Her Mother’s Revelation

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Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: Another gem from my files, its origin and the original author uncertain — but surely this is much too good to languish unread. As before, I left my own fingerprints all over this story, but too long ago for me to remember where.


“Ohhh, Mom. Oh GOD.” Edie threw her head back, gasping ecstatically as she clutched her mother’s face to her chest.

Jackie lovingly suckled her daughter’s left nipple, all the while fondling her other breast. She inhaled sharply as Edie’s fingernails bit into her bare back. Bet that leaves a mark, she told herself.

Edie was frantically riding her mother’s thigh, the wet heat of the teen’s cunt a lover’s kiss against the older woman’s skin.

Raising her face from Edie’s breast, Jackie nuzzled a path up the girl’s neck until their eyes met, giving her daughter a look that smoldered with long-hidden lust. “Let’s take this into the bedroom, sweetheart,” she whispered, then punctuated her words with a hard, sloppy tongue kiss.

Edie’s mind reeled. She returned Jackie’s kiss, her arms entwining around her mother’s back… then she rose from the sofa, taking Jackie’s hand to lead her upstairs. Their make-out session clumsily continued as they stepped over discarded clothes and made their way upstairs to Jackie’s bedroom. The two women bumped against the walls of the stairway as they walked up, their mouths glued together, hands freely exploring one another’s naked bodies.

In the bedroom, grabbing her mother’s shoulders, Edie fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Jackie down on top of her. Bare breasts pressed together, the women kissed hungrily. “Mom,” Edie breathed as she pulled away, panting for a breath, “This is all so… unbelievable.” She sighed contentedly.

Jackie cupped her daughter’s face in her hands, looking her in the eyes. “Believe it, honey,” she said. “I’m going to show you everything.” Her hand slipped down her daughter’s naked body to cup her vulva, and Edie cooed in response.


It had started innocently enough, with Jackie initiating a discussion about sex with her teenage daughter.

“Mom, I’m eighteen, you know,” Edie said dismissively.

“Oh, believe me, I know,” Jackie had said… which was strange, Edie had thought.

Jackie then took a deep breath and told her daughter what she was finally old enough to know: that her mother was a lesbian.

This revelation suddenly made a lot of strange things very comprehensible to Edie.


“My GOD,” she exclaimed, writhing below her naked mother on the bed. Jackie had run a finger up her girl’s dripping wet slit as she kissed and nuzzled at her neck. Sliding down Edie’s body, Jackie gave her breasts more loving attention as she teased her daughter’s clit with a fingertip.

Edie was wracked by spasms of pleasure. She spread her legs wider beneath her mother, arching her wet pussy toward Jackie’s face, which was now making its way down her body. Her fingers tangled in her mother’s hair.

As her mother slid between Edie’s thighs, she whispered, barely audibly, “Beautiful… so beautiful.”

This both excited Edie and made her happy. She anticipated that incredible tongue exploring her pussy, and her breath hissed from her throat as she felt her mother’s breath tickling her skin. To her frustration, though somehow mixed with delight, her mother instead planted soft kisses on the inside of her daughter’s thighs… and her finger, slick with the teenage girl’s wetness, pressed slowly into Edie’s sphincter.

Sparks flew in Edie’s head. She thought she might pass out. Her mother had worked a digit all the way into her ass, up to the second knuckle, and began pumping it in and out as she continued to nuzzle her daughter’s thighs. Edie realized she might come without so much as her pussy being touched. “Mom… Mommy, ohhh, yes…” she whimpered.

Then, as if activated by those words, her mother’s mouth suddenly claimed her daughter’s throbbing cunt, her hot tongue plunging within to probe Edie’s vagina, her finger still fucking the girl’s ass.

Oh, God, my own mother, Edie thought, and that more than the physical sensations tumbled her over the edge. She shrieked and screamed her orgasm, her mother’s mouth never leaving Edie’s cunt despite the girl’s bucking and writhing. Soon Edie was out of breath and could hardly make a sound, but her orgasm just wouldn’t stop. “Mom. Mom!” she tried to cry.

