Lea and the High Priestess

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By Candy Kane

{ This story was originally posted at the Nifty Archive in January 1999}

The two maidens took Lea by the hand and led her through the torch-lit temple to the chamber of her mother, the High Priestess.

Lea was just twelve, and had been raised mostly by the maids of the High Priestess, so she had only seen her mother during the most important of religious ceremonies. But now she was of age, and was to spend the night with the High Priestess in a private ceremony that was to be the first step of her emergence into womanhood… and eventually, her succession to her mother’s power.

The maidens had dressed Lea in a sheer cloth gown that flowed around her like vapor. Her bare feet padded on the cool stone floor. The two maidens had spent the entire afternoon preparing Lea. They washed her in the pool, the water warmed by the noon sun. They ran their soft hands over her, anointing her with sweet smelling oils and lotions. She liked their touch, especially when one of them lingered on the opening between her legs and on the small, sensitive nipples of her adolescent breasts.

The girl had whispered in Lea’s ear that this would be one of the most important nights of her life. Lea was the oldest child of the woman many considered a goddess… and after this ceremony, she would be a child no more. When Lea asked what was expected of her, the girl simply said, whatever the High Priestess wants.

Then the girl kissed Lea and said she hoped the two of them could be together after Lea returned from her night with the High Priestess. Lea did not fully understand, but she did enjoy the taste of the girl’s lips.

As they entered the High Priestess’s chamber, Lea was struck by the beauty of her mother, lying on a huge bed of furs. The High Priestess had flowing black hair, radiant skin the color of copper, and green eyes that seemed to reach out and entice her. Lea stood by the side of the bed and looked at the High Priestess’s nude body glowing in the light of the candles. It seemed to be sculpted, its form and lines perfect.

The maidens removed the sheer cloth from Lea leaving her naked in the flickering, golden light. Lea heard their retreating footsteps and soon she was alone with the beautiful woman.

“Come to me, my child,” the High Priestess said, and stroked the furs she lay on.

Lea climbed up on the bed and laid on her back beside the woman, her heart racing, not knowing what to expect.

The High Priestess touched Lea’s face. “You are most beautiful, my daughter,” she said, and brushed the young girl’s hair from her eyes. “Before the sun comes up,” the woman whispered, “We will drink the honey that flows from our bodies and share the bliss that only women can give each other.” She leaned over and kissed Lea, her lips were tender and tasted of sweet wine. Then she said, “Tonight we will visit heaven together.”

The woman took Lea’s tiny nipple in her mouth and suckled it, caressing it with her tongue. Lea’s nervousness quickly faded, replaced with a warm feeling of arousal that swept through her. It seemed to converge at the opening between her legs. She liked what her mother was doing and wondered if she would be allowed to do the same.

As the High Priestess sucked Lea’s nipples, she stroked the young girl’s body, moving her hand like a feather up and down Lea’s sides and stomach until she finally slipped it between the girl’s legs, coaxing them apart as she lightly stroking the inside of her thighs. Lea had been intrigued by the patch of short, black hair she’s seen covering the opening between the High Priestess’s legs, and she wondered if it disappointed the woman that Lea had no hair there. The answer came quickly: a moan of approval as the woman cupped Lea’s small opening and cradled a finger between its folds.

Lea gasped at the tingle of pleasure the woman’s touch brought. It was as arousing as when the maiden had touched her in the pool. Her opening was tight and gripped the woman’s finger snugly. Lea thought it odd that at first there was dryness and friction, but as the woman moved her finger in and out, her opening became moist and slippery. Lea unconsciously rotated her hips in rhythm with the woman’s delicate probing.

Suddenly, Lea’s chest started to heave and her breathing increased, her pulse quickened, and she felt a strange, wanton fire building in her. The dampness increase between her legs, so much so, she thought she might have accidentally wet herself, but she knew she had not. The more the woman stroked Lea’s opening, the more the moisture flowed. Over the aroma of incense and the smoke from the candles, she could smell a wild honey-like fragrance coming from the woman’s body. It made her nose tingle.

