What’s With That Girl?

  • Posted on June 19, 2021 at 4:17 pm

A sweet and sexy story from a talented newcomer. Please join me in welcoming Rosey M to our site. — JetBoy

By Rosey M

“Your hair looks so nice today, Robyn! Can you teach me how you get it to look that way? I’d love to be as cute as you are.”

Robyn Byrne flushed in embarrassment as she sped past that strange girl Sarah, making her way over to her friends, waiting at their usual spot.

Amber was watching her approach and noted how her younger friend had quickened her step when passing the other girl. She spoke up. “Hey, Robyn. Seriously, just let me know if that weirdo is bothering you, ‘kay?”

Once Robyn finally reached their lunch table, she put her bag down and muttered something that sounded like agreement. Jess’ reaction toward seeing the girl flirting with another one of her friends was undisguised irritation, just like always. “If we’re not gonna do anything about her ourselves, we oughta say something to one of the teachers.”

Tara shook her head. “Now, now. We’re not fuckin’ narcs, Jess. Besides, I think it’s kinda cute how she’s always dyking out over us. Makes me feel hot, like ‘even the girls want me!”

Robyn and the others turned to gaze at Tara, bewildered. Yet Tara didn’t look at any of them, her attention focused on the girl in question. Following her line of sight, the others looked in the same direction. As if a sixth sense had told her they were watching, Sarah looked up with a grin and winked. And as one, the four of them averted their eyes and tried to ignore her.


It was a week before Halloween, and this scene had played out almost every day at lunch since the second week of school. Robyn still remembered the first day of seventh grade, when they had to introduce themselves during homeroom. Most of the other kids had done no more than awkwardly parrot their names, perhaps mentioning a hobby or a band they liked. Robyn didn’t break this mold, and the only information she volunteered was her appreciation of Linkin Park.

But Sarah freaking Byron wasn’t so shy.

“I’m Sarah, and I’m a lesbian. There’s a lot of cute girls at this school, and I’d love to get to know you all a lot better!” The girl hadn’t missed a beat as she outed herself to the class, and by extension the entire school. She’d directed a pointed glance toward Robyn as she said that last part, then casually returned to her seat.

The silence that descended over the classroom was immediate and oppressive, and the teacher quickly rushed through the rest of the introductions, lest any of the others attempt a stunt to top it. And before the week was out, everyone in the building knew that one of the new seventh graders was a lesbian.

The last time Sarah and Robyn had been in the same class was third grade, and she definitely wasn’t like that back then. All Robyn really knew about her after that was that she was one of the nicer kids in school, liked playing sports and running, and that she had a bad habit of staring when they crossed paths; so much so that at first, Robyn was always concerned that something was wrong with her appearance when they met. But she supposed that just as she’d had her own transformation between elementary school and junior high, Sarah must have had one of her own.

As weird as the thought of a girl that likes other girls was, Robyn didn’t have a problem with it. Sarah was tall for a girl of twelve, beating out all but one or two of the biggest boys in their grade. She had the tanned skin of someone who liked to spend their free time outdoors, and her boyishly slim frame had few curves that Robyn could see. Although the girl didn’t have any breasts worth noting, Robyn couldn’t help but admire the firm legs that spoke of countless hours spent running where others walked. She kept her light brown hair at neck length in a cut that looked stylishly unkempt. Her face was cute, but Robyn didn’t think she’d ever be beautiful. If she had to narrow it down, she’d say Sarah would grow up to be handsome. Not normally something you called another girl, but Robyn didn’t know how else to describe it. Sarah’s eyes were a rich brown color, with an innocent sweetness in them that made it hard to get mad when she looked at you.

At the time, Robyn had briefly stopped to wonder why she was analyzing Sarah’s appearance so closely. It’s not as if she liked girls.


At the tail end of spring, Robyn heard Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life,” on the radio, and was immediately sucked in. Before the school year was done, she had thoroughly entrenched herself in a world that included Linkin Park, The All-American Rejects, and Fall Out Boy.

Her own height was rather average, but her mother finally caved and let her start wearing shoes with heels, and the extra inches given by the kittens she usually wore made her taller than nearly every girl in her class but Sarah. She’d given herself a total makeover over the past summer, saying goodbye to her vibrant ginger red hair. After a failed attempt with a box dye that quickly washed out, her mother had taken her to a salon, and now Robyn couldn’t get enough of the midnight black hair that hung to the middle of her back.

Her previously vibrant wardrobe had been replaced with a dark ensemble; the t-shirts that once displayed cartoon characters switched for black ones bearing the names of her favorite bands. Her breasts had finally begun to grow a year ago, and her training bras were dark to match everything else. She was secretly proud that she was a little more developed than the other girls her age, and always found herself comparing their bodies to hers. She had recently begun experimenting with makeup to hide the freckles she inherited from her mother, and was instantly taken with eyeliner and mascara when she saw how they made her green eyes look deep and mysterious.

Her friend Jess had gone through a similar evolution over the summer, and Robyn decided that she looked much more mature with her new look. Her long blonde hair was now a black bob, with a fringe to cover the left eye. Robyn once asked how she could stand only seeing out of one eye, and was told she should cut out one of her own and find out. They had met in the second grade, and became instant friends, despite their contrasting personalities. Where Robyn was passive and preferred to quietly do her own thing; Jess was aggressive and standoffish. She was short, with a frame almost as slight as Sarah’s. Robyn figured she acted angry so people didn’t look down on her for being short, and privately thought she was kind of like a chihuahua.

They were proud of their newfound maturity, and couldn’t wait to meet the older kids at their school who would share their interests. They didn’t meet anyone their own age who liked the same things, and were disappointed to learn that not even the older students shared their taste for all things dark and moody. But they did find friends among the eighth-graders, two girls named Amber and Tara. They started chatting after Amber noticed Robyn in her Fallen t-shirt, and began sitting together during lunch.

Amber was about the same height as Robyn, and had streaks of green in her naturally black hair. Robyn frequently found herself stealing peeks at the girl’s chest, which was bigger than anyone else’s in the eighth grade, let alone hers. She was quiet, but her silence was powerful, and only opened her mouth when she actually had something to say. Tara, by contrast, was chatty and peppy as can be. Her short blue hair started almost as many conversations as double-takes. She was quick with a joke, and would shamelessly bat her eyes at boys when they looked her way. Tara was almost as tall as Sarah, but with a bit of extra weight on her frame. She had the beginnings of what Robyn suspected would be a very womanly figure when she grew up.

The foursome had claimed a table in the courtyard situated slightly away from the rest, and spent all the time they could there. They talked about the new songs they liked (Panic! at the Disco was their favorite band at the moment), TV shows they were watching (Amber was a bit of an anime geek, and was currently trying to get them into some show called Hell Girl. It could only be watched in Japanese with English subtitles on your computer, but she claimed it was totally worth the trouble), any movies they wanted to see together (Corpse Bride was awesome, the first movie the girls watched as a group). Pretty much anything that came to mind was fair game.

