The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 7

  • Posted on November 20, 2022 at 4:09 pm

A brief recap: Single mother and lesbian Amanda receives wonderful news: her eleven-year-old daughter Katie (who has just come out as gay herself) is being considered as a fairy for Latchmore House, a magical kingdom of sorts for young girls. When meeting with Latchmore’s director Cindy, Amanda is thrilled to learn that the fairies are all young lesbians. To prove the point, Cindy brings in an enchanting young thing named Rayne, who engages in hot sapphic sex with Amanda. Afterward, Rayne seeks out Katie, and they have a lovely time together.

Meanwhile, Katie is getting her own stimulating introduction to Latchmore from a couple of the fairies. Rayne finds her, and the two of them spend some delightful time together before returning to Cindy’s office, where Katie’s mother Amanda is also waiting. Things get interesting very fast… but the best is yet to come. Read on, readers.

by C. Cat

Amanda stood naked before her daughter Katie, who sat in Miss Cindy’s lap, waiting for Mummy to make love to her.

Her heart nearly stopped as Rayne slowly lifted Katie’s skirt, leaving her daughter totally exposed. Her tight little mound was like a budding flower glistening with dew — she couldn’t remember ever seeing anything so beautiful.

She longed to kiss it, to show Katie how wonderful a woman’s mouth could feel… but until Miss Cindy gave permission, all she could do was watch.

Katie’s skirt now fully raised, her new friend Rayne moved to stand next to Miss Cindy, licking her lips as she waited for the incestuous sex show to begin.

“A girl’s first time with her mother is very special,” Miss Cindy told Katie, caressing her thigh. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Uh-huh,” Katie said, hardly able to sit still.

“Then, my sweet,” Miss Cindy said, lightly grazing Katie’s slit with the tip of a finger, “you need to tell her what you want. Think of your mummy like one of your Barbie dolls — you get to decide what she does.”

Katie thought about it for a moment. She very much wanted to experience that special kiss between her legs… and having Mum lick her kitty seemed like the best idea ever.

At the same time, she hesitated to actually order Mum to do something like that. Though she was only eleven, Katie knew mothers and daughters weren’t supposed to be lovers.

But I want her to! she told herself. I SO want her to!

Miss Cindy understood. “You can start slowly, if you like,” she said. “Have her do something else for you first. Something nice.”

That notion appealed to Katie. “Okay,” she said, giggling as an interesting notion occurred to her. “Kiss my feet, Mummy.”

“As you wish, Miss Katie,” Amanda said with her eyes lowered, trying to conceal the hint of a smile on her lips. Kneeling before her child, she took Katie’s feet in her hands, briefly caressing them before she began to nuzzle the right foot all over, pausing to suck her daughter’s toes before switching to the right.

Katie shivered, astonished by how good it felt. She’d intended to make her mother do something cute and silly, just to lighten the mood, but having her feet kissed was far nicer than she’d expected.

As her daughter squirmed and cooed with delight, Amanda guided Katie’s feet downward, pressing them against her bare body.

The eleven-year-old’s mouth hung slack. Oh, it was wonderful, the softness of Mum’s lovely big titties as they caressed her feet. Then they went even lower, gliding across her mother’s belly, then further down.

Just as Katie’s toes were about to make contact with her pubes, Amanda paused, letting her child know without words that if she wanted to go beyond that, it was up to her.

Rayne shifted her position to get a better view, and Katie could tell from Miss Cindy’s breathing that the Latchmore director was excited, too. Everyone was waiting for her to make the next move.

Steadying herself, Katie slid her foot down a little bit lower… until her big toe found the warmth and wetness of her mum’s slit. Amanda let out a little gasp at the intimate contact. She brought her hips forward with a slight rocking motion.

Katie quickly figured out how to play this new game. She controlled how hard her mother could press. If she held her foot there, her mother would let out little moans of pleasure as she rocked. If she drew it away, even a little bit, Mum made cute pouting noises.

Wow, this is fun! Katie decided. Wonder how long we can keep doing it?

