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May 15, 2022 – Sue – Letting the Secret Out: Though the month is half over, this is still May and it’s May is masturbation month or Maysterbation…  Read more

October 23, 2019 – Les Carr – Androgyne Reaches Out:  Hi there to all. For years I’ve written erotic stories under the pen name of “Androgyne” on 3 sites and as “Paladin” on a 4th. My problem is that after the massive crash of Yahoo Email in September my long-time address and account simply vanished and my appeals for help and complaints have just been ignored by Yahoo. I have lost touch obviously with many people, a lot of them readers of my stories, and I’m sure many have mailed to my old address and getting no reply are wondering if I’m still alive or have maybe retired from writing erotica… Read more

September 27, 2019 – Captain Midnight – A Eulogy for Letoria: Letoria, the creator of The World of Letoria website, passed away on August 19, 2019.

Lee is survived by her wife of 17 years… Read more

December 29, 2018 – Girl Lover – Letting the Secret Out:  Our shared interest in young girls is very taboo and misunderstood.  For everyone reading this, I was wondering if anyone knows about this side of you.  If someone does know about this side of you, how did they find out and what was their reaction?  For me personally, I cannot think of how to tell someone without them getting the wrong idea. Read more

December 24, 2017 – Simple Guy – Seeking Life Partner:  I have confided my attractions in two of my exes and was blessed enough that they harboured similar desires. But I was also blessed with a big heart and was in love with them both, simultaneously, which really hurt them. So I had to leave so as to not cause further pain. Even though I still love them dearly, I think it’s…  Read more

March 22, 2017 – Amanda Lynn – Masturbatory Fantasies: Recently I commented on a question posed by Cheryl Taggert regarding how and when you first starting masturbating. In my reply I mentioned that my first truly huge orgasm came while I was reading a passage from the novel The Deep. After I posted that comment, my naughty mind got to wondering…  Read more

January 15, 2017 – Lizzie – No Longer Alone: I have always known that my interests are different than the norm. Starting around age 12, I found that I was into looking at younger girls, mostly 6-9 or so, and that it excited me. I experimented whenever I could with my friends my age, and when I was 14 came out to my family as a lesbian — but did not come out about my real interests…  Read more

December 2, 2016 – Poppabear – Seeking Old Friends: In light of the success of the Staying in Touch initiative, I wonder if the fans on Juicy Secrets could help me in trying to find out if some old friends of mine are still OK. When I was a member of Story Friends Board I became a close friend of a member and erotica author who went by the name of Daddy’s Little Slut-Muffin…  Read more

November 23, 2016 – Sue – Giving Thanks:  I know a lot of readers at Juicy Secrets come from many parts of the world. We are in the USA, and here in the States we have a holiday coming up this week called Thanksgiving. I just want to say how thankful Kim and I are for this site…  Read more

November 15, 2016 – Juicy Secrets – Staying in Touch:  By request, we’ve decided to add a specific place here at Juicy Secrets where our readers (and writers) can easily stay “in touch” with one another. Many of us have posted our email addresses, Twitter IDs, and so on, at various times in other locations around the site, but  this will now be the one spot where you’ll be able to find everyone…  Read more

November 5, 2016 – kraM – Writer Challenge:  My proposal is that readers could submit basic ideas or scenes and then seek a writer to take up the challenge and create an erotic story along those lines. Better yet, maybe photos could be posted and writers asked to develop a story to accompany the photo…  Read more

July 6, 2016 – Cheryl Taggert – “Special Spots” and “Turn-offs”:  It’s been a while since someone posted any new topics here, so I thought I would do the honors. I’ve been thinking about those places on our bodies that feel best when touched, kissed, or otherwise stimulated. The question for this forum is what kind of physical stimulation turns you on the most? What turns you off?  Read more

December 26, 2015 – Someone – Child Models:  I recently discovered this site and I’ve really enjoyed it, and I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of discussion in the forum posts. I noticed the images of little girls in some of the stories, and that piqued my curiosity…  Read more