Robyn noticed over time that they never talked about their crushes, or boys they thought looked hot. But she figured if they were all fine with that, she didn’t have to try to bring it up, either.

Robyn’s mother believes that the girls were just going through a phase, but she didn’t understand. This was who they were. Robyn liked how they all looked now that they were just being themselves. The only problem was that Sarah did, too.


As casually as Sarah had confessed that she liked girls, it quickly became apparent to Robyn that she had a preference for some girls in particular. She always had a smile for anyone that looked her way, but the quartet of emo girls received special attention. Sarah’s eyes always locked on to them when she was around, and she wasn’t shy about making her feelings known. Robyn recalled an exchange Jess had with Sarah about a week into the term, when she finally noticed the girl’s stares.

“What the hell are you looking at?”


“Well, stop fucking looking, then!”

“Don’t get mad. I’m just admiring how stylish you are.”

“Well, I’m not a dyke. So take the hint and stop staring at me and my friends like that!”

“Well, maybe you should try it, before being so quick to judge me.”

Jess scoffed. “Yeah, you wish I would, don’t you?”

“Well, I wish one of you would.”

Sarah’s calm demeanor was clearly not what Jess was expecting when she confronted the girl. And just when Robyn thought her friend was going to explode, she angrily stalked off instead.

When Robyn caught up, Jess looked a little red in the face, and all she had to say on the subject was an angry mutter. “What’s with that girl?”

A couple of days after that, Sarah had begun sitting at the table closest to theirs during lunch, and commenced the flirting they had all grown used to. Her words were always polite, and the girls didn’t know what to make of it at first.


“I love your shirt, Amber! The girls on it don’t hold a candle to you, though. What’s Malice Mizer, anyway?”

“…Thanks, I guess? It’s a Japanese band.”


“How do you get your eyes to look so enchanting, Robyn? They light up and look like emeralds, even when I see them from far away.”

“Uh… Makeup and patience?”


“Tara, you look amazing in those stockings. Do you keep them on in gym class? They don’t look very comfortable for running.”

“Thanks, babe! The only thing I run is my mouth, though. So I wouldn’t worry about it.”


“I love how your hair looks today, Jess! The way it frames your face makes you look so cool!”

“Yeah, yeah. Keep looking, weirdo.”


“As nice as you look with your makeup, I love when you don’t cover up your freckles. They make you look really cute, Robyn!”

“…Um, okay. Thanks, Sarah.”

And on and on it went. Amber politely responded, Tara joked back, Robyn either answered awkwardly or got embarrassed, and Jess snapped at her while blushing. The girl always had something to say whenever one of them walked by, and a smile was never far from her lips when they looked at her. Sarah flirted with all of them, but she seemed to do it to Robyn more often than the others. And while Robyn would never admit it to her friends, the extra notice she got from Sarah made her feel good.

She never saw Sarah being harassed or bullied, but never noticed her hanging out with anyone, either. Robyn suspected that despite the girl being openly gay at thirteen, her confidence and obvious comfort in her own skin made her a less than ideal target to pick on. Sarah was nice to everyone in class, and her athletic skills made her an easy first choice during any team activity in gym. But as soon as school let out, there was a clear divide separating her from the other kids.

Although Robyn wasn’t exactly comfortable around the girl, she thought it was disgusting how Sarah’s old friends from elementary school had distanced themselves when she came out. Robyn simply didn’t get what their problem was. She’s just gay. What’s the big deal, anyhow?

Sarah always seemed to treat lunch as a chance to practice pickup lines, but never stuck around to flirt with Robyn or her friends after school. Robyn knew it was because Sarah spent afternoons running, exercising, and playing pickup games with the kids at the local park. She was never unwelcome if she showed up, but Sarah always seemed to have to seek games out; there was no effort from anyone to make her feel wanted.

Robyn often saw her on the walk home from school, and Sarah would always wave and smile. Sometimes, Robyn would even wave back at her. Only sometimes, okay?


As Robyn entered her house, she was greeted by the same quiet that was always there when she got home. Both her parents worked into the early evening, so she had a few hours of free time after parting from her friends. After tossing her bag on the chair in her room, she took off her pants, intending to change into a pair of shorts. Instead, she found herself falling back onto the bed. Her hand lazily crawled down her body and snaked its way into her panties. Robyn had discovered the joys of masturbation when she was ten, and frequently indulged in the pleasures it offered.

She had come across porn a few times while browsing on her computer. And while she tried getting off to it a few times, her imagination worked a lot better. She began stroking her slit up and down, biting her lip as she slipped the other hand under her bra and pawed at her small breasts. Flicking and pinching her nipples seemed to enhance how good it felt when she touched her pussy. Thinking back on all the cute people she saw throughout the day, she had to do a double-take at having to think of them as “people”. Very rarely did a boy make her list. It was almost always other girls.

There was Amber, with her boobs just begging Robyn to grab and caress them, like she was doing to her own right then. She thought of how Sarah would sometimes glance at Amber’s chest before quickly turning away, and found herself getting annoyed. She tried to think of somebody else, anybody. Like Tara, who was always wearing fishnet stockings. They made her look so much more mature; Robyn didn’t know why the school let her get away with it. She wanted to touch her friend’s pussy until it was soaking wet, then see if she could slide a finger inside. In her mind, Sarah’s hand joined hers, and together they explored Tara until they heard her cry out like a girl in one of those porn clips.

“God damn it!” Robyn hissed, her frustration growing.

Stop thinking about Sarah! Anyone else. Focus on someone else. Jess! Her best friend, who was so small that Robyn figured she could pick her up and cuddle her like a stuffed animal if she tried. She thought of wrapping her arms around Jess, burying her face in the girl’s hair as she touched her body all over. With her face buried in the dark tresses, she relaxed into the fantasy. But then Sarah’s hand burrowed its way into the thick of it, caressing Jess while pulling her in. In her mind, Robyn heard the wet sounds as Sarah began peppering her friend’s lips with kisses. Ugh! Quit touching her!

Robyn’s eyes fluttered open, her hand went still. Why does she keep popping into my head!?

Determined to come at least once, she began to masturbate again. As she racked her brain trying to find someone else to think about that she might get off to, she heard a phantom whisper in her ear, “…you look really cute, Robyn!”

Suddenly she imagined Sarah lying between her legs, the girl’s mouth an inch or two away from her sex like she was about to take a lick, but instead, she began to kiss Robyn’s inner thighs. Stroking her legs, Robyn groaned in frustration. “Nnnn! Lick my pussy, Sarah!” she gasped.

And the girl obliged, burying her tongue as far inside as she could get, setting Robyn off in a massive orgasm. She was furiously rubbing her clit in circles, mauling her breasts, thinking, Please, please, don’t stop! She came again. In the fantasy, Sarah was holding her thighs wide apart, staring up at her. The sweet-as-cocoa stare had Robyn melting, and the girl’s tongue was making quick work of the task at hand. God, Sarah — keep going! 

