The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 8

  • Posted on December 22, 2022 at 4:59 pm

by C. Cat

Katie was walking along the forest path, accompanied by her mother Amanda and her new best friend Rayne. Beaming with pride, the young girl touched her new necklace, lost in thought about what it represented. I’m a Latchmore Fairy now… this is where I’m meant to be!

As if that wasn’t special enough, Katie was also holding hands with the sweetest, most beautiful girl she’d ever known — a girl who really, really liked her, too. My first girlfriend! she silently rejoiced. She squeezed Rayne’s hand even tighter, hoping the pretty redhead could read her thoughts.

Flashing a shy smile, Rayne returned the squeeze, sending a delicious shiver up Katie’s spine. There were so many things she wanted to say to this new girl who had just strolled into her life… but for the moment, just basking in her presence was enough.

Then there was her mother Amanda, who Katie had just kissed, fondled and tasted a few minutes ago. Her pulse quickened at the memory of it, and a hint of Mummy’s pussy lingered on her lips. Stealing a glance at the woman, she made a promise to herself. The next time me and Mum make love, I’ll lick her bottom hole like Rayne did.

As the three of them drew closer to Fairy House, they encountered another pair of girls travelling in the same direction, also hand in hand. Judging by their outfits, these two were just returning from horseback riding.

Rayne raced ahead to meet them. “Girls!” she called out. “Come meet our new fairy Katie! And this is her mum, Amanda — she’s going to be our new house mother!” Rayne was in a giddy mood, practically skipping as she brought everyone together.

Verrrry nice,” said one of the girls, looking Amanda up and down, She was a petite blonde with her hair tied back in a ponytail. “You can have a sleepover with me anytime you like.”

Rayne rolled her eyes. “I should’ve warned you… this one’s a total pussy hound.”

“Didn’t hear you complaining when I had my tongue in your bum the other night, Rayne,” the blonde replied, a mischievous smirk on her lips.

“Are you sure you want to be house mother for this lot, Mummy Amanda?” Rayne asked the woman with an exaggerated sigh.

“Well, I like what I’m seeing so far,” Amanda replied, giving the blonde girl a wink.

“In that case, introductions are in order. This is Zoe,” Rayne began, introducing a slim black girl with a big, beautiful mane of hair. “She’s one of the thirteen-year-olds and the head girl in our house. She’s a smashing dancer. And this troublemaker,” Rayne gestured toward the grinning blonde, “is Avery. She’s one of the twelve-year-olds and super nice… when she can keep her knickers on, at least. Oh, and she also knows absolutely everything about horses.”

“Everything but how to keep your bum from getting sore,” Zoe said, wincing as she reached back to touch her bottom. “Tonight, I’ll be taking my dinner standing up, thanks very much!”

Avery giggled. “It’s your first time on a horse, silly! Once you’ve been in the saddle another couple of times, it won’t hurt a bit.”

“I’m pleased to meet you both,” said a beaming Amanda, giving them a brief hug apiece, then the five of them set off for Fairy House..

Most of the older girls were out when the group arrived, but Zoe introduced Katie and her mother to the ones who were there, running through their names and ages.

Clair, one of the twelve-year-olds, was a cute tomboy with short dark hair and a slim build. She was in the main room cuddling with two eight-year-olds — a black girl named Annie and Emma, a redhead. There were also three nine-year-olds nearby: blonde Ella, brunette Lilly, and Aiko, a Japanese girl with jet black hair in pigtails. Katie hadn’t met Lilly or Annie yet, but knew the other girls from the day before. Needless to say,  they were delighted to see their new friend wearing a Latchmore Fairy necklace.

“Listen up, fairies,” Zoe said, interrupting their chatter, “I’m sure you all want to get to know our new sister, but first you ought to introduce yourself to our new house mother, Mummy Amanda. She’s Katie’s mum!”

Surprised by Zoe’s announcement, the youngsters were quick to cluster around Amanda, eager to meet her. So she seated herself in a large cushiony sofa, introduced herself, eager to get acquainted with her new charges.

