Ripples, Chapter 35

  • Posted on December 7, 2023 at 3:54 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 34 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and eventually ends up joining in the family festivities.

Jess has an openly gay friend named Stella. She has twin daughters named Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) who have flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her oldest daughter Alice. Alice suspects that the twins are sexually involved with their mother Stella, who she is very much attracted to herself.

As it transpires, Stella and her daughters are members of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out in her relationship with Rachel, Stella is looking to bring her, Rachel and both their families into the Society. She has taken a careful first step by inviting Alice to a sleepover with her own daughters, which resulted in — surprise, surprise — a four-way orgy.

As another test to determine whether Jess and her families are truly suitable candidates for the Society, Sienna and Lacey drop by Jessica’s clothing store at closing time. She lets them in to shop anyhow, the twins seduce her, and their mother Stella conveniently “catches” the three of them at it.

A side note: Jess, her sister Laura and her lover Rachel have been toying with the idea of inviting another family member to join in their incestuous relationship: Jessica’s and Laura’s mother Ann, who has herself recently explored lesbian sex with a much younger woman. They discuss the idea, and are overheard by Jessica’s seven-year-old daughter Poppy.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…


by Sapphmore and JetBoy

Jessica was in the back of her shop, just outside the changing rooms, completely nude and sandwiched on the thick shag carpet between two equally bare teenage girls – Lacey and Sienna, the twin daughters of her friend Stella. Lacey’s fingers were buried in her cunt; hers were still deep inside Sienna.

And there was Stella, leaning against the doorway, after she’d crept into the shop to catch Jess and the twins in the aftermath of a frenzied fuck. Not that she was upset or angry. In fact, she had a hand buried in her knickers, and was openly masturbating to the lewd scene.

Disentangling herself from the girls, Jessica slowly sat up, a wry half-smile on her lips at the sight. “Hello, Stella. I suppose there’s no point in saying, ‘This isn’t what it looks like’ – but then, it’s not as if this wasn’t your plan all along, am I right?”

Stella said nothing, just released a choked cry as she spurred herself to orgasm. Once her ecstasy had crested and waned, she withdrew her hand from the dark blue panties, letting her dress fall back into place. “Actually, what you’re doing is exactly what it looks like, Jess,” she said, still a bit out of breath. “And it’s very much what I was hoping to see.”

Exchanging cheeky grins, the twins got to their feet and advanced towards Stella. “Let me taste, Mummy,” Lacey said. She seized her mother’s hand, bringing it to her mouth to suck greedily on the woman’s sticky fingers. Meanwhile, Sienna captured her mum’s mouth in a lingering tongue kiss. When the teen broke away, Stella licked her lips to savour the unfamiliar essence of her friend’s cunt.

If we are still friends, Jess told herself. The jury just might be out on that.

When the three blondes looked back, expecting Jess to be gathering up her clothes and getting dressed, they were surprised instead to see her lounging back on the leather sofa, legs apart, feet on the floor and one hand resting on her belly, the fingers barely grazing the glistening labia.

Jess fixed her gaze on Stella, pleased to note that the woman was distracted by the sight of her lewdly displayed cunt. That’s right, sweetie – it’s my turn to play.

“I guessed that you’d try something like this, Stel,” she began, “but I never thought you’d make it so bloody obvious. I mean, sending these two in dressed like they’re auditioning for an X-rated Britney Spears video?” Not exactly subtle. Then, you oh-so-conveniently catch us in the act?” She shook her head. “Oh, Stella. Why do you think I left the door unlocked for you?”

Stella spread her arms in a gesture of helplessness. “I’m sorry if you feel I’ve been deceptive, Jess, but this seemed to be the right move for me to make after…”

“…After you fucked my daughter?”

“Well, I suppose that’s the simplest way to put it.”

Jess slowly nodded. “Sienna and Lacey were very forthcoming about this little escapade, and what they were here to do. You might say I got the better deal. After all, I had it off with both your daughters.”

With a sigh, Stella soldiered on. “There are things you don’t know, Jess, but if you let me, I’ll explain it all. First, you have to believe that I’d never do anything to hurt Alice… and I’m not trying to come between you and Rachel.”

“It’s true, Jessica,” Lacey said. “Mum wants you, yeah… but she’s way into Rachel, too. In fact, she wants to fuck all your–”

Stella abruptly cut her daughter off. “Let me handle this, Lace.” She turned back to Jess. “Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t have let my girls pay you this little visit if I didn’t know you were already having sex with Alice.”

Fuck! Jessica struggled to hide her dismay, hoping against hope that she wasn’t blushing.

“Mind you, Alice didn’t tell us anything,” Stella continued, seating herself in a nearby chair, “and we tried very hard to get her to. I began to suspect you two were closer than most mums and daughters when you brought your girls to my place that afternoon. There was something about the way Alice looked at me; I see the same thing in my girls’ eyes when they’re in the mood to fuck. Sienna and Lacey figured out right away that Alice was gay… probably Katie and Poppy as well. That’s why we invited her to spend the night.”