And as she felt the imaginary Sarah caressing her hips with all the love in the world, Robyn was struck by the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. She screamed long and loud, her voice finally dwindling to a low moan. With a huge, happy smile, Sarah drew closer, on the verge of kissing her.

It didn’t happen, though. Instead, Robyn snapped into consciousness, the trance over as abruptly as it had begun, leaving her wondering how amazing that kiss would have felt if it really happened. It seemed like an eternity before the highs of her orgasm trickled down to the warm buzz of contentment.

Robyn finally sat up, frowning. “What the hell was that about?” she muttered.


With Halloween taking place on a Monday that year, the mall was filled with the spirit of the season as Robyn and her friends arrived on Sunday. They had come to check if Hot Topic had anything worth buying, and had spent the rest of the afternoon checking other stores, and admiring the spooky decor. Stopping at the food court, they had spent the last half an hour indulging in people-watching.

“Ugh, it’s her,” Jess said, making a face.

At those words, the other girls looked around and saw Sarah walking in their direction, looking strangely nervous for someone usually so confident. “Wonder which of us she’s gonna hit on today?” Tara mused.

Yet as they waited expectantly for the flirtation that always came, Sarah walked by them without a glance. When she passed, the girl’s expression had them taken aback, even Jess. If she didn’t know any better, Robyn would have said that Sarah looked almost as if she was feeling… guilty. They watched in silence as Sarah locked on to a table on the other side of the food court, making her way there and sitting down.

“Guess we’re off the hook for now.” Amber muttered, with a complicated expression that Robyn couldn’t place, but somehow understood.

Sarah had seated herself across from a girl who was older than any of them. Even taller than Robyn, this newcomer looked to be about sixteen or seventeen. She had black hair that appeared to extend past her waist, and wore a black dress that looked like she had just come from a funeral. Her pale complexion contrasted sharply with the darker hues of everything else about her. She wasn’t close enough for Robyn to get a good look at her face, but she was clearly pretty enough to fluster Sarah, if the younger girl’s nervous body language was anything to go by.

Robyn felt something strange stirring inside. Something unpleasant.

She and her friends continued to watch in silence as Sarah and this girl quietly spoke to one another for several minutes. Finally, the older girl stood up and beckoned for Sarah to follow. As Sarah meekly complied, the girl wrapped an arm around Sarah’s waist and led her away from the food court and toward the exit. She smiled as she passed by the girls who were watching them, Sarah stole a quick glance at Robyn, and then kept her head down as they left.

Robyn stared as the two girls vanished from sight, then exploded. “Seriously!? After all the things she said to me, she’s gonna go out with some other girl? What, is she fine with anyone, as long as they say yes? Who the hell was that!?”

She felt totally foolish, her friends gawking at her as she ranted, but couldn’t quiet down. Robyn knew that Sarah didn’t owe her a thing, but she couldn’t help feeling betrayed at the sight of her with another girl.

“Er, Robyn… what are you talking about? Why’s this got you so pissed off?” Jess had rarely seen her friend get angry like this, but the few times she had, it was always because Robyn bottled her feelings up until they blew up in her face.

“Yeah, that weirdo hits on girls all the time. It’s not like she’s your girlfriend or anything,” Tara piped up, while Amber quietly watched her.

Hearing the girl referred to as a ‘weirdo’ was the last straw. “Her name is Sarah!” Robyn snapped, choosing not to respond to the rest of what they said. “Sorry, guys. I… I don’t feel so great. I think I’m just gonna go home.”

And with that, Robyn stood up and left, her friends’ silence following her all the way out.


Robyn and the others had come to the mall by bus, but she decided to walk home. Her thoughts were a mess. She kept replaying what she’d seen. Sarah sitting with that older girl, the two of them leaving together, the look on her face as she walked by. She fought to keep from crying, without success.

Again and again, she told herself: I like Sarah. I like Sarah… and now she’s with some other girl. God, I totally blew my chance!

The tears had ruined her makeup, leaving tracks of black eyeliner running down her cheeks. She thought she saw someone running in the distance, but her eyes were so blurry that she couldn’t tell who it was. And even if she could, she didn’t want to see them. She didn’t want to think of anything that reminded her of Sarah. Several people stopped her to ask if she was okay, and she kept having to give assurance that she was fine. No, I’m not hurt. No, I’m not in danger. Yes, I can make it home on my own.

She kept recalling moments that had taken place between Sarah and herself. The look she gave Robyn on the day she came out to everyone. The compliments she’d been showering Robyn with since the start of school. The smile that she always seemed to have when Robyn looked at her; always a little bigger than the smiles she gave everyone else. Why, why, why did I take all those things for granted?

Lost in her memories of a relationship that she’d never had, Robyn made her way past the park, the one she often saw Sarah running around in. In fact, Sarah was there, leaning against a tree by the edge of the green. She waved as Robyn stumbled by, lost in her thoughts.

Robyn absently raised her hand in reply, then froze in mid-step. Wait. Sarah!?

She looked again, and sure enough, it was her. Still wearing the same white shirt and faded jeans she’d worn at the mall. But… what’s she doing here? Where’s that fucking high school slut she was with!?

As if on autopilot, Robyn’s feet were carrying her through the park, and Sarah sat and waited for her. By the time she made it to the tree, Robyn was exhausted, emotionally and physically. Her legs seemed to give out, depositing her onto the grass about three feet from Sarah, who looked up at her and said, “Hi.”

That broke Robyn out of her trance, and she snapped back to reality with a jolt. This girl — the one she liked! — was sitting there being Little Miss Innocent, as if she hadn’t broken Robyn’s heart not an hour ago.

All of the anger and hurt Robyn felt on the long walk home came boiling to the surface, and she lashed out without a thought.

“YOU! Why aren’t you off somewhere getting it on with that creepy bitch from the mall, or — or whatever the hell else you planned on doing with her? What is this, you’re just throwing yourself at the first girl who walks by? Who the fuck is she!?”

An awkward silence descended as Robyn finished her tirade. None of Sarah’s usual self-assurance was on display. She’d quietly listened to Robyn yell at her, and seemed to need a minute to decide what to say. Finally, she spoke.

“Ash isn’t a bitch… she’s a friend I made online. She’s a few years older than us, but she’s really nice. She likes girls, same as me. We’ve been getting to know each other since the last week of September. Without her, I’d have no one to talk to. She knows everything about me. My hobbies, what school is like for me, who I’ve got a crush on. Everything. She likes to draw anime stuff… actually, she’s really good at it. She likes the same kind of music you and your friends do. She… actually kind of looks like you, if you were a few years older. You know, when you hide your freckles? That’s why I–” Sarah’s voice broke, and she fell silent.

Robyn had multiple questions buzzing through her head at once. This girl knows everything about you? Who you’ve got a crush on? She looks like me? And — what were you about to say just now, before you interrupted yourself? 

Impatiently waiting for Sarah to resume, Robyn finally came out with, “What were you doing with her today, then?”

