Daughter’s Drawings

  • Posted on May 12, 2024 at 3:55 pm

Note from JetBoy: Had this one kicking around in my collection for years. I put a bit of a shine on it, but didn’t change it enough to call it mine, so in the Author Unknown file it goes. Hope you like the result.

Author Unknown

The room was strangely quiet after Lisa’s sobbing. She still knelt on the floor, but she just sniffed occasionally, timidly glancing up from her drawings to look at my face.  She was eighteen, a slender young woman whose athletic figure often turned heads.  Not as she was at the moment though, her eyes red from crying, black eyeliner staining her cheeks.

Her father and I were proud of Lisa and her many achievements. She’d recently won a scholarship in fine art at a university. She loved to draw and paint, even before she could walk. I smiled as I recalled the living room floor strewn with her pictures in crayon, pencil, finger paint. You couldn’t look at a wall anywhere in the house without seeing at least one picture of hers.

Now this, I thought, moving one picture to look at another. There were at least a dozen on the coffee table, revealed when I had emptied a bottom drawer, taped underneath in a plastic bag. They were all black ink line drawings, all showing women in constraining leather clothes… some gagged, others masked, pale flesh showing the marks of having been whipped or caned. Some included women with strapped black cocks jutting from their loins. The drawings were both sensuous and lewd, finely detailed to the point of graphically portrayed anal sex.

I tried to ignore the erotic quality of the works. The shock of first seeing them had made that easy… and at first, I hadn’t even believed Lisa could have done them. But as time passed, as her crying ebbed and the nature of what I was looking at became fully understood, I couldn’t help but react, my pussy growing moist. These drawings were hot!

“You must’ve needed a model,” I said, my voice tight as I looked at a drawing of a figure on all fours, a glistening black shaft half sunk in her furry slit while another strained her mouth.

She shook her head, looking down at her feet. “They’re all me,” she whispered. “I… I used a mirror to d-draw myself.”

The pictures took on a fresh level of eroticism as I realized the shapes were all Lisa — the long slender torsos, the firm rounded breasts, so often shown with nipple rings or small tattoos, the succulent asses that were offered for defiling or beating, anal rings still open after being fucked hard, dripping cunts still spread with arousal. I licked my lips and squeezed my thighs together, stung by the excitement I felt.

I’d long entertained occasional bisexual fantasies, sometimes masturbating while imagining myself making love to other women. But now I was getting aroused at erotic images of my own daughter! I had to stay cool, keep control.

I looked away and counted to thirty, waiting for my flash of lust to subside. Meanwhile my daughter began to cry again. “You weren’t meant to see them. No one was. They were just for me!” she sobbed.

“And the clothes? The… toys? Are they imaginary?” I asked, glancing at the picture that showed a black strap-on penis, fastened around the hips of a woman, rising in all its glory towards the eager mouth of a young girl. The detail was exquisite and I quickly dragged my eyes from it.

“They’re mine,” she mumbled. “I bought them through the mail.”

“Jesus, Lisa!” I gasped. She began to cry again.

“Go get them,” I told her. My curiosity was too great — the excitement had my panties damp. I wasn’t sure just what the hell I was doing, but my renewed arousal made me want to see more… to see everything!

Lisa returned with an old suitcase she kept on top of her wardrobe. She nervously nibbled her lower lip as she opened it and began lifting out clothes, some of them no more than straps.

“What’s this?” I asked, holding up a strip of leather with holes in it.

“It’s a breast halter,” she explained softly, her cheeks burning.

“Put it on,” I told her, before I knew what I was saying.

She looked at it for a moment, then began removing her top and bra. I watched her bare her upper body, and suddenly tried to ignore the warmth I felt inside at seeing Lisa’s firm little breasts and the paleness of her skin. She didn’t look at me, but I could see she was blushing as she pulled the strap around her, fastening it with a twist then turning it until her faintly pink nipples stood in the holes.  I noted her nipples hadn’t been pierced and suddenly wondered what they’d look like with little golden rings hanging from them. One of her pictures was of a tongue touching the underside of an erect nipple… I wondered what it would feel like to lick a woman’s breast like that.

“No piercings…?” I murmured, because I’d been staring at her breasts, and I didn’t want Lisa to think I was coming on to her… but my lust was rising by the second, spiraling out of control. God — my own daughter was getting me hot!

“I… I never had the nerve to go into the store,” she told me, blushing.

Rummaging around in the case, I found her strap-on cock. It was long and black, the molding as detailed as she’d drawn it. I felt myself flood as I imagined the long thick thing sliding into my cunt — it was at least twice the size of my husband’s prick. I saw that this strap-on was specially designed to stimulate the clitoris of the wearer. My heart now pumping wildly, I handed it to her.

