Ashley’s Love, Book One, Chapter 3

  • Posted on November 23, 2023 at 4:46 pm

by Rosey M

May 30, 2006 – Rhonda

The next morning I slid into my pajama pants and made my way toward the bathroom. As I crossed the hallway, the strong scent of coffee wafted over from the kitchen.

After a quick pee, I brushed my teeth and studied myself in the mirror. The person staring back was the kind of ordinary girl you’d see anywhere. Other than my hair color, I’ve never had much of a resemblance to my mom or sister. I don’t have the pale, sharp features they do. Ashley says I have a “healthy glow” to my skin, and my face has always been a little more rounded compared to theirs. My sister insists that just adds to my cuteness.

I guess I was a little short for my age (my head just barely made it into the reflection), and my mid-length black hair definitely needed a good brush after all that tossing and turning in the night. My light hazel eyes looked blearily back at me. They were so unlike the dark blue ones that Mom and Ashley shared, but I’d inherited more of my father’s looks than my mother’s.

After I’d finished cleaning up, I left the bathroom and went into the kitchen. My mom sat at the small table, head in her hands, a steaming mug of coffee set before her. She always seemed so exhausted. Her hair was mussed and she looked like she’d barely made it out of bed. I went over to give her a peck on the cheek. “Morning, Mommy.”

She winced at the sound of my voice. “Hey, baby. Not so loud, okay?”

It was easy to see where Ashley got her looks from. Mom was tall and lean, her hair the same jet-black as mine and my sister’s, only shorter. I remember wishing I’d be as pretty as her when I grew up.

“Sorry, Mommy,” I almost whispered. After fixing a bowl of cereal as quietly as I could, I sat across from her and ate in silence. Finally, I tentatively asked, “Where’s Ashley? She’s normally up by now.”

“She left before you got up,” Mom told me while she rubbed at her temples. “Seemed like she was in one of her moods. Said she had some kind of art project she was working on at school.”

I was careful not to show the hurt and worry I felt at Ashley leaving without saying anything to me, especially after what had happened the night before. Mom couldn’t know anything about that, though. “Oh, yeah. I think she said something about it yesterday, but I didn’t really understand what it was about.”

She left so she wouldn’t have to see you, I told myself, wanting to cry but knowing I couldn’t.

Mom shook her head. “You and me both, Ronnie. I don’t understand half of what you kids learn in school these days.”

While I got up to wash out my bowl, Mom drained her cup of coffee and stood up, groaning as she stretched. “Go grab the brush so I can tidy your hair. It’s looking like a bird’s nest up there.”

I tried not to smile at the irony of Mom commenting on my hair when hers didn’t look much better. It was normally Ashley who helped me get ready for school in the mornings; I couldn’t remember the last time Mom had done anything like that for me. But I did as she said and went to fetch the brush.

She fixed my hair in silence, then gave me a quick kiss on the brow. “Hmm, that’s a little better, I guess. Now get dressed and scoot before you wind up being late.” She shooed me away with a little wave. “And don’t forget your keys.”

After getting ready and grabbing my backpack, I returned to the kitchen to say goodbye. Mom had already slipped into her room and shut the door. With a shrug, I quietly left for school.


I barely remembered what we learned in our morning classes that day, my mind on autopilot as it swirled with thoughts of my sister and what had recently transpired between us.

A hand waving in front of my face was what finally brought me out of my daze, accompanied by an insistent voice.

“Jeez, space cadet! What’s with you today?”

Sitting across from me at the lunch table were my friends Susie and Maria. Susie was the one who’d spoken, and she now sat looking at me expectantly, her blonde braid swaying from side to side as she shook her head in exasperation. “You’ve been out of it all day, girl. Heck, you barely looked at Miss McFadden when she called on you in math. And we all know how much of a crush you have on her!”

I flushed in embarrassment. Miss McFadden was definitely pretty, but I never liked her the way I liked Ashley.

Maria reached over and swatted Susie on the arm. “Jeez, you can talk!.  We can all see you make heart eyes whenever Joshua Patrick walks by!”

Susie was left sputtering in indignation as Maria turned towards me. “Is everything okay, Rhonda? Suze is right, you have been pretty distracted today.”

Her face was so full of concern, I couldn’t help feeling guilty for making them worry about me like this. I gave them a sheepish grin. “Sorry. I don’t know what’s with me today. Just have my head in the clouds, I guess.” They seemed to accept my words at face value, and we dropped the subject.

I did know what was wrong with me, though – Ashley.  I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened the night before. I wondered what she was doing right then. Was she thinking about me the way I was thinking about her? Did she want to kiss me again?

