Mom Goes Wild, Part Three

  • Posted on February 22, 2016 at 11:12 am

By JetBoy

Belinda’s face rested on Janet’s thigh as she gazed at me, mouth and chin glistening with the essence of wet pussy, licking her lips as she waited for my response.

I wasn’t just looking at my daughter anymore. I was seeing a desirable young girl, one that I very much wanted to take as a lover.

I glanced up at Janet. She studied my expression, then smiled knowingly as she saw the yes in my eyes. Shifting her attention over to her daughter who, at that moment, was lightly kissing my vulva, Janet told her, “Mary… come over here with me, baby, and let’s you and I play for a while. It’s time Belinda learned how to love her mommy.”

I watched, my pulse racing as Mary left one last kiss on my cunt, then rose from between my legs and moved, cat-like, over to her mother. My daughter, her eyes glued to mine, took Mary’s place; kneeling before me, placing her little hands on my thighs. Belinda paused, staring as if hypnotized at my pubic tuft — the dark, thick curls that didn’t quite conceal the pink flesh of Mommy’s vagina.

You can still stop this, some small vestige of my conscience pleaded. Don’t have sex with your little girl. It’s wrong.

But I banished those final stirrings of shame, scattering them like dust motes. I’d had a bellyful of these idiotic rules, imposed upon us by a feeble-minded society. Who were they — who was anyone to tell me that the love Belinda and I yearned for was wrong?

Nothing mattered but this moment in time, with my sweet child and I naked together, her face inches from my sex, mouth watering to taste me. This was good. This was right. My daughter and I were meant to make love.

Looking down at her, I no longer saw the innocent face of my twelve-year-old. Instead I saw an adolescent lesbian, hungry for the nectar of her mother’s pussy.

I felt her lightly touching the moist flesh of my vulva, then she slid two fingers into me. I gasped, loving this bold intrusion.

She began, slowly at first, to work her fingers in and out — and it wasn’t long before she had three, then four fingers pumping away, fucking me with everything she had. I just sat there, thighs spread as wide as they could go, staring enthralled at the face of the sexy child kneeling between my legs, a face filled with pure lust and passion. She was biting her lip, eyes gleaming with excitement as she plunged her fingers in and out of my dripping hole. Then she glanced up at me for an instant, then — oh, God

I cried out as I felt her entire hand push its way into my body. I could not believe this — my own little girl was fisting me! A helpless moan was wrenched from my throat, then another as Belinda impaled me again and again on her pumping arm. I sobbed in ecstasy as Belinda bent down to suck my clitoris between her lips.

It felt so fucking decadent, being pleasured this way by my own daughter. God, what a pervert I am, I thought to myself. But right then, it didn’t matter, nothing did — nothing but sex.

Janet and Mary were down on the carpet, entangled in a squirming sixty-nine. Janet’s mouth was glued to her daughter’s opening, her fingers probing the crack of Mary’s ass.

I knew I was about to climax. I was about to come all over my young child’s pretty face. My lips were moving silently — I’m going to, I’m going to, I’m g-going to…

And then I was coming, in what felt like an explosion of heat and light that began in my belly, radiating outward to fill me completely. As it swept through me I heard myself babbling like I was possessed. “Oh yes, Belinda! OH! Yes, m-my little angel… eat Mommy’s pussy! Oh God, YES! FUCK ME! Mmmmmm, I love you, baby…”

As this incredible wave of orgasmic pleasure slowly began to recede, Belinda’s churning arm came to a slow halt. I kept rolling my hips, though, working my cunt on my baby’s hand. She just smiled, holding herself steady for me as I thrust back hard against her fist, each thrust a hard surge of pleasure.

Finally I came to rest. Belinda carefully removed her hand from my cunt with a slurping sound, then crawled into my arms. Her body was glazed with sweat, and she was breathing heavily from her exertions. I was proud of her, working so hard to make her mommy come.

Like my daughter I was dazed, dizzy — but all I could think about at that moment was how badly I hungered to go down on her, to taste my precious little girl.

Opening my eyes, I smiled lovingly at Belinda, then gently kissed her. She responded with an eagerness that stole my breath away, crushing her mouth to mine, her tongue plunging between my parted lips.

