Sweet Poppy, Chapter 5

  • Posted on July 25, 2021 at 2:35 pm

by Joe Dornish

I woke up buzzing with nervous anticipation. Tonight I would have real sex for the first time, and with my own mother! Lilly was excited about her sleepover, and Mum was in a great mood, too. My friend Mia, on the other hand, was quiet and withdrawn, and I was pretty sure why.

So after breakfast, I caught Mum alone and said, “Mia’s worried you’ll say something to her mother about us kissing last night.”

“Tell her not to worry, sweetheart. Goodness, you know I wouldn’t say anything. What you girls get up to in private is your own business.” She gave me a knowing smile. “Well done, by the way… she’s a lovely girl.”

I blushed a little, “Thanks. I told her that you wouldn’t say anything, but she’s still worried.”

Mum nodded. “Leave it to me. I’ll speak to her when I drop her home.”


When Mum left to take Lilly to her friend’s house and Mia to her home, I had a shower, then spent forever trying to pick out what I was going to wear. By the time Mum got back I’d worked myself up into a bit of a state, and my room looked like a war zone.

“Oh, dear. Can’t decide what to wear, eh?” she said, standing by the door.

Frustrated beyond belief, I clenched my hands into fists. “God, Mum… how can I have so many clothes, but not a single thing I want to wear? It’s ridiculous.”

Mum laughed at that. “Welcome to my world.”

“It’s not funny,” I pouted.

“Oh, trust me, I know how you feel. I’m about to go and have a tantrum in the wardrobe myself. Come on along, you — we’ll help each other decide what to wear.” That made me feel better.

The next hour was basically Mum and me running back and forth between each other’s bedrooms, trying on different outfits. It was a lot of fun, with Mum asking my opinion on her choices and taking notice of what I said. That made me feel very grown-up.

I eventually decided on a knee-length black skirt and a dark blue cashmere jumper with a v-neck that I borrowed from Mum. I didn’t wear a bra, and only a pair of plain white knickers. All my other underpants had twee designs on them like kids would wear. I need to go shopping for more adult underthings, I thought, kicking myself for not having thought of that before.

The weather was cold and windy, so I put on a pair of thick black tights and black leather ankle boots with big silver buckles. I tied my hair up in a bun and resisted the urge to go overboard with the make-up. In the end, all I used was a hint of mascara and pink lipstick.

Mum looked stunning. She wore a black A-line dress with a red rose pattern and pointy-toed black heels with ankle straps. My mother has a slim waist, nice hips and a medium-sized bust, and she filled the dress perfectly. She wore her hair down, the way I like it best. I didn’t get to see what Mum had on underneath — she told me it was a surprise, and I’d get to see everything later. Squeezing my thighs together, I sighed blissfully, already dreaming of what it would be like to strip my mummy naked.

It’s about half an hour in the car to the nearest town with a decent shopping centre. On our way to meet Kiki and Henri, Mum began to ask me about Mia. “So, the two of you are fooling around now, eh? How long has that been going on?”

“Last night was the first time,” I replied. “I never even knew she liked girls, not until then.”

I told Mum everything that Mia and I had done the night before, ending with, “…and then you came in… and, well, she kinda freaked out a little bit.”

Mum made a face. “Sweetie, I’m so sorry about that. From now on I’ll be sure to knock before I come in, okay?”

“You can come into my room whenever you like when it’s just me, Mum, I don’t mind. But if I’m with another girl in there, then yeah, you ought to knock first.”

“No problem, sweetie. So… do you think you and Mia will become an item?”

“You mean like a couple? I’m not sure… Guess I’ve got no idea if she really likes me that way, or she’s just, y’know, trying out kissing and stuff with me to see what it’s like. I’d like being girlfriends with her, as long as I can still do things with you, too.” I gave a little sigh. “Wish I knew how she feels about me.”

“Just be her friend for now, sweetie. Give her little signals so she’ll know you’re interested, but don’t push her, go at her pace.”

“What kind of little signals?”

“You can flirt a little bit, compliment her on what you like about her and things like that, then see how she reacts. Just go slow, that’s the key.”