That last thought made me giddy with excitement. I couldn’t help the wistful smile that teased the corners of my mouth, lost in thoughts of my sister’s soft lips pressed against mine.

Susie leaned toward Maria and stage-whispered, “Do you think she got hit on the head earlier? I’ve heard people with brain damage are like this sometimes.” I scowled and made as if to lunge at her. Susie took the bait and leapt out of her seat, moving behind Maria to use her as a shield.

I tried to hold my resolve, but couldn’t pretend to be angry for long. The three of us burst into giggles.

It seemed a stupid thing to worry about Ashley when I couldn’t do anything about it right then. I knew I’d be seeing her later that day, so we could figure things out together. For the moment, I just wanted to enjoy spending time with my friends.

I tried to participate in the rest of our conversation during lunch, and I was even able to pay attention during afternoon classes. I probably remembered next to nothing of what we learned, but it was better than nothing!


After school, I was so excited to see Ashley that I had to stop myself from skipping all the way home. We had a few hours before Mom got back and Ashley had to leave for work, so we could do whatever we wanted until then.

But when I got home, the house stood silent.

I called Ashley’s name, but got no reply. My face fell, and I tried to tamp down my disappointment. Sometimes she had to stay late after school, that was all. I’d just wait in her room and surprise her!

I dropped my backpack off by the sofa, then made my way to Ashley’s room. Force of habit had me knocking, but as expected, there was no response.

Opening her door, I peered inside. I’d never spent much time in my sister’s room – she always liked having a place to hide away for a bit, same as me. And whenever anything bad was happening in our house, she’d always be the one to leave her safe space to find and comfort me.

I felt a little bad about entering without permission, but curiosity got the better of me. Ashley had been a total mystery to me of late, and I found myself wondering if the answer to her behavior was within reach.

Shutting her door behind me, I flicked on the light switch and looked around. Her walls were adorned with all kinds of pictures she had drawn, as well as a variety of posters she’d either purchased or been given. My favorite was the album cover where the bat-winged skeleton is riding a horse and pointing a sword toward the viewer. So cool!

Ashley had always enjoyed that kind of imagery, so half the pictures she drew had skulls and demons and all manner of spooky things. The other drawings of hers were all from TV shows she watched. I only recognized a couple of the people in them, but there was no denying my sister was really good at this stuff. It was no wonder she wanted to display them.

Spying her closet, I flung the doors back to look at all the clothes she’d organized neatly on hangers. Almost all of them were black, a variety of button-up shirts, tight pants, and skirts making up the bulk of it. In one corner, there was a couple of long black dresses she only wore on special occasions.

I opened the chest of drawers underneath and found her underwear and socks. A flush of warmth reached my cheeks as I carefully closed everything up, and I couldn’t help tittering to myself. It was so much fun searching my sister’s room like this. I felt just like a detective!

My eyes locked onto Ashley’s nightstand where her laptop sat. It was a really fast model; way better than the old PC we kept in the living room. I remember Ashley having to save up for months to pay for it… which is why I didn’t want to touch it without her permission; I don’t know what I would’ve done if I somehow screwed it up.

Curious about what she had in the drawers underneath, I opened one and saw a bunch of neatly bundled cords and one of those new tablet devices, along with a Gameboy. I checked the drawer underneath it, only to find—


My Hello Kitty shirt was in that drawer. What the heck!?

I brought it to my nose out of curiosity; it smelled a little like me, like it hadn’t even been washed. I was utterly confused. Was this where my shirts ended up when they went missing every other week? I always found them eventually, but still…

I put the shirt back in the drawer, knowing I’d have to ask her about it later.

Moving round the bed, I checked the top drawer in the other nightstand, gasping at what I found.

There were a bunch of knick-knacks I’d made for Ashley over the years: macaroni pictures, pipe cleaner projects; drawings I kind of wanted to tear up now that I was old enough to recognize their awfulness.

Separate from this mishmash of gifts was a neat pile of assorted black and orange construction paper that I immediately recognized as my Valentine’s Day cards. I couldn’t believe she actually kept them. She was so happy the first time I made one for her that I gave her a card every year until I’d grown out of such things. I always assumed she threw them out after a few days.

I picked up the one on top of the stack and opened it out. A bunch of small cut-out orange hearts were glued all along the page, along with the message, Happy Valentine’s Day, Ashley! Love, Rhonda. In between the hearts were doodles I’d made with different colored markers.

