Sweet Poppy, Chapter 18

  • Posted on June 14, 2022 at 1:41 pm

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by Joe Dornish

My birthday party was set for Saturday, the eighth of November. Technically it wasn’t my birthday, which fell on Tuesday. But Mum said more people would come if we had the party at the weekend. It was fine by me – I didn’t really care what day we had the party, so long as enough of my new friends showed up for everyone to have lots and lots of sex. Mum seemed to think it was a big deal, though. “There’s no other option, really,” she said and kept apologising. It took me a while to calm her down about it.

By the time I woke up on the morning of my birthday party, my excitement was so intense that I was close to going off like a bomb. The first one whose lips so much as grazed my pussy was going to get soaked. Restraining myself from masturbating in the shower wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t going to waste three days of nil by pussy with my fingers.

I went down to breakfast naked, and Lilly and Mum greeted me with hugs and kisses and sang “Happy Birthday.” There’s a weird tradition in our house that we eat chocolate cake for breakfast on our birthdays;  Mum even does it on hers. I blew the candles out on the long chocolate caterpillar cake I’d had every birthday for as long as I could remember. We tucked in and ate, then it was time to open my presents.

Like everything else, we have a tradition for handing out birthday gifts. I seated myself on the living room floor, then Mum and Lilly brought in a couple of large carrier bags full of presents, which they took out and lined up in front of me as I opened the cards. Mum says it’s polite to open the cards first, so we always start with them. I slit into one with our letter opener, and a ten-pound note fell out.

“Nan and Grandad?” asked Lilly.

I looked at the card. “Yep, Nan and Grandad.” I told her, and she made a note on a pad. At Christmas and birthdays, either Lilly or I will keep a list of who gave us what. In the next few days I’ll use the list to write thank-you cards to everyone. That’s something else Mum taught us to do.

“Open mine first!” Lilly exclaimed once I’d gone through all my cards.

Tearing the wrapping off, I quickly recognised the name of the shop on the box. It was where Kiki had bought my heels for me. Inside was a pair of shiny patent leather heels at least an inch higher than my other pair. They were black on the toe, then faded into bright red at the back.

“Oh, Lilly… I love them!” I threw my arms around my baby sister and kissed her until she squealed to be released.

“Henri helped me pick them out,” she told me.

They were stunning shoes and I considered wearing them that very night. But I’d spent a long time breaking in my current heels, and didn’t want to wear a new pair for the first time on such a big occasion.

Slipping them on, I paraded naked around the living room. “They feel good… and they fit perfectly,” I said.

Mum nodded approvingly. “They’re lovely, sweetie. They suit you.”

And they make you look grown up,” Lilly added.

“She’s right, they do make you look more mature.” There was a tinge of sadness in Mum’s voice. She often says that my sister and I are in too much of a hurry to grow up.

I gave Lilly another kiss and cuddle, then carefully put them back in the box.

“Now open Mummy’s presents!” Lilly seemed almost as excited as I was. She clearly knew what was in them.

“I think you know what this is,” said Mum, handing me a box similar in size to the shoe box.

I did, too. Every year the first present Lilly and I open from Mum is a big box of our favourite sweets and treats. She puts little toys, knick-knacks and tiny puzzles in there, too. It’s a sort of Christmas stocking, but for your birthday.

The next gift was fairly small and flat. I opened it, and inside were twelve pairs of hold-up stockings. Four tan pairs, four sheer black pairs and four black fishnets. There was also a packet of sixteen triple-A batteries, the same size my vibrator took.

“There now, that should tide you over for a bit!” Mum said with a laugh.

“Thanks Mum!” I was thrilled – this lot should last me ages.

Then I opened up a present that confused me. It was a skirt, one that looked exactly like part of my school uniform. As a birthday present?

Mum could see me trying to figure it out. She chuckled and said, “It’s longer than your normal skirts, so if you don’t turn the waist over it’ll come down just above your knee.”

“Thanks but er… a school uniform for my birthday?”

“Well, it’s just a silly idea, but I thought if your skirt was a bit longer you could wear your hold-ups to school…?”

