A Bordello in New Orleans, Chapter 3

  • Posted on July 11, 2022 at 3:10 pm

by Kinkychic

“So, my little one, you think you are ready?” Chantelle said.

“Yes, Madame,” I replied.

“Well, so do I. I shall soon have a pleasant surprise for you.”

She had been keeping me to herself for close to a month, and I was eager to begin my career in earnest.  I had grown impatient with learning to walk, speak, dress, and undress. Such things are secondary to the task of pleasuring women, and that, I believed, was not so complicated.

When the day arrived, however, I felt quite apprehensive. Chantelle would not tell me who the client was, only that she was a married lady with a liking for young girls and socially quite prominent, so that absolute discretion was essential. She did add that she thought I would like the woman, although, because I was expected to behave in a professional manner, my personal preferences were not at issue.

Our tête-a-tête was scheduled for the afternoon. I had on a new dress, undergarments and slippers, and my hair had been styled by one of the girls. The mirror revealed a stunning first-time whore. I was as ready as I would ever be.

It was with some trepidation that I softly knocked on the door. I heard the word “entrar,” so I knew my employer was Spanish. I opened the door and walked into the room – and almost immediately forgot everything I’d been taught. Not only was this woman astoundingly beautiful, but I recognised her at once. She was none other than the Governor’s wife, the Contessa. Prior to this moment, I had seen her only at a distance, and only a few times, at civil functions on the Plaza.

She waved a hand at me. “Parar ahí.” I stood before her, recovering my poise as she studied me, and assuming a subtle pose. Then I turned slowly about, all the while holding my head in place, fixing her with my gaze. Her eyes gleamed, and she smiled. “Magnifica, tan hermosa.

I had passed my first test. She had called me beautiful. “M… may I speak, Madame?”

Si. Sorry, I mean yes, you may. You will forgive me when I speak Spanish, but my English is good also.”

I could easily have spoken in Spanish to her. It was, after all, my second language, but Chantelle had told me to play the game and speak only in English. “My name is Francine, and I thank you for the compliment, but I am lucky. Madame is beautiful as well.” I meant every word. She must have been over forty, but she had that unique Spanish beauty heightened by a poise that comes only with breeding and culture.

I saw that she was delighted with my compliment. It was only when she clicked her fingers that I noticed the young girl who stood behind her. “Champagne for my guest please, Sofía. Then you may leave us.”

The girl gave me a quick, and as I would describe it, conspiratorial smile. Perhaps she was already well acquainted with her mistress’s inclinations. She poured me a flute full of the sparkling wine, topped off the Contessa’s glass, and with one last, mischievous smile at me, quietly left.

The Contessa gestured for me to sit beside her on the long chaise longue. She took my hand in one of hers. “Please be comfortable with me, and you may call me Anna. We are to be friends so you will speak as you please. There is no need to ask.”

She studied my face now I was closer to her. “Chantelle tells me you are not yet twelve. Can this be true? You look too beautiful to be so young.”

“Yes, it is true, Madame… Anna.”

The colour rose in her cheeks, but she was not blushing. She was burning with lust – lust for me. It crossed my mind that even as confident as she tried to sound, she herself was perhaps just as nervous as I. The realisation gave me courage. I put my glass down and slowly took hers from her hand, smiling my most beguiling smile. “Then perhaps you will kiss me, Anna,” I said “It is what you want most, I think.”

Her lips trembled slightly just before they touched mine. I kissed her with all of my newly taught skills, and I could feel the tension leaving her as she responded. My hands began to explore her. I caressed her arms, her back, and finally, the exposed tops of her breasts.

The bodice was too tight for my hand to slip inside. I broke the kiss and gently turned her away from me, reaching for the catches that ran down her back. As I unfastened them, I whispered in her ear, “An easier dress to remove would be more suitable next time, Anna. This one is making me wait too long to touch you as I long to do.”

She nodded just as my hands slipped inside her dress. I reached around her body and cupped both of her breasts, which were still well covered. She leaned back against me as I massaged and squeezed the firm globes. Her nipples responded to my touch, and her breathing quickened. Then her own hands came up and pressed mine through the dress.

She tilted her head to the side as I nuzzled her neck, little kisses here and there. She repeated my name as her passion mounted, and I was happy that I, a mere girl and a commoner, was mistress of this grand lady. It was what I had trained for – most of the time, at least.

I asked her to stand, and I pulled down her dress. There were several petticoats to be removed before I saw her drawers and the snow-white stockings held in place by pink ribbons.

She leaned back against me as I resumed my exploration of her breasts. She tried to turn around but I held her firm. “Not yet, my love.” I felt the soft skin of her tummy, tickled the dent of her navel, and continued down until I was inside her most intimate garment. A thick tangle of hair covered her pussy, which I tugged and twirled between my fingers.