As Katie continued to tease her mum’s cunt, Rayne bent down to give her a kiss. Closing her eyes, Katie accepted the girl’s tongue, then met it with hers.

Amanda watched the girls as their kiss intensified. She felt a sudden urge to see her daughter and Rayne make love. That thought brought her close to her own climax, a ripple of ecstasy that caused her to moan.

That got Katie’s attention. Breaking away from the kiss, she saw and understood the look in Mummy’s eyes. It was time. She was ready.

Katie spread her legs wide apart, gazing up at her mother with those big brown eyes. “Lick my cunt, Mummy,” she said, a commanding edge to her voice.

Amanda leaned forward until her lips were almost touching Katie’s wetness, close enough to feel their warmth. Inhaling deeply, she savoured the sweet aroma. As she paused, she felt a small hand behind her neck, fingers moving through her hair. It was Rayne, guiding her for the last few inches until her lips found the softness of little Katie’s vulva.

Amanda began by tracing gentle kisses slowly over Katie’s mound and her inner thighs, enjoying the little cries and gasps of pleasure her child made, the way she trembled. As much as she wanted to make this moment last, Amanda couldn’t restrain her hunger, her need for Katie, this enchanting creature that she had given life.

Slipping her tongue between Katie’s lips, then probing down to her core, Amanda finally got a real taste of her daughter’s juices. There was something so fresh and delicate about the flavour… she had to have more. Drunk on love, lust and the forbidden delights of incest, the young mother covered Katie’s cunt with her lips and began to drink from the girl. The thick, rich nectar seemed to warm Amanda’s very soul.

Suddenly a hand grasped a handful of Amanda’s hair and pulled her away. It was Rayne, who leaned in and gave the startled woman a deep passionate kiss, licking Katie’s juices from her lips.

Katie felt excitement churning inside her as she watched Rayne and her mother kiss. She remembered how soft Rayne’s kisses were, then wondered what it would be like to kiss Mum the very same way. It was going to happen, that much she knew.

And she was ready for it. Those uncertain feelings had faded away like morning mist, and Katie needed love. Naked, grownup love. What was threatening to boil over in the young girl couldn’t be held back much longer.

Rayne must have sensed that, too. Breaking her kiss with Amanda, she quickly guided the woman back between Katie’s legs, leaving her there with a pat on the shoulder. Moving to join Miss Cindy, Rayne kissed the director of Latchmore House full on the mouth, giving the woman a taste of Katie’s cunt.

As she went down on her daughter this time, Amanda chose to focus on the girl’s clitoris. She would have preferred to take her time, to nibble on this sweet little slit until mother and child were utterly satisfied. But it was plain to see that Katie was in desperate need of release… and Amanda was determined to give her an orgasm she would never, ever forget.

I’ll lick her the way I want next time, she told herself. And there will be a next time. 

Bringing Katie to Latchmore House was the best decision I ever made, So many new lovers for me to enjoy! And now, my precious little girl is one of them. How lucky can a mother be?

Katie was lost in ecstasy. Mummy’s mouth was doing wonderful things to that special place near the top of her kitty, the bit you touched to get the best feelings of all. It was about to happen again, that moment when the sensations got so huge, she’d go off like a firework. And this one… it’s going to be bigger than ever, so totally, incredibly big. She felt Mummy’s tongue press against her clit, then tease it with four or five rapid flicks.

Her body tensed as a spark of new pleasure made itself known, a tantalising hint of the explosion to follow. She was still nestled in Miss Cindy’s arms, the woman’s nude body pressing against hers. It made Katie wish she’d taken the time to get naked, too. Rayne was taking in the lewd scene with her skirt raised, casually toying with her sex. The sight made Katie’s mouth water, and she promised herself that she’d be licking her new friend down there before the day was done.

Best of all, there was Mummy, doing everything she could to make her feel wonderful. She was gazing at Katie, eyes warm with the love she felt for her daughter. It touched the eleven-year-old deep inside, almost making her want to cry. Mummy’s making love to me, Katie reminded herself, the significance of it sinking in for the first time. She loves me, more than ever!