Rayne gently nudged Katie with her elbow. “C’mon, let’s go upstairs. You’ll be rooming with me, so we need to start thinking about where to put your stuff.”

“Good idea!” Katie replied, then called out, “Uh, Mum?” When Amanda glanced up, Katie said, “Me and Rayne are going up to her room for a bit. Okay?”

“Go ahead, sweetie,” her mother replied, and the two girls raced up the staircase, holding hands. Watching them go, Amanda told herself, Those little minxes are about to fuck again.

The thought made her smile, then she got back to her chat with the Latchmore girls. As she got to know them, Ella, Lilly, Clair and Aiko each took a turn sitting next to Amanda, telling a little bit about themselves and asking the occasional question.

While she was chatting with the three girls, Amanda noticed that even though Annie was seated off to one side, the little girl kept sneaking glances at her. The pretty eight-year-old was obviously bashful, but she did seem to be fascinated by her new house mother… maybe even smitten?

Annie was having a definite effect on Amanda, too. The child’s loose-fitting shorts displayed her slim legs to impressive effect, and a pink t-shirt stood out beautifully against her light cocoa skin. She felt an urge to nuzzle Annie’s face, to kiss that adorable little mouth.

What’s happened to me? Amanda asked herself. Okay, sometimes I have sexual thoughts about little girls… but now, I’m like a kid in a candy store, wanting every one I see! I’ve got to show some restraint, damn it all.

That was when Clair, now done with her questions, looked over at the little black girl. “C’mon, Annie – spend some time with Mummy Amanda. She’s soooo nice!”

Unable to meet Amanda’s eyes, Annie slowly came forward, and Clair guided the child into the woman’s lap. ““She’s really shy, but she’s also sweet as candy. Probably the smartest girl in her class, too!”

“I’m glad to meet you, Annie,” Amanda said, taking the girl’s hand between hers. “You’re a very pretty girl. Sit with me for a little while, okay?”

The compliment made the child cover her face, but she didn’t make any attempt to move away. Instead, she gave a slight nod, looking down in her lap.

“I’ll let you two get to know each other,” Clair said, giving Annie a kiss on the cheek, then going into the next room to join the other girls. Now Amanda and Annie were on their own.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Amanda murmured. Another little nod from Annie. “I can be really shy, too — especially around pretty girls. I’ll bet you feel like that too, sometimes. You do, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” Annie almost whispered.

“But Clair is very pretty… and you aren’t shy around her. I bet I know why.”

That caught Annie’s curiosity. She finally looked up, giving Amanda a chance to see the sparkle of her large, dark eyes. “Why?”

Amanda leaned in close, speaking softly. “I bet you’ve kissed her. Kisses make a lot of things better. Not just cuts and bruises… they work on shyness, too. Like magic!”

Annie responded with a bashful smile. “I do like kisses!” She moved a bit closer. “I like giving them, and I like getting them, too.”

Oh, my goodness, Amanda thought. Those warm brown eyes seemed to beckon her closer, clearly saying what the child wanted from the new house mother.

She gave Annie a light kiss on her cheek, followed by a series of quick and playful pecks that made her new friend giggle as they drew closer to her mouth.

As their lips met, Amanda let her hands glide over Annie’s back in a loving caress, then drew her in close, cradled to her breasts. A soft “mmm” escaped the girl as their kiss lingered.

“Did it work?” Amanda said as they broke apart. “Do you feel less shy now?”

“A little,” Annie replied, nibbling her lower lip. “Um… maybe we can try again, just to be sure?”

Amanda laughed. “I think Clair was right about how smart you are… but she didn’t tell me you were sneaky, too!” She gave Annie a little pinch, making the girl erupt in a flurry of giggles. Oh, she’s utterly adorable. How can I possibly say no to this little charmer?

In the meantime, Clair had returned to the doorway to see how the two of them were getting on. Seeing that Amanda had put the girl at ease, Clair moved over the couch and bent down to whisper something to Annie.