December 22, 2015 – Poppabear – Merry Christmas Everyone:  This is turning into such an excellent and enjoyable forum that I wanted to say “Merry Christmas” to our three principal authors, all the other authors who have contributed, and to all the members who shared their thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the enjoyable and sexy stories provided here…  Read more

November 26, 2015 – Poppabear – Twitter Confession:  In the past, several good friends have suggested I open a Twitter account. I had always maintained I would never join a service that communicated by ‘Tweets’. However, Naughty Mommy has changed my mind. I have joined Twitter, as my alter ego PoppaBear, and I am very happy with Tweets, especially those which show beautiful young girls…  Read more

November 21, 2015 – Cheryl Taggert – Masturbation Methods and Timing:  What is your favorite way to masturbate? When did you start? When did you first have an orgasm? Details? Cheryl’s are here. Now, it’s your turn!  Read more

October 24, 2015 – Poppabear – Another Good Author:  I know that we have splendid authors here who offer us delightful tales of incestuous sisters, daughters, and mothers as well as exciting little lovers who are devoted to their adult partners. I am here to tell you of the latest chapter from another such author about two wonderful lovers…  Read more

September 21, 2015 – kraM – Neutral Depictions of Pedophilia:  I’m wondering who has seen in the movies or on TV or in a book or a magazine depictions of pedophiles that weren’t negative. Maybe not necessarily positive, but also not negative — just neutral. I have two examples…  Read more

August 21, 2015 – babykeiko – Coming of Age Films:  I seem to recall a post somewhere (on the Story Friends Board?) about foreign coming of age films like those from the makers of Kids or Bilitis or Beau Pere, all of which I have watched online with red cheeks. Can anyone point me in the direction of such a list or source? I hope someone remembers!  Read more

July 15, 2015 – Kelly Ann – A Moment for ‘C’:  After reading JetBoy’s announcement about the LL archive, I think that we as readers and fans of Lesbian Lolita should take a moment or two and wish ‘C’ a healthful recovery and reflect on what that site has meant to us. I discovered Leslita about four years ago. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I did…  Read more

July 4, 2015 – Kelly Ann – Common Interests:  In reading comments made by other fans of this site, I’m struck at how often we seem relieved that there is a place to go to explore our fantasies. I know that until I found Nifty and Lesbian Lolita, I felt a bit of an outsider with some of my feelings and fantasies. But now that so many have responded, it is a relief to know I’m not!  Read more

July 1, 2015 – JetBoy – Pushing the Envelope:  In the strange, uncharted territory of our sex lives, we share some pretty memorable experiences — some magic, some tragic, some delightfully nasty — just as the characters in sex stories do. What I find most interesting as an erotic author is that dramatic instant where a character steps out of her comfort zone, allowing herself to explore something new, unfamiliar, and perhaps a little scary…  Read more

June 30, 2015 – Naughty Mommy – Lesbian Incest:  We all know the obvious reasons for keeping heterosexual incest taboo and illegal — it can far too easily result in unwanted pregnancy, and if a pregnancy is brought to term, in congenital birth defects. Just as obviously, however, those reasons do not apply to lesbian incest…  Read more

June 29, 2015 – Cheryl Taggert – Attraction to Young Girls:  When did you first realize that you were attracted to young girls? Please keep in mind that we are not to discuss anything that actually happened that could get anyone into legal trouble. With that in mind, I will tell you about the first time I realized I was attracted to a little girl…  Read more

518 Comments on Readers Forum

  1. Bigkb says:

    I have always fantasized about lesbian incest. Especially mother daughter. I am curious if any of you have ever sniffed your daughters or her friends panties. To me it is so erotic.

  2. piper04195 says:

    hello every one i came across this site a couple of days ago
    and cannt belive how great the stories are be they true or not many thanks to all
    who spend thier time bringing their tales to the masses

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you, piper! When we started this site two years ago, we wanted to make it the place to find quality stories by more than one author. There are sites out there operated by one person to post his/her stories, and they can be amazingly good, but we are careful to post only the best stories we receive.