“Oh my God, Mum, you’re a genius!” It made me wet, the thought going to school in sheer stockings with no knickers. I’d be able to flash my pussy to Mia, or Kiki, or any girl that I liked!

Three gifts remained. Mum handed me a package about the size of a small plate that felt like clothes of some kind. I tore the wrapping off and inside were six pairs of what mum called ‘naughty knickers.’ Some were thong style and others see-through, two apiece in three colours, black, red or white.

“Wow! They’re so sexy! Thanks, Mum,” I said, hugging her yet again.

I was about to try a pair on, but Mum said, “No, no, sweetie – you’ve not got time for that. Go ahead and open this.” She pushed another gift towards me, the biggest of the lot. I tore the wrapping off to reveal a small suitcase – the sort with wheels and a pull-out handle. It was a lovely, girly purple and pink colour. I recognised it from a shopping trip we’d been on ages ago.

“When you said you liked this, I made a note to buy it for your birthday,” Mum said. “I thought that since you will be having sleepovers with the other MAD Eleven girls, it would be handy to take all your things in.”

I was delighted. “Mum, what a great idea! I won’t have to squeeze everything into that little sports bag any more!”

“Exactly. Right, better open this last one, we’re short on time,” she said, handing me the last present.

Beneath a layer of tissue, I was surprised to find yet another pair of knickers. These were more like a tiny pair of shorts, but made of the same lace material as the suspenders and G-string. What made them different was the crotch. They had no gusset between the legs; instead, there was a beautiful string of pearls held on a gold chain that ran from the bottom of the mons and went right between the bum cheeks.

I held them up, staring in awe. “Oh, my goodness.”

“Wow, those are brilliant,” said Lilly, her eyes wide..

I put them to one side as my attention was caught by one last thing in the box: a black lace choker made from the same lacy material as the other pieces, but with two long gold chains attached. I couldn’t tell what it was for.

Lilly seemed equally confused. “What is it?” she asked, pursing her lips.

“It’s a type of harness. I’ll show you,” said Mum.

She unclasped the choker and put my arms through the chains, then did it up around my neck. When I stood up, the chains came down the centre of my chest to my belly button then around sides and behind me then up my spine where it attached to the back of the choker.

I never dreamed such a thing even existed. Sexy didn’t begin to describe it. I was looking at myself in the mirror in amazement when Mum said, “Oh, one last thing,” and handed me a packet of stockings.

“These aren’t hold-ups, they’re proper stockings for your suspender belt. I ordered them online, but they didn’t arrive until yesterday afternoon, after I’d already wrapped everything else up.”

“Wolford? I’ve heard of these, Kiki wears them.”

“The very same. I had all these things handmade to your size from a place Kiki told me about.” Her tone turned serious, “Girls, you cannot tell anyone outside of the Mad Eleven about this underwear,         or your toys. Okay?”

We both nodded. “Okay.”

“Now last, but by no means least…” Mum took a small gift-wrapped box out of her handbag and gave it to Lilly. “That’s for being such a great help getting everything ready for the party.” That was something nice that Mum always did for us. When we have our birthdays, she always buys a little present for the one who’s isn’t having hers, so she doesn’t feel left out.

Lilly tore the wrapping off and screamed so loud my ears hurt, “A BULLET! I GOT A BULLET!” She danced around the living room for a full two minutes before remembering to thank Mum and give her a big kiss.

I was so pleased for Lilly. She deserved something special for lending Mum a hand, but also, I just like seeing her happy and smiling. It’s funny – I used to think of my little sister as something of an annoying pest, but since we all became lovers I’ve come to adore her to bits.

My mind began to wander, and I thought about stripping Lilly down and taking her right there on the floor. After several days without an orgasm, I was so horny I reckoned I could come before Mum could pull me off her! Then again, maybe Mum will get naked and join in the fun…

No fear of that happening, anyhow. Mum clapped her hands briskly. “Right you, no time to dawdle – go and get dressed.” She was gathering up my new things, probably intending to put them away in my room, but the special set with the pearls went back into the box with the fancy stockings. “This is for you to wear tonight,” she said.

“Which knickers, the pearl ones or the g-string?”

