Wanting Amber

  • Posted on May 28, 2015 at 10:15 am

By JetBoy


Caroline gave her sister Amber a brief hug just before the girl hurried out of the car and into the stern gray building, off to her last day of school before summer vacation began.

This was a big day for them both. The night before, their mother had departed to the airport, on her way to France for a month-long vacation. Caroline was now sixteen, and she’d been left in charge of the house and her ten-year-old sister while Mom was away.

Caroline drove the short distance home to the three-story house where she had lived in for most of her life, eager to start enjoying the summer. Because her grades were so good, she and a few other students had been excused from school that day, so she had the house to herself.

Moments after arriving home, she sauntered into the back yard in shorts and a tank top, carrying a book, a bowlful of potato chips and a glass of lemonade.

Though Caroline could not exactly be called a beautiful girl, she was incredibly cute, with narrow hips and B-cup sized breasts. Her bright red hair flowed nearly down to her bottom, framing a fair-skinned face. She had a perky nose, a sprinkling of freckles and green eyes. It was her full, red lips that drew one’s attention first, however — her nicest feature.

She sighed contentedly as she relaxed in a deck chair next to the swimming pool. Placing her glass on a nearby table, she opened her book, one she’d been saving for this very day, and began to read.

The hours passed quickly, and Caroline soon found herself driving back to Rockridge Elementary to pick up her sister.

Amber smiled broadly when she saw Caroline pull up, almost skipping to the car in unrestrained glee. She hopped in and tossed her stuffed book bag into the back seat. “Whoo-hoo!” the girl cried. “No more school!”

Caroline grinned. “Look out, Phoenix — the Moore sisters on are the loose!” She slid the car into gear and pulled away from the curb as Amber reached for the volume of the CD player, turning it up even louder. The two girls bobbed their heads happily to Green Day the whole way home.

As soon as they entered the house, Amber dashed to her room, emerging a moment later in her swimsuit. Bounding joyously out to the patio, the gleeful ten-year-old leaped onto the diving board, bouncing a few times before hurling herself into the pool.

“Put on your suit!” the young girl cried as she came up, dripping wet and spluttering joyfully. “Come swim with me, Cari…”

Caroline rolled her eyes, but grinned. She never could say no to her little sister. “Okay… give me a minute.” She went into the house and to her room, where she put on her black bikini before hurrying back outside.

The girls played together in the pool for awhile before Caroline decided to get out. She dried herself, sat down on her deck chair and relaxed, watching her little sister swim and splash. Finally, Amber climbed out, vigorously rubbed at her shoulder-length blonde hair, then wrapped the towel around her shoulders and plunked herself in the chair next to where her sister sat.

Glancing over at Amber, Caroline allowed her gaze to linger, eyes following the line of the girl’s legs up to her narrow hips. She paused on the girl’s tummy for a moment before she found herself examining the bikini top that concealed her sister’s flat chest, her nipples clearly outlined through the material.

She suddenly sensed something odd as she studied her baby sister’s body. Her sex was becoming warm, and she felt curiously tingly. She shook her head impatiently, to clear it. Good grief, she thought, get a grip on yourself.

Caroline’s sexuality had been undecided for nearly three years now, ever since she’d lost her virginity at fourteen. Two experiences made up the whole of her heterosexual encounters, and neither one had been very special.

At fifteen, she began to wonder if she might be gay. She often found herself looking at other girls, especially in the locker room. The sight of their nude bodies definitely had an arousing effect on her, and one night she masturbated to orgasm while imagining herself kissing an especially cute cheerleader from gym class.

Even girls seemed to lack something, though. She’d had special feelings for one particular girl, but things didn’t work out in the end. They’d had sex once, and the experience had been pleasant, but not much more. It wasn’t the girl’s fault — she was kind and willing, but where was the heat, the passion that Caroline had longed for? In the end, she and the girl decided it best to be friends, and never spoke again of that night together.

Caroline often wondered just what it was she truly wanted in a lover — and if she would ever find it for herself.

“What are we having for dinner, Cari?” Amber asked, breaking into the teenager’s reverie.

“Oh, Mom left us fully stocked. The fridge, pantry… God, you’d think she planned to leave for a year. She also left us some money, so I thought that since school’s out, we could celebrate with…” she paused dramatically, “…pizza!”

“Pizza!” Amber squealed, clapping her hands in glee. “Yeah!”

Shortly after five Caroline called in the pizza order, and in thirty minutes they were happily eating hot slices.

“Hey, sis,” The older girl offered, “wanna split a beer?”

Amber’s eyes grew wide and she nodded enthusiastically. She didn’t really like the flavor of beer, but she wasn’t supposed to have any — and that made it worth the weird taste.

Caroline hopped up and hurried to the kitchen. A few seconds later she walked back into the living room and pulled the cap off of a bottle of honey beer. Amber only took a few sips, and left the rest for Caroline to finish.

She did, then decided to have another. Now slightly tipsy, Caroline sat on the couch and began flipping through channels on the television. Amber wandered off to her room. Checking the listings, Caroline found an old movie she had always wanted to see that was just about to begin, so she quickly ran to the kitchen for a soda and the bag of potato chips, then settled in on the sofa.

It wasn’t very late by the time the closing credits were rolling, but Caroline found herself feeling drowsy. It was past Amber’s bedtime, so she decided to get some sleep herself.

Luckily, her little sister was also yawning, so Caroline had no trouble persuading her to turn in for the night, promising to make French toast for breakfast as a special treat.

With Amber tucked in and kissed goodnight, she went to her room, quickly stripping down to t-shirt and panties. She slipped into bed and almost immediately dozed off.

It could have only been a few minutes or perhaps hours, Caroline didn’t know. She found herself awake and squinting at Amber’s face, her little sister shivering by the bedside.

“I’m… I’m a little scared without Mom here,” the girl said, embarrassed.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“I had a bad dream. C-can I sleep with you?”

“Sure you can,” Caroline replied, lifting the blankets and letting her younger sister crawl into bed with her.

