The Beekeeper’s Daughters, Chapter 9

  • Posted on May 27, 2022 at 2:33 pm

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by BlueJean

The old man had not visited the Midnight Garden for a long time. Not since he was a boy. Back when the seemingly endless years lay sprawled out before him, and the arrogance of youth fooled him into believing those years couldn’t touch him. He got more than his fair share, as it turned out. But the end comes for us all, sooner or later. For humans, at least.


She ghosted through the trees, keeping pace with him but never fully revealing herself, pale eyes peering through the dark, her slender celadon fingers brushing against bark and leaf – a whisper in the woods. Her power waned… even in this place, where her magic was at its most potent.

“Aye, Lady?”

Why have you come here?

The old man thought about that. Had he ventured here of his own accord? Or was he drawn here in his final hours? “T’ settle an old score, s’pose,” he decided.

Through the giant ferns he marched, walking stick in hand, the moon casting its cool light upon his tired frame.

You are no match for her, the Lady told him. You must turn back.

“Don’t matter much no more, do it? Might as well go out with a bang.” Step by step, he advanced through the forest.

I did not mean to bring you sorrow, Raymond. Forgive me.

“Ain’t you I blame, Lady. Saved me life, ya did. It’s that other thing I’s angry with.”

She was not always this way. She is confused; brokenhearted.

“Aye. ‘Member you sayin’ that when I was a nipper, too. But ‘ow many littluns has she ‘urt, Lady? ‘Ow many o’er the years? And now she’s gone after young Millie. And I can’t ‘ave that, see? I won’t bloody stand for it.”

I’m trying to help the child, Raymond. But I’m tired… so tired…

Stubborn resolve drove him onwards, through the trees and the tall ferns, fireflies lighting his way with their bright curiosity. To the heart of the Midnight Garden, where the Great Oak dwelled.

The ancient tree stood like a vast fortress, its great canopy blotting out the moonlit sky, mighty limbs stretching out for what seemed like miles.

Have you come to reside in this tree with me, old man? something whispered, mocking him. You are too late. I smell the taint of manhood upon you. Such a sweet boy you once were, too…

The old man tapped the gigantic trunk with his walking stick. “In ‘ere? Sounds bloody awful. Who’d wanna live in a bloomin’ tree?”

The creature circled him. And yet, as your life force ebbs, here you stand. Desperate and afraid, as all men are.

Reminds me of a suffragette I once knew. Nice enough girl – not big on humour, though.”

The thing struck out, whipping him across the face with tendrils of dark energy. You had your chance, boy! You could have lived forever!

The old man grunted and fell to his knees, surprised that things still hurt in dreams. He tried to push himself back up with his walking stick but failed. “I ‘ad me a taste ‘o forever. Didn’t like it much.” He pointed an accusing finger at the tree. “I’m ‘ere about Millie. You leave ‘er alone, you ‘ear? She already got a mother.”

It closed in on him, like a spider bearing down on some tiny insect trapped in its web. You would take her from me? Wrench us apart as those God-fearing fools once did?

It poised to strike again, then hissed, No.

A simple word, but so full of bitterness and hatred.

The old man closed his eyes, accepting his fate.

But the blow never came.

He opened his eyes, and the Old Oak was gone. He found himself in a forest clearing full of colourful wildflowers. Bird sized butterflies of black and gold supped from them, and fat blue bumblebees busied themselves harvesting silver nectar.

And in the middle of the flowers were two beds. And in those beds – two little girls tucked up fast asleep.

He pushed himself up onto his feet, groaning at the effort. “Soddin’ ‘ell…”

You are not a fighter, Raymond, the Lady told him, not unkindly.

“I fought in three wars, I’ll ‘ave you know.”

You are a defender. That is where your strength lies. I will grant you one more gift – a fleeting one – with what little power remains to me.

He could smell the forest. Like he’d never smelled it before. It was his forest. The trees and the ferns, the rivers and the streams, the earth beneath his… hooves?

He felt alive. More alive than he had ever felt. His body pulsed with strength.

And it was time to rut. Time to live. Because rutting was life. How silly, not to realise that before.

“Sleep tight, littluns,” he told the two dozing children, then forgot how to use human words.


I pulled the car into Sadie’s driveway and switched the engine off.

The girls were in the back playing rock-paper-scissors. I’d asked them to dress up in something nice, so Millie had picked her yellow party frock, while Freya had opted for her particular favourite: a little black dress with white flowers.