Glancing at Stella’s daughters, Jessica saw faint smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

“Alice told the twins that Rachel’s oldest girl Bella Thomas was her girlfriend, and they learned about sex from each other.” Stella shook her head. “Honestly, Jess – you may think that’s a useful cover story, but there’s no bloody way Alice learned how to fuck like that from another twelve-year-old. I’ve been with seasoned dykes who couldn’t eat pussy or rim like she can. Oh, and when she got hold of my strap-on, Alice had it fastened and around her waist in under thirty seconds.” She paused, studying her friend. “As I said, she didn’t give you away, Jess, or your family… but she did admit to having a secret, one she needed permission to share. That’s when I knew for sure you and Alice were lovers. It’s the only answer that made sense.”

Stella paused again, trying to gauge Jessica’s response, and decided to chance a direct approach. “Now it’s your turn, Jess. When did you realise I was fucking my girls?”

By then, Jess knew there was no point in denying anything. “Remember the last time you and your girls were here, a couple of months ago?” Jess began. Stella hesitantly nodded. “You two,” she continued, pointing at the twins, “were getting pret-ty flirty with me, yes?”

“Guilty as charged,” Sienna cooed. “We always thought you were hot, Jessica. Right, Lace?”

“Oh, sizzling hot,” said Lacey. “When Mum licked me that night, I pretended it was you doing it to me in the changing room, Jessica.”

Jess had to laugh. “Seems as if we finally made up for lost time, ladies. Anyhow, the three of you were having a quiet chat about me a moment later… and I just happened to hear some of it. Stel, you told Lacey and Sienna how much you loved seeing them in sexy lingerie. Let’s just say it didn’t sound at all like a mother complimenting her daughters’ taste in knickers, but someone looking forward to taking them off.”

“Mm. We should have saved that little chat for the car,” Stella said, shaking her head. “Any other clues?”

“Well, Alice noticed a few interesting things when we came to your barbecue,” Jess replied. “Specifically, when your daughters showed my girls around the house – especially the bedrooms. For one thing, there were two strap-on cocks lying on the floor by your bed, and they’d both been used.”

“Ah, yes, I was wondering if she’d seen those,” Stella sighed, turning a stern gaze to her grinning daughters. “I’m afraid my children never really learned how to put their toys away when they’re done playing.”

“Sorry, Mum,” said Lacey, wearing a mock pout, and Sienna giggled.

“There was something else Alice noticed,” Jess continued. “When she saw Lacey’s bed, it appeared as if no one had used it in days. She found herself wondering if Sienna’s looked the same.”

“Not quite,” Sienna said. “When me and Lacey spend the night together, we always do it in my bed, ‘cos it’s got a bouncier mattress. Most nights, though, we both sleep with Mom.”

“It’s not all sleeping, though!” Lacey exclaimed, her eyes dancing with amusement.

“That’s how Alice saw it,” Jessica said. “Mostly guesswork, I suppose… but by then, she felt certain that the three of you were lovers.”

“And you let her spend the night with us anyway,” said Stella. “So you trust me that much, at least. I do appreciate that.” She paused. “Alice must have you to thank for her lovemaking skills, then. Well done, Jess. She’s incredible.”

“How did it start with you and her?” asked Lacey.

“Oh… Alice saw me kissing Rachel,” Jessica began, “then she came to my bedroom one night to tell me she liked girls. One thing led to another, and – and somehow, we ended up making love.”

“Simple as that,” Stella sighed. “I’m sure it was a beautiful experience. Our story isn’t so different, really. My two thought I was lonely when I hadn’t had a girlfriend for a while, so they decided to do something about it. Make their mum happy, you know. So are you and Alice still having sex?”

Jess hesitated, then looked away. “Yes, we are.”

“Look, Jess,” Stella began, trying her best to reassure her friend. “There’s no reason for you to be nervous. I’m clearly not going to run down the street calling for the police. I knew Alice would tell you everything about what we did with her that night… and about my sexual relationship with the twins.”

“Oh, I know,” Jess replied, staring at her clasped hands. “It’s still not an easy thing to confess to.”

Choosing to grasp the nettle, Stella continued. “And then there’s Katie and Poppy. Have you been intimate with them, too?”

The look in her friend’s eyes told Stella all she needed to know, but Jessica still felt the need to explain. “I guess there’s no point denying it. I’m intimate with all my daughters. I came home after a council meeting and found Alice having sex with them. I’m not blaming her, I could have stopped it right then, but…” She gestured helplessly. “I didn’t want to make them stop, damn it. And I was… drawn in.”

“I understand completely. It must have been quite a shock, but I’m sure it was a beautiful sight, too. Wasn’t it?”

So beautiful,” Jessica replied with a slow nod, staring into space. “The, the love they were showing one another… how often do sisters even find that kind of closeness? It just – it seemed so right to me, what they were doing.”

“And you wanted to be part of that. The closeness.”

“I did.”

“Oh, Jess,” Stella murmured, “I know those feelings. My girls and I have explored them in every imaginable way.” She paused, then asked. “So what about Rachel?”

Surprised, Jess glanced up. “Wh-what do you mean?”