The little girl snuggled in with her back to her sister. Caroline held the child closely enough that she could smell the girl’s hair. They had slept together before, but tonight she was noticing, as if for the first time, how lovely it felt to hold Amber in her arms. She was soft and cuddly, and smelled so nice…

Spooning her sister, lying in the darkness with that warm little body against hers, Caroline became aware that she was again feeling stirrings of sexual excitement, just like she had earlier that afternoon by the pool. It was a gentle throb between her thighs, such as she usually felt before masturbating. And somehow, cuddling with Amber seemed to be part of it.

What’s wrong with you? she chastised herself. Jeez, someone here totally needs to get laid…

She closed her eyes and tried to purge these ridiculous thoughts from her mind, eventually drifting back to sleep.

By the next afternoon she had all but forgotten the strange desires that had surfaced in her mind the night before. Amber was at a friend’s house, and would be gone until Sunday night. This gave Caroline an opportunity to do something that she truly loved: read sexy stories and masturbate.

Stripping down to her panties, Caroline sat down before the family computer, went to her favorite erotic story site and clicked on the lesbian category. She always seemed to gravitate toward the girl/girl stories. Caroline told herself it was because they were more romantic, but she knew in her heart that the lesbian stuff got her far more excited than anything else.

Today, however, she paused on a category she had never looked into before.

Caroline held the mouse cursor over the section labeled “Adult/Child,” struggling with herself. She wanted to go inside, but was a bit disturbed at how perverted the idea made her feel. Finally she shrugged and clicked the link.

Most of the listed stories had names that seemed innocent, almost cute. She scanned down the list, finally settling on a title that interested her, “Gwyneth’s Naughty Angel.” She clicked the link and, after scrolling past the standard disclaimer, began to read.

It was a story about a young English nanny who seduced the girl in her care. The girl really was a child, too, about the same age as Amber. Caroline shifted in her seat, surprised by how excited she was. The story painted wonderful images of the woman pleasuring the little girl, kissing her, caressing her, finally going down on her. Their lovemaking was gentle, yet very passionate.

Soon, Caroline was touching herself. She began to shift about in the chair, circling the opening of her vagina with a fingertip. Clutching the arm of the chair with her free hand, she closed her eyes, a glowing heat building in her belly. Caroline bit her lip as these feelings quickly intensified, suddenly whimpering through clenched teeth as waves of pleasure began to surge through her shivering body. She worked her clit with her thumb while using two fingers to probe her cunt, trying to sustain her climax as long as she was able. Finally overcome, the flushed teen slumped back in the chair.

As her heartbeat returned to normal, Caroline brought her sticky fingers to her lips, licking the honey from them. It always excited her, doing that. Ever since discovering the delights of masturbation, she’d loved the taste of her pussy.

Rising to stretch, Caroline shut down the computer, went to wash her hands, then padded to her room to slip into her nightshirt and a fresh pair of panties. Descending the staircase to the living room, she sank into the sofa and turned on the television.

But suddenly, she couldn’t focus on the program she’d planned to watch. A feeling of deep guilt over what she had just done seemed to appear from nowhere, seeping into Caroline’s soul.

Troubled, perched on the edge of the couch, the teenage girl drummed on her knee with jittery fingers. Why had she been so excited by that story? She ought to have been offended — instead, she had reveled in its lewdness. Brought herself to orgasm while picturing it.

And now, she found herself unable to shake her thoughts of — of touching a little girl. Of kissing her childish mouth. Slowly undressing her. Revealing the girl’s thin body, one tantalizing part at a time.

Caroline’s nerves were jangling, her skin prickling with renewed excitement.

She took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself. It’s just a fantasy, she insisted. I’m not really going to go to bed with a little girl. It’s only pretending, the same as when I used to play like I was a ballet dancer. Not such a big difference.

Deep down inside, though, Caroline suspected that there was a very big difference. It was one thing to engage in games of pirouettes and gazelle-like leaps across the living room floor — quite another to lose oneself in dreams of sex with a little girl. But her cunt pulsed with heat, her lust speedily reawakening.

“Just a fantasy,” she whispered, one hand slipping beneath the waistband of her panties.

It’s only make-believe, that’s all… I’m not hurting anybody.

A tiny whimper escaped Caroline’s lips as she pressed two fingers into the warm, moist flesh of her vagina. Her eyes slowly drifted shut, and she relaxed into the embrace of the couch, allowing her imagination to wander freely.

In her mind the teen pictured a blond nymph, no older than ten. She was dressed in a Smurfs t-shirt and shorts, sandals on her feet. No… she’s barefoot, Caroline decided.

She pictured the girl smiling, her eyes alight in anticipation of the new game they were about to play — first, shyly reaching down for the bottom of her t-shirt, then tugging it up and off, baring her flat chest. Caroline moaned softly at the image of the half-naked child, of the little girl’s pert nipples. She wondered how they would feel in her mouth.

The blond child continued to undress, slipping her shorts down to her ankles, then daintily stepping from them. She was now wearing only white cotton panties… and as an increasingly aroused Caroline squirmed upon the sofa, easing a finger into her cunt, she saw the little girl slip out of them, too.

Caroline’s breath deepened as she imagined it: the golden-haired nymph standing before her completely naked, arms slightly spread, as if she were presenting herself. Giving her body to me, Caroline thought. To touch. To kiss. Mmmm, yes… to love.

In the fantasy, Caroline was now nude herself — and she scooted to the edge of the sofa, reaching out for her childish lover. The girl, her face radiant with delight, moved into the trembling teen’s embrace.

Caroline allowed her hands to wander over the girl’s babyish body as they hugged, finally gliding down to cup the soft globes of her bottom. She gazed lovingly into the child’s eyes, then sought out her mouth in a gentle kiss.

Their lips pressed together, then lingered; Caroline’s tongue emerged to play, tracing her little lover’s mouth. The girl gave a small coo of pleasure, tilting her head slightly and moving deeper into the kiss.

Her heart stuttering frantically, Caroline penetrated the child’s parted lips with her tongue, kissing her with a passion she had never known in her sixteen years. And the girl loved it, happily allowing the teen to take her.

