The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 9

  • Posted on January 18, 2023 at 6:12 pm

by C. Cat

When Katie and Rayne returned to their room after that day’s breakfast, Rayne squealed with delight at what she saw waiting for them.

“It’s here!” she cried, pointing to a box on their bed that could only be Katie’s very own fairy outfit, complete with wings. “You have to try it on!”

Even though the new term hadn’t yet started, Katie spent as much time as she possibly could at Fairy House with Rayne and the other girls. She absolutely adored her new sisters and couldn’t possibly feel more welcome, but also knew she couldn’t think of herself as a real fairy until she had her wings. Then she could join the others when they entertained the women and little girls who visited Latchmore.

That day had finally arrived. All but tearing off the top of the box, an awed Katie stared at its contents. Then she began to wriggle out of her top.

“Oy! That’s my job!” Rayne protested, hastening to assist.

Fifteen minutes later, she was cooing with delight at the view of her best friend and lover, proudly posing in her new things. It took longer for Katie to get dressed than it might have done; once she was naked, Rayne simply had to get undressed herself, and a few passionate kisses threatened to turn into a torrid morning fuck. Somehow the girls managed to restrain their appetites, promising to “set the sheets on fire” later that night, following Katie’s debut as a Latchmore Fairy.


Since chance sightings of fairies were part and parcel of the Latchmore experience, the ability to move about the grounds without being seen was a crucial skill for the girls. During the previous week, Rayne had taught Katie all the paths, snickets and shortcuts, along with secret passages and hideaways that would let her keep an eye on the guests and decide exactly when and where to appear. There were also a few especially private hiding places where willing ladies and girls could be spirited away for special games, the kind best played without clothing.

Katie was a quick learner and, now that she had her outfit, could join Rayne for her first outing. The two left Fairy House and cut across the maze of paths in the butterfly meadow to the main trail that led through the enchanted woods.

For a couple hours the two played their own version of hide-and-seek where they would let themselves be seen by one of the pretty young guests before disappearing again. The girl and her mother would often try to follow, but when they made it to the spot where the fairies had been, all they would find was a little present wrapped in a leaf with a pink bow.

The two were thinking about heading back for lunch, when Rayne spotted a mother and her little girl, walking hand in hand down a nearby path. Turning to Katie, she nodded in their direction, grinning eagerly. Should we?

Katie instantly saw what had attracted Rayne’s attention. The little girl was cute as could be in a very short pink dress with a tiny skirt that showed off her slender legs and barely covered her panties. All the satin and frills were adorable, all done in pink – her sandals, the bow that held her long blonde hair back in a ponytail, even her toenails! It wasn’t unusual for girls to dress up for a day at the gardens, but this young nymph was positively sexy. Did her mum dress her like that on purpose? Katie wondered.

Actually, the girl’s mother looked scrumptious as well in a miniskirt and low-cut blouse that showed off her long athletic legs and a delectable amount of cleavage. The look would have been ideal for a summer date, but it was a long way from the loose tops and yoga pants many of the mothers wore to the garden.

As they got closer, Katie also noticed how the woman and the girl looked at each other. Something in those adoring glances spoke of more than just the love of mother and child. At one point, the little girl brought Mummy’s hand to her lips, gazing into the woman’s eyes as she tenderly kissed it.

Katie turned to Rayne. “Do you think…?” she began.

Before she could get the words out, the woman guided her daughter into a little alcove, then went down on one knee before the child. Katie’s view was partially blocked, but she could see enough to know that this wasn’t the way most mothers kissed their little girls.

Flashing Katie a big smile, Rayne pointed down the pathway. She clearly had some kind of plan.

A moment later the two of them were in position on the trail, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. They pretended not to notice when mother and daughter came around the bend. Waiting for a moment to be sure they’d been seen, Katie and Rayne came together for a long, deep kiss.

When the girls ‘noticed’ they were being watched, they broke apart, cried, “Oh!” in mock surprise, then quickly scampered around the bend and away.

“Don’t go!” the child pleaded. “We’re friends!”

“They’re gone, angel,” the mother said, a tinge of disappointment in her voice. “Maybe we’ll run into them again.”

“Look, Mummy! Fairy dust!” The little girl exclaimed when she reached the spot where the girls had kissed.

Her mother noticed the little pile of fine glitter, then there were shiny flakes of the stuff scattered down the trail as well. “Here’s more of it, Brooke,” she said, pointing down the trail. “Do you think the fairies might want us to follow them?”

“Yes!” the girl squealed, clapping her hands. “C’mon, Mummy – let’s go!”

The mother was as eager as Brooke to see these fairies, so they followed the trail of fairy dust and the occasional sound of laughing and singing. They were so intent on the search, they didn’t notice themselves straying off the official path, past a conveniently open gate, and down into a little glen with a stream running through the middle. Next to a little waterfall was a tiny thatched-roof building – could that be where the fairies had got to?

