My Little Japanese Lover

  • Posted on August 17, 2018 at 3:35 am

Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: Yet another mystery tale from my collection. Reading this, it seemed much too beautiful to keep to myself. This story will make you feel warm all over, like a hug in fictional form. And I usually don’t include photos with these stories, but THIS one was too scrumptious to leave out. Enjoy!

My two-week summer vacation found me relaxing by the side of an Olympic-sized pool. I should have been working on my lesson plan for the coming school year, but that could wait. Right then, all I was interested in was getting a tan.

A teacher’s salary doesn’t give you much money to plan a real vacation, but I’m better off than most. When my mother passed away six years ago, I inherited her uptown condo. There was even a small trust to pay for association fees and utilities. Because of this, I actually had enough saved for a nice little trip.

This year though, I came up with a novel plan. Instead of heading off to Florida or California,  I booked myself a room at the swankiest hotel in town, with all the trimmings. For two whole weeks I was living it up as Miss Rich Bitch. This had to be the best vacation I ever had. All the fun of being pampered by a fine five star hotel, without actually having to leave the city!

So there I was, stretched out on a deck chair in a tiny bathing suit. I knew I looked damn good in it, too. The guys around the pool couldn’t keep their eyes off me. Whatever. They could stare at my tits all they wanted. They could even dream about getting me out of my bikini bottoms, and slipping their greasy cocks into me. Dreams were all they would get. My dreams were just a little different.

I’ve known something about myself since high school. My few romps in the back seats of cars only taught me that guys had nothing I really wanted or needed. I’m a lesbian, one with very special tastes.

From where I sat, the view was lovely! It’s incredible, just how many pretty little girls were vacationing with their families… and there I was, feasting my eyes on them all, especially the ones approaching their teen years. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a girl between ten and thirteen, beginning her journey towards womanhood.

One such girl had especially captured my rapt attention.

Oh God, she was pretty! A petite little Japanese doll with long gleaming black hair that fell to her waist. My fingers itched to run through that dark silk. Watching her tuck all that wonderful hair into a swim cap was a delightful torment. The bright yellow one-piece suit she wore hugged her budding figure lovingly. The gentle swell of her hips and bottom took my breath away. Her breasts were just beginning to bud. I hoped deep in my heart that she wouldn’t develop very big ones, because this lovely Lolita was perfect, utterly perfect, as she was.

Her obvious happiness and the cool breeze off of the water had left its mark. My lovely angel’s nipples were visibly erect. I could see them clearly from where I sat. My heart pounded as I imagined closing my lips around them. I placed her at about twelve years old. If she were living here, she would be just the right age to be in my classroom.

Did I mention that my Asian angel was a mermaid in the water? She dove with perfect form; hardly a splash as she cut through the water like a knife. I caught myself just in time before I yelled at the other swimmers to get out of her way. Couldn’t they see that this wasn’t just playtime for her? The child was poetry in motion as she twisted and dodged, her lithe body darting skillfully around the other swimmers. It was so exciting to see her outclass them all!

After a few laps, my mermaid pulled herself from the water with a practiced, fluid movement, glistening so enticingly as bright droplets of water cascaded from her body. I watched as the darling child tugged off her bright pink swim cap, freeing the dark waterfall of her hair with a careless toss of the head.

The very sight of her made me smile… and ache with longing inside. I was smitten, desperately in love with an underage girl I’d never met.

Oh, my — she noticed me! Then she smiled back, and my heart nearly melted. How could I ever think of such a lovely creature as only pretty? The beauty of her smiling face burned its way forever into my soul.

She turned to walk away. That was when some beastly little boy decided to run across the deck of the pool. The little shit bumped into my lovely swimmer, and down she went.

I was on my feet in an instant, shrugging into my robe, dashing to her side. “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

“I, I think so,” she said quietly. “I scrape my knee.” Her soft voice was enchanting, her English nearly perfect, flavored with a gentle accent that spoke of her homeland. “I — I am bleeding.” Staring at her knee, she began to cry.

