Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls, Chapter 1

  • Posted on June 3, 2015 at 4:25 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Erin Donovan, 15, fidgeted in her seat at the movie theater. Next to the girl sat her friend from school, Mindy Hansen, also 15, and on the other side of Mindy was Charlotte, Mindy’s older sister, who was 17 and had a car.

Mindy was a cute blonde with big blue eyes. She wore her hair with bangs, used just enough makeup to highlight her pretty face, and always dressed in tight clothes to show off her trim figure. Erin, a slightly pudgy redhead with pale skin, freckles, and green eyes, had a secret crush on Mindy.

Charlotte, who had given in and agreed to take the younger girls to the movies that night, had no idea about Mindy’s sexual interest in her sister. She didn’t appreciate being stuck with them that way, but on the other hand she hadn’t had any other plans and besides, she really was enjoying the movie.

Erin wasn’t. The movie seemed dumb to her and she was eager for it to end. She was glad to be spending time with Mindy, but now she wished they’d thought of something else to do instead of just sitting in a dark theater together. In the dark was not a bad idea — there were plenty of things she would like to do in the dark with her friend — but Erin was afraid to even begin hinting at that. Although she was absolutely certain that she liked girls, not boys, she had never told anyone about it.

Well, actually, there was one person she’d told.

Sheila Donovan hung her robe on the back of the bathroom door and stepped naked into the steaming water. After sitting down, she took a sip of chilled white wine from the glass she’d put on a shelf by the tub, then settled back, closed her eyes, and savored the sensation of being immersed in a warm, fragrant, sudsy bath.

It was a perfectly relaxing Saturday evening for a single mother. Her children were both out that night. Erin was at the movies with her friends, and Fiona was babysitting Debby at Bridget’s house, so Sheila could just enjoy herself for a while. After taking another sip of wine, she let her hands begin caressing her body.

“Yay! You win again!” Fiona exclaimed.

Debby giggled happily, and immediately asked, “Can we play again?”

Fiona pointed to the clock. “Nope, too late. It’s bedtime. You go get your jammies on and brush your teeth while I put this stuff away, okay?”

“All right.” The 9-year-old girl jumped up and darted off to do as she was told.

Fiona smiled after her. It really was no trouble at all taking care of her cousin Debby. She was invariably cheerful and obedient, not to mention smart and funny, so they always had a good time together. At 12, Fiona was only three years older than Debby, but it was enough to qualify her as a babysitter and her Aunt Bridget always gave her at least $20 for doing it. Fiona loved that!

She finished packing the board game in the box and put it back in the cupboard. Then she went to check on Debby, who was standing in front of her vanity, looking into the mirror as she brushed her wavy shoulder-length golden brown hair. The girl had put her pajamas on and brushed her teeth and was all ready for bed.

“Want me to do that?” Fiona asked as she took the brush.


The woman’s hands were all over her. This date was a mistake, thought Bridget.

They were sitting in a very nice restaurant, at a dark table in the back, and Pamela couldn’t seem to stop touching Bridget. She kept caressing her hands, stroking her arms, and even reached under the table a few times to rub Bridget’s knee.

“Do you want any dessert?” asked Pamela.

“No, I don’t think so. I’m trying to watch my figure.”

“Mmm, I’ve been watching it too. Very nice,” cooed the woman in a predictably flirtatious remark, to which Bridget smiled politely but unenthusiastically.

Pamela had been asking her to go out for months, and Bridget finally had given in. She’d met the older woman (Pamela was 40, and Bridget 31) when Pamela was hired as a part-time secretary at the middle school where Bridget taught math. She’d liked her well enough at first, and there was an obvious attraction, at least from Pamela toward Bridget, but this first date was enough to convince Bridget that there wouldn’t be another. She would go out dancing with her for a little while after dinner, as they’d planned, but that would be all.

As Pamela signaled their server for the check, Bridget glanced at the blonde’s ostentatious cleavage (between obviously fake boobs). I might not have minded a quick fuck, she thought to herself, but not after this. Not only did she find her date’s pawing hands annoying, but the woman was really not her type physically. Pamela was tall and buxom, while Bridget was much more attracted to slim and petite girls, especially younger ones, teenagers even.