Ashley was always encouraging me to practice my drawing, since she thought I’d surpass her one day. Looking back on my rough lines and the misshapen blobs that were supposed to be animals made it clearer than ever that my big sister was definitely the artist of the family.

I opened the next couple of cards to see variations of that same scrawled message, and more rough sketches. The one I made the year prior was orange with black hearts, and the year before that had the same design as my most recent one.

The last card in the drawer was visibly frayed along the edges, easily the most worn of the lot. My heart ached when I realized just how many times Ashley must have taken it out to read, holding it in her hands as she lay in bed.

Inside the orange paper, there was a single black heart glued to the left side with A+R written in white pencil crayon. Underneath it were two scribbles that took me a moment to place. I think the left one was supposed to be a wolf, since Ashley has always liked wolves. Judging from the long ears on top of its head, the right one kind of looked like a bunny. On the top right side, crudely cut out black letters spelled, Happy Valentine’s Day! And below in my loopy, too-large writing, it read: I love you, Ashley! Let’s stay together forever! Love, Rhonda.

The fact that Ashley kept these had my mind spinning. I had to sit down on her bed to think about what it all meant. I’d poured my love into those cards, my feelings for Ashley so strong I thought I might burst. Only now did it feel like those feelings might have a chance of being returned. Ashley wouldn’t have kept my gifts if she didn’t love me the way I loved her, right?

Glancing down at my closed fist, I discovered with some alarm that I’d crushed the card. I dropped the crinkled piece of paper onto Ashley’s nightstand with a startled gasp, then burrowed under my sister’s blanket to hide. I was worried she’d never forgive me for ruining something she treasured so much.

I remembered how much she loved that card, the way she’d jumped up excitedly to read it. Only… that wasn’t the way it happened at all, was it? Hadn’t I wanted to surprise her, only to hear her call out my name before I’d even opened the bedroom door? Then when I ran in, it’d startled her, and she’d pulled her hand out from under her skirt.

My mind finally connected the dots as I realized what my sister must have been doing that day. But why had she been calling my name? Ashley said she liked to think about me while touching herself. Was she really thinking about me that way, even back then?

I poked my head out from underneath the blanket, but Ashley’s room held no answers, so I disappeared again. My body was starting to get hot from thinking about Ashley masturbating. Her scent seemed to surround me. I melted into the sheets, breathing it in.

I shimmied my pants and underwear down until they were bunched around my feet, then used my fingers to explore myself. My vagina felt warm and damp as I began to trace a path through the folds. My thumb brushed against the little nub near the top, causing a bolt of pleasure to shoot through me.

This is it! I knew immediately that it was what made me feel so good that night! I curled my toes into the sheets and began to move my fingers more vigorously through the wetness, making sure I paid special attention to my budding clitoris.

I thought about Ashley kissing and hugging me. I thought about the way she always stared at me like I was the only person who mattered to her. The way her body felt when she lowered it onto mine, and how her eager tongue had explored my mouth. Most of all, I thought about how she’d always been the most important person in the world to me, and how I didn’t want anyone else to have her.

The feeling between my legs was getting better and better. I clutched at Ashley’s blanket with my free hand as I drew her scent deep into my lungs. I heard my voice cry out, “Ashley!” and then, finally, it happened.

My lower half lifted itself up from the bed and thrust into my waiting fingers, intense pleasure flooding my core. With a panting gasp, my body went limp and I could do nothing but lie there, dazed and exhausted.

For all I knew, I could have been lying there for seconds, minutes, or even hours. When my mind finally switched back on, it struck me that being discovered in my sister’s room with my pants bunched around my ankles probably wasn’t ideal.

I quickly got myself dressed, then jumped out of Ashley’s bed. I put the Valentine’s Day cards back in her drawer, hoping she wouldn’t notice the one I’d crushed.

I did my best to smooth out the mess I’d made of her bed, then went to clean myself up. I took my time in the shower, making sure to keep the bathroom door open so the steam could escape. Mom always got mad if we shut the door and trapped the moisture inside.

After I got out, I busied myself with making a snack, then put the TV on in the living room. I always did my homework there so I could hear when Ashley got home. Splayed out on the couch, I waited for what seemed like hours, wondering if my sister would ever return. I hadn’t got much sleep of late, and unable to hold back a big yawn, I felt my eyes getting heavy, finally dozing off.


I couldn’t have been sleeping for much longer than half an hour when I felt a hand lightly nudge my arm. I found myself staring up at my mom, who was looking down at me in puzzlement. “Why are you sleeping out here? And where’s Ashley?”