“That sounds like the right idea, yeah. And Mum… I meant what I said. You can come into my room any time you like.” I made my voice sort of low and seductive, to make sure she got the message. I was already imagining her paying me a late-night visit in one of her sheer nighties.

“Thank you, I will,” she said and winked at me, making me go all hot and gooey inside.


We met Kiki and Henri at an Italian restaurant in the mall we would be shopping in after lunch. The two beautiful blondes were recognisable from a distance as they stood outside waiting for us. Henri looked incredible in blue jeans so tight they could have been painted on. She also wore a black knit jumper and black leather ankle boots and finished off her outfit with a leather coat that came down to her knees.

Kiki, however, had chosen to wear the same black leather mini-skirt and heels she’d worn when I got to look at her under the table. I wondered if this time, she was wearing knickers. On top, she had a dark tan blouse and matching cotton jumper with a knee-length belted coat. Despite the chill in the air, the coat was open, displaying her bare legs to impressive effect. Mum was right about Kiki’s resemblance to her daughter, with slightly darker blonde hair but the same blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. She was simply stunning. When she said hello and hugged me I nearly melted, awed by the posh tone to her accent.

“My darling Poppy. Now, let me look at you.” she said after releasing me with a wide smile, “You’re simply divine,” was her final verdict when she’d finished looking me up and down. “Come on then, let’s eat, I’m half starved.” She took my hand in hers and we all went into the restaurant.

When the waiter came over to seat us Kiki said, “My girlfriends and I have a table booked for four. It’s under Cavendish-Brown.”

I loved her for saying ‘my girlfriends’. It made me feel like I was part of a very grown-up group. I’d known Kiki for two or three minutes and felt at ease with her already.

We were seated at a round table, with me placed between Mum and Henri and opposite Kiki. We ordered our meals and got our drinks, making small talk all the while, then Kiki studied my face closely. I was a bit confused for a moment, then she smiled and said, “Do I recognise those earrings and that necklace?”

I smiled back and replied, “Henri told me you bought these for me. Thank you so much, I absolutely adore them!”

“You look more ravishing in them than I’d ever imagined,” she cooed, enticing me with those big blue eyes. I felt my face get hot, and just grinned at her like a fool, unsure how else to react.

We chatted over a nice lunch and I got to know my new friends. I was getting to like Henri more and more, and by the time we left the restaurant, I felt like Kiki was my new best mate.

Afterwards we went into the mall, where Kiki told my mum, “Why don’t we split up? I’ll take Poppy with me and you can shop with Henri. It’ll give your daughter and me a chance to get better acquainted.”

“That’s fine with me… how about you, sweetie?” Mum asked.

“Yeah, I’d like that,”

Mum gave me a quick kiss and said, “Have fun,” then winked at me.

“Now then, where to first?” Kiki asked as we walked off, hand in hand.

I had a sudden, horrible thought. In my excitement at the chance to go shopping with Kiki, I never thought to ask Mum for any money.

“Erm, Kiki, can we go back and catch Mum?”

She looked worried, “Is everything okay, darling?”

“Yeah, it’s fine, it’s just — I never got any money off Mum, and if we’re going shopping…”

Kiki laughed at that. “Oh, sweetheart. Don’t you worry about money, today is on me. We’ll get what you need, and see if there’s anything else you like along the way.”

I was stunned. This woman barely knew me! “Are you sure?”

“Of course! Poppy, darling, you’ve no idea how much I’ve been dying to take you on a shopping spree. Come on, let’s max out my credit card!”

If she wanted to spoil me, then who was I to complain? She was true to her word too, buying me a bottle of perfume and a nice dark pink lipstick not ten minutes later. The bits I needed included tights and some new underwear, so we went to a boutique. There we picked two pairs of thick, warm tights and two sheer pairs, one in black and one tan. She picked up a pair for herself too.

Then she showed me a pair of stockings. “I want to get you these.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“We can put them back if you’d rather not.”

“No, no, I want them, I like them… I’ve just never worn stockings before.”

“They make you feel sexy. I’m sure you’ll love them.”

She picked out a pair of sheer black hold-ups and some tan ones, then when I asked for a fishnet pair as well she winked at me and said, “Good choice. I’ll want to see you in those.”

