Sweet Poppy, Chapter 13

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Note: Since Joe has recently introduced a couple of new characters to the story, we felt it was time to provide you with a guide to the women and girls who populate “Sweet Poppy.” That can be found here. To get caught up with the plot, please check out the Chapter Links.

by Joe Dornish

Kiki put on a delicious spread of roast chicken with salad and fancy loaves of bread, lots of cheeses I hadn’t tried before and this special ham that was from Italy. Everyone else was fully dressed, but I was still nude, very aroused and needing to come in a big way.

My mind began to wander, and I was picturing the things I wanted to do to Mia after lunch when something in the table chatter brought me out of my daydream. Lilly had just asked for what seemed like the hundredth time that she could go swimming when we were done eating.

What caught my attention this time was Mum’s reply. “Yes, sweetie, you can go swimming when we’ve all finished eating. I’ve got your swimming costume in the bag in our room.”

Swimming costume? I’d assumed we’d be swimming nude. What was Mum talking about?

Kiki apparently had the same thought as me. “Swimming costume? Whatever for, darling? We’re all girls here – surely there’s no need to be shy now.”

“Well, It’s true that most of us here around the table have seen each other naked,” Mum began, “but I think that your other guests might be more comfortable if we wore our bathing suits.”

Puzzled, Kiki said, “Heather, how many glasses of wine have you had? What ‘other guests’?”

Nicole and Mum glanced at each other, then they were both trying not to laugh. “Um, I’m afraid that Heather and I have done something a bit, er, shifty,” Nicole said, unable to hold back a giggle.

I’m intrigued,” said Kiki, arching an eyebrow.

Little Evie spoke up. “Does that word mean ‘interested’?”

“Yes, pumpkin,” said Kiki.

“Then I’m int-er-eeged too!” Evie declared, grinning hugely.

Mum carried on. “We took the liberty of inviting some friends over.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Good question,” said Lottie.

“Emma and Beth Cornish.”

“Thank you, God!” exclaimed Kiki, looking up at the ceiling. I looked up too, but couldn’t see what she was staring at.

When we all spoke about our crushes in the jacuzzi, we promised to help each other hook up if we could. It worked out pretty well, I’d say. Now I was with Mia, Henri and Lottie were looking more like a couple all the time, and Mum had free access to explore her desires for Evie who, at the age of seven, had my little sister for a girlfriend. If Beth Cornish came over, there was a chance for Kiki to make love to her – then we’d each have hooked up with our crushes!

“I did invite them over for lunch,” Mum said, “but they were busy this morning. They’ll be here soon.”

“How did you two manage this?” Kiki’s cheeks were flushed with what I figured was anticipation.

“That’s all my fault, I’m afraid,” said Nicole. “After Heather and I first made love, she told me all about the crushes you people have. I must say, it was thrilling to discover that my daughters are so popular!”

That sent a ripple of laughter around the table. Mia and I shared a quick kiss, and Nicole continued her story. “Anyway, I know Emma Cornish quite well. We worked together on a school outing, and I’ve met her socially a few times. She’s a lesbian, and I was just gearing up to make a pass at her when this one came into my life.” She reached across the table to take my mother’s hand.

What a wonderful mood we were all in that day… you could practically feel the love in the air. I sure hope the Cornishes pick up on that when they get here, I remember thinking.

Kiki spoke up. “Do you think that Emma is, well, close to her daughter, the way we are with ours?”

That gave me a bit of thrill, knowing that Kiki was asking if Emma and Beth have sex.

“I believe so, but I’m not one hundred percent sure. I dropped quite a few hints, and unless I’m very much mistaken, so did she. Still, I think that for the moment, we should take the slow and easy approach. Hence the swimming costumes.”

“No, no, quite right,” Kiki said, nodding. “We don’t want to tip our hand right away.” Suddenly she had a look of panic in her eyes. “They’ll be here soon, you say? Oh, goodness, I should tidy up. No, no point now. I should freshen myself up, though. Is what I’m wearing okay? Maybe I ought to change…”

“Mum, breathe. You look lovely, it’ll be fine,” said Henri, speaking in a soothing tone.