“Put it on,” I told her.

“Mom!” she gasped.

“Do you want your father to see these?” I asked, gesturing toward the drawings. She shook her head, eyes begging me not to. “Then do it,” I told her firmly.

Softly weeping, my daughter rose and popped the clasp to her jeans. I crossed my legs and savored the warm growing wetness in my panties as I watched her slender pale thighs appear, pink panties on show, the cotton hugging her pubes. God… she was so beautiful. It was right then that I knew for certain that I wanted to make love to her.

Kicking aside her jeans, Lisa kept her face hidden as she peeled her panties down. I bit my lip, unable to deny the excitement I felt at watching my daughter undress in front of me. She was sobbing quietly as she exposed her lightly-furred mound to me, its edges shaved smooth, her pink slit just visible in front of the slender columns of her legs. I trembled with desire as I glimpsed glistening labia between her slender thighs, Lisa’s sex revealed in all its exquisite detail. I squirmed in my now soaked panties.

Lisa stepped into the halter and eased it up her slender form, wriggling as she tugged it over her bottom and childlike hips. The cock stood rigidly in front of her, its sculptured eye pointing directly at me.

“Satisfied?” she asked in a little voice.

“No. Come here,” I told her.

Chewing her lip she shuffled forward, her short bleached blond hair making her look almost boyish. When she was close enough I reached out for the penis, feeling a thrill shoot through me as my daughter gasped, her hands fumbling for mine.

“You feel every move it makes, don’t you?” I asked, tugging on it again just to hear her little cry. I smiled as she turned her big round eyes on mine.

“P-please, Mom…” she begged.

“Please what? Please stop?” I asked. “Or do you mean–” and I moved the cock once again, “–please don’t stop?”

Mom!” she gasped. I was rubbing the shaft, working it around, making my daughter tremble with arousal. Her nipples stood out through their holes in her rubber halter, and her cheeks were flushed pink.

“You don’t want me to stop… do you?” I said, gazing deep into Lisa’s eyes. She could see how turned on I was, her eyes growing wide in wonder. I placed my other hand on her bare hip as I fondled that rubber cock with the other. Slowly… slowly I brought my face to hers, and we kissed.

I kissed her gently at first — then Lisa’s sweet mouth opened to mine and her tongue slipped between my lips. My hand slid around her back and down to her ass, which I fondled as we kissed passionately. Lisa took me in her arms and held me as our kiss grew hotter. Suddenly I broke away and released her, my fingers tingling where I’d touched her bare bottom.

Lisa was taller than me but only by an inch or so. Taking my shoes off made it two inches.

“Are we going to… to fuck, Mom?” she hesitantly asked, those large, dark eyes watching as I opened my blouse, fingers moving from one button to the next.

“Yes, baby, we are,” I declared, unfastening the last button and pulling my top off. I reached up behind to undo the clasp of my bra, casting it away to stand before Lisa, my breasts bare for her.

I waited, watching Lisa study them, licking her lips. It was her eyes more than the cool air of the room that made my nipples rise and throb, and I could sense she was aware of that. Taking a deep breath, I reached for my skirt, unfastened it, then slipped it off. I wore tights over my knickers and both slid down my thighs until I could easily step from them.

“What now?” I asked, standing naked before my beautiful daughter. I felt myself blush as I saw her stare at my unshaved cunt. .

Her eyes met mine. “We need to… lubricate it,” she told me, her hand sliding softly down its length, a little smile appearing on her face. “I can go get something from my room…”

“No need,” I replied, getting down on my knees to look up at her. “Come on.”

Lisa knew what I meant and, her breath deepening, stepped forward to offer that long, lovely prick to me.

I closed my lips over it and took its length deep into my mouth. She groaned, her hands around the shaft as she fed me her cock. And I groaned in reply as I sucked on it, my cunt dripping as I looked up into my daughter’s face to see naked lust smoldering in her eyes.

“Oh yeah, Mom… suck my cock, and I’ll give you the best fuck you’ve ever had,” she breathed. I sobbed in excitement as I worshiped the massive strap-on jutting from her boyish hips, my ears burning as I listened to her quickening breath, felt her rising excitement.

“That’s it, Mom — make it good and wet for me. Ohhhh!” she cried, twisting her loins to and fro. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, couldn’t believe how turned on I was by it all.

Suddenly Lisa yanked me upright and kissed me hungrily. Her fingers toyed with my eager cunt, then slid into me. She leaned down to flick her tongue over my aching nipples as she fucked me. Then she took a step back, grinning through her flushed face as her hand slid up and down the saliva coated cock. “Bend over, Mom. Your baby girl wants to fuck you now,” she murmured.