“Whichever you prefer, sweetie.”

“Okay, I’ll try them on later, then decide. Mum, where are we going now?”

“Where are you going, you mean.”

“You’re not coming with me?”

“Nope. Your lift will be here soon, so hurry up and get dressed.”

“Ah, heck, I thought we were going shopping or something. What have you got planned? What do I wear?”

Mum gave me a smile that was positively devious. “You’ll find out soon enough what I’ve got planned. You can wear what you like. I’ll tell you this much – you’re going to someone’s house.”

“A house?” I had no idea what Mum was up to, but knew it had to be something good.

“Wear something easy to take off!” Lilly giggled.

“Good advice, Lilly!” said Mum, “Go, Poppy, get ready – quick, now!”

I hastened upstairs, my tummy doing somersaults with nervous anticipation. Someone’s house? Wearing clothes that were easy to take off? That sounded like I was going somewhere to have sex. Cool!

I slipped on a pair of my new naughty knickers, a black thong with lace on the front. Then I chose a simple but warm thick knit dress that came down to my knees, with a thin belt around the waist and a high, fluffy neck that came right up to my chin. Completing the ensemble with my black ankle boots, I went downstairs

I didn’t hear the doorbell go, so I was surprised to see Emma standing in the hallway. Instantly I’m thinking Okay, so I’m off to fuck Emma. I know her daughter Beth is at Kiki’s, though, I’d seen a photo of them both that Henri had uploaded to Facebook that morning. It seemed strange that I’d be going off for a one-on-one with Emma – not that I was complaining, mind.

“Hi, Poppy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” she shouted, then hugged me, “You look beautiful.”

“Aw, thanks, so do you.” She was only wearing a simple pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, but Emma would look stunning in a bin bag.

She handed me a card. “This is just a little something. You’ll get your real present tonight.”

A twenty-pound note fell out of the card and Lilly ran to get the notepad to put it on the list. “Ah Emma, that’s so nice of you, thank you so much.” Then I went up on tiptoe and gave her a hot tongue kiss, I almost got carried away. I really need to have sex soon or I might explode, I thought.

Emma grinned when we finally broke apart. “Well if that’s how you show your gratitude, I can’t wait for tonight.”

“Ha ha, me neither. And don’t worry, I’ll definitely be showing everyone my gratitude.”

“Good girl, that’s the spirit.” She laid a hand on my shoulder. “Ready, then?”

“I’ve no idea what for, but yeah, I’m ready.”

I hugged Mum and Lilly, then Emma led me out to her car. She drives an Audi TT, which is a really fast little sports car. I want one when I’m finally old enough to drive.

It was a short journey to the other side of the village to Emma’s house, so I wouldn’t have long to wait. Now that my big birthday surprise was about to be revealed, I was practically bouncing in my seat with the anticipation of it.

Emma glanced over at me. “Poppy darling, I don’t want to spoil the surprise… but I need to ask you something.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“I don’t think I’m giving the game away when I tell you that you’re about to have an opportunity to have sex. That’s just what it is, an opportunity. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Nobody will be upset or judge you if you say no.”

I felt like rolling my eyes, but managed not to. It was good to have so many grownups looking out for me, but honestly, I was bored silly by how they went on and on about consent, telling me that I didn’t have to have sex if I didn’t want it. Okay, I was still just a kid, but I’d also fucked at least eight women and girls by then… so it should have been crystal clear that I knew what I wanted. Maybe when I get to be a teenager, Mum and the others will cut me some slack, I thought.

“It’s okay,” I answered. “Mum’s taught me all about consent. If I don’t want to do anything, then I won’t. I promise.”

“Good girl, Poppy,” she replied, patting my leg just before she turned into her driveway. “Aaaaand here we are – home sweet home.”

We went inside Emma’s house and took our coats off. It’s very impressive, one of the few modern homes in the village. If anything, it was even nicer on the inside

She turned to me. “Poppy, honey… normally I’d give you time to settle in, but we’ve got some special guests waiting for you upstairs. Shall we go and see who they are?”

“Oh, gosh… yes, please.”

I followed her upstairs to her bedroom door. I could hear the giggles of a child inside… Evie, perhaps?