We’d left Bee at home in the kitchen with a tasty bone to gnaw. Sadie’s grumpy cat Billy Buckham, wasn’t a huge fan of inquisitive puppies and probably would have scratched her eyes out by the end of the evening. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt her to get used to being left alone every now and then.

I inspected myself in the rearview mirror and wondered who the stranger was gazing back at me. I’d dug out my old lacy black cocktail dress, feeling very smug when I found I could still actually fit into it after all this time. I decided to go to town on the makeup, too. Applying my warpaint had been a daily routine once, back when I was a career-driven young woman fresh out of law school. Now it was an indulgence; a luxury. Something for special occasions.

Special occasions like tonight.

I spoke to my daughters’ reflections in the mirror. “Girls?”

Pausing the game, Freya and Millie gave me their attention.

“Whatever happens tonight, it has to be our secret, okay?” I told them.

“What do you mean?” Freya asked.

“Well. You know how we’ve been doing rude things together lately?” I assumed they had both told each other about the naughty fun we’d been having. Sisters shared secrets. It’s what they did. I’d asked Freya not to tell her sister about our sexual escapades, but since Millie and I had been having some fun of our own, that agreement was probably null and void.

“I don’t think it’s fair that you licked Millie’s kitty but not mine,” Freya protested. “And you let her lick yours, too!”

“But you rubbed your kitty on Mummy’s kitty and I didn’t get to do that… so it is fair, actually,” Millie argued.

“No, ’cause licking is, like, one level higher than rubbing.”

“It isn’t.”

“It is.”

“It isn’t!”

“It bloody is!”

“Oi! Watch your language,” I scolded Freya. Were my two little girls really arguing about who got to do what to their Mummy’s pussy? Yes. Yes, that was actually happening right now in the backseat of my car. Awesome.

“Oops, sorry,” Freya said, smirking at me in the mirror.

“Anyway… er, what was I saying?”.

“Something about keeping secrets,” Millie reminded me.

“Yes. You mustn’t say a word to anyone about things that might happen tonight.”

“Are we gonna do rude stuff?” Freya asked me.

Were we? That was the plan, right? Or was I taking it too far? Considering everything I’d already done with my daughters, drawing a line now seemed a bit silly.

“I mean, we don’t have to. But… we could. If we all wanted to. If you’re both okay with that, I mean. It’s up to you. It might be fun, though. So we could. If you like.” Stop talking. You should stop talking now.

“What if Miss Laine sees us?” Millie pointed out.

“It’s Miss Laine’s house, divvy,” Freya said, rolling her eyes. “Obviously she’s going to join in.”

You’re a divvy,” Millie countered.

“Yeah. So. Good talk,” I said and high-fived them both.

Sadie appeared at her front porch, looking stunningly beautiful in a crimson semi-formal dress. I opened the driver’s door and gave her a smile.

“Are you coming in, then? Or are we having dinner in your car?” Sadie said, folding her arms.

“We’re coming,” I replied. Climbing out of the Beetle, we headed into the little round cottage.

We ate outside under Sadie’s gazebo, sitting on big cushions round a swanky looking Japanese table. It was a novelty for the girls, but personally, I’d always thought that chairs were a great invention. My legs were starting to go to sleep underneath me.

The food was great, though. Sadie had baked a delicious spinach and feta pie for us, and once we’d demolished that she brought out a passionfruit and clementine cheesecake for dessert. She was a much more ambitious cook than me, without a doubt, as her expansive collection of cookbooks attested to.

I opened another bottle of wine while Freya and Millie tucked into second helpings of cheesecake.

Stroking my leg under the table, Sadie smiled at me. “You look beautiful tonight.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah. Quite the hottie!”

“Well, thank you.” I glanced at the girls, then whispered in Sadie’s ear, “And what about those two? Do they look nice, too?”

Sadie regarded the girls with hungry eyes. “They look… delicious.”

“What’re you whispering about?” Freya asked us.

“Big girl stuff,” I told her, and wiped a stray bit of cheesecake from the corner of her mouth. I licked my finger clean.

“Are we gonna watch a movie?” Millie asked.

“We can, if you like,” Sadie told her. “Why don’t you both go and have a look at my DVDs and pick one out?”

Millie jumped on her sister’s back and Freya piggybacked her indoors, the two of them giggling as they went.

I pulled Sadie towards me and gave her a deep, hungry kiss, followed by a wicked look and some wicked words. “I licked Millie’s pretty little pussy yesterday, by the way,” I casually told her, then got up to follow the girls.