The glittery trail led to a small grassy area with a bench and little stools shaped like mushrooms. “Let’s sit down here and see if the fairies come out,” the girl’s mother whispered.

Little Brooke could barely sit still, jumping every time she heard a rustling in the woods. Finally, though, she spotted movement on the path. “Over there!” she yelped.

Rayne and Katie froze and looked like they were about to flee into the forest.

Please don’t go, fairies!” Brooke called to them, both hands clasped together. “We just want to talk to you!”

Cautiously the two advanced up the path, pretending they were still deciding whether it was safe.

“I’m Brooke,” the little one said, “an’ this is my mum. Come play with us, pretty please?”

The fairies drew a bit closer, and one spoke. “I’m Rayne… and this is Katie. You and…” She looked at the woman.

“Rachel,” the girl’s mother said.

“…you and Rachel were following us. You weren’t sent by the witch, were you?”

“No!” Brooke exclaimed, “We love fairies, an’ we hate bad old witches! We’d never hurt you.”

Katie turned to Rayne, “No one would dare lie to a fairy… and after all, the witch doesn’t like pretty little girls any more than she does us.” Briefly studying the two visitors, she finally said. “I think… yes, I think we can trust them.”

“Oh, you can!” Brooke said, more excited than ever. “Cross my heart an’ hope to die!”

The two fairies broke into big smiles, their fears clearly forgotten. Katie knelt down in front of the child and took her hand. “Welcome to the enchanted forest, Brooke. Are you and your mum having fun?”

Lots of fun!” the little girl exclaimed, “It’s soooo pretty here! There are flowers, an’ butterflies… I even saw a turtle!”

“My, that is a lot. What was your favourite thing you saw? Was it old Mr. Turtle?”

The girl squirmed where she sat, suddenly shy, but she remembered how important it was to always be truthful to a fairy. “No… I, um… I liked seeing you kiss most of all.”

“Oh, I liked it too. Rayne is a very good kisser. Do you think about kissing girls a lot?”

Brooke glanced up at her mother, not sure if she should answer. She’d been told to never tell anyone about the special, secret kissing she and Mummy did… but she also didn’t want to lie to this nice fairy.

As for Rachel, she was feeling a little nervous. She hadn’t done anything more than share passionate kisses with her daughter, but it was becoming clear that Brooke wanted more than that. Somehow, she’d managed to resist her lustful urges and be a proper mother, but knew deep inside she wouldn’t be able to keep that up much longer. She was masturbating obsessively to fantasies of undressing her little girl, fondling her babyish body, of probing the child’s virgin holes with fingers and tongue… then teaching Brooke to love her the same way.

A lesbian friend who knew of Rachel’s secret desires had steered her toward Latchmore House. “Trust me… take Brooke there,” she’d said. “You just might find what you’re looking for. Maybe Brooke will, too.” Her friend would give no further explanation, just wrote the address down on a piece of scratch paper and departed with a blown kiss.

Now Rachel and her six-year-old were seated side by side in a quiet nook of the Latchmore garden with two beautiful young girls in deliciously skimpy fairy costumes… girls who seemed to be especially interested in kissing.

Rachel suspected this might be a golden opportunity to satisfy her craving, but knew there would be no going back if she gave in. In the end, though, the fierce need she had for Brooke overcame her fear. She gave her daughter a slight nod. “You can answer her question, love.”

“Okay,” Brooke replied, then turned back to Katie, giving the scantily-clad angel a bashful smile. “I do like to think about kissing girls… but I like getting kisses even more!” She giggled, leaning against her mother.

“Do you like little kisses like this?” Katie turned to Rayne, who gave her a gentle peck on the lips, “Or perhaps big, juicy ones like this…?”

The two fairies came together, and Brooke and her mother watched the young lovers melt into a heated, ardent kiss that involved considerable tongue play.

“I like big kisses!” Brooke said, all but bouncing up and down with excitement.

“What about you, Brooke’s mummy?” Rayne said as she sat down on Rachel’s lap, making sure to adjust her skirt so her bare bottom was against the woman’s thighs. “Do you like kissing girls, too?”

“I… I do, yes,” Rachel said, flustered and nervously glancing about, afraid someone might see her in such a compromising situation. It hadn’t escaped her attention that the girl in her lap wasn’t wearing knickers.

“It’s okay. No one will bother us here,” Rayne purred, moving to claim Rachel’s lips with hers.

As an awed Brooke watched her mother succumb to the fairy’s kiss, Katie reached up to trail two fingers down the girl’s cheek. Brooke turned to her, eyes wide with wonder when Katie leaned in to steal a kiss of her own. The child gave a blissful sigh, their mouths drifted together again, and the kiss deepened.

Mother and daughter continued to hold hands as they enjoyed themselves with the beautiful young fairies.

“That makes me all tingly inside!” Brooke exclaimed when the two separated.

