Sweet Poppy, Chapter 4

  • Posted on July 8, 2021 at 2:03 pm

by Joe Dornish

The next morning, Mum woke up feeling concerned that she’d gone too far when she confessed her sexual attraction to me, then promised that the two of us could make love in a few days. So she made me swear up and down that I wouldn’t tell anyone about the secret things we’d discussed. I told her she was worrying too much, and there was no way I would tell anyone I was fucking my own mum.

Then Mum lectured me about using rude words like ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’. She said it was okay to say them when we were in bed together or talking about sex, but if she heard me speaking that way any other time,  there would be trouble. Then she told me that actually, I could also say naughty words when we were with Kiki and Henri, but only once I got to know them, and even then only ‘in the appropriate situation’. I wasn’t sure what she meant, and decided to only swear when I was doing sex, it seemed simpler.

That day at school, I saw Henri a few times but we didn’t get a chance to talk, just said ‘hi’ and waved whenever we saw each other. Later, I ate lunch with Mia, who told me that a few of the girls in her class were talking about Henri and I being friends. The talk was mostly good-natured, although they were all pretty jealous. I asked Mia if she wanted to come back to my house after school, but she had a music lesson that afternoon. We agreed instead that she would come over the next day.

After dinner that night, Lilly went into the living room to watch TV, and I helped my mother clean up.

“Did you see Henri at school today?” Mum asked.

“Yes, but just to say hello. She was really nice to me, though.”

“Henri is a truly beautiful person, inside and out. Sexy as hell, too.”

I had to giggle at that. “Yeah, she is sexy.” Then a thought struck me, “Mum, can I ask you something?”

“Anything, honey.”

“Have you had sex with Henri?”

She gave me a wicked grin, then nodded. “I have, sweetheart. Many times.”

I’d pretty much guessed that Mum had gone to bed with Henri, but I was surprised by the directness of her reply. The thought aroused me, and almost without thinking I squeezed my thighs together, making my kitty tingle.

Mum noticed what I was doing, and it made her smile. “Do you like the idea of Henri and me making love?”

I nodded. “Yes, Mum. Very much.”

“Who’s Henri?” asked Lilly, making Mum and me jump. She’d wandered into the kitchen and we hadn’t seen her enter.

“Good grief, Lilly… you startled us!” said Mum, frowning slightly.

“Henri is my friend from school,” I told my sister.

“Can we all watch telly together?” asked Lilly, making a sad face. “It’s kinda lonely out there by myself.”

Mum closed the dishwasher. “Of course, darling.” So we all trooped off to the living room and watched TV for a while.

Lilly went to bed at nine, then Mum and I turned in an hour later. I changed into a t-shirt that just covered my bum, only this time I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I brushed my teeth, then went to find Mum to say goodnight. She was in her bathroom, and had just finished brushing her long dark hair. She was wearing a knee-length purple negligee made from a shiny, silky material that clung to her breasts. The sight of her made me feel hot and jumpy inside.

Mum spied me in the mirror, then turned around with a smile. “Are you okay, Poppy?”

“Uh-huh. I just came to say goodnight.”

We came together in a hug, then stood there holding each other for a long time. God, I wanted her so badly… and right then, Saturday seemed like an eternity away.

Gently breaking away, I looked up at her. “Mum?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Can I stay in here with you tonight, pretty please?” I fluttered my eyelids and gave her a huge smile.

She thought about it for a moment, then nodded. “I don’t see why not. No funny stuff, though. We’re waiting until Saturday, remember?”

I grabbed her hands and squeezed them. “Thanks, Mum! Wow, I thought for sure you’d say no!”

“Hey, I’m not an ogre, you know! I’m just looking out for you sweetie, that’s all. It’s a big step to take, you and I becoming lovers… and it’s important that we don’t take things too fast.”

I hugged her and buried my face in her soft, luscious breasts. “Oh, Mum… you’re not an ogre, you’re the most beautiful person in the world and I love you.”

“I love you too, my sexy little girl. Tell you what — we can’t make love just yet, but we could sleep naked if you like.”

“YES! Let’s do that!” I cried.

Grasping the hem of my t-shirt, I began to pull it off when Mum placed a hand on my arm. “Let me.” she whispered.

I raised my arms and stood still as Mum gently slid it up my body and over my head, her hands caressing me along the way. Then she took a step back and took a long look, surprised to see me naked. I spun around slowly, wiggling my bum a little, then turned to face Mum again and winked at her.