Freya and Millie browsed through Sadie’s DVD collection before finally settling on Kiki’s Delivery Service, a Japanese animated movie about a young witch who leaves home to explore the world. Anime wasn’t really my thing and Sadie had seen it several times, so she and I sat on the couch and quietly chatted while the girls made themselves comfortable amongst cushions on the floor.

Sadie was quietly observing Millie, who was lying on her front, legs up in the air swinging back and forth. My friend turned to me with a look of disbelief and delight. “Really?” she mouthed.

I nodded. “She had a taste of Mummy’s too,” I told her as I stroked her thigh. I brought my lips to her ear. “Have you ever had a little girl’s tongue in your pussy?”

Sadie closed her eyes momentarily and sighed. Nibbling her bottom lip, she shook her head.

“Oh, you poor thing,” I teased.

She narrowed her eyes at me, then glanced over at Millie.”That’s a very pretty frock, Millie.”

Millie rolled on to her back. “Thanks. It’s my best dress. I actually have a matching cardigan to go with it and also matching socks and knickers, but it’s too hot to wear cardigans and socks so I just have the knickers on.”

“Why don’t you show Sadie your knickers?” I suggested.

That caught Freya’s attention. She turned onto her side, propping her head up with an elbow.

Millie, not yet aware of the sexually charged atmosphere in the room, casually lifted her dress up, revealing matching yellow panties. “See? They’re the same colour,” she told us, then went to push her dress back down.

“Leave it pulled up, baby,” I said to her.

“Why?” Millie asked.

“So we can look at your pretty panties a bit longer.”

“Does that mean you have matching black panties, Freya?” Sadie said.

Freya gave us a shy smirk. She clearly knew what was going on. “No, just normal white ones,” she told us.

“You gonna show us, then?” I asked.

“I might… if you and Sadie show us yours,” my daughter boldly replied.

Sadie and I shared a look, then I was pulling my tight fitting dress up round my waist. My knickers were black and satin, a tantalising sheen of material nestled against my hungry pussy. “Your turn,” I said to my friend.

Sadie slowly tugged her crimson dress up stockinged legs, making a show of it, inching upward until her red lacy panties were revealed to all.

Freya sat up and shuffled a little closer to us, the movie now forgotten.

“Let’s say goodbye to Kiki, girls,” Sadie murmured, pointing at the TV. “I really don’t think this is something our little witch needs to see.” Millie switched the set off.

I raised an eyebrow at Freya. “It’s just you left now, sweetie.”

My oldest sat back and hiked her dress up, then spread her legs for us. I could see the contours of her pussy lips through the plain white knickers she wore.

“Well, aren’t we a bunch of naughty girls?” I said.

I could feel the sexual tension in the room. Even Millie had picked up on it. She looked from her sister to us, grinning impishly.

My hand found its way between Sadie’s legs, slowly rubbing her through the lacy material of her panties. Her pussy was hot, damp and steamy against my fingertips. “Touch me,” I told her, my voice husky with lust.

She slid two fingers across my knickers and pushed them through my cleft, all the way down to my arsehole, then up to my swollen clit, pausing there to stimulate it before making her way back down again, my cunt throbbing beneath her touch.

“Oh, my God. Look what they’re doing!” Freya gasped, a mixture of shock and delight on her face.

“Do you mind us touching each other like this, girls?” I asked my daughters.

“I definitely don’t mind,” Freya told us, her eyes sparkling.

“Are you two actual lesbanisms now?” Millie asked, which made the rest of us laugh.

Lesbians, you muppet,” a giggling Freya fired back.

“Why don’t you both try what we’re doing?” Sadie said to the girls.

Freya grinned at her sister. “Shall we?”

Millie nodded and slipped a hand between her sister’s legs. Freya reciprocated, fondling Millie’s cameltoe through her yellow panties.

“God, this is so hot,” Sadie whispered to me.

“You like watching my little girls touch each other?” I growled at her.

“I really do,” she moaned.

“Mummy and Miss Laine?” Millie piped. “You might not know this, but touching each other’s kitties feels lots better when you take your panties off first.”

“Goodness me,” I replied, humouring her. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, it is, actually. Me and Freya did it loads of times. Shall we show them, Freya?”

Freya looked a bit self-conscious, but seeing Millie shuck off her knickers and spread her legs with nary a care in the world, seemed to embolden her big sister, who whipped hers off, too. Little hands found little pussies, and as the girls toiled away between each other’s legs, Millie grinned at us, pleased as punch for having devised such a clever idea.