Jackie took her daughter to the heights of pleasure… then gently brought her down, soothing Edie’s vagina with gentle kisses, caressing her thighs.

Edie and her mother cuddled naked, exchanging soft kisses. Her mind still reeled at the extent of this… the knowledge that she’d had sex with another woman — her own mom!

“This is a lot to take in for you, I know,” Jackie said, stroking her daughter’s hair, as though reading her mind — even though it wouldn’t have been difficult to tell what she must have been thinking about, Edie mused.

“Yeah, Mom… I guess it is,” Edie agreed softly, blushing a bit. What on earth could she possibly be embarrassed about now? she wondered.

“I don’t know if this is your first time or not,” Jackie said, caressing her belly, “but I hope you enjoyed it. You certainly seemed to!” she said, smiling playfully. “The erotic bond between mother and daughter… there’s nothing like it.”

“It’s my first time… you know, with a woman,” Edie replied. Almost unbidden, her finger went up and began to play with her mom’s nipple. Edie’s eyes shut, she lay back and sighed, before she raised up slightly, having just registered the last thing her mother had said. “Mom,” she asked, wide-eyed, “do you mean that you and Grandma… did you ever do this with… well, with her?”

Jackie smiled. “It’s funny you should ask that,” she cooed, gazing deep into her new lover’s eyes. “Yes, honey,” she said, indicating their tangled, naked bodies, “my mother and I made love, just like you and I just did.” She giggled. “And… I seduced her.”

Edie’s eyes were big as saucers. “Tell me about it,” the teenage girl said, feeling a thrill deep inside.

So Jackie did.


It happened one night when she was 19, a college student, but still living at home. She had planned to move out and live in the university dorms, but decided instead to stay home and commute.

That spring — this was July — Jackie had met a girl at college, someone she was instantly drawn to sexually. While neither considered themselves gay, they had discovered they each shared a liberal view of sex after a night of heated lovemaking. They had been together as lovers for the rest of the school year.

Anyway, having discovered the pleasures of lesbian sex, the next logical step in Jackie’s mind involved sharing these newfound pleasures with her mother Brenda. Why shouldn’t they be intimate? Her mother was divorced, unattached and still incredibly beautiful… and Jackie knew that her mom had been involved with other women before, having read as much in college diary without her knowledge. She didn’t know if her mother could be persuaded to go to bed with her, but was determined to do her level best to make it happen.

At first her mother didn’t want to hear a word of any such thing.

“Mom,” Jackie had said, “that’s ridiculous. What are you afraid of, breaking a taboo? That’s stupid.”

Her 37-year-old mother wouldn’t take the bait. “That has nothing to do with it,” she said. “You are my daughter. That’s all.”

Jackie put on a pouty face. “You don’t think I’m pretty?”

Brenda did take that bait. “Jackie, honey, no,” she hastily said, sitting on the edge of the bed. “That’s not it. It’s just… not the kind of thing mothers are supposed to do with their children.”

Jackie shook her head. “I love you, Mom. And you love me. We’re not like most mothers or daughters. We’re friends, too. We’ve shared our lives, our secrets, our dreams.” She placed a hand on her mother’s thigh. “And all I want is to be closer to you, Mom. How can this be wrong if we both love one another?” She leaned closer to her mother, allowing her lips to brush the older woman’s ear. “Besides, Mom,” she breathed, “you are an incredibly sexy woman… and I just know that you’d be a hot fuck.”

“Jacqueline!” her mother gasped. But not with a lot of conviction.

“Mom, I’ve discovered sex between two women who trust each other and feel affection for one another is something truly beautiful and enjoyable. And that’s what I want to share with you, Mom.” She moved her face to her mother’s ear, blew in it softly, then kissed it gently. “More than anything else in the world…”

Shaking, her mother turned to her and they kissed… tentatively at first, then more frantically, their tongues coming into play.

And soon they were both undressed, and mother and daughter lay entwined in bed, kissing like the lovers they now were. Jackie made love to her mother, making her come over and over… all with an earnestness born of devotion. And, she realized, something of an adventurous spirit. They were bravely trying something new together… and both wanted to make sure it was a beautiful experience.

