Susie’s Diary, Chapter 9

  • Posted on July 8, 2017 at 6:26 pm

By JetBoy

Thursday 10th February, 1966

Oh boy, Claire is back! I was so excited, I ran up to give her a hug when I got off the bus and saw her on the big stairs outside the school.

Claire said she missed me, and she had a rotten time staying home with her folks. She had to pretend it was lots of fun even though it was mostly the grown ups talking about stuff she didnt care about.

I asked her to come spend the night on Saturday, and she said yes. Then I got a idea, and told her Mommy would also like to see her again, that Mommy said she thought Claire was really sweet and pretty. I could see Claire was happy to hear that!

So I got a idea while I was at school today, about how me and Mommy maybe could get Claire into bed and all of us then do sex together. Here is how it works.

I let Mommy know when me and Claire are gonna go up to my room and make love. Then she gives us time to take off all our clothes and get in bed. So when we are doing stuff Mommy comes in and catches us. Then I tell Claire how Mommy and me are lovers too, and we want her to make love to us.

The only bad thing will be if Claire is scared, or if she gets creeped out about me and Mommy. But then she wont tell, cause she was doing sex with me too.

Mommy is staying up late tonight with Daddy to pay bills. So I didnt get a chance to tell her my idea. Maybe I can in the morning.

Now I feel all excited, so I want to touch my pussy and come after I turn the light out and go to bed. It isnt as good as making love. But I am getting better at doing it all the time so I dont mind so much. Also I can think about ANY woman or girl I want to when I masturbate.

(I looked back a bunch of pages to make sure if I spelled that word right. Yay for me! I did.)

Tonight when I do it I want to think about Mrs Cracknell, my Music Appreciation teacher. She has such a nice bottom, I would LOVE to put my face in it!

Now I dont feel like writing any more, ha ha! Time to turn out the light and have some fun.


Friday 11th February, 1966

Wow, Mommy gave me a GREAT suprise last night! I was in bed rubbing my pussy and she knocked on my door, then opened it up and said Sweetheart? really quiet. I was busy thinking about licking my music teacher and didnt hear Mommy coming down the hall, and it scared me silly at first.

Any how, she came in and said, Hey there baby girl, in that sexy voice she has that makes me shiver like its cold. But I sure didnt feel cold on the inside!

When she closed the door I found the switch on the lamp on my night stand and turned it on so I could see Mommy. She had this wanting look in her eyes. Like she was hungry, but not for any thing to eat.

She had on her robe, one that has pretty blue flowers on it, and then she opened it and was naked inside.

My heart was beating so hard, I thought it might blow up like a firecracker!

Mommy was smiling at me when she took the robe off and let it fall on the floor. Then she came over to my bed moving really slow, and sat down next to me.

Sweet Susie, she said, Let’s make love.

I didnt understand. I said, What about Daddy? Where is he?

Mommy just smiled, and said, He got tired and went to bed early. Dont worry baby girl, he is fast asleep. We can do this, long as we keep it quiet.

She reached to touch my face, then she came close and kissed me. I was a little scared of getting caught, but when I felt Mommy’s tongue in my mouth I forgot about every thing but making love to her.

I pushed down the blanket to show Mommy I was naked under it. She made a little moan into my mouth then lay me back down, and got on top of me. We were still kissing all hot and wild, but doing it quiet so we didnt wake Daddy. I was touching her titties and making the nipples grow big with my fingers. Mommy had her hand between my legs rubbing my pussy, and we were taking turn sucking each others tongues.

It was strange to make love when there was the chance me and Mommy might get caught doing it. But I kind of liked that feeling, the way we were doing some thing really really fun that was also scary. That made it lots more exciting!

I guess thinking about that made me feel sort of crazy, cause then I pushed Mommy away from me and made her roll over and lay on her back. Then I was looking at her and I said the bad words, just like I told myself I would do. I said, I want to fuck you, Mommy. Let me fuck you.

Let me tell you, her eyes got HUGE when I said that! She didnt say a thing, she just grabbed my hand and put it between her legs. Pushing it and making my fingers go so deep into her pussy.

She said, Do it, baby girl. Fuck your Mommy!

I could tell she wanted it fast and hard. So thats what I did. I was pumping my arm like I was punching someone, and my hand was making loud wet SLAP sounds every time my fingers went in her.

I was saying the swear words for her, but quiet. I dont know why but that made them sound even more dirty. Your cunt is so hot Mommy. I love to fuck you, do you like it, too? Oh Mommy, I want to taste your cunt on my fingers. Things like that.

But I didnt get to talk dirty for long, cause Mommy started to come really fast. She was screaming so hard that I bet the whole block would of heard, only she had a pillow over her face. Even then it was still pretty loud!

All of a sudden she turned away from me and my fingers came out of her pussy. I guess she had enough and the feelings were too big, like they can get some times when you come. Then she pushed the pillow away and just lay there breathing.

My hand was really wet so I licked it all clean. Tasting her cunt on my fingers, like I told her I wanted to do.

I looked at Mommy then. There was something in her eyes, it made me shiver. Like she was really hungry, and I was what was for dinner. I was a little scared too, but lots more excited. I bet lions look at gazzelles that way before they eat them up!