“Oh, sweetheart, it’s okay!” A couple of small droplets colored her kneecap. There was no real damage at all, thank God. I took her arm to help her up. I felt a spark of sexual electricity, as my fingers touched her flawless skin. “Let’s go upstairs so I can clean you up.”

“I am sorry.” My little angel looked up at me, tears shining like jewels. “I do not like blood. I, uh, it makes me s-squeem.”

“Squeamish?” I asked.

“Hai! Yes!” She smiled softly. “English is hard work. I practice. No, I am practicing.”

“Your English is wonderful! I think it’s better than most American kids your age.” I took her hand as we walked towards the hotel. “What’s your name, honey?”

“Sasahara Sakura.” She gave her family name first, as the Japanese so often do. “I am very pleased to know you.”

“Sakura… what a lovely name!” I gave her hand a friendly squeeze. “My name is Sheryl, and I’m very pleased to know you, too!”

“Sheryl? Sheryl.” She said it a few times, getting used to the pronunciation. It sounded like poetry, coming from her lips. “Sheryl is a nice name too.”

We passed the lifeguard chair. The asshole didn’t even react to the kid running and knocking Sakura down. He was far too busy titty watching. I had to resist a sudden urge to flip him the finger.

Sakura guided me towards a group of empty chairs. “I have clothes here,” she murmured. “Can we get them?”

“Of course, honey.” We stopped, and my angel picked up a neatly folded tee shirt and shorts. My heart thumped. No panties!

I tried to conceal the excitement I felt. “After I clean your knee, you can get dressed. Okay, sweetheart?” We made our way through the lobby, toward the bank of elevators.

She grimaced. “Thank you, Sheryl. I am sorry to be such a bother.”

The elevator doors closed, and we began our trip up to the tenth floor. We were alone together, and I had to fight a powerful impulse to take her in my arms. “Where are your parents, Sakura?”

“Mother is at her meeting. I was going to wait by the swimming pool for her to return.” Sakura waved her suit and shorts at me. “But I forget card key and money.” She shrugged. “Hotel people know Mother, but if I tell I forgot, she will say I am careless.”

I couldn’t help grinning. She was going to hide her mistake from her mother. I did stuff like that all the time when I was her age. “When is she coming back?” I asked, making the question sound as casual as I could.

“Not soon.” She thought a bit. “Three of the clock. Maybe a little after.”

Oh my God, it was only noon! Could this possibly be happening? Was I dreaming?

“Why don’t you take a shower in my room.” I found myself asking. “You can stay with me until your mother returns.”

Sakura shook her head. “I could not do that. I would not want to bother you.”

“Oh, honey, it wouldn’t be a bother at all.” If I could just get her to stay, maybe, maybe… “I’ll order us up lunch. I don’t like eating alone. You’d be doing me a great favor just by joining me, I promise.”

She looked up at me, and I was almost lost in those soulful brown eyes. “I would like to have lunch with you, Sheryl.” Then she giggled. “I would also like to wash off smelly pool water.”

“Then it’s all settled.” My heart raced, but I kept my voice level and calm. The elevator doors opened, and we stepped out into the hall of the thirty-ninth floor. “Down this way, honey.” I fumbled in my robe pocket, and pulled out my card key. “For a second there, I thought I forgot mine too!” I ran the card through the slot in the door, and we stepped inside. “Now go get cleaned up, sweetheart, then I’ll look at your knee.”

“I can wait for you to go bathing first, Sheryl.”

Something in my mind clicked. Bathing? Sakura was Japanese! They had public baths there. Would she be accustomed to bathing with someone? I decided to take a risk.

“How about this? I’ve got one of the hotel’s best suites, and the tub is huge. Why don’t we bathe together? That way nobody has to wait!” I held my breath, waiting for her answer.

She gave a quick little nod. “Hai!” Then she winced. “I am sorry. Yes. Thank you, Sheryl.”

