Sweet Poppy, Chapter 11

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Note from JetBoy: This chapter picks up right where Chapter 10 leaves off. If you need a refresher, check out that part again — or better still, consult the  Chapter Links  for a thumbnail summary of the entire story. 


by Joe Dornish

Mum and Nicole were standing there in the doorway staring at a roomful of naked young girls — including their underage daughters — who had all been making out just a few seconds ago, if not quite fucking.

Everyone’s eyes seemed to turn to me. Fair enough, the game was my idea and this was my home — so even though I wasn’t the eldest, I was kind of in charge. Now what?

I decided that the best way to deal with this was to be honest. I knew Mum had to be thrilled at what she saw, though I wasn’t quite sure how Nicole felt.

“We’re just playing a game,” I said, getting up. “You’re back early, did you have a good time?”

Mum came over to where I stood and kissed me, letting it linger for a bit longer than mothers usually did. That was when I knew everything was just fine… and maybe, just maybe the real sex party was about to get started.

In a perfectly normal tone, Mum said, “The meal was incredible… I’ll take you and Lilly there sometime. We’d planned to go to the pub for an hour or two, but there was a rugby match on.”

“The place was jam-packed,” Nicole said, ”So we decided to chuck it in for the evening.” She smiled at Mum. “Looks as though the real fun was here all along!”

That was when Lottie and Henri got to their feet, and I burst out laughing. Henri’s make-up was everywhere, her mouth was glistening with Lottie’s wetness, and her hair was askew. Lottie was even worse — still flushed and sweaty, her hair a complete mess and her bra was hanging from a shoulder by its strap. My laughter broke the tension, and the other girls joined in, along with Mum and Nicole.

When the chuckles died down, Mum said, “Sorry, girls, we shouldn’t have burst in like that. Carry on with your game. Nicole and I will be in the kitchen.”

As they turned to leave, Evie said, “You could stay and watch us play the last bit of our game if you like. Lottie and Lilly are monsters now, so they need to check to make sure we’re monsters, too.”

God bless you, Evie, I thought.

Mum looked at me and I nodded, then she replied to Evie, “I’d love to watch.”

“So would I,” said Nicole, then she and Mum seated themselves on the sofa.

I organised us into a line facing the adults and got Lottie to finish taking her bra off — the last bit of clothing between the six of us. Then one by one Lottie and Lilly, the last of the group to get caught, went down the line exploring our bare bodies to see if we really were monsters. The light was bright enough to see exactly what was happening, and no one held back just because our mothers were there.

I was first in line, and Lottie went straight for my chest, teasing my nipples with her fingertips. I stood very still, letting her feel me up. When she got to my pussy, I moved my legs further apart for Lottie, letting her know without words how much I wanted this.

Mum already had that glazed look on her face, the one she always just had before her clothes started to come off. Nicole’s mouth was hanging open, her eyes hungry. That’s when I knew for sure that she wanted the same thing that Mum did — to strip off completely and join in the game.

Then my sister was touching me, her finger sliding up and down between my pussy lips. She leaned in close, and a whimper escaped me when Lilly’s lips brushed my neck.

“Oh, my,” said Nicole, pressing her thighs together.

Much to my delight, when Lottie got to the end she turned around and went back along the row behind us, fondling our bums. We’d all relaxed by then, and were giggling and purring with pleasure as our newest monsters continued to run their hands all over our bodies. When they were done, we stood there grinning at each other, waiting for something to happen.

“So, er, is that the end of the game?” asked Nicole.

“Pretty much,” I said. “Lottie and Lilly were the winners, so they both get a prize.”

“And what might that be?” my mother asked.

“They get to kiss everyone,” I said, then I had a dead brilliant idea. Smiling at Mum and Nicole, I added, “And ‘cause you’re both here in the room with us, that means they can kiss you, too.”

“Well, if those are the rules, then I suppose we’ll have to let the winners have their prize,” Nicole said. The look in her eyes was something to see.