“Hmmm… it reminds me of the story of Ellette’s kiss!” Katie said, with a wink for Rayne, “Would you like to hear it?”

“Oh, yes!” Brooke said.

“I don’t know,” Rayne added looking up at Rachel, “I’m sure that Brooke is a big girl… but is it okay if the story is a little naughty?”

“Please, Mommy?” Brooke begged, looking irresistible with her big dark eyes.

Rachel smiled. “I think we’d both love to hear it,” she said, giving her daughter’s hand a squeeze.


Once a Latchmore Fairy reaches a certain age, she is expected to be well versed in the art of storytelling. The House had an impressive collection of stories to draw from, compiled from around the world, and the fairies would select and learn their favourites to share with the women and girls who came to visit.

Most of these were innocent tales meant to amuse and awe children, but there was another, secret batch of stories, erotic in nature, that were only to be shared with special guests. Katie had fallen in love with the Legend of Ellette’s kiss. She quickly memorised it with the help of Rayne, who also helped her practise telling the tale.

Now, on her very first day as a Latchmore Fairy, Katie was about to relate this beautiful story to a little girl and her mummy, knowing they might already be lovers… and her own lover was there to see it happen.


“Okay, then,” Katie began. “I know you’ve heard of the tooth fairy, but did you know there are other kinds of fairies, too?”

Brooke shook her head, hanging on every word.

“This is a story about one special fairy named Ellette. Now, you know that all fairies love pretty things, especially pretty little girls like you.” She tapped Brooke on the nose, sparking another giggle. “But some little girls are extra special – we say they must be part fairy themselves, because they have magic inside them.”

“Do I have fairy magic?” Brooke asked.

“Maybe… Do you love pretty things, especially when they are sparkly and pink?”


Katie nodded approvingly. “Good. Also, all fairies – even part-fairies – are very good to their mums. Do you always try to be helpful, kind and loving with your mother?”

“I… I try…” Brooke said, a little unsure if that was enough, but her excitement was undiminished.

“She’s an absolute angel,” Rachel declared, giving her child an adoring look. “The light of my life.”

“Good for you, Brooke!” Katie went on. “So you already have some fairy in you, I’d say. But there’s more than that. When a fairy sees a very pretty girl, she gets a tingle inside, like little fairy wings fluttering in her tummy. Do you ever feel that way?”

“Oh, I do!” Brooke exclaimed. “All the time!”

As Katie continued her story, Rayne snuggled closer to Rachel. Taking one of the woman’s hands, she deftly slipped it beneath the hem of her skirt. Rachel couldn’t resist tracing tiny circles on the fairy’s inner thigh, slowly moving higher as Rayne’s blissful sigh encouraged her.

“You might have the magic,” Katie continued, “but that’s where Ellette comes in. Her job is to help girls like you find the magic inside, so they can always be happy like the fairies.”

“How…?” Brooke asked, more interested than ever.

As thrilled as her little girl was becoming, Rachel was even more excited. By this point, her fingers were brushing against the warm wetness of Rayne’s bare slit, and the girl was nuzzling her neck. She was still listening avidly to Katie’s story, though.

“Well, finding that hidden magic is what this story is about. You know how the tooth fairy comes at night?”


“When Ellette finds a special girl, she waits for her to go to bed and fall asleep, then she uses magic to slip through the girl’s window, just like the tooth fairy. But she doesn’t take teeth, or anything yucky like that. Instead she flies over the girl and gives her a kiss, right on the mouth! And it’s a big, juicy kiss – the kind you like best.”

Brooke nodded, totally entranced.

“You see, the fairy magic in that kiss lets Ellette become part of the little girl’s dreams. Now, in the dream, the girl may not know Ellette even is a fairy – she might just see her as a very lovely girl. Sometimes she’s dressed like you, a pretty princess with lots of lace and bows. Sometimes she’s wearing a nice dress. But most of the time…” Katie leaned in close, “Ellette isn’t wearing any clothes at all!”

“Ooooh!” Brooke squealed. “She’s bare naked?” By then, the child was positively dreamy-eyed, but her attention didn’t waver for a second.

If Katie had any doubts that Brooke was a budding lesbian, they vanished in that instant. “In the girl’s dream, Ellette gives her another kiss, and their beautiful little bodies are snuggled together, all cosy and nice. Being so close to Ellette makes the girl feel safe, warm, and all tingly inside. The more they kiss, the stronger that feeling grows. Sometimes Ellette gets the feeling too, but that only happens if the girl has the fairy magic in her.”

By the way Brooke was beginning to squirm and scissor her thighs, Katie knew the child was getting increasingly aroused. Bet she wants to touch herself, only she’s too shy. Hmmm… we really ought to do something about that. 

As for Rachel, she did her best to stay focused on the story, though Rayne proved to be a bit of a distraction. She was engaged in a deep tongue kiss with the girl, fingering her clit.

Brooke was too enthralled to notice. “Then what happens?”

