My Wedding Day

  • Posted on June 30, 2018 at 10:54 am

by Stacy Simmons

{ This story was originally posted at the Nifty Archive in December 2000}

All I can say is… thank God my mother was there for me.

The time was my wedding day, over a year ago now, although it seems like yesterday. That day went from being the worst of my life to the best in an instant.

My name is Emily. Growing up I was a good looking girl, with D cup breasts, long legs and an hourglass figure. Being a natural redhead with soft skin made me even more popular. I had my share of boyfriends, but when I hit high school I met Glen. We were sweethearts, and in our last year of high school he asked me to marry him.

My mother’s name is Julia, she’s 39. She was a very busty woman with long dark reddish hair and long legs that seemed to end somewhere around her shoulders… even her ass was still shapely and firm. People often thought we were sisters. Anyhow, I asked her to give me away at the wedding because my father had left us many years before.

Mom thought Glen was a little too good to be true, and she told me that. We fought about it more than once, and I ended up feeling ashamed of things I said in anger towards her. One day when she and I were arguing about Glen, I called her an old joyless shrew — and she slapped me, hard. God knows I deserved it, but I still slapped her back in the heat of the moment.

The next thing I knew, we were tussling on the floor, striking out at one another. I felt mom’s large breasts press against mine and her breath on my neck as we fought… and to my complete surprise, I realized I was becoming aroused.

Almost without thinking, I began to rub my mound against her leg as it pressed between my own. She didn’t seem to notice, but I was becoming wetter and wetter by the second. I’d never been with a woman before, and had really wanted to try it. Not with my mom, of course — that idea never crossed my mind for an instant! — but the way our bodies were squirming together reminded me of my secret interest in exploring bisexuality. At the time, I’d fantasized more than once about Glen and I inviting another woman into our bed after we were married. Anyhow, Mom didn’t seem to notice that I was getting all hot and bothered, rolling on the floor with her like that… and we both finally began to laugh about how ridiculously we were behaving.

Later that night, though, I masturbated myself to a raging climax, indulging in steamy lesbian scenarios in my fevered imagination… though this time, Glen wasn’t a participant.

The night of my stag party was a memorable one. Mom arranged the whole thing as my maid of honor and it was pretty raunchy, even by her standards. All of our friends showed up and we opened presents. Mom gave me the wickedest looking lingerie I had ever seen — a blue merry widow outfit that made my tits look absolutely huge, thong panties and garters and topped off with a pair of spiked high heels.

Strangely enough, Mom suggested that I model the outfit for the crowd of women, but I declined. “Well, maybe you’ll give me a private showing later,” she laughed. Most of the girls were laughing so hard they drowned her out, but I heard her loud and clear. It almost felt like she was flirting with me… but I dismissed that impression as ridiculous.

Finally my wedding day had come. My mom was done up in a cream colored dress that showed off her cleavage a little too much, I thought. Everyone was in place and ready to go, except the groom. Glen was nowhere to be found, so we waited.

And waited, and waited, and waited. He never showed up. I was frantic, I thought he might have been in an accident, dead, or even worse. Finally word came. Glen’s best man Brad got a call on his cell phone.

It was Glen. He was in Rio with some woman. He was truly sorry, but he had decided that he was unable to commit to me. I’d suspected that he had been cheating but I always gave that bastard the benefit of the doubt, now it was confirmed in front of all my friends and relatives.

I stormed down off the altar and back into the rectory as the church quickly emptied out with “tsk tsk” sounds and “isn’t that a shame,” or “she’s too nice for her own good,” floating in whispers above the crowd. Soon the church was empty and I was alone in the rectory.

I heard my mother knock on the door and whisper my name. She said she was outside with the priest, if I needed to talk. I told her the only one I could talk to was her and no one else. I heard her speak to the priest for a moment, explaining the situation, and he said he would go next door to the church hall where the reception was supposed to be and let us have some privacy.

When I heard him go, I let my mother in. My face was streaked with tears and eye shadow. Mom gently shut the door and came over to me, taking me in her arms.

“Why, Mom?” I asked, “Why didn’t I listen to you?”

When she answered, her voice was gentle and comforting. “Sometimes age gives one a certain wisdom, precious. The same wisdom tells me that when you come out the other side of this, you’ll find true love.”

I rested my head on my mother’s bosom, taking all the comfort from her I could. I noticed that Mom’s breathing was getting deeper. She ran her hands through my hair and shushed me until I stopped crying, running her hands through my hair. My breath started to get shallow and come in shorter gasps. The feel of a warm body against mine was making me feel strangely excited. I needed love and I needed it now.