Emma paused, her hand on the knob. “Now, I’m going to introduce you, and if you’re happy, then I’ll leave you to it. If you say ‘can I use the loo, please,’ I’ll know you’re not in the mood to be intimate. Is that okay?”

I wouldn’t be asking to be taken to the loo, not unless there was a bloke behind that door… but I knew that Mum had told Emma to say that, so I had to play along. “Sounds perfect,” I said. “Thank you for taking care of me so nicely.”

She kissed my forehead, “Oh, Poppy, you’re my Mad Eleven sister… we look after each other,” Taking my hands in hers, she gazed into my eyes. “Sisters always,” she said.

“Sisters always,” I replied. She opened the door and we stepped into her large bedroom suite.

I’d assumed whoever was inside was from the Mad Eleven, so I was flat-out gobsmacked to see three complete strangers on the bed – a woman and two little girls, all of them naked.

“Poppy, this is my sister Christina.”

Feeling a sudden twinge of shyness, I waved hello to the sexy redhead stretched out on the bed. It was easy to see that she was Emma’s sibling, though younger by a few years. She had deep blue eyes, generous breasts, and a neatly trimmed patch of dark orange pubes. She was a stunner, no question.

“And these two angels, reading from left to right, are Lola and Lexi.”

The two girls bookending Christina were twins, mini versions of their mum with the same flaming red hair. I figured them to be something like four or five years old. They looked so much alike that I couldn’t tell them apart; in fact, I wondered if their own mum could.

I gave them my biggest, sunniest smile. “Hi, I’m Poppy. It’s nice to meet you!”

Their mother gave each of the girls a gentle nudge, and they both shouted in stereo: “Happy birthday, Poppy!”

Oh my God, they were SO ADORABLE. These cute little imps and their mum were melting my heart and creaming my knickers at the same time.

“Aw, thank you. You two are so beautiful. I love your hair. How old are you?”

Lexi spoke up. “We’re five.”

They looked small for five, with deliciously thin, pale bodies with pert, rosy nipples and sweet pink pussies that made my mouth water. I couldn’t stop staring… or smiling. And there were two of them… twins! This was going to be the best birthday ever, and it had only just begun!

“How old are you?” Lola asked.

“I’m eleven today.”

Christina gave me a smile that told me quite clearly what she wanted. “Would you like to sit on the bed with us, Poppy?”

“Yes, please.” I turned to Emma, grinning like a complete idiot. “I’m happy. Very happy. Thank you, you’re amazing.”

“You’re welcome, honey.” She kissed me on the cheek, blew kisses to the others, then made her exit.

I climbed onto the bed, seating myself so I was facing the twins and Christina, who said, “I’m twenty-eight, by the way. Um, just checking… was ‘very happy’ giving your consent?”

It never stopped. I didn’t complain, though – just smiled and nodded. “Yes, it was. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if anything bothers me.” Leaning in, I whispered, “It won’t, though.”

“Wonderful!” She began to tickle the little ones, who squirmed and giggled with delight. While they were distracted, Christina caught my eye and mouthed the words, ‘Follow my lead’, then winked. I winked back.

Suddenly she stopped poking the twins, putting on a regretful face. “We must have got our times wrong, Poppy. I’m so sorry, we thought you were visiting us later. We were just about to have special cuddles… weren’t we, girls?”

The two shy girls arranged themselves against the headboard, one on either side of their mum. They nodded in silent agreement, blushing slightly.

I reached out to the nearest twin – I’d lost track of which was which during their tussle with Christina – and playfully pinched her big toe. She giggled and pulled her leg away then slid it back within range, daring me to do it again. I grabbed at her foot, but deliberately missed.

I did that a few more times, then said, “Oooh, you’re too quick for me! Listen, I’m sorry I interrupted your special cuddles. Erm, would you like me to leave so you guys can finish?”

“I’ve got an idea,” said Christina. Drawing the twins close to her, she whispered, “Shall we ask Poppy if she wants to have special cuddles with us?” She obviously knew I could hear every word, but I’m sure the twins didn’t know that.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, Mummy, ask her! Ask her!” The girls exclaimed, practically bouncing where they sat.