Soon, Brenda was eagerly returning her daughter’s affections, dipping her face between the girl’s thighs to taste Jackie’s cunt for the first time. Then she grew bolder, licking and sucking at the glistening sex before her like a woman possessed… until with a wild cry, Brenda’s daughter came in her face.

They made love for hours that night.


By the time Jackie was finished with her story, Edie was squirming and nearly panting. Cupping her mother’s face in her hands, she kissed her warmly and wetly. Their tongues emerged to join in a loving duet, mouths sliding together sensuously. Jackie’s hands found her daughter’s ass cheeks again and she fondled Edie’s bottom, sending new bolts of sensation through the young woman.

“Mom,” Edie gasped, arching her back. “Oh, Mom!”

Jackie rolled over on top of Edie to pleasure the girl’s breasts, one after the other. She strummed her child’s nipple with her tongue, causing the young woman to moan helplessly.

Edie rolled them both over so she was on top as her mother continued to kiss and caress her. Jackie’s legs wrapped around Edie’s ass to pull her daughter down until their sexes met. Then she began to grind back and forth, pressing their dripping pussies together. Each woman’s tingling slit sent jolts of pleasurable friction through the other.

Wickedly stirred by these new sensations, Edie rocked forward and slid back, panting, “Oh, fuck… fuck… fuck!” under her breath.

Suddenly Edie’s eyes rolled back in her head. “Oh god… oh my god… ohmygodohmygodohmyggggg–!” and she came explosively from the wet, hot sensation of cunt against cunt, coupled with the mindblowing idea of her own mother actually fucking her. Panting and flushed, she collapsed on top of Jackie, who cradled her daughter’s head to her breast.

Jackie smiled. “I don’t want to wear you out your first time,” she said, her eyes shining with love for her daughter.

Edie raised an eyebrow and smiled wryly. She gently extricated herself from Jackie’s embrace, then slid down her mother’s body, pausing to place a butterfly kiss on Jackie’s nipple that made her gasp. Slowly she traced her tongue down her mother’s belly, making her way between her thighs.

Edie glanced up at her mother, who was now trembling in anticipation. “I’m going to lick your pussy now, Mom,” she cooed.

Jackie’s eyes rolled upward as Edie pressed her face into her throbbing sex. The girl began to lick her tentatively, exploring the heat and wetness of another woman’s cunt for the first time. “Oh!” Jackie exclaimed… “Oh, my darling,” her hands clutching at the sheets as her daughter began to eat her pussy for real.

Edie had no real idea what she was doing, just what she thought she would like and what her mom had done to her. It was more than enough. She was surprised to discover how much she loved the smell and taste of her mother’s vagina. Her mother bucked and shook and cried out as Edie feasted on her pussy.

Edie’s chin brushed the folds of her mother’s labia as she licked at Jackie’s clit. As she did, her mom’s legs closed over her daughter’s head and she began to writhe even harder, nearly screaming as she exploded in a convulsive climax that had her seeing stars. “Oh, my darling little girl,” she cried, her eyes shut tightly. “I love you!”

Edie pleasured her mother in a wild frenzy of incestuous lust, clawing at her legs, sliding her face up and down between the older woman’s thighs, her mouth loving every part of Jackie’s cunt.

Jackie screamed as the most intense orgasm of her entire life came crashing down upon her. “OH… MY BABY. MY DARLING LITTLE GIRL… OOHHH!” Every inch of her body seemed to be bathed in a sweet fire.


When Jackie had had this little talk with her daughter about her lesbianism, a moment that seemed so long ago but wasn’t, she didn’t know what to expect from Edie. Her daughter might become angry and storm away. She might be confused and ask a lot of questions. She might be embarrassed to speak.

Instead, Edie just nodded her head, as if everything now made sense to her. Fleetingly, Jackie figured she was a smart girl, and she must have sensed something about her mother’s sexuality, even if she didn’t know about it outright.

All she knew was that Edie stood up and held out a hand to her. She stood up, too, and they hugged warmly. All Jackie’s anxieties about coming out to her daughter were melting away, and her heart glowed with happiness. Edie understood… or at least accepted.

