Catherine’s Submission

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by Shuraz

{ This story was originally posted at the Nifty Archive in May 2000}

It was another hot, sultry night, and by this time Catherine knew the scenario by heart.

She would sit up nervously, waiting in her airless, dimly lit bedroom until close to morning when she would hear the faint noise of a key turning in the front door. Then the soft patter of feet across the living room floor until faint light would appear across the hall.

At first Catherine would resist the urge but finally she would rise and steal silently towards the door of her daughter’s bedroom to watch the spectacle she knew would take place there. Her beautiful, lazy 20-year-old daughter, back from yet another night of carousing, would work off the excesses of alcohol and casual sex by twirling around the centre of her room, giggling diabolically in the lurid, steamy night. Her short skirt would whirl as she spun, exposing the tiny white underpants she wore.

Catherine would once again look on with a combination of anger and unwanted arousal as her daughter would finally stagger to her bed, throw herself down and lift her skirt, running her hands over her velvety white panties.

First slowly and gently, then faster and more urgently as her giggles gave way to the soft moans that signaled her arousal. Catherine would see her daughter’s hand furiously tug down her panties, exposing her moist, downy vagina. She would watch her daughter’s fingers sliding into the narrow, slippery crease, frantically searching for the entrance to her womanhood. She would see the fingers disappear and reappear, faster and faster. She would hear her daughter’s moans become louder and louder until her climax. And as the last moans escaped her daughter’s lips and her lithe young body lay limp across the bed, Catherine would steal back across the hall to her own bedroom. She, too, would throw her body on the bed. And as tears once again welled up in her eyes, she sobbed herself to sleep. But as always, her sleep would be short and fitful.

By eight Catherine would already be down in the living room, cleaning up the mess her daughter had left there the night before. She’d pick up the girl’s shoes and throw away any empty bottles her daughter might have brought with her. And before placing it on the nightstand near the front door, she’d quickly take a peek inside her daughter’s purse: the perfume, the vast array of cosmetics and half-full, unmarked pill vials she refused even to discuss with her mother.

At ten the next morning, with her daughter still firmly under the covers, the doorbell rang. At the door was Marla, Catherine’s buxom next-door neighbour, herself the mother of a daughter a little younger than Catherine’s and a great deal less trouble.

With both women still in their dressing-gowns, they enjoyed coffee and sweet rolls, but after a while, as always, the topic would get around to Catherine’s troublesome daughter.

“Sandra’s still in bed, is it?” Marla commented casually as the two women sipped at their coffee. “You know, if I were you…”

“Marla, we’ve been over this a hundred times,” Catherine interrupted as politely as she could, “You’re not me, and I really don’t see much point in going into it again.”

“All I was going to say is…”

“I know what you’re going to say,” Catherine replied, trying desperately not to lose her cool. “Right now your daughter is out working hard to help feed the family. At 5 o’clock she’ll come home, help make dinner, help clean up and then spend the evening furthering her education so she can get an even better job and help the family even more, right? Well, my daughter is not your daughter, and unless you know some magic formula for changing her I’d rather talk about something else, thank you very much.” At this point Catherine was close to tears.

“All I meant was…” Marla would continue sympathetically, “that if I were you I’d follow her one night when she goes out, find out what she’s up to and try to put an end to it.”

And how on earth am I supposed to do that? Catherine thought to herself, but all she said was, “Well, thanks for your advice, really.”

“Okay. Have it your way,” Marla replied, then suddenly got up and announced that she had a lot to do. She made her way the door, Catherine right behind her, but before leaving she suddenly turned around.

“You know, I only have your best interests at heart,” she said in a low, velvety voice, and with her hand she gently stroked Catherine’s cheek. At this point their faces were almost touching and there was a pause while both women looked at one another.

As Catherine’s nervousness increased, Marla finally placed a warm, wet kiss on her cheek, turned around and made a quiet exit.

Her heart now racing, Catherine closed the door behind her just as she heard the first stirrings from her daughter’s room. Dreading the scene that was sure to follow, Catherine made sure she was good and busy by the time Sandra first poked her nose around the corner of the kitchen.

“Where’s breakfast?” she demanded as she plopped her hungover body onto a chair by the table.

“Coming up,” Catherine said without turning her head from the stove. As she prepared her daughter’s breakfast, she had to listen to the usual barrage of complaints about the food, the house, their lifestyle, in fact just about everything. Catherine counted the minutes until Sandra had finished eating and shambled back to her room for yet another day of indolence.

Towards evening, scantily dressed and heavily made up, Sandra emerged again and announced that she was going out.

“Don’t wait up for me,” she said as she walked out the door, and that was it until later that night, when the whole charade would begin again.

Catherine stared numbly at the closed door. Suddenly she remembered Marla’s words: If I were you I’d follow her one night when she goes out, find out what she’s up to and try to put an end to it.

