Adventure in the Bush, Chapter 6

  • Posted on August 19, 2023 at 3:48 pm

by kinkychic and kinky’s_sis

My heart was in my throat as the passengers streamed from Susy’s plane. Why is the one you’re dying to see always the last to emerge? It was ages before I spotted her trundling her suitcase through the gate.

“Maddie!” she cried. Rushing to the barrier she leaned across to hug me. When we parted, I held a single rose up for her. Then we were both sobbing and kissing, totally oblivious to anyone and everything.

She gave me a quizzical look when we got to the car. “No, I didn’t win the lottery,” I said. “It’s a hire car.”

“You thought of everything,” she said, hoisting her suitcase. “Where should I put this?”

When her case was stowed away in the boot, I said, “Now concentrate, and help me get out of this place so I end up going the right way on the M25.”

Coincidences don’t come much bigger. Turns out that Chloe and Jenny were on her flight, too. After learning her name, Chloe had asked if she was “Maddie’s Susy.”

Susy knew right away what Chloe meant. It had stopped her dead, but she answered, “Yes, I guess I am,” feeling puzzled for a moment before she realised whom she was speaking to. “Ah, yes… you’re the one on the flight crew who Maddie got to know so well,” she told Chloe with a smile. “Right, she did tell me about that.” They shared a laugh.

“I’m sure Chloe would have loved to spirit me into the loo for a quick fuck,” Susy said as I maneuvred the car out of the airport parking lot. “But she behaved herself, and we chatted for a while. I liked her quite a lot. Oh, and the attendant named Jenny asked me to send Lucy her love, along with, and I quote, a ‘sexy French kiss’. She paused. “Is there, um, something I should know about that?”

I explained how Jenny and my sister had hooked up on both our flights, then again when Lucy went to her place for the weekend.

“That girl… she’s a genuine firework,” Susy said admiringly. “By the way… did you tell your mum about us?”

“Yes,” I said. “And it was so totally amazing in the end. Everything came out. You and me, the two of us with Lucy, Lucy with me, even Lucy and Jenny.”

“And she didn’t have a conniption, like you thought she would?”

“No, not at all. But you want to know the best bit? Mum’s got a date coming to dinner tonight. A woman! Julie’s her name, and she’s soooo fucking hot.”

“Oh my God! No way!”

“Hold on, there’s more. Lucy’s old girlfriend Katie is coming with her new girlfriend, Megan. We haven’t met her yet. Which of course leaves one problem: Lucy. She’ll be odd man out.”

“Oops, shit! What do we do?”

“Well, I’m sorta hoping that Katie might be able to convince Megan to invite Lucy in with them, make it a threesome. If not, then I guess it’s gonna have to be you and me taking care of her.”

“Er, Maddie… are you suggesting that this is going to be some kinda orgy? I thought it was just a dinner party.”

“Mum’s not planning on an orgy, I’m sure, but I just have a feeling things might go that way. Katie and Megan are staying over, so are you, and Mum’s date probably will be, too. That’s a lot of gay women and girls under one roof. Mum says she’s bisexual, but this party just might convert her to full-on lesbian.”

Susy shook her head, clearly awed. “Bloody hell, Maddie… you’re a bold one, I’ll say that!”


Dinner was wonderful. Julie was one of the funniest, most charming ladies I’ve ever met. Mum hung on her every word. God, she looked so happy.

Megan was delightful. Just as quiet as Katie to begin with, but a glass of wine had loosened her up.

After the meal was over, Julie stood and proposed a toast. “To you beautiful girls, my lovely Rosie…” She paused to blow a kiss to Mum, “and not a man in sight!”

The lights were turned down and Julie selected an Al Green CD to play. Two more bottles of wine were opened, and glasses refilled.

Mum and Julie got up to dance first. I expected Mum to be somewhat embarrassed, but whether it was the wine she’d drunk or just letting herself go, she settled herself into it, wrapped up comfortably in Julie’s arms. Susy and I joined them on the floor. I was used to dancing to faster, more recent music, but it didn’t matter. We were happy.