Just walking around with Kiki was an experience in itself, but here in the lingerie section, everything felt so much more erotic. I could feel my kitty aching and my knickers were getting damp. When we got to the underwear displays, we started with the stuff I needed for school — a few multi-packs of cute bikini briefs.

Kiki got a few matching underwear sets for herself, then said, “Fancy something a bit racier?” holding up a black lace thong.

I was utterly thrilled… and a little nervous. “Er, would that be okay, do you think?”

“Oh, I know it will.” With a wink, she dropped the black thong in the basket, swiftly followed by a white one. “Now, sweetie,” she said, “I’d love to buy you more undies, but I feel I should leave that pleasure for your mother.”

“Thanks, you bought me loads already. Honestly, I’m so pleased. Thank you, Kiki.” I knew what she was getting at about Mum. I hadn’t bought my first proper bra yet, and Kiki knew that my mum would want to be the one to help me with that. I’ve got bralettes and vest tops, but no real bras. Still waiting for my tits to grow in, actually.

“You are very welcome, my darling… but get used to it, I intend to spoil you rotten. Speaking of which, there’s a dress I saw last time I was in here. It wasn’t the thing for me, but I’ve got a feeling you’ll look a right stunner in it.”

Kiki led me through the shop, occasionally stopping to look at items that caught her eye. Suddenly, she came to a halt. “Ah, there it is,” she said, pointing to the dress. Plucking it from the rack, she held it up against me, nodding her approval. “Just as I suspected — it’s absolutely you. Every girl should have an LBN.”


She smiled in a way that made me feel warm all over. “Little black number.”

It was a lovely figure-hugging, short black dress with a scooped neck and spaghetti straps, I fell in love with it straight away. It was meant for an adult of course — in fact, the one she Kiki had was a size ten, far too big for me. Kiki flicked through the rail and found the smallest size, a six, and held that one to me.

“Hmmm… well, it’s designed to hug the body, so it might just fit. Let’s have you try it on, just to be sure.”

We went to the fitting room, and I was surprised when Kiki came into the cubicle with me, suddenly aware that she would be watching me undress. I was nervous, but also incredibly excited.

Straight away, Kiki bagan to shrug out of her coat. “While we’re here. I’ll try on some of the lingerie I picked out.” She stepped out of her heels, nudging them aside with a flick of the foot.

Holy shit — was Kiki going to get naked in front of me? Excited didn’t begin to cover what I was feeling right then. Sure enough, she started undressing, and I just stood there staring at her like a complete idiot.

Kiki chuckled as she took her top off, amused by the sight of me doing my best not to stare. She said, “It’s okay, honey, you can look all you like,” then took her black lace bra off.

I felt a rush of heat, as if the temperature in the cubicle had suddenly shot up by twenty degrees. Kiki’s bare breasts were perfect, absolutely perfect, and I found myself aching to touch them. She unzipped her leather mini-skirt and let it drop to the floor. Now Kiki was standing before me in nothing but the smallest G-string I’d ever seen, a tiny triangle of see-through lace held together by shoelace-thin straps.

Turning her back to me so that I had an amazing view of her delicious bum, Kiki bent forward and slowly peeled her G-string off. I caught a glimpse of her pussy from behind, and the sight made me shiver. I was quite sure that my knickers were absolutely soaked.

“I’ll try these on first,” she said, holding up a peach and white bra and knicker set.

I stood rooted to the spot as Kiki tried on the different pieces that she’d selected, squeezing my thighs together in a hopeless attempt to ease the throbbing I felt down there. When Kiki was done, she seated herself on the little bench, now completely nude. She noticed me peeking between her legs, and opened them wider, winking at me just like Mum does.

Even though I’d seen it before, looking from beneath the kitchen table before we’d even met, I was still enchanted by the sight of her open cunt. Yeah, that was the word that popped into my head. Somehow I knew that “kitty” wouldn’t do.

“Now then, what are you going to try on first?” Kiki said, and I could tell how eager she was to see me naked.

“Um, I guess I can’t open up the stockings… but I’d like to try the thong on, and the dress.”

“Sounds good to me,” she said.

Taking a deep breath to steady my jangling nerves, I began to unbutton the cashmere jumper. When Kiki saw that I was bare-chested underneath, she made a sexy purring sound, then licked her lips. It was such a thrill, undressing in front of a beautiful woman who was openly eyeing me up as I stripped for her.