I was still first in the line, so Lottie came up to me and took me in her arms, pressing her beautiful naked body against mine, then we came together in a kiss that got hot right away. It was passionate, our tongues exploring every bit as much as our hands. When she broke off and moved over to Mia, I saw Mum shifting in her seat, so desperately aroused that she couldn’t sit still.

When Lilly approached me, I gave her the sexiest kiss I could — sliding my hands down to cup her adorable little bum, even letting my fingers glide through the crack of her arse. I was playing up to our audience, wanting Nicole to see my sister and me making love. Is this getting her hot? I wondered

“My God, Heather,” I heard Nicole whisper. “Your girls… they’re so fucking sexy.”

When they got to the end of the run we all watched intently as the two youngest, Evie and Lilly, each just seven, kissed like lovers in front of everyone. I swear, Mum looked like she was going to cry. It was sexy as hell, but so, so romantic at the same time.

Mum and Nicole were still sitting on the sofa, so Lottie simply plonked herself in her mother’s lap, then kissed her right on the mouth. I stared at them, my heart pounding like mad as Nicole responded, her tongue darting between Lottie’s lips. She ran a hand up and down her daughter’s thigh, then reached up to cup the girl’s breasts while they continued to kiss.

Finally breaking away, Lottie gave her mum a big smile and a peck on the cheek before getting up and straddling my mother’s thighs, bending down to kiss her the exact same way. Mum got into kissing Lottie in a big way, wrapping both arms around her back, then sliding them down to touch her bum.

While that was happening, Lilly approached Nicole, then stopped. I guess she must’ve been a little shy about kissing a grownup, even though it was her best friend’s mum. But Nicole just smiled, patted her lap, and said, “Come on, Lilly… it’s my turn.”

Suddenly grinning, Lilly scrambled into Nicole’s arms, then they were sharing a passionate kiss. That made me warm all over, watching my girlfriend’s mum make out with my naked little sister. Nicole was touching her all over, too — even between her legs, sliding a finger up and down through Lilly’s pussy.

When they finally parted, me and the rest of the girls were restless and very excited, waiting for something more to happen. Nicole and Mum shared a look, then a nod, and Mum said, “Girls, gather round. We need to have a quick chat.”

Kids aren’t dumb. Right away we all knew that whatever this was, it was a big deal. We crowded around the sofa with Lilly and Evie on their mums’ laps.

Mum glanced at Nicole, who took a deep breath and said, “Girls, Heather and I have discovered that both our families are sexually intimate with each other.”

Even I was stunned at her frank approach. Okay, so I think we’d all pretty much worked it out by then, but saying it out loud like that took real nerve. After letting it sink in for a few seconds, Mum turned to Lottie. “My daughters and I have only been having sex for the last few weeks, really, but your family has been doing it for a lot longer, haven’t you?”

I could see what Mum was doing, bringing us kids into the conversation. Lottie nodded and said, “Mum and I first had sex on my ninth birthday. So that’s what, six years or so?”

“I had sex with Mum, then Lottie and Evie, early this year. Guess I waited a bit,” said Mia.

Nicole spoke up. “Sex is open and free in our house, and this little devil here…” Evie squirmed and giggled in her mother’s lap as Nicole tickled her ribs, “…has been having orgasms since she was five, but she started masturbating even earlier. There was no pressure, though. Mia took her time and joined us when she was ready. She’s always been very independent.”

“That’s wonderful!” I said, taking Mia’s hand and giving it a squeeze. “You make it sound so natural.”

“That’s exactly right,” said Nicole. “To us it just came naturally, and it’s now part of our everyday lives. We all know what the outside world thinks of what we do, though.” Mum was nodding her agreement. “We can have all the fun we like, but it must be kept a secret, only shared with special friends.”

“Have you got other special friends?” I asked Nicole.

“We did have, a while back. Her name was Celeste, she was a French au pair who stayed with us for eighteen months. She’s around twenty-one now, and had the loveliest dark eyes,” Nicole said, a wistful look in her eyes. “I came close with another girlfriend once, but it never happened.”

“Celeste was so nice… I’d love to see her again,” Lottie said, with Mia and Evie nodding in agreement. “Can I ask how you guys first got started?” she added, gazing at Mum.

