Sweet Poppy, Chapter 12

  • Posted on December 18, 2021 at 4:45 pm

by Joe Dornish

I once went on an outing with the girl guides to a theme park. When we got there, we were split up into groups of four and set free to explore the place. At the end of the day when we all met up there was a fantastic melee of young girls, all high on adrenaline and sugar and desperate to share their day’s adventures with everyone. That’s what breakfast was like the morning after our sex party.

The day began when Mia and I both woke up in a naughty mood and decided some pre-breakfast sex was in order. I was perched on her face and she was nibbling my clit when the door opened and Mum stood there, completely naked. She watched us for a few seconds, then winked and blew me a kiss, leaving the door open as she left. I don’t think Mia even noticed. Some of the others passed by and paused in the doorway as we fucked, but by then I wasn’t really paying attention.

I had a lovely orgasm, then rolled Mia onto her back and buried my face between her legs, licking her until she came. Then we snuggled together, sharing kisses and words of love.

Our urges satisfied, Mia and I washed and dressed, then went down to breakfast. Everyone was there fully clothed except Mum, who was wearing nothing but her apron and fluffy white slippers while she cooked a full English breakfast. The smell of bacon was driving us mad as we sat down.

Nobody commented on the fact Mum was basically naked; why would they? That sort of relaxed attitude about nudity and sex was really beginning to appeal to me. I’d have loved to swap places with Mum right then, with me being the only naked person in the room. And she was enjoying being looked at, too. I could tell by the look on her face and the way she was flirting with all of us.

Everyone was in a great mood, especially Lilly and Evie, who were both buzzing after their lustful night with their mums. Lilly told us about how they began by explaining stuff, then the girls had sex while their mums masturbated each other, then Evie and Lilly got to watch the adults fuck. There was a lot to tell, but suffice to say that the four of them had a lot of sex together. A ‘little orgy’ Nicole called it.

I was surprised to hear that Henri and Lottie didn’t have sex again after they went to bed. Like Mia and me, they stayed up talking then fell asleep. I meant to ask them if they did anything after waking up, like we did, but never got around to it. Our mums couldn’t stop smiling at us and saying embarrassing things like ‘Ah, young love’.

When we’d eaten and cleared the breakfast things away, everyone drifted into the lounge, while Mum went upstairs to get dressed. Deciding to follow her, I caught my mother just before she got in the shower.

“Um, Mum.”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“What are we doing today? Hanging around here and then going to Kiki’s?”

She laughed. “Well, this makes a change. For once, I think I’m a step ahead of you.”

“Eh? I don’t follow.”

“You were about to ask me if there was any way you could spend more time with Mia today… and maybe even bring her to Kiki’s.”

I was absolutely blinkered. “How do you do that? You’re… you’re like some kind of sexy naked witch-lady who can read minds!”

“Ha! It’s called motherhood,” Mum said, then she kissed me. “I was certain that you’d want to spend more time with Mia today, sweetie… I’m just surprised you didn’t ask me sooner.” She gave a happy sigh. “I’d say that your party has been a complete and utter success. Henri and Lottie are getting on famously, and I’m head over heels for Evie. My God, that child has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.” She stared into space for a moment, then returned to me with a quick shake of her head. “Anyway, I was thinking that it would be a great idea if we invited Nicole and her girls to spend the day with us at Kiki’s.”

Really?” I gasped. “Oh, wow, that is a great idea! Um, so what did Kiki say?”

“Let me put it this way,”  Mum said, taking my hand. “She’s coming over about elevenish, then we’ll tell the others… but keep it to yourself until then, it’s meant to be a surprise.”

“Oh, Mummy, you’re amazing!” I threw my arms around Mum’s waist and kissed her, long and deep.

Her tongue danced with mine for a bit, then she put on a posh voice and said, “Oh… one does one’s best.”

“I promise I won’t say anything. Um, there was something else I wanted to ask, though.”

“Sure, sweetie. Can we talk while I shower?”

“Yeah, okay.”

We went into the bathroom and I sat on the toilet while she showered. She left the cubicle door open so we could talk, so I also got to watch Mum soap up her beautiful body. To tell the truth, I was thinking of getting undressed and joining her beneath the flowing water.

“So what did you want to ask me?”

“I’m curious about something. Y’know when you watched me fucking Mia, right before breakfast?” It still felt a bit weird, swearing in front of my mother.