I removed my skirt, then slowly peeled off my tights. Wanting to tease Kiki the way she did to me, I turned my back to her so she could get a good look at my bum as I tugged my knickers down.

“Oh my, how beautiful,” Kiki whispered as I bent over in front of her.

Picking up the black thong, I carefully stepped into it, then wriggled the waistband upward until the crotch was nestled between my legs. It felt very weird — the bit up my bum was like getting a wedgie, and I found myself plucking at it, trying to adjust the fit.

Kiki laughed. “Don’t worry, love — you’ll soon get used to it. In fact, before long it’ll feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all.” Shaking her head in awe, she gave a wistful sigh. “Poppy, you look so sexy. I could just gobble you up!”

Turning to study myself in the mirror, I had to admit that the thong fit wonderfully. The front was pretty much see-through and I could clearly make out the top half of my pussy. But when I spun around for a glimpse of the back side…wow! My whole bum was exposed, except for the part of the thong that ran between my cheeks. Kiki was right — I did look sexy!

Suddenly, Kiki was at my side. “Let’s get the dress on then, shall we?”

She helped me into the dress. It clung tightly to my body, enough that you could even see the outline of my nipples, just as clear as can be. I’d never worn anything that showed my titties off like that. Maybe they were finally starting to grow in.

“Is it too short?” I asked. The dress barely covered my kitty, and I could already tell that there was no way I’d be able to bend over in public while wearing it.

“It’s perfect. Oh, Poppy, you’re ravishing. Turn around, let me see how your bum looks.” I did as asked.  “Hmmm, there’s a hint of a panty line with that thong… Sweetheart, would you indulge me?”

I turned to face her, unsure of what she wanted from me. Kiki saw my confusion and said, “I’d like to see what the dress looks like on you without underwear.” She knelt before me. “Here, lift it up.”

My heart beat a frantic tattoo as I raised the hem of the dress. Kiki reached out, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the thong and gave it a gentle tug. Halfway down my legs, she had to bend forward to get it off completely, which had her face just inches away from my pussy.

Kiki seemed to pause there for a lot longer than she needed to. I was silently pleading with her to kiss me there, but it didn’t happen.

When I stepped out of the thong, she dropped it back in the basket. I pulled the dress back down, then turned to see Kiki nod. “There, that’s better.”

I glanced at myself in the mirror again — first head on, then peered over my shoulder to see how it looked from behind. The sight thrilled me. You could tell at a glance that I wasn’t wearing a stitch underneath the dress. “It’s lovely. I really like it.”

“You should. It fits you perfectly.”

“I’m a little bit worried that, um, people might see something if I bend over.”

“So long as it’s just us girls, I’m sure that would be okay,” she said, winking again.

I took the dress off and handed it to Kiki, letting her see me naked again. I wanted to get her all excited and hot… but then I saw the price tag, and all thoughts of seduction were forgotten. One hundred and ninety-five pounds!

“Oh my god, Kiki… that’s so expensive!” I cried, going into a panic.

She just laughed. “Don’t give it a second thought, darling. That dress looks so good on you that it would be a crime to leave it on the rail.”

From nowhere a wave of emotion overtook me, and I burst into tears.

“Oh, Poppy darling, what’s wrong?” Kiki opened her arms and I came close so we could hug, both of us still stark naked. I quickly calmed down, though, perhaps because it felt so lovely, her bare body pressed against mine. Holding me close, Kiki murmured, “There now, that’s better.” Lifting my face and gazing into my eyes, she said, “What was all that about?”

Impatient with myself for letting my emotions run away with me, I stammered, “I — I don’t know, I’m just so happy, I couldn’t help but cry! I can’t say thank you enough. Honestly, Kiki… you’ve made me so happy I could kiss you.”

As soon as the words left my lips, I blushed, thinking I’ve got to stop blurting out stuff like that.

Kiki wasn’t a bit fazed, though. “You can kiss me if you like,” she said.

“Can I?”

“Of course.”

I still felt a little awkward. “Um… I’m still sort of new to all this. Could you kiss me instead?”

“I’d love to,” she said, slowly drawing nearer.