She reached to me and took my hand, the one I didnt make her come with, and kind of gave it a yank, so I fell down and was in her arms.

Then she was kissing me and her hands were touching all over and I was dizzy from it. My heart beating fast again, just like I ran a long way.

Mommy rolled me over so I was laying on my back and she was on top of me. I love when she does that, its like being under a big thick blanket, only its my naked mother instead. And all the time, we kept kissing.

All of a sudden Mommy pulled away. She sat up and gave me that hungry look again. And she said, Baby girl, I want to lick your cunt now. Spread your legs open for me, let me see it.

I was already feeling the excitment cause I knew Mommy would be making love to me soon, but when she said that about my cunt I felt warm all over!

I pushed my legs apart, far as they go. Showing her all of me. She smiled and said, Keep your eyes open, Susie, watch me make you come with my mouth.

So I did, I watched Mommy when she lay down in front of me, then her tongue took a long slow lick from the bottom to the top of my pussy. I felt that through my whole body, like when music plays really loud. It was so good that it was hard for me to make my eyes stay open, but I did cause Mommy wanted me to.

While her mouth was on me and her tongue poking inside I thought some thing that made my heart beat even faster, which I didnt think it even could!

It was this. I knew of course that me and Mommy are making love, doing sex stuff with each other. But I guess I never really did think about how big and important that is. Any way, when I was laying there, and she was licking me, I was feeling the bigness of it. What it means to have your very own mother making love to you and then you doing that to her, like she is my wife and I am hers.

I guess its silly that I never had that idea before, cause me and Mommy have done those things for weeks now. But when I thought the idea, I felt so in love with her, more than ever!

Her tongue moved over my pussy again. I watched her do it. And that is when I came.

I almost made a really loud noise, but I guess some how I remembered about being quiet so we didnt wake up Daddy. I grabbed some of my blanket and smooshed it over my mouth, holding it there tight so none of the sound got out.

Mommy always knows when to stop licking me, she can tell when I have had enough. This time when she did I held out my arms, I wanted her to hold me more than anything!

She came to me and we hugged. We were both hot and all sweaty, but she felt really good. I was telling her over and over, I love you Mommy. I love you so much Mommy.

I would of been so happy if she stayed with me and we got to spend the night together. But we both knew she had to go back to her bedroom so Daddy didnt catch us. So we kissed some and told each other, I love you. Then Mommy left, going very quiet down the hall.

I didnt go to sleep right away. I was wondering if I was falling in love with Mommy, like we are really girlfriends. I know she said we couldnt be lovers for real, but I think I might love her that way.

I know its bad to keep secrets from her, but I cant tell Mommy about me feeling like this. She may say we have to stop doing sex, and I dont ever EVER want that to happen!

I think the best thing is for me to be in love with Claire and be her girlfriend. I can love Mommy the way that girls are sposed to love their mothers, but I will be in secret love with her too and not tell any one.

We had TV night after supper, me and Mommy and Daddy. They let me watch Batman, then we saw F Troop, Bewitched and That Girl.

I didnt get to tell Mommy my idea about her and me both making love to Claire, how we can get her to do it with us. But I got to cuddle with Daddy some, which was nice.

Any way, I HAVE to tell Mommy my plan right away tomorrow, before Claire comes over to spend the night. Daddy is going to a Lions Club thing in Prattville, and he wont be home until Sunday. I cant wait!

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8 Comments on Susie’s Diary, Chapter 9

  1. Cheryl says:

    JetBoy, I am more aware of how hard you work on this than most of the readers here because, well, because we discuss it so often as it relates to conducting the business of Juicy Secrets.

    I just want to tell you that your hard work is certainly paying off!! I know this because, well, because I read it and enjoy getting off!! As you know, Lisa has been spending a lot of time at work, and that leaves me alone for long periods of time. I confess I often make sexual use of that time.

    Anyway, GREAT JOB!!

  2. Jozef says:

    Aside from being a great and hot story, loved your reference to the mid-60’s tv shows that i grew up on…

    • GhostDog60 says:

      You are right I .also grew up watching those programs, and JetBoy has a way of writing so you are drawn into the story, like almost being in the room with the characters. Keep up the great work. Thank you for all your wonderful stories.

    • JetBoy says:

      Just so you know, I actually looked up the Friday night television lineup for February 1966 to figure out what shows to have Susie and her parents watch. All for you, lovely readers… 😉

      • sue says:

        Let’s hope Captain Midnight doesn’t check the TV listings for 1966, I really don’t want to see JetBoy sidetracked again from writing and editing. Unless it was a summer lineup I saw things listed for different nights.

        Shut the fuck up, Kim!


        • sue says:

          Honest, just kidding with each other.

          Kim & Sue

          • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

            Better crank that air conditioner up another degree or two…you guys are so kooky!
            the 60’s TV shows were some of the most memorable, wonder how many ppl saved those old TV Guides?


  3. kim says:

    I love that kind of detail, like what was on TV in 1966. Love the hot sex, and descriptions of it by Susie also. great job as always

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