Knuckle Ridge, Chapter 5

  • Posted on October 9, 2020 at 1:06 pm

by Purple Les

Andromeda Purdy woke up slowly from a kiss on her cheek. Slowly opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was her black dress draped over a chair. Puzzled, she lifted her head just enough to see that she was in her underclothes, sprawled out on the sofa. Feeling an odd dampness on her brow, Ann touched her head and found a cool, damp cloth resting there. With a low moan, she sank back into the sofa, whispering, “Oh, dear Jesus… I must surely be dying.”

The Kid’s soft voice broke into her unhappy reverie. “I brung you coffee, Ann. You all right?”

Ann looked at The Kid through narrowed eyes. “Oh, Kid… please don’t shout so.” She managed to hoist herself into a sitting position, then reached for the cup with trembling hands, brought it to her mouth and took a sip. She groaned, then laid back down, holding on to her cup as if it might try to escape, given the chance.

Hunkering down next to her wincing lover, The Kid murmured, “I’d’ve let you sleep on till tomorrow, Ann, but we gotta get to that seance tonight. I knew you’d need some time to make yourself right first.”

“Please, Kid… go without me.” Ann begged, closing her eyes.

“I need you there, Ann.”

With great effort, Andromeda managed another swallow of coffee. “All right, Kid.” She extended a hand. “Help me up, won’t you?”

A few cups of coffee later, The Kid had Ann moving around and washed up. Still in her underclothes, Ann was back on the sofa, nursing one last cup.

“You look almost alive now,” The Kid said, appraising Ann’s condition.

“That’s as may be, but I feel like death warmed over.” With a heavy sigh, Ann set her empty cup down on the table. “How long before we have to leave?” she asked, like a man wondering when he had to climb the gallows.

“No hurry. I reckon once you get dressed, we’ll have us a bite at the Cafe, harness Pegasus up to a buggy and ride on out there.”

“You can’t go dressed like that,” Ann stated flatly, looking at The Kid, who still wore the black dress..

“Why not? It was good enough for a funeral. Seems like the right thing to wear for raisin’ the dead up, too.”

“You’ll wear that dress I bought you for the Founder’s Day dance, the one you never got to wear. It’s hanging in my closet. I’ll get it when I pick out a dress for myself.”

While Ann sat quietly, summoning up energy, The Kid said, “Well, while you slept all afternoon, I got that gun rig fixed up right.”

Gun rig? What on earth are you talking about?” Ann asked, confused.

The Kid went to the kitchen table, then returned to the parlor with the device she’d taken from the gambler.

“Y’see, Ann, it just needed me to tinker with it some. Let me show you how slick it works!”

Ann watched as The Kid rolled up the right sleeve of her dress, then attached the gadget to her forearm with the unloaded derringer fixed to it.

“Now watch this.” The Kid held her arm out straight, then flexed it.

In the blink of an eye the derringer flashed down The Kid’s forearm, slipped through her fingers and went flying across the room. It crashed through the glass of a bookcase and into a row of elegantly bound volumes, denting their spines. The gun dropped onto a shelf, then fell to the floor with a loud thud.

The Kid stood dumbfounded, looking back and forth from the device on her arm to the gun on the floor.

Ann glared at The Kid, her cheeks flushed a bright red. Taking a deep breath, she held it as long as she could, slowly exhaled, and said between clenched teeth, “I’ll get our dresses. You clean this mess up.”

The Kid had just finished sweeping up the glass fragments when Ann came down the stairs. The Kid paused to admire her lover’s beauty. Ann’s hair was arranged to perfection, a tortoiseshell comb holding it in place. She wore a dark blue dress with a white lace trim bodice. Another dress was draped over her arm.

“You sure do look pretty.” The Kid said.

“Thank you,” was Ann’s curt reply. “Now take that dress off and put this one on.” She held out the garment for The Kid to take.

Still feeling sheepish over her mishap with the derringer, The Tequila Kid unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of it.

Ann’s mouth dropped as she gawked at her nude lover. “Oh, dear!” she exclaimed. “Do you mean to tell me you didn’t wear anything under that dress all day?”

The Kid stood, hands on her hips and one leg bent at an angle. “Well, what for? No one could tell anyhow, and it was a hell of a lot cooler.”