Fiona tucked Debby into bed, then went to the door and turned out the light. The slim, petite brunette walked down the hall to the next bedroom, where she slept when staying over at her aunt’s house. She thought about getting ready for bed, but still felt restless. There was so much on her mind. She’d been hoping she might have a chance to talk with Bridget tonight, but who could tell when she’d be home? She’d warned Fiona that it might be very late and that she shouldn’t wait up for her.

Sighing, the girl decided to see what was on TV. Maybe if she could find an episode of the Simpsons, that might calm her down enough that she could get to sleep.

She’d already given herself one delicious orgasm in the bathtub, using her soapy hands to fondle her breasts and caress her sex, and now as Sheila dried herself with the towel, letting the soft terry cloth tease her erect nipples, she was looking forward to several more orgasms in bed that night.

Not bothering to put anything on, she went naked to the kitchen and poured herself another glass of wine. Her daughter Erin wouldn’t be home for at least another hour, probably, and then after that, well, anything could happen.

When the movie ended, the girls all agreed they were hungry and wanted a snack. They discussed going to the food court at the mall, or to the nearby Burger King, but finally decided on Denny’s. Charlotte wanted pancakes.

It was a lesbian bar. Pamela had told Bridget about it, and it sounded like something worth trying, at least once. Now they were dancing. The platinum blonde was holding her tightly, trying to kiss her. The music was loud, the lights were dim, and all around her, women were groping each other.

Bridget had been “out” for only a few years, although she’d known inside herself that she was a lesbian since, well, maybe forever. But she’d always denied it and kept that part hidden. She dated boys occasionally in high school and college, and had even been dumb enough to get married when she was 21. The only good thing about that, of course, was that she gave birth to a lovely child, a daughter, her darling Debby. Several years of a disastrous marriage had convinced Bridget that she could no longer keep up the pretense. She was divorced when Debby was 4, and a year after that she began openly acknowledging her sexual orientation.

But she’d never been to a lesbian bar. It was exciting in a way, seeing so many women in one place, most of them wearing sexy outfits, even if a lot of the women were not the kind that Bridget found attractive. But she liked the atmosphere, the wave of sexual energy that struck you as soon as you walked through the door.

Pamela obviously liked that too. She was very turned on, almost humping Bridget on the dance floor while trying to shove her tongue down her throat. Bridget let some of it happen, but within a few minutes she excused herself and went to the bathroom. When she came out, another woman asked her to dance, and so she did, but that wasn’t any more satisfying than dancing with Pamela. They all seemed to be so hard-edged and aggressive.

Fiona flipped through the channels. She was disappointed that her aunt did not subscribe to Playboy TV like her mom did. That at least might help to distract her from what was bothering her… but, no, it probably wouldn’t. If anything, watching people have sex might only make it worse.

Where were the Simpsons??

Sheila finished her second glass of wine — or was it her third? — then slipped into bed. She began running her hands all over her body. She closed her eyes and thought about making love to another woman… or even better, to a girl, a young girl…

Never in her life had she done anything like that until a few months ago. But now, everything was different. Was she actually a lesbian, like her sister Bridget? She wasn’t sure about that. But she knew for certain how exciting it was to have a girl kiss her, touch her, suck on her nipples, and put her face down between her legs so that all Sheila could see was the girl’s tangle of red hair as she brought her to one tremendous orgasm after another.

Sitting in Denny’s, Erin wondered if she would ever get the courage to say anything to Mindy or to do anything with her. To reach out and touch her. To kiss her.

Erin loved girls. She loved women. She loved their bodies, their faces, their skin, their hair. She loved to see a woman or a girl smile, to watch them as they walked, to hear them laugh.

Now, as Mindy was giggling next to her, Erin wanted nothing more than to put her arm around the pretty blonde, pull her close and kiss her. But she knew she wouldn’t.

She was afraid she would never say anything to her. Never tell anyone how she felt, what she wanted, what excited her, never do anything with anyone. Except that wasn’t true. She already had done something. She’d done a lot. And she loved it.

“No, please, Pamela, I said no. That’s enough.”

They were sitting in Bridget’s car. Pamela had been kissing her, but the woman wanted more. She kept pawing her, and now she was trying to get her hand inside Bridget’s jeans.

“No! I mean it. Please stop.”

Pamela finally relented, sitting back with a sigh. Her face was flushed, her lipstick smeared, her bleached hair all over. She looked at Bridget for a moment, then asked, “Do you want to come back to my place?”

Shaking her head, Bridget said, “No, I’m sorry. I have to get home. I’ve got a daughter to worry about, and a babysitter.”