Lost in the crazy fantasy she had concocted for herself, Caroline masturbated hard and deep, two fingers plunging in and out of her dripping pussy. Her head was thrown back, mouth open.

She imagined herself gently breaking away from her new lover, drawing away to smile at the naked child, to whisper, “I love you.”

But the girl in her arms was no longer the little blonde whose existence she had conjured from thin air… now, nestled in Caroline’s embrace, was the petite body and smiling face of — the realization hitting the teenager like a bolt from the blue — her baby sister Amber.

It was as if a bucketful of ice water had been hurled in her face. Stunned, Caroline opened her eyes wide and sat up straight on the couch, aghast, all thoughts of masturbation vanished in an instant. “Oh, God,” she breathed. “Oh, shit.”

How could that have happened? Why had Amber popped into her sex fantasy? She adored her little sister — had been her companion and protector ever since Mom had brought the baby home from the hospital just after Caroline’s sixth birthday. She’d even planned to attend college at Arizona State, just so that she could be close to home, near Amber.

And she was only ten, for fuck’s sake! How was it possible to have lustful thoughts about her?

Because little girls get you hot, she countered, with a rising sense of disgust. Might as well be honest about it, especially after the way you just got off on that… that creepy fantasy of yours.

Numbly she rose, shambling into the kitchen to wash her hands again. But instead of returning to the living room and her TV show, Caroline sat at the dining room table, staring out the window into the approaching night.

Things only grew worse as the evening dragged on. Until now, Caroline had never experienced anything akin to sexual desire for her baby sister — but now the genie had been released from its bottle, the idea of Amber as an object of lust now made real and vivid.

Again and again, in spite of her struggle to think about something, anything else, impressions of making love to a naked Amber battered the teen’s mind without mercy. And having taken herself to the very brink of orgasm without finishing… well, that certainly didn’t help things. But Caroline was afraid to masturbate now. Afraid of her own thoughts.

I’m a bad person, she told herself. Normal girls don’t think about… about fucking their ten-year-old sisters!

She quietly sobbed, a tear slowly rolling down her cheek.

Finally, unable to sit still, Caroline spent a long, lonely while pacing through the darkened house, refusing to turn on the lights, not wanting to see. It was one o’clock when she finally crawled into bed, exhausted by worry and guilt. Thankfully, she fell asleep right away.

But sometime in the night, a dazed Caroline awoke to find herself writhing among the sheets, a hand buried in her panties, her mind reeling with visions of Amber as she masturbated. She and her little sister were kissing hungrily, their bare bodies entwined. And in that no man’s land between sleep and wakefulness, her incestuous cravings didn’t seem as wrong as they had before.

She fingered herself to a wrenching climax, then immediately plummeted into dreamless slumber.

Surprisingly, when she awakened on Sunday, Caroline felt a bit better. Those yearnings for Amber seemed somewhat distant now, less worrisome than they had been. Pushing the blanket to one side and getting to her feet, she sighed with relief. Of course, there were still those sexual thoughts about little girls for her to contend with — but those seemed trivial, compared to how frightened she’d been about lusting for her baby sister.

She is an incredibly beautiful girl, though… Caroline mused, a bit wistfully, as she slipped into a pair of sweatpants. Then she shook her head, banishing the thought. Enough!

Taking a deep breath, she bounded down the stairs and out the door for her morning jog around the lake.

Caroline managed to stay busy that day, trying to put as much distance as she could between herself and the forbidden fantasies of the previous night. She ran through a vigorous workout; wrote an email to her best friend, now summering with her parents in the Hamptons; and started a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle — sorting and putting together the edge pieces, then working on the upper left hand corner for a couple of hours.

Shortly after five that afternoon, Amber bounded up the porch steps and into the house. She walked over to Caroline, dropped her duffel bag on the floor and gave her sister a big hug, chirping “Hi, Cari!” before picking up the bag and racing upstairs.

The day’s activities had taken Caroline’s mind away from her forbidden feelings for her sister that she’d been fighting, but with just one look at Amber in her t-shirt and shorts, those same feelings came back with a vengeance. The teen’s heart sank, that black dread already accumulating in her belly. She stared down at the barely-begun puzzle, feeling a sudden impulse to sweep the whole thing from the living room table in a fit of rage. Instead, she flopped back onto the couch in despair.

Amber bounced down the stairs and into the living room, flinging herself on the couch next to her big sister, resting her head on Caroline’s shoulder. “Mmmm… it’s good to be back,” she sighed.

“Did you have fun at Danni’s?” Caroline asked, trying to think about anything but how great Amber smelled.

“Yeah… we played video games and stayed up all night talking. It was cool.”

“All night, huh? Guess I’ll have to put you to bed early, then.” Caroline teased.

“Nooooo!” Amber protested, slapping her older sister’s arm. “There’s no school… you can’t make me go to bed early!”

“Okay, goofball,” Caroline snickered. “Then let’s just… hang out together.”

“Yeah!” Amber cheered.

So Caroline and Amber each picked out a movie, then watched them both, sitting together on the couch. Caroline barely managed to get through them without her hunger for Amber driving her crazy. The feeling of her sister’s body nestling into hers was so incredibly sweet that it made her heart ache.

The second movie ended, and Caroline sent Amber upstairs to take her bath.

Alone in the darkness, the only light issuing from the television, Caroline began to cry. She buried her face in her hands, overwhelmed by guilt. Why’d it have to be little girls? she kept asking herself. And why Amber? Of all the girls in the world to want, why her?

If she’d only been gay, that would have been okay. Her mother would have understood. But this… this was something that she knew no one would accept. Ever.

And Amber. Lovely, innocent little Amber. God, how could she have such dirty ideas about her own sister? What would she think if she knew? Caroline pictured the child, a look of horror mingled with disgust on her face — and she sobbed again.

Finally she wiped her face, blew her nose and trudged upstairs to tuck Amber in for the night. Luckily her sister was already in bed, sparing Caroline the painfully tempting sight of seeing her in t-shirt and panties.

Lying in her bed, Caroline stared at the wall, waiting for sleep to come. Not wanting to lie awake for hours, she had taken one of her mother’s sleeping pills. Soon, mercifully, she drifted off.