Ann did an about-face back upstairs, soon returning with undergarments. Handing them over, she said, “You wear these under that dress and don’t say another word.”

The Kid meekly put on the underclothes, then wriggled into the yellow dress. Andromeda fixed The Kid’s hair in a swirl on top of her head which hid the scar, then appraised her, finally nodding. “You’ll do.” If not for the tattoos on The Kid’s chin, she could have passed for a debutante.

“Well, I’m wearing my moccasins.” The Kid said. “They won’t hardly show under this dress anyways.”

“Fine,” Ann acquiesced. “But no weapons.”

The Kid pursed her lips. “Not even my knife? Or the derringer gadget?”

Especially not the derringer gadget,” Ann said crossly. “We’re not going to a shootout, Kid. We don’t need to be armed!”

“I’d best bring the Winchester to keep in the buggy, at least.”

“No weapons!” Ann snapped, giving The Kid a look that could peel paint.

“Dang it, Ann, you may as well just have me go there bare naked!”

“That’s an interesting thought, Kid… but you will go as you are, and with no weapons.”

The Kid pouted as they strolled to the Highland Cafe, but she was in better spirits after dinner. Ann felt better as well, her hangover all but gone once she’d gotten something in her stomach. They walked arm in arm to the livery stable.

“Good evenin’, ladies.” Nate Lincoln said as they walked into the stable. “My, don’t you both look fine!”

“Thank you, Nate.” Ann replied. “Do you have a buggy we can use for the evening? We’re headed to Mrs Ruggles’ place.”

Nate grinned. “Aw, that’s why you’s dressed up so nice.” Moving over to a large shape draped in canvas, he began to uncover it. “I got just the thing for your travels.”

While The Kid visited with Button, Nate led Ann to a very fancy looking buggy with ornate lanterns attached to the front and back. Metal mudguards over the yellow spoke wheels gave it an elegant appearance, and the yellow matching cloth roof with a fringe on it was the icing on the cake.

The Kid joined them a moment later, giving a low whistle when she saw the shiny black buggy.

“You ladies’ll find these seats plush an’ comfy,” Nate said. “Got mighty good suspension on it, too… feels like you’s ridin’ on a cloud. An’ I’ll charge you but two dollars for the night.”

“Oh, my… it’s beautiful, Nate,” Ann breathed. “We’ll take it.”

He hitched up the buggy and they set off. Pegasus was used to pulling Ann’s heavy wagon, so the buggy must’ve felt like a puff of air to the big grey gelding.

“See you later, Nate!” Ann called out. The Kid gave the large black man a wave with her free hand. Taking the buggy into the street, she got Pegasus up to a slow trot as they headed for the edge of town.

Stopping by a creek to let Pegasus drink, they watched the sunset, The Kid lit the lanterns on the buggy while Andromeda gathered her thoughts. Finally, she spoke.

“So, Kid, you mean to tell me that you intend to take over Gracie’s part in this seance? I find it touching that she trusts you enough to admit it’s all a fake.”

“Well, she trusts me that far, but she’s too scared to let me in on the rest. Now don’t forget, you’re the only one who knows I speak French. Be sure you don’t give that away, if anyone asks. Oh, and Ann… I just got an idea, and it’s a good one, I think — but it means there’s somethin’ I need you to do for me, if you can.”

“What is it?” Ann asked, not sure if she wanted to involve herself in one of The Kid’s bold schemes.

“If you get the chance to, I need you to search this so-called Lady Jane’s belongin’s, see what you can find.”

“What would I be looking for?”

“See if you can find her gun. Or papers, or anything that might shine a light on her and the Count. If you have time, look in his room, too.”

Ann thought on it, then said, “I won’t say that the idea doesn’t scare me a little… but I know how much this means to you, so I’ll do it if I can. Are you sure I’ll get the opportunity, though?”

“No idea,” The Kid said with a shrug. “I should be able to keep ‘em both busy if you do.”

Climbing back into the buggy, The Kid geed up the horse and they rode on toward the Ruggles estate. On the way Ann, who had known the late Maurice Ruggles, filled The Kid in on his speech patterns and personality. As a child, Ann had stayed with the family for a few weeks while her parents were attending a scientific conference in San Francisco, and had learned a few household secrets during that time.