I moaned happily, allowing my daughter to tongue-fuck me, sharing the flavor of my pussy. It was a lovely moment between mother and child — but now, there was something else that Mommy very much wanted to kiss.

We broke apart, gasping for breath as we gazed into each other’s souls. I whispered, “I want to lick you now, sweetheart.”

Belinda cooed with joy, her face lighting up as if she were six instead of twelve — a child who’d just been offered a special treat. “Yes, Mommy, yes!” she exclaimed.

Something about her air of innocence — even as she lay naked in my arms, her lips moist from my vagina — turned me on so much that I had to kiss her again. This time I was the aggressor, probing my child’s mouth with an eager tongue. She sighed and relaxed in my arms, letting me take her.

Finally our mouths parted, and I gently drew Belinda down to the thick carpet and rolled her onto her back, then began to nuzzle my way down her slender body. I left a trail of kisses along her elegant neck, then ventured onto the plain of her chest. She had hardly any breasts to speak of, but her nipples begged for the touch of my lips.

I obliged, sucking each in turn, staring into my baby’s awed eyes as I traced a circle around one with the tip of my tongue. “Mmm, that feels good, Mommy,” she whispered. “I’ve wanted you to do this to me for a long time.”

I answered her with a smile, then continued to explore the universe that was Belinda. Down I proceeded, rubbing my face against the softness of my daughter’s tummy. Even her belly button was adorable, and I paused to pay tribute — placing my lips onto the tiny hollow and slipping my tongue inside to give Belinda’s tum-tum a playful French kiss. She squirmed lusciously beneath me, moaning, “Oh… oh, wow.”

But I had somewhere else I ached to be, so on I went, grazing Belinda’s skin with my lips.

Then I was lying between my little girl’s legs, marveling at the beauty of her vulva. I reached out to brush the pink crease with trembling fingers, sending a sweet shiver through her. Tracing the line of the bare slit, I found wetness.

Placing both hands on Belinda’s inner thighs, I gently opened her sex with my thumbs, the very breath quivering in my chest at the sight of the moist, rosy flesh hidden inside my baby’s flower. Leaning in closer, I inhaled deeply, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of a little girl for the first time. There was sweet honey there for me to taste, and a moan escaped my lips as a glistening droplet trickled down into the cleft of my daughter’s anus.

I raised myself slightly, meeting my child’s dreamy gaze. “Honey,” I murmured, “raise your legs up for me, and hold them to your chest. I want to see every bit of you.”

She happily complied. I glanced over at Janet and Mary, now sitting up and resting against the love seat. They were both watching, eager for the show to begin. Mary’s head rested on her mother’s breast, and her hand was moving between Janet’s legs.

I turned back to my daughter. She lay before me with flushed cheeks, clutching both knees against her breasts, waiting.

Drawing close, I extended my tongue, bathing Belinda’s slit with one long, slow lick. My daughter’s body tensed with a sharp jolt of pleasure, a choked cry bursting from her throat that trailed off into a whimper.

Sampling her flavor, I decided that my baby girl was delicious, then licked her again, teasing the puffy slit with the tip of my tongue. Belinda’s breath came in sobs, her frame shivering with tiny tremors as if she held an earthquake in her belly — one that might shake this house to its very foundation when unleashed.

I pictured my daughter literally bringing the walls crashing down with her orgasm, and stifled a giggle before licking her again, this time barely penetrating Belinda’s opening before I withdrew once more.

I continued to tease my child’s pussy with tiny flicks of the tongue and light kisses, driving her frantic with the need for release. Her body was shivering as if she were feverish, both hands still clenching the backs of her knees. “Mommy…” she pleaded.

Finally, when it seemed as if Belinda was on the verge of bursting into frustrated tears, I burrowed between her thighs, fastening my mouth to that flawless cunt. Twelve years old — still a child, really — and I was going down on her, making lesbian love to my own little girl, thrilling to the music of her ecstatic cries. I’d never been so turned on in my life.

Why had I never done this with Belinda before? In fact, why had I pushed my darling Melody away from me, back when she longed to be loved by her mother in this very same way? As I lay before my youngest daughter, avidly tongue-fucking her juicy slit, it dawned on me what a fool I’d been.

Then I was licking Belinda up and down, bathing the baby-smooth vulva with long, luxurious strokes. The sweet, sharp taste of a little girl was coating my tongue.