I turned to my friend. “Well, that looks like fun… doesn’t it, Miss Laine?”

Sadie’s eyes were heavy with desire as she drank in the sight of my two girls fondling one another. “It certainly does. I never would’ve imagined one could do such a thing,” she said, playing along. “Shall we take ours off, too?”

“You’ll definitely like it,” Millie assured us.

We slipped our panties down and off, then found each other’s pussies again. I pushed my fingers through her silky folds, the musky notes of her arousal reaching my nose, fuelling the fire of my own burning lust.

Sadie teased my opening with the tip of her finger, then addressed the girls. “I’m going to put my finger into your mummy’s pussy now. Would you like to see that?”

“Yes, please!” Millie replied.

“You should spread your legs really wide, Mum,” Freya suggested and, obliging her, I swung my legs back until I was on full display to my two daughters. I felt so incredibly dirty doing it. And a little silly too, if I was honest.

“In goes the fin-ger,” Sadie cooed, as if she were speaking to two much younger children, and slowly pushed a digit into my dripping cunt. She smiled at the girls, and they – having abandoned their mutual fondling for the moment – sat up in rapt attention.

Sadie began slowly fucking me, her efforts producing delightfully crude liquid sounds as she pumped her fingers back and forth. “Oh, my gosh… such a wet pussy,” she told my daughters.

I pulled my dress over my head. “Come and get a closer look,” I told the giggling girls.

Freya and Millie stood up and clung to each other, clearly thrilled but reluctant to come any nearer.

I beckoned them with a smile. “Don’t be shy. Come and see what we’re doing.”

Freya pushed her sister towards us and Millie squealed in mock outrage. She tugged at Freya and they both shuffled over to the couch, laughing nervously.

“Shhh, calm down,” I told them softly. “There’s nothing to be scared of.”

“You look funny, sitting like that!” Millie told me.

Freya stood near hypnotised as Sadie finger fucked me. Colour had reached her cheeks, but she wasn’t giggling anymore.

“Does it look nice, Freya?” Sadie asked her.

My little girl simply nodded.

“I wonder if we should put another finger inside now,” Sadie suggested. “Would you like that, Mummy?”

“Ooh, yes. Fuck me with two fingers.”

“Why do you say swear words when you do sex?” Millie asked me.

“It’s okay to use naughty words on special occasions,” I explained to my seven-year-old as Sadie eased another finger inside me. “But… oh fuck, that feels nice… especially when we’re having sexy fun.”

“Look at my fingers going in and out, girls,” Sadie purred. “In… out… in… out…”

“I like the way you smell,” Freya said absent-mindedly, but I couldn’t be sure if it was me she was speaking to or my cunt.

“Take your dresses off,” I told my daughters.

Millie pulled her party dress over her head, leaving her standing there in nothing but summer sandals.

Freya pulled hers down instead, as if she was unwilling to obscure her view of us for even a second. She stepped out of the dress and kicked it away.

“You’re both so beautiful,” I told them, strumming my clit as Sadie fucked me with her fingers.

Freya rubbed her pussy as she gawped at us, and I found myself wondering if I should remind her to blink every now and then.

Millie stood pigeon-toed and made funny noises, imitating the sound of Sadie’s fingers as they pistoned in and out of my wet cunt.

That was enough to make me come.

I thrust my hips up, exploding into orgasm. “Fuck!” I cried and felt myself squirt a little. I grabbed hold of my friend’s wrist and held her fingers inside me as I convulsed and writhed, legs swung back ridiculously, as if I’d attempted an advanced yoga technique that had gone badly wrong.

“Ooh… look what your sexy mummy did all over my fingers,” Sadie cooed, and held her sticky digits up for the girls to inspect. She popped them into her mouth and sucked them clean, smiling wickedly.

“You’re dirty, Miss Laine!” Millie gleefully informed her teacher.

“Can we see your kitty now, please?” Freya asked Sadie, a hand still buried between her legs.

Sadie opened her mouth and planted her hands on her hips, pretending to be shocked at such a rude suggestion. “Well, I’m not sure it’s proper for a teacher to show her pupils her naughty bits,” she play-acted. “But I suppose I could. Just this once.”