As The Kid reined in Pegasus by the main entrance, a poker-faced servant came to assist the ladies. Ann waited by the front door as The Kid took a blanket out of the buggy and draped it over the horse, then put the lanterns out. Setting a large weight attached to the buggy down on the ground so Pegasus wouldn’t wander, The Kid strolled over to join Ann as the servant opened the front door, leading them both inside.

Though The Kid and Ann had both been at the Ruggles estate before, the front entrance never failed to impress them.

As the heavy oak front doors were opened, they stepped through. The shiny white marble floor with the crystal glass chandelier hanging high above it cast a lovely glow from dozens of candles that loaded it down. The gold colored velvet wallpaper and sculpted plasterwork, the finely carved wood furniture and the large candelabra all made Ann feel as if she was in a French chateau. They both paused to look at the portrait of a young Mr and Mrs Ruggles that hung over a gigantic fireplace.

“I’ve rode through canyons smaller than this,” The Kid whispered to Ann as Mrs Ruggles approached them.

Mrs Ruggles wore a sparkling low-cut black dress. A string of white pearls glistened against her wrinkled skin. She extended a black gloved hand. “Thank you both so much for coming tonight.”

Putting her small clutch bag in her left hand and taking Mrs Ruggles’ gloved hand in her right, Ann said, “Thank you for having us. We’ve never been to a seance before.”

“It’s a first for me, too. Come, ladies.” Mrs Ruggles said, offering an arm to each. The Kid took one, Ann took the other, and they mounted the grand staircase, continuing along the upper hall and into a large wood-paneled room.

“This was my late husband’s game room.” Mrs Ruggles explained, “Lady Wyeth-Boton felt that his spirit would be most inclined to visit here.”

The Kid had no recollection of seeing this room before. Bet I would of remembered it, too. She looked around, taking in its details. There was a billiard table, several trophy heads of elk and bear mounted on the dark wood walls, and a poker table. There were leather armchairs before a large stone fireplace, and a round game table. Nearby was a cluster of dining chairs that seemed to belong to some other room. There was a marble-topped bar with brass fittings, lined by tall, backless stools. Here and there were deep fabric-covered chairs with matching ottomans. The parquet floor gleamed.

What fascinated The Kid the most was a large tank of water, with many small fish of bright colors swimming in it. Noting The Kid’s interest in the fish, Mrs Ruggles explained, “These were my husband’s great joy. He collected them from around the world. I keep them thriving in his memory.”

Seated in one of the leather chairs by the fireplace, Count Cousiourac rose and advanced as the three women entered the room.

“I don’t believe you two have been introduced,” Mrs Ruggles said to Ann. “Count, this is Andromeda Purdy. She is the town librarian, and our foremost authority on creatures who roamed the earth long before we existed. Ann, this is Count Cousiourac.”

“Pleased to meet you, Count,” Ann said with a smile and a nod.

Enchanté,” the Count murmured, taking Ann’s right hand like it was the most delicate thing on earth. Gently pressing his lips against her fingers for a moment, he then released her hand as if he’d just freed a butterfly. In spite of herself, Anne couldn’t help but blush a bit.

“Is that little Gracie I see?” Mrs Ruggles said. “Come, child.” Sure enough, the little girl had just quietly entered the room, and timidly came forward to join the others. “Ann, this is Lady Wyeth-Boton’s assistant. Gracie, this is Miss Purdy.”

Gracie gave a curtsy and bow of her head. “Pleased to meet you, Miss Purdy.”

Ann took the girl’s hand between hers, catching Gracie by surprise. “So nice to meet you,” she said, a distinct warmth in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am,” the child replied, her cheeks flushed pink. The Kid caught the little girl’s eye, and Gracie gave her a shy smile.

Count Cousiourac cleared his throat, then said, “Lady Wyeth-Boton is preparing herself to enter the spirit world and will join us soon.”

“I would offer you libations,” Mrs Ruggles said, “but Lady Wyeth-Boton says it is detrimental to reaching the other world. So we will not open the bar until the seance has taken place.”

Gracie timidly spoke. “Perhaps I should… prepare the room now?”

“Yes, of course, child,” Mrs Ruggles absently said, then asked the others, “Shall we sit?” She began to make her way to the other side of the room, Ann and the Count following.

“Grace, I’ll give you a hand,” The Kid said.

