Sheltering, Chapter 4

  • Posted on July 27, 2020 at 4:43 pm

by Shy Mom

It was morning. Sunlight streamed into the master bedroom from the bay windows.

Olivia still slept. She lay naked on my bed, hugging herself, honey-blonde hair floating on the pillow.

Her slender eight-year-old frame seemed so small on the king-sized bed, and so like a cherub. No sign of the little succubus who came out—and came—last night. I sighed blissfully, unable to recall when I’d last felt such contentment.

After showering, I put on my cheeky silk robe, not bothering to tie it closed. I also dispensed with panties. Though I love the sensation of a delicate thong or g-string riding up my ass and rubbing against my pussy, I felt too liberated this morning for even skimpy lingerie. Besides, who would catch glimpses of my nakedness except the girls?

I glanced down at my sex, nearly bare and impeccably groomed. I had half a mind to pleasure myself right then and there. But it was Sunday morning, and I headed to the kitchen to make brunch for the girls.

There, I fried bacon and broke eggs for French toast. Ashley’s favorite, I thought, and smiled.

I got out milk, butter, vanilla, and cinnamon. As I reached into a cabinet for powdered sugar, I sensed movement behind me. Ashley.

“Morning, sweetie!” I turned around, my robe flowing open. “I’m making—”

Ashley was crying. Not huge girl sobs like Olivia, but suppressed sniffles.

“Ashley, dear, what’s wrong?” I asked, my voice full of concern.

“I heard, Momma …” Her voice barely rose above a whisper.

I froze. What had she heard?

“You and Olivia …”

I backed up against the counter. How careless had I become in quarantine? I had no regrets about what my youngest and I had done last night, but there were better ways of introducing Ashley to this momentous family development. Ten going on twelve, my oldest girl needed special care …

“Darling! Your baby sister and I …”

“You did sex with her, Momma.”

Ashley’s eyes welled up and stray tears ran down her cheeks. Though she still called me “Momma,” she did her best to differentiate herself from Olivia by acting more mature than her years. I could tell it took a tremendous effort to swallow her sobs.

Technically, Olivia and I hadn’t gone all the way, but I didn’t blame Ashley for jumping to that conclusion if she had heard our moans and cries down the hall. Still, how did a girl of ten even know what sex sounded like?

“Ashley, love. What you heard was—”

I wanted to do sex with you, Momma …”


“… but Olivia, she got to go first. You always let her go before me. Always.”

Poor Ashley! Always making comparisons, ever sensitive to perceived dues and slights in the pecking order. At least she didn’t seem traumatized from overhearing us commit mother-daughter incest. In fact, she wanted it for herself …

What a whirlwind of events over the past twelve hours! I had masturbated—twice—in front of my eight-year-old daughter. I had enjoyed the most intense climax in years, thanks to Olivia’s enthusiastic participation. I had pleasured her in turn, bringing my baby girl to her first orgasm. And now my pussy tingled at the unexpected prospect of lesbian sex with my other daughter.

Ashley sniffled, then said, “I thought of it before her, Momma. I did!”

I didn’t know what to say, not right then. However, I knew exactly what to do. I hugged my dear daughter, still a needful little girl beneath her preteen persona. After a moment’s hesitation, Ashley hugged me back, wrapping both arms around me inside the robe as she began to cry for real.

Ashley’s lean frame trembled against my naked body as she buried her face in the hollow of my neck. Her chest heaved against my bosom. Through her thin cotton nightgown—twin to her sister’s and now a size too small—I could feel the tiny buds of her nipples.

As I soothed Ashley’s sobs, I found my words. “I love you, Ashley. You’ve always been my first love.”

“B—but not your first sex, Momma …”

Her words gave me an opening. Time to correct her mistaken impression, and hopefully smooth over her injured feelings.

“Darling, your little sister and I weren’t really having sex. We were—”

“I heard, Momma! Olivia was making loud noises, just like those ladies …”

Huh? “Ladies? What ladies?”

Ashley was suddenly blushing, realizing she’d said too much. “Um, the ladies, Momma, online … after the wedding—you know, last summer—I got curious about lesbians and sex … so I looked around and found some sites … and, well, I kinda watched some …” Ashley trailed off.

“I see …” I responded neutrally, not sure how to feel about my ten-year-old trawling the internet for porn, even of the lesbian variety.

“And—and they make wild sounds … I didn’t have to go see what you and Olivia were doing … I didn’t want to see …”

So, to Ashley’s ears, my youngest and I had sounded like porn stars in heat. I would’ve been amused if the moment wasn’t so serious.

“But what you heard wasn’t sex, Ashley.”

“It wasn’t?” There was doubt in her voice, but also a hint of relief.

“I was masturbating your baby sister. That’s as far as we went.”

I could almost see the wheels turning in Ashley’s head. A glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes.

“You know what masturbation is, don’t you, dear?”

Ashley hesitated. “I think so.” She dropped a hand to her crotch and hesitantly stroked herself through her nightgown. “Like this, Momma?”

“Yes!” I replied, trying to sound as affirming as I could. “Did you see the ladies do that?”