She stood up and unzipped herself, dress seeming to cascade down her body in slow motion. She stepped out of it, revealing herself as a new, sensual creature, tattooed in sheer red stockings and lacy bra, crimson heels stark upon her feet, the straps wrapped around her ankles like fiery tendrils. Long chestnut hair spilled down her back – a hint of flame upon soft, creamy white skin. Undoing the catch of the bra with a flick of her finger, she let her firm breasts spill free, peering down at her two dumbstruck pupils like something hungry and wild.

Freya and Millie gazed at their teacher in awe and adoration, and suddenly I imagined little cartoon hearts streaming from their eyes, floating up and away. I covered my mouth to stifle a laugh, not wanting to spoil the moment.

“It’s rude to stare,” Sadie sang, waggling a finger at the girls. She turned around, showing us her firm, bare arse, then knelt on the couch with her back to us, knees spread wide, cunt glistening with dew.. Her eyes met mine, and she demanded, “Do something dirty to me.”

Moving closer, I stroked her arse, the tips of my fingers slipping into the tops of her sheer stockings, then back out and gliding up across her bum again. “Hasn’t she got a lovely bottom, girls?” I asked my mesmerised daughters. “Come closer, have a good look.”

Drawing closer, they stared as I pushed my fingers down into the crack of their teacher’s arse, across her rosebud and through her beautiful pussy lips, let them glide down to her swollen clitoris, which I gently pinched, then back up to her arsehole to repeat the process. Enticed by the thick, sweet aroma, I brought my fingers up to my nose to smell them, then sucked them clean of my friend’s juices.

“Does it taste good?” Freya asked me. But I knew what she was really asking.

I scissored two fingers into Sadie’s cunt and fucked her with them – three slow deep thrusts – before pulling them back out and offering them to my older daughter. “You tell me.”

Freya took my fingers into her mouth, savouring the taste of her teacher.

“Nice?” I asked, and she responded with a nod.

When Freya was finished, I sank my fingers back inside Sadie. She moaned as I fucked her, spreading her knees wider apart and sticking her arse up.

Smiling sweetly at my youngest daughter, I asked her, “Would you like a taste too, Pixie?”

“Ya!” she replied, her eyes sparkling.

I withdrew my fingers from Sadie’s pussy and brought them to my little girl’s mouth. “There you go.”

Millie teased my fingers with her hummingbird tongue, supping upon her teacher’s nectar.

Sadie peered lusty-eyed over her shoulder at us. “Oh, that’s so dirty, Georgia. Making your little girls taste my pussy from your fingers like that.”

I gave her a dirty smirk. “I know. I’m such a wicked mother.” I turned back to my daughters. “Did you enjoy that, girls?”

They both hummed their approval, sharing a look that seemed to say, Oh my God, did Mummy really just let us do that?!

“Would you like some more?” I asked them.

“Yes, please,” they both chimed together.

I spread Sadie’s arse cheeks apart. “Come and get it, then.”

It didn’t take long for the meaning of my words to dawn on them. Freya’s eyes went wide. I think she’d been waiting for this moment for a long time. Kneeling down on the floor, she feasted her eyes on her teacher’s cunt, then trailed her tongue between Sadie’s pussy lips, enjoying the moment for all it was worth.

I let go of Sadie’s bum and Freya took over, spreading her teacher open, taking as much delight in the looking as the tasting.

Squatting down, I wrapped both arms round Millie’s naked body. “Can you see what Freya’s doing?” I asked her softly.

Millie nodded and grinned at me. “Yeah, I can.”

“Do you think you might like to have a little lick of Miss Laine, too?”

Millie thought about that. “Well. I wouldn’t mind. But isn’t it a bad thing to do that to your teacher?”

I slid a hand down between my little girl’s legs and stroked her hairless slit. “It is kind of bucking the trend, I admit. But Sadie’s a very special teacher… and I bet she’d love to have you lick her kitty.”

“I really would, Millie. Come taste my pussy like a big girl,” Sadie groaned as Freya continued to feast between her legs.

“Do you think I should?” Millie asked me.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun,” I told her, stimulating her tiny clit. “Freya seems to be enjoying herself, doesn’t she?”

Millie regarded her sister, then, her mind made up, told me, “Okay, I will!”

I gently ushered my youngest between Sadie’s open legs. She didn’t need to kneel on the floor like Freya, being small enough to simply crane her neck down and lick her teacher’s cunt.

I let my fingers slide through the cleft of Millie’s sweet little bum, travelling downward until I was touching her slit. My other hand found its way between Freya’s legs. “Good girls,” I purred. “Eat that tasty pussy.”