Racing across the room for her keys, Catherine grabbed a light jacket and made her way to the door, pausing to lock it before hastening down to the sidewalk, just in time to see her daughter turn the corner. Heart racing, Catherine started off after her.

As they entered town, Sandra suddenly quickened her pace and turned another corner. By the time Catherine caught up, she saw in the distance a queue of young women about her daughter’s age at the entrance to a club. Sandra was nowhere in sight.

She must have got in already, Catherine thought to herself as she joined the queue. Once in the crowded, smoky hall she was surprised to discover that so far she could see, there were no boys there at all. Groups of women were standing around chatting and drinking; others were dancing together to the loud music that filled the hall. She stood for a moment at the entrance and strained her eyes in the dim light to see if she could catch a glimpse of her daughter.

Suddenly she heard someone speak to her from behind. “Looking for someone?” she heard a soft, sexy voice say. Catherine turned and saw a girl with long curly black hair, big brown eyes and large deep-red lips, dressed in a short black-leather skirt and a tight button-down top that accentuated a pair of large breasts. Catherine drew in a deep breath at the sight of her.

“Uh, well, no… not really,” Catherine said, preferring to keep her business to herself.

“Good, then how about a dance?” the girl asked unpretentiously.

Despite herself, Catherine found herself staring at the girl’s big eyes and sensuous body as she struggled to decide just how to deal with this new situation. “Well, uh, I don’t think so. I just…”

“Oh, come on, just one dance,” the girl interrupted. “I won’t bite you. Not unless you want me to,” she added half-jokingly.

Catherine didn’t know what to say; the sight of all these girls and the heat inside the hall were having a strange effect on her. Her heartbeat quickened and her body was tense and sweaty. Despite her hesitation, she gave no resistance as the girl wrapped her arms around Catherine’s back, pressing her full body up against her. As the girl’s large breasts touched her own, Catherine immediately felt her nipples tighten and she could feel her heart beating noisily against the girl’s soft chest. As they began to sway to the slow, sultry music, the girl rested her head on Catherine’s shoulder. “I’m Celia,” she whispered softly.

“I… I’m Catherine,” Catherine stammered as she felt the lips brush her ear. Her heart was beating wildly and her clit was throbbing between her legs. She felt the girl’s hands gently massaging her back, then drift slowly down towards her ass, pressing their sexes up against one another. It felt strangely good and Catherine made no effort to pull away.

Suddenly Catherine felt the girl’s moist, hot tongue in her ear and hands pushing up under her skirt. Catherine opened her mouth to protest, but just then she felt the girl’s fingers pull back the elastic of her panties and brush up against the crease of her ass. An electric wave spread throughout Catherine’s body as the fingers made their way between her legs, spreading her now soaked cunt lips and gently massaging her throbbing clitoris. Soon she felt a finger enter her womanhood and begin to slide up and down in her warm, slippery canal.

Catherine’s arousal was about to peak when suddenly she collected the last shreds of her resolve and pulled away. “Look, uh, Celia,” she now pleaded unconvincingly, “you’re a nice girl, really, but you don’t understand why I’m…”

But the girl cut her off and pulled Catherine’s face towards hers, pressing her lips to Catherine’s and pushing her hot, wet tongue between them.

Catherine felt Celia’s tongue winding greedily around her own. The girl’s wet finger now made its way from her pussy up the crack of her ass until it rested on her anus, making small rotations around its perimeter. As the finger shot into her rectum Catherine pressed her lips ever harder on the girl’s mouth, wrapping her arms around her back. She knew it was just a matter of seconds before she would explode. It was just then that she heard someone call her name.

“Ms. Chapman, is that you?” Catherine heard in disbelief.

This time she broke off the kiss and turned her head in the direction of the voice. There she saw Carrie, a good friend of her daughter’s, and immediately broke away from Celia, feeling the girl’s finger slide out of her as she did.

“Ms. Chapman,” Carrie continued in a friendly tone, “what are you doing here?”

Now Catherine’s humiliation was complete. First following her daughter to this place, now being caught making a spectacle of herself with a strange girl her daughter’s age. As she struggled to straighten her blouse and skirt she noticed the barely concealed grins on the faces of Carrie and the girls she was with.

She sought furiously for something appropriate to say, but finally settled for a half-truth. “Oh… uh–hi Carrie,” she stammered, feeling her cheeks growing ever redder and warmer. “I, uh, was looking for Sandra.” Did she see everything? she wondered.

“Well, you won’t find her here,” Carrie responded, repressing a giggle. “She never comes inside, she’s strictly an outsider.”

That’s a relief, Catherine thought to herself, small as it might be.

“You might check the park down the road, though,” Carrie added. “That’s where she usually works out.”

