Ice and Fire, Part Three

  • Posted on November 20, 2020 at 3:07 pm

By No One

Sabrina was smiling as she unlocked the door, letting them both into the house. Clearly, she’d had no doubt that Riley would accept the invitation. “You want anything to drink?” she offered.

“Um, just water, maybe.”

“Sure. Be right back.”

Sabrina went off in the direction of what Riley assumed was the kitchen, leaving her to take a look around the living room. It was elegantly furnished, with a big, comfy-looking couch, and the largest TV she’d ever seen outside a store. But what really grabbed her attention was the substantial bookshelf.

There were boring-looking business books, and literary classics that appeared to be in pristine condition, possibly unread. Then she found the shelf that had to be Sabrina’s. It held many of the books they had talked about earlier, and some others that Riley thought she might want to borrow. To the side, there was a picture frame that contained a photo of Sabrina, maybe a couple years younger, next to a red-haired girl about the same age.

“Here you go,” Sabrina said, walking into the living room with two glasses of water and handing one to Riley.

“Thanks. Who’s this?” Riley nodded at the picture, then took a sip from her glass.

“Oh. Um, that’s Eva. We were… friends for a while but then, y’know, I had to move away.” There was bitterness in her voice, and Riley was unsure whether to pursue the matter, but she was also curious. The way Sabrina had said “friends,” and that slight hesitation… She had to ask.

“Close friends, huh?” Riley arched an eyebrow slightly, but tried to keep her tone neutral.

Sabrina gave her a look, then the hint of a smile. “Fine. If you wanna know, she’s the first girl I fooled around with.”

“Oh, right. I had a hunch that might be it.” Riley wasn’t sure how to feel about that. The girl was pretty enough, she supposed—certainly prettier than she was.. Should she be jealous? That seemed pointless, but she couldn’t help feeling a touch of envy. “That was where you lived before? I thought—”

“Nah. That was the town before last.”

“Oh.” Riley turned that around in her head as they moved over to the couch and took a seat. “Wait, how old were you?”

Sabrina flashed a sheepish smile. “Um, 11.”

“Wow, really? You were fooling around like… kissing?” They couldn’t have done much more at that age, right?

Sabrina chuckled. “Yeah… all sorts of kissing.” She brought two fingers to her mouth, poked her tongue between them.

Riley’s eyes went wide. “W-what? At 11?” she exclaimed. Was Sabrina pulling her leg? She did seem awfully amused by Riley’s reaction. “For real? Jeez, Sabrina…”

“Well, what?” Sabrina shrugged nonchalantly. “We experimented a bunch… and figured some stuff out, y’know? Might also have done some ‘research’ on the Internet. Made some fun discoveries.”

Riley shook her head in disbelief, but couldn’t help laughing. “Sounds like it. Wow.” She had no idea what to make of it. Two preteens doing that to each other certainly qualified as some heavy experimentation. She couldn’t help wondering what it felt like. Maybe she was a little jealous of that Eva girl, after all.

She was beginning to feel a little out of her depth, too. It sounded like Sabrina had a lot more experience than she did—which wasn’t too difficult, admittedly, especially concerning girls. And that was years ago, what kinds of things had she done since then? “And you said… she was the first girl you fooled around with?”

“Oh. Well, first and only.” Sabrina grinned and winked at Riley. “For now.”

Riley fanned herself exaggeratedly to mask her embarrassment. “Is it getting hot in here?” she asked, making Sabrina laugh. She was certain she was blushing brightly, but the warmth was also spreading much lower. She wasn’t sure at all that she was ready for anything like what Sabrina might have in mind right then, but her body clearly didn’t find the idea unappealing, and she didn’t know how to feel about that.

She glanced around for something to move the conversation in a different, safer direction. Eyeing the picture on the shelf again, she thought of something she’d noticed earlier. “So… I guess you do really have a type,” she said, toying with a strand of her red hair.

Sabrina laughed and shrugged helplessly. “Well, what can I say, I do like redheads. Dunno if that’s because of her… but hey, look.” She scooched closer, looking into Riley’s eyes, serious now. “I’m not trying to replace her or anything. I like you for you.”

“O-okay.” That gaze, icy blue yet smoldering with fire, was going to be trouble, Riley thought. It made her feel like going along with anything Sabrina wanted.

That’s not to say that she didn’t have her own desires, though. And right now, she was feeling increasingly hungry for another kiss. Now that they had privacy and could take their time—not to mention, now that she was more than a little turned on—the prospect of kissing with Sabrina seemed more appealing than ever.

Luckily, Sabrina seemed to be on the same wavelength. They didn’t spend long gazing at each other before their lips met, and it didn’t take long after that for the kiss to grow increasingly heated. Now that there was no need to be conscious of her surroundings, she truly lost herself in the experience, allowing that warm, soft mouth to become her entire world.

There was something so wonderfully intoxicating about the movement of Sabrina’s lips against hers. Was this what it always felt like kissing a girl? Or was it just this particular girl? Whatever the case, Riley loved every second of it.

They paused only for an instant to steal a quick breath, then were back at it. This time, Riley felt Sabrina’s tongue playfully teasing her lips. She was surprised for a second, but didn’t hesitate, inviting her partner into her mouth. Their tongues danced and tangled, pushing the fiery kiss to even more exhilarating heights.

Riley couldn’t get enough. She was making out for the first time with another girl, and she couldn’t get enough. With the hottest girl in school, no less. Maybe the hottest, most wonderful girl anywhere.

Her body was responding, too. She could feel her nipples stiffen against the fabric of her bra, her panties growing increasingly damp. That ought to have been embarrassing, but she couldn’t make herself care at that moment. Riley welcomed the sensations, let them overwhelm her. She didn’t think she’d ever been so excited.

When they finally broke the kiss, Riley was out of breath. “Phew… Wow.” She took a big gulp from her glass of water, trying to cool down. It didn’t help much.

Sabrina watched her, grinning, clearly pleased with the effect she’d had. “See stars yet? I told you it got better,” she said, to which Riley could only nod. “So… what about you? Any… exes? Any boy I need to watch out for?” Making a fist, she thumped her other hand with it.

Riley laughed. “Nah. I’ve only had one boyfriend before and… it wasn’t all that.”

Sabrina smirked. “Of course it wasn’t. Who was that? A guy from school?”

“Oh, uh, you probably don’t know him… Lucas Davis.” Sabrina only gave a blank look, so Riley reluctantly added, “Um, he’s a year younger.”

“You like younger boys?” Sabrina was side-eyeing her now.

“It’s not like that! It’s just… it’s a whole thing.” She could tell from Sabrina’s expression that the girl wasn’t going to let her get away without an explanation, so she sighed and continued. “I kinda have… um, had… a crush on his older brother Jake. Long story, but okay, when I was like 10, there was this special activity day or whatever where we went to visit the high school—I dunno, to inspire us about education or something, I guess?—and everyone was paired with a high school student to show them around and explain and stuff. So yeah, mine was Jake, and he was very nice, and charming, and, well, cute… I mean, he didn’t do anything weird, of course. But still, y’know, I kinda carried a torch for him, as they say. Um, for a few years, actually…”

Sabrina looked amused. “I see. And so… you couldn’t have him, so you dated the little brother instead?”