Whatever it was, the girl nodded in agreement, then smiled up at Amanda. “Would you like to see my room?”

It might have seemed like a question, but Annie was already on her feet tugging at Amanda’s hand… and there was nothing for it but to follow the child upstairs.

Annie’s room had soft pink walls and a pair of twin beds with frilly pink sheets and a bunch of neatly arranged stuffed animals. It looked like almost any young girl’s room, except the posters on the walls weren’t of popular teen stars, but beautiful women in skimpy bathing costumes or very revealing clothing. There was also a pillow on Annie’s bed that was embroidered with the words “NO BOYS ALLOWED.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Amanda noticed Annie hadn’t closed the door. She wondered for a second what that might mean, then decided it didn’t matter. I’ve got nothing to hide at Latchmore, she thought. Still, this girl is awfully young. Perhaps… a little too young?

I can at least kiss her once more, she reasoned. Extending a hand to Annie, she said, “May I kiss you again?”

Annie didn’t hesitate, all but leaping into Amanda’s lap before looking up to accept a lingering kiss.

A delicious tingle raced through Amanda’s body as the child’s tongue sought entrance to her mouth. What could she do, other than respond? Their tongues engaged in a sweet, shy dance.

“I like that,” the young girl said when they broke apart.

“Me too,” said Amanda. “So, little one… do you invite lots of women up to your room?”

“Uh-uh,” Annie replied with a shake of the head. “The older girls mostly do things together. Um, except for Clair, she likes to play with us… Rachel too, but she and Aiko are lovers, so they mostly do stuff together.”

Making a final decision, Amanda said, “Hmmm… would you like me to play with you, or am I too old?”

Annie’s eyes brightened in excitement. “Really? Will you?”

“I’d love to,” Amanda reassured her. “Especially if there’s a lot of kissing. I love to kiss pretty little girls.”

“There is a lot!” Annie said with a happy smile as Amanda bent down for another kiss.

She could tell by the way the girl moved that she very much liked what they were doing. That gave Amanda an idea. As they kissed, she tugged on one of the ties on her sundress. Then with just a slight twist of her body, the dress fell open, baring her breasts.

“Mmmm,” Annie cooed as Amanda’s nipple brushed her cheek.

Taking a little hand, Amanda brought it to the left breast, encouraging Annie to caress it before guiding her nipple to the child’s mouth. “Here you are, little girl… let’s pretend I’m your real mummy,” she murmured as Annie began to suck at the swollen tip.

As the girl nursed, Amanda let her fingers glide over Annie’s legs. Like all the fairies, hours of dance practice ensured even the youngest girls’ legs were nicely toned. Amanda was especially smitten by the silky softness and deep rich cocoa colour of little lover’s skin – it felt like satin. What would it feel like to have those legs wrapped around my face? she wondered..

“Ohhh!” Annie gasped when Amanda slipped a hand into her shorts. By then, she was more than ready to be touched, but Amanda intended to take her time.

“What sort of special games do you like to play with other girls?” Amanda asked. Her fingers were no more than an inch away from Annie’s slit.

“Sometimes when Clair is here,” Annie said between little gasps, “Me an’ Ella, we m-make a fairy ring with her.”

“That sounds fun, how do you play?”

“We, you know, sit in a circle… then each of us touches the, the muffin of the girl who’s sitting on this side.” She gestured to her left. “The way you win the game is if everybody…” Suppressing a giggle, Annie lowered her voice, “you all have to come at the same time.”

“Oh, my!” Amanda exclaimed. “That does sound like a nice game.”

“But you’re not s’posed to say how close you are. See, everyone’s got to watch each other, so they’ll know when it’s time.”

“Could we try it?”

“Sure!” Annie squealed, clapping her little hands as she jumped to her feet.

Amanda stood up, letting her dress fall to the floor. Her bra and knickers were gone – probably still on the floor of Miss Cindy’s office, she figured – leaving her naked. She paused, then slowly turned round to give the girl a chance to see everything, especially her vulva.