While the High Priestess continued sliding her finger in and out of Lea, she covered the child’s mouth with hers, using her tongue to explore the warmth inside. Lea liked the sensation and returned the kisses, wrapping her delicate arms around her mother’s neck.

Suddenly, the woman touched a small, sensitive nub at the top of Lea’s opening and the young girl cried out as a wave of unimaginable pleasure swept over her. She opened her mouth and sucked in air as her body shook with this most wonderful of sensations. For an instant, she imagined doing the same thing to the beautiful young maiden that had kissed her at the pool. She yearned to put her finger inside the girl and make her cry out like that. But first, she wanted to learn everything the High Priestess promised to teach her.

Lea knew that many of the servant girls slept together and she often heard them crying out in the night. Now she realized they were not cries of pain, but passion. Once this night was over, she would find the young maiden, take her by the hand and lead her to her bed. She would sleep with her and show her all the delicious pleasures that she experienced with the High Priestess.

The woman removed her finger from Lea and licked it. “You have the taste of a delicate flower, a flower that only grows between the legs of a young girl.”

“I’m glad you are pleased,” Lea said smiling.

The woman slipped her finger back into Lea for a moment and then brought it to the girl’s lips. “Taste yourself,” she said, “for it is the nectar of your soul.”

Lea took the woman’s finger into her mouth and tasted the moisture from her body. It was sweet and very pleasurable. She wondered what her young friend would taste like.

“Now,” the woman said, “take your finger, place it inside me and put your mouth on my breast like a baby to her mother. Do what I have done to you and it will give me pleasure. In return, I will teach you the secrets of pleasing yourself and any woman your heart desires.”

Lea slipped her hand down between the High Priestess’s legs. She was surprised to find that the patch of hair she saw earlier was soft and damp. The folds of the woman’s opening were flared out like a flower in bloom, and between them, her flesh was warm and slippery. The High Priestess breathed in deeply as Lea traced the outside of the opening with her finger tip. Then, ever so slowly, she slid her finger inside finding it very hot. The hole was much larger than Lea’s and she found that she could insert two, then three fingers. With each additional finger, the High Priestess moaned, and Lea realized that the wild honey-like aroma was coming from the woman’s opening, and it grew stronger.

“Oh, my little lover, your touch is so gentle,” the woman whispered. “Do you enjoy pleasing me?”

Lea answered her with a kiss; this time she was the aggressor, putting her tongue in the woman’s mouth to explore. Lea not only liked pleasing the High Priestess, she was enthralled with how easily she could make the woman respond to her touch. The feelings that coursed through her small body were like nothing she had ever experienced before. She hoped the heat building between her legs would not cool until she could sleep with the young maiden.

The woman took Lea’s face in her hands and guided the girl’s mouth to her nipple. Lea found the taste of her skin to be slightly salty but with an after taste of some spice she could not identify. As she sucked, she felt the nipple grow hard in her mouth. She could tell from the increased breathing that her mother enjoyed it.

The High Priestess reached around and rubbed Lea’s bottom, something Lea had never thought would bring pleasure. But as she continued to suck on the High Priestess’s breast and stroke her fingers in and out of the woman’s opening, she became aware of how sensitive her little hole was. She remembered how the beautiful, young maiden had spent so much time washing Lea’s bottom. And when she dried Lea off, she had knelt down and kissed it before applying the scented oils. Lea had enjoyed the girl’s affection but had not understood it’s meaning. Now she realized that part of her body yearned for attention just as the opening between her legs did.

The High Priestess tested Lea’s small hole with the tip of her finger. She must have realized how tight it would be to enter, because the High Priestess brought her finger to her mouth and wet it. Then she returned it to the crack between Lea’s bottom and gently worked it into the hole.

Lea gasped with surprise at the wonderful sensation. The woman’s finger penetrated her tiny hole and slid up inside Lea’s rectum. A most unlikely place to seek pleasure, Lea thought as the anticipation of sharing this heavenly secret with the young maiden raced through her mind.