“Let me go get the water started, then.” I forced myself to walk slowly. My first impulse was to run for the tub! Even if nothing else happened, this day would forever be one of the best in my life if I could share a bath with this beautiful nymph.

Sakura joined me as the tub filled with warm water. “Sheryl, I, um,” she blushed prettily. “I must make water.”

“Go ahead, sweetheart. I’ll wait outside.”

I left the bathroom, then placed my ear against the closed door, listening to the sweet sound of Sakura using the toilet. I would have given anything to be able to watch! I hastily moved when I heard the sound of the flush, then tapped the door. “I’m coming in now, Sakura.”

I stepped inside, and nearly whimpered in delight. My lovely little mermaid was completely naked! Her skin looked so smooth and supple that my fingers trembled with the need to touch.

“Why don’t you get in the tub, honey?” I managed to say. “I’ll join you in a moment.” I pulled myself together best as I could, then gave Sakura a warm smile. My eyes were locked on my young guest as I slowly untied the top of my bikini.

She was so graceful as she crossed the floor to the tub, a fairy princess. My mind spun. I had visions of her dancing ballet for me. She would be nude, under the light of a full moon.

Sakura eased herself into the warm water, studying my naked body. I felt a flutter deep inside as I realized that she was staring at my breasts.

“Sheryl is big and beautiful,” she said rather wistfully. “I will never be beautiful like American girls.”

“Oh honey, that’s a silly thing to say.” I slipped off my bottoms, and hurried to the side of the tub. “You’re still growing. Even if your breasts aren’t going to be big, you’re still a very beautiful girl!” I stepped into the tub, and settled down with her. “You have a swimmer’s body. You like swimming, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!” Her face lit up joyfully. “I love to be swimming! I want to be Olympic swimmer some day.”

I grinned back at her. “Tell me though… do you think you’d swim as fast if you had these?” I put my hands under my breasts, and gave them a little shake.

She looked startled, then erupted into a fit of giggles. “No, no, no! I would slow down!”

“See then?” I dared to reach out and tap my finger against the tip of her nose. “Isn’t it better to just be you? Especially if the you that I see is a very beautiful charming girl?”

“Wakari-masita. Domo arigatou gozai-masu.” She positively beamed at me! I didn’t understand the words, but they sounded so lovely, so sincere and heartfelt. “Thank you. Sheryl. I will remember that! You are very nice.”

“So is Sakura.” I pick up the hand-held shower head. “Let me help wash that gorgeous hair of yours.”

“I like your short hair,” she said happily, as I started rinsing her tresses of dark silk. “Red is a nice color. You look like you are in anime.”

“Red hair, big boobies. Yup, that sounds like anime all right!”

“Boobies?” She was puzzled, then light dawned in her eyes and she exploded in a fit of giggles. I thought she’d slip down and drown, she was laughing so hard. “Boobies mean breasts! English is funny!”

“English can be funny, sometimes. I teach it, so I should know.” I poured a nice dollop of shampoo into my palm, and started carefully working it into her hair.

“I wish you were my sensei.” It broke my heart that I couldn’t be. “Mother and Patricia started teaching me last year,” she said with a fond smile. “I still need more words to make English better.”

“Honey, you’re doing great now!” I started to massage her scalp. Her eyes slowly closed, my little angel clearly enjoying the sensual feel of my fingers in her hair. If I only dared to do more! “Your pronunciation is wonderful, and you have the voice of an angel!”

My words brought a flush to her lovely face. She was embarrassed, but quite pleased too. “Sheryl is kind!”

I picked up the shower head again. Working carefully, I rinsed the thick suds from her hair. “There! All clean. Now let’s finish washing, okay?”

“Yes, Sheryl. That is okay.” We washed. It was innocent and fun, but I desperately longed for more. Every time I touched her warm wet skin, I had to force myself to hold back. This girl was far too precious. I didn’t want to do anything to frighten or upset her.

Brushing Sakura’s hair was a pure delight. I seated her at the vanity, and watched her every movement in the mirror. We were both still gloriously nude. I don’t think the image of her beautiful body will ever leave me. She looked concerned though. Something was bothering her.

