The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 10

  • Posted on February 28, 2023 at 12:42 pm

by C. Cat

Note from JetBoy: This part of the story features a character who made her first and thus far only appearance in Chapter Two: Jordan, a teenage girl who works in a Victoria’s Secret shop. She helped Amanda and her eleven-year-old daughter Katie pick out enticing lingerie for Amanda’s first date with Katie’s dance instructor Caroline (the date itself takes place in Chapter Three).  At the time, both mother and daughter were quite turned on by the cute shopgirl… and Jordan seemed to take an interest in her customers that went far beyond the desire to make a sale.
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Jordan sighed.

Her last summer before going off to university wasn’t turning out nearly as well as she’d hoped. Oh, she’d hit the town with her mates on the weekends, but they were only interested in going places to hook up with boys – the last thing in the world she wanted!

Now taking a rare afternoon off from her job at Victoria’s Secret, Jordan sat in the back of a little coffee shop on the high street, nursing a latte and wondering what to do with the rest of the afternoon.

At least it wasn’t all dull. Back-to-school season was in full swing, so there were lots of pretty girls strolling past the window in breezy sundresses, snug stretch pants or tight tops and tiny shorts. She found quite a few of the little ones particularly interesting, even some who looked to be younger than ten.

Plenty of the mums were worth a second glance, too – especially those with lithe legs, tight bums, and willowy figures. She’d always had a thing for ballet dancers, which might have explained the feelings she had for undeveloped young girls.

There was a gentle but steady throb pulsing between Jordan legs as her attention shifted from one female passerby to the next. The fun part was imagining what each would be like in bed. She saw herself getting fucked with a strap-on by the platinum blonde in the stylish navy blue pantsuit… then she was undressing the little girl in snug cutoffs and a tank top, delighted to realise that the girl had gone without panties.

Unbelievable, she thought, rolling her eyes. I take some time to myself, and what happens? All I can think about is having it off with half the women I see… and three-quarters of the girls!


Upon realising she was a lesbian, Jordan had done a lot of surreptitious reading on the subject, hungry to learn more. She quickly noticed that most girls who came out as gay claimed to have known from an early age, but that wasn’t true for her. Maybe I should have known, she told herself. I mean, the signs were all there. Sometimes, for all her supposed intelligence, she couldn’t help but feel utterly naive.

For one thing, as far back as she could remember, the sight of pretty girls had made her feel all fluttery inside. To her, it seemed perfectly natural. Girls were soft, sweet and smelled nice, while boys were more or less the opposite – didn’t everyone feel that way?

Her friends going boy-crazy had been a surprise at first, but it didn’t seem like that big a deal. It wasn’t like she hated boys or anything like that… she just didn’t think about them much. Anyway, she knew it was normal for some kids to mature faster than others, and figured it wasn’t yet time for her to develop an interest in the opposite sex. It would happen soon enough.

Then Jordan’s life took an unexpected turn after her thirteenth birthday, not long after she discovered the delights of masturbation.

It began when a friend from school let her borrow a steamy romance novel she’d filched from her mother. That night, tucked up in bed, Jordan turned to the first page and began to read.

The author didn’t waste much time on the plot. By the third page, the female protagonist was undressing, then stretching out on the sofa to fondle herself to images of some mysterious guy – anyone, really, besides her prick of a husband.

Jordan took no notice of the woman’s fantasy – instead, she followed along step-by-step, as if it was an instruction manual, touching herself just like it was happening in the story.

Right away, her tentative caresses sparked something deep inside.

It felt lovely, but Jordan needed something more satisfying than the image of an anonymous man – she didn’t know exactly what, but more than that. As her fingers continued to explore, she came up with a more satisfying fantasy – instead of being the woman in the book, Jordan pretended to be watching her.

When she found the nub of her clit, a quivering shock ran through Jordan’s body. A quiet “Yes!” slipped through the teen’s lips; her fingers moved faster. Soon the book was on the floor and her imagination ran wild as she pleasured herself for the first time, picturing a beautiful naked woman doing the very same thing

Without warning, the woman in Jordan’s fantasy suddenly became one very specific person – her maths teacher, Miss Parker.

She was no longer naked, but instead of her typical blouse and skirt, Miss Parker was dressed in the tight jumper and plaid skirt uniform the girls at school were obliged to wear.

As Jordan watched, her imaginary teacher slowly lifted the jumper, showing her flat belly and trim waist, then paused for a moment, gazing into Jordan’s eyes. Then she tugged the plain white blouse even higher, soon uncovering her breasts. They were full and creamy, topped by pert nipples. Casting her top to one side, Miss Parker began to hike up the skirt, showing more and more of her gorgeous legs until her knickers were on display.

Jordan’s mind seemed to cloud over as those familiar, wonderful feelings grew, deep in her core – but more intense than ever. The image of Miss Parker undressing for her filled the teen’s thoughts. Her teacher’s body was soft and inviting, but those deep, dark eyes were what made Jordan melt inside. A low guttural moan escaped from the teen’s lips as she came.

It was only after Jordan’s head cleared that questions began to form. There was no denying it – she’d been fantasising about a woman while touching herself, and it had been incredible.

Jordan thought she already knew what a lesbian was. She’d heard the whispers in school about the “dykes,” and “queers,” but they were all tomboys or athletes – wasn’t it only in movies where ordinary girls like her were gay? Maybe, she thought, I sort of have a crush on Miss Parker. It doesn’t make me a lesbian, does it? It’s not like I want to have sex with my teacher… right? 

Switching off the light, Jordan tried to convince herself that she was making a big deal out of nothing. But even as sleep approached, she knew that these thoughts weren’t going to simply evaporate.

The next day at school, she took her laptop to a remote corner of the library and began to type “how do I know if…” Chills ran down her spine as she pored through the very first article. It was like the author knew Jordan more intimately than she imagined anyone could.

She slumped back in her chair. Oh, my God.


A few years had passed since that day in the library, and Jordan wasn’t that naive and scared little girl anymore. In a lot of ways, things were better, but one difficulty remained – she was desperately lonely. Finding a playmate for casual sex wasn’t particularly difficult. What she longed for was a true lover and a genuine romantic relationship.

It didn’t help the situation that Jordan wasn’t yet “out” to her family, or most of her friends at school. Her mother, in particular, was fixated on her getting a boyfriend, as if her lack of a potential husband disgraced the family name. She’d already heard her mum making annoying comments to her nosy friends, like, “She’s too brainy for her own good – it scares the fellas off,” or haranguing her to the tune of, “Why can’t you wear some lipstick for a change, sweetie?” or some such nonsense.

I’d be disowned for sure if Mum ever sussed out the truth, Jordan knew. That, she hoped, would be much less of a problem once she went off to university. Oh, I’ll probably still be disowned, but at least I’ll have a bloody roof over my head.

