Selkie Days, Chapter 5

  • Posted on February 13, 2023 at 3:38 pm

by BlueJean

It’s a strange thing to awaken and find yourself underwater.

You know there ought to be a sense of panic, but as the quilt floats away from your body and the entire contents of your bedroom bob around, a strange acceptance creeps over you. Yeah, this is okay. The ocean has swallowed up my aunt and uncle’s house and common sense tells me I should be drowning, but somehow I’m still able to breathe. Well, why not?

So I float out of bed and down the spiral staircase. I consider visiting the bathroom to have a pee, but I’m not sure how that would even work beneath the waves, so I hold it in for the moment. I check my aunt and uncle’s room but there’s no one in there.

“Aunt Rita? Uncle Derek?”

Oh. I can talk underwater, too? That’s handy.

I sink downstairs, open the cottage door and swim out to the edge of the peninsula. “Oh. My. Days…”

The harbour town has become an amazingly vibrant underwater seascape. Huge coral reefs of pink, white and blue festoon the spaces between brightly coloured houses. Bubbles float from chimneys instead of smoke; shoals of tropical fish swim through the streets. The whole vista is infused with shards of sunlight that pierce through the water from above, lending it an azure glow.

I push off from the cliff and swim down towards the harbour. When a vast teeming ball of butterfly fish envelops me, I find myself swimming through a tunnel of the colourful creatures, emerging to discover a huge blue whale and its calf gliding past me. I raise a hand in greeting. “Morning!”

The Mal De Mer has become an old shipwrecked galleon illuminated by neon lights and bioluminescent jellyfish. I swim past the pub and head down towards what used to be the beach (but now qualifies as a seabed, I suppose), then further onwards towards the ring of fossilised trees.

The seals are waiting. They dart around playfully, batting at me with their flippers and nibbling my toes. A particularly bold seal with red fur swims up close, its whiskers tickling my nose. It peers at me with emerald eyes that seem to dance with mischief, then whispers, “Wakey wakey, sleepy Hailey.”

My eyes fluttered open to find Aunt Rita standing over me.

“Hey,” I croaked.

She lifted a foot up onto my bed, the movement causing her robe to fall open, then put a hand to her mouth in a childlike display of pantomime scandal. “Oopsies…!”

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and considered the contours of my aunt’s naked form – the soft swell of her breasts and her wide belly dancer hips. She scissored fingers through her cunt, drawing them back up to leave her dark bush glistening with dew.

“What if Uncle Derek catches us?” I whispered. Our ‘special time’ was usually reserved for when he was away on fishing trips. My aunt wasn’t usually this reckless.

Her sticky fingers hovered near my face. “Shhh… Your uncle’s fast asleep.” She smeared her essence upon my lips and my tongue emerged to sample the musky tang. Her fingers returned to her cunt briefly, then found their way directly into my mouth. “Taste me,” she murmured.

“What’s got you so excited?” I asked as she dipped her digits back inside herself.

That earned me a dirty smile. “We’ve been invited over to Madeline’s later. For a lunch date.”

“Oh. That sounds nice.”

Knowing Madeline, I suspected the only thing we’d be dining on would be each other. But lunch at the doctor’s house would serve a dual purpose: today was the day I would give back her sealskin, so she could finally return to the ocean.

Aunt Rita pushed back the quilt that covered my body. “Pull your jammies down for me.”

I did as she asked, pushing my pyjamas and knickers down past my knees. She reached between my legs, slick fingers lubricating my labia as they brushed back and forth. I thrust my hips out to meet her touch, and she in turn thrust hers towards my face.

“Lick me, Hailey.”

With an eye towards the door and a nagging concern that my uncle might wander in, I propped my head up with pillows and drew my tongue up the length of Aunt Rita’s creamy pussy lips. Our intimacy had cemented a bond between us so powerful that I knew her by taste and smell alone: the earthy, tart flavour of her cunt, the heady animal scent that clung to the air. And something unquantifiable – a glamour that I could only assume was true love.

As I licked my aunt, her fingers plunged inside me – one in my pussy; another up my arse. “This is just a warm-up, Hailey,” she murmured. “A sneak peek of all the dirty, wicked things we’ll be getting up to later with Madeline and little Isla.

“I-I can’t wait,” I groaned, grabbing her wrist in an effort to encourage more force from her. She pumped her fingers deeper and faster, until the dull ache of my orgasm oozed to the surface, its lack of urgency creating a pleasant thrum through my half-awake body.

Tendrils of pleasure still rippling through me, but also aware of my aunt’s own needs, I lazily returned my mouth to her cunt while she strummed her tender clit to an ever-increasing tempo. Her climax emerged hissing; snarling – a ravenous, feral creature thrust out unceremoniously into the world. “Fucker!” she wailed, then clapped a hand over her mouth to silence herself until the convulsions had subsided.

I followed a bead of pussy juice as it trickled down my aunt’s inner thigh and dripped onto my pillow with a barely audible plip. She placed a finger to her lips and whispered, “Our little secret…”

A short while later I was dressed and downstairs in the kitchen with my aunt and uncle, happily munching away on a piece of toast slathered with honey.

Uncle Derek was grumbling into his phone. “Come on, you old coot, answer.”

“What’s up?” Aunt Rita asked him as she piled crockery into the dishwasher.

“Bloody Sully. I’ve been trying to get hold of him all morning. Probably forgot which button to press again. I’d have more luck sending a homing pigeon.”