“Would you like to tell them, sweetie?” Mum said to me. I noticed that she had a hand between Lilly’s legs and was gently stroking her sex. Lilly looked very content as she leaned back into Mum, resting a hand on her breast.

I happily told Nicole and her daughters everything that had happened in the last month or so since that first game of Monsters with Mum, when I rubbed myself off on her leg. I went into as much detail as I could, then Lilly told her part. It got me really hot, hearing her talk about that first time with Mum.

Nicole looked particularly interested when I told them about having sex with Henri and her mother Kiki. “Henri, your mum sounds wonderful,” she said, “and I’m looking forward to meeting her. When did the two of you start having sex?”

“Um, I was four. Mum said she got very aroused when she breastfed me.”

Mum and Nicole were both nodding at that. “Oh, I know I did… with both my girls,” said Mum.

Henri continued. “I guess that as a baby, I figured out right away that it felt good to touch myself between the legs, ‘cos Mum tells me that I did that all the time, and she never tried to make me stop. But then, when I was three, I started touching her down there!”

That shook me and then some.

I like to think it’s ‘cos I loved my mum so much that I wanted  to make her happy the best way I knew how.” She grinned. “Mum says I went straight from breast to pussy! At first, she tried to stop me playing with her like that — she’d just move my hand away. But I wouldn’t quit, so Mum went the other direction and let me touch her however I wanted. She thought I’d get bored and go play with toys, but instead, it became my favorite game — especially after I learned how to make her come!”

Mum’s eyes were huge as she took in Henri’s story. “So you — you were masturbating your mother at four?”

“I was three, actually, the first time I got her off. God, I still remember how excited I was when I put my fingers inside her pussy — so hot and juicy! It took Mum a while to admit how much she enjoyed it, though… and even longer to figure out that she wanted to make love to me. Finally, when I was four, she sat me down and explained about sex. She told me we could do it with each other, but it was a big secret and I couldn’t tell anyone.” She smiled at each of us in turn. “Sex with Mum is all I know, really… I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Henri had us all completely engrossed, enough so that we all ended up just hanging out and chatting about sex for a long while. Lottie and Henri cuddled up on the other sofa and Mia and I put a comforter down on the floor and snuggled together on top of it. We even shared a few hot, sexy kisses right in front of everyone.

One thing I’d noticed before is that once you have sex with an adult, they tend to treat you like an adult, too. Mum, Kiki and now Nicole never talked down to us or hid the truth, and whatever questions we asked, they gave us honest answers. It felt like we were all equals in some sort of special club. Mum demonstrated this perfectly when she told Nicole, “Mmmm, I have an incredible urge to take you upstairs and ravish every inch of your body,” then kissed her passionately while we watched.

Nicole turned to us, her cheeks slightly flushed, which I thought was dead cute. “Would you kids mind if we disappeared upstairs for a bit? I’m sure we’ll be back down later.”

Cries of ‘No problem’ and ‘Go for it!’ rang out across the room.

As they were leaving, Evie called out, “Um, just checking… can we have sex as well, then?”

Everyone laughed, then Nicole said, “Yes, darling, you can… so long as the other person wants to. Okay?”

Evie nodded, then stood up and turned to Lilly. “Um, can we go up to your room… y’know, just us?”

Lilly jumped up and grabbed Evie’s hand, “Yeah, come on!” The two ran hurtling upstairs, all giggles.

“Have fun, girls,” said Nicole as she and Mum turned and climbed the stairs behind Evie and Lilly.

“Oh we will,” said Lottie, who immediately planted a big kiss on Henri’s lips.

With the sofa now empty, I got on and stretched out. Instead of lying next to me Mia climbed on top of me. It was perfect bliss, feeling her nude body on mine and my leg nestled between hers.

We kissed and cuddled for a bit, then she sighed. “I’m sorry that I lied to you, Poppy.”

“Lied about what?” I asked. I looked over and saw Henri and Lottie getting very hot and heavy. Each had a hand between the legs of the other, and they were kissing like mad. There was no way they were paying any attention to us.