“What are you thinking about, honey?” I hoped I hadn’t slipped up. God knows I was being careful not to.

“Sheryl… in the bath, I, I had feelings.” She spoke quietly, a look of worry on her face.

“What feelings, Sakura?’

“When, Sheryl, when you wash my hair, I had the feelings.” She took a deep breath. “Sometimes at night, I, I touch.”

The brush slipped from my fingers and landed silently on the thick carpeting. My heart was throbbing like a mad thing. I couldn’t stop myself from asking. “Touch what, sweetheart?”

“Touch between legs.” She grew quite flustered. “Washing hair made feelings, like I wanted to touch there.”

Oh my God! My hands were shaking, and my legs felt weak. “Sweetheart, w-what do you think about, when you touch yourself?”

“Meiboukoushi,” she whispered. “Pretty, smiling ladies.”

I knelt before her. “Sakura, do… do you think I’m pretty?”

“Yes!” she mumbled. “Sheryl is very pretty.” Suddenly she stood up, visibly upset. “I go now, okay? I bother you. I will go back to wait for Mother!”

‘Sweetheart, don’t!” I gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “I think about pretty ladies too. But I think about pretty girls like Sakura most of all.”

Her eyes opened wide. “You do?” she breathed.

My heart was racing. “Sakura, would you like me to kiss you?”

She looked at me for a long moment. Her beautiful brown eyes drawing me in. “Hai.” she whispered. “Yes. I would like Sheryl to kiss.” She closed her eyes, waiting for me to act.

I leaned into Sakura, moving slowly, giving her every chance to change her mind. She didn’t! Then our lips lightly touched, and I found heaven. She was so soft and delicate.

Oh, but she was a bit of a little devil, too! Sakura was first to deepen our kiss, the tip of her tongue slipping gently between my lips! I responded, and then we were kissing like lovers.

“Oh honey, that was very nice.” I sighed when we finally parted.

Her hands brushed lightly over my breasts. “Kiss too?” She blinked her eyes, then started over. “May I kiss you here, too?” My angel wanted to make sure I understood her.

“That would be lovely, Sakura.”

The warmth of her mouth against my skin was a delight. Sakura rained tiny kisses all over my breasts. I couldn’t help but moan when her soft lips closed over an engorged nipple.

She glanced up at me, with a look of joy on her face. “Sakura likes kissing Sheryl!”

I took her hand. “Please, Sakura, come with me to the bed. I want to love you, if you’ll let me.”

“I let!” she said breathlessly. “I want to know! I want Sheryl to show me how to love!”

“Oh, angel!” I gasped, “there is nothing in this whole wide world I want more!”

Hand in hand, we made our way to the bed. I helped her on, and then spent a moment just gazing at her. My angel’s beauty made me ache with desire. Her skin was the color of caramel. You could plainly see the outline of her swimsuit, where it protected her from the sun. Her shimmering black hair spilled out over the pillow. Her eyes sparkled. I could see her soul in those gorgeous brown eyes!

I reached out, daring to touch this lovely vision. She shivered as I ran my fingers slowly up her arm. Her skin was so smooth and soft, the muscles beneath toned and firm from hours of work in the pool.

“Beautiful.” I whispered, as if speaking aloud might make this wonderful vision fade from my view. “Oh, how beautiful you are!”

“Thank you, Sheryl.” She said softly. You should have seen the look of delight in her eyes. It wasn’t vanity. My lovely angel was honestly pleased that I took such pleasure in the sight of her nude body.

My hands moved again. The gentle swell of her budding breasts warmed my trembling fingertips. My darling Sakura moaned. Her nipples were firm and erect. I touched one, and she shuddered, a tiny cry escaping her throat.

“Now I will kiss you here, my love,” I breathed as I leaned over her. I took a flawless nipple between my lips, and Sakura whimpered. Her hands cradled my head as I gently suckled the brown bud.

“Good! Sheryl kisses good!”