Over the next few days, Caroline wrestled with her lesbian longings for her sister, doing everything she could to hide these feelings from Amber — her lust for the girl, her shame over it.

Her guilt was, however, gradually giving way to something new. She adored her little sister so much that the thought of touching Amber, of making love to her, began to feel almost… inviting. How can love be wrong? she pondered.

Because she’s just a child, Caroline told herself, and your own sister. For some reason, though, that fact didn’t seem quite as important as it had.


As the summer days flew by, Caroline slowly grew less appalled at her thoughts — and increasingly curious about her interest in little girls.

She began to spend a great deal of time on the internet after Amber went to bed — visiting erotic story sites, reading everything she could find about lesbian pedophilia, often fondling herself to orgasm as she read. Many of these tales, she quickly discovered, dealt with incest, often between sisters. A few of them bothered her, because they depicted abusive relationships. But the lion’s share of the stories she encountered were truly gentle and loving; these not only excited Caroline, they touched her as well.

She read about women who were obsessed with young girls — women who struggled with the same forbidden hungers, the same emotions and fears that she had. It helped, just knowing that there were others like her.


It had been a long Tuesday. Caroline had taken Amber to Peter Piper Pizza, and they’d had fun playing games and eating. It was well after ten o’clock when they got home, and they watched a few cartoons together before Caroline tucked her little sister in.

Later, she was in bed, shifting restlessly beneath the sheets, body and soul aching for her little sister. The moon shone brightly through the window, spilling onto the bed… a sight that usually lifted Caroline’s spirits, but not tonight. She considered raiding her mother’s medicine cabinet for another sleeping pill, then decided against it.

Somehow she did finally drift off, only to awaken with a start when Amber tiptoed into her room.

“What’s up, babe?” she mumbled.

“Can I sleep with you, Cari?” Amber asked softly.

With that, Caroline was suddenly very much awake. Not knowing what else to do, she lifted the blankets for her baby sister, and Amber slipped into bed next to her. Caroline covered them both, her pulse quickening as the little girl snuggled into her. She kissed her sister on the cheek, whispered “Good night,” and sank back into her pillow.

They lay together quietly for a moment. Then Amber rolled onto her back, resting her head against her sister. “Why do you read those stories?” she asked.

“What?” Caroline’s eyes flew open, her heart suddenly thumping.

“Those stories. The ones on the computer. Why do you read them?”

A chill shot through Caroline. She had always been careful to hide her online doings in the past. With her mother away, though, she had let down her guard. And now Amber knew her secret.

“I… I like them,” she hesitantly said, not knowing what else to say.

“They make me feel funny.” Amber whispered. “They make me all warm… in my pookie.” She sat up and looked at her sister. “Why are they all about little girls?”

Sighing deeply, Caroline sat up, moving back to lean against the wall. “I guess, um, it’s because… well, some grownups like little girls, babe.”

“But isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing?” Amber asked quietly.

“Sometimes it is, I guess.”

“The grownups in the stories were all nice, though,” Amber murmured. She lay back down, now facing her sister. “Do you like little girls?” she asked.

It was the most obvious question the child could have asked; yet the one that Caroline was least prepared for. She opened her mouth to speak, but could not find the words.

“I… think so,” she finally managed, trying desperately not to cry.

“I kissed Danni once.” Amber said. “She said that we should learn to kiss, so that when we got boyfriends we’d know how.”

Caroline forced herself to turn, to meet her sister’s calm gaze. “Did you like kissing her?”

“It made me feel funny. The way those stories did, but not as much. Yeah, I liked it.” Amber snuggled down into the bed. “Lie down,” she ordered, pulling at her big sister’s t-shirt. Caroline nervously complied, putting her arm around her sister and drawing her near.

She had barely closed her eyes when Amber spoke again. “Do you want to… to do that stuff to a little girl?”

“Amber!” Caroline gasped. She was shocked by the question, but not by the answer that immediately sprang to mind. Yes… yes, she wanted more than anything in the world to feel a little girl in her arms, to touch her, to make love to her. To Amber.

“It’s okay if you want to do those things to me,” Amber offered. She raised herself slightly, propping her head on one hand. “It’s not a bad thing if we love each other, is it?”

Caroline’s head spun, her heart thumped wildly. The mood was erotically charged, and Amber’s offer to share her body was too, too tempting. She had to change the subject — had to, before she completely lost control.

“What if I… tickle you instead?” She dug her finger into Amber’s side, and the child squealed and tried to roll out of her sister’s grasp. “Or… gobble you up!” she said as she pretended to bite at the girl’s neck and shoulder, making growly monster noises.

Amber was thrashing and giggling wildly. She rolled from side to side, trying to escape her sister’s tickling fingers.

How exactly it happened, Caroline wasn’t sure. It was so fluid, so natural. Suddenly her lips were pressed against Amber’s. She parted them with her tongue, slipping it into the little girl’s mouth.

Amber made no effort to resist. Instead, she touched Caroline’s tongue with her own before the teen hastily broke away.

“Oh God, oh Amber, I’m sorry,” Caroline gasped, appalled at her lapse.

“It’s okay,” Amber said quietly, shyly smiling up at her big sister. “I liked it.”

“But I’m not supposed to…” and she trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

“You kiss better than Danni does,” Amber said with a giggle. The child was toying with her sister’s t-shirt, tugging at it, twisting it in her fingers. Tentatively, she reached up to touch one of Caroline’s breasts.

“It’s so soft,” the awed girl whispered, her fingers spreading to cup the tender globe.

Caroline could only nod foolishly. The child’s touch was… intoxicating.

Helpless now to resist her desire, she leaned in again and kissed the little girl’s mouth, gently at first. Then her tongue emerged to circle Amber’s parted lips. Her baby sister whimpered, welcoming the teen’s loving attentions.