I’d never seen Kiki like this before. Not that I’d known her that long, but it seemed out of character. She must really like Beth a lot, I thought, then decided to help her if I could.

“Don’t worry, Kiki,” I said. “Beth will love you just as much as we do.”

She gave me a dazzling smile. “Poppy Webb, you are so sweet.”

She stood up, so I got up too and we hugged. “Henri is right, y’know… you do look lovely,” I told her.

“Thank you darling. Still, no harm touching up the war paint. I’ll be back in a bit.” With a wink, she got up and exited the room.

“Mum, is my costume in our bag?” I asked.

“Yes, sweetie.”

I stood. “I’m going to go to the loo anyway, so I’ll put it on now.”

“Ooh ooh ooh, I need to go too!” said Lilly and darted off ahead of me.

I remembered that Kiki had a bathroom of her own, so that’s where I went. The door of her room was open, so I just walked in. I couldn’t see her, so she must have been in the bathroom.

“Hi…” I called out, “are you here, Kiki?”

“In the bathroom, darling – come in.” When I entered, she was doing her make-up in the mirror.

“Erm, sorry. I need a wee, and Lilly’s in the other bathroom. Do you mind?”

“Not at all.” Then as I sat down, she said, “Poppy darling… would you mind terribly if I played with you while you pee?”

That was so out of the blue it caught me off guard. “Er… I guess it’s okay. Best hurry though, I’m starting.”

I had no idea what Kiki meant to do, but we didn’t have time to talk about it before I started peeing. She knelt next to me, put her hand between my legs just as the flow started and rubbed my pussy, her hand and fingers getting drenched.

It was a weird experience. Not as nice as getting licked, but it always feels good to have your pussy played with, even if you are peeing. Kiki really enjoyed it, though – I saw that she was rubbing herself with the other hand.

When I was finished she removed her hand, then licked it, still masturbating all the while. I wiped myself and said, “Kiki, would you like me to lick your pussy?”

She smiled. “I’d love nothing more… but right now we don’t have time.”

“Are you sure?” I said, teasing her by running my hands all over my body, trying to make it look as sexy as I could.

“Wicked child!” she laughed.

“Hee hee, yeah – I guess I do Iike to tease. So, um, you’re into peeing, then? Does it turn you on?”

“It does,” she replied, soaping and washing her hands as she spoke. “I found out by accident. Once, when Henri was about six or seven, I was going down on her when, all of a sudden, she lost control and peed right in my face. Bless her, she was mortified! But instead of being cross or even moving out of the way, I found myself pushing my face in the stream. I even swallowed a little. I’ve no idea why, but after that I had a real affinity for water sports.”

“Water sports?”

“It’s what it’s called when people play pee games with each other. If a lover does it on you, that’s known as a golden shower.”

I was a lot less surprised by this than I might’ve been a few days earlier. “Do people do that kind of thing a lot?”

“It’s an acquired taste. A lot of people don’t like it, but some do. It’s like anything, Poppy – some things will turn you on and others will turn you off.”

“Like Beth Cornish turns you on, huh?”

Exactly like Beth Cornish. I was practically wetting my knickers when your Mum told me she was coming over. And what with you running around naked and letting me touch you… blimey, a stiff breeze would make me come right now.”

She stared into the mirror for a second, then said, “God, Poppy, look at me. A middle-aged mother getting all flustered over a twelve-year-old girl I’ve not even met properly.”

I wrapped my arms around her from behind. “If Beth loves you half as much as I do, you won’t be able to keep her out of your bed. Don’t worry so much, Kiki. You’re one of the hottest, sexiest ladies I know!”

Turning around, she hugged me tightly. “Well, you’re one of the sweetest, most beautiful girls I’ve ever met, and cute as a button, too. Not to mention clever. That was some very grown-up advice.”

I was blushing like mad at all the compliments, so flustered that I sort of lost my words for a bit. “Well, some of that is what Mum told me before I went to the school disco last year.”

“Well, it was sage advice indeed.” She turned back to the mirror. “Now, I’m going to get myself ready to make a serious impression on our guests.”

I left Kiki to finish her make-up and went to the spare room where Mum put our bag. It took me ages to find my swimming cossie, and I was a bit annoyed at Mum for packing my old red one-piece and not the sexy new bikini. Why’d she pack this one? I wondered. It was buried at the back of the bloody drawer!