I looked up just as her breathing began to grow ragged. “Sakura love, would you like me to teach you a very special kiss?”

Her eyes widened. “What kind of kiss, Sheryl?”

“The most beautiful and loving kiss that one woman can give to another.” I smiled, trying to encourage her. “Would you like me to show that kiss to you?”

“Oh, yes! Yes, yes, yes!”

“Okay sweetheart. Spread your legs.” I ran my fingers along her thighs as she hastened to do as I said. “Just relax, honey. I’m going to make you feel wonderful!”

I couldn’t help pausing to gaze between those lovely legs. Sakura’s pretty little pussy looked so inviting! I could detect moisture, glistening in the baby smooth slit.

“Are you ready for the special kiss?” I asked breathlessly. I sure as hell was ready to give it to her…

Sakura’s eyes were enormous, her mouth slack as she gaped at me. She knew now what was coming — knew, and welcomed it!

“Hai! I am ready, Sheryl! Please, give the special kiss!”

I bent and kissed her tummy. Sakura’s surprised giggle was like tiny silver bells to my ears. Then I flicked my tongue into her belly button. Her giggles turned into happy little gasps. The taste of her skin excited my soul. I kissed and licked my way downward. The scent of her sex enraptured me! I wanted to plunge my tongue into her juicy center, but managed to hold off a little longer. This was her time, and I wanted it to be perfect for her!

I pursed my lips, and gently blew against her. She squirmed. My lips drew close to her warmth, then I pulled back. Sakura moaned in dismay, whimpering when I began to lick the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

“Sheryl! Please? Kiss now!” Her voice was so low, I could hardly hear as she begged me for release. “I want kiss! Please? Sheryl, please kiss Sakura there?”

My heart wouldn’t let me tease her anymore. I placed both hands on her thighs and pushed her back to the bed. We both moaned when my lips touched hers. The warm, silky taste of little-girl heaven forever etched itself upon my soul. I ran my tongue over those beautiful pouting lips. She really liked that!

When my questing tongue caressed the treasure of her clitoris, my darling girl started to tremble.

“Sheryl, Sheryl! That is good! That feels so good!” Sakura cried out. I felt such impossible joy, just knowing I was pleasing this beautiful girl. Her voice rose in pitch. “Yes! Oh Sheryl! I do soon! I, I finish soon!”

I felt myself smiling into Sakura’s lovely sex as my tongue worked hard at bringing her body to the very peak of pleasure. It was getting harder to hold her still. Sakura was bucking wildly against me. When she started to make little mewling noises, I knew her time was at hand. I lashed the tip of my tongue against the jewel of her clit, and a hoarse cry exploded from her lips as she came.

I kept right on licking as her body was overcome by ecstasy. She clutched wildly at my head, pressing my face firmly against her cunt. I can honestly say I took as much pleasure from that climax as my little angel did. It filled my heart with happiness, just knowing what she felt in that infinite instant.

Finally, she lay limply, and I reluctantly moved my head from between her beautiful swimmer’s legs. The afterglow of her climax made her even lovelier, if that was possible.

I licked my lips. “Did you like that, sweetheart? I loved doing it to you!”

“Sheryl, I like so much!” she sighed, then giggled. “It was better than dreams!” She made an unmistakable wiggling motion with her index finger. “So much better then when I touch!” She paused for a moment, then frowned. “But… Sheryl didn’t finish.”

“That’s okay, honey. It was my pleasure to help you. I don’t mind.”

“Sakura minds!” she insisted, shaking her head. “I mind. You are so nice. I want to help now. I want to make good feelings for Sheryl!”

Well, who was I to go against my new lover’s wishes? “Okay, sweetheart. You can use your fingers if you like. I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t ready for.”

“No!” Goodness, my angel had a stubborn streak! “I will taste. I will give Sheryl special kiss!”

My heart thumped. “If you really want to, honey. I don’t want to force you.”