That wasn’t her only problem, though. For years, she’d expected to outgrow her fantasies about preteen girls, but it never happened. If anything, the thoughts of naked little nymphs seemed to occupy her secret fantasies more than ever. There was something about their immature, developing bodies that drove Jordan wild with helpless desire.

Like that adorable girl who came into the shop a few weeks back, the one helping her mum shop for a hot date with another woman… Kate, wasn’t that the girl’s name? Mind you, I wouldn’t have kicked the mum out of bed, either. That Kate, though… what was she, ten or so? And so proud of her mother being gay!

Jordan imagined what it would be like to make love to her – to undress her and fondle her smooth, thin legs and pert bum… to tease, then suck those candy-like nipples… then finally, spread the girl’s legs open and take that sweet bare slit into her mouth.

It was a crazy daydream, and destined to remain one, but this constant obsessing on underage pussy was complicating her life – even getting in the way of finding a serious partner. The last time Jordan had gone out on a date, she’d been distracted in a big way by a young nymph in shorts who couldn’t have been more than eight. Her date had noticed, too. Thinking fast, she came up with a lie, explaining that the child resembled her younger sister… a sister she didn’t have, by the way.

So, there she was, alone in a bistro with a tepid coffee, succumbing yet again to the temptation of those little girls and their mommies, wondering which of them would star in her fantasies later that evening.


With just a few weeks left before the school term started, Amanda didn’t have much time to arrange for the move to Latchmore. Thankfully, the school engaged a company to maintain her house and store the things she and Katie wouldn’t be taking with them, but there were still plenty of details she preferred to take care of herself.

That day, Katie was attending Caroline’s dance class, where Amanda would be picking her up later in the afternoon. Needless to say, Amanda was very much looking forward to seeing her occasional lover once more. Until then, she had time to do a little shopping.

Amanda no longer had much use for the office attire in her closet, most of which she planned to donate to Oxfam. Her natural shyness and insecurity had been reflected in her old wardrobe, and Miss Cindy had encouraged her – instructed her, really, during an evening of torrid sex – to embrace a new look.

Amanda had been happy to oblige. Her cute new pixie haircut was a good start – soft and feminine, yet also bold. Even better, she acquired some clothes that struck the same delicate balance. Today, she felt especially attractive in a leather a-line skirt and a low-cut white blouse with sheer lantern sleeves. It wasn’t a stereotypical lesbian look, but it certainly wasn’t intended to conceal her sexuality. A pair of earrings with a subtle Venus-symbol design added just the right touch to her ensemble, also serving as a hint for any woman who happened to pick up on it.

She couldn’t wait to show off her new look to Katie’s teacher. It had been a couple of weeks since their last sexual encounter, and Amanda wanted them to be face to face when she told Caroline the news: Katie had been accepted as a Latchmore Fairy, she herself was now employed as a Latchmore House mother – and most exciting of all, she and her daughter had become lovers.

Katie had looked forward to regaling her dance instructor with this chain of events, and she’d pouted a bit at first when Amanda asked if she could be the one to break the happy news instead. Finally she relented, saying, “I guess it’s okay. She’s your girlfriend, after all.” Then, her eyes bright with excitement, Katie added, “But then you have to let me join in some time when you fuck, okay?”

“Mmmm… I like that idea,” Amanda replied. “I’m sure Caroline will too.” Rolling over in the bed, her naked daughter now on top, she gave Katie a heated French kiss.

Now strolling along the sidewalk, Amanda felt a pleasant tingle, recalling the pleasures she and her child had enjoyed after that kiss… and anticipating the fun she’d be having with Caroline

She glanced at her watch. With half an hour to spare before she picked up Katie, Amanda detoured into a coffee shop. All the tables were occupied, but there was a little nook in the back that held two large, comfortable chairs with a small table nestled between them. One of the chairs was occupied by a girl who was looking out the window, and the other one appeared to be available.

Amanda made her way to the back of the room. “Pardon me,” she asked the girl, “is this seat taken?”

The teen started, caught by surprise. “Oh! Um… no, no. Go right ahead.” She looked up, then broke into a huge smile when she recognised Amanda. “Well, hi there!”

It took Amanda a few seconds longer, but she recalled the cute Victoria’s Secret sales girl.

Seating herself, she extended a hand. “Oh, my… hello yourself! It’s Jordan, isn’t it? From the mall? You and my daughter helped me pick out lingerie… oh, about a fortnight ago. I’m Amanda, by the way.”

Jordan nodded, “I remember you – and your daughter.” she said. Actually, I was having dirty fantasies about your little girl not fifteen minutes ago. She felt a little flutter in her tummy, knowing this beautiful woman remembered her, too. More than once since that day at the store, Jordan’s private fantasies had returned to this particular mother and daughter. Now Amanda had a new haircut and a very stylish look, which only made her even more enticing than Jordan remembered. “You were shopping for a big date… I hope it went well.”

“It was wonderful – a night to remember, I must say!” Amanda replied. “I have to thank you for helping me. There’s nothing like the right outfit to give your confidence a boost, and it had been so long since I’d had a date…”

“Aw, thanks, but I can’t believe you need my help. I mean, you’re gorgeous… and I’ve got to say, that new haircut suits you perfectly!”

“You’re too kind. Truth be told, I was anything but confident, but I’m doing my best to change… the new hair is meant to be part of that. It may sound silly, but I don’t want to hide who I am anymore. It’s time for the world to see the real me.”

“That’s not silly at all,” Jordan insisted. “God, I so want to be my real self! But when you’re my age, still living with your parents… well, it – it isn’t easy.” She sighed, staring down at the table, then quickly rallied herself. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to–”

“No need to apologise,” said Amanda, covering the teen’s hand with hers. “Listen, Jordan… I can see that you’re struggling with something. Why don’t you tell me about it? It sounds like you need a friend, one who understands what you’re going through… and I promise, you can be your real self with me.”

Jordan gazed at the beautiful older woman, at a loss for words. “I… I would like that, yes. Very much.”

“Good,” was Amanda’s only reply.

Taking a deep breath, Jordan began to speak. Normally she avoided talking about herself or personal matters in general, but something about Amanda made her want to open up. The mix of honesty and vulnerability that Amanda embodied was a breath of fresh air. For the first time in her life, Jordan began to share her intimate secrets.

Amanda let the girl talk. At times she would add a word of motherly support, ask a question, or open up a bit about herself, but mostly she simply listened.

What the girl had to say about her fears, feelings of insecurity and her oppressive home life resonated with Amanda in a big way. Her own mother had never been able to accept the attraction she had for girls, just as she’d refused further contact with her sister Eileen upon discovering her sister was gay. Losing Aunt Eileen had broken Amanda’s heart… and she had to keep that sorrow hidden, lest Mum find out that she and her aunt had been sexually intimate.