Stella smiled. “Come, now, Jess… there’s no bloody way you could keep a secret as big as that from her; no one could. You’re having sex with your daughters and with Rachel; Alice and Bella are girlfriends… it stands to reason that you’re all involved.” She gave the thought time to sink in, then added, “No more secrets, Jessica. Let’s put all our cards on the table. I promise you, it will be to your benefit.”

Frowning, Jess said, “What is this all about, Stella?”

“I just want you and the girls to know that you’re not alone,” Stella replied. “We’re kindred spirits, you and I. Perhaps we could bring our families together for a bit of fun now and again. It’s all I could do to stop the twins from seducing you at the barbecue, you know.”

“That’s true,” Sienna declared. “Mum threatened to ground us for a week if we tried!”

Lacey gave her sister a wry look. “Yeah, but that didn’t stop you from flashing your cunt at Jessica while she was eating.”

Shut it, you cow!” Sienna snapped, giving her sister a hard nudge.

Girls,” Stella said, silencing her daughters with an icy look. “Jess and I are trying to have a serious discussion here. A little less levity, if you please.” The twins meekly nodded, but not before Lacey stuck her tongue out at Sienna.

“As I was saying…” Stella returned her attention to Jess. “I’d like to invite your family over for a few days, and that invitation very much includes Rachel. So now, I’m just going to come out with it and ask: has she made love to your daughters?”

“She has,” Jess replied. The hell with it; she’s right. No point in being dishonest now.

Likewise, I suspect you and your girls have enjoyed lesbian sex with Rachel’s daughters. Perhaps even an all-family orgy or two. Am I wrong?”

Jessica’s gaze was rock-steady. “No, Stella… you’re not wrong.”

“And what about your sister?”

Jessica stared at Stella. Go ahead. Tell her. 

“Laura? She wasn’t part of it at first, but she came home from an assignment without phoning first, and caught us in that orgy you just mentioned… our first, actually.” She had to laugh. “You should have seen it. Alice was rogering me with a strap-on, and Poppy was riding Rachel’s face.”

Fuck, that’s so hot,” Sienna whispered. By then, she and her equally naked sibling were idly fondling each other’s slits. Stella’s mouth tightened a bit at the interruption, but she kept her peace.

My sister’s a lesbian, you know that… but let’s face it, coming home to catch your sister and underage  nieces in an orgy was bound to be a bit of a shock. We tried to explain how it happened, and did manage to calm her a bit, though she was still very uncomfortable with the whole thing. So Laura finally settled down in our guest room… and before the sun came up, Poppy, Katie and Cindy managed to seduce her.”

Jess saw three pairs of eyes widen. Lacey also moaned, perhaps because Sienna had just slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“My goodness,” Stella marvelled. “So your sister got coaxed into bed by three little girls? And she fucked them all?”

“I believe it was more a case of ‘they fucked her’, Jess said, half smiling. “My daughters can be very persuasive.” She studied her friend for a moment. “So, now that you know the truth about me; about my family… where do we go from here? You realise I have to tell the others what happened here tonight, yes? They already know about you and your daughters, and what the three of you did with Alice. She described it all  in graphic detail.”

“There was quite a bit to describe,” said Stella.

“Poppy even asked me if you’ll be joining our family club.”

“Family club…? Mmm, I like that. And what did you say?”

“I told them I needed to speak to you first… and that we might invite you to have fun with us sometime.” With that, Allowing a hand to casually drop between her legs, Jess eased her middle finger between the still-moist folds of her labia, watching as the others followed her movements.

“Oh… oh, fuck…” Lacey whimpered as Sienna’s fingers flashed in and out of her vagina.

All but mesmerised by the view of Jessica’s lewd display, Stella managed to respond, her tone somewhat less confident than before. “Well, Jess… we’d be very interested.”

“Oooooh!” Lacey cried, exploding in a rapturous orgasm. She mewled and shook for a few seconds, then collapsed, resting her head on the arm of the sofa.

Immediately turning to Jess, Sienna cooed, “Oh, yes, we’d love that. Your girls are super cute, ‘specially Poppy. I just want to lick her all over. Ms. Thomas and her daughters would be there too, right? Omigod, I feel like fucking every one of them!”

Jess felt a delicious shiver at the thought of the twins making love to her daughters. Deciding to play one last hand, she pushed her finger deep into her cunt, then withdrew and examined it for a moment before casually licking away the evidence of her arousal. She saw Stella slowly push herself up from the chair and to her feet, but before the woman could approach, Jess glanced at her watch.

“Oh, dear… I’d better be going. The girls are probably thinking I’ve fallen asleep at my desk.” Jess didn’t fail to note a hint of frustrated arousal in Stella’s eyes. Rising, she began to gather her scattered clothes. “Stel, I’ll call you later in the week after I’ve discussed this with my family. Rachel and I ought to meet with you to agree on some ground rules, assuming everyone’s okay with… whatever this is we’re proposing.”

“A group fuck, Jess. Let’s call it what it is. Mind you, there’s no pressure. If your bunch is up for a family sex party, fabulous. If not, I hope we’re still friends.”

“Oh, of course.” Jessica was stepping into her panties, trying to make it look sexy, then shrugged into her bra. “To be honest with you, Stel, I very much doubt that any of us – Rachel, her daughters, my daughters, and definitely not me – will pass up the chance to fuck you and the twins. So start thinking about what day you’d like to have all of us over, all right?”