Riley sighed. This again. She got enough shit about it from Mike. But still, if she was being honest… “I mean… I didn’t see it like that at the time but… maybe.”

“Well, I think that little infatuation blinded you to… better options.”

Riley chuckled. Her heart still aflutter from making out with Sabrina, she really couldn’t tell why she’d ever been so obsessed with Jake. “Yeah, the thought recently crossed my mind, too…”

Sabrina nodded, as if that was the obvious conclusion. “So, how far did you go with this Lucas?”

Riley gave her a look. “You want to know about boys?”

“I want to know about you.”

Smooth line, Riley had to admit. “Um, we didn’t do that much. Well, some. Like, y’know, hand stuff. Okay, I um, jacked him off the one time. Which was… I mean, he liked it. But I guess it was kinda fun. Except when he, y’know,”—she gestured—”all over my hand. That was pretty gross.”

“Boys are disgusting,” Sabrina agreed, taking Riley’s hand and giving it a sympathetic squeeze. “And did he return the favor?”

“Um, he… tried.”

Sabrina snorted. “That doesn’t sound good.”

“He just… Ugh, God. Like, he stuck his hand into my panties and kinda moved around, but he didn’t really know what to do. To be fair to him, I wasn’t helping, ‘cause I was too shy or embarrassed to tell him what to do. But it really wasn’t doing much for me, and it was getting super awkward, so… in the end, I, um, I kinda pretended that I’d already come so he would stop.”

“Oh my God!” Sabrina was doubled over laughing. “You faked an orgasm your first time fooling around?”

“It’s not that funny,” Riley protested. Though, in hindsight, it kind of was. “I just wanted it to be over, so, you know. Anyway, after that, things didn’t really last. He wanted to do it again, and I wasn’t too into it, and it got awkward and annoying and… well, whatever, I broke it off. Maybe I was a bit unfair, since—”

“Oh, no no, screw him,” Sabrina murmured, that irresistible look in her eyes again. “You have better things to do.”

Already drawing closer to the girl, Riley had to agree. “Yeah.”

She kissed Sabrina, then things quickly intensified until they were kissing passionately, their tongues in each other’s mouth again. Sabrina was right; with just a kiss, Riley was in heaven, overwhelmed by emotions far beyond what she’d ever felt for any boy.

Sabrina broke the kiss—but before Riley could complain, the girl began nuzzling and kissing Riley’s neck, making her shiver deliciously.

“Oooh, that’s—ah!—really nice,” Riley sighed, losing herself in the silken caress of Sabrina’s mouth.

“You know,” Sabrina began, her lips brushing Riley’s ear, “I can guarantee that you wouldn’t need to fake anything with me…”

Eyes wide, Riley turned to the other girl. “Wow. Okay. Not wasting any time, huh? I… thought you were gonna behave…”

“I said if you wanted me to…” Sabrina smiled sweetly. “Do you want me to?”

God, what a question. Things were speeding out of control in a hurry. One thing for certain: Riley didn’t want to stop kissing Sabrina, not at all. And those kisses were driving her frantic with desire, making her want even more of what the girl had to give.

But just how far was she willing to go… and how far was Sabrina ready to take her? Gazing into those blue eyes, Riley shivered as she realized that her new friend was more than ready to end their date with an hour or two of hot, sweaty lesbian sex.

But that was one hell of a big step for Riley, especially on the first date. “Uh, I… um.” she began, then fell silent — unable to say what she wanted, struggling to figure it out.

“You’re so cute,” Sabrina said, then those soft lips were caressing Riley’s neck again, which didn’t help her to think any more clearly. Who knew that getting kissed on the neck could feel so amazing?

Dad had warned her not to let Sabrina push her into anything she wasn’t comfortable with. Right then, Riley felt anything but comfortable… but still, she wasn’t sure at all that she wanted Sabrina to stop, either.

“It’s up to you,” Sabrina was saying between kisses. “Really, it’s cool if you wanna wait.” She flicked Riley’s earlobe with her tongue.

Oh, God!” Riley gasped. Another surprisingly titillating spot that she hadn’t known about.

“Just saying, though,” Sabrina whispered, “I’d make you come so fucking hard.”

Heart pounding like a jackhammer, Riley turned to stare at the grinning girl. What had happened to the Sabrina who’d been so timid about asking her out a few days ago? The one with her now looked more like the Cheshire Cat. Still breathtakingly hot, though, with that sexy gaze that made Riley melt inside. They should probably take things slow, yeah, but every nerve in Riley’s body was screaming for attention and… God, yes, she did want this goddess of a girl to make her come.

Struggling to appear less nervous than she was, Riley gave two quick nods.

“Yeah?” Sabrina actually looked a little surprised. “You sure?”

“No, probably not… so hurry, before I change my mind.”

Her smile widening, Sabrina swiftly drew Riley into another deep, passionate French kiss. This time, her hands didn’t remain idle, though. She began by caressing Riley’s cheek as they kissed, but soon one hand trailed down to her chest, cupping one breast, playing with the rapidly stiffening nipple through her shirt.

Riley gasped into the kiss. Sabrina’s touch was sending a thrilling jolt straight down to her sex. She’d played with her breasts before while masturbating, but it had never felt quite like this.

Sabrina didn’t linger there, though. Before long, her hand continued downward, slowly moving across Riley’s belly as if to build anticipation. And it was working. Riley had trouble concentrating on the kiss, her mind entirely focused on those fingers, inching closer and closer to their goal. Then Sabrina was cupping Riley’s sex through her jeans, squeezing it a little.

A loud moan pushed its way past Riley’s lips, causing her to abandon their kiss. How could that quick touch through her pants feel so good? It was already so much more intense than anything What’s-his-name had managed to do for her.

Not wasting any time, Sabrina deftly undid the jeans’ button, then tugged down the zipper. Looking Riley straight in the eye, she slipped a hand beneath the waistband of her panties.

Riley inhaled sharply, hit by a jolt of pleasure that was even stronger than she’d expected—more like a thunderbolt, really–when Sabrina’s fingers brushed her slit. “Oh, God.”

Sabrina smiled knowingly, arching an amused eyebrow. Thankfully, she refrained from commenting on just how wet Riley was. Bet I could wring my panties out, Riley thought.

Sabrina’s fingers were busy exploring, spreading waves of pleasure with every little movement through the juicy folds of Riley’s pussy. “You like?” she purred.

Riley could only moan in response.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Snuggling close, Sabrina returned to nuzzling Riley’s neck, sometimes licking or sucking on her earlobe, as her hand continued to work its wicked magic. Now that they were in the thick of it, she seemed to prefer taking her time, her fingers moving in a more leisurely way—sometimes sliding inside Riley, then pulling out, regularly brushing her clit but not focusing on it.