As Freya and Millie went down on their teacher, I spread Sadie’s bum cheeks apart to get at her rosebud. I’d only dabbled in rimming once in my life – back at college, when sexual experimentation was all the rage. I’d enjoyed the perverse nature of it, but I wasn’t sure how Sadie would feel about having my tongue in her arse. I teased her hole with little licks, the taste earthy and delightfully kinky. She looked back at me with a surprised expression.

“Is this okay?” I asked her.

“I… I didn’t know you could be so dirty,” Sadie whimpered. “Yes, it’s… it’s… Oh, God, make me come, Georgia!”

With three tongues between her legs, it wasn’t long before we gave Sadie exactly what she wanted. Burying her face in a cushion, she gave a muffled cry as we brought her to orgasm, musky nectar oozing from her pussy.

I turned Millie’s face towards mine and kissed her on the mouth, then did the same to Freya. Tasting Sadie’s sweet juices from my daughters’ lips was a delicious perversion to be savoured.

With a naked little girl nestled in each arm, I went back and forth between them – skin against skin, mouth against mouth.

Sadie groaned, her chest rising and falling rhythmically as she caught her breath. “Oh, my word…”

“Look what you did to your teacher,” I said to the girls, sweeping their hair back. “She’s a total mess.”

“I’ve wanted to do that for ages,” Freya told us. One to tick off the bucket list, I suppose.

“Me too,” Millie chipped in.

“You’re just saying that ’cause I said it,” Freya snorted, twirling a lock of her little sister’s hair round her finger.

“I’m not, actually.”

I sat on the couch next to Sadie and snaked my fingers down her back. She raised her head and smiled at me, then we were drifting together in a tender kiss.

“How do you feel about licking a little girl’s pussy?” I asked her when we broke apart.

“It’d be a dream come true…” Sadie replied, her eyes all agleam.

“Girls?” I said. “Come sit on the couch.”

Sadie and I stood up and let the girls take our places on the sofa.

“Do you mind if Sadie and I have a little lick of your kitties?” I asked my two grinning imps.

I don’t mind!” Freya declared enthusiastically.

“Mummy, you already licked my kitty… so you can lick Freya’s and Miss Laine can lick mine, okay?” Millie suggested.

“Okay, bossy boots!” I replied and gave her toes a quick nibble, causing her to squeal with delight. “Now spread your legs nice and wide.” They did as I asked, revealing two puffy little peaches, ripe and ready for eating.

“Oh, Millie. You’ve got such a pretty baby pussy,” Sadie told my youngest, then bent down to take her first luscIous taste of my youngest. She drew her tongue up the length of Millie’s slit, pausing at the top to nuzzle on my seven-year-old’s clit before licking her way back down.

I could have watched her give pleasure to my daughter all day long, but I had my own delicious treat to tuck into. I took Freya’s entire vulva into my mouth and suckled on it greedily, then stabbed my tongue into her cunt, fucking her with it. She lifted her bum up from the couch, offering herself to me. I licked long wet trails up and down my little girl’s cleft, her pussy glistening with my saliva and her own juices.

Fuck, you taste so good,” Sadie hissed, immersed in her own perverted endeavours. She spread Millie’s delicate pussy open with two fingers, sucking and licking at the sensitive pink flesh within.

As we dined on my daughters, a faint voice echoed in my mind – the voice that used to be louder and more insistent. This is wrong, it would say. And: Don’t do this, and: This isn’t normal. But I didn’t care much for ‘normal’ anymore. I was consumed by desire – for my best friend; for my two beautiful girls. All boundaries had been broken, all lines crossed. This love I felt transcended any notion of morals or laws. I wanted this. Needed it.  And so the protesting voice was all but drowned out – still there, though small and insignificant.

I could hear a purring noise and glanced to the right of me where Billy Buckham sat on the arm of Sadie’s couch and regarded us all with cool interest. He blinked his eyes at me. Cats only did that when they liked you, didn’t they? Do you approve of this, Billy? Do you?

“Can we… can we swap round, please?” asked a dreamy eyed Freya.

“Yes, baby. Of course we can.” I swatted Sadie lightly on the bum. “My elder daughter wants to give you a taste of her pussy,” I told her, and we switched places.

Freya gazed down at her beloved Miss Laine with a dopey grin, clearly delighted to have her teacher’s face between her legs. “Best. Summer. Holidays. Ever…” she murmured.