Christina winked at me. “Would you like to have special cuddles with us, Poppy?”

Mind you, I didn’t know whether ‘special cuddles’ involved gentle hugs, a tickle fight or getting fucked silly, but I was more than happy to join in their game. I decided it would be best to go at the pace of the little ones, let them take the lead. That’s what Mum did with me, after all.

Acting bashful, I said, “I’d love to, but erm… actually, I’m not sure what special cuddles are. Can you show me, please?”

“Oh, we’d be delighted to show you – wouldn’t we, girls?”

“Yes! Yes!”

“You have to be naked first, though,” offered one of the twins.

Christina looked from one little girl to the other. “Lola, Lexi, why don’t you help Poppy get undressed?”

“Okay!” they said in unison, then jumped off the bed. They were eager and bubbly, their enthusiasm downright infectious.

I stood up and kicked my boots off as the twins came over to me. “If you undo the belt, then you can both help pull this dress up and over my head, okay?”

They both nodded, then one of them began to fumble with my buckle. When it was loose, I had them stand on either side of me and lift my dress up, I bent over so they could tug it over my head. I pretended to get caught up and struggled for a bit with fake cries for help. That got the twins giggling, and they started tickling me, which sent me into my own fits of laughter.

When the dress was finally off I stood there in nothing but my black thong and let my new little friends study me. Christina was watching carefully, a hand tucked between her legs.

“Wow, you’ve got grownup knickers!” exclaimed one of the twins.

The girls were blocking Christina’s view, so she said, “Come here, Poppy, let me have a good look at you.”

I walked over to her, trying to make it look as sexy as I could, keeping eye contact with her and casually running my hands over my nipples. I stood next to the bed and she drew closer, her face so close to my pussy that I could feel her warmth. The twins followed me and one of them stroked my bum.

Christina frowned. “Lexi, remember what I told you?”

“Sorry, Mummy. Um… Poppy?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“Is it okay if we touch you?”

I wanted to roll my eyes, but held back. Bloody hell, now I’ve got five-year-olds asking for my consent. No point in getting annoyed – it was how my sex life was going to be for at least few more years. So there wasn’t much I could do but smile, kiss this beautiful little one on the forehead and say, “Of course it’s okay. Both of you should feel free to touch me anywhere you like, okay?”

The twins nodded and four hands started to travel over my body, mainly caressing my legs and bum. Then I glanced up at Christina, “You too.”

She slowly trailed a bright red fingernail across my belly, following the waistline of my knickers, then down the front of the thong. I whimpered as she traced along the line of my slit, so clearly outlined through the taut fabric.

“Could you turn around for me, Poppy?” Christina said, her voice thickened by lust.

I knew what she wanted to see. When I presented my backside to her, she said, “My, my. You are a saucy little thing. Cute as hell and sexy too. Emma was right – you are irresistible.” Then she kissed my bum cheeks.

I turned back to face her and said, “Um, Christine… since the twins took my dress off, would you like to do the knickers?”

“You can call me Chris or Chrissie, darling… and yes, I’d love to.”

Hooking her fingers in the piece of string that passed for a waistband, she slowly pulled them down. Leaning forward to get the thong over my knees, she gave my mons a tender kiss. I moaned, wanting her to know how much I liked that.

Chrissie glanced over at her daughters. “Doesn’t Poppy have a nice cookie, girls?”

“Cookie?” I asked her.

She laughed. “It’s what we call the vagina… but when we’re having special cuddles like this, you can use whatever language you like. If you prefer to say, ‘cunt,’ instead, that’s fine.” The twins giggled to hear that.

“Oh, okay. We do something similar to that, actually.”

“You have special cuddles too?” asked Lola. I think it was Lola, anyway.

Squatting down so I was face to face with the girl, I said, “Uh-huh… my mummy, my little sister and me, we have lots of fun. See, we love each other just like you and your mummy do.”

“Isn’t that nice, girls? Poppy’s family have fun like us.”

“Do you kiss each others’ cookies?” asked Lexi.