She nibbled at her lower lip for a moment, then shook her head. “You’re deliberately teasing me, you little devil.”

“Me? But Mummy, you always say that I’m your good angel,” I said in a babyish voice, covering my kitty with one hand like I was suddenly feeling shy.

Some of the colour went out of Mum’s cheeks, and her mouth was hanging open just a bit as she stared at me. “Oh, sweetie, don’t do this to me,” she moaned. “I want us to — to be together, just as much as you do… but it’s important that we take our time about it. This is a huge step for us.”

“Sorry, Mum,” I mumbled, feeling a bit sheepish. “I’ll behave, I promise.” We looked at each other for a moment, then I added, “Aren’t you going to get undressed, then?”

“Oh, yes. Here, why don’t you do it?” She put her arms in the air.

I copied what she had done for me — reaching down, then slowly drawing the negligee up the length of her body, drinking in the view as each inch of skin was revealed. Like me, Mum was completely nude underneath. Once her negligee was off, I let it fall to the floor, went on tip-toe and kissed my mother.

I was getting better at kissing, not in such a heated rush. I was learning to be slow and sensual, to run my hands over Mum’s body and playfully engage her tongue with mine. What was extra special about this moment, though, was the sensation of her skin against mine. She felt so soft and warm that I could have stayed in her arms forever.

Finally breaking away, Mum paused to lightly brush my lips with her fingers. “Come on,” she told me, “let’s get into bed.”

So we did. Mum lay on her back and I snuggled up to her, resting my head on her shoulder. Taking a chance, I cupped her breast with my free hand. She didn’t object, allowing me to feel her up. I could feel her nipple stiffening against my palm, and it stirred up my desire all over again.

I had all sorts of deliciously wicked thoughts going through my mind, mainly about Mum and Henri in bed together. I wanted to talk to Mum some more about that, I wanted to try to persuade her to have sex with me, I wanted an orgasm.

Instead of doing any of those things, I surprised myself by falling asleep.


I woke up the next morning in Mum’s bed. The aroma of bacon was in the air, so I knew that Mum was making breakfast.

As I yawned and stretched, it struck me this was the longest I’d gone without masturbating since learning how a week earlier started last weekend. Well, I told myself, I need to do something about that. What with thoughts of Mum and Henri still swimming around in my brain, the memory of cuddling naked with Mum the night before and scent of her lingering on the sheets, there was no way I would be getting out of bed without making myself come. I was getting quite good at it, and reckoned I could take care of business in a couple of minutes, given how excited I was.

Pushing the blankets to one side, I spread my legs and started rubbing my clit. In my mind I pictured Mum naked on the bed with Henri on top of her, the two of them sharing hot, sexy kisses. Then the vision shifted, and I imagined Henri lying between my mother’s thighs, licking her kitty.

I was working my clit as fast as I could and nearing orgasm when a new, very naked third person jumped into my fantasy from nowhere, eagerly joining Mum and Henri as they continued to fuck. Shocked by my perverted imagination, I paused, shaking my head in an effort to banish that third person, but she wouldn’t be budged.

Desperate to have an orgasm, I gave in and embraced the fantasy. Mum was now licking Henri, and kneeling behind them, thrusting her fingers in and out of Mum, was my younger sister Lilly.

I felt like that was wrong somehow, having dirty thoughts about my seven-year-old sister, but my body didn’t agree. I began to think about Lilly and how cute she was, seeing her through the eyes of sexual desire for the first time. She’d never been an especially bashful girl, so I was well familiar with the sight of her in the nude. Now I drew on those images of my sister, conjuring up a new fantasy of the two of us in bed and in each other’s arms, kissing again and again. I imagined myself making love to Lilly, teaching her what girls do with other girls, even though I didn’t exactly know what that was just yet. Before long, I had a beautiful and extremely intense orgasm thinking about my sister.

Afterwards, I didn’t let myself dwell on it, just got up and headed into the bathroom to shower off. Later, while getting dressed for school, I turned the idea over in my mind, soon deciding that I didn’t feel bad or guilty about wanting to have sex with Lilly. After all, I reasoned, Mum wants to make love to me, and I’m totally okay with that… so why shouldn’t I feel the same way about my little sister? 

That morning at breakfast, I saw Lilly in a different light for the first time… and that gave me some very interesting ideas. Once Mum had taught me what I needed to know about being a lesbian, why couldn’t I pass those lessons on to Lilly? Big sisters were supposed to do stuff like that. One thing for certain: now I was more impatient than ever for Saturday to come around.