“Now all this time, Ellette is watching the little girl outside the dream. And when that tingle starts, she knows the girl is ready to feel the special magic. Ellette draws the covers back, then she lets her hands slide down the sleeping girl’s body until she reaches the hem of her nightgown. What do you think happens next…?”

“Don’t know! What?”

“Ellette takes hold of the nightie, then sloooowwly pulls it up, higher and higher… until she can see the little girl’s panties.”

“Ohhhhh,” Brooke moaned. She squirmed even more, tightly clutching the hem of her dress.

“But she wants to see more, so Ellette slides those pretty panties down and off the girl’s legs, then helps her out of the nightgown. Which means… what does that mean?” She gives Brooke a knowing look, waiting for her answer.

“They’re BOTH bare naked!” By then, a gleeful Brooke was cupping her vulva, the child’s straying hand pressed snugly between her thighs.

“That’s right. Of course, there’s nothing more beautiful than a naked little girl.” Katie noticed that Rachel was still masturbating Rayne, but the two of them were listening to the story instead of kissing.

“No, no!” Brooke protested, pointing at her mother. “Naked ladies are beau’ful too! Like Mummy!”

That’s interesting, Katie thought, noting the sudden blush that coloured Rachel’s cheeks. “Well, you’re right, they are beautiful… it’s just that Ellette especially likes young girls.”

“Like me…?”

Exactly like you, sweetie.”

Tell me more!” Brooke said. “What happens when Elliette an’ the girl are bare naked?”

“First, Ellette very gently spreads the girl’s legs open, then lies down between them. What she wants is to take a close look at her kitty. If she can see honey there, making it glisten and sparkle in the moonlight… well, then she knows for sure that the girl is ready for the gift.”

“What IS it!?” Brooke cried, her curiosity at fever pitch.

Gazing into the child’s eyes, Katie lowered her voice to a gentle murmur. “Ellette gives the girl a kiss… right on her kitty.”

Brooke gasped. “Sh-she does?”

With a quick nod, Katie continued. “But this isn’t just a normal kiss… it’s a magic fairy kiss, and it makes the tingling grow even more. The girl feels it move through her body as it gets stronger. Fairies love the taste of a little girl’s honey more than anything, and Ellette uses her tongue to lick up all she can. The girl loves it, too! Being licked down there feels amazing, and soon the tingling inside gets so powerful that she can’t keep still.

That’s the moment when she gets the gift. It’s like all the love in her heart coming together, then going off in a huge cascade of fireworks.”

“What happens then?”

“The gift lasts a long time… but as it fades away, the girl drifts off into a deep, happy sleep. She might not remember the dream when she wakes up, but after that night she’ll be able to give herself those same special feelings, and bring back the gift whenever she wants. All she has to do is think about pretty girls or lovely ladies, and touch herself where Ellette gave her the first kiss. Even better, she can find another girl – or a lady – to kiss her in that same place.”

The child pursed her lips thoughtfully, then said, “Does Ellette ever come back?”

“Well, Ellette can’t be there all the time – she has to go all around the world to find all the girls who have fairy magic in them. But she always watches over her special girls as they grow up and she visits their dreams as often as she can, even if they don’t always remember.”

Katie paused before adding, “Of course, there’s a legend about another gift she gives… would you like to hear about that?”

“Oh, yes! Tell me, please!”

“It’s said that when Ellette finds two of her special girls who are meant to be each other’s true love, she’ll arrange for them to meet, then give each one a bit of her own magic. Then, when those girls make love for the first time, that magic mixes together and it feels just like it did that very first time. Maybe even better.”

“That’s a beautiful story,” Rachel said. “One thing I’m curious about, though: is Ellette the only fairy who gives special kisses?” She was gazing evenly at Katie, the meaning of her words plain as day.

“We are still very young fairies,” Rayne said, reaching up to caress the woman’s face, “so our magic’s not quite as strong as hers… but we love to give kisses to little girls.”

Katie spoke up. “Rachel…do you think your daughter might like a special kiss?”

At that, Brooke jumped from Katie’s arms and to her feet, standing before her mother with clasped hands. “Yes! Oh, Mummy, can I have one, can I please?”

For over two years, Rachel had struggled to be a proper mother and resist the illicit longing she felt for her little girl… but in the presence of the fairies, her resolve had all but evaporated. “If you want to, darling… then yes, you can.”

Smiling invitingly at the child, Katie patted the space next to her on the bench. Then, as Brooke seated herself, she knelt in front of the little girl, tenderly stroking her legs.

Those fairy fingers soon found their way beneath Brooke’s frilly pink skirt. “Is this okay?” Katie asked.

Brooke was biting her lower lip, her face a picture of nervous anticipation. She nodded.

Katie slowly pushed the girl’s skirt up until a pair of pink panties came into view. “Oh, those are very pretty,” she cooed. “Did Mommy pick them out for you?”

