A Mother’s Plea, Chapter 4

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Note from JetBoy: Since it’s been a while since we’ve had a new chapter of this story, we think a recap is needed for those who have already read the first three parts. If you have yet to sample this sexy little tale, leave this page and start “A Mother’s Plea” at the beginning, so as not to get hit by spoilers. For the rest of you…

Kim is a closeted fifth-grade teacher with a hopeless attraction to one of her students, an eleven-year-old named Chelsea. She assumes that nothing will ever come of her secret longing, so it’s a shock when the girl’s mother Karen comes to her with a very unorthodox request: she wants Kim to make love to her daughter. Kim resists at first, but is too tempted to say no. She meets with Karen to lay plans for Chelsea’s seduction, and they end up having sex themselves. Karen admits that she, too, feels desire for her little girl. Kim’s plans for her weekend getaway with Chelsea nearly founder when a family crisis occurs, but she manages to make things right. They arrive and get their holiday off to a perfect start, drifting right away into making love. And now… Chapter Four!


By 3 Fingers Neat

The best part of waking up isn’t always about coffee. Some mornings are made perfect by who you wake up next to.

On Saturday morning, I opened my eyes to see a beautiful eleven-year-old girl lying beside me — my new lover, Chelsea. Her long blonde hair spilled over the pillow, framing her angelic face. The soft light, filtered through the curtains, bathed her neck and shoulders in an amber glow.

The covers were pulled down just enough to expose the child’s budding breasts. I studied the pink nubs of her nipples, curious to see if any traces remained of the many kisses I had given them last night. I saw none, but the memory of feeling them between my lips gave me a delicious shiver. Chelsea shifted slightly, bringing her warm body closer to mine. For an instant I wondered if she was awake, but her deep, steady breathing made it clear that she was still lost in slumber.

I thought back on the circumstances that had brought us together like this. How Karen, Chelsea’s mother, saw and recognized the desire that I felt for her daughter — perhaps because she, too, held a secret longing for the child — then offered her to me as a potential lover. Now Chelsea and I lay nestled together in the cozy warmth of my bed, having spent the previous evening naked, exploring every nook of each other’s bare body. Today would be a continuation of our journey, spent immersing ourselves in this deep and magical love we’d come to share.

My eyes were drawn once more to Chelsea’s nipples. I noted they were erect, and wondered if that was due to the attention I’d given them last night, or because she was having an exciting dream. I leaned forward, taking care to not shake the bed, and lightly traced around her left nipple with the tip of my tongue. Parting my lips, I kissed the tender nub, then sucked Chelsea’s nipple into my mouth. I felt her arch towards me, and heard a soft whimper. I didn’t look up to see if my poppet had awakened, just continued to pleasure her.

When I felt Chelsea’s fingers  in my hair, I let my hand trail down her body, over the tummy and further. Her legs parted, giving me full access to her pussy. My middle finger slid between her tiny labia, then I heard the child sigh. Releasing her left nipple with a smack of my lips, I shifted to the right one, which Chelsea presented to me, turning her body slightly. As I took this new prize into my mouth, I slowly eased that stroking finger into my young lover’s cunt. Her entire body lifted up from the bed and she cried out loud.

My lips released Chelsea’s nipple, then sought out her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. As my tongue toyed with hers, I slowly but firmly fucked her with my finger. I knew when she was about to come, because she stopped kissing me and moaned into my mouth.

Her orgasm washed over her like waves, Chelsea’s body rising and falling with the rhythm of my finger plunging into her pussy. I kept going, too, until the sensations were too much for her and she begged me to stop.

“No more! Please, stop!” I raised my head, and she sank back into the pillow. “Oh, my. Wow…” was all my precious love could get out.

She rallied quickly, though. Throwing both arms around my neck, Chelsea attacked my lips with a long, deep kiss. As we made out, I wrapped my own arms around her and rolled onto my back, pulling this luscious sprite on top of me, cupping her cute little-girl bottom.

As we broke our kiss, Chelsea propped herself up on her elbows so she could peer into my eyes.

“I think I like waking up with you. That was fun!”