The little girl led her over to the table by the fireplace. As the other three chatted farther away, The Kid softly said, “What’s she got you sayin’ tonight?”

While they positioned the round table and put dining chairs around it, Gracie whispered something back in French, something that The Kid knew the child had to have been taught phonetically.

“When my Lady closes her eyes I’m to count to thirty, then go into my act.” Gracie whispered cautiously, glancing at the others to make sure they weren’t being overheard.

Once they finished arranging the chairs, Gracie took a box of matches from her pocket and lit one black candle that had been placed in the center of the table. “There — it’s ready,” she said.

The Kid winked at the child. “See you later, sweet thing,” she said, then went to join the others.

Moments later, Lady Jane Wyeth-Boton swept into the room, clad from chin to feet in a jet-black cloak. Mrs Ruggles introduced Lady Jane to Ann.

Lady Jane gave Ann a long, penetrating gaze, then clapped her hands once. “Gracie! Please dim all the other lights in the room,” she ordered. “Everyone, please sit around the table.”

“Should the child be here for this?” Mrs Ruggles asked, a look of concern on her face.

“Yes,” answered Lady Jane. “Gracie often serves as a vessel for the spirits to enter. Those on the other side sometimes prefer a child or an innocent to speak through.”

Mrs Ruggles sat next to the empty chair for Lady Wyeth-Boton. Next to Mrs Ruggles was the Count. Next to the Count sat Ann. The Kid sat beside Ann, Gracie was placed on The Kid’s right, right across from the empty chair.

The room was now dark, save for the lone candle on the table.

“It is imperative that my directions be followed to the letter. Then and only then will the spirits consent to appear,” Lady Jane said, looking from person to person.

“First, what I do now is not intended to shock anyone, but to free my energies, so that I may communicate freely with the spirits,” she continued, then swept her cloak off with a single gesture.

Ann’s and Mrs Ruggles’ mouths hung open in amazement. As for the Count, he barely seemed to notice. Gracie must have seen this many times before, but even in the dim light The Kid could tell that the child’s cheeks were flushed red.

Draping the black cloak over one arm, Lady Jane stood motionless, allowing everyone to take a long look at her. She was completely nude, except for a blue crystal that hung from a thin silver chain.

The Kid liked what she saw. The large breasts drooped down slightly, but the dark pink nipples were large and visibly erect. Her belly was firm, with a soft roundness just under the navel.

Nestling between Lady Jane’s thighs was a neat triangle of blonde curls. The hair around the labia had been trimmed away so that the labia majora and minora could be plainly seen. The Kid absently moistened her lips, wondering what the woman tasted like.

As Lady Jane turned to hang her cloak from the oaken rack, her firm round buttocks could briefly be seen. Hell fire, The Kid thought, she’s even nicer lookin’ than I thought.

As Lady Jane slowly walked back to the table, she said, “Also, my being nude should make it clear to you that I have no mechanical tricks to hide, unlike many fraudulent spiritualists who try to fool believers with chicanery.”

Fingering the stone that dangled between her breasts, she continued. “This crystal I wear was given to me by the great fakir Ali Siri of India. It catches the energy of the other world, and feeds it to me.” Lady Jane seated herself between Mrs Ruggles and Gracie.

Making eye contact with each person at the table, she said, “I beseech you all, please keep an open mind, and avoid any negative thoughts. Be open and receptive to any spirits whose energy touches upon yours.” She paused, then added, “Now, place the palms of your hands flat upon the table. The thumbs of your own hands should touch, while your pinkie fingers should be touching those of the persons on either side to you.”

Everyone arranged their hands as Lady Jane instructed.

Her voice became stern. “Under no circumstances, for whatever reason, are you to break this circle. To do so is to roughly cast any visiting spirit away. If this is done, they may never return.”

Once more, Lady Jane looked at each person before saying, “Once more I implore you… do not break the circle.” She took a deep breath. “Now, let us begin.”

Lady Jane lifted her eyes upward and her face went blank. “By the powers of Isis and Osiris. By the love of Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. Spirits, come before us now. Cross back from whence you have gone, and return to comfort those who remain.” She closed her eyes.

Gracie was silently counting to thirty, as Lady Jane had told her to do. The Tequila Kid counted to fifteen.