      Also, sorry for not replying to this sooner. For some reason, I missed it until now. In any case, WELCOME to Juicy Secrets! We hope you COME here often!

  3. DH says:

    I recently came across “Mrs. Michelle Smithers” on LL. Has anyone come across other stories by her?

    Also, has anyone read stories by “Sensual Peach”? In particular, “Schoolgirl Confidential”?

    Again, keep up the good work — Naughty Mommy, Cheryl & Jetboy!


    • Denham says:

      Hello DH.

      Sensual Peach is probably my favourite ever writer. All her stories can be found on Nifty and they are all worth reading. She really gets into the head of her characters and the sex scenes are wonderful. Innocent Desire is probably my favourite ever story. The scene in Innocent Desire where the teacher licks her little student whilst forcing the girl to continue chatting on the phone to her oblivious mother is so hot and naughty. I love it.

      • DH says:

        Denham –

        “Innocent Desire” was HOT! How I enjoy stories of teacher/students or other female authority figures and young girls engaging in extracurricular activities unbeknownst to the parents.


  4. Myka Hollings says:

    I am lesbian and was recently recommended to this site by a ‘friend’ on xhamster as I love lesbian adult/youth erotica. I love reading many of the stories here (my personal preference is for the ‘youths’ to be from 11/12 up but that is just me) and I would love to hear from someone who has similar likes 🙂

    I have requested my email addy to be added to the ‘Stay in touch’ list.

    N.B. I do not read erotica containing hetero-sex, non-consensual sex, bondage and/or violent sex, etc. etc.

    • Cheryl says:

      Welcome to Juicy Secrets! We have quite a few stories here that involve girls the age you mention. And one, my own “I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star,” chronicles the life of a girl from age six to adulthood. [Yes, I’m “marketing” my story… 🙂 ]

      While a few of our stories feature a small amount of MF sex, when it does occur, it is necessary to the plot line. We have turned down stories that feature hetero sex too heavily. We absolutely DO NOT post stories that are in any way non-consensual, though some mild CONSENSUAL dom-sub sex, etc., can be found, such as in “Her Sister, Her Mentor” by Tommy X.

    • angie says:

      Hello. From your post I think we have similar likes and dislikes. I am not on enough to chat but like to trade emails with you if you like. Btw I am 28 and lesbian and live in Texas. My email is [email protected].

  5. Myka says:

    Can some one tell me what the Kink Log in ID is about at the bottom of the page …?
    I have never heard of Kink and when I obtained an ID and signed in … Nothing happened.
    Yes I am not computer literate so forgive my ignorance …

    • Hi Myka,

      That “Log in” thing doesn’t do very much. It’s primarily for site admins. Some users might find that things function more smoothly when posting comments if they are logged in as registered users, but for most it probably won’t matter.

  6. Myka says:

    Loving reading through the stories but have a question. Where ever can one find more of the gorgeous animated pictures of little ones you often head them with?

    • Try searching on Google Images for ‘loli’ or ‘yuri’ or both together… and then enjoy following where that leads you. 😛

      • Myka says:

        Again, thank you ! 🙂

      • Myka says:

        Found Loli in ‘Google images’ but it seems the pics similar to the ones you folks use are removed.
        However, I thank anyway for your help 🙂

        • Well, first, make sure the SafeSearch filter in Google images is turned off (under Settings). And second, you’ll have click on some of the pics you like, then follow those to other sites and surf around.

          It’s actually been several years since I spent any time collecting manga or anime images, so I don’t really know where the best places to look might be, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. Wish I could be more help!

          • Myka says:

            You have been very helpful NM and as always, I am grateful. I will try your suggestion. 🙂

        • AlyssasMom says:


          I’ve had an account there for years and have never been spammed or anything. Millions of images of every taste and easily searchable using tags. I’ve got over 400 images in my ‘faves’ folder. They also have a great app. I hope the admin don’t mind my posting a link here.