“A lot, Momma. Sometimes they rubbed themselves and sometimes each other. It looked so exciting! Sometimes I rubbed my—I mean, masturbated—with them …”

Ashley blushed anew at this confession, even as she began to finger herself in earnest. I leaned back against the counter, parting my thighs to give her a better view of my bare pussy as I started pleasuring myself too, partly to show solidarity with my little girl, but also to satisfy my growing arousal.

Tugging up her nightgown, Ashley reached inside her panties for direct access. Her breaths quickened with the pace of her fingering. From her practiced strokes, it was clear that my daughter knew what she was doing.

Now dreamy-eyed with pleasure, Ashley began to moan, “Oh, Momma! … oh, Momma! … ohhhh … oh FUCK!”

With that last word, which I’d never heard her drop before, Ashley came. I nearly did, too.

I locked my mouth to hers in a lover’s kiss. Ashley responded immediately, her tongue darting between my lips. Slipping my hands up the back of her panties, I  found her moist outer lips with the tips of my fingers and gently pulled them apart.

“Momma!” Ashley gasped.

Slowly, carefully, I wriggled the tip of my index finger into my child’s vagina. Ashley started at the sensation. I began to work that fingertip around in tiny circles as I questioned her.

“So … you’ve been watching lesbians on your computer, huh?”

“Yes, Momma.”

“Doing sex things?”

“Yes, Momma.”

“They say ‘fuck’ a lot, don’t they?”


“Say it for me now, darling.”

She hesitated, then murmured, “Fuck.”

I shook my head. “Like you mean it.”


“Good girl.” I let my finger go a little deeper.


“So… you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, Momma.”

“Even though I’m your mother?”

“Yes, Momma …”

Because I’m your mother?”

Ashley gasped, not because of my question, but because I had found her clit and begun teasing the hood.

“Oh yes … yes … yes, Momma!”

Gratified by her answer, I flicked the bud. Ashley whimpered, “Please, Momma, please!

I wasn’t sure whether my daughter was pleading for mercy or for more. Either way, to prolong the moment, I relented a little.

Catching her breath, Ashley remarked, “Those are naughty words, Momma!”

“They’re exciting words. Fuck. Cunt.”

“You sound dirty. I—I like it.”

By then, I was ready to let Ashley take whatever liberties she wished with me, go wherever her online education and awakening libido led her. But I held back for the moment, wanting to understand more fully before giving in.

“Why am I so blessed that my beautiful daughter wants to fuck me?”

“Cause I love you, Momma. And you’re so pretty.” Simple as that. She added, “I didn’t tell Olivia, you know. She’d spoil it. I was gonna surprise you for Mother’s Day …”

My dear Ashley!

“Oh, another thing, Momma … your pussy is the prettiest … better than all the ladies I’ve seen on the computer …”

“It is?”

“I’ve peeked at it lots of times, Momma, whenever I get the chance. It looks so soft … and I love the little bit of hair you have … it’s just—your pussy is so beautiful!”

I was glad Ashley thought so, though I’d certainly never imagined that my daughter had been comparing my sex with those of porn stars. Perhaps she was biased, but now I had an extra reason to keep lotioning and grooming my naughty bits.

Our conversation had distracted a little from caressing Ashley’s pussy, but her unexpected compliment prompted me to resume.

She sighed. “That feels sooo good, Momma!”

“For me too, honey.”

“I don’t want it to stop …”

“Me neither.”

“But I … there’s something else I wanna do.”

“Do you?”

“Yes, Momma … I, um, I want … I want to …”

Ashley’s sudden shyness was adorable, but I wanted to fulfill her desire at that moment. “I’ll do whatever you want, darling.” I meant it wholeheartedly. “Just tell Momma.”

“I—I want to lick your pussy!” Ashley blurted.

Was I dreaming? Had I died and gone to heaven?

“Oh, Momma, I want to so bad. It looks so yummy when the ladies do it …”

Even as my daughter’s words stoked my desire, I wondered how much Ashley had seen online, and what things she yearned to try. A thought crossed my mind. “Are you sure you’ve never tasted pussy?”

Ashley’s eyes turned down. “Maybe …”

Aha. “Your own pussy, right?”

“Yes …”

“That’s perfectly natural, dear! I love tasting my own cunt.”

“Me too, Momma! I love tasting my—my cunt.”

Wow. Like mother, like daughter.

My breathing deepened now, and so did Ashley’s.

“But Momma … I want to taste yours even more.”

Gazing into Ashley’s sea-blue eyes, which shone from the tears she’d so recently shed, I couldn’t deny her.

“Ashley, darling?”

She returned my gaze.

“Do you really, truly want to eat Momma’s pussy? Taste Momma’s cunt?”

With the solemnity of a vow, Ashley replied, “I do.”

My heart melted, as did my pussy.

I leaned back against the counter and guided Ashley to sit before me. She looked up, gazing in awe at my bare cunt, the lips now swollen and sodden. Dipping a finger into the core of my wetness, I drew out a syrupy strand, dangling it within inches of Ashley’s parted lips.

“Go ahead, honey,” I breathed. “Taste me.”