“Yes, yes!” I exclaimed, wanting to feel that big black toy plunging deep inside me… wanting to make love to a woman for the first time, to be fucked by my own daughter. I would surrender to her youthful lust; be an incestuous slut for her.

Panting hotly, I turned and bent over the writing desk for her, parting my legs and dipping my back. The cool air of the room told me I was as open as I could make myself without reaching back and spreading my cheeks apart. My body tingled from head to toe, every atom of me ready to be taken.

“That’s the way, Mom,” Lisa breathed as she stepped up to my raised bottom and ran a finger through my dripping pussy. ”You’re a very good girl.”

“Oh, God,” I groaned, thrusting my cunt out for her to stroke again, mewing in frustration as I felt nothing.

“Wait for it…” she demanded, a hand on my bottom.

I gulped, feeling the latex tip slide across my pussy mouth, then lodge at the opening. I took a deep breath, nearly shaking with anticipation. Then it was sliding into me, my daughter’s body weight pushing it all the way inside. I almost screamed, my eyes open but sightless as I felt the incredible sensations of being opened up wide by the unforgiving cock.

“Come on, Mommy,” Lisa growled, panting and bearing down on me, “Let’s fuck…”

I wanted to howl like a wild beast in heat. I was being stretched, opened, invaded, all of that and more. I was pinned to the desk by the biggest, hardest cock imaginable — and my daughter was guiding it.

I felt her hands on my bottom and knew she had completely embedded it within me. That was when I came.

I quivered and shook in a convulsive orgasm, squeezing my eyes closed as fireworks went off in my head.

Lisa began to move, each inward push of her cock stealing my breath away, each outward pull making me sob as I felt my insides being drawn outward. Her hands were touching my ass, one finger teasing my asshole.

I came again. And I could hear Lisa cry of delight as she came herself, her hands clutching my buttocks as she rode her own orgasm.

I whimpered as she slowly withdrew from me… then sank to the carpet, lying on my back. My cunt glowed with warmth and, despite the exhaustion I felt from my pleasure, I knew I could easily reach another orgasm by just touching myself. If I could just build up the strength to do that, I thought.

“God, Mom… I love you,” I heard Lisa say above me. I blinked my eyes open to stare up at my daughter as she stepped out of the harness, placing that pussy-wet cock on the coffee table.

Then she knelt beside me. “Kiss me,” she urged, her face hot, her hands tightening. I felt her warm, wet lips brushing softly against mine, groaning as she suddenly thrust her tongue into my mouth. I tugged at her, and she lay her soft, naked body on top of mine as our kiss grew more torrid by the second. I cradled her incredible ass in both my hands while our tongues entwined lovingly.

Her fingers toyed with my aching nipples… then she moved down to lick and suck at them. God, I was already eager for more. Her mouth slid down my body, kissing and teasing my tingling flesh with her lips and tongue. Then I could feel her warm breath against my cunt, and I whimpered with a fierce need for release.

Then she burrowed her face between my legs and began to eat my pussy in a sweet frenzy of lust. Eating pussy is too mild a term for it; my daughter was making love to my cunt with a passion that had my head reeling.

I felt her swivel around and straddle my face, her hot mouth never leaving my pussy for a second. I gazed enraptured at my baby’s sex, now inches from my face. Her slit shone with moisture, nestled within dark blonde pubes. The musky aroma was intoxicating.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, seeking her wetness with my lips and tongue. Lisa purred with pleasure, going down on me as I savored the taste of a woman — my own sweet daughter — for the very first time. I knew, at that moment, that I had finally found the lover of my dreams.

The End


19 Comments on Daughter’s Drawings

  1. ClitLicker says:

    Wow. That’s different. As hot as usual though 😍

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      I don’t know why I wasted so much time going through Kristen’s Archives. I should have just spent my time reading the stuff in Jetboy’s archive instead!

      A good story. I agree it’s not quite what I was expecting but it’s good to have different stuff nor and again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. BlueJean says:

    Well… I’m struggling to find anything good to say about this one. The daughter’s sudden shift from being mortified at getting found out to gleefully willing incestuous partner was incredibly jarring.

    I suppose if you’re into BDSM and strapons you’ll get some mileage out of it, so why the hell not?

    Can’t say it did much for me, but so it goes.

  3. Quinlan says:

    I’m with BlueJean. The turnaround was too abrupt plus BDSM can be hit-or-miss with me.

  4. JetBoy says:

    If I’d written this one myself, I certainly would have stretched the story out a bit, but I don’t think the daughter’s mood shift is THAT jarring. Lisa assumes she’s in huge trouble… then all of a sudden Mom kisses her and starts stripping. That, I’d think, would result in a pretty extreme response.

    Well, my two cents.