I quickly sat up as her words registered. She still wasn’t here? “I’m not sure. She wasn’t home when I got back from school.”

The scowl on Mom’s face was a more practiced and expert version of the one I’d given Suzie at school. Mom had turned scowling into an art form. I immediately knew I’d said the wrong thing. “So you’ve been home all by yourself? That girl! When I see her…” Walking off angrily, she added, “Go sleep in your room if you’re that tired.”

I gathered up all of my school stuff to put in my backpack, then took my dishes to the sink to clean. When I was done with that, I did as Mom said and went to lie down in my room.

Why hadn’t Ashley come home? Did I really mess things up that badly when I pushed her away? In spite of these worried thoughts, sleep eventually took me once again.


I woke up fully alert, my mind barely registering that my bedside clock said it was almost midnight. I could hear raised voices coming from the hallway.

“What the hell were you thinking? She’s ten years old! You can’t just leave her alone like that.”

“I didn’t mean to! Time just got away from me and I had to head right to work, all right? Besides, how many times did you leave me alone here when I was her age? Or even younger? She was fine on her own.”

“That’s not the point! You’ll be turning eighteen in a few months, Ashley. You need to start acting like an adult. You can’t just leave Rhonda like that whenever you’re in a bad mood. You have a responsibility.”

I have a responsibility? That’s rich coming from you. When was the last time you spent more than a few minutes of your time with Rhonda? I’ve been the one looking after her for who knows how long; we barely see you since Dad left! You go to work, come home, make dinner or tidy up around the house once in a while. But otherwise you just leave it to us.

“You spend your evenings drinking, then you wake up hungover and mad as shit – rinse, repeat. You want me to be responsible? Why don’t you try acting like a responsible moth—“

Ashley’s voice was cut off by the sound of a hard slap. I scrambled out of bed and opened my door to see them glaring at each other. Mom looked furious, and Ashley looked just about ready to strike her dead. Her cheek was red from where she’d been hit, both hands balled into fists. She looked to my doorway where I stood silently, and muttered, “Go back to bed, Rhonda.”

Mom’s eyes flashed to me for the briefest of moments before fixing back on Ashley. Her icy voice rang out into the night. “I am your mother, you ungrateful little bitch! I bust my ass around here to take care of you two, and you’re going to accuse me of being a bad mom? Don’t you ever speak to me like that again, Ashley. Go to bed. Now.”

Mom stormed off to her room, the sound of the slamming door echoing off the walls. Ashley and I stood where we were like sentinels until she mumbled, “Sorry, Rhonda. Didn’t mean to wake you.” Then she turned off the hallway light and went into her own room.

The silence engulfed me, my mind swimming with thoughts of what had just happened. I hated when they argued like that.

Dad had walked out on us almost four years earlier, and I knew it was still a sore spot for Mom. I can’t remember much about him. In most of my memories, he was yelling; especially when he’d been drinking. I was secretly a little happy when he left, even though I knew it made things harder on Mom and Ashley.

But I thought things were getting better. Ashley got herself a job to help with the bills, and she and Mom didn’t fight as often as they used to. When they did, it rarely escalated to hitting, especially now that Ashley was big enough to fight back.

I know Mom had been drinking a lot lately, but she did that when Dad was still with us. But what did Ashley mean about having to be the one to look after me? Sure, we spent a lot of time together, but didn’t she want to be with me? Did she hate having to be around me so much?

The thought made my eyes well up. I tiptoed over to Ashley’s room, quietly opened the door and slipped inside. In the darkness, I could barely make out her form curled up on top of the blankets. She lifted her head to look at me. “Rhonda?”

I padded over and climbed on the bed next to her. She still hadn’t changed out of her work clothes. “I’m sorry, Ashley.”

Her arms pulled me closer until I was lying by her side. “What are you apologizing for? You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m angry at Mom, not you. I could never be angry at you.”

I wrapped my arms around my sister. “I’m sorry you always have to take care of me, Ashley. I never wanted to be a bother.”

I tried to pull away, but Ashley’s arms tightened around me, pressing me back against her. Her voice was thin and reedy as she choked out, “W-what are you talking about, Rhonda? You’re never a bother to me. Or Mom. We both love you to hell and back. And I… You know how much I love you. Don’t ever think I don’t want to be around you.

“Sometimes I have to leave you alone because I feel like I’m smothering you. I’d spend every waking moment with you in my arms if I could. I could say it a million different ways, and it wouldn’t be enough. I love you, Rhonda.” Her voice broke into a small sob as she rested her chin on my head.