“Yes,” Brooke breathed, clearly delighted to be showing off her knickers to an older girl.

While Rachel was fixated on the sexy scene unfolding between her daughter and Katie, Rayne slipped down to kneel before her. Just as Katie had, she pushed the woman’s skirt up to reveal gauzy black knickers, sheer enough that Rachel’s neatly-trimmed sex could be seen. “Nice…” Rayne said.

Katie trailed her finger through Brooke’s pudenda, pleased to find a damp patch on the front of the child’s panties. She took hold of the elastic waistband. “Lift your bottom, love.”

The little girl quivered with excitement as she raised her bum, a tiny whimper escaping as Katie tugged her underpants down, then off, pausing first to remove Brooke’s sandals. Katie pressed the soft cotton knickers to her face, took a long, deep breath, then grinned at her young lover. “You smell soooo good,” she said.

“Aw… thank you,” Brooke replied, blushing ever so slightly..

Placing the pink panties to one side, Katie centred her attention on Brooke’s baby-smooth sex. “So pretty!” she exclaimed. It was, too – a delicate flower, with a hint of moisture adorning the tender petals.

Mummy’s pussy is pretty, too,” Rayne said as she removed Rachel’s sexy knickers to expose the woman’s cunt.

“Oh, God…” Rachel mumbled, bracing herself for whatever this lovely young girl had in mind. “Oh, my God!”

Resting her hands on Brooke’s knees, Katie gave the child a sweet smile. “Are you ready for the special kiss?”

As if too overwhelmed to speak, the child nodded once.

Katie bent to brush her lips along Brooke’s inner thighs, slowly making her way toward the little girl’s centre. Soon her mouth was nearly touching the warm pink cleft. She extended her tongue, carefully grazing it with a feather-like flick.

It was enough for Brooke to feel, though. “Oooohhh!” she squeaked. “Is this the – the magic?”

Katie let her mouth answer, pressing an open-mouthed kiss into the child, her tongue probing into the snug slit. It was warm and wet inside, but she could only penetrate so far. Wow, she’s super tight in there. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. 

That still left the girl’s vulva to enjoy, and the eleven-year-old fairy set to work, licking Brooke’s slit up and down.

“Oh,” Brooke moaned. “Oh.”

Rachel and Rayne were both avidly watching the sex show taking place right next to them. The little girl’s mother was enraptured by the sight of Brooke’s first lesbian experience.

Finally, she could no longer be a passive witness. Turning to the fairy kneeling at her feet, she gave Rayne a desperate look, her cunt on full display. “Please,” was all she said.

Much as Rayne loved to tease, she thought it best to give the poor woman what she needed so badly. Shoving Rachel’s legs even further apart, she buried her mouth in the juicy flesh, going down with everything she had – first dipping her tongue deep inside, rolling it around a few times, then licking it up and down. Rayne took care to keep her from coming right away, too – she preferred to take her time with a lover.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck!” Rachel yelped, holding Rayne’s head tightly against her vulva. She groped her breasts with the other hand.

Katie paused her licking – though she did continue to stimulate Brooke’s clitoris with her fingers – to observe Rachel as she skated closer to orgasm. “Hmmm… I think we should ask your mommy to get her tits out. Don’t you, Brooke?”

“Please, Mummy?” Brooke said, turning to her mother. “I want to see them!”

While Rayne continued to tongue-fuck her vagina, Rachel managed to loosen the string on her top, letting it slip from her shoulders to bare her breasts. While they weren’t large, she had nice, firm C-cups that barely sagged without a bra.

“Can I take off my dress?” Brooke asked no one in particular. “I – ooohhh – I want to be bare naked!”

“I’m fine with that,” said Katie, who was still fingering the child. “What does your mum say?”

“Mmmm, go ahead if you want to!” Rachel panted. “Oh, girl, your m-mouth feels amazing…” Her fingers tangled themselves in Rayne’s hair.

Seizing the skirt of her pretty frock, Brooke frantically wriggled it up over her head, then carelessly cast it to one side. “Yay!” she enthused, spreading her little arms wide. “D’you like me with no clothes on?”

“I absolutely do,” Katie murmured, drinking in the view as she bent down to resume her licking. The child’s bare body was exquisite from head to toe, and her pussy tasted wonderful. Sucking at the bare slit, Katie let the tart nectar coat her tongue.

Rachel’s heart swelled with love at the sight of her naked daughter, enjoying love with another girl. She’d always secretly hoped that Brooke would be gay when she grew up, and it seemed her prayers had been answered.

But… does that mean I can make love to her? she asked herself.

Observing the child in the midst of her sexual awakening, Rachel made a decision.

“Brooke?” she hesitantly asked.

The child looked up, and Rachel was smitten as never before by those sweet brown eyes. So filled with love for her mummy… how could this be wrong?