But when I managed to squeeze into it, I understood why she’d brought the red swimsuit. It was at least one if not two sizes too small for me. The shiny red fabric was pulled so tight around my crotch you could clearly see the definition of my pussy lips, and it kept creeping up into the crack of my bum. That last bit was sort of annoying but gave everyone a great view, so I was okay with it.

I walked out into the hallway with the plush carpets and into the main room. I noticed that Kiki and Henri had put out blankets, throws, cushions and pillows all around, making the space look even more welcoming than it already was. I could hear enough to know that Beth and her mum had arrived. I felt a bit self-conscious in the tight bathing suit, but I liked the way it displayed my body even more. Besides, we’d soon all be in our swimming stuff anyhow.

“Ah, here she is. Poppy, this is Beth and Emma,” Mum said as I walked up to the group standing by the door. The cold air from outside hit me, and I shivered as I said hello.

I’d seen Beth around at school but only recently said hello to her for the first time. We’d never spoken much, and I’d only glimpsed her mother from a distance. Seeing them now, close up, I could see why Kiki was so obsessed with Beth, although I thought her mother was just as beautiful, if not more so. Emma looked about my mother’s age, perhaps early thirties. Beth, I knew, was twelve. They both had milky white skin with freckles here and there and the same dark orange hair. The other nice feature they shared was the brightest, most vivid green eyes you’ve ever seen. Mother and daughter both wore jeans with jumpers. Beth was only a few inches taller than me, and her Mum was petite as well.

“Are you going swimming?” Beth asked me.

Not wanting to spoil the surprise at the end of the tour I said, “Maybe later.”

“Kiki, why don’t you show Emma and Beth around while we get changed?” Nicole suggested.

“Yes, that’s a good idea,” Kiki said. We’ll meet the rest of you in there.”

“In… in where?” asked Emma. “I’m intrigued.”

“You’ll see.” Kiki replied, leading her and Beth from the room..

I was still feeling the cold air that had been let in, so I went straight to the nice warm pool room and jumped into the water. One by one, the others came in. Like me, Lilly and Evie were in one piece costumes, and theirs seemed suspiciously small as well. Mia had a lovely pink bikini with white trim. Henri and Lottie both wore bikinis, too. Unlike Mia, the older girls had tiny string bikinis on, and they were thongs, too! The tops were tiny, Lottie’s done in a plain yellow and Henri’s with a purple and blue pattern. I was stunned at their boldness – they looked fantastic, with almost nothing left to the imagination. Mum and Nicole came in wearing bikinis too, Mum’s was dark red with a white pattern, and Nicole’s was plain black, both with strings at the sides of the briefs and neck.

Mia, Lilly and Evie joined me in the pool while the adults and teens sat at the table waiting for Kiki to complete the tour for the newcomers. Me and the girls were still frolicking in the water when they came in. Emma and Beth were as stunned as we all were the first time we saw Kiki’s magnificent pool room.

I couldn’t hear any of the conversation, so I got out of the water and came closer, picking my bathing suit out of my bum for the hundredth time as I went. Mia followed, leaving Lilly and Evie playing in the pool.

“What, all the way open?” said Beth.

“Yes, all the way open, but I don’t want to let in the cold air while we’re swimming. When we’re done, I’ll open it and show you,” said Kiki.

“The problem is, we don’t have our swimming stuff with us,” said Emma.

“Oh, Henri and I have lots of swimwear. We’ll find something for you both, I’m sure.”

I was distracted by the uncomfortable suit I was wearing and not really listening properly. As I plucked it out of my bum yet again, Mum said to me, “Are you, okay sweetie?”

“Why did you have to pack this swimming costume? It’s really uncomfortable,” I frowned with annoyance.

Mum looked at Emma when she answered. “As it’s only us girls here, we normally swim nude, so I wasn’t sure which one to bring. Looks like I made the wrong choice.”

“I hope you didn’t cover up on our account,” Emma said, then she turned to her daughter, looking pleased as punch. “What do you think about that, Beth? We’ve found some fellow naturists… just like us.”