Riley wasn’t sure if it was just how excited she was, or due to Sabrina’s expertise, or a mix of both, or what, but God did it feel amazing. Nothing at all in common with the fumblings of Lucas, or even with Riley’s own forays into self-pleasure. Her breath getting increasingly shallow, she rode the waves as they churned and swelled inside her, cresting ever higher. Was she going to come already?

Before she could find out, Sabrina withdrew that talented hand from her panties. Confused and frustrated, Riley turned a reproachful gaze on the culprit. “Well, don’t stop now!”

Sabrina gave her an innocent Who, me? smile, then brought her hand to her mouth, slipped two fingers inside, and made a show of slowly sucking them clean. “Take off your pants,” was all she said.

Riley swallowed. Just a few seconds ago, she would have protested. There was no real need to take off her clothes, it was embarrassing and she’d been enjoying the proceedings just fine until then. But now, with an inkling of what Sabrina had in mind after that very suggestive display, she froze for only an instant, then obeyed without a word, first kicking off her sneakers, then lifting her butt up from the couch and pushing her jeans down and off.

Kneeling on the floor, Sabrina gently eased Riley’s legs apart. Without breaking eye contact, she began to slowly kiss her way up an inner thigh, sending delicious shivers up Riley’s spine. The kisses were getting juicier the higher she went, until she was licking at the edge of Riley’s panties.

Then she stopped, paused just long enough to flash one of those bad-girl smiles, then repeated the process on the other thigh. Once again, Sabrina allowed her tongue to explore tantalizingly close to the vulva, then abruptly pulled back, looking at Riley as if waiting for something.

“Oh my God, you’re such a tease!” Riley exclaimed, now beside herself with frustration.

Sabrina didn’t look bothered in the least. “What’s the magic word?” she sang, her eyes dancing with mischief.

“Seriously? Now?” Riley glared at the girl in utter disbelief. Really, though, what options did she have? Get dressed and go home, or dance to Sabrina’s tune. And that was no choice at all. “Fine!” she cried. “Pleas—”

Before Riley had even finished uttering the word—and before she knew what was happening—Sabrina had yanked the front of her panties to one side, then dove in, fastening her mouth to Riley’s opening,  her tongue darting inside.

The shock of sudden pleasure after all the anticipation and buildup drove all coherent thought from Riley’s mind. “Aaah! I— Oh, my— fuck!”

It felt amazing, Sabrina’s tongue skillfully dancing through the folds of Riley’s sex. How could something feel so good? Riley had often tried to imagine what it would feel like to have someone go down on her, but she’d seriously underestimated the magnitude of the real thing. Either that or Sabrina was just damn good at it, which would come as no surprise.

When she felt Sabrina pull away again, Riley had to beg, “Oh God, please, please don’t stop.”

“Don’t worry… I’m just taking these off,” Sabrina said, hooking her fingers in the waistband of Riley’s panties. There was a fire in her eyes that turned Riley to jelly inside.

Riley had never envisioned that she’d allow Sabrina to take off her panties on their first date, but now she was desperate to be out of them. She raised her ass so her undies could slide down and off, then sat back, her thighs spread wide apart, putting herself on display in the lewdest way. Right then, as turned on as she’d ever been, Riley loved the idea of being a dirty girl for Sabrina.

Thankfully, Sabrina wasted no time, putting her mouth back to work before Riley’s discarded panties could hit the floor. As she resumed her oral play, Sabrina used her hand to toy with the sparse tuft of red hair that adorned Riley’s vulva, occasionally dipping down to tease her clitoris. Meanwhile, Sabrina’s mouth was busy below, her skillful tongue alternately penetrating Riley and bathing her sex with long, lustful licks.

The part of Riley’s mind that wasn’t completely overwhelmed with pleasure was hypnotized by the live sex show taking place between her legs. Here was this amazingly gorgeous blonde—and God, somehow she got more attractive every time Riley looked at her!—down on her knees, nose buried in pubic hair, licking Riley’s pussy with abandon. Such a wanton sight, yet somehow beautiful, too. Riley was going mad with lust just from watching, especially when Sabrina turned those eyes up to meet hers.

Feeling self-conscious, despite knowing no one else was there to eavesdrop, Riley tried to stifle moans, but she just couldn’t keep quiet. Her cries grew louder and louder the longer Sabrina’s tongue worked its magic. If this was what lesbian sex normally felt like, she was hooked!

Sabrina began to focus solely on Riley’s clit, flicking it rapidly with her tongue, licking all around it, and adorning it with kisses, transforming those waves of pleasure into an approaching tsunami.

“Oh… my… God!” Riley wailed. She gripped the couch cushions with both hands, as if clinging for dear life. She’d thought the sensations were intense before, but now they were almost too much to bear. These feelings grew in mass, swelling, rapidly building into something too huge to touch, then that enormous wave came crashing down and she was swept away in a sea of bliss.

She was only vaguely aware of her body tensing, arching up from the couch as if she no longer had control of it. She might have screamed something unintelligible. In truth, it was hard to focus on any of it as her mind reveled in the best feeling in the world for what seemed like an eternity. Or at least, a lot longer than she would have expected. The tide of pleasure slowly receded, then faded into a beautiful emptiness.

As her senses gradually returned, Riley found herself breathing hard, blouse sticking to her sweaty skin, legs spread wide. “Holy shit,” she mumbled. Speaking, or moving at all, really, felt like a huge chore.

Sabrina popped into view, looking very pleased with herself. “So? Was I right, or what?”

She had to give credit where it was due. “God, you were so right. I… I don’t think I ever came so hard. You’re amazing.” Riley shook her head, trying to clear it a bit, then straightened up and closed her legs, suddenly aware of how slutty she must look. It was silly, sure, but she couldn’t keep from feeling a little embarrassed, now that she wasn’t blinded by lust.

Sabrina nodded graciously, as if she’d expected no less. Then without warning, she crawled up onto the couch and straddled Riley’s thighs. “And don’t you forget it,” she said with mock arrogance before swooping down to capture Riley’s mouth with her own.

The kiss revitalized Riley, pulling her out of her torpor. Soon, they were making out with renewed passion. Perhaps a little late, she realized that the tongue in her mouth had been licking her pussy just a minute ago, and felt a strange mix of distaste and arousal. There didn’t seem to be any weird flavor, though, so she put the former out of her mind. Before long, she found herself starting to like it.

God, Sabrina Taylor just ate me out, she thought, still dazed by the realization of it. Riley found herself getting excited all over again, and she intensified the ardor of her kisses. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do with her breath still somewhat ragged, and her glasses were all steamed up by the time they were done.

With a chuckle, Sabrina reached for Riley’s frames. “Want to take these off?”

“N-no.” Riley pushed her hand away. “Everything’s a blur without ‘em, and um… I want to see you clearly,” she admitted. It would be a shame to reduce Sabrina’s beauty to a mere smudge in her vision.