Julie called out to the younger girls, “Come on, you three… join us! You can dance together.”

So they did. It was almost comical at first. The girls didn’t know what to do, but they soon worked up some sort of rhythm, all holding on to each other.

Lucy nodded toward Mum. My God – she and Julie were kissing! Nothing too passionate, just a lovely soft kiss that hinted at much more. Julie’s hands were gliding over Mum’s back. Fuck, it looked so hot.

“You want to kiss me, then?” asked Susy. I gave a bashful nod, and then we were buried deep in our own embrace, snogging for all we were worth..

I had my eyes closed, enjoying the moment, when Susy broke away. “Look,” she whispered. The three girls were taking turns kissing each other, each kiss lasting longer than the one before. Lucy had slipped a hand up inside Katie’s top, and was caressing the girl’s budding breasts.

“Your mum’s watching them,” Susy whispered.

Shit – she was! Mum’s eyes were wide as she stared at the girls, but I saw a little smile on her face. She was definitely enjoying the show! Then Mum looked towards me as she took Julie’s hand and guided it to her breast. The look on her face seemed to ask, May I? I winked my answer. Then she and Julie were kissing again, but with far more ardour.

The three younger ones flopped down on the sofa in a tangled heap. Their hands were freely exploring, clothes awry as they groped each other.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked Susy, nodding toward Mum, then the girls. “Not… uncomfortable or anything, right?”

She slowly shook her head, eyes burning with excitement. “Maddie, I’ve never seen anything so fucking hot. I mean, look at the girls… they don’t even care that we can see them. Oh, my – look, they’re already at each other’s pussies!”

I realised then that we four adults were watching the kids – supposedly dancing, but really only swaying in place while we took in the show. Julie had a hand pressed to the front of Mum’s skirt. I was clutching Susy’s arse, pulling her against me. We each had a leg pressed between each other’s thighs as we began to grind our bodies together.

From the corner of my eye, I saw something fall to the floor. It was Megan’s dress, and her panties soon followed. Katie was kissing her barely-there breasts, and Lucy was down between the preteen’s legs, face nestled in Megan’s sparse pubes. I could see my sister’s tongue, languidly toying with her new lover’s slit.

Julie and Mum had gone still. My mother’s mouth was hanging open, a mixture of expressions crossing her face. For a moment I thought she was going to put a stop to all this, then Julie drew her back into a kiss, and Mum submitted with a whimper.

I noticed that as their kiss grew hotter, Julie was deftly unfastening the buttons on Mum’s top. All of a sudden, before my mum was fully aware of what her lover was up to, Julie tugged my mother’s bra down and took a nipple into her mouth.

Mum gasped in shock. She looked incredibly nervous – in fact, she seemed to be on the verge of pushing Julie away and fleeing the room. She needs encouragement, I told myself.

Reaching for the hem of my top, I quickly pulled it over my head. My bra followed it to the floor. “Let’s make love now, Susy,” I said. “Mum’s freaking out – we’ve got to, to stop her from running away!”

“From her own fear, eh?” Susy gave me a merry smile. “You’re right… the poor creature must learn to survive in the wild.” And with that, she ducked down to nuzzle my bare breasts as Mum looked on with mixed emotions – first at us, then at Lucy and the others, who were struggling out of what was left of their clothes. Susy raised her arms, and I pulled off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and our breasts mashed together as we cuddled into another kiss.

More clothes went flying. By then, the youngsters were totally naked. Katie straddled Megan, scooting back until her pussy was inches from her friend’s face. Bending down, she and Lucy took turns licking Megan, sharing a messy kiss every now and then.

“Fuck!” Susy groaned, watching the hot sex action on the sofa while she wriggled the snug skirt I wore down over my hips, then unfastened her own with a flick, letting it drop. My panties were halfway down when her hand found my pussy.

