Arizona Nights, Chapter 2

  • Posted on March 29, 2020 at 3:01 pm

by Pretty Pink Taco



After that night, it was hard to think about anything else. Adriana, my sixteen-year-old sister, was my obsession. A few nights went by and she had hardly spoken to me. She did bring me home some chocolate bars I like once.

When Mami was around Adriana didn’t leave her room. One day Adriana came home with a woman, a grown-up lady with short hair, like a boy. She had on a big flannel shirt and blue jeans.

“Hello,” the woman said to me. I smiled politely.

“Come,” Adriana said to her as they went into her room and shut the door. I hurried over to listen in.

“Your sister is really cute, too,” the woman said.

“Do you want to go on the bed?” my sister asked her.

“I’ll give you $100 if you get your sister in here, too,” she said.

“No way,” Adriana replied, shocked.

“$200. Monica told me she likes ladies, too.”

“She’s only ten!”

“I know, I like them real young.”

I could hear my sister walk toward the door and I bolted toward the couch. When she came out, I saw she was topless.

“Hey Isa,” she said to me, “Do you want to hang out in my room?” I nodded rapidly. “Okay, but you have to do what we tell you to.”

“Okay,” I said, getting myself excited.

“Oh my god, she’s perfect,” the woman said when I walked through the door. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Isabel,” I told her.

She sat on my sister’s bed. “Help little Isabel out of her clothes,” she said to my sister. My sister walked over to me and lifted my shirt over my head roughly. “Hey! Be gentle. There is a plastic bag in my backpack there, put those clothes on her.”

My sister undressed me completely and the woman’s eyes were glued on me the whole time.

“Put the collar on Isabel,” she said. My sister stood in front of me, her nipples in my face as she fastened a black leather collar around my neck. It had a long leather leash attached to it. I thought it was the strangest thing. “Wait,” she said before my sister did anything else. “Tie her hands up. Put the rope over the door and close it so she can’t move. There is some black rope in my bag.”

“You’re so weird,” my sister said to the woman as she did what she was told. She tied my arms up, avoiding eye contact with me. My hands were raised up above my head and I was completely naked. I was nervous because my sister didn’t seem to be happy but I was excited to be naked again and having someone admire me.

“Now,” the woman said, “Spread her legs open and lick her little pussy.”

Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Thank you, weird lady! I officially loved her. My sister was going to lick MY pussy. I began to get very turned on.

“Spread your legs,” my sister said to me and I did.

“Good girl,” the woman said. Her jeans were off, her blouse unbuttoned and she was rubbing between her legs like a maniac. “Look at each other while you do it.”

My sister got on all fours in front of me and looked up at me. She leaned forward and took one small lick. My body shivered. I looked down at her as I was told. Our eyes were locked. She licked me over and over again, just on the outside of my lips over the slit. I loved being watched and tied up. I loved everything about it. Each lick would send jolts throughout my body, making my toes curl.

“Okay, my turn,” the woman said, getting up off the bed toward me.

“Look, she’s just a little kid,” my sister told her.

“I know,” the woman grinned, licking her lips and getting on her knees.

My sister got up quickly and grabbed her phone and took a few pictures. “Get away from her you fucking dyke bitch,” she yelled.

The woman’s face became enraged. I had no idea what was going on. “What’d you say?”

“I’m taking these pictures to the cops if you don’t get the fuck out and leave us alone!”

“Then give me my money back, you little bitch!” The woman got up and began to button up her shirt.

“Fuck you! Get the fuck out! I’m calling the cops right now!” Adriana screamed.

“Fucking little bitch,” the woman muttered. I genuinely felt bad for the woman, she was a little weird-looking but she seemed nice. Adriana held her phone and was shaking.

The woman put her clothes on and packed her things. She then opened the door, loosening the rope that held me up and left the room. Soon we heard the front door slam.

“Oh, Isa, I’m so sorry!” my sister cried. I had no idea why she was crying. Did she see something I didn’t? She undid the collar from my neck and gave me a tight hug. I loved feeling her boobs on my chest. “I’m so, so sorry!”