Sabrina smiled, striking a model-like pose. Then her expression turned mischievous, and she reached down to grasp the hem of her dress. “Wanna get an even better look?”

Riley swallowed hard as she pictured it. To see Sabrina naked. The wet dream of every straight boy at school, so casually offered to her. She wasn’t sure how it would make her feel, or what she’d do then… but there was only one way to find out. “Um, o-okay.”

In one smooth motion, Sabrina pulled her dress up and over her head, carelessly tossing it aside. She wore pink bikini-style panties underneath, but no bra, as Riley had guessed.

Her pulse racing, Riley drank in the view. Sabrinal looked every bit as amazing out of her clothes as she did in them. Classic hourglass figure, flat belly, proud breasts, everything perfectly proportioned. B cup? C? Riley wasn’t an expert, but Sabrina’s tits were certainly bigger than hers.

She’d been half-afraid that she just wouldn’t feel aroused by the sight of Sabrina in the nude, which would be more than a little awkward in their current situation. After all, she’d never really seen the appeal of the female body before—not that she’d spent much time looking at naked girls. But now it seemed she didn’t need to worry about that. The sight of Sabrina’s charms laid bare was sending a delicious surge of warmth through Riley’s own body.

The girl was simply a work of art. A sexy work of art. Riley didn’t know if it was something about Sabrina herself, or if the girl had somehow awakened some latent desire in her, but… Whatever the reason, this naked body had her feeling anything but indifferent.

“Wow. You’re, like… perfect,” she said, feeling a flush of heat on her face. “I don’t know if I should be excited, or just jealous.”

Sabrina gently nudged Riley back against the couch, still astride her lap. “Excited, if you please,” she said, holding Riley’s gaze—though, with her breasts near eye-level, it took some effort. “Believe me, you have nothing to be jealous about.” She pressed forward, seeking another kiss.

Even as she welcomed Sabrina’s tongue into her mouth, Riley had to wonder if the girl was just a touch crazy. Nothing to be jealous about? Literally every single feature of Sabrina’s body was more attractive than hers. How could she not see that? Surely she could do much better than Riley. Any bi-curious girl at school would fall at her feet. Hell, she could probably seduce most straight girls.

Still, despite her feelings of insecurity, Riley had to concede that she was the one getting kissed by Sabrina right now, and she wasn’t about to complain about it. Perhaps Sabrina wasn’t like the guys Riley knew, who only cared about girls based on how “hot” they were. Sure would be nice to have someone who likes me for, well, me, Riley thought.

As they kissed, Riley’s hands instinctively moved to the small of Sabrina’s back. She’d touched her there before, but now the feel of soft, bare skin under her fingers made a world of difference. She began to caress Sabrina, running her hands up to the girl’s shoulder blades, then back down again, trailing over her sides. Her body was so smooth and silky, the scent of her skin positively intoxicating.

With her hands back at their starting point, she thought for a moment about sliding them lower still, onto Sabrina’s ass, then hesitated. In the end, Sabrina made the decision for her when she raised herself on her knees a little to push Riley into a deeper, more forceful kiss. Before she knew it, Riley found herself holding Sabrina’s butt. It felt nice and firm, and fit perfectly into her hands. She gave it a squeeze—that seemed like the right thing to do.

“Mmmm.” Sabrina finally pulled away, wearing a big smile.

Riley’s heart was racing again. That kiss had her head spinning, and touching Sabrina’s naked body at the same time made it all the more tantalizing. And now… actually, she wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen next.

Then, with a start, Riley realized that it was her turn to make Sabrina feel good. The girl was gazing down at her, still smiling, clearly waiting for Riley to make a move.

She studied Sabrina’s bare breasts, now mere inches from her face, and felt a sudden urge to touch them. Riley nervously moistened her lips, weighing the idea. Touching another girl’s boobs felt like a big step to take. Okay, that seemed a little silly after what had just happened, but still. Kissing was one thing, the obvious starting point. And of course, Sabrina had just gone down on her, which was huge, but Riley had only laid back and let herself be licked.

Now, to take an active role in the proceedings? Could she? Well, she couldn’t deny that those big tits were very alluring. At this point, why not? Sabrina certainly wouldn’t mind.

And so, Riley slowly ran one hand up Sabrina’s ribs until she could cup one tempting breast. It was soft but firm, perky. Sexy. She caressed the nipple with her thumb and it instantly stiffened, drawing a quick intake of breath from Sabrina.

Riley glanced up at her partner, offering a shy smile. She brought her other hand into play, then observed Sabrina’s reactions as she experimented with her boobs, squeezing, teasing, playing with the nipples. With each movement, Sabrina let out a little gasp or a soft moan.

Riley was enjoying this. A lot. Way more than she would have thought. Feeling up Sabrina was so sweet and sensual, and it fired her desire back to full intensity. She hoped she wasn’t leaving a puddle on the sofa cushion.

More than anything, she loved Sabrina’s response to her touch. The erotic sounds of pleasure, the look of lust on the girl’s beautiful face, the heady scent of womanly heat that perfumed the air, these were the things that turned Riley on the most. And she wanted more. With only an instant of hesitation, she leaned in closer and kissed one erect nipple, flicking it with her tongue.

A sharp hiss of pleasure was Sabrina’s immediate reaction. “Mmmm, Riley, yessss.”

Riley decided that she very much liked hearing a pretty girl moan her name. She did her best to please Sabrina even more, depositing kisses all over her breasts, licking the pert nipples, the underside of the tender globes, even between them, trailing her tongue through the girl’s cleavage. It tasted faintly salty from sweat, but wasn’t unpleasant—in fact, it was positively arousing, like sampling the flavor of Sabrina’s excitement.

The response was everything Riley hoped for and then some. Sabrina’s moans grew louder, her breath increasingly ragged. Riley wasn’t sure if it was conscious or not, but she felt Sabrina’s hips begin to move, undulating in her lap, the girl’s panties brushing against her belly. She could feel how wet Sabrina was, and it turned her on even more.

“I think I like these,” Riley said, grinning up at Sabrina, giving her boobs a final squeeze. She managed to admit it with only a remaining sliver of shyness.

“Mmmm, I’m real glad you do.” Bending down to steal a kiss, it was Sabrina’s turn to cop a feel through Riley’s blouse. “And what about you? Do I get to see, too?” she asked, biting her bottom lip, which—if such a thing was possible—made her look even sexier.

“Oh, err, mine aren’t really… that, uh, interesting,” Riley mumbled, suddenly ill at ease. There was no way her barely developed chest could compare to Sabrina’s flawless tits.

“Don’t be silly. Every single inch of you is lovely.” Sabrina kissed Riley again while undoing the buttons of her blouse.

Whether it was because she was dazzled by the compliment, distracted by the kiss, or just too hot and bothered to care, Riley let the girl undo her blouse and push it off her shoulders without breaking their kiss. She shrugged the top off completely as Sabrina’s hands came up to caress her bra-clad breasts, though it didn’t take long before they snaked around to undo the clasp and pull the bra off, leaving Riley completely naked.