That was enough to set her off. Katie let out a choked scream as the wave came crashing down, carrying her body this way and that. Her universe was reduced to the ebb, the flow, the push and pull, the rising flood of pleasure that seethed inside. She was caught up in a violent churn of pleasure that slowly, slowly diminished and drained away, leaving the young girl exhausted, but at peace.

When Katie finally opened her eyes, she was stretched out on the couch, lying in her mother’s arms.

“Precious child,” Amanda whispered, “I’m so, so in love with you.”

“I love you too, Mummy,” Katie replied, hugging her mum tightly. “More than anything.” Looking up, she noticed Rayne standing over them. “Hi,” she said, blushing a bit.

“Hello there,” Rayne said, grinning hugely. “Did you like having your cunt licked?”

“It was the best!” Katie answered with a giggle. “I want to try doing it… with Mum, and with you.”

“I like that idea,” Rayne said.

“As do I,” Miss Cindy announced. Everyone looked her way. She was seated in the large chair, still nude, but looking poised and elegant, as if attending an afternoon soiree.

“Katie,” she said, “it’s time for you to prove you can give pleasure, as well as receive it.” She turned her gaze to the girl’s mother. “Amanda… come here.”

Her pulse beginning to throb again, Amanda carefully withdrew from Katie’s embrace and got to her feet, striding over to where Miss Cindy sat. She paused; waited.

“Good girl,” Miss Cindy murmured. “Now sit at my feet.” As Amanda lowered herself to the floor, she added, “You’re about to watch your daughter fuck Rayne. No touching yourself, though… not until I say.”

“Yes, Miss Cindy,” Amanda said with a slight nod.

“However, since you did such a lovely job of pleasuring Katie, I will allow you to rest your head on my leg.”

Without a word, Amanda shifted closer to the older woman, placing her cheek against Miss Cindy’s creamy thigh with a sigh of contentment.

Cindy looked up at Katie. “Undress for us, dear. We want to see all of you.”

The eleven-year-old stood, making short work of the buttons on her white shirt that were still fastened before she shrugged it off. Hesitant to let it drop to the floor, Katie carefully draped the shirt over the arm of the sofa. She then reached down to unhook the skirt, which she peeled away from her legs and laid atop the shirt.

Now Katie was naked. Like her mum, she stood quietly, awaiting Miss Cindy’s instructions.

“You are exquisite, child,” Cindy said. “However, my dear, there is a certain art to removing your clothes in the presence of a lover. That’s something we’ll expect you to learn here at Latchmore. Rayne… show Katie what I mean.”

A knowing smile adorned the young redhead’s lips as she took up position in the room’s centre. She began to caress her thighs, trailing her spread fingers up and down the lightly freckled skin. Seizing the hem of her skirt between finger and thumb, she tugged it upward to reveal more of those lovely legs… but not enough to reveal anything else.

Katie was enthralled. So sexy, she thought. Oh my gosh, so sexy. Katie hadn’t forgotten that Rayne had gone without knickers, and she ached for a glimpse of the girl without the rest of her clothes. She’d  seen Rayne nude earlier when they were changing into the Latchmore House uniforms, but the way her friend was putting herself on display now was something else again.

“See the way she teases, Katie? That’s the idea. When you undress for someone, you want to stir her up, make her burn with desire. You’re playing a game of seduction.”

Standing before Katie, Rayne unbuttoned her blouse, casually nudging it off one shoulder, then the other. She began to slowly twirl, hugging the white top closed with both arms, then came to a stop.

Rayne unclasped the waistband of her skirt and slowly peeled it away, then let it fall to the floor. Aside from her cute knee socks, the girl was nude. By then, they all were.

Taking one last graceful pirouette, Rayne bent forward, presenting her bum to Katie, knowing that she was giving the girl an excellent view of her cunt and anus. By then, she felt certain that Katie had to be imagining what it would be like to taste her.

In fact, that’s exactly what Katie was thinking. She’d admired Rayne’s pretty pink slit before they even met, back when looking up her dress in the fairy garden. Now, after experiencing oral sex for the first time, she longed to try it for herself… and that’s exactly what Miss Cindy intended for her to do.