The next time I opened my eyes I got a shock. Mum and Julie were naked, kissing and groping each other’s boobs while frantically engaging in mutual masturbation. I had just enough time to notice how beautiful they looked together before my thoughts were interrupted by a shriek.

It was Megan. Katie often squirts when she gets off, and now she was coming in Megan’s face, much to the girl’s surprise. Then Megan went quiet, and her own body began to shake. Lucy was bringing her off in a short but intense climax. Then the three of them collapsed in a heap together.

Julie was trying to coax Mum to the floor, but I could see her reluctance. So I sank down, pulling Susy with me, turning her around so we landed in a sixty-nine. I buried my face deep between her legs; her tongue danced over my clit. In our passion we rolled over, Susy ending up on top. I felt a leg at my side – Mum’s leg. I grabbed it with one hand, urging her down with us. Then I was lost to the world, buffeted by my own stormy climax.

I heard a scream, but it wasn’t me. Shit, it was Mum! We were coming at the same time. I was vaguely aware of three faces peering down at us, then I went over the edge. I couldn’t help it. I even forgot about licking Susy. It was Lucy who saved the day. She knew I was useless at the moment, so she thrust her face alongside mine – licking Susy’s clit, then driving two fingers into her pussy.

Just as my own climax began to subside, Susy’s began. She clawed at my legs, her lips buried in my pussy as she shook. Susy hardly ever shouts, but someone did. It was Julie. She was coming, too. She was coming on Mum’s fingers.

Gradually, we all returned to earth. Mum looked confused, Julie gleeful, the rest of us happy and spent. Only Lucy was dissatisfied. “We have a big sex party, and I don’t even get to come? Bollocks to that! Who’s gonna fuck me now?”

Mum’s hand shot to her mouth. “Lucy, whatever are you saying?”

She grinned back. “Do I have to spell it out?” She looked from one to the other of us. “I’ve already done it with Maddie, Susy and Katie, so that leaves Megan, Julie… or you, Mum. So who’s it gonna be?”

Julie glanced at Mum, who shook her head. “I – I couldn’t! You can’t ask me to do something like that, Lucy. It’s not right. I’m your mother, for God’s sake!”

Mum’s new lover, on the other hand, seemed utterly unfazed. Julie turned to Megan and said, “We can toss a coin for her, if you want. What d’you say?”

Perhaps frightened at being the centre of attention, Megan shook her head. Julie gave a huge grin. “Thank you, love.” Shifting her gaze to Lucy, she said, ”You’re all mine, then.”

Mum was stunned. “Julie?” she whispered, but her lover was already approaching Lucy, who looked as if she might swoon from sheer delight.

I beckoned Mum to join Susy and me. She meekly obeyed, and I sat her down between us. Katie and Megan went back to their seat and cuddled together. Julie was still on her knees. Lucy stood in front of her with both hands on her hips, swaying from side to side, a coy look on her face.

Mum gripped my hand. “I don’t want to look, b-but I can’t help it. For God’s sake, Maddie – she’s making love to my little girl! Should I… should I allow this to happen?”

I gave her arm a squeeze. “Mum, relax. Lucy knows what she’s doing.”

“More than I do,” Mum said, a touch of sadness in her voice.

Julie stared as Lucy fondled herself, making a show of it. Once again, I admired my little sister’s ability to tease a potential lover. She rubbed her little boobs, pausing to tug at the nipples, then reached down to stroke her tummy. She spun around and wiggled her arse, then reached back with both hands, clutching her buttocks, pulling them apart. Julie gasped at the sight of Lucy’s bumhole.

Lucy peered over her shoulder, transfixing Julie with a glance. “Lick,” she commanded.

Still kneeling, Julie shuffled forwards until her face met Lucy’s arse. We watched her tongue emerge, slipping into the crack, trailing up and down through the dark pink cleft before sliding down. Lucy bent over as Julie’s tongue found her bare pussy.

Mum clutched my hand tightly, pressing it into her lap. “Maddie, my God, my God,” she whispered. “I c-can’t believe this is happening!”