“But it’s still early. It’s not even 11:30.”

“No. I’m sorry.”

Pamela kissed her again, then whispered, “Okay, but if you want me, you know where to find me.”

Bridget nodded, giving her a tight smile.

Maybe I should masturbate, thought Fiona. She’d been watching music videos, and one of them showed a series of beautiful girls kissing and touching each other. That excited her. But then, what if Debby woke up? Or what if Bridget came home and I didn’t hear her, and she found me?

Driving out of the parking lot of the lesbian bar, Bridget gave Pamela a quick wave. Never again, she thought. At least not with her.

Erin walked to the car with Mindy and Charlotte. They all had a midnight curfew, so it was time for them to drop Erin off and head home.

Fiona flipped the channels, idly rubbing her fingers between her legs. She was still dressed, wearing jeans and a sweater. Even if I don’t actually masturbate, she thought, there’s nothing wrong with touching myself a little. That last video was really hot.

Sheila climaxed again. She was lying on her stomach, two fingers buried deep inside her. It was her fourth orgasm of the night. She was fantasizing about lying on top of a young girl, a teenager, kissing her and pressing her body against the girl’s.

Coming into her apartment, Bridget found that the babysitter was still awake. “Hi,” she said. “Everything go okay?”

Fiona switched off the TV and stood. “Yeah, it was fine. Debby’s asleep. I put her to bed at 9:30, like you said. How about you? Did you have a good time?”

“No, not really. My date was a bust.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Yeah well… anyway, I’m going to bed. Oh, wait, let me give you some money before I forget.” She handed Fiona a $20 bill.


Bridget kissed her niece on the forehead. “Like I said, I’m going to bed. You should too, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”

They walked down the hall together, Bridget pausing to open the door of Debby’s bedroom, and to step inside and give her daughter a tender kiss as she slept. Then they whispered goodnight, and each went to their rooms.

“G’night. Thanks for the ride.”

“You’re welcome,” called Charlotte.

“Bye, Erin,” added Mindy, with a pretty smile. Then they backed out of the driveway and drove off.

Erin went to the front door, unlocked it, and stepped inside. The house was dark and quiet. She knew her little sister Fiona was at their Aunt Bridget’s, babysitting, and would stay overnight there. She was sure her mother was home, but perhaps she was already asleep. Erin doubted that, though. She had a very good idea of what her mom was probably doing. Erin slipped off her sandals and was barefoot.

Closing her bedroom door, Bridget let out a big sigh, which turned into a half-sob. She was terribly disappointed in how the evening had turned out. It was not that she’d been anticipating a wonderful romance with Pamela, but that the woman been so utterly undesirable to Bridget. Almost exactly the opposite of what she wanted. Why in the world, she asked herself, did I ever decide to go out with her?

Oh, well, what’s done is done. I might as well just forget it. I think tonight I’ll wash my face, put on my sexy black nightie and some nice perfume, then get in bed with that book I like so much and masturbate my cares away.

Erin went silently up the stairs. Now she could hear something, a faint moaning, coming from her mother’s bedroom. Yes, she thought, that’s exactly what I expected she’d be doing.

Fiona stripped out of her clothes, leaving just her panties on, then opened the drawer and took out an old t-shirt. She and her sister left several there at Bridget’s house to sleep in when they spent the night after babysitting.

Bridget climbed into bed. She was wearing a transparent black nightgown and a black thong. It was an outfit she reserved for nights when she was planning to masturbate because it made her feel extra sexy. She opened a drawer on the nightstand by the bed, took out her book, and settled down to read.

Fiona turned out the lamp by the bed, pulled up the covers, and turned on her side. She yawned and closed her eyes. Maybe she could fall asleep now, although she still wanted to talk to her Aunt Bridget. That seemed very important. But she didn’t want to bother her. And Bridget had seemed kind of upset after her date, so Fiona decided she would just wait.

As she crept closer to the bedroom door, Erin was now certain of what she would find. Her mother undoubtedly was masturbating, as she frequently did.

She was right. Erin saw her mother lying on the bed, her long legs drawn up and spread wide apart. Sheila was naked, with her crotch facing directly toward the open door. She was using both hands to massage her sex.

The book was a collection of lesbian erotica. It was one of Bridget’s favorites. Several of the short stories featured older women seducing very young girls — pure, sweet, innocent girls — and those were the stories that Bridget read over and over again. She began touching herself.