“Uh-huh.” She was rubbing soap into her tits. It was incredibly distracting.

“I liked that.”

“Me watching you?”

“Yeah, but not just you… the others watched me, too.”

“So you like the idea of being looked at when you’re naked, or doing sexy things?”

“Wellll… I wouldn’t want boys to see me with my clothes off. Or men, either. Yuck!” I made a face.

Mum nodded thoughtfully. “Girls and women, though — you really like the idea of, of putting yourself on display for them, eh?”

“Uh-huh. This morning at breakfast, you were nearly naked and we were all dressed, and that got me so turned on I wanted to scream. I know it’s silly, ‘cause I’ve seen you in the nude loads of times, but something about today… I thought it was really, um, erotic? Is that the right word?”

“Yes, sweetie, erotic is exactly the right word.” Mum was washing between her legs, fingers fiddling with her pussy. By then, distracting had become a complete understatement. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I wanted to be touching my mother down there.

Instead, I said, “I got all wet just imagining it was me there in the kitchen, wearing nothing but an apron, and everyone was watching while I made breakfast.”

“The apple never falls far from the tree,” she said, reaching for the shampoo bottle and squirting some into her hand. When she began to work the soap into her hair, Mum’s breasts were bouncing in a very nice way. I was really tempted to take off all my clothes and get in there with her.

“The apple… huh? What’s that mean?”

“It means that you’re just like me, Poppy. You know, I got a big thrill making breakfast naked. And if you feel the same, it means that you’re probably an exhibitionist. Well, so am I. Even now, you watching me shower makes me feel very excited.”

“Exhibitionist? Hmm, okay, got it. And Mum… I’m getting excited, too. You’re turning me on big time!”

“Thank you, sweetie,” Mum took the showerhead down from its holder and started rinsing the soap away. “We can talk more about this later, but I promise to look for ways that you can explore this side of your sexuality — but in a safe way. Better a good opportunity missed than a disaster embraced.”

“I think I understand. Is that like ‘better safe than sorry?”

“That’s it exactly. You’re such a clever girl.” I beamed at the praise from my mother. She replaced the showerhead, then paused, a glimmer of thought in her eyes. “Actually, sweetie… I just had a very interesting idea about how you can find out what it’s like to be an exhibitionist.” She gave me a wicked smile that had my heart racing. “Are you feeling adventurous, sweetie?”

Whatever Mum’s idea was, I had to run with it. Had to. “Yes, Mum… gosh, I’m excited already, and I don’t even know why!”

“Oh, you will, sweetheart,” she said, still wearing that smile. “You will.”


We hung around the house after breakfast, watching telly and relaxing. I couldn’t pay much attention to what was on the screen, though — too distracted thinking about Mum’s plan. I only had a rough notion of what she wanted me to do. She’d only given me enough details that I could make my own mind up whether to do it or not. As if I would ever tell her no!

Whatever risk there was, I felt safe taking it, because I trusted my mother completely. All I knew was that she was setting up something where I would be nude while everyone else was dressed. I didn’t even know when it was going to happen. “It might not even be today,” she told me with a wink.

Kiki arrived just after eleven, looking as glamourous as ever and smelling wonderful. She was wearing a short black pleated skirt with calf-length black spiked heel boots. On top, she had a thick knit grey woollen jumper with a big floppy collar. Her lovely blonde hair was down and tied back in a ponytail.

She breezed through the house greeting people, with kisses and hugs. It was the first time she’d met Nicole or her daughters, so the introductions and small talk took a while. I loved watching Kiki interact with people. She has an effortless charm that is impossible to resist, and within minutes she had the whole house captivated.

Once everyone had met, the adults had a cup of tea in the kitchen while we watched a Disney DVD on the telly, one that Lilly had picked out. I still couldn’t concentrate, though.

Half an hour or so later, the adults came into the living room. There was not much room to sit down, so Mum and Nicole each sat on an arm of the sofa, leaving Kiki standing.

“Erm… do you want to sit down, Kiki?” I asked, standing up.

Her smile made my heart race. “Thank you, sweet child, but I’m perfectly fine right here. I want to ask you all something.”

I sat back down and waited for Kiki to speak, fairly certain I knew what she was going to say. When the room fell silent, Kiki began in her lovely posh accent.