Yes!” Sienna cheered, while Lacey clapped her hands. “Thank you, Jessica. Me and Lace… we can’t wait!”

Turning to her daughters, Stella said, “Well, for right now, girls, perhaps you should get dressed. Oh, and did you actually find something you liked here? Besides Jessica, I mean?”

Both girls giggled. “There, Mum,” Lacey said, pointing to their items, laid out on a nearby table.

“You found all that?” Stella exclaimed, then sighed. “I’m going to have to add a new wing to the house one day, just for extra closet space. Jess, can you hold these things for me? I’ll pick them up tomorrow.”

“That’s fine, Stella,” Jess replied, smoothing out her dress. “But I really do need to lock up and get home.”

“Very well, but before you do…” Taking a couple of steps forward, Stella cupped Jessica’s face, drawing her into a kiss that was gentle at first, then insistent. Jess began to respond before her friend abruptly broke away.

“There. A little show of faith,” Stella murmured. “You bloody tease.” Patting Jessica’s bum, she said, “Come girls. Off we go.”

Exchanging goodbyes, the four women made their way to the door, where Jess let Stella and the twins out, then locked it behind them.


On arriving home, Jessica quickly detected a savoury aroma in the air. Glancing into the kitchen, she was pleased to see Laura at the stove.

“Greetings, sister mine,” said Laura, brushing her hair aside with the back of her hand. “The girls are fed and happy. They wanted fish fingers for supper, but I thought I’d whip up a pepper steak stir-fry for us.”

“God, I love you,” Jess sighed, giving her sibling a lingering kiss, “and that sounds wonderful. Just let me get out of these clothes, then I’m all yours.”

“What, right now?” Laura said with a wink. “Save it for after we eat.”

“Smartarse,” a smirking Jess replied just before exiting.

Upstairs, she took a quick shower to wash away the scent of Lacey and Sienna, changed into a light blue teddy with nothing underneath, then checked on the girls, who were doing their homework.

When Katie got a glimpse of her mum in that cute teddy, she offered to take a break from maths and ‘make you come with my fingers, maybe?’ Jess gently refused, but paused to give the nine-year-old a kiss and a naughty cuddle.

From there, Jess returned to the kitchen, where she opened a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and handed one to Laura, then drained hers in a single gulp.

Laura arched an eyebrow. “Wow, sis. Rough day?”

Turning to check the door, Jess murmured, “It depends on your definition of ‘rough’… Stella’s girls paid me a visit at the shop, right around closing time.”

“Oh, right,” Laura nodded, carefully adding a measure of soy sauce to her stir-fry. “I remember you mentioning they might drop by…” Suddenly getting her sister’s meaning, she glanced up, wide-eyed. “Wait, wait. Are you telling me…?”

“Yes, I am. The three of us fucked right outside the fitting rooms… and while we were hard at it, Stella crept in and spied on us.”

Laura stared at her, still clutching the measuring spoon. “What? How the hell did she get inside? Didn’t you close the store and lock up? So… what did she do when she saw you with her daughters?”

“She fingered her cunt, actually,” Jess said. “And I left the door unlocked for her. Christ, I knew what Stella was up to when she phoned to tell me she’d be bringing Lacey and Sienna by. She meant to catch us in the act.” Grinning, she added, “We gave her one bloody amazing show, too.”

Carefully placing the spoon on the counter, Laura seized a chair, planted it in front of her sister, then sat. “Tell me,” she said. “All of it.”

So Jess relayed everything that happened, ending by telling Laura, “Don’t say anything about this to the girls just yet. We’ll have a family meeting later.” She took out her phone. “I need to give Rachel a call; let her know the news.”

“Sod that,” Laura declared, plucking the phone from her sister’s hand and stuffing it in the back pocket of her jeans. “Supper’s ready, and you’re calling nobody until you sit down and eat.”

“I am awfully hungry,” Jess admitted, taking a place at the table. Laura filled a plate and set it down before her sister, then dished herself up a serving.

The pepper steak was delicious, as was the wine, and it was a satisfied Jessica who phoned Rachel after the washing up.

“Come by soon as you can,” Jess told her lover, “and bring the girls along. I’ve got news.”

“Can I at least get a hint of what this is about?” Rachel protested.

“Stella knows about us. And we officially know about them.”

“I see. So you spoke to her?”

“And the twins.”

“Hmmm,” Rachel mused. “I suspect there’s a good story behind this.”

Jess chuckled, “To say the least, yes. Stella brought Lacey and Sienna right at closing time, left them with me and asked if I could help them find a dress, as she had ‘an important call’. It was obvious what she really wanted to happen.”

“And did it?”

“In a very big way. “I’ll give you the graphic details later, but the bottom line is that I fucked them both.” She paused. “I hope you’re not angry… or jealous.”

“Of course I’m not angry, love,” Rachel said, “but you can’t blame me for being a little jealous. No matter – if everything goes the way we want, I’ll be burning up the sheets with Stella and the twins soon enough. Oh, and what about Stella? Did she join the fun?”

“No, she just watched us. All right, that’s all you need to know for now. Get yourself and your daughters dressed, and hurry over.”