“It’s okay,” I consoled her, rubbing her back.

“I should be protecting you, you’re all I have,” she told me pulling back, eyes full of tears.

“I like playing these games with you,” I admitted.

She laughed. “You’re so cute, I know you do. I like them, too.”

I loved my sister so much.

“Let’s take a shower,” she said, “I feel so gross. I’m going to wash my sheets too. She smelled dirty.”


Nothing happened in the shower, although I wish something had. She slapped my butt a few times and sometimes I’d touch hers. She did wash me though and I washed her.

She let me use her pink bathrobe and wrapped my hair in a towel like a teenage girl. I felt grown up because it was too big on me.

“Ready for your mani/pedi, madam?” she joked.

“Can you give me one, really?”

“Sure, go pick a color from my room,” she said as she toweled off her long hair.

I raced to her room and grabbed 4 or 5 different colors off her shelf.

“Tonight?” I overheard my sister talking on the phone. My heart sank, she was going to leave me again. “No, sorry. I’m hanging with my sister tonight…”

I smiled to myself.



“Who is home after school?”

“My mom.”

“You told me your mom works nights last week.”

“She got a new shift,” I lied. The guidance counselor at school wouldn’t lay off.

“Fine. I really want you to focus on the SATs this fall. You have a strong chance to make it into a top school.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t have the grades. And none of my friends are taking it this early.”

“If you ace them, you’ll have a good shot. Did you put together the list of schools you’d like to apply to with their respective programs?”


“Adriana,” she nagged me, “Should I have a word with your mother?”

“Listen, my mom doesn’t give a shit about any of this. She’s busy.”

“Hey! Language!” she said sternly.

“Look, Ms. Price, I really appreciate your help and all that. I just don’t really know anyone who went to college,” I told her, crossing my arms.

“You know me,” she smiled. Our eyes locked for a second.

Ms. Price was young and a bit plain. She had just graduated a few years ago — I forget from where. She wore cardigans and pearls, real preppy-looking. She was thin and not at all curvy, but her clothes really flattered her body. She dressed like the white people in the J. Crew catalogs. Her eyes were brown and her hair was always dark, neat and shoulder length.

It was hard for me to picture her naked because her clothes were never tight, but she did have an amazing, long neck and nice jawline when she’d turn her head.

“If you ever want to study or need extra help outside of school, tell me. We can meet at a coffee shop or something,” she offered.

“Ha, coffee shop? I’ve seen those in movies.”

“What?” she laughed, “You’ve never been to a coffee shop? Starbucks or anything?” she asked, puzzled. I shook my head. “Okay, then my treat! I’m serious.”

“Do you extend this help to all of your other charity cases, or am I just special?” I smirked, leaning closer to her desk.

“Do you like being special, then?” she asked, leaning in as well.

Fuck, I suddenly wanted her. Was she flirting with me?

“If it’s with someone like you,” I responded.

“Then, let’s say that you are,” she winked at me. “What’s going on with your boyfriend?”

“We broke up.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. How do you feel about that?”

“Pretty great. He’s an asshole,” I blurted. She glared at me. “Sorry.”

“Well, how soon do you want to start with the study sessions?”

“Uhm, give me your number.”

“I’m not usually allowed to, but here you are,” she wrote it down on a post-it note. “Do NOT give this out, Adriana, I’m serious.”

“Don’t worry, it’s cool.”

“I’m putting a lot of trust in you. Do you trust me?”

“Trust is earned,” I laughed and she pursed her lips into a grin. “I’ll text you right now so you know it’s me.”

I suddenly felt devilish. This is what I sent her:

To MP: Sometimes when you wear skirts, I can see your panties.

She looked down at her phone on her desk and opened it. She then crossed her legs, knees together, under the desk.

To MP: Although it gets me wet thinking about what color they’ll be, I’d rather you wear none at all.

“How’s today?” I asked her, as if I didn’t just send her two dirty texts.