“Ladies, your mothers and I have been plotting over tea and cake, and we had a marvellous idea. Why don’t we all spend the day together at my house? We’ve got a pool, there’s a lovely lunch and dinner planned and if you like, you can stay over for the night. How does that sound?”

The room exploded into shouts of “Yes!” and “Brilliant!” Most of the girls had never been to Kiki’s house, but I’d told them all how amazing it was when we were chatting the night before. Evie and Lilly looked especially pleased, and gave each other a big hug at the news that they’d get to spend another whole day and night together. Those two were joined at the hip now and usually hand in hand. Even though they were only seven, just a look was enough to tell you that these little girls were deeply in love. It was the cutest thing ever.

Seeing them made me want to kiss Mia, so I reached across and surprised her with a quick peck. She kissed me back, giggling with delight. I was thrilled, too — I hadn’t expected Kiki to invite everyone to stay overnight, I figured that Nicole and her kids would just spend the day with us and that would be it.

When we finally settled down, Evie, as little kids do, said what was on her mind. “Mummy… is Kiki a special friend?”

Nicole looked at Kiki and smiled, then turned to her little girl, “Yes, angel. Kiki and Henri are special friends.”

Evie started clapping and bouncing in her seat. “Goody!”

Reaching out, Kiki placed a hand on Evie’s arm. “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, my darling,” she said. “You are simply adorable.”

I was starting to understand that when adults say things, lots of times there’s more to it than their words made you think. A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought anything of what Kiki just said to Evie. But right then, I knew what she really meant — that she wanted to fuck this beautiful little seven-year-old girl. I could feel my knickers getting wet all over again, just picturing it.

After a little more chatter, Kiki suggested we leave for her place so she could get an early start on lunch. We all got up to get our coats and stuff, then Mum said, “Erm, before we leave, there is one more thing I’d like to do.” She was looking at me.

Everyone paused, waiting to hear what Mum had to say. I was waiting, too. What was she up to?

“Poppy and I spoke about something earlier…” Mum began, grinning at me when she read the look on my face, knowing that I’d worked out what she wanted to do. My heart went straight into overdrive and I could feel my face getting hot.

Mum extended a hand to me. “Poppy, sweetie, come stand here next to me.”

Putting one foot in front of another, I slowly moved toward Mum until I was beside her, standing at the end of the room where everyone could see us. I felt embarrassed but really excited at the same time. Mum whispered to me, “Are you okay with this?” I gave a quick nod.

“Would you mind indulging us for a moment?” Mum said aloud to the whole room.

There were lots of confused looks, but everyone was keen to see what Mummy was about to do.

She turned back to me. “Now then, Poppy, why don’t you go ahead and take your clothes off for us, there’s a good girl.”

Kiki spoke up. “Whatever this is, Heather, let me just say that I approve of it.”

“So do I,” said Nicole.

Silence fell on the room as I began to undress. One by one, my pieces of clothing dropped to the floor. It was awkward at first, but I could tell that everyone really wanted to see me naked, and that made it a lot of fun. I’m stripping, I told myself. I’m stripping for a roomful of sexy lesbians. How hot is that?

Finally, I slowly worked my panties down, flipped them away with my foot and stood there naked while everyone had a good long look at me. I noticed Lilly reaching down for my damp knickers, picking them up and pressing them over her nose and mouth, then taking a long, deep breath. What a sight that was, my seven-year-old little sister smelling my pussy and loving it.

That really had me going, but I nearly came where I stood when Mum reached across and cupped my tittie, moving her hand around in circles to tease the nipple. “You know, I think they’ve grown a little,” she said to nobody in particular.

I didn’t know what to say, so I just kept quiet. I didn’t want to do anything that might make her stop.

“I think they’re lovely as they are,” said Nicole.

Kiki came over and ran her hand over my bum. “Me, I love this cute little bottom the best,”  she said. “It’s just scrumptious.”

For the next couple of minutes I stood quietly while the grownups checked out and discussed my body. They would fondle and caress me and say stuff like, ‘Ooh, touch her here,’ then I’d feel a hand exploring me. Nicole even stroked my pussy and remarked on how wet it was. The girls were watching this, some of them touching themselves, or each other. By then I was so wet that I could feel it oozing down my legs.

I was starting to wonder if we were about to start another big sex party right then and there instead of leaving for Kiki’s place, but then Mum stepped away and announced, “Right then, time to go. Poppy, you’ll be riding with me.”