She spread her legs, inviting me to descend even lower, but I resisted, teasing her. At last I turned her to face me, my lips once more seeking hers. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and her own came to meet it. Her arms enfolded me, and her hands tore at my clothes.

I pulled away and smiled at her. “You would like to see me – my young body?”

Forgetting herself, she hissed a breathless “Si!”

“Then you shall,” I said.

I led her to the bed and gently pushed her down. I had my first client, and it was a lady of distinction, never mind one so beautiful. I would give her an exhibition she would remember all her life. I was now thoroughly enjoying myself. I felt so very wicked, so very desirable, and yet dominant – and I sensed this was just what she hungered for.

Her expression, as she watched, revealed how she wanted me. Her lust was in the open. She even gasped several times as I gradually exposed myself to her.

When, at last, I stood naked before her, lazily fingering my pussy, she gave a whimper and extended a hand to me. I raised an eyebrow. “What is it, Anna? Do tell me what you want. I am but an innocent young girl, and I require instruction.”

“My God, Francine, stop teasing me! Never have I seen such a beautiful young body. You have driven me mad. I want you here in my arms. I want you to make love to me.”

I approached her slowly, with a most seductive gait. I put a finger to her lips, expecting her to kiss it, but instead she took it wholly into her mouth and sucked, tasting the flavour that lingered from my pussy.

I pushed her back until she lay flat on the bed, then climbed on top of her, my sharp little breasts pressed to her own, more ample spheres. Though I brushed her lips with mine, I did not stop for a kiss. Rather, I chewed at her neck and ears. When I reached her throat, she pushed her head deeper into the pillow and dug her fingers into my back.

I slid down until my face was buried in the valley between her breasts, my hands at either side, pressing them to my cheeks. I sucked her flesh, leaving a mark before moving on to her nipples. The brown rings that encircled them were pronounced and stood up from the surrounding whiteness, inviting me to take them into my mouth.

Her fingers hurt me, her nails gouging my back, but that only told me that I had her exactly where I wanted her.

She was a bit more ticklish than I, writhing and clenching her stomach as my tongue roved over her. I kissed along the waist-line of her drawers, my hands caressing her legs, one after the other. I felt the silkiness of her stockings, and then the soft, milky flesh of her thighs.

Pulling at the front of her final garment, I eased it down until I could bury my face in her thatch of hair. She raised her bottom just enough for me to remove it entirely. She was now quite naked, but for her stockings.

Her fingers clutched at the bedclothes as she watched me slowly lower my head. I stopped and waited. “Francine!” she begged.

I extended my tongue until the tip just grazed her lips. She raised her hips to me, but I pulled my head away, permitting only that feathery contact. I saw her pleading look, but still, only with the merest touch did my tongue travel along the ridges of her pussy.

She must have realised that I would continue to tease if she tried to force me. She relaxed slightly, leaving me to set the pace.

I spread her open with my fingers, breathing her heady aroma as I focused on her glistening hood. I glanced up as I extended my tongue, witnessing her anticipation. The thought crossed my mind that her clit was larger than Chantelle’s before, with a long soft, suck, I took it into my mouth.

She shrieked aloud, then let go with a stream of foul language, the likes of which I would never have expected from such a lady. Her hips pushed up to meet me, shaking as my tongue flicked at her. But I wanted to prolong her agony. Once more I pulled away and, taking hold of her legs and raising them high, I kissed and licked my way back down. My tongue skittered over her pussy as I went, but I continued downward until the twitching rosebud of her bumhole came within reach. I pressed into her centre, trying to enter, but only partially succeeding.

I left a finger there, continuing to press as I returned my attention to her pussy. My lips played with her clit once more, and the fingers of my free hand eased between her lips, delving deep inside.

Chantelle had taught me where to search for a place she said some women had. Chantelle had it, and so did I, and, I now discovered, so did Anna. She let out another shout when my curled fingers found the spot. Her body went rigid, her buttocks lifting from the bed.

My tongue fluttered upon her clit, and the finger at her lower hole pressed even harder. Slowly, it eased inside. I felt the increased heat and the urgent clutches of her ass as I probed more deeply.

Now I was ready to take her over the edge. Her rigidness changed in character. She trembled and shouted again, calling out my name as she began to shake. I kept her climax going, one orgasm rolling into another. Finally, she collapsed, moaning quietly.

Drawing myself up beside her, I kissed her cheeks and her eyes as my fingers lightly caressed her breasts.