There was a definite erotic tone to the way Emma said those last three words, looking at Kiki while she spoke.

“Oh, how wonderful – you’re naturists, then?” Kiki was clearly pleased with this news.

“Yes, indeed. We’re proud members of the British Naturist society. My parents were similarly inclined, so I’ve been going nude all my life. Beth too,” she added, wrapping an arm around her daughter’s waist.

“Is that like for, for saving trees and stuff?” asked Evie.

That made everyone smile and go ‘Aw’, which made Evie pout a bit, thinking we were laughing at her. She was standing next to my mum, who picked Evie up, perched the girl on her hip and said, “I think you mean naturalist, sweetie. It sounds very similar, but a naturist is someone who likes to be naked.”

“I never knew that,” I said truthfully, also wanting to make Evie feel better for asking.

“I’m a naturist, then,” Evie announced, back to her chipper self. “I love being naked!”

“Me too,” I said, making a face as I picked at my bum, tugging the too-tight suit down again, hoping everyone noticed.

“Shall I get you both swimsuits?” Kiki asked.

Emma looked at her daughter. “What do you say, Beth? I’m happy going nude if you are.”

Beth was beaming. “Yeah, I’d much rather go without, if that’s okay.”

“Wonderful!” Kiki exclaimed. “There’s a little changing area with towels, just opposite the showers. No point in me going all the way back to my room… I’ll undress with you two,” Kiki followed them to the small changing area, grinning widely as she clip-clopped across the tiled floor in her heels.

“Girls, you can take your swimming costumes off if you wish,” Mum said, loudly enough for Emma and Beth to hear as they left the pool area.

My swimsuit was off in a flash. “I hope I never see this again,” I said, tossing it into a vacant corner. The others soon did the same, and we all jumped in the pool completely starkers. I stayed near the edge closest to the seating area, so I could get a good look at Emma and Beth when they came back naked.

A couple of minutes later the three of them emerged, and I feasted my eyes on the newcomers as they came towards me. My gaze was instantly drawn to their pubes, which were a lovely orange hue. Beth only had a tiny trimmed tuft just above her slit, while her mother had a larger patch, about the size and shape of an egg.

Beth was slender with long coltish legs and breasts only a little more developed than mine. She was holding Kiki’s hand, laughing at something her mother had said. She looked beautiful and quite content with being naked. Emma’s breasts were magnificent; large and round with remarkably small pink nipples. Other than a few hardly noticeable stretch marks, her petite figure showed few signs of childbirth. Her tummy was flat and her hips were slim and shapely, like her legs. Accompanied by the always stunning Kiki, the three of them made for an awesome sight that had my heart pounding.

I had a burning urge to get on my knees and bury my face in one of those pretty ginger pussies. Given that Kiki would probably never forgive me if I fucked Beth before she did, I decided Emma would be a better choice. Not that it mattered – I was pretty sure I’d get to fuck them both by the end of the night. Something in their wandering eyes convinced me that Emma and her daughter were very much into the idea of sharing a swimming pool with a bunch of nude women and girls.

I was eager for my first encounter with Nicole, Lottie and Evie, but right then, the Cornishes had captured my interest. But before I could come on to Emma, or anyone else for that matter, I needed to clear it with Mum. I didn’t want to embarrass myself if it was too early in the day for sex, and my instincts told me that it probably was.

Mum is always telling me I’m beautiful. But she’s my mother, after all, and would still think I was beautiful if I got hit by a bus. But recently I’d begun to truly believe that she really meant it. Kiki and Henri had also said sweet things – not just telling me I’m beautiful, but sexy, too. And they backed up their words with touches and kisses, just like my mum. So I was not only growing in confidence, but learning the arts of seduction as well.

I knew enough to understand I was still a bit clumsy – but being so young, I could get away with it. So as Kiki, Emma and Beth walked towards me, I made no attempt to hide the fact I was staring at them, very much liking what I saw.

“You okay there, Poppy?” asked Emma, wearing a sly smile as she stepped into the shallow end with me. “See anything you like?” She drifted closer while Kiki waded into the middle of the pool with Beth.

I thought it best to be honest. “Sorry for staring. It’s just that I – I’ve never seen orange pubic hair before. I think it’s lovely.”