Like I said, I’d already figured out Mum’s plan, but it still shocked me. “What, like this?”

Mum laughed. “Not quite like that, you’d better put your boots back on.”

Everyone else laughed too, but I found myself feeling a bit panicky. Was Mum really going to take me to Kiki’s completely naked? Okay, I’d told my mother that I liked the idea of being the only one naked around other women and girls, but I didn’t expect to be taking things this far, this soon.

On the other hand, I wasn’t going to let the others see me being scared. I put my ankle boots on, then stood by the door squeezing Mum’s hand.

Mum wasn’t fooled by the brave face I put on. Knowing how nervous I felt, she did her best to soothe me. “Poppy, I’ve got everything we need in the bag, and I’ll keep your coat to hand. If anything happens, just put it on quickly and do it up. It’s a bit cold out, but I’ve already warmed the car up for you. Henri and Lottie are going to let us know when the coast is clear, then you can go and get in the car. Okay?”

I was trembling inside, but managed a smile. “Okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m a little scared, yeah… but I trust you, Mum. And my pussy is wet — that’s a good sign, right?”

“Ha ha, yeah, it is a good sign.”

Everyone was gathered in the hallway listening to all this. Henri said, “Well, you’re making me wet, Poppy. God, you are so fucking sexy.” Then she gave me a deep, passionate kiss, fondling my bare bum while we embraced. When she finished, the others all offered words of encouragement.

Lilly looked a bit worried, though. “Are you really going out like that, with no clothes on?”



It was Mum who answered. “Because it will give her a thrill, honey. You see, Poppy likes the idea of being naked in public… and this is a safe way for her to try it, with us here to help her.”

Lilly gave a firm nod. “Well, I want to help her. What can I do?”

“Um, well, you and Evie have a very important job. You have to carry Poppy’s coat, and ride in the back of the car with her. If something happens, you two help her get into her coat and covered up.”

“We can do that!” said Evie.

Lilly took my coat from Mum, then turned to Evie, “You want to be the one to hold it?”

“Let’s hold it together,” Evie said, gazing at my sister with adoring eyes.

They both took hold of the coat each and stood ready, suddenly aware that everyone was watching them.

“What?” asked Lilly.

Mum laughed. “Nothing, you two are just adorable, that’s all. Right, shall we go?”

Evie and Lilly stayed with me, as did Kiki, who had the keys to lock up. Nicole and Mum got into their cars and started them up while Henri and Lottie stood at the end of the drive to see if any of the neighbours were about. We’ve got a driveway for two cars, but Mum’s was out on the road. I’d have to walk thirty feet or so to get to the car, and it was cold outside!

When I saw Lottie waving at me that the coast was clear, I walked to the car. I was tempted to run but I didn’t want to fall over. Besides, I was enjoying it. Somehow, the excitement I felt drove my fears away as I strode confidently down the driveway, completely starkers but for my boots.

The cold was horrible, but other than that the short walk from my house to the car was utterly thrilling. The car was lovely and warm, and as we set off Lilly remembered the job Mum had given her. She said to me, “Are you okay?”

Feeling a sudden surge of love for my little sister, I gave her a brief but very hot tongue kiss, then turned to Evie and gave her one, too. Their little mouths were so sweet that I was tempted to make love to them both right there in the back seat, but I knew that wasn’t a good idea. Instead, I smiled and said, “Thank you both for your help. It was a lot easier, knowing you were there with me.” That wasn’t exactly true, but it made them happy so I figured it was okay.

The trip to Kiki’s only took ten minutes. Her driveway is hidden from the road, so I had no problem walking the few steps to the house. It was Mia and her family’s first time there, so Kiki and Henri took them on the same tour I got. By the time it ended in the pool room with the glass walls opening and closing, Nicole and the girls were just as gobsmacked as I was when I first saw it.

I’d got used to being naked by then, but loved the way everyone would look at me now and then. I’d spy someone glancing between my legs or staring at my boobies. I liked it, just the way I’d hoped. Being naked while everyone else was dressed made me feel warm, fuzzy and very aroused – so much that I was getting more and more interested in the others taking their clothes off!

As you can imagine, all the girls wanted to jump straight in the pool, but our mums made us wait until after we’d eaten. We went into the big main room, with Mia and me on one sofa and Henri and Lottie on the other. The adults were in the kitchen, sitting around the island while Kiki got lunch ready. I noticed that Mum had Evie on her lap, while Lilly nestled in Nicole’s lap. Both girls looked happy to be getting cuddles; they were probably being fondled, too.