There was her fairy friend, completely undressed and ready to be licked, but Katie wasn’t sure what to do. She looked over at Miss Cindy, who was toying with her mum’s hair. “Um…” she began, then fell silent.

The woman smiled. “Lie down on the sofa, Katie… then Rayne will feed you her pussy.”

Katie went from uncertain to elated in an instant. Bounding over to the sofa, she stretched out on the dark fabric, wiggling her toes as she settled in, preparing to receive her young lover.

“You know what to do, Rayne,” Miss Cindy purred, idly rolling her left nipple between two fingers.

Amanda’s heart throbbed as she drank in the lewd, lovely scene: her own precious child, about to fuck another girl. It was the happiest moment of her life as a mother.

Just imagine the joy I’ll feel when Katie does that to me, she told herself. My little girl, making sweet love to Mummy.

Rayne moved to straddle Katie, positioning herself above the eleven-year-old’s face, that lovely smooth slit just inches from her lips. She had one hand on the younger girl’s shoulder, pinning it to the couch. With the other hand, she reached down to spread her cunt open. “Is this what you want, Katie?”

“Uh-huh,” Katie nodded, staring wide-eyed at what Rayne had.

“Then tell me the naughty things you want to do. Make sure your mother can hear!”

Katie wasn’t used to saying dirty words, but she found herself pleading. “I want to lick your pussy, Rayne. I – I want to fuck. I want to make you c-come, all over my face!”

Rayne smiled at that. “Well, since you asked nicely….”

“Remember this moment, Katie,” Miss Cindy said as Rayne brought her sex closer to the girl’s lips. “I’m sure you’ve liked girls for a long time, but this is your true initiation as a lesbian.”

When the prize was within reach, Katie managed to sweep her tongue along the length of Rayne’s slit, an instant before it was taken away.

Rayne!” Katie cried, beside herself with frustration. “Don’t be mean!”

“Do you want more, then?” Rayne teased.

“Yes, pretty please.”

This time, Rayne quickly reversed herself, facing the other direction. Lying down on top of Katie, she burrowed between the younger girl’s thighs.

As Katie joyfully tasted her friend’s cunt, she felt Rayne’s tongue dip into her own pussy. She squirmed with delight, unable to believe her luck. First, Mum licked her, now she and Rayne were doing it to each other at the same time!

“Goodness me,” Cindy said as she lazily caressed Amanda. “Look at your little girl. sixty-nining her new best friend. Have you ever seen anything more adorable?”

“No, Miss Cindy,” Amanda sighed, nuzzling the hand of her beautiful mistress. Without permission to touch herself, every atom of her body was on fire with helpless arousal, and watching the girls, coupled with their moans of ecstasy, made her own need all the more acute.

Soon those moans became squeals of joy as their lovemaking intensified. Katie began to shiver, Rayne quickly followed suit, then the two girls exploded together, their slender bodies jerking helplessly in what looked to be an absolute knee-trembler of an orgasm. They peaked with muffled screams that coincided almost perfectly, then went limp. Somehow, Rayne managed to turn herself around, and sank into Katie’s arms with a happy sigh.

“Oh, my,” Amanda whispered, a few tears rolling down her cheek at the sight of her daughter’s blissful face, which seemed to glow with happiness as she snuggled with her young lover. She brought Miss Cindy’s hand to her lips and pressed a kiss into the woman’s palm. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for – for giving us this.”

“You already had these gifts in your possession, Amanda,” Cindy replied. “All I did was help you find them.” She studied the youngsters, still lovingly entwined. “Beautiful, aren’t they? If there’s anything more pleasing to the eye than a girl who’s just made love, I’ve yet to encounter it.”

Katie and Rayne were already beginning to stir. An adult might have been done in for the night after such a workout, but little girls are nothing if not resilient. A moment later, they were kneeling face to face, kissing and licking their juices from each other’s mouths.

Glancing over at their audience, Rayne whispered something to her friend. Katie quickly nodded, her eyes lighting up like nighttime stars.