Emma didn’t bat an eyelid, “Aw, that’s sweet, thank you! Kiki said you were a delightful little girl… and so far, I have to agree with her. You have such beautiful blue eyes.” She stroked my cheek then softly said, “I’d love to get to know you better.”

Okay, that was a definite come on, no doubt about it. My heart was racing, and I could feel myself blush. That’s okay, blushing is cute, right? Say something, Poppy!

“I’d like that,” I said. Suddenly feeling cheeky, I stole a quick kiss from Emma.

Giggling like the naughty little girl I was, I dove beneath the water and swam off. When I came up for air and glanced back, Emma blew me a kiss. I pretended to catch it, then sent one back.

Even though I was burning with lust, I also felt uncertain about my next move. Right… gather yourself. It’s just sex, you’ve done it loads of times now. I need to talk to an adult… good, there’s Mum. She was in the pool with Henri, bobbing about in the water and chatting to her.

I went over to her and got up close, then whispered, “Can I make a move on Emma? I’m pretty sure she likes me.”

Kiki was grinning. “Oh, she likes you just fine. Couldn’t take her eyes off you earlier!”

“I must admit, I’m keen to get this party started. What do you think, Henri?” Mum said.

“It should be okay… but I normally wait for Mum to make the first move, so maybe check with her first.”

“Okay, I’ll do that,” I said and began to swim off – but Mum took hold of my arm.

“You and Mia have been very close the last few days, have you spoken to her about having sex with others?”

“Of course! I mean, we all have sex with each other, right? She knows that. I mean, she does it with her mum and sisters.”

Henri frowned. “I think what your mum is trying to say is that Mia’s feelings might get hurt if you just threw yourself at Emma. She’s in love with you, after all. If it were me, I’d speak to her and see how she feels about it. I’m sure she’d appreciate that.”

“Or maybe ask her to join you both. She might like Emma, too.”

“Gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t think about that. I feel bad, now.”

Mum shook her head. “Don’t, sweetie. See, you did the right thing, came and asked my advice first. And remember, Emma may be an adult, but you still need to ask permission. And go slow, don’t jump her, let her come to you.” She smiled. “Trust me, she will. You’re irresistable.”

That cheered me right up. I was glad I’d gone to Mum instead of coming on to Emma right away, which is probably just what I would’ve done.

First things first. I needed to speak to Mia. It took me a couple of minutes, but I got her alone.

“I really want to kiss you right now,” I told her.

“Me too! But we can’t, not yet. I have to wait for Mum to say it’s okay before we start doing stuff.”

“My mum said to ask Kiki, which is what I’m just about to do.”

“Um, Poppy… can I ask you something?”

“Anything.” Had she noticed me flirting with Emma? Did she have a problem with that?

“Erm, would you mind if I had sex with your mother?”

“Of course not! I know Mum can’t wait to be with you. She thinks you’re hot.”

“Stop teasing me.”

Sod the rules… I kissed her, I had to. It was a quick one, though, “I would never tease you about stuff like that, Mia. Cross my heart.”

“Wow, she really likes me?”

“She absolutely does. What do you think of Emma?”

“She seems nice. Very sexy.”

“God, I want to fuck her!” I couldn’t help but blurt it out. Thankfully, no one else heard.

Mia laughed. “That’s how I feel about your Mum.”

“So, er, you don’t mind if I have sex with Emma, right?”

“Why would I mind?” Mia looked confused.

“I just thought that, um… actually, it was Mum who said that since you and I are, y’know, really close, maybe I ought to see how you feel about it before….”

“Before you have sex with someone else? Poppy, I hope to have sex with everyone here before we go home, but you’re the one I’m in love with. Let’s just make sure we fall asleep together tonight, how about that?”

I could feel my eyes welling up with joyful tears, but managed to hold them back. “Aw, I love you, Mia. And yeah, I’m spending the night with you for sure!”

She threw her arms around me and we kissed. We broke off before anyone saw us, though.

“Um, by the way, you do know you’re my girlfriend, right?” I asked, giving her a shy smile. “That’s what I’ve been telling people.”

Mia giggled. “Jeez, Poppy! I’ve been calling you my girlfriend for over a week. Get with the program!”