Going down on one knee, Amanda gave the little girl’s shorts a gentle tug. They fell to Annie’s ankles, exposing her cute round bottom and a puffy little pudenda with a glistening little slit peeking out from under her t-shirt. It was all Amanda could do to keep from giving it a kiss, but there was plenty of time for that.

The two seated themselves side by side, with Annie’s thighs parted far enough to show the glistening dew of her arousal, and the tiny pearl of a clit – a sight that had Amanda’s mouth watering.

“Ready?” the little girl chirped, her smile as wide as the sky.

“Ready,” Amanda echoed.

They began by caressing each other’s legs, slowly working their way upward. As Amanda drew nearer to her young lover’s centre, she could feel Annie tremble. She allowed her fingers to drift across the child’s mound, eliciting a small gasp.

Annie immediately began to return the favour, her fingers twirling around in the juicy flesh of Amanda’s cunt. Oh, my goodness! Amanda thought, her eyes going wide. This little vixen knows what she’s doing! For such a young girl, this child had mastered the fine art of teasing, quickly zeroing in on her new lover’s clitoris with feather-light strokes, a determined cast to her face.

Annie was focused on the task at hand, but she was far from immune to Amanda’s touch. She cried out loud when the woman slipped the tip of a finger inside her, all the while stimulating her clit. It felt positively yummy, and the child wriggled her hips in response. That’s when little Annie got an extra special surprise – another one of the nice lady’s fingers was pressing into her rosebud, seeking entrance.

She’d never been penetrated there before, and it felt amazing Annie squirmed and twisted in the woman’s embrace, trying to take those naughty fingers even deeper. She trembled all over as those good feelings grew stronger. Her own fingers were busy manipulating Amanda’s clit, and what she saw in the woman’s eyes told her that she needed to keep going just a little bit longer.

Annie felt Amanda’s body tense. It was nearly there… so close!

The little girl cried out in ecstasy as she came. An instant later, she felt Amanda’s larger frame jerk as she got off. They’d done it… the two lesbian lovers had won the game. They rode their orgasms to their limit, then collapsed on the bed, nestling in each other’s arms.

Amanda loved cuddling with the little cocoa-hued girl, but the intoxicating scent of Annie’s sex was tickling her nose, and she hungered for a taste. “Come up here, little one,” she said, scooping Annie up. The child squealed joyously.

At first, she had the girl straddling her chest, then cupped that soft little bottom and guided her further up until her baby-smooth slit was nearly touching Amanda’s lips.

“Ooooh, yes… a pony ride!” Annie squeaked as she settled herself on the woman’s face.

Breathing in the heady scent from up close, Amanda let her tongue glide across the tender cleft of Annie’s sex. She carefully explored its gentle folds, savouring the taste, not wanting to miss a drop.

As Amanda reached up to caress the girl’s arms and chest, she realised Annie must have taken off her shirt, leaving nothing but her wondrously velvety skin.

Annie’s little cooing noises ceased. Amanda felt the girl twist, then heard her giggle and whisper something she couldn’t make out. Was someone else in the room?

That question was answered when a pair of hands pushed Amanda’s legs apart, and long hair brushed her thighs as someone stretched out between them. “Ohhhh,” she moaned as a warm, wet tongue traced her opening, then flicked her clitoris several times.

When Annie raised her bum for a moment, Amanda peered down toward her feet to see Ella on hands and knees eagerly licking her cunt. Meanwhile, Clair was moving behind Ella with both hands on her hips. Clair’s motion made it clear that the older girl wore a strap-on cock that she was pressing deep inside the little blonde.

The sight startled Amanda. Didn’t Ella tell me she was only twelve? That’s awfully young to be getting fucked like that. She shook her head in awe. This place is even wilder than I thought! 

Still, Ella’s tongue seemed to press harder against the new house mother’s clit with every stroke of Clair’s strap-on, so Amanda had no real reason to complain.