“That day we first fooled around, you asked me about if I’d ever kissed anyone and stuff… and I pretended that I hadn’t, that I didn’t know anything about sex. And you were so sweet, I could see you were holding back for my sake. I feel really bad about that now.” There was such genuine sorrow in her voice that it made me want to cry. I had to make this right between us.

“Oh, Mia, don’t be silly, I love you, I could never hate you,” I kissed her to make my point, then added, “You were keeping your family secret, that’s a good thing. And anyway, I did the same, sort of, I never told you about what I was doing with Mum and Lilly. It’s okay now, ‘cos it’s all out in the open. That’s good, isn’t it?”

Mia nodded, in a happy mood again. “Yeah, it does feel great. Thanks, y’know, for being so nice to me. Oh, and I love you, too.”

We kissed again, it got really intense and the rest of the world fell away. I’m sure Henri and Lottie were fucking up a storm nearby, but right then there was nothing but Mia on my mind. I was sucking on her tongue while her naughty fingers were finding their way between my legs.

I had one arm trapped under Mia that was falling asleep, and when I tried to move it she got on her knees. “Let’s try this,” she said. “It’s something Lottie taught me.”

When she grabbed my leg and lifted it up, I knew what was coming. She used two fingers to spread her lips and expose her clit. “Here, do what I’m doing,” she said.

I parted my folds and angled my hips up a little. She placed herself just right then pressed her pussy into mine. When our juicy cunts made contact, I closed my eyes and blurted out, “Oh, god yes. Fuck me!”

Then I heard Lottie call, “Go for it, sis!”

When I looked across the room, she was on top of Henri in a sixty-nine. Her breasts were hanging beneath her and swinging in a way that I found downright hypnotic. But my attention was snapped back to Mia when she brushed my clit with hers, “Ooooh, yes, right there,” I cried.

“Huh… huh… m-me too!” she stammered back, breathing heavily.

Now that she’d found my sweet spot, Mia ground her sex into mine, then began to move her hips back and forth — slowly at first. She reached out and I grasped her hand in mine for support as she quickened the pace. We were a slippery, sweaty mess within seconds. I was panting and moaning and could feel my orgasm coming fast and hard, like a runaway train.

“Poppy,” Mia gasped, “I… I’m s-so close… fuck, I’m gonna c-come soon…”

“Me too! H-hold on — let’s do it t-together…”

Seconds later, Mia and I both came at the same time. As always seemed to happen with a big orgasm like this one, I went way off somewhere in my head. It’s this weird contrast of the intense pleasure in my body with the calm, dreamy place in my head that I love so much. I was a limp, sweaty, very blissful mess.

Red-faced and exhausted, Mia collapsed on top of me, burying her face in the hollow of my neck. I held her close and lay there drifting in and out of a delicious haze — another part of sex that I loved.

“I love you,” Mia whispered, her lips lightly grazing my skin.

I kissed her forehead. “I love you, too.”

I don’t think I’d ever been more content than I was right then, sharing tender kisses with my girlfriend.

Once we’d caught our breath, those tender kisses grew increasingly steamy until I finally told Mia, “I want to taste your pussy,” and moved between her legs.

After that, I lost track of time completely, not even certain of how many orgasms I’d had. Mia and I fucked, made love and made out on that sofa until we were exhausted, then started all over again.

I was feeling something for Mia that I’d not experienced before, a deep connection that I couldn’t quite find the words for. Is this what true love feels like? I wondered. Whatever it was, neither of us could get enough. Finally, we were completely spent and settled down for a cuddle.

At one point my eyes slowly drifted open, only to discover that Lottie and Henri were watching us. Henri was sitting on the sofa, Lottie’s head was in her lap. They were still nude.

“Are you two with us again?” asked Lottie.

“Yeah,” we both said, then giggled, suddenly shy for reasons I can’t explain.

“You two are so good together. The sight of you making love was… it was beautiful,” Henri sighed.

“Fuckin’ hot, too!” Lottie said. “I came at least once, just from watching.”