That accomplished, Sabrina sat back to inspect the result of her mischief. Riley worried that she might see a hint of disappointment in Sabrina’s eyes, but somehow resisted the urge to cover her chest. In the end, though, all she saw in the other girl’s appreciative gaze was renewed desire and hunger. Riley let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding.

“Mmmm, you’re so fucking sexy,” Sabrina purred.

And just like that, the distance between them evaporated, and they were kissing again, more aggressively than before. Their mouths were crushed together, tongues sparring, hands roaming freely. From time to time, one of them would take a break from kissing to put her mouth to work on the other’s breasts and nipples. All the while, Sabrina was rolling her hips, grinding her panty-clad sex against Riley’ groin. The position and angle weren’t quite right to generate maximum pleasure, but Riley was definitely enjoying the delicious sensations the contact was sending through her body. Sabrina was breathing hard, moaning with each thrust—erotic music that Riley couldn’t get enough of.

“Why don’t you take these off?” Riley said, tugging on the waistband of Sabrina’s panties. Even to her ears, her voice sounded husky, thick with desire.

“Now that’s a great idea.” Grinning wickedly, Sabrina put a hand on Riley’s shoulders for support and pushed herself up until she was standing on the couch. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband, she began swaying her hips, pushing her panties down inch by inch.

Riley stared, wide-eyed. She suddenly felt like she was at a strip show—a very in-your-face one, the action literally a foot from her head—but she couldn’t deny what a sexy spectacle it was. Her eyes were glued to Sabrina as those pink panties slowly came down, first revealing a small patch of light brown pubes—a few shades darker than the hair on the Sabrina’s head—then below, the delicate folds of the girl’s labia, hairless and glistening with excitement.

Does she shave? The question briefly popped into Riley’s mind, then was promptly forgotten. It was hard to focus on anything beyond her hunger for Sabrina, which was all-consuming at this point. She hardly recognized herself; so shy and uncertain at the beginning of the evening, and now… Her only wish was to make this impossibly sexy girl in front of her come like she never had before, to make her scream Riley’s name in ecstasy.

With surprising grace, Sabrina managed to keep her balance as she stepped out of her panties while standing on the sofa cushions. She began to lower herself back into Riley’s lap, no doubt intending to pick up right where they’d left off, but Riley had other plans. While grinding against Sabrina had been delightful, Riley now hungered for a more visceral approach. She gave the girl a gentle shove, causing her to tumble to the other side of the couch.

“Heeeey!” Sabrina tried for a reproachful look, but her laughter kind of ruined the effect.

Riley didn’t waste any time. She was an animal in heat, consumed by naked lust. Thrusting a hand between Sabrina’s thighs, she cupped the girl’s sex, feeling her soaked vulva. God, she was wet—though, to be fair, probably no wetter than Riley herself.

Sabrina’s amusement was abruptly transformed into ecstasy. “Oh God, fuck, yes!

Riley leaned over to muffle her partner’s moans with a kiss, receiving an immediate and enthusiastic response. As their tongues mingled, she wriggled a finger into Sabrina. Juicy as the girl was, Riley was able to penetrate her with ease, so she decided to add a second finger. It was a slightly tighter fit but a comfortable one, and she began to slowly pump her fingers in and out.

It didn’t take long before Sabrina, now struggling to draw breath, had to break theIr kiss. “God, Riley…” she moaned, “that—Ah! That feels so good!”

Riley dipped down to shower affection on Sabrina’s breasts, licking all around the very stiff nipples, then playfully biting them—all the while delighting in her partner’s moans, in the salty taste of her skin, in the slick, fleshy warmth squeezing her fingers.

Before long Sabrina was moving her hips, pushing back against Riley’s hand on each thrust. Riley had kept her movements steady and careful, not wanting to hurt her partner, but if Sabrina wanted more force, she could certainly oblige.

Adjusting her position so she could drive even deeper, Riley began to finger Sabrina’s pussy with more vigor, plunging her fingers all the way in, then withdrawing almost completely before pressing forward again. She usually wasn’t this aggressive when doing it to herself, but there was something extremely exciting about penetrating Sabrina like this.

And the girl was obviously enjoying it, groaning loudly now. She was even using her feet—one on the couch, one on the floor—to raise her hips up from the cushion, meeting Riley’s movements with hard thrusts of her own. Locking her feverish eyes with Riley’s, she gasped, “Mmmm, yeah—do it. F-fuck me.”

The words inflamed Riley’s desire, whipped it into a raging inferno. Yes, she was fucking Sabrina. And it was the sexiest, most arousing, most beautiful thing imaginable. Without missing a stroke, she feasted her eyes on the mewling girl. Sabrina’s legs were splayed wide, her skin glistened with sweat, strands of hair were plastered to her forehead, her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. She was so damn sexy, maybe now more than ever. Had there really been a universe in which Riley wasn’t hot for Sabrina? The very idea seemed ridiculous.

It was a good thing no one else was home, because Sabrina’s cries kept getting louder and louder. Riley began to wonder if the neighbors might be a problem, but couldn’t make herself care. No, she wanted to make Sabrina scream the house down, to get more intimate with her. Wilder. More… dirty.

She eyed Sabrina’s pussy, nervously moistening her lips. Did she dare?

Before Riley had even made a conscious decision, she was moving, crouching between the girl’s legs, withdrawing those wet fingers from her sex.

Sabrina’s reaction was immediate. “Oh God, don’t stop!” she pleaded. Then, suddenly realizing what Riley was going for, she said, “Oh. You, um… you don’t have to,” even as her eyes begged Riley to do just that.

Riley didn’t pause to think about what she was doing, just allowed her lust to take over. Leaning forward, she plunged her tongue between Sabrina’s labia and gave a big, messy lick from the opening of her vagina up to her clit.

The scent was thick and strong, with a rich, tangy taste, but it wasn’t at all bad, to her relief. In fact, Riley found herself enjoying it more with every lick. The taste of Sabrina’s arousal. How fucking hot was that?

“Oh God, yes!!” Sabrina cried. She twined her fingers through Riley’s hair–not exactly pushing her head down, just providing gentle encouragement.

Riley didn’t think the girl was in a mood to take things slowly, so she immediately centered her attention on Sabrina’s clitoris. She’d never done anything like this before, but it didn’t take a genius to deduce what would feel good—and of course, Sabrina had already given her a very skillful demonstration of pussy-licking moments earlier. Immersing herself in the task at hand, she flicked the girl’s clit with her tongue, licked around it, lightly sucked at the swollen tip, even slid a finger back into Sabrina’s vagina and rolled it around, massaging the inner walls. Whatever it took to drive her partner wild, Riley was determined to make that happen.

Sure enough, Sabrina’s cries were becoming increasingly urgent. She squirmed, grinding her sex against Riley’s mouth, clearly desperate for release. But she didn’t have long to wait. After a minute or two, she moaned, “Yes yes yes… Oh! Riley! Oh!” Then her body went rigid, shaking with tension as her orgasm hit, long wordless cries issuing from her throat.