The High Priestess was moving in unison with Lea’s finger thrusts now, breathing hard and moaning loudly. At the same time, the woman had worked her finger completely inside Lea’s bottom and moved it in rhythm to their bodies. Lea went from one hard nipple to the other, hungry for the taste of the woman’s spicy skin. They were both in the throes of ecstasy now and within a few seconds their bodies shook and they cried out. Lea’s closed her eyes and remembered the words of the woman: tonight, they would visit heaven together. She had just entered a place so wonderfully erotic, so divine, she could only equate it to heaven.

As Lea lay in the High Priestess’s arms, pressing their sweaty breasts together, the woman said, “Sleep, my tiny lover and dream sweet dreams, for soon I will awaken you with a pleasure that is beyond what you have just experienced.”

Lea could not imagine what could be better than what she had experienced so far, but she smiled with anticipation as she drifted off on a soft cloud of total bliss.


When Lea awoke, it was from the sensation of something warm and wet. She came out of the twilight of sleep to the realization that something wonderful was happening between her legs. Laying on her back, she sensed that her legs were spread wide and when she looked down she saw that the High Priestess was lying further down the bed with her head between Lea’s legs. She had her mouth on Lea’s opening and was licking it. Like lightning from a summer storm, a bolt of pleasure shot through Lea. Her mother was using her tongue to do things Lea had never thought possible.

She cried out as she felt the High Priestess’s tongue go inside her. The woman was stroking Lea’s legs and licking her from her opening down to her small anus. Lea wrapped her legs around the woman’s head and cried out, gritting her teeth and arching her back. She tangled her fingers into the High Priestess’s hair and pushed down forcing the woman’s tongue deeper into her. Then her mother found the tiny bud at the top of Lea’s opening and sucked it between her lips.

Lea brought her hands up to her face and screamed, tears of pleasure rolling down her cheeks. Her body exploded with passion and she could see only blurred patches of golden light.

The woman sucked the little bud of flesh in and out of her mouth and Lea could not stop screaming. She ran the bottoms of her feet up and down her mother’s back and cried with joy as she beat the furs with her tiny hands. Multiple waves of raw pleasure shook her small frame, which was now drenched in sweat. She felt a flood of liquid shoot out of her opening and she could hear her mother lapping it up like a cat drinking milk.

As Lea’s body finally slowed down, it’s tremors subsided, and her breathing calmed, she raised her head to watch the woman finish licking her clean. Then the High Priestess crawled up and gently laid herself down on top of Lea, careful not to hurt her. She kissed Lea and licked away the tears. Lea could smell herself all over her mother’s face.

“Now you know the secret of how women please each other,” the High Priestess said. “Next, my sweet lover, I want you to put your mouth on my opening and pleasure me as I have you. Take me to the place you just came from… and I will then show you how we can go there together at the same time.” The woman kissed Lea’s face softly and asked, “Do you desire to please me?”

“More than anything,” Lea said.

The woman rolled over on her back taking Lea with her until the girl was on top. “Take your tongue and travel down my body to the place where my river flows. Drink all you want, my little lover, for I have an ocean to give you.”

Lea kissed the High Priestess and then slowly moved down, kissing and licking the salty moisture from the woman’s neck, then the valley between her breasts. She spend a few moments taking the woman’s nipples into her mouth to make sure they were hard, then she kissed her way down the flat stomach and finally reached the short patch of damp fur. The scent coming from between the woman’s legs was spicy and exotic, and Lea breathed deeply trying to capture all of it in her lungs. At last, she was over the opening and she pressed her nose between the delicate petals of the flower so that she could smell only the fragrance that came from deep inside.

She pictured herself with her face between the legs of the young maiden, and she hoped that the girl would be hairless and soft like her own opening. It was not that she disliked the short hair around her mother’s cleft — it was just that she was already fantasizing what it would soon be like to pleasure a girl her own age. But now, what was most important was to please this beautiful woman as much as she could. There would be many nights to sleep with the palace maids.

The High Priestess raised her legs, put her hands behind her knee, and pulled them back against her chest, opening herself fully. Lea watched in awe as honey seeped out of the woman’s opening and flow down to her small hole. She waited until enough had collected in the little puckered indention before she brought her finger tip to it and pushed.

The woman moaned as Lea’s finger found the warm secret inside. Then Lea bent to the real work at hand. She started licking, first all around the opening, then between the woman’s petals.