Even now, I shiver when I remember the raw emotion in my sister’s voice as she poured her heart out to me. She loves me. She. Loves. Me.

Before I knew it, I was baring my soul to Ashley, revealing the secrets I’d kept from her for what seemed like an eternity. “I love you, too, Ashley. I think I love you more than a sister. Y-you know how in the movies, they always talk about true love, and the boy and girl get married at the end? It’s more like that. You’re all I can think about sometimes.”

Ashley’s murmuring voice stirred a gentle breeze through my hair. “Just sometimes? Then I win, Rhonda. Because I think about you all the time.”

I playfully made to swat at her, but she held me so firmly I could barely move my arms. “Don’t be a dork, Ashley! You know what I meant…”

Ashley rolled  onto her back so I was on top of her. “Of course I know what you meant, and I’m so happy to hear you say it.”

We lay in comfortable silence, my sister’s arms wrapped around me as I nestled against her chest. Eventually, I lifted my head to look into her eyes. Even in the dim light, I could see how red her cheek was from Mom’s slap. I gently pressed my hand against the mark, amazed by how hot her skin was. Ashley winced at the touch, but rested one of her hands on mine.

“Is Mom still gonna be mad in the morning?” I asked.

Ashley sighed and dropped her head against the pillow. “She’ll have sobered up by then. She’ll probably feel like shit and want to apologize. I know I went too far with what I said, but I had a lot on my mind after… well, y’know. Still, she didn’t have to fucking hit me.”

The way she described what happened between us, it was like something that was never to be spoken of again. I wasn’t happy about that, but at least things would probably be back to normal between her and Mom come tomorrow.

Throwing caution to the wind, I said, “Um, about what happened last night. Can we talk about it?”

Ashley stiffened against me and grabbed onto my arms as if to thrust me away, but I twisted my hands into her shirt and hissed out, “Don’t do that, Ashley! I’m not mad or upset about it. I actually really liked it when we kissed.”

Her grip on me loosened, her hands trailing back and forth across my arms instead. I could see a small smirk teasing the corners of her mouth. “Getting bossy, aren’t we, little girl? I’m happy you liked it as much as I did, though. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you like that. I felt so shitty about how it ended, but at the same time, it felt so nice to finally do something about my feelings. I… I’m sorry about scaring you like that. Did I go too far?”

My face started getting hot. I definitely wanted to talk about it, but were we supposed to just come out and say everything we were feeling? It was so embarrassing! I tried to put my face back against her chest, but Ashley reached out to cup my chin. “Hey, don’t go all shy on me; you’re the one who brought it up! Tell me what you’re thinking, okay?”

I needed to take a deep breath before I could even begin. “I’m sorry about pushing you away like I did. I wasn’t really upset or anything, I was just surprised. You kinda walked in on me, uh, touching myself, and you told me you knew I did it even though I tried to hide it, and then I cried, and we cuddled, and then I confessed, and then you confessed, and suddenly we were kissing, and it was getting all kinda crazy, and… and we…“

I trailed off as Ashley raised a hand to slow me down. “I guess when you put it like that, a lot did happen last night, huh? Too much, too fast, maybe. I get it, Rhonda. But you’re okay with what happened before it got to that point?”

“Yes! I liked it when we kissed. It made me feel all tingly inside. Did you really want to kiss me that way?”

Ashley peered up at me wistfully, her voice a breathy whisper. “More than wanted, Rhonda. I needed to. Do you, uh… do you want to kiss again?”

I answered by pressing my lips to hers. She reached out to clutch my hips while I held onto her shoulders for support. And then we were kissing.

I had no idea what I was doing, but tried my best to mimic Ashley – the way her mouth pressed softly against mine, how she gently nibbled on my lower lip, her tongue teasing and probing.

I don’t know how long we kissed before she finally pulled away and whispered, “I need to stop now, Rhonda, or I’m going to lose control. I love you. I love you so much.”

I smiled at my sister, wondering if it would be such a bad thing if she did lose control. “I love you too, Ashley. Can we do this every day? I don’t want it to be the only time we kiss.”

Ashley chuckled at my obvious enthusiasm. “Of course we’re going to do this every day, silly. Especially since I know you like it, too.”

I was over the moon to hear her say that. “Like it? I love it! Um, does this mean we’re dating now? Like when Mom and Dad first met?”

Ashley’s radiant smile sent a shiver of pleasure through me. “We’re not gonna be like how Mom and Dad were. We’re going to be so much better. Do you want me to be your girlfriend, Rhonda?”