As these sounds of ecstasy gradually faded, Riley also slowed her movements, then gently withdrew, giving Sabrina’s pussy a final kiss. She sat up, licking her lips, gazing down at the limp body of her sex partner. Her… girlfriend? That might well be the appropriate word to use after what had just happened, and Riley realized that she didn’t mind the idea, not at all. In fact, it made her smile.

She could hardly believe she’d just had sex—actually licked Sabrina’s pussy—but she felt… content. Happy, even. She’d rushed headlong into this crazy thing, and now all she wanted was to snuggle up to the girl. That seemed like a good sign.

So she did just that, lying down next to Sabrina. It was a tight fit on the couch, but that only made it nicer, more romantic.

Sabrina’s eyes fluttered open, and she gave Riley a sleepy smile. “Mmmm. Wow. You’re good. Wonderful, even.”

“T-thanks. That was, um… interesting.” To say the least.

Sabrina chuckled. “ ‘Interesting’, huh? Well, I hope I can tempt you into doing it again some time. Then we can shoot for ‘spectacular’, or ‘stupendous’.”

“I think I’ll have to take you up on that.” They grinned at each other, then kissed. A gentle, relaxed kiss, more affectionate than urgent. “Um, I still kinda can’t believe all this went down, but seriously, it was… great. All of it.” Riley couldn’t even tell which part she’d enjoyed the most. As amazing as her own orgasm had felt, making Sabrina come had also been an unbelievably sexy experience.

“I know, right? You’re welcome,” Sabrina murmured, giving Riley a wink.

Laughing, Riley raised herself up on one elbow. She spent some time openly admiring Sabrina’s nude body. The girl watched, a small smile on her lips, which brought some heat to Riley’s face. She took a deep breath. This was about to get way more embarrassing, but she needed to say it. “You’re… so gorgeous. Have I told you that yet?”

Sabrina’s eyebrows rose up, she looked pleasantly surprised. “Not in so many words. Um, thanks. Glad you think so.” There was a hint of a blush on Sabrina’s cheeks as well now, and it was the cutest thing. Riley might just have to offer her compliments more often. “And you’re just as gorgeous,” the girl added.

Riley shook her head. “You’re crazy.”


“If you say so.” Riley gave her a dubious look, but didn’t argue the point. She wasn’t really going to complain about being called gorgeous.

Sabrina took on a smug air as if she had won an argument, though, so Riley reached out for one of the girl’s breasts and gave it a squeeze, rubbing the nipple with her thumb—partly to shut her up, partly because, well, she just wanted to.

“Mmm.” Sabrina watched expectantly, perhaps wondering if Riley intended to do more.

Riley had no specific plan in mind, but she did enjoy running her fingers over Sabrina’s body, so she trailed her hand down in a slow caress until it rested on that flat belly. Glancing further down at the patch of pubic hair, she was reminded of something.

“I was wondering earlier… Did you, like, shave for tonight? Down there, I mean.”

“Oh, um, yeah. I thought, you know, just in case.” Sabrina flashed a sheepish smile.

“Just in case, huh? Wait, did you plan all this?”

Sabrina raised her hands in protest. “Hey, hey, I didn’t plan anything. It was just… on the off chance that things went really, really well, I thought it would look nice.”

“Well, it does look nice,” Riley conceded. She couldn’t argue with the results: Sabrina’s bare pussy lips looked decidedly sexy. She ran her fingers through the sparse hair up above. “Wait, is this like a lesbian thing? Am I supposed to shave, too? ‘Cause that sounds like a pain in the ass.”

Sabrina snorted. “It was kind of a pain, I’ll admit. Dunno, some girls like it that way, I guess. You don’t have to shave for me, I like your hair.” Her smile grew coy. “Especially since the carpet matches the drapes.”

Riley tilted her head, confused. “What?”

“You never heard that before?” Sabrina chuckled. She reached out for a strand of Riley’s red hair. “Drapes,” she explained. Then she moved her hand below, tickling Riley’s pubes. “Carpet.”

“Oh. Jeez, you’re obsessed.”

Sabrina shrugged. “Hey, what can I say? Girls with red hair get me hot.”

“Is this something else you liked about… what’s her name, Eva? Did her carpet match her drapes?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Riley wondered why she’d brought that topic up again. It made her sound so childish. She should just be happy to have Sabrina’s interest, but couldn’t help feeling insecure about her relative lack of experience with other girls, her appearance, everything.

Sabrina made a face. “Are you still thinking about her? Jeez, stop it. Okay, firstly, I don’t know about her ‘carpet’ because”—she smirked—”she didn’t have any back then. Remember, we were just kids.”

“Oh, God.” Riley had overlooked that little detail.

“Secondly, don’t do the jealous girlfriend thing, that’s not cute. I’m with you now.” Sabrina’s hand had still been playing with Riley’s pubic hair, and now she ventured inside, slipping a finger between her pussy lips. “You get me?”

Riley gasped, then quickly nodded. It was true, she was being silly. “Yeah, sorry.” To smooth things over, she leaned in close to claim Sabrina’s mouth in a tender kiss.

She’d assumed that Sabrina had only touched her to make a point, but that finger remained between Riley’s legs, idly playing with the folds of her sex.

She studied Sabrina with a mounting excitement. “Mmmm. Are we… doing it again?”

The girl flashed her a saucy grin. “Wanna?”

“Well…” Riley only thought about it for half a second, then grinned back. “Sure.” Of course she did; why would she pass up the chance to share even more pleasure with this amazing girl?

Sabrina’s hand pressed more firmly against Riley’s slit, heightening the delicious sensations. Though she’d already come once, Riley was definitely up for another round. Hoping Sabrina felt the same way, she slipped a hand between the girl’s legs, finding her wet and ready.

They lay side by side, eyes locked, each fingering the other. Their breaths grew irregular, soft sounds of pleasure escaping their lips.

“So, um… ‘g-girlfriend,’ huh?” Riley said haltingly, just then registering the word Sabrina used a moment ago.

“Oh. I guess I… Mmmm… I did say it like that. Was that too… uh, forward?”

Riley shook her head. “No. I… I like it.” They smiled at each other—a romantic exchange as their fingers continued their dirty work.

Riley loved the sight of pleasure flashing on Sabrina’s face. Sabrina Taylor… my girlfriend. The thought was strange and delightful and exciting all at once. It somehow intensified her own pleasure. She noticed that Sabrina was watching her just as intently, and wondered if the girl felt the same way.

Their fingers continued to dance, sometimes slipping into a vagina, sometimes sliding between juicy labia, sometimes teasing a clit, always bringing wonderful sensations. It was unhurried and playful, but the pressure was slowly and surely building. Riley was on the verge of blissful release when Sabrina briefly tweaked her clitoris, but then withdrew her hand.

“What? Nooo,” Riley whined, a bit frustrated.