After an uneventful day at school, Mia came home with me like we’d planned. My idea was that we’d just hang out in my room, listening to music or whatever until dinner was ready. Mia has met Mum and Lilly a few times, so I took her to the living room first to say hello.

Mia has gorgeous silky brown hair and blue eyes, perfect pale skin and an infectious smile. But it’s her kind heart that I love best… in fact, Mia is one of the sweetest people I know. The problem was Mum and Lilly were as taken with her as I was. After about ten minutes, I sort of hinted that Mia and I should go upstairs, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much that in the end, I suggested we all play Pictionary instead. Even Mum joined in, saying she’d order a pizza instead of cooking, which we unanimously agreed was a great idea.

In the end, I was glad that we stayed downstairs. The four of us had a marvelous time eating slices of pizza and playing our game. Mia has a quick wit and gave as good as she got in the playful banter.

The evening passed far too quickly, but before she left I invited Mia to spend the night with me on Friday, with the promise of more games and takeaway from this incredible curry house a few blocks over. She told me that she’d love to, and that made me so happy that I gave her a big hug.

I stayed behind with Lilly while Mum drove Mia home, which was about a ten minute drive there and back. I was beginning to panic a bit when she hadn’t returned half an hour later, but then I heard the familiar sound of her car pulling into our drive.

I confronted Mum when she came in. “You were gone for ages, Mum —  is everything okay?”

She made a face. “Sorry about that, sweetie. I was speaking to Nicole, Mia’s mum.”


“Well, if Mia is going to stay over on Friday, I would’ve had to chat with her mother at some point. This seemed like a good opportunity to get to know her. As it happens, she’s very nice. I met Mia’s sisters, too. Evie, who is just the cutest little thing, is eight… and Charlotte is fifteen.”

“Mia says that Charlotte prefers to be called ‘Lottie’. What are they like? I’ve never met them.”

“They’re all very pretty with dark hair. You can tell they’re a family. Honestly, I didn’t speak to the girls much. I just had a quick natter with Nicole, small talk really. I like her, though, she seems nice.”

“I’d love to meet her. Maybe Mia will invite me to stay at her house sometime”

Mum nodded. “Maybe she will, sweetie… but don’t get upset if she doesn’t.”

“I won’t.” Actually, I already knew that I’d be devastated if Mia didn’t ever ask me over to her house.

Taking my hand, Mum gave it a squeeze. “Poppy, I want to thank you for staying downstairs tonight and playing games with your sister and me, that was nice. Lilly loved it; so did I.”

“That’s okay. I like games, too, and so does Mia.”

“I know that you wanted to hang out with her in your room. But when you saw how much Lilly liked Mia’s company, you did the sisterly thing and put her first. It was very generous of you, the mature thing to do.”

“Honestly, I didn’t put that much thought into it. Everyone was having such a lovely time, so… I don’t know, it just felt like the right thing to do, staying downstairs. And yeah, it was nice to see Lilly in such a good mood. She can be annoying sometimes, but I love the little squirt.”

Mum had to laugh at that. “Lilly’s a lot like you, only growing up faster. She’s in a much bigger rush than you were at that age.”


“Uh-huh. Your sister looks up to you, more than you might think.”

I arched an eyebrow. “We’re talking about Lilly here — dark hair, complete brat?” I wasn’t about to tell Mum about the other thoughts I’d been having about my younger sister.

Mum giggled. “She’s not that bad.”

“She’s so… so private lately. Won’t let me set foot in her room.”

“Lilly’s at a… complicated place in her life right now,” Mum said, looking thoughtful. “Here’s something that you might not believe, but it’s true. Your sister really wants to be closer to you. She’d never admit it, maybe not even to herself. If you keep making Lilly feel special, like you did tonight… I think she’d blossom like a flower.”

That definitely gave me something to think about. “Thanks for telling me that, Mum,” I said, then gave her a big hug.


The following afternoon when we got home from school, I asked Lilly if she wanted to play a game in my room. I thought at first that she was going to go along with it, but then her cheeks turned a bit red and she  said, “Nah, that’s okay… I’m, umm, gonna go watch iCarly.” Then she left the room like she was in a hurry.