“What makes you think we aren’t already dressed?” Rachel replied, affecting an offended tone.

“Well… are you?” Jess demanded.

“Christ, no. I’m lounging about in my knickers. Bella and Cindy are up to some sort of wickedness in the bathtub. Truth be told, I was thinking of joining them… from what I can hear, it sounds like they’re having a lovely time.”

“Never mind that! Put your damned pants on and get over here!”

“You’re no fun at all, woman. Fine, fine. See you soon.”


Half an hour later, the extended family was gathered together in the Matthews’ living room. To the rapt attention of everyone present, Jess described what happened between her and Stella’s daughters, and the conversation afterward. Needless to say, the girls were all delighted, quickly entering into a discussion about how soon Stella’s family could join theirs for an enormous sex party, and who wanted to play with who.

Asking their daughters to stay in the living room, Rachel and Jess made their way to the kitchen, Laura close behind.

Rachel spoke first. “So, Jess… d’you think Stella is on the level here? She’s just interested in getting our families together for sexy fun, no ulterior motives?”

“I can’t even imagine what those ulterior motives would be,” Jessica replied. “Alice is an eyewitness to Stella fucking her daughters, so when it comes to breaking the law, she’s in the same boat we are. She can’t turn us in, she can’t blackmail us… besides, I don’t see her doing any of those things. Stella’s our friend, for God’s sake.” She glanced from her lover to her sister, then back again. “I think she’s sincere… and we should take advantage of what she’s offering us.”

Frowning thoughtfully, Rachel said, “I recall you mentioning that Lacey and Sienna were going off to university soon, yes?” Jess nodded. “Now I’m wondering if this is at least partially about Stella seeking out someone to take the twins’ place in her bed.”

Jess shrugged. “Could be. With the sexual appetite those girls have, their leaving home has got to be a hell of a wrench for their mum. Hence, her interest in our family.” She broke into a laugh. “Oh, God… it’s like we’re some kind of sex charity. From Oxfam to Oxfuck!”

“It’s a cause I’d support, that’s for sure,” said Laura. “Getting the chance to do a good deed and burn the bedsheets up with Stella? I’m in, I’m in!” Noticing her sister’s raised eyebrows, she added, “I can’t help it, I’m a bloody fool for elegant women, especially if they’re queer. Stella’s all that and a bag of crisps!”

“You agree with Jess, then,” Rachel said. “We throw in with Stel and bring our families together.”


“Then I make it unanimous. Let’s get this orgy started!” Rachel turned to Jess. “What’s our next move, lover?”

“I told Stella we’d meet her in a couple of days, let her know what we’ve decided.”

Rachel gleefully clapped her hands. “Yes indeed! Then we’ll show those girls of hers a few new tricks.”

Jess smiled, amused by her lover’s insatiable hunger. “There’s something else we need to discuss, Rach. Our mum is due back soon, and I plan to tell her about us right away… but if you don’t mind, I’d like to break the news myself, then have you over for supper the next evening. I just want her to feel free to ask me anything.”

“Of course, Jess.” Rachel gave her lover’s hand a brief squeeze.

“Thanks, sweetheart.”

Laura spoke up. “Well, I have to put some time in at the office to dot the I’s and cross the T’s for my latest article, then find out what the editor has lined up for me next. Hopefully it’s not an exposé of lesbian incest rings. I’ll be back the day before Mum’s ship docks. We’ll need to be a bit more careful once she’s back, of course. We don’t want her turning up unexpectedly like I did!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be having a little chat with the girls about that. Oh, and Rach, that brings me to something else we need to discuss. I’ve already spoken to Laura about this, and she’s of the same mind as me.”

“Mmm, sounds very mysterious.”

“More than you think, believe me… I feel sure you’ll be up for it, though. When the three of us were upstairs fucking yesterday, a very wicked idea popped into my head, and I’ve been obsessing on it ever since. You know how tricky it’s going to be, keeping what we’re doing with the girls from Mum, but I have a possible solution.” She paused, then came out with it. “We get her to join us.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. “You’re serious.”

“Very. Remember when you were riding Laura’s face, and I was holding your body to mine while I fingered your arse? I was pretending you were my mother.”

“Fantasising about another woman while we fuck? For shame, Jess.”

You know what I mean. Mum just popped into my head, and I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. After you went home, I told Laura about it, and she admitted she’d had the same thoughts – not surprising, seeing as she’s been with a few older women. Why get stressed trying to hide our secrets when we can just bring her into the fold?”

Jess could tell Rachel found the idea intriguing, but less than likely to come off. “And how exactly do you intend to make that happen?”

“Well, that’s the big question. I can’t exactly say, ‘Hey Mum, I’m a lesbian just like Laura, isn’t that great? Oh, and by the way… do you fancy having sex with us – and your granddaughters’? Christ, she’d keel over on the spot.”

“You could get the little ones to seduce her, like they did with Laura.”

“I’ll assume you’re joking,” Jessica retorted. “First, she needs to get used to me and you being together, then maybe Laura and I can sound her out about her sex life. If Mum’s decided she prefers to be with women, we can try to figure out how wild she’s willing to get.”