That loss, more than anything else, was the foundation of the wall Amanda had built around herself. She even pushed herself into entering relationships with men, to the point of a marriage that collapsed in less than a year. Her struggle for a heterosexual life foundered, but left Amanda with the gift of her beautiful little girl Katie… a child who, at the age of eleven, would become her lover.

It had taken half Amanda’s lifetime, but those walls of inhibition had finally been razed to the ground.

As Jordan described her own situation, Amanda began to suspect that what the girl wasn’t saying might be the most important part. The girl seemed to have built some walls of her own, and it became increasingly clear what lurked behind them… and what to do about it.

“My mum would go mental if she knew,” Jordan was saying. “She’s always trying to fix me up with boys. Or nagging me to wear dresses. And my friends…” She shook her head. “I’m sure some of them would be okay with me being gay, but some wouldn’t – and they’d all know, no matter who I told. That bunch couldn’t keep a secret to save their sodding lives.”

“Grown women aren’t much better about that kind of thing, believe me.”

“Wow, thanks so much for listening, Amanda,” Jordan said. “I must’ve talked your ear off! But it helped me a lot.”

Amanda nodded. “I’d love to chat again some time.” She thoughtfully studied the girl, suddenly struck by a very intriguing idea.  “Listen, Jordan… I hate to sound like I’m hitting you with a cheap pick-up line… but would you like to come over for dinner this Saturday? I’m sure Katie would love to see you again, and her new girlfriend Rayne will be there too.”

“Her girlfriend?” Jordan said with raised eyebrows, trying to seem curious without showing too much of an interest.

Amanda had to suppress a smile. “Yes, can you believe it?” she said. “I was worried about coming out to Katie, but it seems that apple didn’t fall far from the tree! It seems to have happened overnight, too. Wish it had been that easy when I was her age! Anyway, she found herself a lover, a little redhead sweetheart named Rayne. Those two are madly in love and utterly adorable. You have to see them together.”

Jordan’s memories of Katie were still vivid, and the thought of that underage cutie in bed with another little girl made the tingle between her legs mount into a throb. She pictured the two girls naked, entwined, and sharing passionate kisses, with a smiling Amanda gazing approvingly at the scene. Then she imagined that Amanda was nude, too. Okay, that’s an image I’ll be coming back to later.

“This Saturday night?” Jordan replied. “I’d love to.”


Jordan took a deep, calming breath as she stood before Amanda’s door. This might not be a date, but she wanted to look her best. After an hour of poring through her wardrobe, she had settled on a coral red miniskirt with a knit white halter top, adding a loose-fitting summer jacket to make it less obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She rang the bell, and the door opened almost immediately to reveal a beaming Amanda. “Welcome!” she exclaimed, ushering Jordan inside. “Come, take a seat. Care for a glass of wine? I’ve just opened a lovely Cabernet.”

“Um, sure, that sounds great,’ Jordan said, taking in the sight of her hostess. Amanda wore a sky-blue dress that fit her like two coats of paint, an apron tied in front. No way has she got knickers on under that, Jordan told herself, eyes glued to the woman’s bum as she followed.

A squeal came from the nearby stairs. “Jordan!” Katie rushed down to give the teen a hug as if they were long-lost soulmates. A redheaded girl of about twelve was close behind. Stepping back, Katie announced, “This is Rayne, my girlfriend. Rayne, this is Jordan, the girl I told you about who sells sexy underwear!”

“Pleased to meet you,” Jordan murmured, only to be surprised when Rayne hugged her the same way Katie had. That spurred Katie to join the embrace – so now Jordan had two girls in her arms.

“Do you need help with anything, Amanda?” Jordan asked, feeling a tiny bit awkward.

“Oh, I’ve got it all under control. Why don’t you girls get better acquainted? I’ll let you know when the food is ready… you and I can chat later.”

Katie seized her hand. “C’mon – we can hang out in my room!”

Jordan couldn’t have refused if she’d wanted to, especially with such delicious young things leading the way. She accompanied them upstairs, letting them guide her into a bedroom that had to belong to a teenage girl.

Katie and Rayne jumped onto the bed, bouncing a few times before seating themselves against the upholstered headboard, about a foot apart. “Come sit with us, Jordan!” Katie said, patting the space between them.

Jordan had masturbated more than once to images of going into a girl’s pretty pink bedroom, pushing the stuffed animals to the floor and indulging in sexy playtime with an adorable preteen nymph. The very thought of relaxing on the bed with these underage lesbians brought those fantasies back with a vengeance. It also took her back to the days of schoolgirl sleepovers – except in this case, she wouldn’t have to endure any obsessive discussions about boys.

Climbing onto the bed, Jordan crawled over to join the girls. It made her positively light-headed to be nestled between these enchanting young creatures. Just the smell of them was enough to make her cunt drip… and sure enough, her knickers were already wet.

It isn’t like we’re going to be having sex, she admonished herself. Not with Katie’s mum just downstairs! Try to think about something, anything else.

“So, did you two meet at school?” Jordan asked.

“Sort of,” Katie replied, “I’m starting at Latchmore School this term, and Rayne already goes there. We met at a tea party in the gardens when I was visiting with Mum.”

Jordan’s eyes brightened. “Latchmore House? What a wonderful place! I went there a few times when I was littler, and loved it. The trails, the flowers, the big fountain… But most of all,” she added with a shy smile, “I loved the fairies.”

“I knew that would be your favourite part! Did you ever get to spend time with a fairy?” Katie asked.

Jordan shook her head. “I never met one, but I saw a fairy in the woods the last time I was there. She was so pretty it made me ache inside. She tried to get me to follow her, and I really wanted to, but my mother wouldn’t let me.” She sighed. “Mum never took me back after that. She didn’t approve of the fairy costumes. Said they showed too much of their bodies…”

Resting her head on Jordan’s shoulder, Rayne let out a dramatic sigh. “That’s a shame. I know how you feel about the fairies, though. There’s this one fairy there who I just can’t stop thinking about. She’s got the prettiest legs. I’d follow her anywhere.”

Jordan smiled. “I hope that doesn’t make Katie jealous.”

“She’s not… besides, I happen to know she’s got a favourite fairy of her own!”

“Yep,” Katie agreed. “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen… but she can be naughty, too.”

“I love the idea of naughty fairies,” Jordan said. “The ones who like girls, that is.”

Katie laughed. “Fairies love everything pretty and sweet – of course they’d feel that way about girls!”

“Well, I’d like to visit Latchmore House again someday, now that I can go there on my own… How do you get to meet a fairy?”

“You never see them unless they want to be seen, but they can be really playful, and even a bit naughty… once they feel safe.”

“How do you make fairies feel safe, then?”