Sarah finally smiled, but it was tinged with sadness. “We’ve been kinda flirting for the past couple of weeks, so Ash suggested we meet up. She figured out soon as she saw me that I lied about my age when I joined the site. I had to, so they’d let me sign up. Ash said she still liked me, though. She wanted me to come home with her.” Sarah sighed heavily. “But I couldn’t do it. After we left the mall, I kept thinking about how you looked when I passed by, like I s-somehow hurt you.”

Sarah’s voice quivered when she said those last words. She paused, taking a moment to compose herself. Robyn’s anger had faded, and she sat quietly, listening.

“Ash was a little upset when I said that I couldn’t go to her place. She offered me a ride back, but I told her I wanted to burn off some energy and think. On my way home, I decided to stop at the park. I only sat down a few minutes ago.”

Now Robyn felt guilty for having yelled at Sarah. But at the same time, she was enormously relieved. She didn’t do anything with that other girl! she exulted.

Then it hit her. What happens now? She stared at Sarah, unable to say a word.

“Robyn, I really like you. I always thought you were the cutest girl in our school when we were kids, and I didn’t know why I thought that, not until this past summer, That’s when I figured out that I like girls. I’m sorry if I’ve been, um, too in your face about it.” She was staring down at her hands. “I promise, I won’t bother you with that stuff anymore.”

Her heart racing, Robyn could only mumble, “Um… rn’t bothering… I, um… iked it… you said… things…”

Sarah could only catch a few words. “Er, what was that?”

That was when the frustration and confusion Robyn had been grappling with came to a head. Glaring at Sarah, she all but shrieked, “I SAID, ‘YOU WEREN’T BOTHERING ME. I LIKED IT WHEN YOU SAID THOSE THINGS’!”

The silence that followed her outburst was deafening. Robyn saw with some measure of satisfaction that Sarah looked as if someone had smacked her in the face. The sight made her giggle.

“Honestly, did you really think I’d have let you do that for as long as I did if I wasn’t kind of okay with it? Jess acts mad, but none of us minded what you were doing. I mean, we never told any of the teachers about the stuff you say to us. If we really wanted you to stop, any of us could have snitched on you.”

As awkward as Sarah looked right then, Robyn saw a glimmer in those rich eyes that brought a smile to her lips, and she couldn’t resist teasing her a little. “Honestly, I… I think I like you, too. But…”

Sarah went from confused to excited in an instant. “But what? What!?”

“If you really like me as much as you say, why are you hitting on my friends, too?”

Sarah’s tanned face turned an adorable shade of pink as she pondered the question. “I, um. Look, I read somewhere online that to get a girl to notice you, you should show interest in other girls. Since you changed your look, and your friends did too, it made it easy for me to flirt with them… as long as I just thought about you when I did it. See, It’s supposed to make the girl you like pay more attention to you. Like, you’re interested, but you’ve got other options.”

Thinking back to her fantasies from the other day, Robyn realized that Sarah’s technique had sort of worked on her. She wasn’t about to admit to that, though. “Sarah, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Because you were flirting with my friends, I didn’t even know you even liked me that much!”

“I know… it was dumb. Please say I didn’t screw everything up.” But Sarah couldn’t hide the hopeful smile on her face. “Do you really like me, too? I hope you actually meant to say that.”

Robyn was quiet, needing a moment to take in the vision of Sarah. That lean body that appeared ready to jump up and run a victory lap. Her mussed up hair that looked like it would feel great to run your fingers through. Those chocolate-brown eyes, so deep and soulful that Robyn wanted to swim in them. The smile that spoke of a love rescued from the brink of heartbreak. How could I have missed how totally, awesomely beautiful she is?

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Robyn said, “Yes. Yes, I like you. I’m not really sure what will happen with us, but I’d like to try–”

Robyn barely got that last word out before Sarah had pulled in close to kiss her square on the lips. Oh, it was amazing! Everything she’d hoped her first real kiss would be.

Sarah kept her eyes open during the kiss, so Robyn did, too; brown meeting green in a way that generated sparks, even in such a tender moment. Robyn saw the way the girl was drinking her in, like she could never get enough of the view.

Feeling the stirrings of arousal, Robyn lost herself in fantasies of what she could do with Sarah. She hadn’t watched enough porn to know very much, but she had some ideas. Very, very exciting ideas. With that in mind, she broke the kiss. Both girls were short of breath, and Robyn was elated to see Sarah’s expression mirroring her own need.

“Sarah, my parents are home right now,” she murmured. “Is anyone at your place?”

Sarah leaped up, seized Robyn’s hand, and gently brought the girl to her feet. “Let’s go. My mom’s working the afternoon shift today.”

Robyn grinned. “Sounds great.”

They made their way from the park to the apartment where Sarah lived, going straight to the bedroom. It was a lot smaller than Robyn’s, but the bed was so big that it took up a good chunk of the girl’s room. “It’s a king size,” Sarah explained. “I got it after my grandma sold her house.”

Robyn adjourned to the bathroom to remove the last of the makeup she’d applied that morning. She was shocked at how awful she looked, her makeup smeared from the crying she’d done. Why would she even want to kiss me, looking like that!? Robyn wondered. But Sarah had.

She found herself smiling at the thought of how they’d held hands for the entire walk to Sarah’s home. It made going through the doorways awkward, but she didn’t mind. She studied her face in the glass, and how prominent the freckles were on her pale skin. She’d never cared much for them, but Sarah sure seemed to. With a final wink at the mirror, Robyn left to find her girl.

Seated at the end of the bed, Sarah broke into a grin that had Robyn blushing in anticipation, cooing, “You look amazing right now.”

Rising from where she sat, Sarah opened her arms to Robyn, who took a moment to observe how well-built and strong the girl looked. I bet she could protect me from anything, Robyn told herself. That thought had her blushing again, and her rosy cheeks didn’t lose any of that color as Sarah drew her in for another kiss. Soon their tongues were engaged in a sweet, heated duet. Neither girl had much in the way of experience, but the enthusiasm they brought to the task more than made up for their clumsiness.

Sarah practically carried Robyn over to her bed, and they collapsed on it together, still entwined. Robyn broke the kiss to ask, “So, um… have you ever done this before?”

“Uh-uh,” Sarah replied, her own cheeks now a bit flushed. “You’re my first.” She hastened to add, “I’ve, um, watched a lot of videos, and I’ve read a lot of stuff about, y’know, how girls fuck. I think I sorta know how to start — we just do to each other what makes us feel good, then take it from there.”

Robyn nodded. “We’ll figure this out together. I’ve watched a few videos, too.” With a shy smile, she added, “One thing I know for sure… we’re supposed to take our clothes off.” With that, she reached for the hem of her t-shirt.

“W-wait!” Sarah protested.

Robyn let her shirt drop, puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

“Here’s the thing,” Sarah said. “Whenever I think about us doing stuff together, I’m taking your clothes off for you.” She paused. “Can I do that now?”

“Deal!” Robyn replied, breaking into a grin. “As long as you let me return the favor.”