I couldn’t stop grinning. My birthday surprise was turning out even better than I’d hoped! “Oh yeah… we love doing that.”

“We do it lots. Mummy gets wet and has organasms,” said Lola.

Lexi added, “We get wet too, but not like Mummy does. She said we’ll have orgasms…” she nudged her sister on that last word, “when we’re older. Do you have orgasms?”

“Yes… they’re wonderful, too. I’m sure it won’t be long until you girls have them, too.”

One of the twins – Lexi, I think, had been staring at my pussy while touching hers. I gave her a big smile. “Would you like to kiss my cookie?”

“Yes!” she squealed.

I was still standing next to the bed, a sodden pair of knickers ringing my ankles. One twin moved in front of me, the other behind. Before I knew what was what, they were fondling both my holes.

“Girls! Give her time to get on the bed, for goodness’ sake. Sorry, Poppy, they’re a bit keen to play with you.”

The twins pouted a bit, but moved back, enough for me to join their mum on the bed. She took me in her arms and we kissed like lovers. Our bodies were pressed together, my thigh between hers, so I could feel the sticky heat of her sex. I was already wondering if Chrissie tasted like her sister.

The twins climbed on board and proceeded to have their way with me while I made out with their mum. After a few seconds, Chrissie and I laughed at their prodding and poking and broke off our kissing. “We’d better let these scamps have their fun,” she said.

Lying back, I spread my legs, offering myself up to the girls. I wanted them to explore every part of me with their hands and mouths. I felt a delicious shiver, imagining what it would be like to have Lola and Lexi pleasure me together – one twin licking my pussy, the other rimming my bumhole. As it was, they were kissing their way around my tummy and thighs, gradually getting closer to where they wanted to be. For all their eagerness, I could see that the twins were a little shy, each waiting for her sister to go further, to make the big move.

Chrissie spoke up. “Know something, Poppy? You’re the first ever person we’ve had special cuddles with. Other than each other, of course.”

That surprised me. “Wow! No, I didn’t know that. I just assumed that Emma had…”

“Been their first, other than me?”

“Yeah.” I couldn’t figure that out. How could Emma have resisted these two lovelies?

“My sister and I have been fucking…” the twins giggled at the swear word, ”…for as long as I can remember. Honestly, some of my earliest memories are of us playing with our pussies together. By the time we reached puberty, Emma and I were lovers.” Chrissie gave a blissful sigh. “I was so, so happy to see my girls begin to show those same kinds of feelings for each other.”

“Wait – they started having sex without you showing them how?”

Chrissie nodded. “That’s right. I never taught them a thing. Lexi and Lola developed an intimate, sexual relationship, completely on their own, then invited me to join in with them a few months ago. They made up the name ‘special cuddles,’ and that’s what we’ve always called it.”

“Wow,” I said, awed. “Did they… were they having actual lesbian sex when you became part of it?”

“Everything but–”

“Kissing cookies!” one of the girls exclaimed – Lola, I thought. “Mummy taught us to do that.”

“Licking them, too,” her twin chimed in.

Playfully mussing her daughters’ hair, Chrissie continued. “Soon, the girls and I were making love nearly every night. That’s when I asked Emma if she wanted to join us. It seemed like a natural progression to me.”

“Did she say no?” It was getting hard to hold up my end of the conversation. The twins were playing with my pussy – those four busy little hands felt wonderful, but they were awfully distracting.

“Oh, she loved the idea… but Emma has always been the sensible one. She thought that the girls ought to explore sex with someone closer to their own age before having it off with another adult. I wasn’t so sure… it seemed to me that being with their Auntie Em would be perfect for my little angels, but she insisted I at least think about letting them be with, er… another child.” She struggled with that last word.

I kissed her gently, hoping she knew that far as I was concerned, there was nothing wrong with sharing love with young girls if they were truly willing. “And you picked me?”

Chrissie blushed. “Emma said you were utterly scrumptious… she was right, too.”

I gave one of her nipples a playful bite. “Have you ever been with someone else my age?”

“Other than my sister when I was young, and now the twins… no, you’re my first, um…”

“Child? You can say it… I don’t mind.”