  7. JanieButter says:

    It’s National Take Your Child to Work Day…I’m wondering if somewhere, if only in the dark corners of my mind, there is a woman that offers spa services from the comfort of a very private studio, perhaps offering very special services on a day like today…

  8. In Need of Help says:

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me find a particular story. I started with a family going to church and having sex in their van.

  9. kacey says:

    Hi folks. Anyone else looked on Leslita recently? Seems to have a MAJOR date and time issue!! Any news?

    • No One says:

      What the hell… It looks like the whole site was restored to how it was in August 2015. Is that around the time the site was abandoned for a while, then changed hands?

    • kacey says:

      The main site for “The Kristen Archives” has reverted back to 2014!!! Something up with asstr? Be careful.

      • No One says:

        Ah, you’re right. And the recent stories on itself seem to be mostly broken links, hmm… Looks like it’s a widespread issue on ASSTR’s server, rather than specific to Leslita. I wonder what’s going on.

  10. Lizzie says:

    Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Missed it like crazy. Just wanted to say if anyone wanted to get in touch with me my old email is dead, new one is [email protected] my kik is still lizzie22277

  11. Lizzie says:

    Anyone on Snapchat?

  12. Joe says:

    Have the administrators of this website noticed the question marks on Lesbian Lolita? I think most of the story’s have question marks.

    • No One says:

      Leslita’s host, ASSTR, has been screwed up for months. At first it displayed only old content, and now for the past few weeks it just seems completely down. Who knows what’s going on at this point?

      Last I heard, Leslita was going to be set up on a new host, but I don’t know what happened to that idea. It’s been a while now.

    • Cheryl says:

      Joe, would you be more specific? I don’t know about my partners here at JS, but I’m not sure what you mean.

    • Quinlan says:

      Lesbian Lolita is down for me atm.

  13. JanieButter says:

    Was anybody else especially struck by the recent story from Misty Meadows?

  14. Amywhynncurious says:

    Hello all. I am new here 😀 glad I found such a lovely place!

    • PoppaBear says:

      I am so glad that you are glad, Amywhynncuriois, and I am sure you will find that the people, if you contact them and they you, are as lovely as the stories, the pix, the cartoons and the layout.

      I never tire of saying, “This is the best erotic story site on the web!”

      • Alice says:

        I so agree! I’ve had some very nice, welcoming emails since first making an appearance 😉 So many lovely, caring people 😉

  15. PoppaBear says:

    May I add another little instruction to No One’s advice? If you are a Mac user, don’t use the Western (Mac OS Roman) option as you will be left with more, but much smaller characters that are difficult to spot, if you want to change them.

    Use the Western (ISO Latin 1) option and your stories should be free of all odd typography.

  16. Drod says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, people. So, hey again.

    What happened to all of the sites?

  17. Julie18 says:

    Hi everyone,
    I just want to say how much I love this site. I’ve lurked in the shadows for a bit just reading and enjoying, now that I am “of age” lol I thought I would say hi.
    I am not attracted to younger girls but I have been attracted to older women since I was fairly young. I have always felt really ashamed for my feelings and this site has been a wonderful refuge for me to visit and realize I am not alone.


  18. Meg says:

    We definitely need more stories by Eloquentdelinquent and Amanda Lynn. Oh, and Pretty Pink Taco. Please?

  19. kraM says:

    I would like help in developing a story. I have some chapters done and would like the help and perspective of a woman. I’m new to writing stories and I need advice on if I should even keep trying. I used to have such help but it turned out to be a man pretending to be a woman. So please don’t be one of those.

    [email protected]

  20. Joe says:

    Has anyone ever done a story like Naughty Mommy’s Joy of looking to the point that the child is an adult?

  21. Tanya says:

    I can’t quite figure out how to start a new topic.

    I was thinking of a book information exchange topic – where people could share information on books that may be of interest to site users. Maybe it is not such a clever idea unless there are rules. I mean, it is interesting to exchange thoughts on the George R R Martin books, but unless someone wants to write a fanfic on making love to Arya Stark, it’s probably not the sort of thing that should be cluttering up this web site.

    That’s a job for the site moderators.