They crossed the room and stood before the two women. “Miss Cindy,” Rayne asked politely, “May we please make love to Katie’s mummy?”

There was no way Cindy could refuse such a charming request, so she replied, “You may, girls. Make her feel good… but don’t wear her out. I’ve got special plans for the two of us, later on.”

Katie helped her mum up from the submissive position she’d taken on the floor next to Miss Cindy’s chair. Amanda bent to give her daughter a brief kiss, then padded over to the sofa and sat, posing primly with both thighs touching.

Then as the girls approached, Katie’s mother rested a hand on each knee, slowly spreading them apart to reveal the exotic pink flower of her vulva.

“Your mum has such a pretty pussy,” Rayne sighed, her eyes gleaming with desire.

“Um, thanks!” Katie replied. She loved the idea of having a sexy mother.

Rayne stroked her chin as she studied Amanda. “Why don’t you get up on your hands and knees?” she said. “Then me and Katie can both lick you.”

Very good, Rayne,” Cindy said. Still seated in her chair, a leg draped over one arm, she was idly circling the entrance to her vagina with the tip of a finger. “Do as she says, Amanda. Believe me, you’ll love it.”

Without a word, Amanda climbed onto the sofa, positioning herself on all fours. Rayne whispered something in Katie’s ear, gesturing toward the girl’s mother.

With an eager nod, Katie crawled beneath her mum, arranging herself so that her head was nestled between Amanda’s thighs.

Joining the others on the sofa, Rayne knelt behind Amanda, resting her hands on the woman’s shapely arse. “Okay, Katie… are you ready?”

“Uh-huh,” the eleven-year-old replied.

Rayne bent forward until her lips were brushing Amanda’s ear. “Go on, then,” she said. “Katie wants your pussy.”

Slowly lowering her hips, Amanda braced herself for the touch of Katie’s mouth. When she felt the first caress of the girl’s warm, wet tongue, a shudder of lust jolted her body.

A groan escaped the woman’s lips, quickly mounting into a wild cry when Rayne moved in to lick the pucker of her bumhole.

The feeling was exquisite. Two pretty nymphs were making love to her, yet somehow making love to each other at the same time. She was part of the kiss, almost inside it, feeling every bit of the girls’ passion as their tongues explored her.

Amanda found herself longing to kiss them back, and imagined their mouths against hers even as the girls continued to pleasure her cunt and anus. These mingled kisses carried the bold, heated flavour of pure eroticism, leaving the thirtyish mother giddy with arousal.

Rayne pulled away for a few seconds, bending down to whisper something in Katie’s ear before she returned to rimming the girl’s mum. Amanda couldn’t hear what was said, but suspected that something crucial was about to happen.

Her instinct was confirmed when Katie clumsily wriggled two fingers into her vagina. It took the girl a few tries to get a decent motion going, but soon enough she was fucking her mum.

“Oh, yes,” Amanda moaned, pushing her knees even further apart to give her daughter better access. Then Katie eased a third finger inside, followed by a fourth, and the woman’s eyes widened. Bloody hell, is she going to…

When Katie’s thumb joined the party, Amanda braced herself for the explosion to come. Inch by glorious inch, her daughter’s hand worked its way deeper into her lust-slicked tunnel. She’d never been fisted before, and it did hurt a bit, but the thought of asking Katie to stop was unthinkable.

Before Amanda was expecting it, that hand slipped past the tight vaginal ring, filling her in a heartbeat. She was perfectly motionless for an instant, staring into space.

Then the sky came crashing down.

A low moan issued from Amanda’s lips, quickly building into a wild, beast-like cry. “Oh God, YES!” she wailed. The two little girls worked even faster; one vigorously licking her bum, the other probing her womanly core.

It was like no orgasm she’d ever felt before. This was a mighty tide that enveloped her body and soul, transporting her away to another, higher plane. The phrase la petite mort drifted into her mind. Yes, this was the “little death” that she’d encountered in poetry… a moment of perfect, blissful emptiness. It rose swiftly to one last unimaginable peak, then Amanda slumped forward when her limbs gave out.