Sadie slipped a finger inside my daughter and nuzzled her clit, and it wasn’t long before Freya arched her back and hissed out a prolonged sigh that culminated in a shrill moan of ecstasy.

I flicked my tongue over Millie’s baby-smooth pussy while gently stimulating her arsehole with my finger. I wouldn’t have known she’d climaxed if it weren’t for the subtle taste of her cum as it caressed my taste buds. My child’s mouth hung open in a silent groan, her hands opening and closing.

Finally, her eyes fluttered open. “Nice?” I asked.

Millie, ever the soul of politeness, replied, “Yeah. Thanks very much,” which made me laugh. I planted a final couple of kisses on her inner thighs.

“I’m really thirsty,” Freya said.

“I think we all need to hydrate,” Sadie said. Rising to her feet, she padded into the kitchen.

Seating myself on the couch between the girls, I wrapped an arm around each one. “Did you both have fun tonight?”

“It was amazing!” Freya exclaimed. Millie nodded, humming her approval.

“But don’t forget what I said. You can’t ever tell anyone what we just did.”

“I won’t, I promise,” Freya assured me.

“I won’t either… but is it wrong, what we did?” Millie asked me.

“No, it isn’t wrong,” I tried to explain, stroking her hair. “Because we all love each other, and it’s what we want. But the people who make the rules say it’s wrong, that mums and daughters and teachers shouldn’t do that kind of thing. So we have to enjoy it in secret, okay?”

Millie looked worried. “Will they hang us from the big tree if they find out?”

I wasn’t sure where she had got that from. I studied her closely for a bit, concerned she might be having another one of her odd episodes. Finally, I kissed her brow. “They don’t hang people from trees anymore, sweetie, but it still wouldn’t be good if anyone found out.”

“Refreshments!” Sadie cheerfully announced as she returned from the kitchen holding a large glass pitcher filled with water. Her tits were magnified and distorted into an odd shape through the thick glass. We all laughed, and she gave us a puzzled grin. “What?”


When we got back home from Miss Laine’s, Millie let Bee out in the garden for a wee while I went to our room and got changed into some leggings. As I came back downstairs I could hear Mum talking to someone on her phone.


“No, that’s fine, Mrs. Henshaw. It’s not that late. Is something wrong?” Mum was saying. There was a long pause. “Oh. Oh no… When? I see. Yes. Yes. I… I don’t know what to say. I just can’t believe it. We thought he’d go on forever, didn’t we? Mmm-hmm. Yes, of course. It must have been a shock for you.”

Mum sat down on the couch. “No. No, you don’t need to do that on your own. Sadie and I will help in any way we can. Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you for letting me know. Yes. Take care, Mrs. Henshaw. Bye now. Bye.”

“What happened?” I asked as Mum put her phone down on the coffee table.

With a heavy sigh, Mum rubbed her eyes. “Girls. Come and sit down a moment. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Me and Millie joined Mum on the couch. I could tell something was wrong.

“That was Mrs. Henshaw, Mr. Dalliard’s house cleaner,” Mum told us.

“Is Mr. Dalliard alright?” Millie asked.

Mum put her arm round my sister. “Mr. Dalliard passed away in his sleep last night.”

“He… he died?” I said.

Mum nodded. “I’m afraid so.”

“No…” Millie said in a soft voice.

“I know it’s sad. But Mrs. Henshaw said he looked very peaceful when she found him.”

“No!” Millie shouted and brushed Mum’s arm off.

Mum kissed my sister’s cheek and tried to hug her again. “Millie. Millie, he was very old. It was his time to go. He—”

“No! No! No!” shrieked my sister and knocked the lamp off the table with a violent swing of her arm. “All my friends keep dying!”

I had never seen my sister like this… the hairs on my arms stood on end. I got up and moved towards the doorway while Mum tried to calm Millie down. Bee slunk away into the kitchen, tail between her legs.

“Millie, stop. Stop!” Mum was saying as she clutched my sister tightly. Millie thrashed about, trying to free herself. “It’s okay to be sad, baby. It is. But you mustn’t be angry.”

Millie suddenly grabbed Mum round the throat, her eyes wild and terrifying. “Your god will not help you against a mother scorned!” she snarled.

I didn’t know what to do. That wasn’t my sister. It looked like Millie, but everything else about her was just… wrong.

Then Mum did something that shocked me. Something I’d never seen her do before. She smacked Millie hard on the bottom.

She had never hit us before. Not ever.