“Baby girl,” she said, a tremor in her voice. Rayne was still going down on her, after all. “W-would you like to – to suck mummy’s nipple? Because that would – ohhhh – it would make me very happy.”

Brooke was nodding her head before Rachel had got all the words out. “Yes, Mummy, yes!”

Leaning into her mother, Brooke gave the right breast a few clumsy kisses, then latched on to a lust-swollen nipple.

When Rayne saw that happen, she picked up the tempo of her licking, bathing the woman’s opening nine or ten times before she zeroed in on Rachel’s clitoris. She expected her older lover to come very soon, and intended to make it unforgettable.

I’ll remember this moment forever, Rachel mused. She couldn’t believe that her fantasy of making love with a young girl was finally coming true. Better still, she was also sharing her daughter’s first time… and Brooke was giving her pleasure, too.

Rachel’s world disappeared into a swirl of light and heat that swallowed her whole.

She cried out loud, then went into a moan that quickly mounted into a scream. Clutching her little girl tightly, she wrapped both legs around Rayne. Spasms of ecstasy rocked Rachel’s frame until she was totally spent, slumping against the back of the bench.

When her eyes fluttered open, Rayne was seated to her left, the girl’s lips brushing her ear. “Help Katie make love to Brooke,” she murmured. “Your little girl needs special kisses from Mommy, too.”

Rachel’s concept of how a proper mother ought to behave had undergone a major change… and the only surprise she felt now was how long it had taken her to see the light. Why did I deny my child the love she wants from me? she wondered. Never again. Thanks to these two wonderful fairies, it’s not too late to set things right.

Getting on her knees beside Katie, she joined the girl between Brooke’s thighs. Raising her head, Katie was quick to recognise Rachel’s intentions. With a gleeful smile, she backed away, giving the woman room.

The moment of truth had arrived. Rachel was close enough to her little girl’s cunt to feel its warmth on her face, breathing in the delicate scent she’d so often savoured on her daughter’s soiled knickers.

Brooke could only stare, her mouth hanging open in an expression of astonishment. Is Mummy really, really going to…?

Extending her tongue, Rachel moved in to take the first lick.

“Oh… oh, Mummy,” Brooke breathed as her mother’s special kiss stirred up wonderful feelings inside. Even nicer than the fairy feelings, she decided.

Katie had brought the girl to the edge of climax, but elected to save the prize for Rachel. However, she did want to participate, so Katie moved to Brooke’s left side and began to lavish attention on her rosy nipples. A surprised squeak escaped the child’s lips, then she hugged Katie’s face to her chest.

Brooke’s nipples were too small to be sucked very well – but Katie expected that, having become very familiar with the nude bodies of little girls in the last couple of weeks. So instead, she pleasured the pert buds with her tongue, occasionally teasing them with playful bites. Whatever she did, Brooke seemed to love it. Of course, she’s also getting licked by Mummy…

Rachel was ecstatic. Her deepest held fantasy had come true, and it was incredible. Her daughter’s pussy was the sweetest she’d ever tasted, and Brooke’s mewls of delight made music in the quiet glen. She let the honey coat her lips and chin, bathing in the essence of her little girl.

Brooke had only recently become familiar with the concept of lesbianism. She’d seen two women snogging at a bus stop one day, when on an outing with Mummy. Later that evening, she asked about it. Her mum explained that some ladies liked other ladies instead of men, then went on to admit that she was that way herself.

The idea appealed enormously to the curious six-year-old… and when Mummy said she was also a lesbian, Brooke’s mind was made up: she intended to be one as well. She certainly liked girls a whole lot more than boys!

Of course, being so young, she assumed it would be years before getting to be a real lesbian. Sex was for older girls, everyone knew that! But it didn’t stop Brooke from dreaming about what it would be like to make love to a pretty woman, sharing kisses and touches.

Now it was happening to her for real! Mummy’s mouth was on her kitty, doing all kinds of lovely things. And the fairy Katie was licking her nipples, sort of like what she’d done a couple of minutes before to her mum.

Sensing a presence to her right, Brooke opened her eyes to see the other fairy, the one who had just been licking Mummy – she couldn’t remember her name, but the girl had a nice face.

“Hi, little one,” the fairy said. “Can I kiss you?”

Brooke nodded, certain that this wouldn’t be a casual peck, but one of the big kisses she loved to get from Mummy when they were tucked up together at night.

Sure enough, the fairy drew close to join Brooke in a kiss that quickly grew heated, their tongues quickly falling into a passion-filled dance.

She was just licking Mummy! Brooke realised, the tart flavour of pussy filling her mouth. Wanting more, she sucked at the older girl’s tongue.

All of a sudden, a shivery good feeling surged through the child’s body, those lovely sensations from her mummy’s mouth getting even stronger. Something was about to happen, only she wasn’t sure what it was. It got bigger and bigger and then it was everywhere, this huge happening all over, like nothing she’d ever, ever experienced. Maybe a bit like that wild swoopy feeling you got on a roller coaster… only now the roller coaster was her, racing this way and that..