“They just have to trust you,” Katie said with a shrug. “A fairy needs to be sure that you won’t hurt her, or tell her secrets.” She smiled. “And if she can tell you want to play… well, that’s even better!”

Jordan nodded – then something clicked in her mind. “Wait a minute…” She studied Katie for a moment. “You’re not just a student at Latchmore, are you? You’re a fairy!”

“That’s right.” Katie wore a bad-girl grin that spoke volumes.

Jordan turned to Rayne. “And you…?”

“I’m a naughty fairy,” Rayne replied, her eyes dancing with mischief.

The younger girls burst into giggles, then Katie leaned in to trace a line down Jordan’s bare arm with the tip of her index finger. “So… what sort of fun were you thinking of having with a naughty fairy, eh?”

Omigod, is this really happening? Jordan asked herself, glancing nervously at the open bedroom door. “Uh, your mum… what about her?”

Rayne drew close to nuzzle Jordan’s neck from the left. “Oh, don’t worry about Amanda… unless you want her to join us. That would be very naughty, wouldn’t it?”

On Jordan’s right, Katie’s lips brushed her ear. “I know my mum totally wants to gobble you up, but she has to wait her turn. For now, you belong to us… and we’ve got a lovely game to play. It’s called Middle Sister.”

“I d-don’t know that one,” Jordan stammered, her heart racing like mad.

“It’s easy!” chirped Rayne. “And since it’s your first time, you get to be the Middle Sister. How it works is, I do something to you, then you have to do that same thing to Katie. Then, she does something to you, and you do it back to me. So, if I bite your ear like this…”

“Oooh!” Jordan gasped as the young girl gave her earlobe a playful nip.

Rayne knew how much Katie loved having her ears toyed with, so she was delighted to see her girlfriend squirm and let out a soft little moan when Jordan nibbled at the lobe, then gave it a swipe with her tongue.

Of course, Katie knew Rayne’s weaknesses when it came to making out, so she leaned in to place several open-mouthed kisses on Jordan’s neck. This was a double thrill – not only could she see how much Jordan loved the attention, but the anticipation in Rayne’s eyes made it even better.

Jordan was certainly enjoying herself, but at the same time she realised this was more than just a naughty game. These two underage girls were making love to each other through her, an open invitation to join in their intimacy.

When Rayne’s turn came, Jordan responded with a passionate tongue kiss. She felt the love in that kiss, a love that was both tender and intensely hungry. The two slumped back against the headboard, their tongues caught up in a tarantella of unbridled lust.

When they finally broke apart, Jordan turned to Katie. She seized the girl, practically dragging her into a fierce embrace. No point in being hesitant or bashful now. Jordan tongue-fucked that sweet little mouth, and Katie hummed her approval, blindly groping for the older girl’s breasts.

When they drifted apart, Jordan gazed into the girl’s eyes, eager to give herself to these young lovers. Her inhibitions, her fears already seemed like distant memories, easily cast aside.

Raising two fingers, Rayne brought them to Jordan’s lips. The teen took them into her mouth, wondering if she was right about what was going to happen next.

She was. As Jordan gently sucked, she felt Katie reach beneath her skirt to grasp the waistband of her panties. Raising her bum, she allowed the girl to tug them over her hips, down her trembling legs and off.

Delighted with her silky prize, Katie pressed the sodden knickers to her face, sighing blissfully as she breathed in Jordan’s thick scent, then turned to Rayne.

“You go first,” she told her girlfriend. “I want to watch you fuck her.”

Jordan gawped as Rayne reached out to caress her exposed vulva. The feel of those fingers sliding expertly between the folds of her labia in long, gentle strokes drove her frantic with desire. These were feather-light touches that barely grazed her clit, and they teased her mercilessly. She longed for more.

Sensing the older girl’s need, Rayne slowly eased a finger into her cunt. Determined not to be rushed, she began a slow, rhythmic motion, driving Jordan closer to the edge… but not quite enough.

I won’t fucking beg her… I won’t! Jordan was clenching her teeth, hands balled into tight fists, her body taut as piano wire. It felt wonderful, yet maddening.

In her haze of ecstasy, she felt something else. Opening her eyes, she saw it was Katie – the girl’s hair was brushing against her thighs, lips so close that Jordan could feel warm breath caress her pussy.

Jordan entreated Katie with her eyes, making it clear how desperately she craved the sweet emptiness of orgasm. Still, the little minx didn’t move, just observed Jordan’s cunt as if she was studying a rare flower..

“Do you want Katie to lick you? Remember, her mummy is just downstairs,” Rayne whispered as she increased the tempo of her thrusting fingers.

“Yes!” Jordan cried. “Fucking do it! LICK ME!”

With that, Katie let her tongue glide through Jordan’s slit. This sent an electric jolt through the teen’s body, but she knew this was only the beginning of her ecstasy. The girl continued to trace a pathway that led to Jordan’s throbbing clit.

“Oh, yes!” Jordan gasped. “Don’t s-stop, don’t stop! Oh! Ahhhh!”

She felt Katie’s lips capture her clit, the preteen’s tongue toying with the throbbing bud like a kitten playing with a catnip mouse. She closed her eyes as tiny but growing shocks of pleasure jolted through her body, coming so swiftly that it made her dizzy.

Lost in a mounting ecstasy, it took Jordan a moment to notice that Rayne was unfastening the buttons of her top, spreading it open to bare her breasts. Soon the young girl was caressing, teasing, and suckling Jordan’s puffy nipples while Katie ate her pussy.

My God, Jordan told herself, they’re incredible. Even at their tender age – Are they eleven? Surely no older than twelve, she reasoned – each of the girls would be a wonderful lover, but working as a team, they were nothing short of amazing. Now if only they’d let me fucking come!

Instead, Rayne and Katie kept Jordan on the edge of release for what seemed an eternity.

Rayne must’ve been in need of stimulation, because she sat up and whipped off the t-shirt she wore, which left her completely nude. Jordan only got a quick glimpse, though, before the girl straddled her face. Looking up, Jordan saw the most flawless bare slit imaginable, glistening with juices like rose petals in the morning dew.

This is it. My first taste of a little girl. My dream is coming true. Raising herself slightly, Jordan extended her tongue to sample the warm nectar.

“Ooooh, yes!” Rayne cried as she fed her cunt to the older girl.

Much as she longed for her own release, Jordan was determined to bring Rayne off first. Latching on to the girl’s clit and fondling her bottom with both hands, Jordan matched the pace of her licking to the girl’s gasps. Within seconds, Rayne was pumping her hips in time with her lover’s tongue.

When Jordan felt Rayne’s thighs clamping her head between them, she knew the girl was seconds away from coming.

Katie was well familiar with the sounds Rayne made during sex, enough to know those little squeaks meant she was on the verge of getting off. It’s going to be a big one, too! she told herself. Returning to Jordan’s clit, she gave it a light nibble.