Ashley extended her tongue to catch my essence, pausing to savor it in her mouth before swallowing.

“I love it,” she murmured.

Sliding forward, I lowered my hips. We nearly touched, pussy to mouth, mother to daughter. Her breath inflamed my sex.

I took Ashley’s hands and placed them on my ass. Her eyes flared. Cupping her face, I closed the distance, gently guiding her to me.

“Do what you want, my love. I’m yours.”

Ashley did.

I’d never experienced anything more beautiful. I’d thought breastfeeding had been the height of mother-daughter bonding. I was wrong.

God, the way Ashley made love to my pussy.

In my life, I’d had good pussy eating (thank you, sorority sisters), bad pussy eating (good riddance), and multiple-orgasm pussy eating (dear, dear Alyssa). What I had not known—what I had not even conceived—was the captivating innocence, hunger, and devotion with which my ten-year-old daughter ate my cunt.

She ate it like a child. That’s the truest way I can describe how Ashley stole her mother’s heart again, having taken it once at birth.

Ashley closed her eyes and wrapped her mouth over my dripping vulva, sucking with the need of a newborn. Her tongue rooted up and down the furrow as she suckled on my lips. My cunt fed her to overflowing. And just as I’d gazed adoringly upon Ashley when she had nursed as a baby, I couldn’t stop staring at the beatific sight of my pre-adolescent daughter going down on me.

Ashley worked herself into ravenous gulps. The more she ate, the more she craved. She clutched my ass tightly, still drinking deeply from my sex. As she did so, I felt a wayward finger graze the rim of my anus, made slippery by dripping fluids and my child’s saliva.

Oh my God … is she going to—

I just managed to grab onto the counter, clutching it for dear life as Ashley’s tongue darted into my pussy and her finger slipped into my ass.

I blacked out as I came.

On to Chapter Five!


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  1. David says:

    OMG Shy Mom, I love your story! Every chapter gets better and better. Reading about her and Ashley was so erotic and the fact that Ashley had been watching porn and wanted to please her mom orally took me over the edge. Thanks for another great chapter and I look forward to Chapter 5.

  2. Jay Denton says:

    Omg, Shymom this just keeps getting better and better. I know someone who is desperate to experience this with her daughter. This episode will blow her mind and flood her knickers. Thank you, so looking forward to part 5 💋

  3. Shy Mom says:

    Thanks, David and Jay, two of my loyal readers. I appreciate hearing how you’re continuing to enjoy this story.

    Chapter 5 will be … a playful diversion from the story so far. Hope that’s enough of a teaser to keep you reading!

  4. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow! so good, Shy Mom!..I too almost blacked out by the end (well, my vision got a bit blurry!)
    Loved the idea of Ashley being a bit jealous that her younger sister got to be with Mommy first, such a great plot development! And then the sex fun they had after Mommy consoled her, was…delicious!!!
    Exhausted and wet, awaiting the new twist you’ve described for the next chapter…just what will it be?…can’t wait!


  5. Dylan says:

    WOW…….This story just keeps getting better & better! I hope you or the rest of our reading community don’t get too offended if I say that I was hard through out the entire ‘read’, and you know what happened after I got done reading your lovely story!

  6. Keiko says:

    Dearest ShyMom… you live in my mind and put daydreams into words… thank you for sharing your talents!!! Xxx

  7. sue says:

    Fuck! We almost blacked out too. Once again so loving and so down and dirty, with a sweet innocence to it all, while being totally erotic all the way.

    Realistic sibling rivalry, and a daughter we all wish we had. Happy with the story just as it is, but ready for any diversions you dream up for us Shy Mom. Just keep the story and us coming.

    Kim & Sue

  8. Shy Mom says:

    ETA, your messages are so lovely to read. Thank you.

    Dylan, no offense taken. Glad to bring guys as well as gals pleasure.

    Keiko, we must be soul sisters, because these are my lovely daydreams. (Lovely name, btw)

    Sue, appreciate your loyal reading too. Black-out inducing, toe-curling cums are the best.

    Credit to JetBoy for helping me give better voice to Ashley than I originally drafted. She deserved it.

    • JetBoy says:

      It’s been a genuine pleasure to proofread this story, not least because it gives me the chance to watch Shy Mom grow as a writer. I anticipate more great things from her in the months to come.

      • Shy Mom says:

        “Proofread” is much too modest a term to describe the invaluable criticisms, questions, and suggestions that each draft gets.

  9. Tim says:

    Goodness Shy Mom this is such a wonderful story. Toe-curling cums now seem to be the norm every time I read another incredible chapter.
    I couldn’t read your story immediately though I knew it was there waiting for me and the anticipation made the eventual enjoyment of it even better.
    Loved the dialogue too. So hot and sexy.
    Thanks for giving me so much pleasure. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  10. sue says:

    Shy Mom? When is the next chapter coming? Soon please. Pretty please.

  11. GopherCarl says:

    Incredible build-up once again… the writing is pure sexual perfection. Marvelous.

  12. Sid says:

    This is truly some of the best writing I’ve read on this site through the years.

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