I had a feeling Sully was avoiding his captain. I’d persuaded the old man to show me where he’d hidden Madeline’s sealskin, but I knew it went against everything he and my uncle stood for. A sailor’s oath is not to be taken lightly. I hoped he wouldn’t go back on his word, though.

Uncle Derek put his phone down on the kitchen table with a grunt. “Ah, well. What’re you girls up to today? I thought we could all mosey on across to the mainland and get a bite to eat. Maybe find a good museum or something.”

“Sorry, oaf. Me and Hailey already have a date,” Aunt Rita said as she massaged my uncle’s head. “Lunch with the good doctor.”

“Oh, fair enough. How come I never get invited to your little soirées?”

My aunt flashed me a wink. “Well, you’re just so uncouth. Who’d want to take a great brute of a man like you anywhere?”

My uncle seemed to relish his wife’s heckling. “You can fuck right off!” he said with a wide grin. “Stick me in a tuxedo and I’m like James feckin’ Bond. Bet you’re afraid all the ladies’ll be sniffin’ around, that’s all. Back me up here, Hailey.”

I giggled at my aunt and uncle’s exchange. For all their bickering and mutual mockery, it was clear to me how fond they were of each other. But his attempt to rally my support fell on deaf ears. “Nah, I think Aunt Rita’s right. You’d only end up breaking something.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is, eh? All girls together. Well, bugger the both of you. I’ll stay at home and fix some fishing nets, then.”

“That’s the spirit,” my aunt said and gave him a pat on the head. She sauntered round the table and rested her hands on my shoulders. “You’d be bored to death, anyway. It’ll just be us girls. Doing girl stuff… Right, Hailey?”

Her hand disappeared beneath the table and found its way between my legs. I looked up at her, shaking my head, mouth forming a silent, “Don’t.”

But she continued stroking me through my leggings while Uncle Derek browsed through his newspaper, oblivious to his wife’s ministrations. “‘Cause girls just wanna have fuh-un… Oh, girls just wanna have fun…” my aunt sang.

“Hmm? Ya, okay,” my uncle mumbled, barely paying attention.

“No place for fellas,” Aunt Rita crooned, her fingers sliding through my pussy lips. “Just ladies… and naughty little girls… together…”

Uncle Derek slapped his paper closed and found his feet. My aunt quickly pulled her hand from between my legs and smiled sweetly at him.

“Yep. Good,” my uncle said, then stretched his great big arms aloft in a yawn. “Right, I’m off down to the boat for a bit.”

“B-bye!” I squeaked, then gave my aunt a look of stinging rebuke.

She laughed at me, kissed me on the nape of the neck, and then breathed into my ear, “Let’s get ready, little girl…”


As we made our way downtown towards Madeline’s lair, I couldn’t help but notice Aunt Rita was quieter than usual. When she kept giving me the occasional side-glance, it was clear that something was on her mind.

“What?” I asked.

“You okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You know what we’re gonna be doing at Madeline’s, right?”

There was that hint of condescension again. I’d thought we were past that. It warranted a thorough roll of the eyes, in my opinion. “Yeah, I’m not dense. Sex, of course.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“I’ve done stuff with Madeline before, haven’t I? And you and me do sex all the time. Why would I be bothered?”

Aunt Rita was silent for a spell, and I took that as an end to the discussion, until she answered with, “I dunno, because you’re only eleven? And, to be honest… I’m not sure I want to share you.”

I took her hand in mine. “I’m quite mature for my age, y’know? And I dunno if I want to share you either, but it might be fun for a change.”

My aunt seemed content with that. She nudged me playfully, and shot me a smile. “Yeah, guess you’re right. Thanks for the talk, kid.”

A short walk later and we were standing at Madeline’s front door. Six-year-old Isla opened it and greeted us with a huge gap-toothed grin. “Ello! Me an’ Mummy are watching naughty videos!” the little girl said with enough volume to inform the entire town.

“Shhh!” my aunt and I hissed in alarm.

“Isla! Get in here!” Madeline appeared behind her daughter, then ushered us through into the lounge. “How many times have I told you? We have to keep things like this secret.”

“No one even heared me!” a put out Isla insisted. “There wasn’t anybody out there.”

Madeline sank down into her leather recliner chair. “It doesn’t matter. You’re going to get us all into trouble if you’re not careful.”

My eyes were drawn to two things: firstly, the usually light and airy lounge had been darkened with drawn drapes, creating an oppressive, ominous space. Secondly, a hardcore lesbian movie was playing on the huge TV. I’d binged my fair share of porn, easily circumventing my mother’s attempts at internet parental controls. But dirty videos while adults were present? Well, that was just a bit outside my comfort zone. I was willing to work with it, though.

Aunt Rita gave Madeline a cute little wave. “Hey, bitch.”

“Hey, bitch,” the doctor shot back.

“Say hello, Hailey,” my aunt reminded me.

“Hi, bitch,” I blurted out, my attention directed towards the TV. “Uh, Madeline! I meant Madeline!” I amended hastily, causing the two women to laugh.

Isla marched up to the TV screen to give me a rundown of events. “Hailey? You see this lady here, with the blonde hair? In a minute she licks the other lady’s bottom. And then the lady with the red shoes rubs her boobies all over the blonde lady’s puss-puss, and then they… the… the blonde lady… um… no, wait… not…what do they do again, Mummy?”