A soft groan was heard, and all eyes went to The Kid just in time to see a small light flicker for an instant in her open mouth. Suddenly her mouth closed and her expression went blank.

Lady Jane looked at Gracie, then back at The Kid.

As they all stared, The Kid’s eyes flashed open wide. Her pupils could not be seen; there was only white where they should have been.

In a deep voice, speaking in perfect French, The Kid said, “Who has summoned me back to this mortal realm?”

Gracie and Ann, the only two in the room who didn’t speak the language, looked utterly bewildered.

Count Cousiourac gasped audibly, then said, “Mon Dieu! Mademoiselle Kid, she speaks French?”

Though still shocked, Ann managed to reply, “No, Count Cousiourac, she knows not a word of French. My goodness, she barely speaks English!”

Gracie could only gape. Lady Jane seemed puzzled, but was doing her best to conceal it from the others. Mrs Ruggles was awestruck.

Somehow, Lady Jane managed to speak, though uncertain of what to say. “I, Lady Jane Wyeth-Boton, have summoned you here, spirit. Do you recognize the person to my right?”

Still speaking French, The Kid responded in a loving tone. “My Ladybug? It is you! What a joy to see you again.”

Mrs Ruggles’ eyes were filled with tears. “My dear Maurice.” Glancing at Lady Jane, she said, “’Ladybug’ was his term of endearment to me. It was private between us. It’s… it’s really him!” Turning back to The Kid, she said, “Oh, Maurice, my French was never half as good as yours. Please speak to me in English.”

“All right then, my little Ladybug,” The Kid answered Mrs Ruggles. “Who are these others with you?”

Mrs Ruggles introduced each one at the table to her husband’s spirit. The Kid sat in silence, listening to each name. When Ann Purdy’s name was said, The Kid spoke again.

This is little Andromeda Purdy?” Maurice’s spirit asked. Mrs Ruggles nodded. “My, my, what a vision of beauty that skinny little girl has become. I’d never have known it was her.”

“Oh, my dear Maurice, are you happy?” Mrs Ruggles asked.

“Yes, Ladybug. The other world is more beautiful than anything a mortal can imagine. With me are our dear children, Barty and Claire. We all miss you, Ladybug. Be in no hurry to join us, though. Stay here in the world of the living, doing your good works as long as you can. When you come to us, you will be young again, and we will all be together once more.”

Mrs Ruggles shook her head. “I have so much to say to you, Maurice. Your death came so — so suddenly. I never had a chance to tell you h-how very much I loved you…” Tears rolled down the woman’s face, her lips trembling.

The Kid spoke again. “Ladybug, the children and I can feel the love that you have for us. There is no need to weep. Here there is no sadness, no regrets. Just total bliss. Be happy for us. To live as you are is your greatest joy, until the time far from now when we will be together. Be joyful, dear wife, and know that we are joyful as well.”

The Kid’s eyes drifted shut, she groaned and then drooped forward until her head hit the table with a thud. After a moment, she slowly lifted her head. When her eyelids fluttered open again, her expression was one of confusion.

“What…? Doggone it, I must of fell asleep! I’m mighty sorry, Mrs Ruggles. Did anything happen?” The Kid looked around in a daze.

“Turn the lamps back up, Gracie.” Lady Jane ordered.

Ann laid a hand on The Kid’s arm. “You don’t remember anything?”

“Remember? Remember what?” The Kid asked, frowning.

While Mrs Ruggles and Ann told The Kid what had happened, Lady Jane gave Gracie a piercing stare. In return, the bewildered little girl shrugged her shoulders.

The Count stood and ambled over to the bar, “Please let me know what you wish to drink, ladies. I think that we all need one, yes?”

“Before you do,” Lady Jane said, “Please take a moment to observe my nether region.” She stood, then parted her legs slightly. “As you can see at my opening, it is dripping with ectoplasm. This is proof that spiritual energy passed through me, the medium, energy that I fed on to summon the spirit who passed the time with us. If any of you doubt, please feel free to touch… feel the substance for yourself.”

Mrs Ruggles hesitantly removed a glove, reaching out to touch Lady Jane’s dripping vagina. Ann and The Kid exchanged knowing glances, and the Count looked on with a wry smile as he casually filled a glass with whiskey.