I closed my eyes as Kiki’s soft lips met mine… then I felt myself melting in her arms.

It was a lover’s kiss, the way that Mum taught me, with our tongues. She was gentle and tender and oh, so romantic. I was so turned on right then that I wanted to scream out loud.

Finally she broke away, all smiles. “You’re a very good kisser, young lady. I look forward to doing that with you again, very soon.”

I went a bit bashful right then, but managed to say, “Thank you, I, um, I’d like to do it more, too. That was lovely.”

Her hand trailed down until she was touching my bum. “Poppy, I want you so desperately right now… but your mum should be the first to make love to you. That’s how we planned it, anyhow. You and I will have a lot of fun together, I promise you that — but not right now.” She stepped away from me. “Come… let’s get dressed and go pay for these things.”

I began to gather up my clothes. “Okay. Will we meet up with Mum and Henri after that?”

“Oh, we’re not finished yet, young lady!” Kiki replied with a grin. ”No shopping trip is complete without a new pair of shoes.”

Once we had paid for the clothes, Kiki took me to a shoe store. I suspect Kiki has a bit of a thing for shoes, actually — she bought three pairs and nearly went for a fourth. She got me a pair of Converse trainers, which I was over the moon about, then suggested that we look for some high heels. I’d only ever played dress up in Mum’s shoes, and never had a pair of my own.

I tried a few pairs on, but most of them were too big. Then we found a pair in one shop that fitted well, they were black patent with scalloped edges and a four-inch heel. I was a bit wobbly in them, but they looked marvelous on me and matched the little black dress perfectly.

I quickly realized that Kiki was the ideal shopping companion. She seemed to glide around with an elegant ease and charm that captivated me. I was more than a little taken with her, and the two hours we spent together seemed to fly by. We met back up with Mum and Henri and stopped for coffee, then left for Kiki’s house.

Mum hadn’t said anything to me about Kiki’s house, other than that it was in our village and very nice. I was expecting the usual cottage type thing that you get around Westerfield. My first clue that this was something altogether different came when we pulled up to a set of gates, where a Range Rover was parked just inside. In the distance was a very large, very beautiful house,  a magnificent mix of old and new.

Kiki would later tell me that the main house was a converted barn, with several new sections added after she bought it. The place was even bigger inside than it looked. While Mum and Kiki unloaded the cars, Henri gave me the grand tour.

The barn part of the house was one huge open living, dining and cooking space. Half the first floor had been removed, so the lounge, fireplace and TV area were exposed to the high ceilings and crisscrossing old beams that held the roof up. There was a spiral staircase up to what they called the mezzanine, an area largely open but for a sofa, two reclining chairs and a TV. Henri explained that they hardly used that bit, but it was a good place for reading and just chilling out. Back on the ground floor, past the lounge and under the mezzanine was a huge kitchen with an island and dining area that would comfortably seat a dozen people, more if required.

There was lots of exposed brickwork, an open fireplace and those gigantic overhead beams that gave the whole place a very country feel. But the furnishings, especially in the kitchen, were modern and sleek. The lighting was especially impressive. Henri had an electronic pad that controlled a mix of spotlights around the room and LED lights that changed to all manner of colours. You could use the pad to open and close the curtains and blinds. Best of all though, at the touch of a button, the fireplace burst into life.

Just off the main room was an office that Kiki used and another room they used for storage — the junk room, Henri called it. Two large French doors led to the garden, which was smaller than I expected, but still large by most standards and immaculately kept. Henri said that Kiki wasn’t one for gardening, so they have someone come round every now and then to maintain it. There was one door off the main room, near the entrance to the garden, that Henri said we’d come back to later.

To the left of the entrance hall were all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Grabbing some bags as we passed the front door, Henri showed me where we’d sleep. This part of the house was a single story extension to the barn and had a very modern feel with plush carpets and fancy lighting, quite a contrast to the country feel of the main room.

Mum was already in our bedroom, dropping some shopping off from the car. It was a lovely, all brilliant white with touches of silver and grey here and there. A large double bed dominated the room, and there was a good-sized dressing area and wardrobes. It also had an en suite shower room, very plushly done out in black and white. I’d never stayed in a room so luxurious before.