“No giving the plot away, little madam,” Madeline said. “Come sit on Mummy’s knee so I can put my hand down your panties.”

The giggling six-year-old climbed into her mother’s lap. Madeline lifted the little girl’s dress and slipped a hand inside her baby blue knickers while Aunt Rita and I nestled down into the couch.

My aunt wasted no time in loosening the buttons on her jeans. “Why don’t you take your leggings off?” she said, so I slipped them down my legs and kicked them away. She reached across and rubbed me through my panties, her fingers forcing the plain white cotton between my pussy lips with each firm stroke. “You’re so wet,” she told me, and true enough, the damp spot on my knickers gave me away.

“Bring them to me,” Madeline commanded from her throne.

Aunt Rita turned to the doctor. “Huh? Bring you what?”

Our host tutted her impatience, a reprimand comically mimicked by her young daughter. “Your niece’s knickers, of course. Bring them to me.”

“What am I, your servant?” Rita replied.

Madeline narrowed her eyes. “You want to have your way with my little girl today, don’t you?” she asked pleasantly, an almost imperceptible dash of menace in her voice. “Isn’t that why you’re here? To taste her pussy? To have her taste yours?”

Every interaction I’d witnessed between the two women had painted them as equals in my eyes. Madeline was a dominant woman, I knew, but Aunt Rita could give as good as she got. But the facade slipped in that darkened living room – a fleeting glimpse behind the curtain that momentarily revealed the true dynamic of their relationship. Madeline was in control, I realised.

Some emotion flickered briefly across my aunt’s face – anger? resentment? uncertainty? “I… Yes. Yes, I want that,” she conceded.

Madeline gave a satisfied smile – a small victory. “Then bring me Hailey’s panties, will you?”

My aunt turned back to me. “Let’s take these off,” she said, sliding the damp material down my legs. She gave my bare pussy a single light stroke, and with her usual mischievous demeanour restored, offered my knickers to the doctor.

Madeline accepted the damp tribute with a smug air. Crushing them to her face, she breathed in my adolescent scent without a hint of reserve. “I can smell your excitement, Hailey,” she told me, taking delight in my self-conscious fidgeting.

Aunt Rita unfastened the remaining buttons on her jeans, pushing them down her legs along with her panties. She sauntered up to Isla and prised her labia open. “I have a treat for you, little girl.”

Madeline guided the six-year-old towards her friend’s hungry cunt. “That’s it. Lick Rita’s puss-puss. Licky licky licky.”

Aunt Rita offered herself to the child – a communion of flesh and fluid received with an eagerness that spoke more of Isla’s need to please than any real desire to go down on an adult. I suspect the distinction was unimportant to my aunt. With eyes tight shut, she threw her head back and surrendered to Isla’s kitten tongue. “So. Fucking. Good…”

I sauntered over to where the magic was happening, the doctor stalking me with wild eyes. “Well, we seem to have a little visitor,” she purred. “Why don’t you take your t-shirt off, so we can see that beautiful budding chest?”

I tugged my top over my head and stood there, naked but for my socks. Madeline raked her fingers down my bare torso, drawing a shiver from me, then Aunt Rita was kissing me hungrily on the mouth.

Isla – seemingly unable to sit still for any length of time – slipped from her mother’s lap and onto the floor. My aunt sank to her knees behind the little girl and peppered her neck with kisses, eliciting squeals of delight from the six-year-old.

“I think this pretty little dress needs to disappear!” Rita trilled, grasping the hem and hoisting it up.

“No!” giggled Isla, pushing the frock back down.

“I think so–o!” my aunt insisted.

The child stood steadfast and defiant. “No, naughty Rita!”

Madeline pushed herself up from the chair and unzipped her own dress, allowing it to cascade to the floor. She wore sheer black stockings, heels, and a lacy bra that could barely contain a pair of pillow-like breasts. Fingertips weaving vermicular patterns across Isla’s hips, she cast a spell of compelling words. “See? Mummy’s taken her dress off. Don’t you want to be a big girl like Mummy?”

Isla relented with a big cartoon sigh. “Oh, all right, Rita. I’ll let you take it off.”

I think Madeline could’ve convinced anybody to do just about anything. Such was her power over mere mortals.

Up came the brightly coloured party dress, up and over the child’s head to be discarded on the floor with an ever-growing pile of clothing. Aunt Rita shivered at the sight of the six-year-old in nothing but her panties.

“Give Rita a big grown-up kiss,” Madeline told Isla, so the little girl swung both arms around my aunt’s neck, closed her eyes, and then pushed her lips out in an exaggerated pout.

My aunt cupped a tiny pair of buttocks as she drew the child against her breasts. The two of them shared a deep kiss, Isla humming softly as she allowed my aunt’s tongue to explore freely. When they parted, Rita gently lowered the six-year-old onto her back, then tugged the child’s soft cotton knickers down her legs. “It’s time for kitty to have a kiss now,” she said, then took Isla’s peach-like mound into her mouth.

“Why don’t you get down there and lick your aunt’s cunt, Hailey?” Madeline suggested, so I sat on my heels behind Aunt Rita and feasted on her pussy while she licked Isla.

It wasn’t long before the salty tang of Rita’s orgasm filled my mouth. I pulled away as juices oozed from her quivering pussy, and watched as she collapsed against the rug and rolled onto her back with laboured breaths.

“I didn’t say you could come, Rita,” Madeline said.

Rita’s reply was as dry as a desert. “Crap… rumbled by the orgasm police again.”