Mum overheard, and when I went into the kitchen she said to me, “She wants to spend time with you, but doesn’t want to seem like she does.” She laughed.  “Be patient with your sister, sweetie… and keep being nice to her. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.” I still didn’t quite understand why Lilly was behaving in such an odd way, but at least figured that Mum was right, and I should keep trying to spend time with my little sister.

That night I tried to join Mum in bed again, but she didn’t want us doing that all the time, for Lilly’s sake. That was annoying but understandable. I didn’t want my sister to feel left out, or start guessing at what Mum and I were up to, that we were about to become lovers. At least being alone in my own bed meant I could masturbate every night. I didn’t get enough sleep, though, because I couldn’t stop thinking about exciting stuff — being friends with Henri, Mia staying over the next night, and most of all, the big day on Saturday.

I had an especially interesting Friday. Mia was at a music lesson, so I was eating lunch on my own in the food hall. Then Henri came and sat with me, giving me a big kiss and hug.

“How are you?” she asked, all smiles.

I was so excited to be spending time with Henri, but tried not to let it show too much. “I’m good. You?”

She looked around to be sure she wasn’t overheard, then leaned in and spoke quietly. “I heard you spoke to your mum. Sorry about not trying to get to know you sooner — they wouldn’t let me.”

“That’s okay, I understand. I’m glad we’re friends now.”

Her voice got even softer. “Did your mum tell you everything?

I nodded. “She told me about you and your mum… that you were, um, lovers.”

Henri was holding my hand in her lap, stroking it. It was terribly distracting, and I was starting to get wet. “Anything else?” she said.

I looked around again, just to be sure no one could hear us. “Yeah, that she’s lovers with your mum, too. She also told me she had sex with you, too. Like, a bunch of times.”

Giving my hand a squeeze, Henri sat back in her chair, pleased as punch. “She did tell you everything, good on her. And, yeah, it’s true. Your mum and I have made love, gosh, more times than I can remember.” She gave me a big smile. “So… tomorrow’s the big day with your mum. Are you nervous?”

“Yeah, really nervous.”

“You’ll be fine, just go with the flow. You’re lucky, your mother is a fucking awesome lover. She’s kind, gentle and soooo generous. I don’t know what she has planned for tomorrow, but I’m sure it’ll be wonderful.” She paused for a moment. “Can I ask you something, Poppy?”


“Are you a virgin?”


“You and Mia are taking things slow, then?”

That confused me for a second. “What? Me and Mia? No, it’s not like that, we’re just friends.”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry, I kinda thought you two were, um, together.”

“Don’t blame you, I s’pose we are together a lot. She’s staying over at my house tonight.”

Her eyes lit up like sparklers. “Ooh, maybe you’ll get a chance to see if she is interested in you.”

Could she be? Funny, I’d never really thought about that. “I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure she likes boys.”

Henri gave a little shrug. “She might like girls, too.”

“I hadn’t thought of that.” Suddenly I began to wonder about Mia, if she could have a crush on me. Or, wait a tick… could I have a crush on her? Just like that, I was seeing my best friend in a whole new way. “Wow,” I said, “you’re really… what’s that word for, er, being able to figure things out about people?”

Kiki laughed. “You must mean ‘perceptive’. Thanks for that. I’m not just a pretty face, you know.” She gave me a wink.

“That’s for sure. Mum sure thinks that. I can tell she likes you and Kiki a lot.”

“Aw… we love her too, Poppy. And she adores you. Your mum has told us so much about you, I felt like we were friends before even meeting. D’you remember that necklace and the earrings your mum got you for your last birthday?”

“Yeah?” Wait, Henri knew about those?

“They were actually from Mum and me. I even picked them out. Did you like them?”

“Oh my God, you did? Henri, I love them so much, you’ve no idea.”

“Do you wear them often?”

“No, no — they’re too nice to wear just any place. Special occasions only. Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome, babe, it was a pleasure. So, how’s everything else? Anyone giving you any grief for being friends with me?”

“No, everything’s fine. People are talking, but nothing bad. How about you, are your friends okay about it?”

Henri was still holding my hand, her finger stroking the palm in a way that distracted me a bit. “Oh, I’ve had a few digs here and there,” she said, “but not from anyone I care about. Just small people with small minds.”

“Um, Henri? How can I find out if Mia, y’know, likes me… but without looking like an idiot?”

“Just have fun and be yourself. Sounds like lame advice, but it isn’t. And for what it’s worth, I already thought you two were an item, so I’d say you’re in with a good shot.”

“You really think so?”