    If I can be indulged. I recently stumbled on a book by Rebecca Chalker called The Clitoral Truth. It is, as the name suggests, all about our favourite plaything. It is more than a biological treatise (although even I found that part of the book interesting) – it also deals with the socio-political murder of the clitoris and its resurrection.

    The following is the review from the Seven Stories Press (Dear moderators – if you feel uncomfortable about possible copyright infringement in publishing this extract, the link is

    The clitoris has been dismissed, undervalued, unexplored, and misunderstood for hundreds of years, but the truth is out there, and internationally celebrated sex educator Rebecca Chalker has found it. In The Clitoral Truth, Chalker offers the only mainstream, in-depth exploration devoted solely to women’s genital anatomy and sexual response.

    Women readers everywhere—be they straight, gay, or bisexual—will learn about the countless sexual sensations and discover how to enhance their sexual responses in a more concrete way than ever before. The Clitoral Truth also examines the ways in which women are enhancing their sexual response through masturbation, the use of sex toys, videos, books, workshops, individual coaching sessions, and internet resources.

    For more than 2,500 years, the clitoris and the penis were presumed to be equivalent in all respects. After the 18th century, however, this knowledge was gradually suppressed and forgotten, and the definition of the clitoris as an extensive organ system all but disappeared. During Chalker’s tenure as a member of the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers, the group helped further the study of the clitoris to unprecedented anatomic precision.

    The Clitoral Truth investigates every aspect of this magnificent organ to see how its many parts work together to produce orgasms. The Clitoral Truth also delves into the feminist and sexologist controversy over female ejaculation and surveys the numerous ways that women have begun to transform the deeply entrenched male-centered model of sexuality to redefine their sexuality to emphasize full-body pleasure.

    Enhanced with personal accounts, comprehensive illustrations, and a thorough appendix of female sexuality resources, this book helps women and their partners understand and expand their sexual potential and work toward becoming independent sexual beings.

    The book is easy enough to buy online in paperback or ebook. I can’t vouch for whether this is legal, but it is available for free download on the web site.

  22. kacey says:

    Hey folks. Anyone else getting “your connection is not private” msg come up whenever they try going to an site? Or is asstr truly screwed? Answers on a forum please 🙂

    • No One says:

      Yes. It looks like their security certificate expired. Assuming you were just going to browse stories over there and not send private data, it’s not a risk for you, and you can just add an exception for that site (depends on your browser, but normally by clicking the “advanced” button on that error page…?) to let your browser access it.

  23. kacey says:

    Re: Leslita. Has anyone seen updates/posted new stories on said site SINCE june ’17? Even through firefox it still old news :-/ Thanks 🙂

  24. Yiru Lilota says:

    Hello Yiru here ^^

    I hope people remember the stories I used to write for Leslita about 5 – 6 years ago. Not sure if anyone actually does remember me but but oh well, I’m back and will probably be posting stories to Leslita in the near future

    Good to be back Leslita!

    • Yiru Lilota says:

      Ah wait seems Leslita is out of commission for me…

    • Joe says:

      Good luck with posting to Leslita, there hasn’t been an update on that site for a long time.

      • Myka & Sophia says:

        Sad thing is for us even though it was not being updated we used enjoy logging in and reading the old stories there and, though sort of back, the new system does not give authors contact details for ccomment.

  25. kacey says:

    Quick question: when was the “reply” tab removed from comments? Just read thru’ “Oh Wow” and sorry to say, half the comments made no sense! Please don’t say it’s just my browser!!?! 😉 🙂

  26. annao says:

    anyone know whats going on with asstr as there have been no stories posted for a while on there are they having trouble again

  27. GoldButterfly says:

    Anyone turned on by pregnancy? Like imagine a pregnant mom or aunt with her daughter or niece? Or what if it was the daughter or niece that was pregnant?