“Today works,” she said, her voice cracking a bit.

Her phone lit up with one more text. I really wanted to test the limits.

To MP: Spread your legs open, let me have a good look.

She swallowed hard. Her breathing sped up and she rested her chin in her palm with her elbow on the desk as she fidgeted with her hair. I stared at her, waiting for her to obey me. She looked over at the closed door and then down at her desk as she uncrossed her ankles and slowly spread her knees apart.

I spread my legs as well and rubbed the outside of my jeans between my legs slowly.

“You need to cut that out,” she said halfheartedly.

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“No,” she said quietly, her cheeks turning red.

“Well, we have 20 more minutes. Want to show me that list of colleges you pulled for me last time?”

She knew what I wanted, an excuse to move my chair by hers and to have our knees touch, like they had a few times before. As she clicked through her computer, I put my hand over her hand on the mouse.

Her breathing became heavy and controlled. I was nervous my own damn self, cause she was a teacher. I could get in so much trouble.

“Do you like being touched?” I whispered. She nodded. I stroked her middle finger with mine.

“Do you like me?” I whispered again. She nodded.

“I want you, do you want me?” I said more closely to her ear. She nodded again and turned her head to face me, our lips were inches apart.

I didn’t realize so many women were this submissive. I thought my sister was because I’m older, but Ms. Price was much older than me.

“Go unlock your car. I’ll be waiting there for you after school. You have that gray Mercedes, tinted windows, right?” I asked. She nodded again and grabbed her car keys off the desk. I picked up my backpack and left her office.


“Where were you?” my little sister Isabel asked as soon as I came through the door. It was 8:30 pm and she was sitting next to a bowl of popcorn on the couch.

“None of your business,” I told her, putting my bag down near the door. I rushed to the couch and plopped down beside her.

“No popcorn for you!” she shouted jokingly and grabbed the bowl, hugging it close to her chest.

I stuck my entire face in the bowl and scooped a few pieces into my mouth with my tongue, making her shriek and giggle with excitement.

“No! My popcorn!” she pretended to cry.

“Hey,” I said to her more seriously and she looked at me with her big, brown eyes. She was so much more beautiful than I’ll ever be. I was always proud to tell people she was my sister — everyone would comment on how gorgeous she was or was going to be. “Can I get a kiss?”

She leaned forward and eagerly pressed her lips on mine.

“Mmm, again,” I said and she kissed me again, her lips falling in between mine. “Mmmm, again, but a real kiss this time.”

Our tongues found each other quickly, gently at first and then deeper and deeper. She kissed with so much longing and desire. I felt as if she wanted my entire soul to jump into her mouth.

I felt a little bad knowing Ms. Price’s pussy juices had been all over my lips just twenty minutes ago. We never made it to the coffee shop.

“I have something to show you later,” I tell her.

“Really? Show me now.”

“Are you deaf? Later, I said,” I told her firmly and half-jokingly. I went over to the kitchen to make us something to eat for dinner.

It was really hard for me to stop touching my sister. I was alright most nights, but then I would get horny beyond control. I tried to stop looking at her because the more I did, the more I wanted her. I didn’t consider myself a lesbian, I guess. It’s just that sometimes I want girls, too. There was nothing specific to little girls that I liked in particular, just my sister.

After that incident with the lesbian from the gas station, our entire relationship had changed. I loved her and I wanted her to know that. But it was hard for me to say the words to her. For a long time, I thought that Mami had given her everything and I had gotten nothing. But, lately, I’ve realized she doesn’t have Mami around often enough, and since Papi was deported, we mostly just had each other.

After heating up some leftovers again, I got us some blankets to watch television.

“No cartoons, no kiddie shit,” I told her.

I took the remote and put on a reality dating TV show. Isabel kept calling out women who were pretty or who had “big boobs”.

“Adri, can I lay on you?” she asked innocently.

Damn, she was going to kill me. It took everything in me to not suck on her little clit or drag my pussy across her face. I started getting wet right away.