“I like waking up with you, too,” I said, giving her a quick kiss on her nose.

“It’s my turn now,” she said.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Something we did last night. I liked it when you played with my bottom.”

“Oh! Aren’t we the big girl? You want to play with my hot, sexy ass?”

“Yup! Roll over,” my bossy little girl instructed.

One of my favorite things about Chelsea is her confidence and determination. When she wants something, she goes after it, in her schoolwork and on the soccer pitch. Lucky for me, that same attitude had found its way into our loveplay.

I flipped over onto my tummy as Chelsea scooted behind me.

“Is this how you want me, Mistress?” I said as I raised my hips so my ass was inches from her face.

“Perfect,” I heard her murmur as I felt her hands gently spread my cheeks apart. I closed my eyes, heart racing in anticipation of my eleven-year-old lover’s next move.

Last night, I had shown Chelsea just how much fun it is to have your ass played with. She was a little squeamish when I first licked her rosebud, but the sensations she felt quickly overcame her misgivings. Later, after considerable preparation, I showed her how good a finger feels when it slowly enters your rectum. Anal play is one of my favorite kinds of sex, but I know it isn’t for everyone. Chelsea, however, seemed to take to it quickly. Her desire to return the favor this morning made that all too clear.

“Now, tell me if I do something you don’t like,” she said, much like I had instructed her the night before.

I felt a cool, focused breath of air caress my anus. The sensation was unexpected. I hadn’t shown her that.

“Ooh, I made it crinkle,” she giggled.

I spread my knees far apart as they could go, opening myself up to Chelsea’s tongue, then moaned soft and low when I felt her warm, soft tongue begin to slowly rim my asshole. It was lovely, but I longed for her to go deeper, to penetrate me. I wanted to feel her tongue inside my ass.

“Chelsea, please don’t stop,” I begged.  I reached down to finger my pussy as Chelsea continued to lick and kiss my anus. The more excited I got, the more I managed to relax, and soon I felt a very insistent tongue enter my rectum.  I was rubbing my clit as hard as I could as the pleasures of being ass-fucked by my lover’s tongue overwhelmed me.

My orgasm was fast and almost unbearably intense. I was surprised that Chelsea was able to keep her face buried between my cheeks, given the jerking of my hips as I lost control to the spasms of ecstasy that were coursing through my body. Throughout my climax I felt Chelsea’s hands clutching my hips, so she could keep rimming me.

Exhausted, but still hungry for more, I rolled onto my back and pulled Chelsea on top of me. Her mouth found mine and I sampled my essence on her lips and tongue. The passion of her kisses told me she enjoyed the taste as much as I did. Finally, we tapered off and relaxed, enjoying a few moments of light, playful kisses as I hugged Chelsea as closely as I possibly could. These last twenty-four hours had been the fulfillment of a dream, a dream I could barely believe had come true.

Chelsea raised herself up on an elbow and asked, “Did you like that… me licking your bottom?”

I laughed. “Can’t you tell? A woman doesn’t get to come like that every day. I loved it!”

“I can’t believe how much I got excited, doing that. I probably oughta think it’s dirty, but you liked it so much… and I really liked when you did it to me, so I just went with it. I mean, I can taste you back there, but it didn’t gross me out.  I even kinda liked it. Is that bad?”

“No, Chels. It’s not bad. I’m guessing that licking me back there — it’s called rimming, by the way — seems especially naughty to you, right?” Chelsea hesitantly nodded. “Well, when it comes to sex there’s something about being especially wicked about these kinds of things that makes it more fun.” I paused to glance at the clock on my nightstand. “Now I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely famished. We didn’t stop to eat last night. Let’s go make breakfast.”

“Omigod! I know! I am soooo hungry. And because no one else is here, we don’t even have to get dressed!”

So we didn’t. It must have been our hunger that kept us focused on fixing breakfast, instead of making love right there on the dining room table. I did enjoy watching Chelsea dance around the kitchen in her panties. In fact, I did succumb to her girlish charms a couple of times. First, I knelt between her legs, tugged those cute panties down to her knees,  and teased her clit with my tongue — taking her to the brink of orgasm, but not all the way. She frowned and called me a “big meanie,” but then giggled. The second time I gave in to desire was while Chelsea was cutting cantaloupe. Her fingers were covered in the sweet juices, which she smeared over her vulva, then leaned back against the counter, inviting me between her parted thighs to taste. I don’t think I’ll ever again be able to eat cantaloupe without remembering that moment.