    • Gush says:

      Yes my pussy is gushing

    • Cheryl says:

      It’s funny. I’ve heard of a number of men who get turned on by a pregnant woman, but very few women, if any. I don’t get turned on by it, myself. Still, I’ve always been a “whatever does it for you” kind of person, as long as nobody gets hurt. 🙂

      • Gush says:

        Seeing a honey pregnant mother wanting another woman is so hot

      • Becky B says:

        I agree! I’ve always found pregnant women sexy, but very few women agree with me. I really enjoyed seeing my sister-in-law each time she was pregnant, I just found her so beautiful.

    • Becky B says:

      I think that idea is very hot… imagining a niece talking to her pregnant aunt and getting a version of the “where babies come from” talk that includes some hands-on learning. 🙂 I like it! Could easily see a young girl who’s close with her aunt getting close in that situation.

  28. PoppaBear says:

    It has been said, but I have no evidence and haven’t seen it, that Italian men get quite misty eyed over pregnant women.

    I certainly like to see pregnant women and while I’m not sure I find them arousing, I certainly have always found them to be beautiful, and a beautiful young pregnant women, Oh, my, I have no Italian connections, but I can understand what is said about them.

    So, if someone wants to try a story about a pregnant aunt and a curious niece, I will happily be their editor.

  29. Becky B says:

    This made my day.

  30. Sapphmore says:

    Oh wow! It’s great to see the site back up and running again. When Cheryl said you hoped to recover within a week or so, I assumed that was very optimistic, but the team must have done an awesome job to get back this fast from such a setback to looking like it’s never been away.
    Congratulations to all who worked so hard to restore the love.

  31. Lynn says:

    Great news!!! My favourite story site is back and so quickly.Well done and thank you. xxxx

  32. Tim says:

    I agree with Lynn. Great to see the site back up and running. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, no doubt after a lot of hard work all round.

    We’re all very grateful indeed!!!!!

  33. marbil2 says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the link to The Black Lingerie by EBO? I was following a few stories and the link leads to “can’t find that link” type of window

    • DigificWriter says:

      The same thing that happened to this site; Kinky Blogging decided they didn’t like the content of Ebo’s sites and cracked down on them.

      • craw2519 says:

        Any idea if and /or when Ebo will resurrect his sites on another Server. Miss his great writing and a couple of unfinished stories

        • Anon says:

          Seconding this, Ebo had some truly unique and interesting stories, really hope they can find a new place to host their work. Any chance this site would consider mirroring their work?

  34. hawkbird2 says:

    Anyone have the new Lesbian Lolita page, please share

  35. JanieButter says:

    I can’t believe that as many times as I went back to one of my favorite stories I never bothered to copy it, DL it or somehow keep it alive in my files somewhere…Does anyone have a complete archive somewhere?

    Thanks in advance…Janie

  36. Joe says:

    Hey Cheryl, Jetboy or Naughtymommy, can you explain why some days a person can’t find your site? Is it on my end, or are you having issues?

  37. Joe Huhn says:

    Jetboy, naughty mommy, or anyone else running Juicy Secrets, would you consider looking at a story, even if it isn’t considered to be on here? You can email me your answer

  38. Myka says:

    We looked at the site ‘World of Letoria’, is it now ‘history’?

    • Bill Elliot says:

      Letoria is an author on

    • Poppabear says:

      Letoria is a friend of mine, in as much as I’ve helped her with some of the chapters of the Karen and Laci story, but not recently. Your comment worried me as soon as I saw it so I’ve just had a look, and the site looks as if it is still active.
      Letoria’s latest blog entry is October last year when she introduced a new author and that author;s first story.
      Letoria lives in a, currently, very cold part of the country and she also has ongoing health problems, so give her some time and space and she’ll reward you with great lesbian erotica.
      If you haven’t yet read the Karen and Laci story, get over there and get started, but take a big thick towel with you.
      I’m definitely going back very soon to read the new story by Lyn.

  39. Bill Elliot says:

    Has anyone seen the made for TV movies:
    Baby Sellers or Family Sins where KA plays the evil voluptuous matron. In each movie, she gets very close to female teens, providing hugs or holding a chin. Leaves the imagination brewing ?

  40. Joe Huhn says:

    I’m not sure if the administrators realize this, but the link to Lesbian Lolitas has changed. It’s now They have some of the stories from the old site.