Reaching for her cloak, Lady Jane carefully draped it over her shoulders. Glancing suspiciously at The Kid, she said, “I am exhausted, Mrs Ruggles… I will retire to my room now.” She turned to Gracie, who was standing off to the side, hands clasped before her. “Come along, child.”

As Lady Wyeth-Boton passed Count Cousiourac on her way to the door, she spoke to him briefly before making her exit, little Gracie in tow. He gave her a curt nod, then drained his drink.

Setting the glass down on the bar, the Count turned to the three women. “Mrs Ruggles, Lady Wyeth-Boton has reminded me that I must go into town tonight to reserve hotel suites for Friday. You see, we leave on the train Saturday morning, so it will be, ah, more easy to get to the station if we are already in town.”

Count Cousiourac looked at Ann and The Kid. “If you ladies would be so kind as to let me ride back to town with you, I would be most grateful.”

“Why, sure, Count.” The Kid answered. “That’s fine with us.”

He gave a small bow. “Merci beaucoup, ladies. If you will give me just a few moments to pack a bag for tonight, I will return here most soon.” Turning away briskly, he made his exit.

“Reckon I best go get Pegasus hitched up, then,” The Kid said. “Mrs Ruggles, thanks for the invite. Had me a nice time, even if I did miss the big show.”

“Thank you, Kid,” Mrs Ruggles murmured, taking the young woman’s hands. “You were the vessel my dear departed husband chose to make his presence known to us.” Her eyes were misting over again. “I will be forever grateful to you for the happiness you helped to bring me.”

The Kid felt her cheeks grow warm. She’d never found it easy to receive praise. “Shucks, ma’am,” she said, “I’m glad if I was able to be of any help.” She gave the old woman a bashful smile, then took her leave.

Ann stayed behind to chat with Mrs Ruggles, then made her goodbyes when Count Cousiourac returned with his valise. They were led to the front door by the stiff-backed servant, and emerged from the house just as The Kid was climbing into the buggy.

The ride back to town was uneventful, Ann and the Count making small talk along the way. They dropped him off in front of the Ridge Hotel. Next stop was the livery stable, where Ann paid for the buggy rental. Nate unhitched Pegasus and put him in his stall while The Kid paid a brief visit to Button.

Ann and The Kid walked back home arm in arm. Upon arriving, they undressed, performed their ablutions and climbed into bed.

As The Kid turned down the lamp on the side table, Ann spoke up. “All right, Kid, tell me — how on earth did you put on that show at the seance?”

“What did you think?” The Kid replied with a bad-girl grin.

“Actually, it was incredible. I think Sarah Bernhardt would envy your performance.”

“Well, I already knew how to speak French. First, I rolled my eyes way up to make ‘em look all white.” The Kid paused. “Wait — who’s Sarah Bernhardt?”

“Never mind, Kid. What about that little light in your mouth?”

“Oh, that? Just a little pinch of wintergreen, mixed up with peppermint candy. Bite it just right and it sparks a little. Learned that trick from a little boy in Abilene. Anyhow, I just made my voice go low and used the things you told me about Mr Ruggles… sayin’ the kind of stuff I figgered she wanted to hear.”

“And that remark about me being a skinny little girl?”

“I seen that old tintype picture of you as a kid. You sure was cute back then. And what was that crack you made about me barely speakin’ English?”

“Well? What about it? It’s mostly true… and besides, I had to make it convincing,” Ann said. “On the other hand, your French is so good that we could move there.” Reflecting for a moment, she added, “I must say that you were right, Kid. We should’ve brought a weapon. I felt very nervous with the Count. For all his elegant manners, something about him unsettles me.”

“Oh, we did bring a weapon. I put that derringer in your purse. Just in case.”

Rolling her eyes, Ann said, “I should have known. You know, the Count is an imposter, just like Lady Jane. When I spoke of France with him, I purposely lied about a location there, and he claimed to have visited it. Speaking of Lady Jane, what did you think of her telling everyone her pussy honey was ectoplasm from the spirit world?” She snorted with mirth.

“That was the most stupid thing I ever saw anyone do,” The Kid said. “Tell you this much — I reckon whoever she really is, she likes getting naked for folks. It sure did make her wet.”

“You know what else I think, Kid?”