“Yes, fuck, yes!” Rayne yelped as she let go.

A muffled cry came from Jordan as every muscle in her body went rigid. A wave of heat radiated out from the girl’s core as la petite mort consumed her. The two girls came simultaneously, caught up in a beautiful storm that raged and soothed, tore apart and bound together, destroyed and renewed.

Slowly, slowly Jordan drifted back to the present, soon realising that the soft, bare bodies of the little girls cuddling up to her wasn’t a dream. She felt their lips adorning her face and neck with delicate kisses, their fingers caressing her breasts. I’m supposed to feel ashamed, I guess, she mused, but how could something this tender and beautiful feeling be wrong? A happy sigh escaped her lips, and she briefly drifted off.

Some time later – how much, she had no idea – Jordan felt a warm hand gently stroke her brow. Opening her eyes, she looked up to see Amanda bending over the bed.

There Jordan was, minus panties, a dress hitched up far enough to leave her cunt fully exposed and lying between two nude underage girls, one of them Amanda’s own child.

There was ample reason for her to be terrified, but the warmth of Amanda’s smile told Jordan that she need not worry.

“You three are beautiful together,” Amanda said. “I was tempted to let you rest a while longer, but dinner will be ready soon.” She pointed to a plush white robe, draped across a nearby chair. “That’s for you. I’m sure you’ll want to take a shower before coming downstairs. Just don’t take too long. We can talk after dinner and, maybe, do other things.”

“H’lo, Mummy,” said Katie, sitting up and taking a long, luxurious stretch. Her first good look at the young girl’s bare upper half gave Jordan a renewed twinge of desire. I haven’t licked her nipples yet, she realised. Maybe I’ll get to do that before I leave.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Amanda murmured. Seating herself on the edge of the bed, she took Katie into her arms. “My, don’t you smell nice.”

“That’s Jordan you smell,” the grinning girl announced, giving the blushing teen a wink. “She’s delicious, Mummy. If you kiss me, you can get a taste of her!”

“How can I refuse an offer like that?” said Amanda. Leaning in, she claimed Katie’s mouth in a tender but very ardent kiss.

Jordan could only stare as mother and daughter came together in an incestuous embrace. Amanda was licking around Katie’s mouth, purring with delight as she sampled and savoured the rich, thick flavour of cunt. My cunt, Jordan thought.

They slowly parted, and Amanda turned to give Jordan a sultry smile. “You’re right, sweetie… she is delicious.”

“Got room in there for me?” Rayne had roused herself, climbed out of bed, and wandered over to join the others.

“Of course, darling.” Amanda invited her into their embrace. She kissed the girl, her hand sliding down to cup Rayne’s bare bum.

So fucking wild, Jordan thought. I can’t believe I’ve stumbled into something like this! She pushed herself into a sitting position, intent on joining in the group fun. She was a little tender between the legs, but her desire had reawakened in a way that couldn’t be denied.

Before she could make her move, though, Amanda pulled away. “Let’s not start anything we can’t finish, girls,” she said, standing up. “Dinner will be served in” – she glanced at a cat-shaped clock that hung on the wall – “fifteen minutes. I don’t think there’s time for each of you to shower, so you’ll have to take one together.” She smiled. “Don’t have too much fun in there, now. Plenty of time for that after dessert.” She made her way to the door and exited with a wave.

“Shower time!” Katie squealed. “C’mon, let’s go!” Seizing Jordan’s hand, she led the way into an adjoining bathroom, Rayne close behind. She marched over to a generously sized shower cubicle and switched on the water, then turned back to Jordan.

“Will you help us get clean like Mommy does?” Katie said, wearing a look of perfect innocence on her face as she stood holding hands with Rayne.

Jordan knelt before the girls. “Of course I will. But first, just… let me look at you.”

As Katie and Rayne posed for her, Jordan marvelled at their lithe bodies, just beginning to blossom into womanhood. Experienced as they were as lovers, it was hard to believe they were still practically little girls… but here was the proof, on full display.

Leaning forward, she planted a kiss on each of their puffy nipples, eliciting blissful sighs from both girls. She resisted the temptation to let those kisses trail further down Katie’s body for a taste of her sweetness, but she did give each girl’s bottom a caress, teasing their nether holes with her fingertips before she got to her feet. “You two get under the water now, and I’ll wash you all over.”

“But you still have clothes on,” Rayne protested. Reaching out for Jordan’s halter top, she stripped it off, once more exposing the older girl’s generous breasts.

Katie couldn’t resist the urge to touch them again. “I hope my titties grow as big as yours,” she said before leaning forward to lick each nipple.

Rayne had gone straight to Jordan’s skirt, deftly undoing the catch. It slid to the bath mat. Now all three of them were naked.

Jordan knew they couldn’t dawdle in the shower. Nonetheless, she intended to make sure the girls were thoroughly clean. She soaped their bodies first, gleefully allowing her fingers to wander into their most intimate areas, then rinsed them off with the detachable shower head.

Going down on her knees, she nuzzled Katie’s wet belly. “I already got to lick Rayne’s pussy… I want to taste you now.”

“Okay,” the eleven-year-old whispered, her eyes gleaming with excitement.

Placing her lips against the bare slit, Jordan gave it a gentle kiss, pleased to feel Katie shiver in response. She tilted her head to one side, then extended her tongue, trailing it between the girl’s labia like the careful stroke of a painter’s brush. There was a warm wetness there that didn’t come from the shower, and the hint of flavour made Jordan thirst for more.

She began to lick harder, going down on Katie like a lover possessed. The girl’s juices were tart and sharp, luscious like sour candy. Soon the teen had her mouth locked to the pink crease, sucking the dripping flesh in between licks. Katie’s hands were knotted in Jordan’s hair, the nails biting into her scalp. It hurt, but she wasn’t about to stop.

Jordan wondered what Rayne was up to, then got her answer when a pair of hands suddenly spread her bum open, then a slippery tongue bathed the crack of her arse.

She would have cried out in astonishment if her mouth hadn’t been occupied pleasing Katie. These girls are into some kinky shit, she thought. Jordan had been wanting to try rimming a lover, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity – and she’d never had her own bum licked. Fuck me, that feels bloody amazing!

By then, Katie was tottering on her feet, her breath coming in harsh gasps… and Jordan knew it was time to bring her off. She attacked the girl’s clitoris, taking it between her lips and rapidly flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

FUCK!” Katie cried, then gave a cry that quickly mounted into a shriek as she exploded in orgasm. Her legs gave out, and Jordan had to keep the girl pinned to the wall so she could finish the job. Rayne was still eating her arse, pressing her tongue against Jordan’s rosebud as if seeking entry.