  41. Myka & Sophia says:

    Been trying to get on to the mailing list of The World of Letoria (Love a couple of her stories) but we can’t seem to get request to go through … is it ‘just us’? … or is the site closed.

  42. Poppa Bear says:

    Your enquiry, Myka & Sophia, bothered me as I had a long association with Letoria and edited several chapters of the Karen and Laci story for her.
    The site has been redesigned since I worked on her stories, although everything is still in place and it could be there is a wee fault in the connection which she doesn’t know about.
    I would just enjoy all the stories. You will love her novel-length story about Karen and Laci, if you haven’t already started to read it.
    Please let her know that you do like her stories, and tell her why, and mention the failure of the site to let you add yourselves to the mailing list.

  43. nick says:

    Hi please can you do follow up on Thunder island?? Its buy wickedsmile and if they can’t do it please can someone else finishe the story of say part 3?? Also can you do part two and part 3 of the Matinee as I think we can find out how twins got started in there quest and can you do more stories with older girls say from 14 plus as they know what they want thank you

  44. BigDaddy44 says:

    Love your site!! Is there any other sites out there not listed in bookmarks that are just as good as this one? Also Lesbian Lolita haas been suspended. Thank you.

  45. Aussierules says:

    It looks like Sapphic Shares has also been suspended! Does anyone know what’s going on?

    • Fur says:

      To many pictures on the server. I just dropped us down to a little over 2GB on the server so hopefully we will be back open soon. I’m waiting to here from them

      • Aussierules says:

        Good news, thanks for the update!

      • Luv beauty seduction says:

        Good news – I was a bit worried that it was suspended permanently. I appreciate the update.

        • Fur says:

          Found a new server that is truly unlimited and am working on getting everything set up. Not sure how long this will take… Sorry to the Lesbian Lolita readers. I can’t find my contact for Miss W to transfer that site

          Sapphicshares at protonmail dot com

  46. Fur says:

    Lesbian Lolita is now being transferred to the new host (thank god it’s part of the package). My site is back up with changes as well. Hopefully Miss W doesn’t kill me….

  47. Me1166 says:

    I found a link off of lesbian lolita called “girls loving girls. The stories are written like tv shows, the way the stories are written keeps you wanting more, but some of the stories aren’t finished and haven’t been added to in some time, like 2 of my favorites, “scent of a girl” and “hey mickie, hey mickie”. The author is TVM, does anyone know if the site is done or if TVM is done writing, would like to see those stories finished and also some the others on there I plan on reading. Good site, check it out.

  48. Mirza says:

    Oh, oh. J.E. Ashbourne’s website seems to be down. Does anyone have any information about this? I really hope a new home can be found for her work.

    • Aly says:

      Sadly its still down and can seem to find anything new. She was my favorite. Love the way she wrote her story. She even wrote some for me ….

  49. kacey says:

    To Admins/mods. If any of you still has access to Leslita’s “OLD” archive of alphabetical authors, is there any possibility of importing a Nuit de Loup multi-part story ‘Learning Phase’ to here? A personal opinion, but i think quite a few folks here will enjoy that tale. RSVP

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      I’ll check with our editor to see if he has it in his collection. I did do a google search and found it at So, if he doesn’t have it, I’m sure he’ll probably snag it. No guarantees when or if it will get published here as our editor is super busy these days. 🙂

      • Sapphmore says:

        Hi Amanda and Kacey, I have that story. I copied it in October 2016. As Jetboy knows, as well as the full JS archive saved offline, I have a rather large archive of stories (now up to 19,396 to be precise) from a myriad of sites. I’ll send it to Jetboy.

        Also, below is a link to the Leslita Authors index

        • kacey says:

          Thanks Sapph, very helpful. Really hope it’ll appear on here ☺ Nuit just seems to have an amazing ability to write really good mythical/fantasy erotica.

  50. kacey says:

    Anyone else noted that anything to do with “” is currently FUBAR? Has it, sadly, become defunct?

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