Lucy suddenly turned around, thrusting her pelvis into Julie’s face. Julie barely paused in her licking, delicately tracing my sister’s slit with the tip of her tongue.

Mum didn’t seem aware of it, but she was pushing my hand down between her legs. I didn’t know how to respond. Could this be turning her on? Meeting Susy’s eyes, I raised an eyebrow at her, Shit! She just shrugged, with an expression that seemed to say, What’s a girl to do?

I very slowly uncurled my fingers, feeling Mum’s pubes, which were somewhat matted with her wetness. She pressed harder, and so did I, allowing one finger to slide between her dewy lips.

Now Mum turned and stared at me, shaking her head no. But she still held my hand down there. And then another hand covered one of her breasts. It was Susy, cupping the creamy globe in her palm, a nipple bulging between her fingers.

Her eyes wide open, Mum turned to gape at Susy. She began to speak, but my lover put a finger to Mum’s lips. “Shush,” she said, then leaned in and kissed her.

Susy’s hand came down on top of Mum’s and mine, pressing them both against Mum’s very wet pussy. Mum was rigid, tight as a bow. As Susy persevered with the kiss, she began to move  our hands around, as if she was using them to masturbate my mother. I could feel Mum’s cunt beneath my fingers, felt her lips part to the touch, the erect nubbin of her clit against the tip of my finger.

I couldn’t restrain myself for one second longer. I began to pleasure my mother.

She shivered, a moan escaped her lips, then she was returning Susy’s kiss. She slowly fell backwards onto the carpet, pulling Susy with her, their mouths still together. Now they were kissing like passionate lovers.

I dropped to my knees, pushing Mum’s legs apart, taking a moment to marvel at the beauty of her cunt. My fingers trailed down from her clit, spreading the lips open. Then I slipped inside. Her hips slid towards me, and her pussy gobbled up my fingers. Bending down, I kissed her clit, my tongue flickering and teasing the swollen nub. Mum grasped my hair, pulling me into her.

I began to fuck her, quickly falling into a rapid tempo of thrusts and withdrawals. Her clitoris was a tiny erection between my lips, so lovely to suck on. Mum wrapped both legs round my back, almost squeezing the breath out of me.

I heard a wail. I couldn’t see, but I knew it was Lucy. Susy and Mum broke their kiss to look, then my mother’s body jerked violently as her own orgasm kicked in. Mum told me later that she was driven over the edge by the sight of her lover making Lucy come. Her hips bucked wildly as she stared at the ecstatic face of her younger daughter. “My baby,” she whispered. Then with a cry of “Oh my God, Maddie!” her climax reached its peak.

Suddenly Lucy was there, one arm around Susy, the other hugging Mum to herself.

Mum’s twined legs suddenly fell away, releasing me. I could breathe properly again. She pulled me to her, our lips met and she kissed me like a lover. Her tongue entered my mouth, and I tenderly sucked on it before she gently broke away, gazing into my eyes for the briefest moment before turning to kiss her other daughter. Lucy responded eagerly, kissing Mum hard and deep.

When they finally parted, Mum hugged us to her, openly crying, “You girls have made me do some very wicked things… and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. I love you all so much.” Smiling through her tears, she buried her lips in Lucy’s hair.

I hadn’t noticed Julie leaving the room, but then she arrived with a tray of glasses filled with wine. “I think you ladies need a drink.” We didn’t speak. What more was left for us to say? We each took glasses, then clinked them in a silent toast.

Katie and Megan were watching this, having finished their own fun. Julie served them each a glass of wine, “Would you girls like to show me your room?”

Exchanging quick glances, the girls grinned and reached out to her. Taking their hands, Julie led them to the stairs. They didn’t bother with their clothes, which were scattered about the room along with ours.

Mum was gobsmacked. “Well, I didn’t see that coming. Now what?”

Lucy spoke up at once. “We go to bed, Mum – your bed.”

“What, all of us?”