I hugged my sister for all I was worth. “Yes! Oh, yes!” With everything out in the open, I figured now was as good a time as any for confessions. “Um, Ashley?”

My sister’s fingers stroked through my hair. “Hmm?”

“I was in your room earlier, and—“

“Oh! So I wasn’t just imagining things, then? I thought someone had been in here.”

I winced a little, pressing my body against Ashley’s so I didn’t have to make eye contact. “I missed you last night, so I came in here to just… I dunno. Don’t be mad, okay?”

Ashley reached up to cup my face. “Be mad because you missed me? Now who’s being a dork?”

“No, not that. I was snooping. I found the drawer where you keep all my old gifts. It kinda got me, um, y’know, thinking about stuff, and I accidentally crumpled one of the cards up. I’m really sorry, Ashley! I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s fine, Rhonda. Stop worrying, geez. As long as I can still read it, that’s what matters. I love that card. It always gave me a little bit of hope that maybe one day you’d feel the same way I do. I guess I don’t need to keep looking at it now that I actually have you. I do, right? Have you?”

I planted a quick kiss on her lips. “Of course you have me, Ashley! Like I said in that card – we’re gonna be together forever. But you’re really not mad?”

Her fingers trailed along my body, from my shoulders all the way down my back, pausing briefly to caress my hips before coming to rest on my butt. I thrust instinctively against her hands where they cupped and squeezed, causing a pleasant tingle between my legs.

“There. You’re forgiven,” Ashley said, then shifted uncomfortably beneath me. “Dang, you’re getting heavy.” I scowled at her, and she added, “Kidding, kidding!”

With a quick peck to my brow, she gently pushed me off her, the two of us now lying side by side. I helped Ashley shimmy the blanket out from underneath our bodies and pull it over us.

“We’ll take things as slow as you want, Rhonda. Even if you only ever wanted to kiss, I wouldn’t mind. As long as we’re together. If anyone asks you out, I want you to tell them no. You don’t need to explain why; just say you don’t want to. I promise I’ll do the same. But… you know we can’t tell anyone about us being girlfriends, right?”

“I know, Ashley. I love you, but it’ll be our special secret.”

“Yeah. Our special secret. ‘Night, Rhonda.”

I lay my head against my sister’s breast, and as my body melted into her embrace I could feel myself beginning to drift off. “G’night, Ashley…” I heard myself mumble from some distant place.


When I woke up the next morning, I could only imagine what kind of dopey grin I had on my face. But can you blame me? I’d had the most amazing dream, one that ended with Ashley kissing me, and the two of us becoming girlfriends!

As I sat up, feeling a little groggy, I quickly realized I wasn’t in my own bed. So it wasn’t a dream! But Ashley wasn’t next to me anymore. I got up and padded out of the room to find her.

I could hear the sound of the shower running, the bathroom door partially open to let the moisture escape. I sidled inside, then closed it without thinking. “Ashley?” I called. “I need to pee.”

I heard Ashley reply, “Okay, go ahead. I’ll just flush the toilet after I’m done in here.”

One of the unspoken rules in our house was never flush the toilet when someone’s in the shower. As I sat there peeing, I could feel my cheeks getting warm watching Ashley’s silhouette through the shower curtain. I found myself yearning to get a better look, and wondered what she’d do if I climbed in there with her. My mind buzzing with possibilities, I wiped; pulled my panties up. And then I flushed the toilet…

Ashley yelped in surprise. “What the hell, Rhonda!” Shying away from the cold water, she pulled back the shower curtain to glare at me. I was prepared to apologize profusely, but words failed me as my sister’s naked body came into view.

Her long black hair was plastered to her pale skin, still flushed from the hot shower, but it was her boobs my eyes were drawn to. Firm and petite, the nipples stood proudly from goosebump flesh. I’d seen my sister naked many times, of course, but only now did I truly appreciate what I was seeing, and compared to my barely-there bee stings, Ashley’s breasts were positively magnificent.

There was a little patch of dark hair just above her privates in the shape of a small line. Ashley seemed to understand what I needed, slowly opening her legs to reveal more of herself. Her vagina looked so much more mature than mine, so many folds and creases; such pretty colors. The rosy lips of her sex glistened with moisture. Water? Or something else?

My searching gaze traveled back up Ashley’s body to meet her eyes. Suddenly I felt so immature, standing there in her old hand-me-down pajamas, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. I hadn’t even pretended not to look.

Abruptly turning away, I mumbled, “Um… I’m gonna go start on breakfast, okay?”