“No, stay on your side.”

“Come on, please,” she begged, “I can take my shirt off if you want.” I didn’t respond. She sighed, “Do you want me to take my shirt off?” I was ignoring her at this point. “Okay,” she said and lifted her shirt over her head. I didn’t want to look her way and pretended to watch TV.

Isabel crawled over to my end of the couch; my feet were up.

She slipped underneath the blanket and popped her head out of the other side, just above my chest. I fought back a smile.

“Do you want me to lift your shirt up?” she asked. I kept ignoring her, secretly liking this little game she was playing.

“Okay, I’m gonna do it.” She pulled my shirt up and I adjusted a bit, allowing her to do it more easily. “There we are,” she said, as if my boobs were two pairs of lost socks she had just found under the bed.

“Are you hot under there?” she said to my breasts, cradled in my bra.

I burst into laughter. “What are you doing, you little psycho?” I teased her.

She laughed and laid her head on my chest. I covered our bodies with the blanket while she rested on me and I caressed her hair.

“Adriana?” she said a few minutes later.

“What now?” I sounded annoyed, but I really wasn’t.

“I like it when you’re sexy-angry.”

Sexy-angry? What the hell did that mean? Well, I knew what it meant. I wondered if she would have been into fooling around with me if I hadn’t treated her so roughly.

“Well, get the fuck off me then,” I told her. She hesitated a moment and got off the couch. “Stand there and look at me.”

She was topless and beautiful. Her leggings marked the outline of her little pussy. I wanted to lick her there so badly.

“Take your pants and panties off,” I commanded, “Now!” I almost saw her giggle, that silly girl. “Mmm, yes,” I purred at the appearance of her little-girl slit.

“Come, sit on my face,” I told her, moving down on the couch so that I was completely flat. She rushed over and put her butt near my head on the couch. “No, stand over my head,” I told her. “If you step on my head I will kill you, Isa, not kidding.”

She laughed as she did as she was told. Her pussy seemed far away, yet also close as it hovered just above my face. Her legs, her ass, her slit. Oh my god, was I ready?

“Now, sit your pussy down on my mouth,” I instructed her. She kneeled down and scooted herself back to line herself up with my mouth. Her butt grazed my nose on the way.

“Ahh,” she squealed, feeling my tongue slip right between her lips almost immediately. I smacked her ass with my hand, and then pushed her hips down onto me more forcefully.

It was the best experience of my life. Tasting my sister’s sweet, gooey pussy, running my tongue from her clit to her entrance and back again. Sucking on her clit like a little raisin was my favorite part and hers.

“Oh, oh!” she moaned in a high-pitched noise. “Adri, oh my g–”

I went from long hard sucks to long wide licks, then just soft methodical sucking on her underdeveloped clit.

She began to rock against my face, humping herself on my mouth while she grabbed the arm of the couch. I spanked her little ass again and then brought my fingers up to pinch her nipples.

“Oww! Yes!” she moaned, “Yes!” I squeezed her thighs hard, burying my nails into her. “Adri, it’s going to happen!” she screamed, “Uhhhh!!”

She finally collapsed forward, pussy still on my mouth. I switched from her clit to her hole, lapping up as much of the sticky goodness as I could until my mouth ached.

“Get off me,” I mumbled from between her lips.

She climbed off my face, still catching her breath. A beautiful sight of a little girl satisfied. “You happy now?” I teased.


“Now, get over here and lick this mess off my face. You’re so sloppy when you’re horny. Look at this, it’s all over my chin. Cochina.”

“Hey, I’m not a pig!” Isa protested, but she did clean off my face with her little tongue.

Before going to bed that night, I had received a text from Ms. Price.

MP: Coffee this Friday?

Destined to appear here at some point in time: Chapter Three!


7 Comments on Arizona Nights, Chapter 2

  1. David says:

    That was so hot and erotic. The thought of the sisters naked and playing with each other gets me to turned on. They have something very special there and I hope to read more about them. Thanks PPT

  2. sue says:

    Real, and frighting, and very very sexy hot. Enjoyed how the story moved along, with the different perspectives of the sisters.