In unison, we answered, “Yeah.”

So upstairs we went  – a mother, her two daughters and the eldest daughter’s girlfriend, intent on another hour or two of hot, sweaty lesbian sex. We left our clothes behind, too.


Later, we returned to our own rooms to settle in for the night… unless we chose to fuck again, that is. Julie was in with Mum; Lucy, Katie, and Megan took the spare room with the double bed; and Susy and I retired to my room.

We climbed into bed and nestled together. I looked searchingly at Susy. “So… are you shocked by all of this?”

“Yes… well, no. With you and Lucy, I suppose I should’ve expected anything.” She giggled. “Who knew I’d be having it off with your mum, though?”

“But… you’re okay with our lifestyle? It doesn’t put you off?”

She smiled. “It doesn’t, not a bit. I’m in love with you, Maddie. I adore your family, and think your friends are amazing… but I love you most of all.”

“So you and me… ?” I let the question hang.

Susy rolled onto her back, pulling my body on top of hers. I could feel my thigh resting against her warm sex. “Yes, you and me,” she whispered. “For always.”

We sealed our love and our lives with a kiss.

The End


13 Comments on Adventure in the Bush, Chapter 6

  1. ClitLicker says:

    Brilliantly done ladies. A complicated sex scene excellently described and a happy ending that leaves me, for one, wanting more. I loved mum being seduced by the others. And the three youngsters – we all love girls of that age.

    Thank you.

  2. Erocritique says:

    Talk about ending a story with a bang!!! Wow!!! That was incredibly “kinky”. Nicely done ladies. I am disappointed that this story is over, but knowing that Captain Bren is soon to be sailing back into the queue definitely softens the blow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Captain Midnight says:

    An abrupt ending, but a winning one.

    Can Lucy get her own story later on, or a follow-up story about Maddie and Susy back in SA or perhaps in England?

    • kinkys_sis says:

      Lucy’s next adventure is now in its second chapter. We’re having great fun with this one. We’re back in Africa, but not the south. The only clue I’ll drop is ‘Sheba’. Another lot of research is involved, even had us checking out Bible references.

  4. CPJ says:

    What a hot story and so vivid! Definitely on my list of faves

  5. kinkys_sis says:

    Thank you guys, all of you.

    As for the Captain’s thoughts on a follow-up for Lucy or Maddie and Susy… we’re thinking about it, but no promises.

    PS. Having a fantastic summer holiday. I got my own bike leathers so Sis and I can get away from those that know we’re sisters. So wonderful to be able to just be ourselves.

  6. Carol Anne says:

    OMG ladies, that was another very erotic and well written chapter. I was right about the dinner going to be exciting, in my comment after the last chapter, but it turned out even better than I imagined. I am sorry to see that this story came to an end, but like the others that commented, I am thinking this is a good place for a spin off story. It could be about any of the characters and I know it will be exciting. Thanks ladies, you two work so well together!

  7. Dom_Inus59 says:

    Climactic end, literally, to a fast paced but most enjoyable story. I think a follow up on mum and how her new enlightenment changes her life would be very hot and give a lot of scope about new discoveries for a middle aged lesbian. I hope she stays with Julie though 🙂

    Enjoy the road trip girls … and the hot sex

  8. kinkychic and kinkys_sis says:

    It’s very remiss of us not to have mentioned the superb job that JetBoy did on this story. We’re sure he knows how much we appreciate it but it needs to be stated.

    We’re fortunate to have three editors. Our longer stories are sort of shared between JetBoy and our brilliant Jacqueline. BlueJean has done work on some of our shorter ones.

    We must be a nightmare for them. I write – on and on, with Sis throwing ideas at me, checking factual bits and ensuring I’ve explained things sufficiently so the reader will understand what I’m trying to convey.

    We do edit, several times, but nowhere near as well as the three mentioned. We are ever delighted with what they each do for us. We hope they never get fed up with our work.

    PS. Take your sea-sick pills, Captain Bren is about to set sail.

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