“Wait for me,” Sabrina murmured. “Let’s get off together, okay?”

“Huh? Oh! Okay, sure,” Riley said. It would be even better for them to come at the same time.

Riley intensified her efforts with renewed urgency, sliding two fingers inside her partner while using her thumb to stroke the clit. For her part, Sabrina slowed her movements just enough to keep Riley on the edge.

Soon, Sabrina was panting hard. “Mmmm, yessss… I’m so close. You ready?”

Riley nodded vigorously. She couldn’t be more ready.

Then Sabrina touched her clit in just the right way, and Riley cried out as she climaxed. Barely a second later, Sabrina followed suit, groaning loudly and closing her thighs around the hand pleasuring her.

Riley struggled to keep her eyes open through the orgasmic haze. She didn’t want to miss the sight of Sabrina’s face contorted in ecstasy. Her partner seemed to feel the same, and their gazes remained locked as they came, their busy hands pushing them to greater heights of rapture. The shared climax felt like a deep intimate connection, their bodies truly joined in some blissful symbiosis.

Riley’s orgasm didn’t quite reach the heights of the previous one, but sharing it with her girlfriend in this special way made it just as wonderful. Besides, it was the second-best orgasm she’d ever had, which wasn’t too shabby.

They slowly came down from their ecstatic high, catching their breath, smiling at each other. Their bodies were molded together, no space in between. Sabrina had wrapped both arms around Riley’s neck at some point, and Riley twined hers about the girl’s waist, thinking that she’d be happy for this moment to go on forever.

“So, I trust you enjoyed date night?” Sabrina said, flashing that naughty grin that Riley had come to love.

“Well, it sure took a turn I didn’t expect,” Riley replied with a laugh. “But yeah, I did. Very much.”

“Are we on for The Two Towers tomorrow, then?”

“Oh, for sure. We can’t watch only one part of the trilogy, you know?” Riley found her thoughts straying away from the movie, though. “Say… are your parents gonna be home after?”

Sabrina’s smile widened. “I like how you think! But… yeah, they’ll probably be home, sorry to say.”

“Damn.” Hard to believe it had come so quickly to this, but Riley had already concluded that from now on, any day without sex with Sabrina would be dull and uninteresting.

Thinking about the future suddenly reminded her that time existed and that there was something important about it. “Wait. Shit. What time is it?”

“Uh…” Sabrina twisted her neck to peer up at a wall clock. “11:15.”

“Oh, fuck. I was supposed to be home 15 minutes ago!”

Sabrina winced. “Uh-oh. Are you in trouble?”

“I hope not!”

Not without regret, Riley disentangled herself from Sabrina’s body, then scrambled into her clothes as quickly as she could—with some difficulty, as they clung to her still sweaty skin. Sabrina, remaining completely naked, escorted her to the door.

“Well…” Riley paused to drink in the sight of her new girlfriend’s body. Could I really be this lucky? She couldn’t find the words to express everything she felt at that moment, so instead, she stepped closer and gave Sabrina a passionate farewell kiss, hoping that would say it all for her. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. If I’m not grounded.”


Riley eased the apartment door open, trying to be as quiet as possible. Not that she’d have much luck with that, though; she was still breathing hard after pedaling as fast as she could all the way back home. She noticed light and the sound of the TV coming from the living room, anyway, so Dad was still up.

She sheepishly poked her head through the doorway. “Hey… sorry I’m late,” she murmured, trying to sound as contrite as possible. “I um… kinda lost track of the time.”

“I take it that things went well, then?” He didn’t sound angry, at least.

“Yeah. Things went… great, actually.” She hoped there wasn’t enough light for him to see her blush. “Turns out, I really, really like her.”

Her dad considered that for a moment, then nodded. “Yeah? Well, that’s good. I’m happy for you, hon. I’ll have to meet this Sabrina sometime soon.”

“Sure. We were actually gonna see the second movie tomorrow…” She paused for an objection, but none came. Apparently, she wasn’t grounded. Relieved, she continued, “So maybe we could come here after, so you two can meet…?”

“Ah, well, I’m going to your uncle Steve’s tomorrow night, in fact, so it will have to be another time.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Yeah, another time, then.” Riley tried to sound disappointed, but inwardly she was capering with glee. Oh yeah, they were definitely coming here tomorrow, though for a very different, better reason.

Making her way to her room, Riley glanced at her phone out of habit and saw that she’d received a message from Mike. He’d probably sent it while she was frantically pedaling home, in too much of a hurry to notice.

How’d it go? he was asking.

Riley thought about it for a minute. It was difficult to convey how wonderfully the evening had gone—how much the experience might have changed her life, even! In the end, she just sent back three heart emojis. In her estimation, it was best to go with pictures when you couldn’t find the right words.

That much, huh? he replied a moment later.

Got a second date tomorrow, Riley added.

Haha. Wow. At this rate, you’re gonna have to decide pretty soon if you’re ready to eat pussy or not, he wrote, probably thinking he was being funny. If he only knew.

Riley was half-tempted to brag, but no, she wasn’t the type to kiss and tell Or lick, for that matter. Keeping it subtle, she sent back, Let’s just say that the Ice Queen isn’t as cold as I thought. The opposite, really.

What’s that supposed to mean? Something happen?

Riley smiled as she turned off her phone without replying. Let him dwell on that.

She quickly got ready for bed, then crawled beneath the covers, suddenly worn out after the events of the day. Wondering what it would be like to share a bed with Sabrina, it didn’t take long before Riley slipped into a lovely dream about her new girlfriend.

The End


28 Comments on Ice and Fire, Part Three

  1. Erocritique says:

    *sigh* That was just perfect…….I’m not sure which girl was luckier; Riley, who was able to discover her true sexuality and enjoy the pleasure of her first lesbian experience with the help of the goddess Sabrina, or Sabrina, who was able to help the adorable Riley discover her true sexuality while enjoying the pleasure of being her first lesbian experience.

    It’s a tough call so I’ll have to say it was a tie.

    Of course, I would enjoy a sequel featuring these really likable characters. It would be interesting to see the reaction to their relationship if it somehow became public.

    Great work No One!!! Cheers!!!

  2. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow! talk about dripping wet!

    most excellent conclusion to this cute/sexy teen sensuous awakening story.
    great dialogue, intensely detailed and carried me along without hesitation.

    most favorite paragraph( amidst a sea of pure sexually delightful others ) was:

    …More than anything, she loved Sabrina’s response to her touch. The erotic sounds of pleasure, the look of lust on the girl’s beautiful face, the heady scent of womanly heat that perfumed the air, these were the things that turned Riley on the most. And she wanted more. With only an instant of hesitation, she leaned in closer and kissed one erect nipple, flicking it with her tongue…

    Oh,YES! so good!

    Thank you, No One, this story was in so many ways amazing! perhaps in some future time, a sequel, as mentioned by noted reader,Erocritique, might be in the works?, would love to see how Riley pulls this off at school, or perhaps, Sabrina’s old flame, Eva, might suddenly make an appearance… one can only dream.