Their mouths gently broke apart, and Caroline began to explore, slowly trailing feather-light kisses over Amber’s chin, then down to her throat. She stroked the girl’s back through her t-shirt, then allowed both hands to slip down further, cradling Amber’s bottom.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” Caroline whispered silently as she nuzzled Amber’s soft skin. She wanted to do the right thing, to take her little sister back to her bed, tuck her in and leave her there — but she couldn’t. She didn’t have the strength to push the little girl away, not now. It was the curiosity, the need to see, to know where this would all lead that kept Caroline’s arms twined around the half-undressed body of her ten-year-old sister.

“You can touch my pookie,” Amber whispered, her lips brushing Caroline’s ear.

The older girl began kissing Amber’s neck and shoulders, hands roaming over her little sister’s bare legs. “I love you, babe,” she breathed.

“Ohhh… I love you too, Cari!” she heard the girl moan.

Caroline timidly placed her hand on the child’s belly, then slipped it underneath the thin t-shirt, sliding it upward until she was touching her sister’s babyish breasts. Amber’s green eyes grew wide, then drifted shut as Caroline brushed her nipples with gentle fingertips, feeling them stiffen.

Hoisting up the faded Backstreet Boys t-shirt that had once been hers, a trembling Caroline leaned down and kissed a pert nipple. She teased it with the tip of her tongue, then did the same to the other. She nuzzled Amber’s breasts, licked them, caressed them, then sat up to peer into her sister’s eyes. “C-can I take your top off?” Caroline asked hesitantly.

Blushing slightly, the girl nodded, raising herself up a bit and lifting her arms… and, heart pounding, Caroline slipped the t-shirt up and off. Amber sat draped in the golden moonlight, now nude but for a pair of blue panties and her white socks. She lay back once more, watching her big sister expectantly.

Caroline knelt on the bed, looking down in awe at Amber’s lovely body. Slowly she traced her finger from the girl’s belly button, then up to her boyish chest and back down again. She hesitated though, afraid to move her finger beyond the border of Amber’s panties.

“Cari… can I see your boobs now?” Amber asked shyly.

Without a word, the older girl pulled her shirt off, tossing it aside. Amber sat up slowly, staring wide-eyed at her sister’s breasts.

“They’re pretty,” the child whispered. Remembering what her sister had just done to her and how wonderful it had felt, Amber leaned closer to take one of Caroline’s nipples between her lips, sucking gently, then brushing her tongue across the pink tip.

“Oooooh,” the older girl moaned softly, nearly swooning with delight. “That feels so nice, babe…”

Amber lay back, grinning proudly. “I could feel it all the way down to my pookie when you did that to me.”

“Mmmmm, yeah… I felt that, too,” Caroline sighed, leaning down to kiss her sister’s mouth. She suckled briefly on the child’s bottom lip before sitting back. “Could I, um, take off your panties?” she asked, a slight quaver in her voice.

Silently Amber rose up on her knees and let her big sister slide her underpants down her legs, then sat back down and pushed her legs out in front so that Caroline could pull them the rest of the way off.

“Would you like to help take mine off?” Caroline asked softly.

Amber nodded happily, reaching out to assist in removing the only piece of clothing that separated them, sliding the skimpy blue panties down Caroline’s thighs as her big sister knelt before her.

With her underwear on the floor, the reality of the situation hit Caroline like a ton of bricks. This was really happening — she was going to make love to her own little sister! Wrong or right, it didn’t matter anymore. She and Amber both wanted this, and for now, that was enough.

Caroline eased her sister down onto her back and enveloped the child in her arms, kissing her sweetly. Amber responded, her lips parting to receive Caroline’s tongue, then meeting it with hers. The older girl’s heart surged joyfully as she delighted in the taste of Amber’s mouth, thrilling to the realization that her sister was kissing her like a lover.

Caroline broke from Amber’s lips, her mouth and tongue traveling down to her chin, along her soft throat, between the girl’s childish breasts. She paused to lightly suck at her sister’s nipples again, loving how each one grew hard in her mouth as she teased it with her tongue. The girl whimpered, cradling her big sister’s head to her chest.

As Caroline tasted Amber’s flawless skin, she stroked the child’s body — caressing her legs, her hips, her arms, her chest, sides, tummy, bottom. Finally her fingers stole between her sister’s thighs to touch her bare slit, now slightly moist.

“Oh, Cari,” Amber breathed, “oh. That feels so nice…”

Caroline couldn’t wait one moment longer. She had to taste the wet, secret place that her fingers were exploring. She trailed her tongue downward, pausing to plant tender kisses on Amber’s tummy. She teased the child’s belly button with her tongue, smiling when a ticklish Amber giggled with delight. She continued on her way, a special destination in mind.

Then she was there, lying between Amber’s thin legs and tingling from head to toe at the sight of her baby sister’s vagina, so pale and lovely in the moonlight. Caroline inhaled deeply, savoring the delicate yet intoxicating scent of a little girl’s sex.

She raised her eyes from the wondrous sight before her to meet the dreamy gaze of her sister. “I want to do something very special to you, Amber,” she said softly. “Do you know what that is?”

“Yes,” her sister whispered. “You want to… to kiss my pookie.”

“That’s right, baby. I’m going to kiss you, and lick you down there,” the older girl breathed. “You’ll enjoy it, I promise. It’s, like, the nicest feeling you can imagine. Don’t be afraid, okay?”

“I’m not afraid.” Amber said confidently.

“I love you, Amber.”

“I… I love you too, Cari,” the little girl replied. “Lots and lots.”

With a deep breath, Caroline slid between her sister’s legs. She felt the velvet soft skin of Amber’s bare slit against her lips. It was as if waves of electricity were pulsing through her body as she placed a soft, loving kiss on the little girl’s sex. Her tongue emerged to lick at the moist opening, then press inside.

Amber gasped and squirmed on the bed as her big sister’s tongue entered her.

Caroline shivered ecstatically as she sampled the taste of a little girl for the first time, happily giving pleasure to the sister she adored more than anyone in the world. The sex she’d had with that other girl a few months ago was nothing like this. That had been an experience that felt casual and detached, but now she felt joyful, drunk with desire and very much in love with Amber.

Caroline drew her tongue from the girl’s opening and began to lick lustily at her sister’s pussy. Tracing along the line of Amber’s slit, she teased the tiny clitoris with gentle flicks.