“Okay, s’enough,” Katie blurted, and Jordan gently lowered her to the tiled floor with aching arms. Turning around, the teen seized Rayne and kissed her. She had no idea what the girl’s mouth would taste like, but all she detected was a faint hint of pussy.

Now seated in the steamy cubicle, the three lovers came together in a tender embrace, sharing kisses. “Now we get to wash you,” Rayne told Jordan.

So Katie and Rayne stood Jordan up and covered her body in sweet-smelling soap. They spent more time between her legs and on her tits and bum than anywhere else, but Jordan was in no mood to complain.

Emerging from the shower, Jordan carefully towelled each girl dry, helped them slip into gauzy nighties Katie fetched from her room – going completely bare underneath, of course – then brushed their hair. Once the girls were presentable, Jordan reached for the robe Amanda had left for her – a pink silk kimono that hung just below her bottom and barely closed around her chest. “Sooo sexy!” Rayne exclaimed at the sight of her, and Katie gave an enthused nod.

Jordan did feel sexy, and her cunt was already tingling with anticipation as she followed the girls downstairs, enjoying the sight of their cute bottoms on the way.

Amanda had also changed, opting for a short silk kimono much like Jordan’s, only in baby blue. Her breasts might not have been large, but Jordan thought the way the silk flowed and draped over them was even more erotic.

The meal was delicious, but Jordan was distracted by thoughts of what was to come. Amanda was perfectly calm, betraying no sign of urgency. And though the dinner conversation was playful and flirtatious, nothing was rushed. Jordan finally caught the relaxed mood, and was able to fully appreciate the homemade fruit tart Amanda served for dessert.

As Rayne finally put her fork down, she slipped into Amanda’s lap. “Will you come play with us, Mummy Amanda?”

“Yes, Mummy!” Katie chimed in. “Would you, pretty please…?”

“Now, girls… don’t you think we should leave that up to Jordan? She is our special guest, after all.” Amanda replied. It was plain to see she liked the idea, though.

Katie found her way into Jordan’s lap. Resting her head on the older girl’s soft breast, she said, “You want to have sexy fun with Mummy… don’t you?”

“She’s the best,” Rayne added. “You’ll love her just as much as we do!”

“Oh, you girls,” Amanda murmured, a little embarrassed. “Let her decide.”

This was so different from any experience she’d had before. Jordan felt uncharacteristically shy, but she wasn’t about to miss this opportunity. “That sounds good to me,” she said. “Let’s all enjoy ourselves.”

“Well, then,” Amanda glanced at Jordan’s mobile phone, which rested on the edge of the table. “Maybe you should call your mum and tell her you’ll be staying over.”

“Yes… I think I will,” a grinning Jordan agreed, already making the call.

As Jordan struggled through the conversation with her mother, a certain little minx in her lap was determined to make the task as challenging as possible. In addition to kissing her neck, the girl slipped a hand inside Jordan’s robe to caress her breasts.

“She wants t-to check with you…” Jordan said, barely restraining a gasp as she handed Amanda the phone.

Rayne was something of a minx as well. Not only did she pepper Amanda with kisses, she reached beneath the table to touch that woman between her legs. Amanda managed to maintain her poise throughout, exchanging introductions and pleasantries before saying. “No, it’s no bother at all… Jordan is a darling girl, and I know we’ll enjoy having her.”

Amanda’s wink when she said those words made Jordan laugh. Oh, yeah, she told herself, the fun is just getting started.

After taking the phone back and saying her goodbyes, she looked up at Amanda with a sly smile of her own. “Mum says I’m supposed to do whatever you tell me.”

A round of giggles erupted from the girls.

“Girls,” Amanda tapped on Rayne’s nose, “Why don’t you play with Jordan while I tidy up a bit? I’m sure you can think of something fun to do.”

The girls sprung to their feet. “Come on!” Rayne cried, taking Jordan by the hand. They dashed from the room, and soon Amanda heard a chorus of giggles as the girls ran back up the stairs.

Amanda resisted an urge to follow. In part she savoured the anticipation of lovemaking to come, but she was also surprised by a lurking feeling of uncertainty. She’d enjoyed herself with much younger girls than Jordan, but Latchmore felt like a different world, where the normal rules didn’t apply. Could she really allow herself to indulge in the same freedom outside its walls?

Miss Cindy had warned her: breaking loose of society’s rules could be a real challenge, especially for an adult. There was no question that she’d chosen the right path, but guilt, shame and inhibition could take a lifetime to unlearn. She could almost hear Miss Cindy’s voice saying, “The only way out is through… you need to live your new life to the fullest, my sweet.”

Reminding herself of the cool confidence her mistress embodied, Amanda searched inside for her own spark of self-assurance, using it to banish any lingering doubts. Smiling to herself, she knew Miss Cindy would be proud of her for what she was about to do.

Walking upstairs, she peeked into Katie’s room. The youngsters were seated on the floor, surrounded by Katie’s Barbie dolls. Jordan was nowhere to be seen, but the girls’ game was far from innocent, judging from the positions the dolls were in. Surely they were up to something… but what was it?

Moving down the hallway to her own room, she spied Jordan. The teen stood at the foot of Amanda’s bed, facing the entrance. Still wearing the silk kimono, Jordan now had her long red hair in cute pigtails.

The sight gave Amanda a sharp, sudden twinge of lust. Jordan was very much a hot, sexy young woman, but the new hairstyle and a certain look of innocence in her eyes suggested a shy young girl.

Somehow, Amanda knew that Katie and Rayne had done the teen’s hair like this… for her benefit, she suspected. Those little scamps do know how to turn me on…

Crossing the room, Amanda stood before Jordan, reading the desire in those bright green eyes. She gave a tug on Jordan’s belt and watched as the kimono dropped to the floor, leaving the teen nude.

Amanda licked her lips while she appraised the teen’s breasts. On the slender girl, they were utterly magnificent. She must drive boys wild… too bad for them, then.

“You really are beautiful,” Amanda said, giving Jordan a hungry look as she studied the girl’s body. “And I have to admit,” she added, trailing a fingertip down her arm, “I’ve thought about this more than once since we first met.”

“Me too,” Jordan said, biting her lip in anticipation until the two women came together, mouths meeting in a passionate kiss as Amanda’s own robe fell to the carpet.

Amanda’s kisses trailed from the girl’s lips to the neck, then down to her chest. Much as she loved little girls with their lithe bodies and flat chests, the soft womanly curves of a fine set of tits never failed to delight her. She sucked on each nipple in turn, teasing them to aching tautness.

Laying the girl back on the bed, her kisses travelled downward, crossing Jordan’s belly and beyond. The teen parted her legs in anticipation, but Amanda didn’t intend to rush. Instead, she paused to enjoy the aroma of aroused cunt before stretching out alongside her.