As I quickly washed my hands and made to leave, Ashley called out my name. I slowly turned back to face her.

“Fair’s fair,” she said, her voice taking on a husky timbre. “Lift up your shirt for me.”

I blushed so hard my ears probably turned crimson, but I took hold of my shirt and lifted it up so Ashley could see me. It didn’t seem like a fair trade – I got to see Ashley’s beautiful grown up body, and all she got was a glimpse of my flat chest. But who was I to complain?

Ashley gave a low groan, her eyes heavy with longing as she stood gazing at me. Finally she stepped back behind the shower curtain, and I pulled my shirt back down. “Thanks, Rhonda. Could you shut the door when you go out, please?”

Closing the bathroom door behind me, I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle as I passed through the hallway. I don’t know what Ashley could possibly like about what she saw, but she clearly did!


Down in the kitchen I busied myself making bacon and eggs for the three of us. Happily humming away to myself, and with breakfast well underway, I could suddenly detect the familiar fruity scent of our soap.

Arms encircled me from behind and a warm body pressed against mine. “That was a great way to start the day,” Ashley murmured. “I still can’t believe you want me the same way I want you.” She plucked the spatula out of my hand and leaned around to kiss me on the lips. “Here, I’ll finish up with this if you want to make us some toast.”

Once everything was cooked and Ashley had brewed a pot of coffee (and stolen a few more kisses), we sat down to breakfast. I had barely eaten anything in the past day, so I was ravenous.

I was halfway through my plate when we heard Mom cursing in her bedroom. Not long after that she opened her door and crossed the hall to the bathroom. “Goddammit, Ashley!” she yelled. “What have I said about shutting this door when you shower? Are you trying to grow mold in here?”

Me and Ashley kept quiet while we waited for Mom to enter the kitchen. She was limping slightly when she eventually came in. She glared at us for a moment before turning away, heading straight for the coffee maker.

“Mom, are you okay?” I asked tentatively.

She stiffened defensively, before gradually letting some of the tension out of her shoulders. “I’m all right, baby. I hit my leg on my bed when I got up, but I’ll be fine.”

When she sat down across from us, I couldn’t help but notice how red her eyes were. She regarded us both with a forlorn look. “Listen, Ashley. I know I fucked up—” Mom gave me a brief glance, “I mean messed up, last night. I was angry, but I had no right to hit you like that. I’m sorry.”

Ashley’s hand found mine under the table, and I squeezed. “It’s okay. I’m sorry too, Mom. I shouldn’t have said all that stuff. You know I didn’t mean it.”

Mom’s tired smile said she wasn’t fooled. “No, you were right. I’ve put too much responsibility on you, and I know my drinking is getting out of hand. I’m going to try and cut back.”

Turning to me, she continued, “And I’m sorry to you, too, Rhonda. I haven’t been there for you the way I should have lately. You need a mom, and I haven’t been living up to that. It’s gonna be different from now on, okay? How ’bout I call into school, and the three of us have ourselves a girl’s day at the mall?”

Without waiting for a response, Mom grabbed a few pieces of bacon and folded a piece of toast around them. Grabbing her mug of coffee, she turned to go back to her room. “I’ll leave you girls to finish up, then we’ll head out in an hour or two.”

When Mom had gone, Ashley and I exchanged bemused looks. “What the heck was that?” I whispered

“I don’t know. I figured I’d get some half-assed apology this morning; I wasn’t expecting her to go that far.”

As we finished breakfast, my mind began to wander. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this new development. On the one hand, I was happy that Mom was paying more attention to me, but I didn’t know when I’d get to be alone with Ashley next.

As my mood began to darken, Ashley took my chin and gently turned me towards her. “Rhonda?” When a tear trickled down my face, Ashley looked at me in alarm. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Do you think Mom meant it when she said she was going to spend more time with me?”

Ashley swiped her thumb across my cheek to catch the stray tear, then smiled. “I think she did. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? She hasn’t been around enough.”

I felt a flash of anger. “But that means you and me won’t get to spend as much time together!”

With trembling lips, Ashley shushed me with a kiss, the tenderness of our exchange helping my own nerves to settle. “Take it easy, Rhonda. Even if she’s around more often, it doesn’t mean we’re going to stop spending time together. I won’t let that happen.”

She kissed me again, but this time I felt the gentle nudge of her tongue against my lips. I parted them, allowing her to caress and explore the rest of my mouth.

It dawned on me that I wanted to kiss Ashley like that, but just as I resolved to do so, she pulled away.