“Enough! Do you hear me, Millie? Enough!” Mum shouted.

Millie screamed and then burst into tears. Mum picked her up and carried her back to the couch, holding her and stroking her hair.

“It’s okay, Pixie. It’s okay to cry,” Mum said in a shaky voice. “Let it all out. Mummy’s here.”

My heart was beating so fast. The shock of Mr. Dalliard dying, my sister’s violent outburst, and seeing Mum smack Millie had left me badly shaken. I ran up the stairs to our bedroom and closed the door behind me, breathing hard.

I didn’t like what was happening here at all – Millie acting all weird and trying to hurt Mum like that. I just knew this dead Isabel woman had to be involved somehow. Miss Laine was going to have to do something about her ancestor, and fast.

I wish we’d never set eyes on that bloody oak tree.

I put my face in my hands and tears trickled down my cheeks. “Mr. Dalliard… why did you have to go and die? We need you…”


Mr. Dalliard’s funeral was a few days later.

Quite a few people from the village were there: Mr and Mrs. Jeffries from the post office, some of the local farmers and their families, Mr. Dalliard’s house cleaner, Mrs. Henshaw. Sadie came, too.

But there was nobody there I didn’t know. Mrs. Henshaw told us that Mr. Dalliard didn’t have any relatives who were still alive. That made me sad.

After the vicar had said his bit, most of the people left to go home. Sadie stayed behind with Mum, Millie and me to say one last goodbye to Mr. Dalliard.

Mum squatted down and put her arms around Millie, who was standing before the headstone. “Look, Millie. Can you see what it says?”

Millie did her best to read out the inscription. “At Rest. Ray… Raymond Dalliard. One… thousand eight hundred and—”

“No, that’s a date. How do we say that number if it’s a date?” Mum said.

“Oh. Eighteen Ninety-Three to Twenty Twenty-One.”

“So. That’s the date he was born, then the date when he passed away. Can you figure out how old he was from that?”

Millie thought hard about that for a moment. Finally she said, “More than a hundred?”

Mum smiled. “One hundred and twenty-seven years old. That’s how old Mr. Dalliard was.”

“Woooow!” Millie whispered, knowing it was rude to shout at funerals. “That’s really old!”

Mum pointed to the final bit of the inscription. “And what does that last part say?”

Millie studied the headstone and then turned to Mum, a little smile on her face. “It says: I Told You So.”

So it was true. Mr. Dalliard really was the oldest person in the world. At least, I couldn’t imagine anyone being older than that. He might have been having one last joke with us, but I decided to believe it was true. And it wouldn’t have been the strangest thing I’d discovered lately.

Miss Laine put a hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay, Freya?”

I spoke quietly so Mum and Millie couldn’t hear me. “Whatever you’re going to do about Isabel, do it now, please.”

“Did something happen?” Miss Laine asked in a hushed voice.

“Millie attacked Mum. I’m getting really scared. You have to help us.”

“Sending a spirit from an ancient oak is no easy task, Freya. There’s great power in old trees. I’m almost prepared. I just need—”

“I don’t care about any of that! Something bad’s gonna happen soon. Just help us, okay?”

Miss Laine knelt down and took my face in her hands. “I won’t let anything happen to Millie. I promise you.”

A crow cackled at us from up in a nearby tree. I picked a stone up and threw it at the creepy bird, missing it by a mile. “Piss off!” I shouted at it.

“Language!” Mum said in her strict voice.


I stood by the French doors and looked out across the fields as the last light of the day faded from the sky. The crops had been harvested and the soil was barren, ready for next year’s seeds. The nights were drawing in. Autumn would be here soon.

And our old friend was gone. The usual regrets: how we took him for granted, how we should have noticed him struggling during those last few days, that we should have spent more time with him, gotten to know him better. All the questions we wanted to ask, but didn’t.

You tell yourself the end will never come. Your heart reels against it. Until finally, the end does come, and your heart can no longer deny the truth. He was old; it was his time. I knew that. But still, it does nothing to ease the pain of losing someone. I knew that pain too. Intimately.

Something felt wrong.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Too quiet; too still – nerves on edge. The shock of losing Mr. Dalliard, of Millie’s violent outburst and my reaction to it… these things had taken their toll. But somehow there was more to it than that.

Dark ominous clouds amassed on the horizon, roiling and churning. The first rumbles of thunder sounded somewhere in the distance. I shut the doors up and pulled the curtains across.

A storm was coming.

A big one, by the look of it…

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