“I’ll wager it got Lady Jane so aroused, she took that Gracie girl upstairs to couple with her.”

The Kid laughed. “Well, now, I like the way you think. I bet you’re right, too. That little Gracie did some sparkin’ with me.” She filled Ann in on her little trysts with Gracie. “I reckon she learned all that from Lady Jane.”

“Kid?” Ann said softly, “I’m feeling very much in the mood for some fun of our own. How about it?”

“Sure,” The Kid answered.

They swiftly removed their night clothes. Side by side in the bed, they reached between each other’s legs.

“I wish I’d known you as a little girl, Ann,” The Kid said as she gently fondled her lover’s pussy.

“I wish there was one picture of you as a child that I could see,” Ann said as her finger trailed up and down The Kid’s wet slit. “I bet you were awfully pretty.”

They came together in a heated kiss. Their tongues flickered back and forth — exciting them, making their cunts even wetter.

“Talk about that Sappho gal some, Ann,” The Kid said when they broke their kiss.

“I’d rather discuss this so-called Lady Jane and Gracie,” Ann answered. “I really do think that they are lovers.”

“You just may be right about that, Ann. What do you think they done after they left us?”

Ann slid her finger into The Kid’s pussy, while The Kid’s finger was making little circles around her clit.

“I think,” Ann began, “That back in their room, Lady Jane flung off that cloak of hers and began to touch herself in front of Gracie.”

“Then what?” The Kid asked as she raised her hips, trying to get Ann’s finger to go even deeper.

“I think,” Ann gasped between breaths, as The Kid pressed a finger against her anus, “That while Lady Jane masturbated, she t-told Gracie to get naked for her.”

Ann and The Kid turned on their sides, so they were face to face, their breasts touching as they began to furiously finger fuck one another.

Her mouth touching The Kid’s ear, Ann whispered, “I bet that awful woman makes little Gracie lick her hot, wet gash. Remember how juicy she was?”

“You sure got a dirty mind, Ann. I love that about you.”

“Oh, Kid, just picture it! That naked little girl lying on her tummy. Mmmm, that sweet bottom of hers, jiggling around while she licks Lady Jane’s cunt.”

Suddenly The Kid withdrew her hand from Ann’s vulva, getting up on her knees. “I gotta taste you, Ann.”

“Let’s do it to each other!” Ann cried.

The two lovers quickly got themselves into position — Ann straddled her lover’s face, then bent down to put her mouth to The Kid’s sex. Each licked the other in a frenzy until they reached a mutual orgasm at the same time, moaning and screaming into each other’s pussies.

Spent, they lay entangled and perfectly content. The Kid was just about to doze off when Ann said, “I never did get the chance to search Lady Jane’s things, did I?” Placing a hand on her partner’s breast, she added,   “I know what needs to happen. You have to seduce Lady Jane.” She nuzzled The Kid’s neck, toying with a stiff nipple.

Opening one eye, The Kid said, “I have to what?

“Don’t you understand? This is how you can get this woman’s guard down. Find out her true game.”

The Kid guffawed. “She don’t like me one little bit, Ann. ‘Specially if she suspects that I was messin’ with her seance. How the hell would I ever open her up?”

Ann sighed blissfully as she snuggled into the younger woman. “You can do it somehow, I’m sure.” She gave a long, drawn-out yawn before falling asleep.

The Kid was wide awake now, trying to think that out. Ann’s right. I need to find out more about this fake Lady Jane. I can’t wait on that telegram from Mort any longer. Gracie knows somethin’, but she’s too loyal to Lady Jane and too scared of the Count to tell me any more than she has.

I reckon tomorrow I’ll have to get myself on Lady Ice Queen’s good side, try to find out what I can.

As she drifted into a sound sleep, The Kid was wondering how she could make that happen.

On to Chapter Six!


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  1. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    OH, yes! LOVED this chapter.
    the beginning segment was so delightful!..Ann’s hangover, the fact that The Kid didn’t wear any under garments beneath her little black dress and then reading how the The Kid once again had trouble with the derringer gizmo was hilarious!..I laughed out loud, imagining how the tiny gun must’ve looked flying across the room and shattering the glass…so well written! It’s those lovely intricate details that bring this story to life… like the description of Mrs. Ruggles mansion with it’s white marble floors and crystal chandelier…all so fascinating!