We both burst out laughing, then shared one more quick kiss.

“Let me set things up with Mum for you,” I told her. “I’ll go have a chat with her now.”

“Wait, Poppy – um, maybe you shouldn’t say anything,” Mia began, but I wasn’t about to listen to that. This was no time for her to get cold feet. So I pretended not to hear her, just swam back over to Mum and Henri.

“How did it go?” Mum asked me.

I took her arm. “You were right, Mum. I’m so glad I spoke to her. She’s fine with me being with Emma. Thing is, there’s someone here that Mia’s got her eye on. Someone she’s not been with yet.”

Mum’s eyes widened a bit, like they always did when she was about to hear something juicy. “Oooh, who’s that, then?”

I gave her a big smile. “It’s you.”



“Oh, don’t act so surprised, Heather,” Henri said, “you know you’re sexy as fuck.” Mum gave a surprised yelp. I figured that Herni must have touched her under the water or something.

I continued. “Anyway, Mia’s dying of embarrassment over there, because I’ve come straight over to tell you what she’s thinking.”

“I’ll have to do something about that, won’t I? Come on, Henri – let’s go see Mia and leave Poppy to chase down her prey.”

“Good luck with Emma,” Henri told me. “Hope I get a crack at her myself – she’s dead sexy!”

As I swam over to where Kiki was chatting with Emma and Beth, I noticed Mum had already drawn Mia into a conversation, and they were both giggling. I felt good for Mia. Mum is a wonderful lover, and I knew they would have lots of sexy fun together. I intended to have sex with Mia’s mum pretty soon, and now I knew that Mia would help me start things off when I did.

Evie and Lilly came over and splashed me, so I played with them for a while then waded over to Kiki. She was leaning against the side of the pool, standing next to Beth. Emma was just opposite them. I didn’t notice until I got up close, but Kiki and Beth had their arms around each others’ waist under the water. This looks promising, I thought.

Kiki smiled at me. “You okay, Poppy?”

I had no idea what to do, so after an embarrassingly long pause I said, “Yeah, just thought I’d say hi,” then giggled like an idiot.

“Kiki was just telling us about your crushes, how each of you have different ones. I think that’s so sweet,” said Emma. I noticed Beth blushing slightly when her mum said that.

I wasn’t sure how much Kiki had told Emma, so I decided it was time to be honest again. “Did they tell you who my crush is?”

“They did, but I’d have known anyway. You’d have to be blind not to see how much you and Mia love each other.”

“Yeah, she’s really nice. She’s my girlfriend now.”

“Well, it’s about time you two made it official! Congratulations!” exclaimed Kiki. She hugged me.

Emma and Beth congratulated me too, and I felt embarrassed all over again. I hadn’t expected this to be such a big deal. My face was hot as I said, “Thanks.”

Then I decided to be bold and take a chance on making a complete muppet of myself, figuring that Kiki would bail me out before I made a really bad impression. “The thing is,” I began, “Mia and I, we both have other crushes, too.”

I left it like that, so if Kiki gave me a certain look I could still explain it away. Instead, she gave me a wink, so I figured it was okay for me to be coming on to Emma. My heart beat even faster when she leaned in close to me and murmured, “Can I be nosy and ask who they are? I think I can guess one of them.”

I was hoping Emma had figured out that I was crushing on her, so I wouldn’t have to say it out loud. Instead, I asked her, “Which one is that?”

“I think Mia likes your mummy,” Emma said, a huge smile on her lips as she looked past me. I glanced over my shoulder to find Mum and Mia cuddling each other in a very affectionate way. To most people, it would have seemed quite innocent, but everyone here knew better.

“Yeah, you got that one,” I admitted. Now, my other crush is, erm… well, it’s on you.” I was so nervous that it was hard to get the words out, all the while struggling to look relaxed..

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” said Beth. “Isn’t it, Mum?”

Drifting even closer, Emma hugged me to her for a long, wonderful while, then kissed my cheek. I could feel her bare legs against mine, and a delicious shiver ran through me when our breasts briefly touched. She whispered in my ear, “You’re my crush, too,” then drew back just far enough to smile at me, cupping my face in her hands. I was gazing into those sparkling green eyes, the desire I saw in them warming me like a sunbeam.