    And now with Ms. Price?

    Kim and Sue

  3. Joe says:

    Arizona Nights isn’t showing up under Pretty Pink Taco’s name, why?

  4. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow! amazing hot! and I agree with Sue, the first part was realistic and frightening!
    Sweet young Isa was delightful and seemed not too bothered about being the focus of the “weird Lady’s” desires, and then Adri’s instincts of sisterly love & protection overtook her own carnal feelings, driving off the woman…that was gritty and great!

    When the story shifted and it was Adri’s perspective, I loved the way she practically dared her student councellor, Ms.Price, into a “quickie” fling!…but the cutest thing happened after that when Adri got home & she & Isa were on the couch, and Adri was pretending as if she didn’t want to be intimate with her sister, but Isa was persistent and as she began her own sweet seduction, these few lines ( and here I’m paraphrasing )are so wonderful:

    “…Adri, can I lay on you?”…

    “…No, stay on your side.”…

    “…Come on,please?” she begged, “I can take my shirt off if you want.” I didn’t respond.

    …she slipped underneath the blanket and popped her head out of the other side, just above my chest. I fought back a smile…

    “ you want me to lift your shirt up?” she asked. I kept ignoring her, secretly liking this little game she was playing.

    “Okay, I’m gonna to do it.” She pulled my shirt up and I adjusted a bit, allowing her to do it more easily.

    “There we are,” She said, as if my boobs were two pairs of lost socks she had just found under the bed.

    “Are you hot under there?” she said to my breasts, cradled in my bra.

    I burst into laughter. “What are you doing, you little psycho?” I teased her.

    OMG,So wonderful! sweet and cunning!..what a great chapter Pretty Pink Taco!

    Anticipation can be such a pain, but good things come to those who wait, and wait we all shall, for chapter three…


  5. The Dragon Rider says:

    I just re-read this chapter over again and realized that Adriana had indeed slept with her (teacher?) but I wasn’t sure the first time around reading that until I came to the part where Adriana confirmed she had indeed been fucking her teacher which, to me, made me feel (after reading this over again) kinda dirty by the whole next scene between her and her little sister. I mean I get the fact that she’s trying to understand her feelings for her sister and exploring her sexuality and that’s fine and cool, but come on, sleeping with your teacher is one thing, then to go to your little sister, who you say you love and yet you just had gone down on your teacher not even 20 minutes prior to. It just feels like a bit of a low-blow to Isabel. I feel betrayed for Isabel.

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Hey Dragon Rider!

      As has been commented on this story, before, family dynamics are varied, intricate and amazingly complex. Couple that with the teen angst, confusion and psychological distress that Andriana might be harboring because of the frequent absence of her Mother, physically and emotionally, anything she does by way of acting out, or trying to “control” someone she subconsciously equates as her mother (Ms. Price) is the most likely reason for her actions. (IMHO)

      And let’s not forget sweet Isabel was delighted and willing to have sex with Adri even if it meant she had to share her with someone:
      “…but I was excited to be naked again and having someone admire me.” or “…I loved being watched and tied up.I loved everything about it.”

      Also, there’s this heartfelt remorse and consoling after the incident:
      “…Oh, Isa, I’m so sorry!” my sister cried.

      I had no idea why she was crying. Did she see something I didn’t?

      …I loved feeling her boobs on my chest.”I’m so, so sorry.”

      “…It’s okay,” I consoled her, rubbing her back.

      “…I like playing these games with you.” I admitted.

      Anger, Jealousy, Betrayal, Remorse, Forgiveness…ain’t Love grand?! 🙂

      Perhaps, and I’m guessing hopefully , that the love that sweet Isa so innocently gives unconditionally to her sister, will cause her ( Adri ) to see the errors of her way and she will focus and devote herself exclusively to Isa.


  6. Sunnybunny says:

    Seriously loving this one! I cannot wait to see what happens next 😀

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