“Oh, Cari…” the little girl whimpered, “I… I like that!”

Caroline sucked Amber’s clit into her mouth and adjusted herself on the bed, placing the tip of her index finger against her sister’s vagina — and Amber inhaled sharply as Caroline gently slid the digit into the moist opening. The child cried out in response, parting her thighs even further, reaching down to curl her fingers into her big sister’s hair.

“That… feels… so… yummy,” Amber moaned.

Caroline continued to tease the girl’s clit, sliding her finger in and out of Amber as deeply as she dared without damaging her sister’s hymen, her strokes growing faster as the girl’s moans and whimpers increased.

Amber was rocking to and fro now, panting furiously. “Cari! Oh. Oh! Oh! OHHHH!” The young girl’s nails dug into her sister’s scalp as she arched her back, her slight body taken by a violent trembling as she began to come for the first time in her life.

Caroline kept pleasuring her sister, taking her to the orgasmic peak  — then, as the sensations slowly waned, anointed her sex with the softest of kisses, making Amber feel good without overtaxing her.

When Amber finally relaxed, her head sinking back into the pillow, she was almost sobbing.

“Did you like that, babe?” Caroline said with a smile. She licked her lips, shivering deliciously at the taste of her little sister.

“I… I wanna do that forever.” Amber gasped, then extended her arms to Caroline. “Hold me?”

Caroline took the girl in her arms and kissed her, letting Amber taste the tart juices that coated her big sister’s mouth and chin.

Breaking away, Amber licked her lips thoughtfully, then grinned. “Is that… what my pookie tastes like?”

“Mmm-hmm… do you like it?”

“It tastes funny — but nice,” Amber breathed. She wrapped her arms around her big sister, a dreamy look in her eyes. “Thank you, Cari.” She hesitated for a moment, then asked, “Um… can I make you feel good now?”

Caroline sighed happily. “Yes, Amber… yes, you can.” She took her sister’s hand in her own and kissed it, then gently placed it on her pubic mound.

“You’re all warm. And juicy!” Amber said, her eyes wide in wonder. She rolled on her side to peer down at Caroline’s pubic triangle. “What do I do? I’ve… I’ve never…” The girl gestured helplessly.

Caroline smiled and caressed her sister’s cheek. “I’ll show you how, babe.” Placing her hand on Amber’s, she guided the child’s fingers. “Just slide your fingertips up and down and around the opening of my pussy, like this.” She demonstrated. “Then you can put a couple of fingers inside me, like this… oh, Amber, that feels good –and just slide them in and out.” She grinned at her sister. “Then you’ll be fucking me.”

“Ooooh!” squealed Amber.

“And then,” continued Caroline,” when I start to get really excited, just touch me right here,” and she guided Amber to the stiff nubbin of her clitoris. “Feel that?” The little girl nodded. “It’s called my clit, babe. You’ve got one, too — that’s what I licked to get you off. If you put your finger here and rub it, not too hard…” she purred, “well, I’ll just explode.” Taking her hand away, she stroked Amber’s cheek. “Okay?”

The little girl nodded, her fingers already busy between Caroline’s thighs as she crawled into the older girl’s waiting embrace.

It was clumsy at first, but somehow her little sister found a rhythm. Caroline’s pleasure swiftly began to grow.

Then Amber’s lips met hers in a soft kiss that quickly became much more. Caroline felt her heart soar as the girl’s tongue flashed to life in her mouth, and her ten-year-old sister kissed her with a surprising fervor.

It was all too much for the teenage girl. Amber’s fingers exploring her cunt, the taste of her little sister still lingering on her lips, the memory of touching the child’s velvet-soft vagina, this heated kiss. All these things drove Caroline over the precipice, and she moaned into her sister’s mouth, clutching Amber tightly as she began to come.

Then she felt her sister’s fingers brush her clitoris — and everything went white, as if a million flash cameras had gone off in her head at once.

Caroline thrashed and bucked and shuddered her way through a wrenching climax, a white-knuckled hand gripping a fistful of the sheets. Amber’s fingers continued to stroke her clitoris, sending sparks flying behind Caroline’s eyelids with each tiny caress until she managed to place a hand on her sister’s wrist and gasp, “Okay, okay — I’m good, babe.”

Exhausted, Caroline lay limply on the bed, a few tears of helpless joy rolling down her flushed cheeks. She smiled at how lovely it felt to have Amber’s naked body nestled into hers.

“Can we do that again sometime, Cari?” Amber asked. “It was wonderful.”

Gently sobbing, Caroline kissed the girl and nodded… trying to say yes, but unable to speak.

“Cari? Why are you crying?” Amber shifted around in her sister’s arms, her voice radiating concern.

Caroline sniffled and wiped her eyes, struggling to gain control of her emotions. “I’m just very, very happy,” she finally managed to reply. “I love you a lot, Amber… and I’m glad we got to share this with each other.”

Amber seemed satisfied with that, whispering, “I’m glad, too,” as she snuggled close to her older sister.

“Love you, babe,” the teen replied, patting her sister’s bare back.

“Love you, Cari,” Amber mumbled, already drifting into slumber.

Then Caroline lay still, holding a peaceful Amber in her arms. She lightly kissed the little girl’s cheek, than offered the universe a silent prayer of gratitude before she, too, fell asleep.


Caroline awakened to find herself alone in bed. A bit disoriented, she glanced around the room for a second — then the memory of what had happened last night came rushing in like a flash flood.

Her head spun and a warm, liquid feeling coursed through her body. It was too incredible to believe. Her wildest, most forbidden fantasy had come true. She had made love to her little sister Amber. They had lain together naked, and kissed, and touched, and… she had tasted the child’s pussy, had made her come.

And Amber had loved it! Caroline’s heart raced at the memory of the luscious kisses they had shared, of how her ten-year-old sister had licked her nipples, of how good Amber’s fingers had felt between her thighs.

The thought of it all had Caroline tingling from head to toe. She wanted to take her sister into her arms, cover her in kisses, let her know how special she was. And how much I love her, the teen told herself.