By then, one of the twins had burrowed between my legs, humming contentedly as she licked my cunt. My cookie, that is. “Gosh, that feels good,” I moaned.

Chrissie chuckled. “Believe me, they’re just getting started.” She nodded toward the daughter who was going down on me. “That’s Lexi, by the way.”

No doubt eager to get into the action, little Lola scooted closer and started kissing my tummy. I noticed that she’d positioned herself in a way that presented her adorable bottom to me.

Is there anything lovelier than a little girl’s bum? I asked myself. If so, I had yet to encounter it in this life. Allowing my left hand to glide up Lola’s leg, I caressed her smooth slit.

Realising that I hadn’t yet gotten permission to touch the girls, I looked over at Chrissie, who was openly mastubating. “Is this okay?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Of course, darling! You can do whatever you like. No fingers inside, though.”

“Oh, sure, yeah. I understand.”

“Have you taken anything inside yet, Poppy?”

I couldn’t help but grin with pride. “I have done, yeah. I can have vaginal and clitoral orgasms.”

“You’re like the gift that just keeps on giving,” Chrissie told me. “Speaking of which, off you go, girls – show Poppy how good you can make her feel!”

By then, Lola’s head was positioned right over my pussy, and my excitement only grew more acute when I figured out what these delicious little girls were about to do. I lay back  bracing myself, and the twins got to work.

As Lola licked at my clit, Lexi’s tongue was gliding up and down the opening of my pussy and probing about inside. I was blown away. These five-year-old twins were doing a fantastic job; their mummy had taught them well.

Chrissie started licking, sucking and lightly biting my nipples. “Oh yeah, that feels divine,” I moaned.

“It does, doesn’t it? The girls and I make love nearly every day since they first came to my bed.”

“It’s been ages since I came… Oooooh… oh God, I’m not going to last m-much longer.”

“Let it go, Poppy,” Chrissie whispered, “come for my little girls, let them love you…”

“I’m so close, about to come…” Suddenly I found myself hungering for the taste of a girl – or a woman. “Chrissie,” I cried, “I want your pussy, g-give me your pussy…!”

Quickly straddling me, she lowered her cunt to my mouth just a few seconds before my orgasm hit. I’m not sure how good it was for her, because I wasn’t able to do much while coming so hard… but it turned me on something fierce. Chrissie’s pussy had a strong taste that made my head swim.

Since becoming a lesbian for real, I’d come to love all sorts of pussies – from sweet little girl slits like Lilly’s or juicy grownup cunts like Kiki’s or Mum’s with labia I can suck on. Chrissie’s sex was a pretty pink, adorned with bright orange pubes that I absolutely adored.

As my climax subsided, I concentrated on bringing Chrissie off. It didn’t take long, and soon she was moaning and shivering, her juices flowing down my throat. I didn’t stop, though – just kept licking her until she came a second time.

When their mother collapsed on the bed in a sweaty heap, one of the twins exclaimed, “Wow, Poppy… you get just as wet as Mummy does!”

I reached out to playfully muss her hair. “Well, I haven’t had an orgasm for three whole days now. That’s a lonnnng time for me, so I was feeling super horny.”

The other twin – once more, I couldn’t tell which was which – tilted her head to one side. “What’s horny?”

“Um… it means you want special cuddles really bad, like you’re starving for it.”

The girls glanced at each other, then burst into titters. “We’re always horny, then!” said the one on the left.

Chrissie and I laughed right along. “That you are, girls,” she said. “That you are.”

The twins didn’t give their mum or me much time to recover. A moment later Lexi and Lola had us both on our backs, riding our faces like bucking stallions. They burbled and squealed with delight like the happy little children they were as Chrissie and I savoured the fresh, sweet young taste of their bare slits.

I got the feeling the twins were making the most of having a new lover… they certainly weren’t shy! The natural curiosity of a five-year-old is a wonderful thing, especially when it involves sex. They quite happily turned me this way and that so they could have a good look or better angle to pleasure my pussy. They got me up on all fours and played with me from behind, then Lexi (so her mum said) wriggled underneath to eat me while Lola licked my bumhole. Chrissie, in the meantime, busied herself with the girls, going down on one and fingering the other.