The rosebud of her anus was open to me, and I sought entrance, probing between Belinda’s soft cheeks to tickle the dark cleft. The act of rimming my little girl was delightful, and I could have licked her asshole for hours. But her pussy demanded my attention right then, so I regretfully abandoned Belinda’s bottom for the time being, once more pressing my mouth to her sex.

“Oh, Mommy,” she whispered, staring blissfully at me. “This is… s-so nice…”

I renewed my ardent licking, pleasuring Belinda, her ecstasy slowly rising until my daughter was at the very brink of release. Then I sought out the tiny nubbin of her clitoris, taking it between my lips to suckle.

Her soft whimpers quickly mounted into a wild cry as a long-awaited orgasm came crashing down. Belinda was shaking violently, her head turning from side to side while I held on, firmly clutching my little girl’s hips. She came hard for about half a minute, then relaxed as the intensity of her climax began to wane. Her legs straightened, and she sank back into the thick carpet with a long, contented sigh.

With one last gentle kiss on her vulva, I raised myself to my knees, then shifted into a sitting position next to Belinda. Tired as she was, my baby sat up, reaching out for me, and I took her damp body into my arms.

“I love you, Mommy,” she breathed, her lips lightly caressing my ear. Then she sat back, gazing at me with adoring eyes. “That was my dream — doing that with you. You made my dream come true.”

Belinda’s hair was stuck to her moist forehead, and I lovingly brushed it to one side. “Precious child.” As if I was held by a magic spell, my face was slowly drawn to hers, and we kissed.

Goodness, what a kiss that was. My baby’s tongue shyly grazed my lips, and they parted to allow her entrance, my tongue greeting hers, engaging, mingling as our passion grew. I was smitten, a woman in love.

A sound suddenly broke the silence. I lifted my head, staring toward the sliding glass door, the one that led to the back yard — and saw, standing there in the entrance, my daughter Melody, her eyes dancing with excitement. Believe it or not, I was surprised.

My heart raced as she stepped in and stood before us. As usual, Melody was wearing an incredibly short skirt, looking every inch the teenage tramp.

She grinned knowingly at the sight of her baby sister, naked and in my arms, then kicked off her sandals and began to unbutton her top, tugging it off and tossing it aside. As I expected, there was no bra covering her perky breasts. She quickly unhooked her skirt, then let it slide to the floor, revealing her beautiful naked body. Hmmm… no panties, either.

Her eyes met mine as she reached down to lightly manipulate her clit with expert fingers. “Well, Mom, I guess you just can’t resist the lure of young flesh, can you?”

I laughed at that — in fact, we all did — then I licked my lips as sensuously as possible while leering at my sexy daughter, the desire I felt mirrored in her eyes.

Melody strutted forward and stood beside me, then raised a leg to place her foot on the arm of the couch, showing me everything she had. Tilting my face up to hers, she bent down to kiss me hotly, her tongue flickering in my mouth like a flame for a delicious instant before she abruptly broke away. Belinda, still nestled in my arms, gasped in awe.

Seizing my wrist, Melody placed my hand on her pubic mound. “Touch me, Mom,” she hissed. “Feel how wet I am for you.”

Placing a finger at the entrance of her cunt, I pushed it deep into my daughter with a single smooth motion. Melody inhaled sharply and threw her head back as I began to fuck her, adding a second finger after a few strokes.

Belinda nibbled her lower lip while she watched me fuck her big sister — then she got down on her tummy before me, burying her face between my legs. I parted them, giving my little girl full access, moaning when her lips pressed into my throbbing sex.

Melody rode my hand for a while, then straightened, my finger leaving her vagina with a wet sound. “What a good mommy you are,” she cooed, briefly touching my cheek. Then she moved to kneel behind Belinda. Transfixed by her baby sister’s upturned ass, Melody placed a hand on that tight little bottom and began to caress it. I could see Belinda’s eyes glaze over with pleasure at big sister’s touch.

Melody’s naughty hand soon slipped between Belinda’s legs to play with her cunt. My youngest daughter moaned soft and low into my pubic curls, still licking me as best she could.

Suddenly, Melody grabbed Belinda by the arm — roughly pulling her away from me — and tugged her out into the center of the room. Melody positioned her little sister with the side of her face resting flat on the carpet, her girlish bottom jutting lewdly up into the air. I felt behind me for the front of Janet’s couch, leaning back against the plush cushions.