Katie sat up, grinning at Rayne, and the two young lovers drifted together in a tender kiss, exchanging the flavours of Amanda that were smeared on their mouths and chins.

Turning to her mother, now curled up on the sofa, Katie bent to kiss Amanda’s cheek. “I love you, Mummy,” she said.

Amanda gazed deep into her daughter’s eyes… then she began to cry. “Thank you, baby girl,” she sobbed, taking Katie in her arms. “That was… oh, my, it was perfect.” She gazed round the room, smiling at Rayne and Miss Cindy. “I – I love you all.”

“We love you too, Amanda,” Cindy said, advancing to the sofa. She caressed the woman’s damp brow. “I don’t think you’re in any shape to drive home… so tonight, you’ll be sharing my bed.”

“Oooh!” Katie squealed. “We get to stay over?”

“Indeed you do. Rayne, can you look after Ktie for the evening? You both can stay in the spare room upstairs.”

“I’d love to!” the redhead exclaimed, taking the younger girl’s hand in hers.

“Then that’s settled.” Cindy peered at the clock. “Dinner will be served in the Latchmore dining room in about forty-five minutes… that’s enough for us to get cleaned up and dressed.” She pointed toward a door to the left. “I’ve a shower in there. It’s not big enough for all four of us, but we can use it in pairs. Amanda, I think you and Katie should shower first. It seems to me that a little mother-daughter time would be useful for you both. Rayne, you’ll be sharing with me.” Reaching out, she teased the girl’s nipple with a fingertip.

“I’d like that, Miss Cindy,” Rayne replied.

“Excellent. Come, ladies…” Clapping her hands briskly, the nude woman turned, leading the way to the bathroom. The others followed, their eyes drawn to Miss Cindy’s shapely arse.


The next morning, Amanda and Cindy were taking coffee and croissants. They had been served by a smiling young maid, who also brought Amanda her clothes, which had been cleaned and pressed for her.

The rest of their evening had been marvellous. After a savoury evening meal, Amanda was taken to a cozy bedroom next to Miss Cindy’s office, where the two women explored lesbian lovemaking from every conceivable angle. In the process, Amanda had sampled many sexual delights for the first time. Some of what they’d done was a blur to her, though a very pleasant blur.

By unspoken agreement, their love play had been put on pause. Now Cindy was speaking to Amanda as the mother of a potential student. Of course, this particular mother still radiated in the afterglow of amazing sex, her breasts barely contained by the silken dressing gown Miss Cindy had loaned her, but their conversation was a serious one.

“Even though you live close enough for Katie to come here as a day school student,” Cindy said, “I think living in Fairy House would be good for her. Still, I couldn’t imagine you two being apart.”

Amanda sighed, “I know she’d be happy here, but I’d miss her terribly – especially now that we’ve finally made love. God, I already want her again.”

“Which leads me to my proposal. How would you feel about living here yourself? We’ve an opening for a house mother, one who can handle a good-sized group of our junior girls. Along with your Katie, there will be fifteen of them.” She gave Amanda a sly smile, certain the suggestion would appeal to her.

“But… I d-don’t have any experience…” Amanda protested, her cheeks reddening at the very thought.

“You’ll have our full support,” Cindy said. “Besides, it’s plain to see that you have a way with girls. Caroline tells me you have a psychology degree – and by the way, she thinks you’d be ideal for the job. At any rate, the decision is mine to make, and seeing what a fine girl you have raised on your own, I’m convinced you’re the one we want.”

“I… Christ almighty,  don’t know what to say!”

Cindy took Amanda’s hand, gave it a squeeze. “It’s simple. Say ‘yes,’ and we’ll get started on the details.”

Being impulsive was out of character for Amanda; so was making hasty decisions. Can I really do this?

The chance to be open about her sexuality and her attraction to young girls would be downright liberating, but there was more to Latchmore than that, much more. In her short time there, she’d seen how seriously  the students took their vows of sisterhood, how much honest affection they shared. She wanted to be part of that — she had to be!

I don’t even know how much the job pays, she reflected, but I’ll find a way to make things work. First thing tomorrow, I ring up Mr. Goulden to tell him I’m chucking his bloody office job.