Her eyes had that glazed quality to them, but they quickly sharpened. “She can spend as much time as she wants with you,” she whispered angrily, “but I’ll never let her take you away from me. You’re mine, Rhonda. Mine!

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that proclamation, but couldn’t hide my pleased smile. After all, Ashley was mine, too!

She stood up and went to rinse her plate. “Besides, who knows if she even meant half of what she said? I think she meant it, but I don’t know if she’ll stick to it. We’ll just see how that goes.”

Craning her neck to look back at me, she added, “Finish what’s left on Mom’s plate, if you want. She won’t eat it.”

I was still a little worried about how things would turn out, but I tucked into Mom’s leftovers anyway. I was a growing girl, after all!

On to Chapter Four!


11 Comments on Ashley’s Love, Book One, Chapter 3

  1. Captain Midnight says:

    Such heart in these stories.

    • Rosey says:

      Aw, thank you, Captain Midnight! I try my best to tell stories that mean something to me, so that’s very sweet of you to say. I hope I don’t disappoint!

      • Captain Midnight says:

        The part I enjoyed the most was finding the letters from Ashley to Rhonda, which Ashley had so carefully preserved out of love for Rhonda. It helped me greatly in understanding them as people. And even the despised mother had a little bit of humanity. Drink and mental illness–the latter setting off the former–turned her bad. Perhaps she can get treatment of some sort.

        I so appreciate the writers who care.

  2. kinkychic says:

    Reading this, it felt like I had a book in my hands; all I missed was turning the pages. Scrolling with a mouse is just not the same!

    It’s one of those stories where I never want to get to ‘soon to come’. It’s also a story that Sis and I read together: it just seems the right thing to do.

    Rhonda and Ashley’s age gap is just a couple of years more than ours. We also have no father, although we do have a wonderful mother. Enough! I’m only trying to say why we have an affinity with this story.

    But it’s not just that… it’s the way it’s written. So believably real, it draws me in so as I almost live it.

    We finished reading and then sat there, holding hands — happy with the story and happy together. (Until I said… “Shit, you’re going to miss your bus if you don’t run.”)

    • Rosey says:

      What, that’s so nice of you to say! There are times where I wonder if I’m writing something worth reading, so that means a lot to me, Kinkychic! Maybe some day some of our stories will get printed. ☺️

      I’m glad you two can relate to some things in the story! I actually based the age gap on the one between my eldest brother and I; although we never had a close relationship growing up, and definitely not one anything like in the story (Incompatible orientations aside!). My father walked out on us in much the same way, but it does my heart good to know you have such a lovely mother! Y’all certainly deserve it!

      It’s really nice to hear that there’s an element of realness in my writing, as I actually borrowed from my own childhood for a lot of this story. Sadly, my mother was a pretty unpleasant person in life, and I actually used her as the basis for the Mom character. She was originally just a base, but in some ways writing this story turned into a way for me to work through the things my mother put my siblings and I through growing up. Apologies in advance for the darker moments coming up! 😵‍💫

      I hope your sister didn’t miss her bus, lol! And I hope you two will continue to enjoy the upcoming chapters!

  3. Erocritique says:

    With such a strong premise and characters, this story continues to provide all the feels. I am relieved that Ashley and Rhonda resolved their issues surrounding their first foray into intimacy. – I was kinda worried about Ashley going to a really dark place. Now that the girls have professed their love for each other, hopefully they can figure out the rest. “Mom” seems to be the wildcard. I look forward to seeing how the story develops from here. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Rosey says:

      D’aww, stahp’it! (Don’t!) 🤗

      Ashley definitely went to some dark places mentally after what happened, but she was able to shove those feelings into a box for a time. And thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long for Rhonda to unburden her of the worst of her self-loathing for what happened that night. Mom will definitely have an impact on what comes next, and with any luck, the next few chapters will meet your expectations!

  4. Big Rhys says:

    It is a sign of good writing when the reader becomes invested in the characters and you have got that in spades in this story. It one of really high quality and, for me, well structured so I want to see where it goes….
    Looking forwards to next chapters please!!!!

    • Rosey says:

      You’re too kind, Big Rhys! I’m glad you’re getting to the point where you care about what happens to Ashley and Rhonda like they’re real people! Thank you for your lovely compliments, and please do look forward to the next installment! 😊

  5. Kim & Sue says:

    We’re late getting to this story, but have to agree with other comments. Well written story and characters. Did we mention very hot also.

    • Rosey says:

      Not late at all, Kim & Sue! Still more chapters to come, so you’re just in time, really! Thank you for your words of praise! I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the next chapters! 🥰

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