“Maybe wilder than you think, sis,” Laura said. “Mum tried to play it down, but I suspect she’s much more excited about this new lifestyle than she lets on.”

Jess stood, stretched. “Let’s leave it there for tonight.” Glancing toward the door leading to the living room, she murmured. “Wonder what the girls are doing out there.”

“Mmm.” Rachel stroked her chin. “We didn’t actually tell them to stay dressed, did we?”

“It’s a school night, so there won’t be any sex parties tonight,” Jess said. “But just in case we have to break one up anyway, let’s just… Well, are you ladies in the mood for a full family get-together this Friday? We can fuck ourselves into a stupor the day before Mum gets here.”

“I’m in,” Rachel said.

“Me, too,” Laura echoed. “It’ll be an extra road trip for me, but very worth it!”

“Okay, then.” The women exchanged hugs and kisses, then made their way into the living room to check on the youngsters.

The meeting in the kitchen had only taken a few minutes, so the girls hadn’t taken off all their clothes, but each of them had removed at least a couple of items. Cindy was closest to being naked, up on all fours with Poppy licking her from behind. Alice was seated on the sofa with Bella and Katie on either side, all three of them partially undressed, occasionally swapping deep kisses as they watched their sisters perform.

Since Cindy was so close to coming, the grownups chose to wait for it. But once she’d squealed through her climax, Jess clapped hands and announced, “Okay, ladies. It’s a school night; time to end the party.”

Thankfully, the girls weren’t too disappointed. Of course, the promise of a Friday night orgy had quite a lot to do with that. Rachel’s daughters got dressed, while Jessica’s trio took their things upstairs to leave in the clothes hamper before getting into whatever they intended to sleep in. These days, they usually went to bed naked.

Once Rachel, Bella and Cindy had left for home, Jess instructed her three to turn in for the evening. “No sharing beds tonight, okay?” she said. “Save it for Friday.”

Kissing each of her girls, she went to her room, where she was soon joined by Laura. After a brief talk about the possibilities of their mother joining them in bed – and what they’d most like to do to her there – the sisters came together for a hard, fast fuck, then nestled together before falling asleep.


Meanwhile, Stella was on the phone with Blanche Turner, regaling her friend and fellow Society member with a detailed account of the twins’ seducing Jessica, which had gone off without a hitch. Well, it was true that Jess figured out Stella’s game before it had really begun – but instead of ruining the scheme, Jess had eagerly played along, stripping off with Lacey and Sienna for a wild threesome on the carpeted floor of her fashion shop. Blanche listened raptly as Stella described the lewd spectacle that greeted her when she’d crept into the changing room area to “catch” Jess and the twins in the act.

“Blanche, I know it’s Society policy to have a second member investigate potential new candidates, but this time I can say, hand on heart, that it won’t be at all necessary. When I walked in on Jess and the twins, she wasn’t one bit surprised. Seemed she’d sussed out my plan and was expecting me to show up. Alice told her mum everything about what happened at the sleepover; in fact, that clever girl already suspected I was having it off with my daughters.”

“Oh? How on earth did she work that out?”

Stella sighed. “My daughters, I’m afraid. When I had Jess and her girls over a few weeks ago, Sienna and Lacy left a few clues… and Alice was quick to pick up on them. But here’s the thing: she’d never have known how to read those clues unless she was having lesbian sex herself. Sex with adults.”

Blanche shook her head. “That’s as may be, but you do need to have a serious talk with the twins, Stella. That kind of carelessness could destroy everything we’ve worked for.”

“I lectured them on the way home from Jessica’s shop.”

“Good. So how did Jess respond when you showed your face?”

“Cool as a cucumber,” Stella replied. “At first, anyhow. But she became a bit unnerved when I began asking about her daughters…”

“Wait – did you say, ‘daughters’, as in plural?” Blanche cut in.

“Spot on!” Stella gleefully exclaimed. “It took some doing, but I got Jess to admit she’s sexually involved with Alice – and her two youngest girls as well. Katie and Poppy, remember them?”

“Indeed I do,” Blanche sighed. “Oh, my, that Katie. She and her little sister were both here for Savannah’s birthday party. It’s funny – Katie was the most modestly dressed child there, but I couldn’t stop looking at her, wondering what she looked like naked.”

“The thrill of the unknown, I suspect. Well, if things proceed according to plan, you may get the chance to find out. Oh, and I haven’t told you everything yet. Jessica isn’t just intimate with her own daughters… Rachel Thomas and her daughters are also part of the big happy family.”

“They’re all involved? Oh, my, this is wonderful news. Stella… honestly, what can I say? You’ve outdone yourself. When will you speak with Jess next?”

“She’ll be calling me soon. Jess wants a meeting where we discuss both our families getting together. If she has any terms or conditions, I’ll find out then.”

“Good. Keep me up to date.”

“I haven’t finished yet, Blanche. You know the saying ‘Good things come in threes?’ When I dropped Alice off, Jessica’s sister Laura was visiting. I already knew she was gay, so on a hunch I asked Jess if Laura was part of this, too… and as it turns out, she very much is.