  5. kinkys_sis says:

    I generally prefer not to comment when I think a story is really poor. For once, I’m going to. I have to say that I don’t feel this one comes up to the standards that we love JS for. To me, it’s Nifty-type fodder.

  6. EasyKiterider says:

    Well, I liked it. More if possible. Thanks again.

  7. SugoiiKacey says:

    A nice little quick one. Maybe it was the bit of addition/polish on it.. it was enjoyable. But felt almost like 1st half was expanded on with more description and character handling than what followed the decision to have her put it on and the sex part..not as descriptive. But I’m a sucker for some bdsm at times so was enjoyable 🙂

  8. Joe Dornish says:

    Oh dear, what a shame, this could have been such a good little story. It has all the right ingredients, but it feels half cooked and rushed.
    I’m all for starting in the middle of the action, I often start my stories in medias res. But when you do this you still need to find a way to bring the characters to life so the readers can connect with them. A little bit of clever story telling about long held hidden desires would have made it far more palatable. That and some much needed finesse on the sex scene which was a bit to blunt force, even for my tastes.
    On the plus side, I like that the story strays from the usual JS material, this was a brave attempt to bring us something different and in that regard I’d welcome more stories that offer something out of the norm.

    (On a side note, I feel rather guilty leaving a critical comment. But as a writer I’d welcome such feedback, it’s how we improve. My message to the author would be to keep going, this story was almost there, the next one may well hit the mark.)

  9. Kim & Sue says:

    My Cousin Nancy is a fantastic stand alone story. This companion story to it works as both a companion story and as a stand alone story. Amanda Lynn handles a stand alone, or a series equally well. The stories are well written, with good characters and scorching sex and erotica and loving feelings.

    A Pair of Blue Panties by Kinky_sis is also a great stand alone story. Now for two recently posted stand alone stories, Daughters Drawings and the Larson Treatment.

    We’ve always found Nell of Sweden stories, very gentle and erotic filled with willing sex partners of all ages. They are pretty well written, and if we’re horny already, or a little buzzed they get us off. So the Larson Treatment worked to get us almost off, but it doesn’t compare to this story.

    Daughters Drawings is a cute premise that almost works but not quite. The characters just don’t quite make it as believable even in a I’m just here to rub one off way. At least the fantasy characters in The Larson Treatment have some personality and are fun.

    So in our opinion stand alone stories should at least really get you off, or at least hold your interest or both.

    This story by Amanda Lynn raised a high bar that is hard to measure up to for sure for other stories.

    • Kim & Sue says:

      Sorry we are a little messed up these days. really this should be in ‘series or stand alone’ comments. Apologies to all.

      • Erocritique says:

        No worries: I followed what you two were saying, and found little to disagree with. And considering this story was a perfect example of a “standalone story” that didn’t quite work, your comment here was fitting. Cheers!!!

  10. JetBoy says:

    I suspect that this might be the least-liked story in the history of Juicy Secrets. The fault is mine, really – I had nothing ready to post, and grabbed this. Now I’m thinking about taking it down. We have a standard to maintain, after all.

    • BlueJean says:

      No need to take it down. The mood seems to be cool indifference rather than outrage. If a less than stellar story like this stands out like a sore thumb, it’s only because we’re so accustomed to the sheer quality of material that Juicy Secrets is known for. Plus, the votes seem to indicate more people liked it than not.

      • kinkys_sis says:

        I agree, enough readers seem to like it, so there’s no pressure to take it off.

      • Kim & Sue says:

        We agree, no need to take it down. You can tell it floats a lot of boats by the votes.

        We meant to mention it was Amanda Lynn’s And Debbie Makes Three we were using as a great stand alone.

        And afraid to even mention it but there was a story that really seemed to rankle even though the author is much loved. We won’t give the title or author afraid to start anything up again, but we will say the posting thread had to be shut down.

        We now shut our stupid mouths for awhile, promise.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      I agree with the other comments here. Despite being a critic of this story it should be left up because more than enough people like and there is nothing controversial in it. As someone else mentioned, it’s a mark of the overall quality of material on JS that this story stands out in such a way, where on other sites it would be considered above average or even good.

  11. Russell says:

    Leaving this piece as is on the site, will just show everyone who ever visits here, how much quality there IS in the TOP stories. Let’s all take a moment and salute the gifted writers who take their time to write such incredibly arousing tales for all of us to enjoy and cum to.

  12. Lazaran says:

    The story was “filler” due to the reasons JB mentioned (and it served its purpose). It could stay up or come down and it wouldn’t impact the site much. To be honest, the story fell flat for me due to the pace and the premise, and not the bdsm elements. I just didn’t buy into it, so I couldn’t really get into it.

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