When we sat down to eat our breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fried eggs, cantaloupe and strawberries, we were so hungry that we focused on our plates for a long while. When Chelsea finally glanced up, she caught me staring at her. She was so adorable, sitting there with just panties on, and I couldn’t stop looking at her tiny breasts and pink nipples.

“Kim, my eyes are up here,” she joked. “Do you like what you see, then?”

I gave a blissful sigh. “Darling, I love everything about you, but your little boobs drive me crazy. I’m wondering what they’d taste like with syrup on them.”

Chelsea immediately reached for the syrup pitcher, lifted above her chest, then poured a small stream of the amber fluid onto her breasts and nipples.

“Better hurry and lick it up before it drips onto the chair,” she said.

Kneeling by Chelsea’s side, I eagerly licked and sucked the syrup off her chest. We giggled at the absurdity of it, until I felt her hands in my hair and heard her moan. My kisses then became tender as, once again, I was teasing my little one to orgasm. Lightly biting each nipple in turn, my right hand slipped into Chelsea’s panties to finger her clit and pussy. She climaxed in a small shudder that ended when she hugged me to her.

“Kim, I love you so much,” she whispered, her lips brushing my neck. I can’t believe how good you make me feel.”

“Chelsea, I feel the same way. I’ve never been happier in my life.”

I knelt on the floor, gazing up at my lover. I realized at that moment that I would never know a passion like this ever again. Chelsea’s eyes shone with adoration. I rested my head against her chest as she cradled me to her and stroked my hair. We didn’t need words to tell each other how we felt.

Our moment of tenderness was interrupted by a buzz from Chelsea’s phone, which she’d left on the counter. I leaned back so she could jump up, run over to grab it and read the message.

“It’s from Mom! Oh, no…” She shook her head, making a face. “Dad got called to go to Chicago today, so she’s taking him to the airport so he can fly out. She said there’s a big problem at their office there that he needs to go fix. Wow, that sucks.”

“Oh, that is bad.. I know how much your mother was looking forward to a nice weekend away with your dad.”

“I know. She’s been talking about it for weeks.”

We looked at each other and both started to smile as we were hit by the same thought.

“Kim,” Chelsea said softly. “Can we… d’you think we could maybe invite Mom to come up and stay with us tonight? Do you think she’d want to do that?”

“Chelsea, I think she’d love that. Um, are you suggesting that we…?”

She was nodding vigorously. “Yeah! We should ask her to join us.”

“In bed, you mean? Well, yes, we could. Are you ready for that? It’s a big step to take.”

“It’s what I’ve wanted for the longest time. I love my mom, and I want to make her happy. The only thing is, I don’t know if I can… y’know, be the one to, um…”

“You feel too shy to make the first move. Is that what you’re trying to say?”

“Yeah, I guess. What if she says no?”

“Chelsea, she won’t say no. Your mom’s already told me several times how much she wants to make love to you.”

My little love hugged herself, staring into the distance with dreamy eyes. “Wow… my own mom wants to do sex things with me. How awesome is that?”

“Oh, we’re definitely doing this. You go shower, and I’ll call her up while you’re getting ready.”


With that, Chelsea jumped up and raced off to the bathroom. When I heard the door close and water start running, I picked up the phone and dialed up Karen.

She answered right away. “Hello?”

“Hello, Karen. It’s me, Kim.”

“Hi, Kim. How are you? Are you guys having a fun weekend? Chelsea probably told you that we’re cutting ours short. Jim has to go to Chicago. Big problems there that they need him to straighten out, damn it all.”

“Yeah, she told me. Chelsea and I are having a great time. In fact, it is everything I hoped it would be. And, I suspect, everything you hoped it would be.”

“Oh, my. That’s wonderful. So… you two have already…”

“We have. Tell me this, Karen: what are you going to do now? Are you heading back home after dropping Jim off?”