Isla bounced onto her feet and gave us her best pout. “Rita didn’t make me do the nice feeling, though.”

“Patience, child,” Madeline told her. “Go turn the TV off, then Rita can finish what she started.”

Isla made to run off but clearly forgot her knickers were still stretched around her knees. She tumbled to the hard floor, then froze for several seconds while her mind caught up to her plight, as small children are wont to do. After a brief shocked pause, she screwed her face up and burst into tears.

“Oh, sweetie!” Aunt Rita fussed as she and I picked the little girl up.

“Are you okay, Isla?” I asked the wailing six-year-old – because obviously that’s the most sensible thing to ask someone who isn’t okay.

Madeline dusted off her daughter’s knees, then gave her a half-hearted pat on the bum. “Well, that wasn’t ideal, was it?”

“I-I don’t want to pl-play anymore!” Isla sobbed.

“Nothing’s fallen off as far as I can see,” was Madeline’s diagnosis as she poked and prodded the child. I didn’t think much of her bedside manner. “I’m recommending a big wet tongue in your kitty until you get the nice feeling. Nurse Rita, administer the treatment, please.”

“Right away, doctor,” Aunt Rita replied, then turned to Isla. “How does that sound, munchkin? Would it be okay if I had another little lick?”

The six-year-old peered out from teary eyes, a little smirk forming in the corners of her mouth. “I don’t mind…” she allowed, wiping snot from her nose with a fist.

Madeline tugged the offending panties down to the child’s feet. “Let’s get rid of these,” she said, pausing to wipe Isla’s wet face with them, then hurled them across the room, much to her daughter’s amusement. “Naughty knickers!”

My aunt removed the rest of her own clothes, then lay back against Madeline’s Persian rug. “I want her on top of me.”

I stood there, intrigued. “So… what are we doing?”

“Do you know what a sixty-nine is, Hailey?” Madeline asked.

I almost put my hand up – the way we did in school when we had the answer to a question. “Yeah, it’s when…” On second thoughts, I didn’t think I wanted to get into the mechanics of it, really. “Uh… yeah, I know what it is.”

“Good. Arrange Isla on top of your aunt in that position, please.”

“I know how to do it, Mummy,” Isla said, stepping across Aunt Rita, then getting down on hands and knees, her bare bottom mere inches from my aunt’s face.

Rita prised the little girl’s arse cheeks apart, clearly eager to tuck in.

“Uh uh uh, Rita!” Madeline said, breasts spilling free from her bra as she pulled the cups down. “Where’s your manners? You don’t start until I say.”

“I need to taste her,” my aunt groaned.

Madeline took hold of my shoulders and guided me around the tangle of bodies beneath us. “Get down there and rub your pussy on Isla’s arse while you aunt eats her out,” she told me, so I sank to my knees behind Isla.

Now you may eat my daughter, Rita,” Madeline said, and from the hungry wet sounds beneath me, I judged Aunt Rita had begun in earnest.

I ground myself on the six-year-old’s bum, and was rewarded with both the occasional lick of my pussy from my aunt, and the musky taste of Madeline’s hot cunt as she sidled up and thrust herself into my mouth. When she was done with me, she lay back on the floor and snapped her fingers impatiently. “Sit on my face. Now!”

I squatted over the doctor and offered her my cunt. She ploughed her tongue through my pussy, applying enough pressure to leave me twitching at every writhing undulation. Then lighter licks, the tip of her tongue eliciting a wholly different kind of sensation as she flicked and flickered and teased.

As my arousal reached critical levels, I became more acutely aware of the soundtrack of our collective lovemaking: mouths attacking pussies, muttered obscenities and murmured endearments – whimpers and groans and sighs.

I could bear it no longer. I thrust my hips out towards Madeline’s mouth, my climax rattling out of me with a desperate wail.

Isla gazed across at her mother with glazed eyes. “Mummy, I’m… I’m g-getting the funny feeling again…”

“Are you going to come too, poppet?” Madeline cooed. “Let it all out. Do a baby come for Rita.”

The six-year-old stiffened suddenly and arched her back, my aunt’s mouth still attached to her puffy vagina. Legs frantically treading air, a squeal emerged from her lips. “M–mum–mee–eee…!”

Madeline pushed me away like something to be discarded. “Well, that’s the kids sorted,” the voracious woman said. “Now I think it’s time for the adults to have some fun again, don’t you, Rita?”

Aunt Rita gave Isla’s bottom a final kiss, then licked her lips like a pleased cat. “I wouldn’t say no to some TLC.”

The two women found their way to the couch and sat back, legs spread wide. They beckoned us over with hooked fingers and wicked smiles.

Isla rolled onto her feet and stuck her arms behind her head in an adorable stretch. “What game are we gonna play next, Mummy and Rita?”

Madeline perched a finger against the corner of her mouth. “Hmm… shall we show Hailey how to play Lucky Dip?”

Isla turned to me wide eyed, with an even wider grin. “Oh, Hailey, this game is soooo rude!”

“Is it?” I sat on the edge of the coffee table, my legs still weak so soon after my climax.

“I dunno if I can handle Hailey, so I’ll take Isla, okay?” my aunt said to Madeline.

“Works for me. Show Hailey how it’s done, Isla.”

Isla held a hand up for me, closing her fingers tightly together, thumb squeezed underneath the other four digits. “Hailey, do this with your hand, all right?”