As Amanda’s fingertips slid up the girl’s thighs, she gave her young lover another kiss. “My little darlings are quite taken with you, you know. I hope you don’t think less of me for letting them have their fun first.”

“Mmmm… no, no!” Jordan gasped as she squirmed beneath Amanda’s touch. “They’re so lucky, your girls. I wish I’d had, well… someone just like you, b-back when I was their age.”

“Thanks, love,” Amanda said. “You know, when you took Katie into the changing room that first time we met, I got so fucking excited. I imagined you kneeling down in front of my little girl, sliding her knickers down, running your tongue up and down her slit… that was before she’d ever made love, even though she liked girls by then. Just think – you could’ve been the first to taste Katie’s honey.”

Jordan’s head swam. After all the fantasies she’d had of playing with little girls in the changing room, the realisation that at least one of their mums had thought about the same thing sent a shock through her womanly core. She closed her eyes to imagine the scene. The way her eyes shine as she watches me take off her knickers – then the taste of her coating my lips… 

Amanda continued, “Whenever you see a pretty little girl in the store, I bet you imagine yourself lifting up her skirt and touching between her legs while Mummy waits outside.”

Jordan nodded as she felt Amanda’s hand slide over her thighs, the woman’s lips grazing her ear as she spoke.

“What if Mummy wanted to watch, though? Would it be a bad thing if she got wet thinking of you giving her little princess a proper fucking… so much that she wanted to see it happen?”

Jordan bit her lower lip while Amanda gently stroked her clit. “She… she would b-be a very naughty mummy,” the girl managed to say.

“I bet you’ve thought about fucking some of the mothers as well… haven’t you?” Amanda looked into Jordan’s eyes as her fingers twirled in a steady rhythm.

“Yes, I have!” the girl gasped, a wave of warmth sweeping through her when the woman’s thumb brushed her clit.

“I’m glad,” Amanda said as she slipped two fingers deep into the teen’s wetness. “Because this mother wants you to fuck her.” She leaned in to kiss Jordan again.

“Oh, God… fuck… yessss,” Jordan moaned. She clawed at the bedspread, squirming in response to Amanda’s touch, every atom of her body craving release.

This was a new experience for the teen, being taken on a long, slow ride on the way to what promised to be a massive orgasm. Practically all of Jordan’s past flings had been furtive affairs with bored housewives she’d caught eying her while they browsed for skimpy lingerie. An afternoon visit to a suburban home, a quick romp in the sheets, then a hasty exit before the husband got home. It scratched the itch, but little more. Now, for the first time, Jordan was with a lover who genuinely cared about her needs and desires.

She watched her legs being spread apart. Amanda licked her lips at the view, then got down on her belly. Jordan could feel the woman’s breath. Every nerve in her body was tingling in anticipation as Amanda’s hands slipped under her bum to draw her closer. Then she felt it. The soft warmth of a lover’s tongue dipping between her labia, then pressing into her womanly core.

Jordan felt a sob rising in her throat. She’d had her cunt licked before, but this was different. This was lovemaking as she’d always wanted it, the heat of fucking tempered by the gentleness of a caring partner. Clutching Amanda’s shoulder, she steadied herself as the world spun like a crazy pinwheel.

Whatever Amanda was doing drove Jordan frantic. The woman’s tongue seemed to flow like water – seeking, probing, filling, teasing the teen to distraction. “P-please!” was all she could say, barely able to get even that much out – but Amanda paid her no heed, just continued to lick.

Jordan felt pressure build inside until she was consumed by the need to come. Her hands were shaking, eyes squeezed shut, a hoarse moan escaping her throat. Then, as if Amanda knew the teen had reached the point of no return, she fastened her lips to Jordan’s clit.

The effect was like a switch being thrown inside, one that opened the floodgates of Jordan’s release. In an instant, her tension broke and ecstasy flowed, bathing her with waves of pure bliss that immersed her completely. Her sense of time vanished; she was pushed this way and that until the need to breathe brought her back to here and now.

Once her head had cleared she found herself cuddling with Amanda, who was giving her feather-light kisses. This woman, such a passionate lover a moment ago, was caring for Jordan like the mother she’d always wished for.

She’d never felt so satisfied… or safe. Tears of happiness threatened to well up in her eyes — but Jordan choked them back, unwilling to blubber like a baby in the presence of her new lover. After all, I haven’t got her off yet! Even after two orgasms, the raw desire she felt for the sexy single mother had yet to be quenched.

Rolling her over, Jordan straddled the woman and bent forward, dangling her breasts nearly within reach of Amanda’s lips. She reached up to touch them, but Jordan had other ideas.

Seizing Amanda’s wrists, she pinned her lover to the bed. “No,” she said firmly, “You just lie there… it’s my turn to play.”

“Yes, Miss Jordan,” Amanda said in her meekest voice, the thought of the teenager taking charge sending an electric rush through her body.

Jordan could read the hunger in Amanda’s eyes. Leaning forward, she let each nipple barely brush against the woman’s lips before taking them away. Having big tits can be a pain in the arse, she thought, but they sure are useful for teasing a lover. She bent down again – but this time, she guided Amanda’s face into her cleavage.

Sliding down a bit further, Jordan took hold of her breasts, carefully letting the tips graze her partner’s nipples.  With the slightest of movements, she made them trace little circles, tickling Amanda’s areolas, making the woman gasp and squirm.

In the mood for a little more tit play, Jordan scooted lower, spread Amanda’s legs and slipped a nipple into her dripping wet pussy, sliding it back and forth a few times before repeating the trick with the other nipple.

Sitting up, she considered feeding Amanda her own juices, like a nursing mother giving milk – but couldn’t resist the chance to taste them herself. With Amanda watching intently, she took each nipple between her lips in turn, sampling the flavour.

“Mmmm… “ Jordan said, as she licked her lips, “your pussy tastes fuckin’ incredible!”

Positioning herself, she made sure to sweep her hair to one side so Amanda would have a good view, then lowered her mouth to the woman’s beautiful cunt.

Amanda moaned as the girl’s tongue slid over her wetness to tease her clit.

Jordan was lost in pleasuring her adult lover, so it took a moment to notice a very nude Katie, kneeling next to her on the bed. “Can I help?” she said. “I really like how Mummy’s pussy tastes.”

“Of course, sweetie!” Jordan sat up to give Katie a brief but lustful kiss before scooting over to make room for the little girl. They exchanged wicked grins, then got to work.

“Oh God, yes,” Amanda moaned as her daughter and Jordan feasted on her cunt, kissing each other as often as they licked her.

Where’s Rayne? Jordan wondered. That little minx must be up to something… there’s no way she’d pass this up.