“What do you think?” Mum asked me.

“Oh… it’ll do, I suppose,” I said, Mum and Henri both burst out laughing.

The laughter drew Kiki into the room. “So, did we pass muster then?”

“I think she’s quite impressed.” said Mum.

“I am, I am,” I insisted. “This house is… it’s just totally awesome!”

“Thank you, sweetie,” Kiki said, then turned to her daughter. “Have you shown her…?”

“No, Mum. And she’s not seen our room yet, either.” Henri replied.

The ‘our room’ comment wasn’t lost on me. So Kiki and Henri share a bed, I think. The idea made my mind turn to sex, and a special warmth began to build in my tummy.

We were led down the hall, and Henri opened the door to another room, one I hadn’t seen yet.

“This is my bedroom,” she said, using her fingers to make quote marks. “It’s for show, yknow, if someone asks where I sleep.” Then Henri took us to the next door down. “But this is the room I share with Mum.”

They all smiled at my reaction as I stood gawping in the doorway. The room was at least three, maybe four times the size of Mum’s room at home. Like the other rooms in this part of the house, it was furnished in grey and silver with a touch of black here and there. The bed was the biggest I’ve ever seen and had at least a dozen cushions on it. There was a fireplace opposite the bed and a huge TV mounted on the wall above it. Next to the bed was a dressing area with a white two-seater sofa, and off to the left there was a plush bathroom suite complete with small jacuzzi.

“It’s… it’s like a little piece of heaven,” I said, walking around in a daze.

“I’m glad you like it,” said Kiki, “because this is your room for tonight.”

“Oh, no, Kiki — you don’t have to do that!” Mum protested.

Henri shook her head. “Heather, Mum and I have made our minds up. You and Poppy are staying in here tonight, and that’s that.”

“Are you sure? It feels wrong to me, turfing you out of your own bedroom,” Mum said to Kiki.

“Um, Mum?” I interrupted.

“Yes, sweetie.”

“If you talk us out of staying in this room tonight, I’ll have a massive tantrum. Just saying.”

They all laughed, then Kiki said, “Well, we wouldn’t want that.” She turned to the others, “Shall we show her the best bit, then?”

“What best bit?” I asked.

Henri led us back to the main room and through the door she’d mentioned earlier. It opened into a pool complex. The long oblong room was lined on three sides by glass walls with stunning views of the garden and the rolling English countryside beyond. Directly in front of us was a small bar and seating area with tables and chairs, next to a huge eight-person hot tub. Nearby was a row of six showers, all open to view. The middle of the room was taken up with a large swimming pool shaped like three overlapping circles. At the far end was a high tech gym. I had absolutely no idea what half the equipment in there was for.

I was venturing towards the hot tub when Henri said, “Watch this.”

Using the control pad she had earlier, Henri pressed a button and the lights dimmed. Faint uplights in the floor sprang to life at the same time as hundreds of tiny sparkling lights in the ceiling. Even the pool lit up.

“It’s a bit cold so I’ll show you this last bit quickly,” said Henri, pressing the pad again.

I jumped when the glass walls started slowly folding back on themselves, leaving the three sides of the pool complex open to the world. “They’re very safe. If you get too close, they stop moving,” said Kiki.

It was cold outside, so Henri closed them straight back up again. As they were folding back Kiki stepped closer and they all stopped moving, then when she moved away they carried on, just like she said.

“That’s amazing,” I mumbled.

With my grand tour over, we settled on stools around the island in the kitchen while Kiki prepared some things for dinner. We were having a rack of lamb, she told us. I wasn’t too sure what that was, but I like lamb so it sounded okay.

I wondered what Kiki did for a living to have such a nice house. I never heard her say anything about work or a job. For that matter, I didn’t really understand what my Mum did. I know she works in HR for a big company but that’s about it, I couldn’t tell you what she actually does.

Kiki got a bottle of white wine out of the fridge and poured a glass for her and Mum, then said, “Would you girls like a spritzer?”

“Yes, please,” said Henri.

The confusion on my face must have been obvious, “It’s white wine and soda water, sweetie,” Mum said. “Try one — I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Kiki half-filled two glasses with white wine, dropped in a few ice cubes and a slice of lemon in, topped it up with sparkling water and handed one apiece to Henri and me.