Brooke tried to cry out, but her words merged into a one long moan. Barely clinging to consciousness as the rapture enveloped her, she thought of Ellette… and then she knew the magic was inside her.

When she opened her eyes, Brooke was nestled in Mummy’s lap, her head resting on those beautiful soft titties she loved so much. The two fairies were on either side, giving her gentle caresses.

“Um… does this mean I’m part fairy?” she whispered with a hopeful smile.

“Yes, little sister,” Katie said, teasing her nipple with a fingertip. “You’re one of us.”

“You know, Brooke,” said Rachel, “I think we need to show these two fairies our thanks. D’you think they might like to get special kisses?”

That got the child’s interest in a hurry. Sitting up straight, Brooke looked from one girl to the other. “Would you?”

The fairies shared an amused glance, then the one whose name Brooke couldn’t recall said, “Oh, my, yes. We’d love that.”

“Yay!” Brooke cheered, scrambling to her feet and doing a happy dance. “I’m part fairy, so I get to give special kisses!”

Giggling, Rayne and Katie rose to remove their dresses – which left them both completely nude.

“You aren’t wearing knickers!” Brooke exclaimed, looking from girl to the other..

“Of course not, silly!” Katie responded with a giggle. “Fairies are nature spirits. We like to feel the air on our bodies.”

Rachel had to smile. After hearing that, Brooke may never wear panties again, she thought. That said, I like the thought of always having easy access to my little girl. 

And speaking of easy access… Rachel pushed her dress down, wriggled out of the snug garment and tossed it onto a nearby statue of a prancing elf. Now they were all naked.

The fairy girls seated themselves side by side on the bench, then mother and daughter knelt before them – Brooke taking her place before Katie, Rachel before Rayne.

The six-year-old watched carefully as her mummy spread Rayne’s legs apart, moved in to kiss her belly, then slowly traced a line of kisses downward.

Peering up at Katie, Brooke felt a twinge of nervousness, afraid she wouldn’t get the kiss right, but Katie gave her a nod of encouragement. “Don’t worry. You know how to do this,” she said. “You have the magic now!”

Her confidence renewed, Brooke started by copying what her mum had done. She buried her face in Katie’s tummy, nuzzling the soft skin, loving its delicate scent.

Following her mother’s lead, she kissed lower and lower. When she saw Mummy’s tongue slip between Rayne’s lower lips, the child knew it was time for her to make the magic happen.

Here we go, Brooke thought, dipping her tongue into Katie’s vaginal opening.

Brooke wasn’t sure what to expect from the taste, but it wasn’t bad at all. Sweet, though not like candy, with a certain tartness. Maybe like some kind of fruit? she thought. Whatever; she liked it. Even better, she soon realised that with little flicks of her tongue, she could make the fairy squirm and moan.

But the very best part of all was having Mummy next to her, wearing no clothes at all and licking a fairy of her own. She continued to copy her mother’s moves,

Would Mummy let me do this to her? Brooke wondered. It’s only fair, ‘cause she got to lick me. Much as she loved giving special kisses to a fairy, the idea of doing the same for her beloved mother made the child quiver inside.

Katie watched in awe as this beautiful girl of six went down on her. So adorable, like a kitten drinking from a bowl of milk for the first time. Taking that first cautious taste, discovering how much she liked it and going back for more. The bright pink bow in Brooke’s hair bobbed up and down as the child got more and more into eating pussy.

Rayne was the first one who started to gasp, but Katie was soon doing the same. The two lovers held hands, gazing deep into each other’s eyes as they shared this wondrous experience.

Katie’s head was spinning as the young girl brought her closer and closer to an orgasm, but in the midst of  the pleasure a thought came to her. Being a fairy is about more than just the freedom to love and be loved however you want… it’s about helping other girls find that freedom, too. Maybe that’s the real magic, she thought, the anticipation of release building inside her.

Rachel had two fingers working deep inside Rayne as she feasted on the young girl’s cunt, savouring the thick, rich nectar. Still observing her mum, Brooke was soon doing the same to Katie. The girls’ bodies were shifting and squirming with each new touch. Then, just before the instant of release, Katie and Rayne turned to each other, their lips crushing together in a passionate kiss.

A few seconds later, the glen rang with their cries as both girls came, hugging tightly as mum and daughter took them over the top and beyond.

When they finally recovered, the four lovers sat together on the bench, blissfully content. There was no need for talk as they enjoyed the coolness of the forest air on their bodies and the warmth of each other’s touch.

Brooke crawled into her mother’s lap, then she and Rachel came together in a gentle kiss that soon grew deep and ardent, then they rested in each other’s arms.

“I love you, Mummy,” Brooke whispered.

“Oh, baby girl,” Rachel sighed, caressing her child all over. “I love you, too. You’re my sexy little princess.”