I mimicked the six-year-old and held my flattened hand out in a gesture of oath. I couldn’t imagine where this was heading.

Poised at the entrance of my aunt’s cunt, Isla pushed her fingers into the fleshy glove inch by inch. “Now just relax, Rita,” the child said. “You might feel a little sting, but it’ll be over soon.”

It’s only now I realise the six-year-old must have been imitating her doctor mother – an obscene game of Doctors and Nurses, if you will.

Aunt Rita played the part of patient awfully well, though. “Keep going, cutie. Keep going…”

Isla’s hand had all but vanished now. She turned to me, beaming proudly. “It’s quite difficult to get your whole hand in, but you can do it if you try hard,” I was told. She squeezed a thumb alongside the other fingers, and the rest of her hand suddenly popped inside, drawing a growl of pleasure from my aunt.

“Bloody hell…” I muttered under my breath. “That’s mental…”

“Hay–leee…” Madeline sang. “I don’t think you’re going to be able to reach me from over there.”

Reluctantly, I approached Madeline, my hand still foolishly raised, as if I wasn’t sure whose it was or what I was meant to do with it. What, this? In there

“It looks like it might hurt,” I thought I should point out.

That seemed to amuse her. “When you’ve experienced seven pounds of baby travelling through your birth canal and out the other end, the average hand doesn’t pose much of a threat.”

“You sure?”

“Doctor knows best.”

Isla tugged at my arm with her free hand. “Hailey, when you’ve putted your whole hand inside, then you have to make it be a ball, okay?”

“She… she means a fist,” Aunt Rita was barely able to explain.

Madeline took my hand and began feeding my fingers into her sopping cunt, until my knuckles slipped inside with a squelch. “Now make a fist and move your hand backwards and forwards, but don’t pull it out.”

I rolled my fingers into a fist, the doctor’s cunt a hot moist cocoon that smouldered around my hand. “A little harder,” I was told, so I forced another inch of myself inside.

Isla sang a little song beside me as she fisted my aunt. “Luh–kee dip! Luh–kee dip! What will we find? Drippity drip! – It’s fun, isn’t it, Hailey?”

I think that song will haunt me for the rest of my days…

“Such good little girls, aren’t they?” Madeline purred, then leaned across to kiss my aunt, their tongues engaging in a lurid choreography.

I fucked Madeline with my fist for what seemed like an eternity. For some reason, my adolescent mind decided to reduce the whole obscene affair down to a singular image: the creamy froth of Madeline’s pussy juice that encircled my wrist like a mother-of-pearl bracelet. A bracelet like that would really suit me, I remember thinking.

Then the doctor’s pussy was constricting around my fist, attempting to eject me. She grabbed my wrist, making sure I was going nowhere. “Don’t you move that fucking hand! Just… keep it… right… there… Oh, Christ!”

It felt like my fingers would melt under the hot pulsing lava of her climax as she held me steadfast and cried out in desperate bliss.

Next to the convulsing doctor, Aunt Rita was snarling at little Isla below her. “Fuck me, Isla! Pump that chubby little arm in and out! Gonna… come… so hard!”

Isla looked a little concerned. “Rita, you better not—”

“I’m coming!”

The six-year-old let out a panicked cry, yanking her hand free with a loud pop. But it was too late – a gush of fluid erupted from Aunt Rita’s vacant cunt and sprayed Isla across the face. My aunt pushed out a shrill screech, causing Isla to flinch from both the piercing sound and the sudden deluge of ejaculate.

“Oh, my God…” Rita whimpered, her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

“Not again…” a drenched Isla seethed. “I hate you, Rita!”


Having dressed and cleaned ourselves up, Madeline pulled the curtains back and slung open the windows to air the room, and as the afternoon sunshine filtered into the lounge, it seemed to me as if we had returned to our own world after visiting some bizarre alternate universe where the rules didn’t matter, where sex with children was perfectly acceptable. I’d taken my share of enjoyment from our erotic journey, for sure, but I confess it was a relief to come back down to Planet Earth.

Aunt Rita slipped her shoes on, then leaned over to kiss me on the mouth. “Ready to head home?”

Glancing at my phone, I realised with some alarm how late it was getting: 2:40pm. I had twenty minutes to get down to the seahenge to meet Sully. “Um, I might hang around here for a bit, actually,” I told my aunt as casually as I could.

She seemed a little hurt at that, as if she thought I preferred Madeline’s company to hers. “Oh, okay. No problem. I’ll see you back at the cottage later, then.”

I wanted to tell her the truth: that I would have chosen her over Madeline every time; that I was trying to help someone get home, just trying to do the right thing. But when you’re eleven it’s not always easy to articulate how you feel, to say all the things you want to say. So I said nothing and let my aunt walk away.

Madeline sauntered into the lounge and opened up the sliding doors that overlooked the beach. “You didn’t want to go back with Rita?” she asked me.

I stood up; bunched my fists together. “Madeline. I need you to come with me right now, okay?”

The doctor gave me a bemused look. “Excuse me?”

I took hold of her arm and pulled her towards the door. “I don’t have time to explain, but we need to go to the seahenge. I have something to show you and it’s really important.”

“Don’t be silly, child,” Madeline scoffed, brushing me away. “I’m not your playmate.”

“Listen to me! We have to go now! Please!”

If she refused to go with me, I would have no option but to retrieve her sealskin and bring it back here. Thankfully Isla saved the day. “I want to go to the beach, too. Can we, Mummy?”