In answer, Sarah reached out to cup Robyn’s face, gazing adoringly into the smaller girl’s green eyes. Her hands dropped to Robyn’s shoulders, then traveled down the rest of her body until they rested on her waist. Taking hold of her partner’s t-shirt, she tugged it upward until it was raised above Robyn’s breasts. Pausing for a second to nod appreciatively at the dark blue bra Robyn was wearing, Sarah kept raising the shirt until it cleared the girl’s head, then let it drop to the floor.

Staring at the girl’s torso like she wasn’t sure what to do next, Sarah shook her head, murmuring, “God, you’re so hot,” then reached behind Robyn’s back. Feeling about with clumsy fingers, she finally managed to unhook the clasp and slipped the bra off to expose the budding breasts she’d long dreamed of, capped by nipples hardened from arousal. Sarah took a few long seconds to drink the sight in, then bashfully asked, “Um… can I take your pants off now?”

“Please,” Robyn said, feeling somewhat frustrated how long it was taking to get to the actual sex. She’d assumed they’d already be in the middle of their second orgasm by now. Yet she was forced to reassess the wisdom of taking things slowly when she saw how entranced Sarah was at the sight of her body. Besides, she reminded herself, we’ve got the rest of the afternoon.

Pants now pooled at her ankles, Robyn stepped out of them as Sarah ran both hands back up the girl’s pale legs to grasp the waistband of her grey panties, which were already nursing a large wet spot. With a shiver of arousal that shook her to the core, Sarah pulled the sodden undies down to reveal the pussy that she’d long ached to see, to touch. She noted the light dusting of red hair that adorned Robyn’s privates, wondering if it was as soft as it looked, making plans to find out very soon.

Once she stepped out of her underwear, Robyn immediately straightened. “My turn,” she announced.

First, though, she seized Sarah’s hips, yanking the girl into her for a searing kiss. Filing the pleased moan Sarah made at being so aggressively manhandled away for future reference, Robyn began pulling her shirt off. Impatient as she was to get down and dirty, Robyn couldn’t help but take a moment to gaze at the lean, taut figure before her. Lighter than her limbs and face, she could clearly see where Sarah’s tan began and ended, wondering if her legs looked the same way. The girl didn’t need to wear a bra yet, but the hard nipples on her chest were a clear indication of how much she liked what Robyn was doing.

Unbuttoning Sarah’s jeans, Robyn roughly shoved them down so the girl could step free. As expected, her tanned, toned legs gave way to lighter skin at the ankles and upper thighs. Seeing how damp Sarah’s white boyshorts were, Robyn licked her lips in anticipation. I’m going to be tasting her down there, she told herself. Slowly peeling them off, she was surprised to see that Sarah didn’t have any hair on her pussy the way she did. Omigod, she shaves! That’s soooo hot. Her opening looked slightly puffy, and Robyn had to tear herself away to stop from just standing there, staring in awe. Just as she looked up at Sarah, the grinning girl all but tackled her.

The two fell back onto the bed, giggling with delight. Sarah began to rub Robyn’s arms, letting her hands move up and down the smooth skin, admiring the body she’d longed to touch, then traced her hands up onto pale, slightly freckled shoulders, which she rubbed the way her mom liked her to do after a long day at work. Sarah wanted to go further, but even though they were naked and in bed together, she felt an unexpected attack of shyness.

Robyn looked into Sarah’s eyes and saw uncertainty. She saw the hesitation of someone who didn’t want to make a wrong move and ruin everything. Knowing the next move had to be hers. Robyn placed a hand on Sarah’s hip. Letting it slowly glide upward, she moved her palm to lie just beneath the girl’s chest.

“This feels really nice, Sarah,” she said. “I know you’re nervous, but you don’t need to be. I love being here with you, and I totally want this. There are parts of my body that really need some attention from you. But if you’re not ready to take the lead right now… well, I’d like to make you feel good.”

With that, Robyn leaned in to plant a kiss on Sarah’s neck, reaching up to touch the girl’s breast. That made her cry out, something halfway between a yelp and a moan. Thrilled by her new lover’s ardent response, Robyn began to feel Sarah up — drifting from one breast to the other, brushing the nipples with the tips of her fingers. The girl’s body began to tremble, so Robyn used her other hand to grasp Sarah’s butt, holding her steady.

Her eyes rolling wildly, Sarah began to plead, “Oh, Robyn! Robyn, Robyn… my Robyn! Don’t s-stop, oh please GOD don’t stop!”

Growing increasingly confident in her ability to please a girl, Robyn straightened up to take a long, satisfying look at Sarah, then claimed her mouth in a kiss. As their embrace intensified, Sarah tried to do something with her tongue that only resulted in her licking Robyn’s lips. Both girls giggled at that, then tried it again. More giggles. Their mouths slid together, the kiss grew deeper, and amusement gave way to passion. Their tongues danced back and forth as they lay together, each exploring the other’s mouth. And even as they continued to kiss, Sarah gazed dreamily at Robyn, who could practically see little cartoon hearts dancing over the girl’s head.

Ready to take things to the next level, Robyn ran a hand down one of Sarah’s legs and up the other, then between them to touch her pussy. Sarah’s warm brown eyes widened in surprise, a sight that thrilled Robyn to the core. Wow, she told herself, I’m pretty good at this!

Breaking their kiss, Robyn leaned down to take one of Sarah’s nipples into her mouth. The girl’s skin had a slightly salty tang from the sweat of her afternoon run, and Robyn decided that she liked the taste of it. Sarah was clutching at her, moaning in mixed surprise and delight, and she only grew louder when Robyn began to toy with her stiffened clitoris. Alternating between the light caressing circles, hard presses, and quick rubbing motions that she liked to use on herself, Robyn soon had Sarah wailing like a banshee, her body shaking almost violently. It wasn’t long before Sarah exploded in an orgasm, all the while gasping, “Don’t stop! D-don’t stop! I’m, I’m, I’m c-coming!”

Even though Robyn’s efforts were centered on Sarah’s clit, she could still feel the girl’s pussy juicing like mad as she moaned and panted through her climax. Sarah’s lean, toned frame jerked again and again, seizing up every time Robyn’s finger stroked her clitoris.

Finally, Sarah relaxed, spent from the onslaught of pleasure she’d received from her new lover. Gazing up at Robyn, she gave the girl a dreamy smile.

“Sarah, that was SO HOT! You know I’m gonna wanna do that again, right?” Robyn declared, her eyes dancing excitedly.

Still somewhat out of breath, Sarah mumbled her assent, but quickly became alert all over again when Robyn began rubbing her pussy with one hand, while easing the index finger of her other hand into her vagina. As it sank deeper and deeper without resistance, Robyn gave Sarah a puzzled glance. “What happened to your, um…?” she began.

“Sports,” Sarah replied with a bashful smile, clutching Robyn’s wrist to make sure that hand remained right where it was. “I told you… I’ve never been with a girl before. Oh, and definitely not with a boy!” she hastened to add, making a face.