It was an age before she opened her eyes to look at me with an expression of wonder. She traced my lips with a finger, and in a very quiet voice, not really directed at me, she said, “So clever – so impossible from such a young angel.”

At last her eyes came into focus, and she was with me again. “I wonder if you know how special you are,” she said. “Chantelle told me that I would be your first and that I should be gentle with you. How wrong she was! There is no need to be gentle with you. You are beyond anything I could imagine. So very, very clever.”

She put her hands to my shoulders and pushed me back. “Now, I want to explore your magnificent young body, and show you how much I already love you.”

I lay still as she marvelled at my small breasts, aroused my pointed nipples, and stared at my clit after opening my pussy lips. She even deigned to ask my permission before dipping her tongue into me. She asked me to turn over and rise to my knees. I spread my buttocks wide as her lips explored my ass, her tongue teasing my hole just as I had done with hers. When she got me slippery enough, she pressed a finger into me. Another followed, but she was gentle, taking her time, waiting for me to expand enough to accept her.

She put her other hand to my pussy and began to fuck me. I reached down to my clit, massaging it between two fingers.

It was the first time that I had been brought to an orgasm while I was bent over on my knees. It was also the first time I’d had my ass fucked as I came.

We lay together for ages, idly chatting. She asked me if it were true that other than Chantelle, I’d never been with anyone else until today. She said she didn’t count Chantelle, as she was my teacher, and thus she considered herself to be my first lover. I noticed how she avoided using the term “customer” or “client” at any time. She also said that she had noticed that I was still a virgin.

Suddenly, she asked if I knew who she was.

“Yes,” I replied. “I’ve seen you at the ceremonies in front of the Governor’s residence.”

“And you aren’t at all awed by who I am?”

“I am more awed by how beautiful you are,” I said. “And more honoured that I was able to please you.”

“You, my Francine, have more than pleased me. It is I who am honoured to have met you and I hope that you would do me the honour again when I am next able to be here.”

She kissed me one final time before pressing three guineas into my hand. “You will go now, Francine, and please send Sofia in to help me dress. You will remember today is our secret. No one must ever know that I have been here.”

I stared in astonishment at the gold in my hand. I went to answer her, but she brushed my cheek and said, “Go.”

I gathered my clothes and went to the door, giving her one last smile over my shoulder and raising a hip in farewell. She laughed with delight as I went out.

My mother was as astonished as I had been when I placed two guineas on the table. “And Chantelle has taken her share? She must have been a very rich person.” Hastily, she added, “No, I’m not asking who it was. It’s something we don’t do.” Then she remembered herself. “What about you? Are you all right?”

“Never better,” I said. “My first client was wonderful – a real lady and so very lovely. I know I’m going to have fun, and be paid to pleasure such fine ladies, with no worries about men. It’s all just too marvellous.”

“We work as a family now,” Mother said, taking my hand. “I’ve overcome my doubts, and I can see how happy you are, and now you will have money to spend. I can see that your liking is for women. It’s something I don’t share, but I respect your choice, so long as you’re content.”

I did not have to think. I already knew what I wanted. “Mother, I need only a little money for clothes and things. The rest is for the home, our home. Some new furniture and carpets, things to make us more comfortable. I want to pay my way.”

My mother fetched the wine, and we touched glasses. “A team, my sweet – that’s what we are now,” she said. She looked happier than I had seen her in many months.

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  1. Tim says:

    It is only when I start looking at stories on other sites that I realise, or more likely remember, just how high the quality of the content on this site actually is. And this story is absolutely no exception!
    Beautifully written, highly erotic and arousing, and a proper story that leaves me waiting imnpatiently for a follow up.
    So thanks Kinkychic for writing, and for creating such great characters. It really is content of the highest order!!

  2. David says:

    I knew I would like this story from the first chapter and you keep delivering Kinkychic. Well written and detailed and had me going from the start. I have a feeling Francine will have a line up of clients, or should I say lovers, after it gets out how well she did with the Governor’s wife! Looking forward to reading future chapters about future lovers.

  3. Erocritique says:

    I’m always pleased and excited when a great premise is exceeded by the subsequent story arc. This story is shaping up to be another JS classic. The quality of the writing and the presentation is first rate. Erotica at its finest. Bravo Kinkychic and Co. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • kinkychic says:

      My goodness, thanks.

      The only criticism I can make of this chapter is that I feel it’s too short.

      • Erocritique says:

        Still, you managed to shoehorn a lot of quality content into this one short chapter that moved the story forward in several significant areas. That’s something I actually strive (and usually fail) to do in my own writing.

  4. Russell says:

    If I was drinking something when she says “shall we fuck” … that drink would have been all over the place in front of me
    that part was incredibly funny to me

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