Madeline relented via an exasperated sigh. “Oh, all right. Let’s humour Hailey and her little game.”

The tide had receded when we arrived – a handful of minutes later than expected – and the great fossilised monument had emerged from the sea. Thankfully Sully had the good grace to wait for us, and evidently had decided to bring Odette and Jack with him, for what purpose I couldn’t fathom.

Everyone, of course, was well acquainted with the local doctor, so greetings were exchanged and small talk passed around, though Sully didn’t seem pleased that I had brought Madeline along. Considering what he and my uncle had done to her, perhaps he felt uncomfortable and ashamed in her presence.

I spoke quietly to the old man. “Where is it?”

He sparked a roll-up and took a long tug from it. “In a sea cave not far from here. Why’d you bring the doctor?”

He thought I would come alone, then – probably thought he could pass the sealskin along to me and then quietly slink away without answering for what he’d done. I wasn’t going to make it that easy for him. I wanted him to see the look on Madeline’s face when I gave her skin back. “You know why she’s here! Why did you bring Odette and Jack?”

Sully pointed to two shovels propped up against a rock. “There’s some heavy work to be done. Shouldn’t take long, but the doc stays here, all right?”

I did my best to convince Madeline not to go anywhere until we returned. “You just stay here for a bit,” I told her, quite unintentionally adopting the voice of a carer speaking to a senile old lady. “I won’t be long. Everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see.”

Madeline narrowed her eyes at me, hands firmly planted on hips. “Why are you talking to me like I’m a child? Did someone tell you it’s my birthday or something?”

I gave her a patronising pat on the arm. In retrospect, I don’t think Doctor Madeline was a pat on the arm kinda gal. “No, but it’s a surprise, and if you leave you’ll spoil it. So just… stay right here. Please?”

We left Madeline and Isla at the ancient monument and continued on towards the caves. I realised why Sully had chosen this hour to meet: the tide was at its lowest point, the only time of day the caves were accessible. A good place to hide something you didn’t want found.

“What we looking for?” Jack asked, shovel slung over his bare torso.

“Treasure,” Sully answered without humour.

Odette gave him a side-glance. I think she was as curious as her young shipmate, but wise enough not to ask questions.

The old man came to an abrupt halt and stood peering into the wide mouth of a cave. “In here.”

The sea cave extended back thirty metres or so, and though the entrance gave us some measure of light, it still wasn’t sufficient to see what we were doing, so Odette switched on an electric lamp and the four of us picked our way to the rear of the grotto.

Sully gestured to a spot on the sandy floor where a shaft of sunlight beamed down through a hole in the ceiling above. “Dig,” he told his shipmates.

“You and Hailey will kill us and bury us here, no?” Odette joked.

Sully wheezed out a chuckle and slapped her on the back. “Nah, I promised Jack’s mum I’d get him home before teatime.”

“Fuck off,” Jack hollered, his words echoing off the stone walls. Then, muttering to himself: “I can stay out as late as I want…”

The two of them put shovel to ground and began digging, making easy progress through the soft wet sand. I wasn’t sure why Sully thought he needed help until Jack’s shovel hit something hard and he and Odette struggled to lift out whatever the object was.

“Christ, it weighs a ton,” Jack grunted. “What the hell is it?”

“Just keep pulling, you little shit!” Odette told the boy. Despite her considerable strength, even she was struggling.

With no small effort the two of them managed to haul the large object out of the hole, accompanied by huffs and puffs.

“It’s a treasure chest!” I gasped.

And so it was. The old wooden chest sat illuminated by the shaft of light above. It looked old, but I suppose anything buried under wet sand for any length of time wouldn’t have looked its best.

“Aye,” Sully grunted. “It’s lined with lead. Derek thought it’d hide what was inside better. Dunno if that’s true.” He placed the lamp on the ground and fished a large key from his pocket.

“It must be hundreds of years old. Probably left here by pirates,” a thrilled Jack mused.

“Nope,” Sully replied as he unlocked the chest and pushed back its creaky lid. “Bought it at a car boot sale in Staines about ten years ago. The bloke threw in a free table lamp too. Quite the bargain.”

The old man carefully lifted out something wrapped in sackcloth, and we followed him as he strode towards the mouth of the cave and back out into the sunlight. He lay the object down on the sand and when he glanced over at me, I thought I saw a glint of moisture in his eyes. “It’s up to you now, Hailey. I dunno what’s gonna happen but I know this is the right thing to do. Thanks for helping me find my balls.”

Jack looked more confused than normal. “What? Your balls is in there? I don’t get it…”

Odette whacked him round the back of his head. “Putain! You are thicker than a whale omelette!”

“Ow! Stop hitting me, you ugly old trout!”

I squatted down and reached a hand out towards the object, but hesitated for a second. Taking a deep breath to steel myself, I pulled back the cloth.

And there it was. A Selkie sealskin. But it wasn’t what I’d expected. The skin was black and shrivelled, and when Jack asked Sully why he had kept a dead seal hidden in a chest I couldn’t blame the boy for thinking as much. I picked it up, then screwed up my face. “It smells a bit. I hope she can still use it.”

We made the short walk back to the henge and I was relieved to find Madeline still there, skimming stones across the water with Isla. I marched up and held the sealskin out, fully expecting her to snatch it up and transform into a Selkie there and then.

Instead, she recoiled in horror. “What on earth is that?!”

“It’s yours! Take it!”

“It’s a dead animal! Get it away from me!”