“It seems Laura caught the whole bloody family in a sort of getting-to-know-you orgy. That ended up quite the awkward scene… but then, later that night, the three littlest girls persuaded her to join them in bed.”

“My goodness. Jess and Rachel have trained their daughters well, it seems. So Laura is now part of the festivities, eh?”

Yes, and I wanted to ask you about her. Laura doesn’t have daughters of her own, I’m afraid… but under the circumstances, don’t you think we should make an exception and offer her a membership?”

“I agree completely, Stella. This is a golden opportunity for the Society, and we daren’t let it slip through our fingers. Something very special is called for, and Grace and I have been busy planning an offer Jess will find hard to refuse.”

“I doubt she will. Jess may be new to lesbian sex, but her appetite seems boundless… and Rachel is far too adventurous to pass up something this exciting.”

“Music to my ears, love. We’ll start making tentative plans for the reveal party; get the invites ready to send. There’s always a good turnout to meet new members, but we’ll stress this one is extra special.”

After a brief discussion of other Society business, the two women exchanged goodbyes. Stella switched off her cell phone, set it on the night table, then called for her daughters.

In a flash, Sienna and Lacey hastened into their mum’s bedroom. Both were completely naked, but for bright pink strap-on cocks jutting from their pelvises.

“Time to get fucked, Mum!” Sienna announced, bouncing on tiptoe to make her dildo wobble up and down.

“Good – I’m positively gasping for it,” said Stella, sweeping the covers aside to reveal her own nude body.

“We could’ve done it right away, y’know,” Sienna pointed out, rolling her eyes. “You’re the one who simply had to call Blanche first.”

Stella knelt before her daughters, putting herself on display for them. “I couldn’t keep news like that to myself, sweetheart. This is the biggest thing to hit the Society since we founded it. Besides, we get to have fun now!” She coyly placed a hand over her vulva. “So… what are you waiting for?”

Lacey was stroking her latex prick in an extremely lewd fashion. “Up on all fours, Mum-my…” she sang.

As Stella obligingly got into position, offering her cunt and anus to the twins, Sienna glanced at her sister. “Who gets which hole, Lace?”

“You take her bum,” Lacey replied. “I want to feel Mum on top of me.” She slid beneath her mother, holding the strap-on cock upright. “Okay…I’m ready.”

Carefully placing the tip at the entrance to her vagina, Stella lowered herself, shivering as all nine inches of Lacey’s toy filled her. “Mmmmm, yessss… oh my stars, that feels lovely.” She slowly leaned forward until her breasts were touching Lacey’s, then glanced back over her shoulder at Sienna. “Come on, girl. Put it in.”

The grinning teen drew close. “First, let me do this…” Dipping down, she bathed Stella’s rosebud with several long swipes of the tongue, then corkscrewed a finger inside. Satisfied, she knelt closely behind her mother, placing the cock head against the anal pucker, then slowly, carefully eased it into Stella’s rectum.

“Oh, my God,” Stella moaned. “So good…” Taking a deep breath, she murmured, “All right, girls. Let’s fuck.”

And as the twins began to move, she welcomed that deep, intoxicating internal storm that raged and roared inside whenever Lacey and Stella double-teamed her like this. With a blissful sigh, she gave herself over to ecstasy.


Jessica, Rachel and Laura had decided there was no point in waiting, so Jess phoned Stella right away upon arriving at work, intent on arranging a meeting. Rather than in one of their workplaces, where they could be overheard, it was decided that they would meet on the church green.

Selecting a bench located well away from paths and dog walkers, Jess and Rachel waited for Stella’s arrival, waving when she came into view. Once they were all seated, and after brief greetings, Jessica initiated their discussion.

“Laura had to go to work, Stella… so she couldn’t be here. But the three of us talked it over last night with our family, and everyone agreed that we were interested in our families getting together. We’ll need to lay down some guidelines, of course.”

Stella nodded. “Just so. First, let me make it clear that to us, consent is everything. You’ll never have to worry about your little ones being pressured to do anything they don’t want.” She paused, then added, “I’ll expect you to treat Sienna and Lacey the same way… though there’s precious little those two won’t try!”

Jess nodded. “Good. We’re on the same page. There’s one more important detail: we don’t want anything interfering with our daughters’ schoolwork. These family gatherings can’t take place on school nights.”

Stella nodded. “I agree completely. My twins love to enjoy themselves, but they understand – school comes first. They’re both honour students, you know. And before you two get any ideas, I can assure you they didn’t fuck any of their teachers for it!” She tried to maintain a serious expression, but finally broke into laughter, along with her friends.

Rachel said, “I won’t lie, Stel – it’s wonderful to know there’s another family like ours… and we’re very much looking forward to getting together with you and your girls. Once we’ve got used to each other, there are other options for us to explore, like sleepovers, or perhaps swapping daughters for the night.”

Beaming, Stella said, “Ladies, you don’t know how happy that makes me. I guarantee you won’t regret this. We’re going to have so much fun! I’ve not yet told the twins about this, but they’ll be over the moon when I do!”

“Oh, there’s one small complication,” said Jess. “We can’t get together right away. You see, my mother Ann is back from her cruise this week… and she doesn’t even know about Rachel and me yet. She’ll want to spend some time with the girls, because she hasn’t seen them for months. As you can imagine, we’re going to have to be extra careful.”