“I guess so. Not much point in puttering around this fancy hotel on my own. But enough about me. What about you and my little girl? I’m dying to know, oh, everything. Have you–”

“Listen, Karen, that’s why I called. Why don’t you come up here and stay the night with Chelsea and me?”

There was a prolonged silence on the phone, and I waited for a response before saying anything. Finally, she murmured, “Kim, are you asking me what I think you are?” She was trying to remain calm, but I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Yes, I am. Chelsea and I have talked about it and she wants to… how to say this? She wants to make love to her mother. She wants it more than anything.”

“Are you sure? Is she sure? I mean, this isn’t something we can undo.”

“Karen, your daughter and I both know what we want, and that’s for you to be here with us. . I can tell you that your little girl is amazingly passionate. We only stopped making love to sleep and eat breakfast. I lost count of all the times we’ve made each other come. Like I said, it’s been everything I hoped it would be. All that we’re missing to make the experience complete is you.”

“Oh. My. God. Yes! Of c-course!” she stammered. “I’ll drive up today. Let’s see. It’s eleven now. I’m dropping Jim off at two and will come up right after that. With traffic, I can be there at about four. Will that work?”

“That’ll be great. It doesn’t sound like you’ve allotted any time for lunch, so we’ll have dinner ready when you get here. Chelsea and I have discovered that we like cooking together.”

“Okay. I’m hanging up now. I’ve got to get Jim to the airport. I’ll see you at four. Oh, and, Kim…”


“Thank you. This wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you.”

“I’m the one who should be grateful, Karen. You and your daughter have changed my life.”

“I can’t wait to get there. Bye.”

We hung up just as I heard the water shut off in the bathroom. Hastening down the hall, I  knocked on the bathroom door.

“Don’t get out of the shower yet. I’m coming in.” I opened the door, entered, and stripped off my panties. Chelsea was standing in the big walk-in cubicle, drying herself off. Plucking the towel from her hands and tossing it on the bathroom floor, I stepped in and turned the water back on.

“Darling, I just remembered… I need someone to wash my back,” I said as I hugged and kissed her beneath the cascading water.

Chelsea returned my kiss with a hunger that made my head spin, then broke away, her eyes dancing with excitement. “So, did you talk to Mom? Is she — is she coming?”

“I did speak with her, and she’ll be here later today,” I replied.

“YES!” cried my little lover, thrusting her fists skyward. “Ooooh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!” She threw both arms around my waist, her beaming face nearly touching mine. “Does she know about us?”

“I didn’t go into detail, but yes, your mother knows that we made love… and she’s absolutely fine with it. Let’s talk about her later, though. Right now, there’s a certain young girl I want to play with.”

With a happy sigh, Chelsea stood on tiptoe to kiss me, and I closed my eyes, letting myself melt into her sweet embrace. I felt her hands begin to move — stroking my back, slipping down to cup and fondle my ass, then the left hand embarked on a solo mission that ended up between my legs, two fingers gliding through the hot, dripping flesh she found there.

I returned the favor, reaching down to lightly caress my precious eleven-year-old’s slit, feeling her tremble against me. Within seconds she and I were masturbating one another, that lovely heat rising inside me all over again.

Just as I sensed my orgasm drawing near, something occurred to me, and I pulled away.

Chelsea’s dazed expression instantly became a pout. “What?” she demanded. “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s not make each other come, sweetheart,” I told her. “We should save that for when your mom gets here.”

She started to protest, paused to think, then said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s more fair that way, huh?”

“I’d say so,” I replied. “But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t kiss.”

“Sounds good to me,” Chelsea said, her high spirits returned. Before I knew it, her tongue was in my mouth.

Currently in the works: Chapter Five!


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  1. John says:

    Better and better!

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    OMG! so good! loved this exciting chapter. another awesome addition 3 Fingers Neat!

    From the lovely early morning awakening of Chelsea by her teacher and new ardent lover,Kim, and the ensuing delicious sex they enjoyed, to the near naked breakfast fun they ate up with delight, the relationship between teacher and student now lovers is blossoming very nicely indeed!…And just like Kim I’ll never eat cantaloupe again without thinking of Chelsea dribbling some of the juices on her cute girlish boobies!:)
    Mmm, so good!