Mia chatted for a bit, then we started kissing. Since I was still naked, that meant that Mia had easy access to me, and it wasn’t long before her hand slipped between my legs. I shifted to get more comfortable, noticing that Henri and Lottie were also kissing.

I sat back and relaxed while Mia kissed my neck, then my nipples while she was masturbating me. I got close to coming when she suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

She glanced toward the kitchen. “Um… this is okay for us to do, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is. Watch…” Sitting up a bit, I shouted, “Hey, Mum? Is it okay if Mia and me fuck?”

Everyone burst out laughing, and Mia went bright red. “I can’t believe you said that!” she groaned, snatching up a throw pillow to cover her face.

It was Kiki who answered. “Poppy, darling… in this house, the answer to that question is always yes.”

More laughter, then Kiki continued. “Honestly, it’s okay. You girls can make love wherever and whenever you like. If you’d rather be alone, you can use one of the bedrooms, including my room. I’d be delighted to go to bed later and find my sheets perfumed with the scent of young girls’ pussies.” That got a few laughs, along with a cheer or two.

I regretted shouting out like that. Mia was clearly embarrassed, and I didn’t intend to upset her. She was fine, though – Kiki had picked up on those awkward feelings, and her softly spoken words were just what Mia needed to hear.

I was coming to love Kiki and Henri a whole heck of a lot. It was sisterly love, though, not romantic like what I felt with Mia. Well, when I say sisterly, I mean sisters that I have sex with, of course. Then again, maybe I did love them all in a romantic way, even Mum and Lilly… or was that mostly lust? It was a confusing mix of feelings… but all good ones, so I didn’t see it as much of a problem.

“I hate to be a party pooper, but lunch is ready… so fun and games will have to wait,” said Mum, and we got up and made our way to the dining table.

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  1. Kim & Sue says:

    Yet another wonderful fun chapter. Loved the morning after and Alice’s nudity.

    I was coming to love Kiki and Henri a whole heck of a lot. It was sisterly love, though, not romantic like what I felt with Mia. Well, when I say sisterly, I mean sisters that I have sex with, of course. Then again, maybe I did love them all in a romantic way, even Mum and Lilly… or was that mostly lust? It was a confusing mix of feelings… but all good ones, so I didn’t see it as much of a problem.

    We don’t see much of a problem either, and are looking forward to the next chapter.

    • Kim & Sue says:

      Sorry,I meant Poppy, not Alice. I got the stories mixed up for a moment, then forgot to change it. My bad, but, Joe, it’s a great chapter, love a little public nudity.


      I told her so, and I love some public nudity also, how great would it be to get a glimpse at a girl Poppy’s age naked outdoors.


      • Joe Dornish says:

        Haha, it’s fine, I knew you meant Poppy.
        Re the public nudity, it’s one of those things I never planned, the character of Poppy just sort of developed that way as I was writing. It’s a wonderful feeling when characters take their own path as you write and, even as the author, you’re surprised by the result.
        I can assure you there a few more surprises from Poppy yet to come!
        Thank you for all the lovely comments, it’s heart warming.

  2. Steve says:

    Love this story poppy has to be a wonderful girl if real

  3. cherryco says:

    ANOTHER awesome chapter!? Yeah, I’m down with that. Good job!!

  4. David says:

    Very erotic chapter Joe. Well written and detailed as usual. The public nudity part was very hot. I had to wonder how many of the neighbors might have seen her through their windows and thinking how hot Poppy is, just like the rest of us know. Hot to think a girl her age would go out naked like that!

  5. Diana D says:

    I’m absolutely loving this story, Joe. Great job! I’m looking forward to reading more about Poppy and all her lovers.

  6. Jay Denton says:

    Being an exhibitionist like my mum, I can totally relate to how Poppy was feeling. I love nothing more than to be out and about wearing little or nothing. We often go out with very little on and dare each other to reveal more and more. Such a scrumptious feeling, to know that people could see us if we allowed it.

  7. Kim & Sue says:

    Lilly looked a bit worried, though. “Are you really going out like that, with no clothes on?”


    Yes that was a great part of this last chapter, then you outdid yourself again in chapter 13

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