I raised my head up to meet hers, and she started to kiss the tears from my cheeks. Oh, my God — the feel of her lips against my face was so… so sweet. I didn’t understand — was I getting turned on by my mother? She was holding me tightly, like a lover, her hands sliding down my back to cup my ass.

I looked at her with questioning eyes and she continued to kiss my face, but more slowly, sensuously. Her hands were now openly fondling my bottom. My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe it — my mother was coming on to me!

“Don’t worry, precious,” she whispered to me, “Mommy’s here.”

She kissed my neck, then ran her tongue up to my ear. I almost melted on the spot, moaning out loud. She drew back and gazed at me for a moment, the naked desire on her face plain to see. Then our mouths met, and we kissed. Not like a mother and daughter, but as lovers, lovers who finally understood the deep need they had for one another.

Mom moaned into my mouth as I kissed her hungrily. Our tongues met and played with each other as if they were swords. I was totally hers now. She could do anything she wanted to me, and I hoped she would. We kissed with no thought of incest or the fact that we were in a church rectory, me still in my wedding dress. We were both becoming violently aroused and nothing could stop what was about to happen… what my mother and I were about to do.

I reached up and touched Mom’s ample breasts. She moaned, and I smiled for the first time since I entered the rectory.

“I’m glad you can still smile,” she said breathlessly as I licked my way down her neck towards her cleavage.

“You make me happy,” I responded. I felt Mom’s hands starting to fumble with my wedding dress, I reached around back to help her. She panted as she fumbled excitedly with my hooks and buttons.

“Get it off me,” I whispered, “I need to be naked for you.”

“Yes, precious Emily, I want you… want to make love to you. I have for a long time. I’ve been with other women since your father left… but you were the one I wanted the most.” She tugged my zipper all the way down. “And now I’m going to have you. Right here in this church.”

“Take me, Mom. Fuck me.” I breathed.

I hiked up my mother’s dress and ran my hands up her well toned legs. She shivered at my touch. My hands slid up the inside of her thighs and I found the dampness that soaked the front of her panties. Mom was indeed dripping wet… and I was excited to know that it was because of me.

Finally she managed to get my wedding dress down to my waist. I drew her into my chest and she buried her face in my breasts, her hot tongue setting me on fire. I stood before her and the wedding dress fell down to my ankles, revealing my thong panties and garters.

Mom knelt before me, tugged my panties down and began to eat my dripping pussy. I almost fainted when her tongue found my clit. Her mouth was soft and wet, and my legs trembled so that I could barely stand.

Mom rose and stood before me, her eyes burning into mine. I kissed her passionately, and she gently laid me down on the floor of the rectory. I gladly spread my legs for her, exposing my freshly shaven pussy. Mom stood before me and reached around to her back. I heard her unzip her dress and she let it fall down around her knees.

My mother was radiant, her breasts heaving with excitement. I wanted her and I wanted her now.

As if she had read my mind, Mom got down on her hands and knees and lowered her face between my quivering thighs. I felt her tongue invade me and I convulsed in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh… fuck!” I moaned.

“Emily, we’re in a church,” Mom joked, “cursing is for bad girls.”

“I’m your bad girl, Mom. Just take me — please!” I gasped, grabbing my thighs and spreading them wide for her.

She smiled and buried her face in my dripping pussy… and I just about fainted with the ferocity of Mom’s oral attack. Her silky wet tongue swirled all over my clit and I felt her fingers spread my cunt open to her kisses. I felt the two fingers of her other hand slide into me and I thrust back against them as hard as I possibly could. Mom invaded every inch of my cunt as I squealed in delight on the rectory floor.

“Lick my asshole, mom.” I commanded breathlessly, pulling my knees back to my chest, spreading my cheeks open.

Mom smiled wickedly. The next thing I knew I felt Mom’s tongue invading my anus. I whimpered, biting my lower lip. This was better than any man had ever given me. I was about to just about to come when suddenly… Mom stopped.

I glared at her in exasperation… but she only smiled. “Get on your hands and knees, Emily. Mommy has a treat for you.”

I did as she asked with great urgency — I needed to come or I would explode!

Mom reached into her purse and pulled out a black strap-on dildo. “I was hoping to pick up some woman here today and use this on her,” she murmured, “but I’m gonna fuck you instead.”

She quickly stepped into the harness, tightened it around her waist and was on her knees behind me in less than a minute… and I braced myself. I felt the head of it invade me and begin to slide into my cunt.