Chrissie and I were soon worn out, so we relaxed in each other’s arms and let the twins have fun on their own. They showed off for us, demonstrating their recently acquired tribbing skills, which brought them both as close to an orgasm as I think was possible. While the twins frolicked with each other, Chrissie and I chatted.

By then, it felt like Chrissie and I were two old friends sitting on a park bench, watching the kids play in the sun while we had a good natter. She asked me about when I first started having sex, so I told her about Mum and how she and I became lovers, which began with our made-up game of Monsters. Lola and Lexi loved that idea, and I promised them that one day, I’d play Monsters with them.

When the twins left for a quick toilet break, Chrissie said to me, “I need your help with something.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I have to be careful I don’t spill the beans here, but you do know you’re having a party this evening, right?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, but that’s all I know.”

“That’s what I thought. Well, the Mad Eleven have kindly invited us to the festivities, but I haven’t told Lola or Lexi yet. Thing is, they need to have a nap this afternoon if they’re to stay awake, but they’re far too hyped up right now.”

“How can I help?”

“They are completely taken with you, they’ll follow your lead. When they come back, I’d like for you to invite them to the party. I’ll act surprised and accept, of course. Then, tell them you need to go home for a nap beforehand, and suggest they do the same. Trust me, that’ll be enough to get them to at least lie down for a bit. Then Emma can run you home. Would that be okay? I know it’s a bit of a palaver, but I know my girls – they’ll have far more fun this evening if they have a few hours sleep this afternoon.”

I didn’t know what palaver meant, but guessed it was a big fuss. Anyhow, I was happy to help. “Not a problem, Chrissie. I may even take your advice and have a nap myself.”

“You’re wonderful,” she said and kissed me. “The plan, then, is for Emma to join us for the first time when she gets back from taking you home. Hopefully the girls will nod off when we cuddle up afterwards.”

“Aw, the girls will be so happy.”

“Emma will, too!” Chrissie said, a sparkle in her eyes. I could tell that she was thrilled about finally being able to have sex with her sister and her little girls at the same time.

Just then, the twins came back in and jumped onto the bed.

“Welcome back, girls. Now, I’ve got something I’d like to ask the three of you,” I said.

“Ooh, what’s that, then?” asked Chrissie.

“You know it’s my birthday today? There’s a party tonight, would you like to come, all of you? I’d love it if you could make it. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun…”

Springing up like jack-in-the-boxes, Lola and Lexi erupted into pleading mode, “OH PLEASE MUMMY PLEASE CAN WE GO SAY WE CAN GO PLEASE MUMMY PRETTY PLEASE…”

Chrissie held her hands up and shushed them. “Calm down, girls. Poppy, that’s very kind of you, we’d be delighted to come to your party. I’ll call your mum later and get the details from her.” She winked at me.

The twins were beside themselves with excitement. I could see exactly what Chrissie meant, though – if they kept up like this for the rest of the day, they’d never get to sleep. Then at the party, they’d be worn out just as the fun was getting started.

“Wonderful! Oh, we’ll have such a great time,” I said.

Both the twins hugged me, I gave each one a big messy tongue kiss, then broke away to say, “I don’t know about you, but all these special cuddles made me a little sleepy. You two wore me out! I think I’ll go home and have a nice nap. Then I know I’ll be able to enjoy the party all night with the grown-ups.”

Chrissie spoke up. “That’s a very good idea… isn’t it, girls?”

They nodded along. “Yeah, we should totally do that!” one of them exclaimed.

I got dressed while Chrissie went down to update Emma. It didn’t take me long and I was ready to go when she came back upstairs. I hugged and kissed them all, thanked them for a wonderful morning and made Lola and Lexi promise to take that nap.

If my birthday had ended right then I’d have been happy, honestly. I mean, what I’d done with Chrissie and her little girls was mind-blowing enough. And they would all be at the party that night, so I’d be probably get to have sex with them all over again.

By then, those butterflies in my tummy had returned with a vengeance. If this was just the start of my birthday, what on earth would the evening be like? I wasn’t sure, but couldn’t wait to find out!

On to Chapter 19!


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