Fair enough, Robyn reasoned. She began to work her finger in and out of Sarah’s creamy tunnel, easing it deeper and deeper inside until she’d fully penetrated the girl, her knuckles pressed against the hot, wet opening.

As she withdrew her finger, Robyn was struck by an urge to taste the warm fluids that coated it… an urge she found herself unable to resist. Taking the finger into her mouth, she sucked it clean, moaning at how deliciously naughty it felt to be doing this. Sarah’s pussy tasted amazing, too.

Much as she loved making Sarah feel good, Robyn desperately needed to come herself. She could feel warm, thick fluids trickling down her inner thighs, flowing from what felt like a molten core smoldering just beneath her belly. But she could also tell that Sarah was hungry for more, and loved the idea of getting the girl off all over again. When I’m done with her, Robyn told herself, she’ll never want to fuck any other girls, not ever. Just me!

Briefly dipping her finger back into Sarah’s pussy to get it nice and wet, Robyn then offered it to her lover. Sarah took it between her lips, moaning in appreciation as she tasted herself. She wasn’t able to savor it for long, though, because Robyn quickly penetrated her again — plunging a finger into Sarah’s vagina, driving it in and out a few times, then carefully adding another.

A choked cry exploded from Sarah’s lips, and she seized Robyn’s wrist, as if afraid that the girl might quit pleasuring her. Of course, Robyn had no intention of stopping; instead she began sliding her fingers in and out of Sarah as the girl begged her to keep going, moaning, “I love you! I love you, Robyn!” over and over.

Robyn’s brow was furrowed as she bent to her work, fucking Sarah as hard and fast as she could. Sarah was moving in time with each thrust, the girl’s body jerking with each pump of Robyn’s arm.

It didn’t take long before Sarah cried out once more, lost in her second orgasm. Robyn gave a surprised gasp at how tightly her fingers were being squeezed by the girl’s spasming vagina.

Sarah shook and shuddered as she continued to come; finally, with one last “Oh!” she grabbed Robyn’s hand, blurting, “Okay, okay, y-you can stop now!” Robyn carefully withdrew her fingers from the girl’s pussy, and Sarah exhaled noisily. “Holy smokes,” she mumbled, rolling her eyes. “I thought I was maybe having a heart attack!” She gave Robyn a sleepy smile. “Hold me?”

Robyn quickly moved to embrace Sarah, and they lay together contentedly, nestled in each other’s arms. It was lovely, but Robyn had yet to come herself — and there was a low, urgent throbbing between her thighs that refused to be ignored.

Once Sarah was able to breathe again, she pressed a kiss of her own on the mouth of her prone lover. “Oh, Robyn,” she cooed, “Thank you so much for that! I, um, figure you already know how good it felt for me. But now you have to give me the chance to do stuff to you, too!”

Robyn certainly couldn’t argue with that. Not when she felt ready to explode at the slightest touch. Not when she was about to experience the pleasure she’d been aching for since Sarah had given her that look back at the park. Not when the girl of her dreams was right there, eager to explore her body.

Her nervousness now banished for good, Sarah went straight for Robyn’s nipples, taking one into her mouth as she tweaked the other between finger and thumb. That was enough to give Robyn her first orgasm of the day. She went off like a firework, crying out as a blinding rush of pleasure coursed through her.

Sarah was clearly shocked at how easy that had been. Breaking into a huge smile, she gazed lovingly at the girl beneath her with those big brown eyes that made Robyn feel weak all over. “Y’know, I was really scared I would suck at this. I mean, how lame would that be if I told everyone I was gay, got you to go to bed with me, and then I was so bad at sex that you never wanted to do it again? But if I can set you off with just playing with your nipples… wow!”

My thoughts exactly! Robyn mused. She lazily stretched out beneath Sarah, grinning up at her. “Well, first of all, you didn’t convince me to go to bed with you, I wanted to be with you just as much. So stop worrying so much that you’re gonna do something wrong! Buuuut, if you need any ideas… um, I’m sort of wondering if I taste as good as you do. And when I made myself come while thinking about you last week, you were, er, finding out about that. Know what I mean…?”

But Sarah had already begun to kiss a path downward, her hands mapping out every contour of Robyn’s body along the way. Thinking of the dozens of kisses the girl had already placed on her, Robyn wondered if she’d have an inch of skin left that hadn’t been touched by her new girlfriend’s lips or fingers.

Then as Sarah paused at her tummy to burrow into its softness, Robyn put everything else out of her mind. The universe was reduced to this moment of making love.

Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Sarah was ready to worship at the altar of Robyn’s bare body, now spread out and ready for her. Using both thumbs, she carefully spread Robyn’s vagina open, enthralled by the sight of the hot pink interior, dripping with nectar. She paused to breathe in the rich scent of another girl, thinking I made this happen. I got her hot!

As her fingers began to glide across Robyn’s mound, Sarah remembered something that she’d wanted to do first. She reached out to toy with the light layer of pubic down that adorned the girl’s vulva, marveling at how it felt — soft as a whisper, not at all like the short, coarser hair she’d dealt on the previous day.

In preparation for her meeting earlier, Sarah had borrowed her mom’s razor and, with loads of patience and half a bottle of shower gel, left her own mound bare as that of a little girl. The women she saw in the lesbian porn clips she’d watched were always completely smooth down there, and she wanted to make herself look as sexy as possible. But seeing how adorable Robyn’s soft curls were, Sarah wondered why she’d bothered.

Extending her index finger, she lightly grazed Robyn’s stiffened clit. Encouraged by the moan she got in response, Sarah dipped her head down and took a long, slow lick through the cleft of Robyn’s pussy. The taste was just as luscious as she’d hoped it would be, and she fastened her mouth to the juicy opening, hungry for more. Robyn’s whimpers of ecstasy only spurred Sarah on, encouraging her to lick and suck even harder at the hot, wet flesh.

Reaching up, Sarah clumsily fondled Robyn’s breasts with her right hand, meanwhile using the thumb of her left hand to manipulate the trembling girl’s clitoris. Spreading the labial folds apart, she began to fuck Robyn with her mouth, using her tongue like a cock to probe inside. Thick, hot juices flowed freely, soon dripping from Sarah’s chin as she continued to feast on her lover.

Robyn stared down at Sarah in disbelief. It was even better than she’d expected. A moment later, the good feelings mounted even higher… and then, they took the breathless teen to some place she’d never been, never knew existed.

“Oh, Sarah!” she cried. “Oh m-my GOD! That f-feels fucking AWESOME! Oooooh yeah, K-KEEP GOING!”

Sarah was uncertain about her oral sex skills — it was the first time she’d ever gone down on a girl, after all — but Robyn did seem to be enjoying it in a big way. She began to lick with even greater abandon, all the while continuing to work Robyn’s clit with the ball of her thumb. Feeling a sudden impulse to touch her new sweetheart’s face, Sarah abandoned Robyn’s breasts to do just that — and a sweet shiver raced through her when she felt warm lips closing around her fingers. Omigod, she thought, that’s so fucking hot!