I was thrilled to hear that. “Really? Wow, thanks! I was looking at you guys, too–”

“Hello girls… how are you?” said Nicole, entering the room with Mum close behind, both naked. I hadn’t noticed until now but it was a lot brighter; someone had switched a lamp on and I hadn’t even realised.

“We’re really good, thanks,” said Henri.

Mia and I sat up to make room for her mum, while my mother sat down on the other sofa with Henri and Lottie, lifting Lottie’s legs and lying them across her lap, then stroking them up and down.

It was the first time I’d seen Nicole in the nude. Like her children, she had long, light brown hair with a slight natural curl. She had pale white skin that bore the signs of childbirth, a few stretch marks on her tummy. Her breasts were a full medium size with large erect nipples. Nicole also had a largish brown bush. It was trimmed and neat but bigger and thicker than I’d seen on a woman before. Her body was still firm, and it was clear that she worked out. I was already attracted to her with clothes on, so when she was naked, you could multiply that attraction by ten.

As the others chatted, I thought about pubic hair. Mum had what they call a landing strip, and Lottie did too, only hers was smaller and shorter. Henri was shaved smooth, and Mia had no pubes to speak of yet. I’d grown a sprinkling of soft down on my mound, and was still trying to decide If I would let it grow, trim it or shave it smooth. There were good examples of all these styles in the room for me to see. Still, I didn’t have to make up my mind anytime soon, so I decided to put the problem to one side.

Mia whispered something in my ear that I didn’t quite catch.

“Sorry, say that again?”

“I said: shall we go upstairs and be on our own?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” I sat up on the sofa. “Um, Mum, I know it’s early, but I think Mia and I will be going to bed now. We want to be alone with each other, if that’s okay?”

“Aw, bless me, you two are adorable. Of course it’s okay, sweetie.” She looked down at Henri and Lottie. “And instead of staying down here on the sofa tonight, you two can share Lilly’s bed.”

“Wait — where will Lilly sleep then?” I asked.

Mum grinned, “Lilly and Evie will be spending the night with Nicole and me.” That got everyone’s attention.

“Oooooh, two little ones to keep you warm!” Lottie exclaimed.

“Aw, don’t tease them… I think it’s sweet,” said Henri. “So, Lottie, since we’ve been upgraded to an actual bed, what say we go upstairs and make use of it?”

Lottie grinned. “Sounds like a plan.”

So just like that, we all turned in at the same time. Mum was last, locking up the house as she went. Lilly and Evie were still upstairs, sitting naked on Lilly’s bed and chatting.

It was Nicole who told the two little ones, “Girls, we’re going to bed now. Want to spend the night with us?”

Lilly and Evie couldn’t say yes fast enough. Dashing past us into Mum’s room, the girls hurled themselves on the bed, bouncing in place. There they were — two of the cutest seven-year-olds you’ll ever see, both brimming with excitement, knowing they would soon be having sexy fun with their mums. Henri was right, it was sweet.

Mia and I went to my room and sat on the bed. We talked for ages about loads of random stuff. After a while I ran downstairs and grabbed some cupcakes and juice and we had a midnight snack. It was the most wonderful girly sleepover ever, only we were naked and had fucked each other silly.

We spoke about what it would be like at school if everyone knew we were girlfriends. Obviously there was no way we could go public about the sexual relationship we have with our families, but there was no real reason why Mia and I couldn’t come out as a couple. We covered a lot of LGBTQ stuff in sex-ed class, and officially our school has a very positive attitude about lesbianism, at least they’re supposed to. But terms like ‘lezzer’ and ‘dyke’ are thrown about a lot, and some kids who are labelled as gay get a hard time for it. I didn’t fancy that much.

As much as we wanted to flaunt our newfound love and tell the bullies to get stuffed, we thought that might draw attention to us — which isn’t such a good thing when you’re also having sex with your mum and seven-year-old sister. “It’s best to keep this under the radar,”  Mia said. When I asked her what on earth that meant, she told me it’s something her mum says, and it means to keep something secret.

Some time in the early hours of the morning, we turned the lights out, cuddled up and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Everyone else was probably having more sex while we were talking, but I wouldn’t have swapped my evening with Mia for the world. It was, like her, absolutely perfect.

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