I felt Emma’s hand trail down to my shoulder, and from there to my right breast, what little there was of it. As she teased the nipple, she turned to catch Mum’s eye, then gestured towards me with her head as if to ask, Is this okay?

Mum nodded firmly, then drove the point home by claiming Mia’s mouth in a heated French kiss. Mia went stiff for a fraction of a second, then hugged Mum tightly as their tongues flashed back and forth. The sight of my girlfriend and my mother carrying on like passionate lovers made me quiver inside.

That was when Kiki turned to Beth with a smile and said, “Darling, would you mind if I kissed you?”

“I’d love that,” Beth said, her eyes wide. Kiki moved in, covering the girl’s mouth with hers.

I felt so pleased for Kiki I can’t tell you – honestly, my heart fluttered. I knew how nervous she was, but the woman had guts as well as style, and her fear didn’t show one bit. Despite everything, all the careful build-up, the checking and double-checking, in the end, she was a grown woman who was about to kiss a twelve-year-old girl in front of her mother… and then, in all likelihood, make love to her.

It’s such a high, that moment when friendship suddenly turns sexual. Now multiply that by four women, two teens, and five young girls, all of them gay. It was crazy exciting, my wildest experience ever, and I was practically panting to get started.

Emma looked at me, just about to speak. I figured she was going to ask to kiss me, but I was ready to fuck!

I gave her my sweetest smile. “Emma, would you like to take a soak in the jacuzzi with me?”

She paused with her mouth still open, then smiled back. “I’d love nothing more.”


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    Okay, we thought it was odd but didn’t really pick up on it as we were too busy rubbing off. Good catch Joanna, and poor Joe, you must have felt awful as to what had happened. As it turns out we enjoyed this chapter also. And now we wish that chapter 14 was still here as well, but I guess we’ll have to wait to reread it again. We understand others didn’t see it so we’ll keep silent. Happy our above comments didn’t give much away about the future chapter that had been this one.

    I felt so pleased for Kiki I can’t tell you – honestly, my heart fluttered. I knew how nervous she was, but the woman had guts as well as style, and her fear didn’t show one bit. Despite everything, all the careful build-up, the checking and double-checking, in the end she was a grown woman who was about to kiss a twelve-year-old girl in front of her mother… and then, in all likelihood, make love to her.

    A wonderful buildup has us ready for more.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      Kim & Sue

      Awe, you two are always so kind and say the nicest things. Your feedback and support is appreciated beyond measure, thank you so much. I’m thrilled you enjoy the story so much. I’m glad you picked up on Kiki’s vulnerability. Initially all Poppy saw was this confident classy lady, but Poppy got a little look behind the curtain to see that Kiki is human and has all the worries everyone else has. I have to say, I enjoy writing the character of Kiki immensely, she’s great fun to write and often takes me places I had no intention of her going! Typical Kiki really!

  6. Joanna says:

    LOL..I didn’t think such a talented writer would miss an opportunity to introduce new characters into this delicious story. And what a beautiful introduction it was. XOXO.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      Thank you for the catch and the wonderful comments, it’s so nice to know others enjoy what I’ve written.

  7. David says:

    Don’t worry about it Jetboy. Happens to us all at some point. No harm done.🙂

  8. David says:

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    • David says:

      A quick comment on the character list! I thought that Poppy and Mia were 12, the list says Poppy is 10 and Mia 11.

      • JetBoy says:

        Nope, the listed ages are correct. However, if there is a reference in the story to either of them being twelve, let us know and we’ll fix it.

      • Joe Dornish says:

        Hi David

        Poppy is ten, her eleventh birthday is approaching. In the story she is a year younger than her class mates, she is a very bright child and was moved up a year. Hence why Mia is a bit older. Jetboy and I did catch a few typos where we had Poppy at 12, it should be 10, so if you see them please let me know. And thanks for the lovely comments, they are much appreciated.

  9. Kim & Sue says:

    A beautiful chapter Joe. Loved the meeting new friends and the sly slow everyone got naked together at last. Once again a nice grouping of ages and most wonderful are the new pairings being tried out by all. Great touch.

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