Robyn moaned around the digits in her mouth, bathing them with her tongue. Sarah responded by taking her clitoris between finger and thumb, giving it a gentle pinch… which turned out to be just enough to push Robyn over the edge a second time.

“OHHHHHHHHH!” the teen wailed, her body seizing up over and over again.

Sarah had to stop masturbating Robyn and hold on to her instead, clutching the girl’s hips as best she could with one arm to keep her steady. It wasn’t easy — Robyn was bucking and rocking wildly, caught up in the storm of her orgasm, thrusting her pelvis into Sarah’s face. There seemed to be a torrent of juices flowing from her lover’s pussy, a flood that Sarsh eagerly gulped down, determined not to lose a drop. Despite her best efforts, though, her cheeks and chin were soon dripping with fluids as Robyn’s muffled cries sounded throughout the room.

The torrent finally slowed to a trickle, and Sarah felt the cool air of the room on her wet fingers when Robyn released them from her mouth in order to catch her breath.

As she gulped down lungfuls of air, Robyn cradled Sarah’s head to her quivering belly, clumsily running her fingers through the girl’s hair. Once she’d caught enough breath to speak, Robyn hesitantly asked, “Um… do I taste okay?”

Sarah wanted to shout with glee, but satisfied herself by loudly humming her appreciation, adding, “You are absolutely yummy, Robyn Byrne,” punctuating her words by trailing a finger through the girl’s slit. She heard a moan as Robyn reacted to the unexpected sensation, and chanced a glance upward.

Robyn was gazing at her with pleading eyes. “Oh, Sarah… lick me again, won’t you? I don’t know what you did to make me feel like that, but it was so, so good, and I need more of it!”

Sarah smiled, confident that if Robyn liked it that much on her first try, she could please her even better this time. Letting the girl keep hold of her hair, she gently drew Robyn’s clitoris into her mouth, teasing the tiny bud with a few rapid flicks of the tongue.

Robyn moaned ecstatically, and Sarah, further encouraged by the girl’s response, firmly grasped her thighs, spreading them even farther apart. She switched to licking Robyn’s clit in a circular motion, using her fingers to probe into her lover’s cunt while her tongue did its work.

Sarah quickly realized that Robyn’s hymen was still intact, while hers had torn ages ago. Resolving not to fully penetrate the girl without permission, Sarah withdrew her fingers, using them to rub and caress the moist outer lips, only occasionally slipping them back inside when she felt confident that Robyn wouldn’t take that exact moment to thrust forward and impale herself.

From the corner of her eye Sarah could tell that Robyn was groping her own breasts with her free hand, and something about that got her really hot, enough to make her want to pause for a minute and watch. No way she’d be doing that, though — her mission was to make Robyn come like a wild animal, and the tiny shivers running through the girl’s body told Sarah that it was about to happen.

Sure enough, Robyn’s moans grew louder and louder, while the fingers she had twined through Sarah’s hair began to tighten. In the midst of her licking, Sarah finally couldn’t resist the impulse to look up — and as her eyes met Robyn’s, the two young lovers’ souls seemed to meet as well.

With a shriek of ecstasy, Robyn let go, climaxing like she never had before, even surpassing the orgasm that Sarah had given her just minutes earlier. Robyn gasped and panted, her slender frame shivering with each surge of pleasure, one coming after the next until she didn’t know which way was up.

When her ecstasy had finally run its course, she felt Sarah gently free her hair — which, Robyn was startled to realize, she was still gripping tightly. That accomplished, Sarah lay down next to her wearing a huge grin, the girl’s mouth, cheeks and chin dripping with Robyn’s essence.

Robyn felt embarrassed to have been so… so messy down there. But the light in Sarah’s eyes made it clear that she wouldn’t have it any other way. And she was pleasantly surprised to learn Sarah was right about her taste when they came together in a lover’s kiss.

After kissing for so long they were both out of breath, Sarah was the first one to break their embrace. With a shy smile that instantly sent ripples of heat through Robyn’s body, she said, “It just hit me that I ought to do this right.” Taking a deep breath, she continued. “I love you, Robyn Byrne. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Robyn nearly choked. “After all that, you’re seriously asking?”

But it didn’t take long for her to think up an actual reply. “Well, Miss Sarah Byron. I have to admit that I love you, too.” Sarah looked as if she might spontaneously combust from sheer happiness. “But,” Robyn added, raising a finger. “I’m not so sure about this ‘girlfriend’ stuff.” Sarah’s expression went from blissful to stricken in a heartbeat, but Robyn went on. “I think we need to have sex oh, about a dozen more times, just so I can be sure this relationship has, y’know, real potential.”

“You’re a nut,” Sarah replied, all smiles again. She glanced at her clock, then said, “Well, my mom’s not gonna be home for another two hours, at least.” She sat up, swinging her feet down to the floor. “Let me go grab a couple bottles of water from the fridge. We’ll get ourselves hydrated, then get started on those twelve fucks you want.” Getting to her feet, Sarah padded from the room, still gloriously naked.

Robyn admired the girl’s ass as she left, already thinking of a few things she wanted to do to that cute butt when Sarah got back.


It was Halloween at last. Robyn had dressed up as a corpse, just like she’d planned to months earlier. She used thick white makeup on her face, neck and hands, enhanced with a hint of green to make her pallor look especially unhealthy, then she applied a heavy black around her eyes to achieve a sunken, hollow effect. Her mother joked that she didn’t look any different than normal, but Robyn just snickered and kissed her cheek. Nothing could dampen her spirits today.

Arriving at school, she made her way over to where her friends were. Amber had shown up in a black robe with red clouds on it; a design taken from one of her favorite shows. Tara had opted for simple cat ears and a tail, and Jess had apparently decided she was too cool for dressing up.

As soon as she made it to their table, her friends began hitting Robyn with questions, wanting some kind of explanation for her strange behavior at the mall the day before. She had to fend them off with a promise to explain everything later.

As she entered the classroom, Robyn saw the girl who had turned her world upside down. Sarah had done herself up as a werewolf, with shaggy dog ears that blended in perfectly with her usual messy hair. She’d mentioned needing her mom to help with the makeup, and Robyn was delighted with the way the woman had manipulated the contours and angles of Sarah’s face to make it seem sunken and feral.

With a now familiar pulse between her legs, Robyn found herself admiring how savage and, yeah, hungry her new girlfriend looked. That’s one werewolf who can maul me any old time, she told herself, flashing Sarah a huge smile.

Sarah grinned back, then mimicked a panting dog as she looked Robyn up and down. But with class just about to start, all Robyn could offer was a wink before she took her seat, already resigning herself to the morning slog.

Somehow she made it through the next few hours, though memories of Sarah kept interfering with her concentration. Luckily, she managed to make it through her first round of classes without being called on by the teacher… and finally, after three interminable hours, it was time for lunch.