Works out? Catherine wondered to herself, but dared not ask. All she said was thanks as she quickly turned for the exit.

As she headed for the door she passed Celia standing to the side, sucking on her finger lasciviously. “Thanks for the dance, babe,” she said, a smirk on her lips. But Catherine took no notice and headed straight for the exit.

She knew the time had come to go home, to put an end to this frightful adventure, but somehow her curiosity was getting the better of her. She turned left and headed for the park. As she walked down the one lighted path she realised her mission was hopeless. Except for the few trees lining the lane, it was too dark to see anything. She was just about to give up all together when she suddenly heard a low moan coming from her right, just off the path.

She braced herself against a tree nearest the noise and strained her eyes in the pitch darkness. As her eyes adjusted she could just make out the figure of a woman standing with her back up against a tree. Her skirt was jacked up above her waist and her panties hung loosely around her ankles above her high-heeled shoes. Between her legs she held what appeared to be the head of a young girl who was on her knees in front of her. The girl’s head bobbed up and down between the woman’s legs and with each movement the woman let out another moan.

When Catherine finally realized that the girl was eating the woman’s pussy, she couldn’t take her eyes away, and as the woman’s arousal increased, so did Catherine’s. Her hand was now under her skirt and inside her panties and as the woman’s moans grew louder and louder, Catherine’s finger began to stroke her warm, wet cunt. As the girl moved her head faster and faster so did Catherine… and by the time the woman let out the cry that heralded her orgasm Catherine was almost there herself. Just watching the woman gently lifting the girl up from her knees, cupping the girl’s face in her hands and kissing her hungrily was enough to drive Catherine to climax.

As she recovered, she saw the woman raise her panties and pick up a handbag lying next to the tree. She removed a purse, pulled out some cash and handed it to the girl. As the girl was stuffing the cash into her own purse, Catherine strained her eyes now even more to get a glimpse of the girl. As she did she brushed against a small tree, and the rustle it made drew the attention of the two women. They turned in Catherine’s direction and in the dim light she clearly saw the face of her daughter Celia.

The woman was peering in Catherine’s direction. “Do you see anyone?” Catherine heard the woman ask.

“No,” her daughter replied, “but we’d better get out of here anyway.”

Catherine stood motionless, numb with shock at the spectacle she had just witnessed, utterly ashamed of herself for masturbating to it. But as her daughter and the older woman walked further into the park, She suddenly realised that she had to get home before her daughter did. She quickly began to run in the direction of her house.

The house was dark when Catherine entered… and without turning on a light she slipped out of her shoes and walked slowly towards her daughter’s bedroom. Once inside, she felt her way in the dark and saw the bed was empty. Relieved, she sat down for a moment, but just as she got up again, the light suddenly went on and Catherine looked quickly towards the door. There stood Sandra, bare-footed, her clothes still ruffled, makeup smeared from her night’s adventure.

Catherine was so startled she nearly fell over, but Sandra came over, took her hand and helped her regain her balance. “When I got home and you weren’t here, I got so worried,” Sandra said quietly. Catherine felt her daughter’s soft fingers stroking her hand and a tingling sensation began to spread throughout her body. Slowly Sandra moved her hand up along her mother’s arm and shoulder and began to stroke her cheek, and the tingling sensation grew, concentrating in her nipples and between her legs. Sensing her mother’s arousal, Sandra’s tone of voice quickly changed.

“But then Carrie called me,” she said coyly. “She told me you were at the club looking for me. She also told me about the girl you were ‘dancing’ with. So naughty…”

“Well, I–” Catherine began but Sandra interrupted her, placing her hand over her mother’s mouth.

“It’s all right, I understand.” she said, moving her free hand up under her mother’s skirt and resting it on her moist panties. “I understand everything.”

As her daughter gently stroked her cunt through the dampness of her panties, Catherine’s nipples tightened and she felt a fiery warmth between her legs.

Sandra brought a wet finger up to her mother’s mouth and gently pushed it between her lips. Helpless, Catherine began to roll her tongue over her daughter’s finger and suck on it gently.

“That’s a good girl,” her daughter said seductively. “That’s a very good girl.”

Still gazing deep into her mother’s eyes, Sandra now placed her free hand on her mother’s neck and began to open the top buttons of her blouse. Catherine felt the hand slide down under the cups of her bra until her daughter’s fingers had reached her now erect nipples. Catherine’s heart raced and her clit began to throb as her daughter began to fondle her breasts. She gave out a muffled yelp when Sandra pinched a nipple.

“Oh God, Mom,” Sandra purred, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long… wanting it, wanting you so bad…” With that Sandra gave a fierce tug at her mother’s bra, snapping it open, releasing the two large fleshy orbs into her hand.

