, God, yesssss, sweetie — f-fuck my CUNT!”

I was pumping my arm like a machine, hard and fast, trying to build a rhythm. It wasn’t easy, because Mum couldn’t keep her body still. So I threw a leg over hers, so she wouldn’t buck us both off the bed. Just in time, too, because that was when she started to come.

Mum’s juices flowed as her orgasm hit its high, covering the lower half of my face like a mask. I didn’t care; I loved it. I’d have worn her essence as a perfume if she’d let me. I continued to work on my mum’s clit while I fucked her, driving my fingers in and out, in and out. Mum was going crazy, yelling and swearing.

Her orgasm lasted a good long while, maybe more than three minutes. My arm was getting really tired, but I refused to let myself quit until she’d had enough. Finally, she took hold of my shoulder and squeezed it.

Stop, b-baby girl!” she stammered. “I can’t, I c-can’t…”

Pulling my fingers out of Mum’s pussy, I rested my head on her quivering thigh for a minute or two, then sat up, grabbed a handful of the bed sheets to wipe my face, then crawled up to where my mother was and laid down next to her. Our wet bodies fitted together perfectly, skin on skin.

“I love you, Poppy,” Mum whispered. She took me in her arms.

“I love you too, Mum.”

We shared a few gentle kisses — then I fell asleep, safely nestled in my mother’s embrace.

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