Glancing up, she saw little Annie grinning down at her. “Now be a good pony, Mummy Amanda… and I’ll let Ella keep licking you,” the child cooed, then she lowered her sex to Amanda’s mouth once again.

Having the bashful young black girl taking a new, dominant role in the lovemaking sent a thrill through Amanda. She worked hard to share that same pleasure with Annie, switching between sucking the girl’s clit and licking her sweet bare slit. Annie seemed to produce a generous amount of nectar, and Amanda gulped down every drop.

Suddenly she heard a new voice say. “Oooh… are you having a pussy party?”

Someone, maybe Clair, murmured something in reply, and Amanda felt two more girls climb onto the bed. They each took one of her hands, then shifted about until two smooth cunts were pressed against her fingers, the girls straddling them.

By the sound of their voices, Amanda guessed it was Emma and Lilly who were pinning her to the bed. Her head swam at the realisation that she was at the mercy of all these lovely preteen girls.

Yes, yes! Fuck me, all of you! she silently demanded.

Just then, Annie cried out as she bucked wildly in a shattering orgasm, squeezing Amanda’s head between her thighs, flooding the woman’s mouth with more of her tart juices.

When the child dismounted her grownup lover’s face, Emma and Lilly both moved in for kisses. They licked Amanda’s lips and chin clean, then took turns plunging their tongues into her mouth.

After one especially deep kiss from Lilly, Emma quickly positioned herself just above Amanda’s face, feeding her pussy to the older woman. The eight-year-old soon fell into a hard rhythm, thrusting her hips as if she was fucking Amanda’s tongue, soon moaning in anticipation of her own climax.

Bloody hell, this one’s a real firework, Amanda told herself. She longed to grope the girl’s tight little bum, but once more, her hands were pinned down by other girls. By this time, she had no idea who they were. Guess they’ll all be having their way with me.

Emma adored having her clit licked, but when Amanda pushed her tongue deep inside the girl’s tight vagina, she went wild. “Yes, Mummy Amanda! Ooooohh, right there!” She ground herself against her house mother’s face, trying to get even more of that lovely tongue inside her. “Oh God, oh God, YES!” she gasped before her voice soared into a scream and her body went rigid. One last blissful moan, a trickle of honey from Emma’s slit, then she went limp.

Someone helped Emma dismount Amanda’s face, then there were three little girls kissing and licking the woman’s pussy-coated lips.

They drew away, then Amanda was licking another child’s sex. She decided it must be Lilly this time. In the meantime, Ella’s mouth was pressing against her cunt harder than before, probably because Clair was fucking the preteen even harder with the strap-on she was sporting. Ella was beyond the point where she could focus on edging Amanda – instead, she just licked wildly between gasps of pleasure every time the older girl drove the latex cock into her. As for Lilly, the breath was hissing through her clenched teeth as she rode the face of her grownup lover.

It was too much for Amanda. She felt a massive orgasm building inside, one she couldn’t hold back even if she wanted to. Her muscles began to spasm, her head spun like a crazy carousel, and she just managed to bring Lily to her own climax before everything came crashing down and the world went black.

When the fog lifted she found herself lying on her side with Annie and Ella, both cradled in her arms. Next to her, Clair was cuddling Emma and Lilly much the same way. Finally Amanda glanced up to see her smiling daughter Katie, standing in the doorway with her new friend and lover Rayne. They were both naked, and had clearly been enjoying the show.

Raising her head, Annie gave Amanda a soft kiss on the cheek. “Welcome to our house, Mummy Amanda,” the child whispered.

On to Chapter Nine!


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  1. Carol Anne says:

    Oh I am loving this story so much. The little minxes are so insatiable and I wish I was Amanda. Being with all those girls would be a dream come true. If only I wasn’t married, I think I could take my daughter and live there. What a wonderful fantasy. So well written and detailed, I look forward to the next chapter C. Cat! Thanks and a big hug!