  3. Captain Midnight says:

    How sweet. Well worth the buildup.

  4. cybare says:


  5. dw says:

    The End?

    I mean – that’s the perfect place to end the story. Great buildup and great characters and the start of their story clearly ends right there, but I find I really like these two and I’m hoping for more!

    Thanks for sharing with us, great work!

  6. Yaz James says:

    Wow I Love this story, So well written, So hot and sexy,
    It reminds me so much of my younger self,
    Please don’t stop, let your story grow, Can’t wait for the next
    Thanks so much for writing this,

  7. David says:

    Wow what a great ending to a hot story. Sorry it is not continuing but loved every bit of it. Beautifully written and detailed No One, thanks and I can’t wait to see what you come up with later.

  8. Captain Midnight says:

    There IS one flaw in it…

    Don’t go down on a woman while wearing glasses. The edges could jab into her inner thighs. And if the earpiece hinges open and close on her skin, she will REALLY not like it. Barring that, you can also badly bend the frames and squish the lenses against your eyes.

    From an eyeglasses wearer. I always take them off in bed. Trust me, at the range of an inch or so, you can see a woman’s love nest (or anything else you kiss) in wonderful detail.

  9. ME1166 says:

    Wow, hot!!! Loved it, as i do all of your stories, sad to see it end though, wish there was more.

  10. SugoiiKacey says:

    Oh was this a great story! A+
    As one that never dated till way later in life, I love these stories.
    While I can understand leaving it at “The End” it somewhat begs to know how things progress later. I was a touch worried on the previous installment’s note of her past school and being outed. Because Riley telling Mike the info about her early on kind of matches for a repeat of a bad event. Mike also not seeming to be mature almost screams for that event to happen. And while that might be a drama plot to continue, I really hope it wouldn’t.

    Oh and Captain Midnight.. It’s always a rough decision to leave glasses on to see, or not. I had my frames snapped once. granted that was with my head between an awesome pair of breasts.. lol.

    • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Hello, SugoiiKacey!( “amazing” Kacey )

      Agree with your rating of A+ for this story, and that ending it that manner is a tantalizing way to keep all our imaginations running at full speed, trying to figure out, just what else could possibly happen with Riley and Sabrina!

      also, as a life long wearer of glasses, yes, it is sometimes a quick decision, whether to leave one’s glasses on or not, and if one begins their “sex fun” in a darkened room, the point is moot, if one, or rather, both parties agree to “do it” with the lights on( a much more favorable condition to find one’s self in 🙂 ) then leaving one’s glasses on is highly recommended, of course as Captain Midnight and you have pointed out, there are some drawbacks, and unforeseen “occurrences” can arise during the heat of the moment. Now, if it so happens that both parties are glasses wearers, then one may take cues by watching what each other will do, whether you or they will remove their glasses first,etc.,etc. and then again, it all depends on the actual degree of nearsightedness the wearer(s)are afflicted with…
      I have always worn metal framed glasses, and in all my brief “romantic encounters” only once did something untoward happen, my then current “paramour” and I were semi-intoxicated and she wildly snatched my glasses from my face and flung them across the room, striking a mirror on the wall and shattering not only the mirror, but also the glass lenses( this was back in the day when lenses were ground from optical glass )…had to drive home the next morning squinting all the way!
      So, as Shakespeare so eloquently wrote, “To wear, or not to wear, that is the is the question…”
      p.s.- those must’ve really, really been some awesome breasts!!!


  11. Navarre says:

    Simply superb!

  12. Sapphmore says:

    One thing that really differentiates our little corner of erotica from every other site dedicated to adult writings, is the quality of debate. Where else can you read such ardour-inspiring tales, get so engaged by a story that from the exchange of comments one might feel it was real and not fiction, then follow or contribute to lengthy discourse on the merits of a plot, characters’ emotions, historical accuracies (or not), astronomy (Knuckle Ridge) and the dangers of oral sex from eye-wear.

  13. Amanda Lynn says:

    Yes, are all “Master-debaters” and “Cunning-linguists.” 😛

  14. Keiko says:

    Loved this story, and it’s ending is perfect. Sequels are overrated – i love having to use my imagination and dream what might happen next. Thank you for sharing. Beautifully written!!!

  15. No One says:

    Thanks so much, everyone. It’s always nice to read your comments, it makes writing worthwhile.

    Regarding the dangers of wearing glasses during oral sex (haha!), I don’t think Riley gave that much thought. It was more of a spur of the moment decision. But it worked out alright for all involved. 😉

    As for a sequel, I don’t have plans for that at the moment, but we’ll see. There could be potential storylines as their relationship develops. I’ll give it some thought, but no promises. That said, my next work will in fact be a sequel to another one of my previous stories.

    • Erocritique says:

      I for one don’t think Riley should have taken her glasses off to enjoy the goddess Sabrina’s delights. Riley might not have missed any details of her paramour’s pretty flower, but she would have missed the look on her face when she was in the throes of passion. That important fact, combined with the fact that Sabrina had previously mentioned that she liked the way Riley’s glasses looked on her, makes the decision a no brainer. Especially when you consider they were “doing it” with the lights on.

      As far as a sequel is concerned; yeah it would be nice, but the JS genies can only grant so many wishes. I’m really excited to hear that No One has a sequel to one of her other stories in the works. I know which one I’m rooting for, but I would be happy to indulge myself with any thing No One has on offer.

      TIA and cheers!!!


      • JetBoy says:

        I’ve seen my share of lesbian porn shoots where the actress keeps her glasses on while going down. Guess it depends on how low you hold your head while doing the deed. I think girls with glasses are sexy, so that kind of thing never bothers me in a sex scene — not nearly as much as actresses who keep their goddamned shoes on while they fuck. Never understood the reasoning behind that.

        • Amanda Lynn says:

          I agree with you about the shoe thing in porn. I can understand it when it’s a quicky in the ladies’ room though. Then again, none of your clothes actually come off in that scenario. 🙂

          • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

            Hey, Amanda and JetBoy!

            Some many years ago( probably just after the deadly AIDS epidemic was sweeping the nation ), I seen an interview with some female porn stars, and this very question came up and the consensus among them was that the reason they kept their heels on was because of the floors in many studios and at some locations, were breeding grounds for germs that it was very easy to contract athlete’s foot, hepatitis, and who knows what else ( think of all that spelt semen and other bodily fluids lying about uncleaned and festering for who knows how long! )…could this be a kind of carry-over ritual to these modern times?

    • Spudnick says:

      I’m hoping ‘The Idol’…

  16. Purple Les says:

    Beautiful. Loved this story from start to finish. So well written and so wonderfully erotic and real.

  17. sue says:

    What a wonderful ending. More chapters would have been fine, but you must stop when you feel it ends.

    I wear glasses. Sometimes I take them off other times not. I’m terribly near sighted. So it all varies as to what I need to see and when to see it.

    Kim & Sue

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