But first, a shower. Caroline slipped from the warmth of her bed and padded naked into her bathroom. Turning on the shower, she waited for the water to heat up, then climbed into the stall.

She had just begun to soap her body when an equally nude Amber stepped in to join her, an saucy grin on her lips. “Got room for me?” she giggled.

Caroline’s heart swelled with love for her little sister, and she felt a flash of lust that left her dizzy. “Sure,” she sighed happily, drawing the naked child into her arms.

Amber grinned up at her big sister. “I love you, Cari.” Then she stood on tiptoe and kissed Caroline firmly on the lips.

The teenager moaned into Amber’s mouth as her baby sister made the kiss a hot and hungry one, quickly bringing her tongue into play. Caroline responded eagerly, her hands sliding down Amber’s back to cup that adorable little ass. The young girl purred with pleasure, wriggling her bottom enticingly in Caroline’s grasp before their lips parted.

“Yum,” Amber enthused, “I love kissing you… your mouth is so soft, Cari.”

“Oh, baby,” Caroline whispered, her body tingling deliciously, “I’d rather kiss you than any boy.” And she eagerly sought out Amber’s mouth with hers once more.

They kissed passionately for a long while under the cascading water, until Amber pulled away long enough to pant, “C’mon, let’s get each other all clean… and then we can go back to bed! I wanna play around with you some more.”

Of course, this sounded like a great idea to Caroline — and she nodded happily, reaching for the bar of jasmine soap. Soon the two girls were lathering each other up, taking every opportunity to let their slippery bodies slide together. Their soapy fingers crept into intimate areas as the loving sisters kissed again and again.

It was delightful, but they were both eager to take their love play back to Caroline’s bed. So they rinsed the last of the suds away, then stepped out onto the bath mat, drying each other with thick towels. Finally, Amber took her big sister’s hand with a meaningful smile, and both girls, still nude, padded back to Caroline’s room.

Amber lay back on the bed, tugging at Caroline’s arm. “C’mon, Cari… kiss me.”

“Wait, Amber,” the older girl said softly, “we need to talk first.”

The ten-year-old sat upright, her brow slightly furrowed. “What about?”

“Well,” Caroline began, “I know how much you liked the things we did. I liked them, too.” She reached for her sister’s hand. “Amber, making love to you was… it was like a dream come true.” She paused. “I… well, I never thought that it could ever happen, you and me, together — and then, it did.” She brought the girl’s hand to her lips, kissing it. “Oh, Amber, no one’s ever made me feel as happy as you did last night.”

Amber’s eyes were shining. “I liked it, Cari. I liked it a lot.”

Caroline smiled, brushing her sister’s cheek with a fingertip. “The thing is, what you and I did together meant more to me than — than just enjoying ourselves.” She took a deep breath. “What I’m trying to say is… I think I’m in love with you, Amber.”

“You… you mean –”

“I’m… I don’t want to be just your sister anymore, babe. I mean, I want… I want to be your girlfriend, too,” Caroline said shyly. “I’m not interested in boys — or other girls, even.” She pressed her sister’s hand to her breasts. “I only want you.”

Amber gaped at her sister in awe. She began to speak, then fell silent.

Drawing the girl’s naked body into hers, Caroline looked deep into Amber’s eyes. “How do you feel about it, babe?” she said in a small voice, “could you… love me like that?”

Amber sat silently for a moment, looking down at her knees. Then she raised her face to meet Caroline’s hopeful gaze. “So — we’d be, um, real girlfriends? Like, buying each other flowers and… giving valentines and stuff?”

Caroline blushed. “I guess… yeah, like that,” she murmured. “I care for you more than, well, anything, Amber… and I very much want to — to be your lover.”

“Wow,” breathed the dazed little girl. Then a joyous smile slowly lit up her face. “Oh, Cari,” she whispered, “that — that sounds wonderful.” Amber buried her face in her big sister’s neck, holding her close. “Yes… yes, I want to!” Breaking their embrace, Amber rocked on the bed in excited glee.

“Oh, you,” Caroline cooed. She leaned in to kiss her baby sister — who quickly responded, her tongue a soft red ribbon in the teenager’s mouth. Caroline matched the child’s fervor, pausing to lick her way around Amber’s lips, then pulling back with a giggle.

They grinned joyously at one another… then Caroline gently laid her sister down on the bed. She got on hands and knees to straddle Amber, their faces nearly touching. “Now, my sweet, sexy sister,” she purred, “let’s make love.” And their mouths met in the most affectionate of kisses.

The rest of the day passed as if in a dream. Teenager and little girl shared their love, their sex, their souls; bodies entwined in a sensuous feast of desire and fulfillment.

Caroline brought Amber off with her mouth, kissing and licking her little sister’s dewy flower until the young girl thought her body might break from the intensity of her climax. Amber was left trembling from head to toe; sweaty, flushed, and beautiful.

Hungry for more, Caroline got her sister up on all fours, her adorable little ass on display. Without a word she knelt behind the child, gently parted Amber’s buttocks and introduced the girl to a new pleasure. Her tongue burrowed into the cleft of her sister’s asshole, licking a path between the soft cheeks. As Amber whimpered in shock, then growing delight, the teenager’s fingers stole between the child’s legs to touch her slit. Soon, Amber was panting furiously as she came again.

Finally, the exhausted girl slumped onto her side, and Caroline held her close; hands gliding around her sister’s form to tease her nipples, making them stiffen with feather-light strokes.

As soon as she had regained her breath, Amber wriggled around to face her older sister. “No fair!” she declared petulantly, but with laughing eyes. “You get to have all the fun!” She sat up, pushing Caroline onto her back, then straddled her tummy. “I’m gonna make you feel good now,” she cooed, her lips barely touching those of her sister.

Caroline nearly swooned at how it felt to have Amber licking around her mouth, humming happily as she tasted her own pussy. The ten-year-old paused to whisper, “I love you, Cari!” then crushed her lips to her big sister’s in a searing kiss, boldly exploring the teen’s mouth with her tongue. Caroline could feel the raw heat of Amber’s sex against her belly, and it drove her wild with lust. Unlike her baby sister, she had yet to reach climax that morning, and her body was taut as an archer’s bow.