Lea noticed a hood of flesh that stuck out at the top of the woman’s opening, and as she explored under it with the tip of her tongue, she found a small pea-shaped bud of flesh that grew larger and harder the more she licked it. Suddenly, she realized it was the same sensitive nub that lived in its hiding place between her own legs. Earlier, the woman had found and stimulated it, taking her to a new level of arousal. She knew she could now do the same to the High Priestess. Sucking the little nub between her lips, she flicked it with her tongue and the woman responded with a cry of ecstasy.

Lea increased her sucking rhythm while she worked her finger deeper into the woman’s rectum. Soon the High Priestess was squirming and jerking her hips, calling out in the night at the pleasure the young girl was delivering. The woman grabbed handfuls of fur that covered the bed and screamed, her back arching, her legs trapping Lea’s head in a passionate embrace.

Lea kept up the assault until the woman begged her to stop. With a smile, she looked up into the High Priestess’s face and realized she had taken her just as far as she herself had be taken.

Finally, the woman opened her eyes and gazed down at Lea. She held her arms wide and said, “Come here, my sweet child.”

Lea moved up to lay on top of her. The woman wrapped her arm and legs around her young lover and they kissed. Then the High Priestess said, “There is one more secret I will share with you before we sleep, my child.”

“But you have shown me so much already, Mother,” Lea said. “What more can there be?”

The woman gave her a knowing smile and caressed her face. Then she said, “Turn around and lay beside me with your feet to my head.”

Lea hesitated for a moment as she tried to picture where this was leading. Then she obeyed and turned her body around with her head next to her mother’s hip.

“Now, sweet child,” the woman instructed, “move back on top of me.”

As Lea positioned herself onto the High Priestess, she felt the woman guide her slim legs apart and place them on each side of her head. Propped up on her hands, Lea looked down and realized the woman’s opening was only inches from her mouth, her scent steaming up to meet Lea’s nostrils. Then the woman brought her own knees up and spread her legs wide.

The meaning of all this hit the young girl like a thunderclap. In this position, they could put their mouths on each other, and as her mother promised, they would visit heaven together.

Suddenly, Lea felt her mother take hold of her slender hips and pull them down, her hot breath was on Lea’s opening. At the same time, Lea brought her mouth down and gently kissed the woman’s petals. She settled her body down on top of the High Priestess, and within seconds they were both licking and drinking the warm nectar that flowed out.

This was by far the most exquisite thing they had done, and Lea was obsessed with the desire to satisfy her mother. She dove into her lover’s opening, devouring it and drinking up the sweet cream like she was dying of thrust. Their moans and cries filled the cavernous sleeping chamber until both women were rocked with an earthquake of passion and their bodies trembled with pleasure.

Soon, Lea and her mother were lying in each other’s arms again, saying nothing but softly caressing the other. Then the woman gently kissed Lea’s lips and said, “Sleep, my sweet daughter. If you awake in the night and thirst, place your mouth on my opening and drink what is there. For I will do the same to you.”

“I’m not ready for sleep yet, Mother,” Lea whispered. “I want to drink from your river again, now.”

The High Priestess rolled on her back, pulled her knees up and spread her legs in invitation. “Then satisfy your thirst, little one, for I have much inside me to give you.”

Lea kissed the woman once more and then repeated her journey down the beautiful body to the temple between her legs. She had tasted what lay there and knew she would never get her fill. As the night wore on, she and her mother pleasured each other many time before they finally fell asleep with their warm bodies entwined.

As the sun swept in through the high windows of the chamber, they awoke and one last time, pleasured each other. Then the High Priestess took the young girl gently in her arms and kissed her face, neck and mouth.

“Would you like to come to me again one night?” she asked Lea.

“Oh, yes,” the girl whispered, holding her mother tightly.

“Then so it shall be,” she said. She kissed Lea once more before summoning two maidens to take the young girl back to her quarters.

Lea’s eyes grew wide with excitement as she saw that one of the girls was her friend from the day before. Lea took her hand and interlocked their fingers. When they were out of the High Priestess’s chamber, Lea kissed her, whispering, “Tonight, we will visit heaven together.”

The End

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