She got her answer right away. As she centred her attention on Amanda’s vaginal cleft – while Katie nursed at her mummy’s clitoris – Jordan felt a pair of small hands caressing her bum before spreading the cheeks apart. The teen tensed with excitement, raising her hips in anticipation of whatever kinky game Rayne wanted to play. Is she going to eat my arse again?

A hand slipped between Jordan’s legs to cup her sex, the fingertips just barely grazing her clit. She let out a gasp, her hands tightening on Amanda’s thighs as the tension built.

Then she felt it. The tip of something seeking entrance to her cunt, something too large to be a young girl’s finger. Besides, both Rayne’s hands were now resting on her hips.

I can’t believe this, Jordan told herself. I’m being fucked – actually fucked! – by a little girl, while I help another little girl go down on her own mum. I must’ve died and gone to Perverted Dyke Heaven

She longed for a photo of the lewd scene – her mouth buried in the minge of a sexy woman, little Katie providing assistance, and Rayne, a strap-on cock snugly fastened round the waist, rogering her from behind.

Just then, another two inches of the fake cock got fed into Jordan’s vagina – and it drove all rational thought from her mind. She let out a gasp, somewhat muffled by Amanda’s sex. She’d been fucked a couple of times before by women sporting strap-ons, but those encounters had been clumsy and awkward, nothing like this. Rayne’s movements were gentle, yet confident… the rubbery shaft easing into Jordan’s body until it touched something mysterious deep inside her. My soul, maybe.

By then, Rayne had fully penetrated her with the toy, right up to its base. The eleven-year-old paused to let Jordan adjust to its length, then began to move her hips, working the slippery cock in and out.

It felt incredible, with sparks flying behind Jordan’s eyes at every stroke. Despite having come twice in the last two hours, she was surprised to sense that familiar storm rising once more.

She felt Katie’s lips seeking hers for another kiss. Their mouths met, tongues entwining in a lustful dance, swapping Amanda’s flavour back and forth.

Jordan was first to break away. She bent to suck Amanda’s clitoris, determined to get the woman off before she came herself. From the corner of her eye, she saw Katie eagerly dipping her tongue into Mummy’s pussy. This time, the two girls worked in tandem, quickly developing a mutual rhythm.

Amanda’s moan increased in pitch as her body shivered, then tensed an instant before she exploded in a frenzied orgasm. Jordan held on as best she could, trying not to bump heads with little Katie, who was still licking frantically at her mum.

An especially deep thrust from Rayne made Jordan cry out loud – and then she was coming herself, her voice mingling with Amanda’s in a lewd duet. The pleasure swiftly rose to a peak, then everything vanished into a tiny pinpoint of light.

When Jordan awakened a moment later, she was nestled between the girls, her head resting on Amanda’s belly.

The woman’s hand touched her face. “Are you okay, love?”

“Yeah,” Jordan mumbled. “Bloody hell… my cunt is sore.” Everyone laughed, Jordan included.

The four lay intertwined for a long, wonderful while, enjoying the warmth and tenderness of each other’s bodies, basking in the lingering fragrance of their lovemaking. Katie helped Rayne unfasten the harness of the strap-on, then the girls licked it clean together before rejoining the group cuddle. Occasional kisses and caresses were mixed with whispered words of affection until slumber claimed them all.

When Jordan awoke, Amanda was spooning her from behind, the woman’s hands gently cupping her breasts, lips touching her neck.

In the dim light filtering through the window, she saw the two girls sitting, facing each other with their legs intertwined. Their kisses were sweet and tender as they rocked their hips, grinding their bare slits together. Far from the wild sex they’d shared a few hours before, Jordan could tell this was a private moment between two girls in love.

As much as she desperately wanted that sort of love for herself, she felt no jealousy. Instead, she was filled with resolve. From this day on, she wouldn’t hide her sexuality from anyone, not even her parents. It’s time to be me, Jordan told herself.

“I hope you had a good night’s rest,” Amanda said as Jordan stretched. “Seems like you needed it.” She got out of bed, slipping into her silk kimono. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she stroked Jordan’s shoulder. “Rest a little longer if you like… breakfast is ready when you are.”

“Oh, I’m plenty rested,” the teen murmured, sitting up. “Mind you, that was quite a workout we had!”

“Here – this is for you,” Amanda said, draping a bottle-green dressing gown over the back of a nearby chair. “Have yourself a shower, if you like… then come down to eat.” Blowing the girl a kiss, she made her exit.

Minutes later, squeaky clean and wearing the dressing gown, Jordan was enjoying a large breakfast with Amanda and the girls. As she ate, it struck her how the scene at the dining table was surprisingly normal. Katie and Rayne were laughing and chattering like any girls their age, their mum was relaxing with toast and coffee, and as for Jordan herself… well… she was something like a big sister. It was very different from the detached environment of her own home. This was the kind of family she’d always wanted.

“You know,” she said, looking up at Amanda, “I’m sorry we didn’t get to know each other sooner. God, I’m going to miss all of you when I start at University. After last night, it’ll be hard to go back to my old life.”

Amanda took her by the hand. “Then you need to make a new life, with people who accept who you are. They’re out there… you just have to know where to look.”

Jordan sighed. “I’d love that… but how many others can there be who have the – the kind of feelings I do?” She glanced at the girls, feeling that all-too familiar twinge of wistful desire. “I… I didn’t ask to be this way. It’s just part of who I am. I need a lover who won’t hate me ‘cos I like, um, young girls.” She gave Rayne and Katie a yearning look.

“Did you never hear the stories about Latchmore House, and how it got started?” Amanda said, giving Jordan’s hand a squeeze. “It’s what got my daughter and me together… and brought Rayne into our lives.”

“So… you’re saying that they could – they could help me?”

Amanda nodded. “I am, sweetheart. Latchmore is much more than gardens and fairies… it’s a way for women and girls to find love with one another. And we have friends everywhere… even at your university.”

Jordan leaned forward in her seat, eyes alight with interest. “Tell me more.”

On to Chapter Eleven!


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  1. Michael v. says:


    Where to begin…First of all, Thank you. You have delivered a much anticipated chapter in the ongoing journey of discovery for Amanda, Katie and her lovely Rayne. Having Jordan appear again in turmoil with a longing to be her true self, a chance meeting to reconnect with Amanda then leads to more fun with the girls. After a wonderfully loving and passionate time together, the chapter ends with a tease of Jordan possibly finding her way forward with help from Latchmore.

    Very satisfying but at the end, you stated chapter eleven would conclude this first class adventure in erotica. I await the next chapter with high expectations that you will no doubt exceed! Please reconsider ending this wonderful story…if you must, please please 🙏🙏 share any other stories you have. You wonderful writing talent surely did not result in just this one masterpiece.

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    Just wondering what doors could be opened by saying, ‘Yes, I’m a Latchmore graduate’ nudge nudge wink wink

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