Amber began to kiss her way down Caroline’s body, her mouth brushing her older sister’s neck, then onward. A soft cry escaped from Caroline’s lips as Amber nuzzled between her breasts, then took a nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, babe,” Caroline sighed, “that feels great…”

Amber’s tongue flicked at her nipple… then she began to lick and suck at Caroline’s other breast. “Mmmmm,” the older girl purred, “so nice… so nice.”

The little girl began trailing kisses down her sister’s body. The softness of her tummy delighted Amber, and she buried her face in it, savoring the scent of her big sister’s skin. She could have rested there all day. But she was eager to explore that secret, special place between Caroline’s thighs, so she continued her journey.

Then Amber was exactly where she wanted to be, nestled cozily with her big sister’s legs on either side, gazing excitedly at the dewy pink flower of Caroline’s vulva. It was exquisitely framed by soft reddish pubes, glistening with wetness. Amber inhaled deeply, breathing in the aroma of her sister.

Caroline was trembling now, every fiber of her being screaming for release. The vision of Amber, her sister and new lover, lying between her thighs and gazing blissfully at her cunt only made her need all the more acute. She moaned, “Amber… oh, please, baby…”

And she threw her head back with a sharp cry as the ten-year-old girl claimed her pussy, pressing her mouth between Caroline’s legs to kiss the juicy flesh. Then Amber extended her tongue to take the first lick, and Caroline was lost.

She whimpered, “Oh,” a small tear slowly rolling down her cheek as Amber began to go down on her in earnest, the child’s warm mouth and tongue exploring her juicy sex. “Oh, Amber, yes. Oh.”

The little girl raised her wet face from between her big sister’s thighs long enough to gasp, “You taste so good, Cari!” then planted her mouth on Caroline’s pussy, thrusting her tongue as deep in her sister as she was able.

Caroline palmed her breasts, moving her hands back and forth over her throbbing nipples, head rolling from side to side on her pillow as her baby sister made love to her with her mouth. “God, Amber… I adore you,” she panted.

Then she gasped, and a whining sound began to issue from her clenched throat as Amber’s tongue trailed up her labia to find the teenage girl’s clitoris. That sound became a wild cry — quickly growing wilder — when the child took Caroline’s clit between her lips and sucked at the inflamed button.

Caroline screamed, her body seizing up again and again as she came like never before. Even the orgasm her sister had given her just a few short hours ago seemed tame by comparison.

Amber continued to eat Caroline’s pussy until the girl could take no more, and begged her to stop.

The young girl sat upright, shaking her blonde mane as she raised her head from the divine juncture of her sister’s thighs. Licking her lips, she savored the taste of sex as she crawled into Caroline’s embrace and pressed herself against the older girl’s damp body, contentedly kissing her neck, feeling her big sister’s beating heart.

Caroline cradled her baby sister’s face, holding her close. “Oh, Amber,” she sighed happily, “that was the best. I love you, babe. More than anything.”

The little girl raised her face to Caroline’s. “So, you and I, we’re… we’re really lovers now, like you said?”

Glowing with adoration, the older girl gazed at the younger. “Yes, Amber,” she whispered, “we are. I don’t want to be like this with anyone but you.”

Amber’s eyes flashed with renewed excitement. “Kiss me, Cari,” she breathed.

Lips parting in anticipation, Caroline did just that.


This is adapted from a superb story by Leslita author Amanda, who graciously granted permission for my own version to be made public.

When I first read Amanda’s “A Sister’s Love,” I was instantly smitten… so much that I found myself wanting a second chapter, and ended up writing one. Then I reworked the rest, adding considerably to the story – trying to make the new version my own without losing what made Amanda’s original so good.

Here’s the final result. If “A Sister’s Love” is like a brilliant pop song, then this could be thought of as an extended remix. I thank Amanda for kindly allowing me to play with her words, and am flattered that she found enough of value in this variation to allow it to be read by others. Any faults you find in the finished product are mine, not hers.


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  1. Cheryl says:

    That is one HOT story, JetBoy! And that picture has to be the world’s HOTTEST legal picture! More, please!

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    Great stories well written and very hot. Thanks keep up the good work The pictures are fantastic too.

  3. jesse says:

    That was amazing. I love so much how they actually became monogomous lovers in this one. Not sure why that is so rare in these stories. It’s not like that never actually happens in real life or anything. I’m sure plenty of incest results in true love. Anyway yeah, the loving, raw passion in this one makes it one of my personal favs of yours. Keep it up!

  4. JetBoy says:

    Many thanks to all commenters… I treasure your praise more than you know.

  5. kim says:

    No faults found. Perfect story of sex.

  6. Liz says:

    I love the picture, and love the story. It can be difficult to admit to yourself that you are falling in love with a family member, especially when the family member is young. But reading about these sisters discovering their love for each other really made me happy.

  7. Ester says:

    Il vero pregio di questo racconto è che descrive realisticamente il loro amore. Spesso i racconti esagerano, qui invece viene dosato il desiderio di Caroline, il suo timore , in poche parole è un piccolo CAPOLAVORO letterario. Complimenti all’autore anche perché mi ha fatto provare certi brividini. GRAZIE !!!

  8. April says:

    I loved this story JetBoy, and I lived the picture. As I was reading and soaking my panties, I had a flashback from many years ago of myself and my younger cousin she was so yummy. We explored each other for a whole weekend. Thanks again JB

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    Incredible story Jetboy. You aced it. You are such an incredible writer, it’s almost as if you can feel what your characters feel. I vote you should be an honorary girl ?

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    Not sure how I missed this story from you. I have been a regular reader of your rather tantalizing body of work since… well, since forever! A marvelous story that hit all the right buttons for me on a lonely and playful night. A wonderful, wonderful escape from a not-so wonderful week — Thank You!


    • JetBoy says:

      Wow, an early Christmas gift – a surge of praise for one of my moldy oldies! Fervent thanks to you all… especially my chum Karen Cypher, whose own stories I’ve had the great good fortune to proof and edit for JS. Check them out, readers.

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