As soon as the bell rang, Robyn and Sarah slipped their way through the crowd, determined to be the first ones outside. Holding hands, they made their way toward the part of the courtyard where the emo girls always congregated. The pair began to slow as they neared the area, and Sarah turned to look at her girlfriend. Robyn basked in the love and devotion she saw in those chocolate-brown eyes, and drank in the beauty of her smile.

“You don’t have to sit with me today if you want to hang out with your friends,” Sarah quietly said as they approached the tables. “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

Robyn came to a sudden halt, a frown on her lips. “You think I’d make you sit by yourself? No way, girl. I’m in love with you, and I want everyone to know!” And with that, she steered the two of them over to the table where Sarah always sat on her own.

“Oh, Robyn,” Sarah whispered, on the verge of happy tears. “I love you, too.”

“Cool,” Robyn murmured, watching her friends as they drew closer. Tilting her head in their direction, she said, “Hey… you wanna mess with them a little?”

“Sure!” Sarah replied, then giggled.

Tara was first to arrive. Robyn called out, “Hi there, Tara! You look so cute with those kitty ears on. No cat-astrophe there! Come meow-n over!”


“Of corpse it’s me! I’m not kitten around here!”

Amber was close behind — in fact, she nearly bumped into Tara, who had frozen in her tracks. This time, it was Sarah who spoke up. “I love your robe, Amber! I see I’m not the only one with a sweet collar today; you look like you stepped straight out of the TV. Very cool! Fur real!”

“…What’s going on?” Amber said, utterly confused.

By this time, Jess had joined the group, and was staring at Robyn and Sarah, who were sitting atop the table, side by side and holding hands. For once, she was at a loss for words. “W-what’s with you two!?”

Grinning hugely, Sarah called out, “You don’t even have to dress up to look good on a day like this, Jess. Want to sit over here with us? Don’t worry, my girlfriend has me leashed.”

“You look adorable in that sweater, Jess!” Robyn chimed in. “Come join us and be the life of the party! I might be a little dead-lirious, but I’m not a zombie or anything.”

The two lovers enchanted an adoring glance, then exclaimed in unison: “We don’t bite!”

“Not unless you want us to,” Robyn added with a wink.

The End


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  1. Captain Midnight says:

    This is so sweet! I was surprised that Sarah had not actually made love with anyone. Guess she wanted her first time to be with somebody who truly cared for her and could be her best friend. What a nice dimension! I don’t know if the other girls will get involved sexually with Robyn and Sarah or instead with one another, but I am glad they have formed a new circle of friends. My guess also is that Robyn will shed her Goth look before long, since Sarah adores her as herself.

    A lovely debut.

  2. Erocritique says:

    Aside from the unbelievably cheesy cornball ending, the story really worked for me on many level. I actually think the story would have worked better without the “Halloween” elements, but hey, the story might have been too perfect without that clunky little bit of nonsense. The premise was solid, and there was an emotionally satisfying resolution to the conflict / dilemma. The girls “first time” was also done very well, with the sex between the two horny neophyte teens portrayed in a believably frenetic manner. There really was a lot to like about this story.

    Kudos Rosey

  3. David says:

    Very good for a first time story Rosey! Nice story line and detail that kept me reading to the end. Love Robyn masturbating thinking of Sarah and then actually making love to each other at the end. Would love to hear more about these two, but my imagination will take over from here.
    Thanks for the submission!

  4. N.C. Bright says:

    Thank you Rosey for sharing your story with us. I am looking forward to many more stories. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Rosey says:

    Aw, thank you for the kind words, everyone!

    I had always envisioned the story as being around Halloween that year, culturally, and kinda wanted it a little on the silly, cheesy side at the end. Plus I’m a sucker for terrible puns, so that had to make an appearance at some point.

    JetBoy helped iron and flesh out various details with his always impeccable editing, as this was my first time trying to put the metaphorical pen to paper. I’m glad you’re enjoying it overall!

  6. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Excellent job, Rosey!
    I like your writing style and agree with everyone so far, this story is really good! Tween and teen angst and emotional uncertainty is tricky to get right, but you did it, and enhanced it with sweet exploring hot sex!
    Great first story here at JS, hope you have many more ‘coming’ our way! 🙂


  7. kim says:

    Great start thank you for sharing

  8. Matty says:

    Great story! The beginning was well crafted with getting to know the main characters psychologically, I missed the physical descriptions though. Thank you for those words of coming of age exxxcitement, hopefully we will read more of your work!

  9. Matty says:

    Sorry about that… I went back to read the parts that I “missed” and was I glad that i did! Kudos to you Rosey!

  10. Elab says:

    You have outdone yourself with this sexy story! Very well put together. I really think this should go on, for additional Chapters. There is so much that could be written, perhaps Robyn bringing Jess into a 3-some with Sarah, seductively. Then one by one bring in her other friends to discover that Lesbian love is a gentle, beautiful thing that only girls/women can do. “Please” consider this, it would be so amazing to keep the story (love) going”!

  11. TLez says:

    Rosey, will there be more?

  12. Stewart says:

    Loved it, a very well written and well played out story. The ending was great. I think there could be more to this story, after all the other girls didn’t mind.

  13. Megumi Kashuahara says:

    I liked the internal struggle of admitting to herself that she really liked Sarah. The best was when she wasn’t afraid to acknowledge that Sarah was her GF. Good stuff!

  14. Bryan says:

    I fucking love your taste in music Linkin Park is God and & Amy Lee is a godess, seriously love the choices

  15. Rosey says:

    With Halloween right around the corner, I found myself thinking about this story! Thank you for all the kind words, everyone! I wrote this story as taking place in the last week of October, 2005. I drew upon some of my own likes and experiences from that period, as I was around the same age as the girls were back then.

    From the cultural; Linkin Park and Evanescence were huge, Corpse Bride and Panic! at the Disco’s debut album had each come out a month prior to the story’s time frame, and heck, Hell Girl was only three episodes out, and the only way you COULD watch it back then was literally on your computer with english subtitles.

    To the personal; ditching my old clothes (you’re dearly missed, orange Spongebob shirt!) for a black ensemble, thinking that I had discovered my true self in darker media and alternative culture instead of just another aspect of who I am, and discovering that I didn’t like what I was told I should. That girls drew my eyes when they shouldn’t have ever strayed from boys. Not knowing how to appropriately convey my feelings, taking poor advice people had posted online, and subsequently applying it in real life to at times disastrous results. Nothing worked out as well as it did for Sarah here, lol! And Sarah did in fact have to lie about her age to join that social site, as you needed to be 14! My sister and I did the same thing, and boy, did we meet some characters!

    Which is to say, the girls are all different aspects of who I was at that age, and so this is a special story for me. I have a few other stories I’ve been working at since I wrote this one, but procrastination has been my biggest enemy. Regardless, I hope people can garner some enjoyment out of it during this spooooky time of year!

    • sue says:

      great story still, and weirdly enough Halloween is really on a Monday this year just like in the story.

      place a scary sounding ‘whoooo’ here.

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