Melody knelt behind her baby sister and took a long, loving lick, trailing her tongue from her bare slit up through the crack of her ass. Belinda shivered ecstatically, her face the very image of sexual rapture. Remembering how skilled Melody had been at oral when we’d done each other mere hours ago, I smiled to myself, knowing how wonderful Belinda must have felt right then.

Spreading Belinda’s buttocks with both hands, Melody began to rim her younger sibling. My twelve-year-old was positively ecstatic, nearly sobbing for joy as her big sister’s hot, sucking mouth pressed deep between her cheeks. Clearly, a love of anal stimulation ran in our family.

Suddenly Janet plunked herself on the carpet next to me. Cupping my face in two warm hands, she crushed her mouth to mine in a torrid kiss, probing me with her tongue. Then, without a word, we sat back against the couch to watch my oldest daughter make love to my youngest. Janet’s hand casually drifted between my legs, and mine between hers, and we fingered each other’s clits as we took in the sight and sounds of my daughters committing incest. Belinda’s body seemed to move in time with Melody’s licking, and I could hear her whimper with delight at every flick of big sister’s tongue in her ass crack.

Once more Janet and I turned to each other and kissed. My eyes drifted shut as I savored the warmth and softness of my neighbor’s luscious mouth. She and I slid to the floor in a tight clinch, and I climbed on top of her, pressing a thigh against Janet’s heated sex — the two of us making out like lust-crazed teenagers.

Then I heard Melody’s demanding voice ring out. “Okay, Mom… get on your hands and knees!”

I raised my face to see Melody standing defiantly before me, naked but for the huge strap-on dildo she was fastening around her waist. Securing it, her hand slid up and down the length of the latex cock, a wicked gleam in her eyes. A shiver of excitement ran through me at the sight of such a large cock strapped to my daughter. It was long and thick and I wanted it inside me more than anything.

I quickly positioned myself on all fours, sticking my ass in the air with my knees parted wide. It had been ages since I’d had a lover indulge my submissive side, taking me like a wild animal — but Melody’s grin said more clearly than any words that she was in the mood for some very rough fun and games.

I sensed my daughter moving behind me, then felt the sting of her hand, crashing down on my right buttock. I cried out loud — partly in pain and surprise, mostly in pleasure.

“Ready to get fucked, Mom? Huh? Ready to take my big, hard cock in your ass?” Then WHAP! Melody’s other hand came down like the wrath of God on my other cheek, and I cried out again.

Her hand spread some kind of lubricant all the way up the crack of my ass, then across my tight hole. I shivered with anticipation at the thought of being buttfucked by my Melody. She plunged two fingers into my anus, wriggling them around to loosen me up back there. She was far from gentle with me, but I didn’t mind.

A few seconds later Melody removed her fingers and began sliding the tip of her cock between my cheeks. I wasn’t absolutely certain that I could take a dick that big in my back door — but I planned to find out, one way or the other.

I whimpered in joy as my asshole slowly opened up to my daughter, a choked cry escaping my lips as the bulbous head suddenly penetrated the anal ring.

“That’s it, Mom! Open up for me. I’m gonna fuck you till you scream,” she growled as she slapped my butt again, harder this time.

The burning of my bottom only added fuel to the fire that raged between my legs. Shit — the more Melody treated me like a whore, the more it turned me on! She knows me so well, I mused.

I took a deep breath and felt the huge shaft begin to muscle its way into my anal passage. It’s so big! was all I could think. But it felt wonderful as it slowly, slowly filled me.

Janet and Mary were entangled on the carpet a few feet away in a lover’s embrace, kissing passionately. Mary’s legs were wrapped around her mother, and she was rubbing her cunt against Janet’s belly. The intensity of their feelings for one another was a beautiful thing to see. I felt a surge of indescribable joy that nearly brought me to tears, knowing that my girls and I were now loving each other in the same way.

Once Melody had completely penetrated my rectum, she began to withdraw her cock, only to slide the full length of it back inside. I grunted with pleasure as it filled me. Again, Melody slapped my ass firmly as she began to work the length of it in and out.