Brooke giggled. “Not a princess… a fairy!” Then her mirth turned serious. “Mummy, will you ever give me special kisses again? And… can I give them to you?”

“Of course, sweetie.” Rachel slipped a hand between her daughter’s legs, resting it on Brooke’s vulva. “We’re lovers now, the two of us. We’ll do everything together.” They kissed again.

Rayne and Katie were blissfully nestled together, pleased with their day’s work… especially Katie, whose debut as a fairy couldn’t have been nicer.

After a while, mother and daughter got dressed, and the fairies slipped back into their outfits before leading Brooke and Rachel down the path that led to the public area of the garden.

Rounding one bend, Rayne paused to pluck some leaves from a plant that grew alongside the path. “We call this kitty mint,” she said, handing some to Rachel and Brooke. “It tastes really good, and it’s just the thing if you don’t want people to ask what you’ve been up to,” she added with a giggle.

Rachel thanked Rayne, but this little gesture got her thinking. The confidence these young girls had in their sexuality was a surprise and a delight. Their impressive experience at making love would explain much of that, but there was something more. For one thing, Katie and Rayne both seemed to be utterly indifferent to the possibility of getting caught having sex with the women and little girls who visited Latchmore. This must be by design, she thought. There’s much more to this place than meets the eye.

“So,” she asked, “are all the fairies, er… like the two of you?”

Rayne smiled, pleased to see Rachel put the pieces together. “We fairies are all sisters, only not from the same family. There’s one very important thing that unites us… and I think you now know what that is.”

Little Brooke was especially intrigued. “Are these special fairies who visit girls like me?” she asked with eager anticipation as the four made their way down the trail.

“There are lots and lots of fairies, and they’re all special,” Katie replied, “I don’t know for sure who might visit you next, but I’m sure Liliana will come for you in a few years. When she gives her special kiss, it makes a girl’s titties grow. I bet yours will be just as lovely as your mum’s.”

“Who’s Liliana?” Brooke asked. “Will you tell me her story?”

“Oh, it’s getting late, little one… we’ll have to save that for your next visit.”

Rayne added, “We’ll be sure to send you both invitations to our mother-daughter days. You’ll enjoy those. We might get to spend more time with you!”

“Yay!” Brooke cheered.

As the garden came into sight, Rachel paused. “Katie, Rayne… I want to thank you both. My little girl and I are closer than ever now, and you wonderful fairies made it happen.” Kneeling next to Brooke, she claimed her daughter’s mouth in a lover’s kiss, and the child responded in kind.

When they parted, Brooke piped up. “Thanks, fairies! Me an’ Mum are in love now! Isn’t it great?”

They exchanged warm hugs… then, with whispered goodbyes, Rachel and Brooke wandered back into the garden.

Rayne wrapped an arm around Katie’s waist, and the contented lovers watched their new friends go.


That night, back at Fairy House, they lay side by side in their bed. Rayne had already drifted off to sleep, but Katie kept thinking about her first day in the gardens as a fairy.

Back in the everyday world, she’d never felt so free. There were always rules about what she should think, how she should feel, the proper way for her to behave. Here though, she was her own girl, loved just how she was by a wonderful new family. It was as if she’d been in a cage for most of her childhood, but had finally been released to fly.

That gave her a warm feeling inside, and it wasn’t even the best part. What made her feel especially good was having helped give a taste of that freedom to Rachel and little Brooke. Maybe they didn’t have real fairy magic, but this was near enough to satisfy Katie. Maybe fairy stories are like that, she decided. A little more true than you think.

As she drifted closer to slumber, she thought once more about the story of Ellette’s kiss. Just like in the story, Katie had ended up beside her true love.

“If you’re really out there, Ellette,” she whispered, “thank you.”

On to Chapter Ten!


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    I feel that now it’s more like both are _only_ being around Latchmore house and that the earlier part of life is gone entirely. That the finding of a like-minded relationship between Caroline and Amanda is somewhat tossed away. Heck or uncertain even if Katie is still doing dance classes since so much time is at Latchmore. Amanda now has all the kids to manage (or have fun with), and essentially a D/S relationship with her new boss. Can there still be a general relationship going on with Caroline? Seems time-constricting. Add to it, we’ve now had a bit of a time jump so some of those questions hang a bit.

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    I will say that I guess with Caroline’s ties to Latchmore makes it at least something Amanda wouldn’t have to hide as much with her.. so there still could be some continuation and not just cutoff.
    It would take the story a bit outside of the Latchmore world however and maybe be something harder to manage in writing/logic. Or with Latchmore secrecy rules.

    Now that the joy of discovery is done… I think it may be harder to be inventive with the story. Or maybe just with Amanda and Katie. I saw the comment after chapter 5 and can see where it might have just outright finished. Glad it isn’t finishing yet but sure will be a challenge. There are girls with varying personalities or issues “Mom” will have to manage. Maybe Caroline will get back into the mix of things with her.

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