“Don’t be scared, Madeline! I know what you are! Put on your sealskin and return to the ocean! Swim free!”

A concerned looking Isla reached up and took her mother’s hand. “Mummy, why is Hailey saying silly things? Is she drunk?”

I felt a firm hand on my shoulder and turned to find Sully sporting a look that conveyed both sympathy and amusement. “You’re barkin’ up the wrong tree there, girl.”

“Huh? But Madeline… she’s a Selkie… isn’t she?”

“Sully?” Jack said in a small voice.


“You did say not to tell Derek about this, right?”

“Aye, boy.”

“It’s just, he’s coming down the beach. And he looks a bit pissed off…”

“Some shit will be thrown at the fan now, I’m thinking,” Odette added helpfully.

True enough, Uncle Derek was heading our way, but it was Aunt Rita I noticed first. She strode towards us with a purpose, and for some reason was shedding her clothing piece by piece, a trail of garments scattered on the white sand as she approached.

“Rita! Stop!” I could hear my uncle wail as he hurried after her.

Aunt Rita closed the distance between us and kicked away her knickers, leaving her entirely naked.

Jack’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “I dunno what’s going on,” I heard him mutter, “but fuck me, that’s a bonus!”

My aunt reached out towards the sealskin, her fingers teetering uncertainly, as if she doubted its very existence. “Hailey…” she whispered.

Uncle Derek placed a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “Rita… Don’t. Please.”

Aunt Rita whirled on him, hissing like a wild animal. “Back, oaf! I don’t belong to you! I never did!”

My uncle’s eyes pleaded with her. “I never wanted to own ya, Rita. I love ya.”

She touched my uncle’s cheek, but kept him at arm’s length. “And I love you. But I’m not a bird to be kept in a cage, you fool! I almost forgot who I was!”

“I–I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Aunt Rita took his face in her hands and kissed him gently on the brow. “It’s your lot to fall for my kind – so it’s ever been. But if you truly love me, you’ll let me go.”

My aunt turned back to me and took the sealskin from my arms, the realisation of what was happening slowly beginning to dawn on me. “Thank you, Hailey.”

Then something extraordinary happened. It took my mind a few seconds to catch up with my eyes, but I soon realised that Aunt Rita’s dark hair was turning a fiery orange colour, bleeding outwards from her roots like red dye spilt upon blotting paper. And something similar was happening to her eyes – the dark brown of her iris metamorphosing into a bright emerald hue. The dry, shrivelled skin in her arms was undergoing the same transformation – black fur turning red, undulating and expanding as if the waters of life were being drawn back into it. The newly restored vessel seemed to shimmer and shine with vitality.

“It was you…” I murmured, astonished. “You were the Selkie.”

My aunt – or the creature I’d always thought of as my aunt – gave me a mischievous smile. “I enjoyed our time together, kid. I really did. But I have to go home now.”

I took a step towards her. “You don’t need to go. You could stay if you… if you wanted…” I trailed off awkwardly. For a brief moment I saw things from Uncle Derek’s perspective. I had fallen in love with Aunt Rita, just as he had. And like him, I was reluctant to let her go.

But I saw the wrong of it. To deny this wondrous child of the ocean her freedom wasn’t love, not truly. It was obsession masquerading as love.

So I did what my uncle could not: I let her go. “I hope I see you again, Aunt Rita. I love you, okay?”

But she didn’t return the sentiment. There was no kiss; no farewell embrace. Her eyes were fixed on the ocean, and the seals whose heads emerged from the water just offshore. I wasn’t so sure they were mere seals anymore.

“I might visit you both one day,” she told my uncle and me in a distant voice. “But it’ll be on my terms.”

Uncle Derek sank to his knees. “Rita… don’t leave me…”

My aunt stuck her neck out and a liquid sound emerged from her mouth, rolling off her tongue. “It’s Reeta, you buffoon! Reee–taa! You never could say it right…”

And then she was striding down to the water’s edge, sealskin in her arms. The last I saw of my Aunt Rita was her clambering over the rocks of the stone pontoon to disappear behind a huge plume of seaspray. It wasn’t her who glanced back at us briefly across the beach, but a beautiful red seal with emerald eyes. The creature dived into the water to join its own kind and then vanished beneath the waves.


So what is there left to tell?

Well, my uncle took it hard, of course. I helped him through his pain as best as I was able, but how can an eleven-year-old possibly know what a grieving man needs? I kept him fed and made sure he wasn’t cooped up in the cottage alone. It was all I could offer him. Time would do the rest.

Madeline was not the Selkie but, I discovered, a creature almost as strange. Her husband – a merchant navy captain – had died at sea several years previously while Madeline was heavily pregnant with Isla, and the doctor had never really recovered from the tragedy. It was no secret amongst the townsfolk how she would visit the beach during the small hours, staring out at the ocean, longing for something that would never return. On occasion she would sing a siren song, imagining perhaps that it would guide her lost love home.

But her grief had turned to bitterness and despair, and she learnt to despise the ocean for taking her lover. When Uncle Derek carried my unconscious aunt to the doctor’s house one stormy late night, and swore her to secrecy, Madeline – knowing what Aunt Rita truly was – took it upon herself to corrupt the Selkie. You see, in Madeline’s twisted mind, Rita was her hostage – a creature from the same world that had taken her man. And if the ocean would not give her husband back, then it would not have Rita back either.