She pushed me back onto the bed, flopped down between my legs and took a good long look. This beautiful little angel glanced up at me, then smiled shyly. “Pretty!” she cooed, “pretty vagina!” She seemed proud to known the proper word for it. “I will kiss Sheryl on the pretty vagina now…”

I longed for this. I ached for this! Her long hair swept softly over my thighs and belly, as she bent closer. I wanted to see! My hand shook as I lifted the soft silk out of the way.

Sakura hesitated a moment, her lips so close that I could feel her every breath against my wetness. Then the heavenly child put her lips to my labia, and kissed me!

She didn’t stop there. Oh, she was a bit unsure of herself, and more than a little timid, but Sakura began to gently lap at me. She had no experience giving oral, but her determination to please me more than made up for that. She grew bolder. Her tongue darted into me, and I gasped at how lovely it felt.

“You’re d-doing so good, baby. Please keep going, just like that!” My body trembled and shook, my hands moving through Sakura’s silken hair, as my angel continued to use her wonderful tongue on my pussy. It was all I could do to keep from wrapping my legs around her, and grinding her face between them!

Then, oh Jesus, then… Sakura’s loving tongue trailed its way upward, seeking and finding my throbbing clit.

I went crazy. “Oh God, baby! Just exactly like that! Just like that! Oh G-god! Don’t, don’t, do not stop!” I was right at the abyss, then with one exquisite flick, the darling wonderful child pushed me over.

I was dimly aware of screaming and panting. For a moment I didn’t even know I was the one making all the noise! The power of my release was frightening, but magnificent. This barely pubescent child was giving me the biggest climax of my life!

But it didn’t end there. She kept going, and so did I! My body was wracked by wave after wave of pleasure, until I lay dazed, winded, happier than I’d ever been.

Sakura gazed up at me, eyes sparkling. She licked at her wet lips, then began to giggle. “Did Sheryl think that was good?”

I took a deep breath. “Sheryl thought that was the best!” I gasped, trying to calm my racing heart. My angel seemed quite pleased as I praised her.

“Thank you, Sheryl!” Her eyes looked sad for a moment. “I will not see you again,” she stated simply. “My mother and I fly home tomorrow.”

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry. Much as I want to, the distance will be too great.” I sighed. “I wish I could see you every day. Vacations always come to an end, though.”

She had tears in her eyes, and my heart ached for us both. “I will miss Sheryl.”

I climbed out of bed, and grabbed a sheet of hotel stationery. “Do you have a computer? Here is my email address.”

She took the paper, and looked a little happier. “I will write Sheryl every day.” She sat up proudly. “I know how to write with some English. I will get better, so I can write more emails to you!”

I started helping her to dress. “I know you will, honey. I look forward to reading them.” My stomach growled, and Sakura squealed in amusement. “Oh, goodness! I bet you’re hungry too, sweetheart. Would you like to have lunch now? We could go down to one of the restaurants while we wait for your mother.”

“That is good.” She fidgeted and looked a little unsure. “Sheryl, is no panties, right?”

“You look fine, sweetheart.” Nobody would notice my angel’s lack of undergarments, but the knowledge gave me a very special little thrill!

I packed her still damp swimsuit into a plastic bag. “Where should we go? I’ll take you to any restaurant you’d like.”


“Sheryl, thank you for lunch.” Sakura smiled at me, and ate another French fry. I would have taken her anywhere, but my adorable little angel wanted McDonald’s. “This has been a good happy day for me.”

“Sakura, this has been a very good, very happy day for me!” I wanted to kiss her, but we were in public. I settled for patting her hand. “I’m so glad I met you.”

As we walked back to the hotel, she slipped her hand into mine. It felt so right! “I want to say something.” She pulled my arm, so I leaned closer to her. “I love Sheryl!”

My angel kissed my cheek, and we walked together into the hotel’s busy lobby.

The End


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    What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. Sakura is adorable, Such a precious treasure, a shared bath washing her long tresses would be such a sensual experience and the prefect foreplay to an afternoon os erotic exploration. The choice of photo just adds to enjoyment of the story, scrumptious.

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