“I’ll do it,” she said, feeling more confident than she’d expected.

Taking a napkin, Cindy scrawled something on it. Amanda assumed it was a telephone number until she got a good look, her eyes widening as she read the figure.

“I trust this will do for an initial salary… it includes room, board, and full benefits.”

Amanda saw the pound sterling sign in front of the number, but it still took her a while to process. “This is so much!” she gasped.

“Not at all,” Cindy said, “It’s not like we can hire just anyone, after all. We take good care of our staff.”

Soon the girls came down dressed in nothing but short silk robes, having enjoyed breakfast in bed. By then, Miss Cindy’s plans were nearly worked out. Amanda would have the summer to get everything in order and prepare for the new position, Cindy assuring her the Foundation would provide whatever assistance she might need.

When the girls heard the news that Katie’s mum was going to be a Fairy Mother, they were beside themselves with excitement. Upstairs, they had been discussing whether Katie would stay at Latchmore with Rayne or live at home with her mum. Katie didn’t want to be apart from either one… now, she wouldn’t have to!

Once the excitement died down, Miss Cindy placed a small black box on the table before Katie. “Here’s a little something for you.”

Katie opened the box to find a white gold necklace with a charm of stylized interlocking wings, just like the ones she’d seen the other fairies wearing.

“Oh, my goodness!” the girl exclaimed. “Thank you, Miss Cindy!”

“Here, let me put it on you,” said Rayne, taking the necklace.

“Is that okay?” Katie asked, “I mean, before I’ve started here?”

“You only have to stand and say our pledge,” Cindy told her.

“Oh, Piper and Melissa taught me that!” Getting to her feet, Katie solemnly spoke. “The bond of sisterhood unites all fairies. We love, honour, and trust each other. I promise to never break that bond.”

As she completed the words, Rayne deftly clasped the necklace around her neck.

Miss Cindy took Katie’s hands in hers. “I accept your pledge and make you a solemn promise: follow the Latchmore way, and you will always have a place in our family.”

There was a moment’s silence. “Is that it?” Katie finally asked. It seemed too lovely to be true… but sure enough, she was now a Latchmore Fairy!

“Congratulations!” Rayne announced with a giggle as she leaned in for a kiss, which Katie eagerly returned. As the girls’ passion grew, their hands seemed to find their way inside each other’s robes.

“Before we get too distracted…” Miss Cindy said, chuckling as the two girls drew apart, “I have something here for Amanda, too.” She produced a similar necklace, but this one had a larger set of wings in the centre, interlocked with smaller wings to each side. It was the same charm Cindy had worn when she and Amanda first met.

Clasping the necklace around Amanda’s neck, she said, “Our family is more than just our young fairies. You are now joining us as a fairy mother.”

“Mommy Amanda!” Rayne exclaimed, almost jumping into the woman’s arms, “Can I kiss you, too?”

Kisses were shared all around and robes began to fall open. Rayne had shrugged hers to the floor when Cindy interrupted again. “You two need to get showered and dressed. You’re to take Amanda to Fairy House and introduce her to the girls.”

“Cool!” Rayne exclaimed. “C’mon, Katie!” She seized her girlfriend’s hand, and they raced from the room.

“You too, missy,” Cindy continued, giving Amanda’s bum a playful slap. “I’d love to be there with you, but a certain naughty girl distracted me from my work yesterday, and I’ve some business that won’t wait.”

“”I’m sorry to have distracted you, Miss Cindy. Are you going to spank me later?” Amanda said in her best little girl voice, looking down at her feet.

Cindy drew close. “Oh, spanking isn’t the only thing I’m going to do with that hot arse of yours, but that’s going to have to wait. Now go get ready to meet your new little girls.” Abruptly pulling Amanda close, she kissed the woman, briefly tongue-fucking her mouth, then strutted into the bathroom and closed the door.

Amanda stared at the closed door, her heart racing, then gave a shaky laugh. Taking her neatly folded clothes from Cindy’s desk, she exited the office, making her way upstairs to join Katie and Rayne.

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