    Can’t hardly wait for the next exciting chapter, 3 Fingers Neat! what will it be like when mum Karen arrives? will it be awkward, a bit embarrassing?, or will it be something so amazing and liberating…we shall see, we shall see!

    Thanks, 3 fingers Neat, for writing and posting this chapter…great job!


  3. Joe says:

    I so love this story. I can picture everything in my mind as I read it. The passion and excitement both Kim and Chelsea have is unbelievable.

    So looking forward to the continuation of the passion and so curious just how wild it will be when Karen joins them.

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    We went back and skimmed through the previous chapters. It had been awhile and a review definitely had us primed for this chapter.

    Loved the honeymoon feel of the lovers waking up together and getting right to the sex. The syrup breakfast, was yummy, as was Chelsea’s idea of having Mom, Karen join in the fun. We are so ready for the next chapter.

    “Ooh, I made it crinkle,” she giggled.

    Mh, yes indeed. Well worth the wait 3fingersneat.

    Kim & Sue

    • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Hey Kim!

      Chelsea raised herself up on an elbow, and asked “Did you like that…me licking your bottom?”

      I laughed. “Can’t you tell? A woman doesn’t get to come like that every day. I loved it!”

      loved that expression, “crinkle”. brilliant of 3 Fingers Neat!

      and yes, what a honeymoon Kim and Chelsea ( and Karen,too, perhaps! )would have…

      say ‘hey’ to Sue for me…stay well, stay safe!


    • 3FingersNeat says:

      “Honeymoon feel”. Those weren’t the words I thought but exactly what I was after. Thank you for putting the words to my thought. And, I like the playful feel of the “crinkle” comment. It made the moment feel real, when I wrote it.

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    Wow 3FN, that was on hot sex filled chapter, Kim and Chelsea seem to be insatiable and now they are going to include Karen. Next chapter should be even hotter. I love your attention to detail and how well written your stories are. Thanks for the flashback JetBoy, it did help get my mind remembering the earlier chapters. I read so many of the stories in here that I can easily get confused.

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    This was worth the 4-month wait.

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    OMG we have been waiting for momma Karen to join the fun! Hopefully there will be several chapters with three of them passionately loving each other with complete abandon to exhaustion. Such a beautiful story.

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    Thank you for the excellent recap of the prior chapters. You do a fantastic job curating this site. The next chapter is progressing great. Chelsea and her Mom are finally going to have their moment. I am taking my time to give their connection the respect it deserves. Thank you for all your assistance.

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    So che questi racconti sono di fantasia. Vengo a leggerli per soddisfare la mia voglia di fare cose proibite. So che non avrò mai il coraggio di baciare e fare all’amore con la mia sorellina, lei ha solo otto anni ma sono già tre mesi che so che si tocca. La scoprii tre mesi fa quando la sentii ansimare nel buio della nostra cameretta, da allora tendo sempre le orecchie e spesso la sento. Mi vergognerei da matti se tentassi con lei e, come credo non pensa alle ragazze quando si tocca. Anch’io alla sua età pensavo ai maschi, ma poi una vicina mi “insegnò” l’amore diverso mi rivolsi alle ragazze.Ho 17 anni e so che figuraccia farei in famiglia se lei non lo volesse fare allora me la sogno e mi masturbo pensando di fare tutte quelle cose belle e che leggo qui.

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    I know these tales are fictional. I come to read them to satisfy my desire to do forbidden things. I know that I will never have the courage to kiss and make love with my little sister, she is only eight years old but I have already known that she touches herself for three months. I discovered her three months ago when I heard her panting in the dark of our bedroom, since then I have always been listening and I often hear her. I would be ashamed if I tried with her and, as I think, she doesn’t think about girls when she touches herself. At her age I too thought about boys, but then a neighbor “taught me” different love I turned to girls. I’m 17 and I know what a fool I would do in the family if she didn’t want to, then I dream about it and masturbate thinking about doing all those beautiful things and that I read here.

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