I pulled my wedding dress towards me and held it over my mouth, then screamed as Mom thrust the thing all the way into me and started to fuck me hard. I felt her reach over and grab my hair, pulling me back towards her. I immediately started humping against her beautiful body. The only sounds in the entire church were that of our bodies slapping together, my mother’s grunts of exertion and my muffled screaming into my wedding dress.

“Fuck me Emily, my precious. Mommy will make you come as hard as you need to.”

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!” I panted over and over. Mom continued to thrust into me as hard as she possibly could and I was approaching nirvana. I had never been fucked this hard before. She was tearing me apart — and I loved it!

“Unghhhhhhhhhh! Jesus!” I remember yelling. To heighten my pleasure Mom brought her free hand down on my ass cheek, spanking me hard. I came again when she did it.

After a few minutes I stopped humping against Mom and rested a moment on the floor, I could still feel the huge plastic cock in my cunt as I marveled at how things had worked out.

I was now my mother’s love toy. I didn’t want a man, didn’t want to be married, ever… I was hers alone.

“Don’t ever leave me, Mom.” I whispered.

“I’m yours, precious, always have been, always will be.” She whispered in that soothing tone of hers again, and I knew everything was going to be all right. Mom pulled that huge latex dick out of me and I lay down on my back, gazing at her with animal lust in my eyes. It was incest, it was wrong, it was all I wanted. I needed to make love to my own mother, right there on the floor.

I jumped on her like a lioness attacking her prey. Mom could only squeal with delight. I grabbed the dildo from her hands and kissed my way down her body, leaving a trail of wetness down her belly. Mom had a nicely trimmed V-shaped triangle between her thighs. I ran my tongue through her pubes and she moaned. Her cunt was glistening with wetness, peeking out at me, and I began eating her.

“Oh God, Emily, yes! Lick my cunt!” Mom panted, clawing at my hair as I ate pussy for the first time.

Somehow I instinctively knew what to do as I licked and sucked at her. She shuddered as I inserted two fingers in her pussy and started to rapidly pump them in and out. Mom was gasping for air. I inserted a fingertip in her asshole and she immediately came harder than anyone I had ever seen.

After several minutes Mom recovered and looked up at me, smiling. I smiled back, proud to have given her such pleasure. She kissed me deeply and I could taste my cunt on her tongue. It was heavenly.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” I told her.

“We’ll top it, too… every night from now on.” she said, taking my hand as she kissed me.

We dressed quickly and left a note for the priest. Together we drove to the hotel where Mom had reserved the honeymoon suite. We had paid for a whole week for Glen and I to indulge ourselves before flying to Maui. Instead, Mom and I went upstairs and locked the door, putting out the DO NOT DISTURB sign.

For the next two weeks we made love in every way we could think of, all day long. Mom and I even took turns fucking one another in the ass with the strap on, a first for both of us… but definitely not the last!

On the last day in Maui took Mom down to the beach, finding a private spot beneath a palm tree. There I got down on one knee before Mom in the warm sand and offered her the wedding ring I’d had for Glen.

“Julia… Mom — will you marry me?” I asked.

She cried, then said “yes,” of course.

We didn’t really get married… but she bought me a wedding ring of my own, and we made a secret pact that bound us together as lovers for the rest of our lives. Mom and I moved to a town in England, where we told our new friends that we were a lesbian couple, and that’s what everyone believes.

A year later, I think of my mother as my wife, friend, companion and lover. And I’ve never been happier!

The End


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  1. MrStrut says:

    Very erotic, I love mom and daughter stories. Would be hot to read more about them, if those chapters were ever written.

  2. Litka says:

    Who better would understand a jilted bride than her loving mother ? I am sure mom and daughter will live happily ever after and continue satisfying each other’s erotic needs beautifully !

  3. Chef71 says:

    A mothers love . what more can be said?

  4. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    Wow! wedding day story ever..well, at least one of them!
    beautifully told with lots of hot uninhibited sex!
    Emily was in a way lucky.. lucky she didn’t marry that cad Glen
    and very lucky her Mum, Julia, was there to give her the love & comfort
    they both so richly deserved!( and apparently, desired!)
    Hurray for the sweet Love(and sex)only Mothers & Daughters can
    truly understand…
    Thanks, Stacy, for presenting this great tale!


  5. z says:

    Wow, some actual couples don’t have that bond that mother and daughter have, so it’s no real surprise that they would fit so perfectly and passionately with each other.

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