    • C. Cat says:

      Thank you. This story spent a number of years as a private fantasy about a real place. I’m so glad that others are enjoying it too.

  2. Erocritique says:

    A beautiful and erotic gift from the fairies right in time for Christmas. This story has met and exceeded my expectations based on the promise of the charming premise. Brilliant!!! Thank you C. Cat and Co. JS is really making the holidays brighter with all the wonderful content being offered. Cheers everyone!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Tracy says:

    I completely agree with you! I’m divorced, and I would love to take my granddaughter there!

  4. No One says:

    While a fun and sexy chapter, I feel like we’ve lost a bit of the emotional side of the story here. Just the day before, Amanda was full of nervousness and wonder about everything that was happening, but now she’s all “yep, let’s get this 8-year-old into bed” without a second thought. It’s a rather sudden shift. I’m not saying the scene shouldn’t have happened, just that more introspection from Amanda would have been interesting.

    • JetBoy says:

      Can’t say I agree. After all, Amanda has just been through a sex marathon with the head of Latchmore, along with two underage girls, one of them her own daughter… and now she’s hanging out with a group of girls, all of whom she knows to be gay. Surely by this point, Amanda has been well integrated into the swing of things at Latchmore.

      That said, more of what’s on her mind might have been a welcome addition, so maybe I don’t disagree after all. Aren’t you the clever one!

    • C. Cat says:

      Thank you for this comment. This sort of constructive criticism is really helpful!

      • No One says:

        You’re very welcome, glad you find it useful. If it needs to be said, I’m definitely still enjoying the story. 🙂

        @JetBoy, glad you agreed in the end 😉 but yes, I’m not saying Amanda shouldn’t be enthusiastically into what’s on offer at Latchmore, it’s just that this is all still very new to her (all that wild sex happened in the span of a single day, after all, even though it was a very busy day), so there should still be some jitteriness and amazement and perhaps questioning. But here we see her quite assertively seduce the youngest girl she’s ever been with at the first occasion, then not bat much of an eye when an all out little girl orgy breaks out. Or so it seems, anyway. We just don’t get much insight into her inner thoughts and emotions, and that seems at odds with previous chapters.

        • Erocritique says:

          Considering this story is basically an adult “fairy” tale, and the points that JB made (which omitted the fact that Amanda’s caged desires had been liberated by the initiation process), I would have to disagree with your take on Amanda’s behavior. She was in repressed denial – was forced to be honest – surrendered to her desires – went with the flow – acted like a kid in a candy shop. And as for Amanda’s seduction of a young girl, well, the way I read it, the young girl was really the one in control. – The young girl orgy was also a bit out of Amanda’s control. I believe if one gets too analytical about a story like this, then it will lose its spontaneity and charm. – And that would be a shame. JMTCW.

          • JetBoy says:

            Ask And Ye Shall Receive Dept: After a day or two of consideration, C. Cat and I concluded that No One’s point was well taken, so we elected to make some changes in this story to reflect the wild whirl of feelings she’s still experiencing. And yes, the story is subtly improved as a result. Who says we don’t listen to our public?

          • No One says:

            Ah, well, I was just pointing out some stuff to maybe keep in mind in the future, you didn’t need to go back and edit it… but that said, I do like the tweaks. Well done. It’s subtle, as you say, but I think it works better this way.

  5. Joe Dornish says:

    I love this story so much and each chapter just gets better and better. You’ve done such a great job of the build up and bringing us all into this wonderful new world that Amanda and Katie are experiencing. I’m looking forward to the next chapter very much indeed.

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  7. Captain Midnight says:

    Sweet of Amanda to be kind to Annie and give her a nice introduction to sex. I hope the house girls treat Amanda with lots of respect, in and out of bed.

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    Lovely chapter and a fun read. Thank you for writing it and please keep giving us more chapters. Merry Christmas to All!

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    so many top shelf stories unfolding on this site right now….but i must say, this one is my favorite!…

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    good read

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