    And then the seance scene,…wow! Picturing The Kid with her eyes rolled back in her head was cool! and Lady Jane being stark naked…oh yes!

    finally the closing part, as exhausted Andromeda and The Kid retired to their bed, the delicious sex they enjoyed as they chatted about things to come ( pun intended )was really satisfyingly good!

    Great chapter, Purple Les!, I’m so pumped right now about what’s going to happen in #6..trying to envision just how The Kid is gonna “seduce” Lady Ice Queen…hmm?!


  2. sue says:

    Liked this chapter very much. Good humor and a lighter feel. Seeing Kid and Ann as a real couple, with ups and downs and still loving each other very much anyway. Ann and The Kid feel like a detective couple like in those stories of the Thin Man mode.

    Loved the seance and the different mix of characters in this chapter.

    And the climax at the end between Kid and Ann.(pun intended also) Good sex scene. I can’t help wonder if Ann is mistaken about Lady Jane and Gracie. Instead of making love perhaps Lady Jane is grilling the poor child as to what is going on.

    Also looking forward to the next chapter.

    Kim & Sue

    • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Hey Sue!
      yeah, I was thinking something similar about Gracie and Lady Jane, perhaps she[Lady Jane] was (heaven forbid)slapping poor Gracie around trying to extract why The Kid was acting like the intended “vessel” for the spirit of the late Mr. Ruggles instead of Gracie, as per their “modus operandi” scheme.

      Also, I love Nick and Nora!….Myrna Loy was soooo beautiful!

      So nice to read comments from you, Sue!…stay safe, stay well!


  3. Erocritique says:

    Hmmm…. Is the kid ever going to get that arm gadget to work??? *chuckle*

    Like everyone else; I’m wondering what went on with Lady wide-bottom and Gracie after they exited “the seance”. If she has so much as a bruise on her little body I’m going to be quite upset. The kid definitely needs to get closer to the she devil so she can determine the depth of her depravity. I didn’t like the idea of Ann searching through the lady and the counts things for clues, so I’m glad things ended before she had the chance. It seemed to risky for an amateur sleuth to be attempting.. Somehow the kid has to insinuate herself into Lady W-B’s orbit so she can get access to the “smoking gun” that will bring the culprits to justice. The how of it will be the tricky part. I can’t see how she is going to pull it off without raising too much suspicion.. The kid IS pretty creative though, so I’m betting she will make it happen. Unfortunately that means she will probably HAVE to have sex with that horrible woman. I guess that comes with the territory when you’re a Texas Ranger.

    I can’t wait for the next chapter when more of the mystery will be revealed.

  4. Purple Les says:

    Thank you all. Very glad the derringer arm gadget gag was good for a laugh. Will it ever work? Lady wide-bottom & Gracie? All I can say is stay tuned for the next chapter, in seven to ten days.

    Please enjoy the other great stories here in the mean time. I know I do. We all do. So thank you too, JetBoy, and all the other writers & readers.

  5. David says:

    Another great chapter Purple Les. I love your writing and detail and look forward to the next chapter. I love the storyline and just enough sex to keep it even more exciting. I think the Kid could charm the panties off a snake! lol So I know she will get to the bottom of her real identity!

  6. No One says:

    Fun scene! I laughed out loud at “My goodness, she barely speaks English!” I’m not sure what The Kid was hoping to accomplish with that bit of trickery, though. It doesn’t look like it really gave her any new insight into the investigation. Maybe she just wanted to prevent Lady Jane from using the seance for her own purposes.

    The sex scene was hot, as well. I like how Ann seems to get off on imagining and talking about other people (especially young ladies) having sex.

  7. obsessive imaginings says:

    ALright. I like where this goes. Nice chapter and look forward to the next.

  8. Purple Les says:

    No One, obsessive imaginings, thank you both so much. I liked the “My goodness, she barely speaks English!” line too, and glad to know you got a laugh out of it, No One.

  9. John bridger says:

    What the hell++++++. Just as I am getting into it again yous stop yet again. Come on+++++. Love the story well done Love John xxxxx

  10. Purple Les says:

    Thanks. Each chapter comes out about 7 to 10 days. Some readers do like TV and wait till the series is over and then binge read it.

  11. Navarre says:

    These two tales are nothing but superb writing.

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