Erin licked her lips as she stared at her mother. She loved to watch her play with herself. It always made her hot. When she saw her mom pushing two fingers into her wet vagina, Erin felt a familiar stirring in her center. She quietly unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then slipped a hand inside her panties.

Fiona turned over again. Maybe I should get up and try to talk to Bridget tonight, she thought. I really need to talk to someone about it. Okay, I will.

Bridget gently moved her fingers in a circle around the skin that covered her clitoris. She was coming to the part in the story where the woman, a teacher, begins kissing her grade school student, a sweet 10-year-old girl, and then — and then she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

“Aunt Bridget? Can I come in?”

“Sure, Fiona, what is it?” Bridget quickly pulled her hand out from under the covers, while at the same time dropping the book to the carpeted floor so the girl wouldn’t see what it was.

The door opened slowly and Fiona peeked inside.

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15 Comments on Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls, Chapter 1

  1. Charles Rosenberg says:

    For a story with rapid scene changes, I like the bars. It helps keep things orderly when there’s action in multiple places at the same time.

  2. Brian says:

    Is this the start of another Naughty Mommy epic tale? It has been a while (perhaps not long enough for you though–LOL). It looks like you have the pieces in place as there are multiple storylines possible in each of the presented snippets and far more options as the storylines collide with each other. I am interested in seeing where you take the characters. I know we will not be disappointed!

  3. Rita says:

    I am loving this story so far and anxiously await the next chapter to see what happens to all the different cast of characters
    I am fairly new to your site having been direct here from Dirty Minded Mom’s site
    Been doing quite a bit of reading here past few days and loving every story so far. You are all extremely talented authors. Wonderful to see others who share the same fantasies (and yes I know and understand and appreciate these are all fantasies in our own devious minds)
    I have been extremely fortunate to be involved with my niece. We started when she was 17 and now 7 years later are still extremely close
    Thanks again to you and the other authors for sharing but more importantly making me feel I’m not a freak and alone in my private thoughts
    Hugs to you all

  4. drew says:

    interesting concept – it took a little time to get with the flow but after that I had no problems – looking forward to the next juicy chapter.

  5. hludens says:

    This is a very busy chapter. Reminds me a bit of one of the orgy chapters where it was hard to keep track of who was doing what to whom. Still it’s a pleasure to read erotica written by a talented (and perhaps a professional) writer.

  6. It’s unanimous – everyone who commented in response to my (now deleted) format question said they prefer reading the story with bars to separate the scene changes. So that’s the way I will post it going forward.

    I think it will become easier to follow as we move along and as you get to know the characters. But please feel free to give me feedback. I’m always interested to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Thanks! 🙂

  7. To Brian: Yes, this does signify the start of another one of Mommy’s long stories. You will be following these characters, and others whom they will meet, for at least another 25 or 30 chapters, and maybe more. 😉

    To Rita: I agree, it’s very nice to know we’re not alone. That’s one of my favorite things about a site like this, to find there are so many others who share the same naughty private thoughts that I harbor. Hugs to you!

  8. Brian says:

    A thought that occured to me yesterday as I was reading was that if this is going to be a longer series — which you have now confirmed it is — that perhaps an updatable character list would be a helpful guide for readers. You could update the list as you progress through each of the storylines so we could keep all the relationships straight. I agree with hludens that this type of story gets confusing which takes all the fun out of it. If Tolstoy had only done this with War and Peace… LOL

  9. Hm, that is an interesting idea, Brian. There are going to be quite a few characters, and I can see how it might be helpful to have a reference list so readers could check on who they are and how they are related. Let me give that some thought… thanks!!

  10. Evan says:

    I like the reference list idea for future chapters. This one is hot, though with great buildup. Can’t wait!!

  11. Jack says:

    Looking forward to reading this series a lot! And I definitely like the bars between segments and am glad you’ve decided to stick with them. As for a character list, I would concur if you’ve planned as many characters as it sounds. Love your work and this site!!

  12. JetBoy says:

    Damn, I love this story. Always have, always will.

  13. Tim says:

    Great build up and introduction to the characters.
    Can’t wait to read on and find what incestuous cum develops.

    Excellent writing thanks Naughty Mommy

  14. sue says:

    Not sure how I ever missed this story. Nice surprise to find and enjoying a NM gem I haven’t seen before.

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