But the strangest thing happened after Aunt Rita departed: Uncle Derek and Madeline formed an unlikely friendship. I can’t honestly say if there was a sexual element to their relationship, but regardless, their loss had somehow aligned their paths, and together they were able to help one another heal. My uncle also became a surrogate father of sorts to little Isla, and I truly believe that finally enabled him to heal an even older wound: that of his and Aunt Rita’s short-lived child – The One Who Got Away.

And me? My time at Morcant-On-Sea eventually came to an end. I returned to my mother, but our relationship deteriorated. She sent me away to boarding school and it was the best thing she ever did for me. I thrived in education, knuckling down in my studies and learning how to be independent. I left school at sixteen and then moved on to college to study journalism and English literature.

So here I am standing on the top deck of the ferry – a confident woman of eighteen with all the world before me. I smile to myself as the harbour town comes into view, all the colourful houses stacked atop one another, or so it seems to me.

I’ve come back to live with my Uncle Derek. I have a job lined up at the local newspaper while I chip away at my first novel. I’ll head up to the cottage soon, but first I need to make a little detour.

I step off the ferry and head along the pier, past the small parade of shops and The Mal De Mer pub on the corner, then down to the seafront and along the beach, past the café and underneath the huge natural rock arch. Then across the sand and round the cove until I reach my destination: The Seahenge. The tide is out as I knew it would be. The fossilised monument glistens with an emerald glow.

My heart soars when I notice the seals basking on the huge upturned trunk, and I’m delighted to see they have babies with them this time.

But try as I might, I don’t see a red-skinned seal anywhere amongst them. Not this time. I tamp my disappointment down.

Then I feel a slender hand upon my shoulder. It should give me quite a start, but somehow I was expecting it. I close my eyes and smile.

“Hey, kid,” she murmurs.

We both had come back on our own terms, I suppose.

The End


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  1. Mr Stoat says:

    I sincerely love your stories, BlueJean. I even love your “Exploring the Depths of Depravity” stories. Wish you were writing more of those. };->

    • BlueJean says:

      Yikes… It makes me wince a bit when someone remembers that awful first story – The erotica equivalent of a sledgehammer across the back of the head. Everyone has to start somewhere, I guess.

      Thanks for reading both the old and new, Mr Stoat!

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    I’ll be darned! How neat!

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    Nicely wrapped up ending. I believe we were left to assume that Reeta sensed her sealskin when it was removed from the lead lined box??? It pains me to think that Derek and Madeline, etc, would form such an unholy alliance to keep Reeta prisoner. The lore of Selkies causing a kind of madness in men, and Madeline’s heartbreak due to losing her husband to the sea did soften my contempt for the cabal however. And, ultimately, Reeta’s time spent on land wasn’t *ahem* all bad, with Hailey and Reeta meeting and falling in love being the great gift borne of the rather treacherous deed. Much like with “The Beekeeper’s Daughters”, I would love to see these characters revisited in the future. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • BlueJean says:

      Thanks, Erocritique.

      Rita did indeed sense her skin when it was brought out into the open. She has a symbiotic relationship with it. When they’re separated, the skin atrophies, and the Selkie becomes a fishwife mechanic with a penchant for pints of Guinness and pub brawls. So says the legend.

      As for the characters of Beekeeper and Selkie returning. I’m tempted to reveal some nuggets, but I should probably keep tight-lipped for now. Let’s just say I’m killing two birds with one stone.

  4. Rob B says:

    Utterly sublime final chapter in another remarkable series. The lightness of editing touch is vividly apparent compared to the tale’s intial outing – bravo to the whole team for making mere words live in such wholly dimensional characters.
    The blend of almost depraved eroticism lying alongside the hinterland between controlled emotion & a netherworld just out of reach by us mortals is simply put, full of wonder.

    • BlueJean says:

      A very eloquent appraisal and I thank you for it, sir.

      I should also give a shout out to JetBoy, if I haven’t already. I had all the right words, just not necessarily in the right order. So thanks.

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        Thanks, BlueJean. I genuinely enjoyed working on this story. Thanks as well for all the effort you put into making this better. The Lesbian Lolita original was already damn fine, but your revised version makes a good story into erotic art.

        I want to let JS readers know that BlueJean and I have swapped hats for a new project currently in progress. He’s applying his own polishing skills to an unfinished work of mine, and we’re doing it more or less the same way we teamed up on “Selkie Days,” and “The Beekeeper’s Daughters.” We’ve miles to go before we sleep, but I’m pleased as punch with what’s been completed thus far. Watch this space!

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    good story, but my hope is it will be rekindled in the future

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    You are one of my favourite writers Blue Jean. The rich characters, realistic interactions and wonderfully inventive stories are a joy to read. The sex is fantastic and never gets in the way of the story, but rather enhances the story with some nice naughty depth. I am eagerly awaiting where you’ll take us next. Thank you and also thanks to all the writers who bring a bit of themselves to this site. A fine ending to an enjoyable tale.

  7. Ababuka says:

    An absolute tour de force, Blue Jean.

    A fabulous tale that works on so many levels. The mystery and intrigue of the title character itself, the rumbustious comical touch, and the virtually shameless and debauched levels of sexual abandon combining into one of the most original and enchanting stories I have had the pleasure to read on this site.

    Thanks to both you and Jet Boy for such a wonderful piece of work.

    • BlueJean says:

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. It’s always nice when folks blow the dust off and read these older stories. Hopefully I’ll have something new to share one of these days.

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