“To us girls,” she said, holding her glass up.

“To us girls,” we all joined in, clinking our glasses.

I took a small sip. It was cold and didn’t have much flavour, so I had a bigger sip.

“How’s your drink?” asked Kiki.

“It’s nice, thank you.” I got the taste with the second sip and liked it more than I thought I would.

“You can have one or two, sweetie, but no more.”

“Okay.” I was thrilled, I never thought I’d get a second glass. Mum sometimes lets us have a drop of champagne at Christmas or New Year, but otherwise I never drank alcohol. I got that very grown-up, ladylike feeling again as I sipped my spritzer, and we chatted away while watching Kiki fussing in the kitchen.

Soon it was time for the meal to begin. Kiki started us off with a platter of cured meats and salami with olives and cheese as an appetiser. We munched our way through that, and then sat down for the main course. Kiki is a great cook. The lamb was delicious, and for afters we had a lemon sorbet which I loved. Leaving the dishes, Kiki topped everyone’s drink up and we went and sat in the lounge under the beams of the old barn.

I was seated on a sofa with Mum, just opposite Kiki and Henri. There was a large fluffy white rug on the floor between the two sofas, just in front of the roaring fireplace.

“I’ve had some lovely times on that rug,” Mum said as we sat down.

I recall a few of those times, too,” Kiki said. “It’s funny — I spent less than a hundred quid on that rug, but I wouldn’t trade it for a handmade Persian.” She turned to me. “Just wait until you’re lying on it completely naked, Poppy… It feels so lovely against your bare skin.”

I wanted to ask Mum more about that experience, but was feeling a little unsettled. I could feel the moment I’d been waiting for fast approaching and was getting more nervous by the second.

For the past week, all I’d been able to think about was how much I wanted to fuck Mum. Now all kinds of fears and concerns were suddenly whirling around in my head. Would I be able to please Mum the way she liked? Would she still fancy me after we made love? What if I left her disappointed? I fought to banish these silly insecurities to the back of my mind, without success.

Kiki whispered something to Henri, who got up and said, “I’ll be back in a minute.” She exited the room.

I’d not said very much so far that evening, probably because I was so awed by everything — the money Kiki had spent on me, her incredible home, the knowledge of what I was about to do with Mum. But now, sitting by this cozy fire, slightly buzzed from that wine spritzer, I was able to relax a bit.

I remembered what Mum said about complimenting people, so in a break in the conversation I said to Kiki, “I like your skirt. Isn’t that the one you wore when, um, I was under the table?”

“Thank you! Yes, it’s the same skirt. It’s one of my favourites.” With a smile that warmed me from head to toe, she asked, “Did you like the view under the table?”

As she spoke those last words, Kiki uncrossed her legs and opened them. The short leather skirt rode up her thighs, exposing her cunt.

I felt Mum’s hand resting on my leg, then it began to slide up my inner thigh.

I decided to give Kiki a brave reply. Taking a deep breath, I tried to stifle my ever-growing nerves and said to her, “I liked the view very much, thank you. You have a beautiful pussy.”

“My word, you are a sexy little thing,” she said to me and winked at my mother, who tipped her glass in reply. Mum was slipping her other hand beneath my skirt.

Almost before I knew it was happening, she was touching me through the front of my knickers. She’d never done that to me before, and it made me dizzy with excitement. She was openly rubbing me in front of Kiki, and I can’t tell you how hot and wicked that made me feel.

Mum’s arm had pushed my skirt up a little, and Kiki was riveted by the sight. So I figured, In for a penny, in for a pound, and tugged it all the way up to give her a good look. When the white cotton of my knickers came into view, Kiki whispered, “Oh, God, yes.” Sliding a hand between her legs, she started rubbing her clit.

Then Henri came back, nodding at her mother as she sat down, and Kiki gave me and Mum a big smile. “I think it’s time, ladies,” she said.

Mum turned to me. “Shall we go to the bedroom, sweetie?”

“Yes, please,” I replied — still feeling nervous, but now I could see that my mother was, too. Somehow, that put me more at ease.

As Mum and I exited the room hand in hand, I could hear Henri say, “Aw, that’s so sweet.”

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