As she plowed me, Melody moaned, “Oh, Mom, this is so fuckin’ kinky.” She was pumping my ass with long steady strokes, and I could feel my cunt leaking down the insides of my thighs. I was my daughter’s slut, her back door bitch — I loved it!

Then Belinda was kneeling before me, her face about an inch from mine. She nibbled gently at my lower lip, and I closed my eyes, kissing her like a lover. I could feel the child humming with pleasure as my tongue licked its way around her mouth. This was miles away from a normal mother-daughter kiss, but then nothing I’d been doing today could be considered normal.

“Oooh, yeah, that’s so hot, Mom,” Melody sighed, her hips moving against my ass. “Can you taste your pussy on her lips?”

I did, and it was delicious. Belinda and I continued to kiss, her little hands fondling my breasts as Melody kept pumping in and out of my rectum, keeping my senses heightened by slapping my ass every so often. As for me, I was thrusting my hips back against that slippery prick, trying to take it even deeper.

When I came, it was like being turned inside out. I was screaming and thrashing wildly as my daughters pleasured me, taking their own mother through the most amazing orgasm.

I actually passed out for a minute or so, coming to in Melody’s arms. She cradled my head in her lap while Belinda lay curled against me, her lips touching my breast.

Gazing down, Melody gave me a look of adoration, the likes of which I’d not had from her in ages, and whispered, “Love ya, Mom,” bending to place a feather-light kiss on my nose. It was such a perfect moment that I actually shed a few tears. After all those years of anger and defiance, I had my daughter back.

Then she kissed my mouth, her soft lips brushing mine. I responded, my desire magically renewing itself as our tongues met and entwined.

The five of us shared a long afternoon of lovemaking before my daughters and I cleaned up and went home, where we crammed ourselves in the shower stall to wash each other clean before emerging to pass out in a tangle of bare limbs on my bed.


From that day on, this relationship with my daughters has been the joy of my existence. I no longer have to pretend that I’m some kind of prim and proper mother around the girls. Melody came back home to stay, and our family was complete.

Belinda moved into my bedroom with me, where two years later, we still fuck nearly every night. Melody has her own room, where she often entertains other girls and women — but then there are nights when she joins me and Belinda in a family orgy steamy enough to take off the wallpaper. Of course, we also enjoy a lovely rapport with Janet and Mary. I can drop by their house just about any time to borrow something a hell of a lot sweeter than a cup of sugar.

It’s so strange: I spent years denying my true nature in an effort to keep my daughters from being like me. Then in the end, it was my precious girls who showed me the light, helped me to once again become the wanton woman I was always meant to be. And now that I’ve overcome those silly fears, sharing this beautiful, perverse lifestyle with Melody and Belinda is the best part of it all.

So that’s my life these days. I’m a freaky, incestuous lesbian mother — and I couldn’t be happier if I tried!



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  1. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    Thank you, JB, great story. I really enjoyed it. Even the waiting.

  2. Jeanie says:

    Awesome story!!

  3. Felicia says:

    beautiful and exciting mine were explosive great story

  4. Little Lover says:

    So very sweet!

  5. babykeiko says:

    Beautiful story… the raw lust that wins over the rational doubts… I will always be a fan! xxxx

  6. JetBoy says:

    Once again, my cup runneth over with gratitude to you all for the kind words. Many, many thanks.

  7. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    Hi, JB, despite my playful joshing earlier you know I have always been a fan, and I reckon this is definitely the best.

    It took me three attempts to finish it chapter 3. No need for the gory and sweaty details.

    You may not ben in the same category as CT and NM for length, but, sir, when it comes to generating heat you are up there with the orgy on the cruise ship in Serendipity or CT’s pussy cat club, even the lesbian story genius that is NM didn’t get close to those temperatures in her orgiastic scenes – and you only had two moms and three daughters!

  8. Bryan says:

    O loved every single word of this story

  9. sue says:

    Fantastic story! Even if nothing new were ever added here, there are so many great stories here that I’ve never seen before or that deserve rereads I could come the rest of my life here.

  10. Captain Midnight says:

    Question? Was Melody’s original name Pepper or was that a nickname? She is called Pepper at least twice.

    • JetBoy says:

      I elected to go with a different name for the character at one point, then ran a mass word-change… which clearly missed three instances of the original name. God damn, computers piss me off sometimes.

      At any rate, I fixed the story the old-fashioned way — going through it page by page.

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