“These look good enough to eat,” she sighed as she lowered her head and took one of her mother’s nipples in her warm mouth. In moments Catherine’s breasts were glistening as her daughter’s mouth moved back and forth from one to the other. Catherine was now almost biting on Sandra’s finger, her cunt on fire.

Sandra began to run her tongue up her mother’s chest and neck, licking her chin and removing her finger before kissing her. Catherine felt her daughter’s tongue slide into her mouth and immediately she began to suck on it hungrily.

“Greedy, aren’t we?” Sandra smiled wickedly as she broke their kiss. “Well, we mustn’t keep you waiting, I suppose.”

Without saying another word, Sandra unzipped her mother’s skirt and pushed it to the floor. She then got down on her knees and slowly lowered her mother’s panties until they were down around her ankles. Catherine swooned as she felt the first touch of Sandra’s warm, wet lips on her thigh, licking their way up until they had reached her now dripping pussy. She trembled as her daughter’s tongue entered her moist, hot crease and began to lick at her clitoris.

Now slumped against the wall, she pressed her hot cunt into her daughter’s experienced mouth and felt the pleasure so many women before her must have felt. Her daughter’s tongue was now deep inside her hole, her fingers clutching at her mother’s ass, spreading her cheeks. Suddenly Catherine felt one of her daughter’s wet fingers slither its way up her rectum.

In and out, her tongue in front and her finger from behind, Catherine knew it was just a matter of moments until her daughter’s expert treatment would have its desired effect.

“Oh GOD,” she screamed as her overwhelming orgasm finally crashed down upon her.

Slowly Sandra rose to her feet… and with her fingertips rubbed the juices of Catherine’s most intimate places on her mother’s breasts. She then lifted the breasts up, offering them to her mother… and Catherine extended her tongue to lick her own nipples, tasting herself as she had never done before.

Sandra took her mother’s arm and pulled her over to the bed. She unbuttoned her own skirt, let it fall to the floor and laid herself down on the bed. “Now we’ll see what Mommy can do,” she purred as she pulled her mother down to lie between her legs. She wore no panties, and her auburn cunt shone with wetness.

Finally realising a fantasy she had secretly nurtured for so long, Catherine gently stroked Sandra’s pussy, savoring the rich, musky smell of her, then plunged her head between her daughter’s legs. Firmly grasping Sandra’s naked thighs, she began to lick the sweet tender flesh of her daughter’s cunt, jabbing at her swollen clitoris and sucking it into her mouth.

“That’s it Mummy — OH! Oooohhhh….” she vaguely heard Sandra say. “Oh, God, Mom — I’ve wanted this for so long…”

But as her daughter’s words faded into groans Catherine concentrated on the work at hand and soon her tongue was deep inside her daughter’s vagina and Sandra was rocking up and down, pressing her cunt hard up to her mother’s mouth. Catherine licked and sucked at that beautiful pussy until her daughter’s final scream heralded her orgasm.

When Sandra’s body had finally come to rest, Catherine rose from her daughter’s cunt, savoring the sweet taste that coated her lips, drunk from Sandra’s essence. She began to move up her daughter’s half-naked body, placing wet kisses where the skin was exposed, nuzzling her nose underneath the girl’s open blouse and nibbling at her breasts. Once past her daughter’s chin, she relished the warm, deep embrace Sandra’s arms drew her into as their tongues intertwined in a sex-soaked kiss.

“I love you, Mummy,” sighed Sandra as their lips parted. “I always have…”

They undressed one another, and the kisses and embraces between the two women that followed became long and sensuous, as the soft and now sweaty bodies slid together and the two women continued to explore one another’s most intimate places. They’d just had sex… now, mother and daughter were making love.

They shared kisses and caresses for a long, wonderful while, giggling and cooing, learning what the other liked best. Finally, they came together in a frenzied sixty-nine, feasting from one another’s bodies, sharing the sweet, thick wine that flowed freely from between their thighs. They came simultaneously, bucking and rocking in rhythm, lesbian lovers moaning into each other’s wet cunts.

Afterwards, Catherine felt so exhausted she fell asleep in her daughter’s arms. Now, finally, she was content. Sandra had finally come home… and for Catherine, there would be no more sleepless nights.

The End


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  1. Donna says:

    Such a beautiful story and so very well written xxoo

  2. z says:

    Wow, very well told, but I was thinking it was going to be her friend that got Sandra to be with her mom, but it turned out better than I thought. I love these types of stories on this site, short and sweet, and just enough sexy scenes to make me hard.

  3. MrStrut says:

    Very erotic, to bad it took so long for them to get together, it was obvious they had feelings for each other for a very long time. It is sad that so many hold back their real feelings when it could be so good for everyone involved.
    Thanks for the story it was very well written and so erotic.

  4. Bryan says:

    Loved it

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