“I understand,” Stella replied, “and it’s not a problem. Your mother comes first. Call me when you’re ready to have the sex party of a lifetime. Two lifetimes!”

Nodding, Jess said, “Fair enough, then. I’ll give you a call next week to arrange something.”

Glancing at her watch. Rachel stood. “I’d better get back to work. Stel, I’m very much looking forward to our get-together… especially after what Jess told me about the twins.”

“I understand, believe me,” said Stella, grinning hugely. “I’m already trying to decide which of your girls I want to taste first.”

“Oh, they’re all delicious,” Jess murmured. “Of course, so are yours.”

Stella rose from the bench. “I’d better be on my way, too. More of this talk, and I’ll soak right through my panties.”

The three women hugged with more warmth than upon their first greeting, then strolled back to the high street, enroute to their respective businesses.

As Jess and Rachel parted, they exchanged a tender kiss. It had felt awkward at first, but Jess was feeling more comfortable all the time about showing her lover affection in public.

“I’ll be shagging the arse off you tonight, you sexy bitch,” Rachel told Jess.

“I can’t wait,” Jessica replied. “And look – I know it’s a school night, but why don’t we break the rule for once and let the girls play, too? Once we pass this news along, they’ll be climbing the bloody walls.”

“Make a party of it, then? I’m willing. Besides, it would be nice to get in a serious family fuck session before your mum arrives. She’s here the day after tomorrow, right?”

“That’s what she told me. All right, then – let’s do our best to get home from work as soon as possible. If we start on foreplay after dinner, the girls can go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“Sleepy but satisfied,” Rachel added with a saucy grin. “Sounds wonderful. See you in a few, lover.”

With a parting kiss, the two women set off for their respective jobs.


That evening at the dinner table, Jess and Rachel relayed the news about Rachel and the twins to their daughters, who were positively ecstatic.

“We’re going to have an amazing time!” Alice told the other girls. “Lacey and Sienna… they’re soooo good in bed.”

“I want to fuck Sienna,” little Cindy sighed. “She’s dreamy.”

“Why ‘specially her?” Bella protested. “Aren’t she and her sister totally alike?”

Cindy shook her head. “Not to me,” was all she said, wearing a mysterious smile.

Clearing her throat to get everyone’s attention, Rachel said, “We’ve got another surprise for you. Since we knew you’d be all stirred up by the news, Jess and I decided we could have a family sex party tonight.”

The girls, already excited, perked up even more. Katie was first to ask, “Even though we have school tomorrow…?”

“That’s right,” Jess said. “Don’t count on this becoming a regular thing, though. Rachel and I just want to give you a special treat for being the best daughters in the world… and the nicest lovers.”

“Yes!” Poppy cried, jumping to her feet, and the room rang with cheers and whoops of glee.

Glancing at the clock, Jess said, “We can’t stay up all night, now. You’re still getting up early for school, like it or not. So let’s clear the table, then I want you girls to run upstairs and take all your clothes off. Don’t just throw them on the floor, all right? We’ll meet in the family room.”

Before sixty seconds had passed, all the dishes and cutlery had been deposited in the sink, and the girls were racing upstairs to undress. Jessica turned to Rachel, and the two women came together in a heated French kiss.

“Ready to play?” Jess murmured when they finally drew apart.

“Fucking hell, yes,” Rachel growled. “I’m gasping for it.” She patted her lover’s arse. “Well, come on… we’re overdressed for this family gathering.”

Hand in hand, they left the kitchen and mounted the stairs, listening to the chatter and exclamations of their daughters as they stripped off in preparation for the festivities to come.

“Isn’t this incredible?” Rachel said as they reached the top, then made their way down the hallway to Jessica’s room. “We’re living a dream, Jess. I’ve never been so happy.” Entering the room, they began to undress. “And now we’ve found another family, one that knows the same pleasures we know…”

“Cause for celebration, that’s true,” said Jess, unhooking her bra.

Rachel slipped out of her black lace panties, placing them atop the rest of her clothes. “A pity your sister’s not here… to make the gathering complete, you know?”

“Oh, she’ll be back as soon as she can. Laura does want to see Mum, after all.” Now nude, she admired her partner’s shapely form.

“I’ve been thinking about your mum,” Rachel said. “Ann is a lovely woman, no matter her age.” She paused. “You know… I masturbated last night, fantasising about her joining us.”

Jess slowly nodded. “So did I.”

Idly cupping a bare breast, Rachel sighed. “I don’t know what it would take to get Ann into bed with us, but I really, really want it to happen.” She shook her head. “This family sex thing – it’s addictive, don’t you think? I was wondering… if my mum was still alive, would I want to fuck her? Probably.”

“Laura said something like that to me the other night… about how she’s grown obsessed with incest,” Jess replied. “Speaking of which… we’ve got a bunch of underage daughters waiting for us downstairs. Let’s join them, else they’ll get started without us.”

“Heaven forbid!” Rachel exclaimed, making a horrified face.

Laughing, the two naked women descended toward the family room, their anticipation growing with each step.

On to Chapter Thirty-Six!


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