“Well, what have you got to lose? If Mia really cares about you, she wouldn’t stop being your friend because you’re gay. Even if you want to go to bed with her!” Henri studied my face thoughtfully. “Do you want to go to bed with her?”

My mind was racing. Did I want that? The answer hit me so abruptly that I felt dizzy. Yes, yes, I loved Mia, I always had… and I wanted her, too! It was like I knew it all along, yet somehow didn’t see it.

“I… I do want to. Wow.” I was dazed, feeling hot and cold at the same time. In love with Mia… Fuck me, that was wild!

Henri looked down at the table. I was surprised to see that she was blushing. “Say, Poppy… can I ask you a favour?”


“Have you met Mia’s older sister Lottie?”

“No, why?”

“I’ve got a major crush on her!”

“Wow! Is she nice?”

“Poppy, honestly, she is so cute. Anyway, I was kinda hoping you would, well, help me out?”

“Sure, I’d be glad to. Only, um… how?”

“I don’t know! Maybe try to find out if she likes girls, that would be a big help.”

Hmmm… maybe I can ask Mia about her, I thought. “Okay, I’ll try. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.”

She patted my arm. “You’re the best, thank you.” She glanced at her watch. “Oh, hell, Gotta fly. See you tomorrow!” Making a kissing sound, she picked up her book bag and hastened from the food hall.


When Mia came home with me after school, we all sat at the table in the kitchen and played games. Mum checked it was okay with me first, though. She said it was okay if I wanted to go to my room with Mia, but I knew Lilly would be disappointed if we didn’t spend some time with her.

My little sister’s a clever one, though. She chose to play Monopoly, which she doesn’t normally like playing, but knows that it takes ages to finish. Mum laughed when she saw the look on my face.

It was still fun, anyhow, and it turned out that Mia is a ruthless player, taking us all out in quick order. Her family plays the game a lot, we found out. We had Chinese food, then after dinner, around 8:30, Mia and I went up to my room. I’ve only got a single bed, so Mum put a camp bed up for Mia next to mine.

I put the radio on and we sat on my bed and chatted about this and that. I was desperate to tell her more about what had been happening with me, not wanting to keep secrets from my best friend. But there was so much to tell that I knew Mia would freak out if I dropped it all on her in one go.

The subject of boys hadn’t come up yet, and I was working up the courage to ask her if she was interested in girls when a song came on the radio, “I Kissed a Girl” by Katie Perry. Perfect! I turned the volume up loud, and started singing along, dancing around the room and laughing. Mia joined me, and we sang the whole song together then fell on the bed in fits of giggles when it ended.

We were lying on our sides facing each other when Mia asked me, “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

On the one hand, that question was the perfect opening to bring the subject up. On the other hand, the girl I kissed was my mother… and I didn’t exactly want to tell her that. I hoped that she wouldn’t ask who it was, but if she did I’d lie about meeting a girl while we were on holiday in Spain the year before. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it would do.

“Yes. Have you?”

“No… no, I haven’t, what was it like? Did you use your tongue?”

My heart was thumping. This was it — my big chance. “Um, Mia? Would you like to… to try it, so you know how it feels?”

“Yeah, sure,” she answered without hesitation.

I closed my eyes and leaned in, our lips came together and then… wow, her tongue darted into my mouth! I was expecting a little kiss, not this full-on assault, and I broke away without meaning to. I didn’t want to hurt Mia’s feelings, so I moved in to kiss her again — but pulled back, teasing her a little bit. Then I gave her a few soft pecks before slowly going back in for another real kiss. This time she opened her mouth, but didn’t bring her tongue into it. I gently teased her tongue with mine, encouraging her to kiss me back, and just like that, we drifted into a delicious French kiss that I felt right down to my toes.

Wrapping both arms around Mia’s back, I drew her close. Mia let out a sort of satisfied purring sound as we kissed and for a moment I forgot where I was. The whole universe was reduced to me and my best friend… only now I knew for certain that I was in love with her, too.

When we broke off, Mia was blushing. “You’re a good kisser,” I told her.

“You’re a brilliant kisser! Sorry, I went a bit mental at the beginning. You were more gentle, and softer. I can tell you’ve done it before. Um, who did you kiss, then?”

Don’t ask me why, but my story about the mythical Spanish girl went out the window.

“I promised her I wouldn’t tell anyone. Nobody else knows, either. I don’t want to break my promise. but I don’t want to lie to you either. I’m sorry.”

Mia shook her head. “Don’t you be sorry, it’s fine. That just makes you a good friend, one who can keep a secret.”

That worked out better than I’d expected, so I took a chance. “Do you like girls?”

She blushed, hid her face in her hands and laughed — more from nerves than anything else, then said, “I think so. Actually, I know so. I’m not into boys. Are you?”

I expected her to ask that, and was ready with my reply, “I only like girls. I thought about it a lot and recently figured out that I’m a lesbian.”

She was surprised, I could see that. “Are you going to tell your mum?”

“I already told her… and Lilly.”

Mia gasped. “No way!”

“Uh-huh. They were really good about it. Mum completely understood and gave me a big hug, and Lilly didn’t seem to care one way or the other.” Obviously, I’d left a whole lot out, but at least what I told Mia was true.

She sighed. “You are so lucky to have such a cool mum and sister.”

“They have their moments, I suppose,” I laughed. What’s your family like? Would they be okay with it if you told them you like girls?”

“No idea. I’m not sure Evie would understand properly, but she’d be okay, I think. As for Mum and Lottie? They’d probably be cool with it, I guess. Don’t know, really.”

“Mum told me that it doesn’t matter if you like girls, or boys, or both. She said as long as I’m happy, that’s all that matters.”

“That’s good advice. I like your mum, she’s nice.”

“Yeah, she is. By the way, does Lottie have a boyfriend?”

Shit. There I go again, blurting stuff out. I knew straight away I’d dug myself in a hole.

Mia was giving me a puzzled look. “Not that I know of. Why?”

I was so proud of myself for not lying to Mia earlier that I didn’t want to start then, so I just said, “Oh, I was just wondering if she liked girls.” At least that was the truth, if only part of it.

“Oh, um, I don’t think so. Shall I ask her?”

“Gosh no, don’t do that! I was just curious. Forget I asked.”

“Okay. Um, can we kiss again? I think I need some practice. You know, for when I get a girlfriend.”

“Practice? Okay, we can practice,” I said with a wink. She giggled when I said that, which I thought was the cutest thing. We slowly came together until our mouths met again, her tongue shyly met mine, and just like that, I was lost to the world.

We spent ages making out on my bed and talking about girls, giggling as we shared our secret crushes. I wondered how Mia would react if I told her that I’d been having sex thoughts about my little sister, but there was no way I was going to bring that up for real. It made me wonder if Mia had ever felt that way about her own kid sister Evie. That idea really got me hot.

At one point, we were lying on our sides on the bed while we kissed. I was facing the door, and Mia had her back to it. We were French kissing and touching each other’s bums when Mum knocked on the door and came in.

I didn’t move, but Mia sat bolt upright in a flash, her cheeks flushed bright red.

Mum, bless her, just carried on like there was nothing wrong. “I’m off to bed shortly. Do you girls need anything before I turn in?”

I held Mia’s hand to show her everything was okay, but the poor girl was shaking.

“Thanks, Mum, but I think we’re okay.”

She smiled. “If you girls want a midnight snack or anything, just help yourselves. Have fun. Night.”

“Goodnight, Mum,” I said as she left.

Mia was too shook up to say anything, but once Mum was gone she turned to me, panic in her eyes. “Oh my God, oh my God! Do you think she saw us?”

“Of course she saw us. Calm down, it’s fine, Mum is cool. She won’t say anything to anyone. Remember, I already told her I was gay.”

“God, if she tells my mum I’ll die.”

“Mia, look at me.” I held both her hands and looked her in the eye. “I promise you she won’t say anything, but in the morning I’ll make double sure and ask her to keep it a secret. Okay?”

“I suppose,” she mumbled. “Sorry, Poppy… I didn’t mean to panic like that.” Falling into a morose silence, she finally said, “Er, it’s late. Shall we get into bed?”


Damn. Mia sure got spooked by Mum’s intrusion. I’d intended to suggest she share my bed instead of that old cot, but she didn’t seem to be in the mood for any more kissing. She even wanted to get undressed in the dark. I don’t know how she did it with the light off. I fell over twice, which was kinda funny and lightened the mood a bit.

After so much kissing, my kitty was aching to be touched. Mia’s cot was far too close for me to masturbate without her knowing, and I didn’t want to freak her out again, so I had to go without my nighttime orgasm. I contented myself with knowing that I’d just be that much more aroused tomorrow for my big night with Mum. Not long after that, I fell asleep.

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