Then Edie gently pulled away and studied her mother.

“What do you do?”

This was one question Jackie hadn’t prepared for. “Um… well, nothing out of the ordinary, if that’s what you mean.”

“How does it start?”

Jackie was puzzled. “How does it–”

Edie leaned in and pecked her mother on the lips. “Maybe… with a kiss?”

Jackie was alert, now. “I do like kissing,” she said softly.

Her daughter kissed her again, no tongue, just soft, careful lips. Then again, harder.

Jackie’s heart was pounding. “Edie, honey, I–”

Then again, Edie’s mouth parting slightly. And before she could think, Jackie’s tongue had slipped into Edie’s mouth, and she was kissing her own daughter like a lover.

Now Edie grabbed her mother’s shirt and began to tug it up over her head as their kisses grew frantic, desperate. They staggered about the room, the two of them, banging into the furniture, kissing frantically, “mmph”ing and trying to remove Jackie’s pastel top.

They finally got the shirt off, Jackie tossing it to the floor. Her daughter’s hands came up immediately to touch her breasts, caressing them. Jackie, still off balance and a little unsure, moaned and whimpered, “Edie… are you sure that you want this?”

The beautiful teenaged girl smiled lovingly at her mother… then moved in to kiss her gently, her tongue emerging to lick at her mother’s lower lip. Then she whispered “Teach me, Mom. Teach me about how women make love. I want to know everything… and there’s no one I’d rather learn from than you.” She closed her eyes, leaning close to kiss her again, then pulled away. “C’mon, Mom — let’s get naked.”

Edie grabbed her own shirt and practically tore it off. Her bra, too. Then she roughly embraced her mother, their breasts crushing together. Jackie sighed deliriously as her sweet child ran her hands and fingers through her mother’s hair. She slowly wrapped her arms around Edie, relaxing into their embrace as her daughter made love to her.

Before long Edie, her hands visibly shaking, were slipping off her jeans. Jackie took hers off, too. Both women’s panties were wet.

They embraced again, Edie grinding her pussy into her mother’s through their underwear. Jackie moaned and caressed her daughter, seeking out the teenage girl’s mouth with her own.

Finally Edie tugged her mother’s panties down, and Jackie returned the favor. Now naked, the new lovers pressed their bodies firmly together as they kissed, more passionately than ever. Jackie lowered her face to her daughter’s breasts, her mouth taking in a taut nipple. Edie inhaled sharply.

Jackie teased Edie’s nipples with her flicking tongue, suddenly remembering all the times she’d called her mother “Mommy” during their lovemaking. The incest she and her mother had indulged in had only made their love for one another stronger. She found herself desperately hoping Edie would call her “Mommy,” too…


That was how it had started. Now, mother and daughter lay cuddled together in a warm afterglow.

Jackie kissed Edie tenderly, tasting her own pussy. She ran a finger along her daughter’s chin. “Sore?”

Edie smiled. “Yeah. But so worth it.” She kissed her mother back. “Way worth it.”

Jackie smiled brightly. Now they were softly, tenderly making out again. None of the hunger or urgency of before… just two women in love, tasting one another, luxuriating in a relaxed embrace. Being together.

After awhile Edie smiled up at her mother, and sank down to nuzzle at Jackie’s nipple. She lovingly engulfed it in her mouth and began suckling, like a baby. Jackie shivered and sighed contentedly. She stroked Edie’s hair. “My dearest love,” she whispered. “I hope you know now that sex isn’t just something you do, it’s a way to love. What you and I have, right now… it’s the greatest gift of our lives.”

“I think… I understand that now, Mom,” Edie murmured, raising herself up to kiss her mother’s sweet mouth.

The End


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    That was delicious. Glad you put it out there for us all to enjoy.

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    Thanks JetBoy for bringing this out of your archives! Nothing sexier then a woman and a girl, unless of course it is a mother and her teen daughter! Very erotic story!

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    Omg, this was so beautiful. There truly is nothing more erotic than a mother and her daughter discovering how wonderful mother and daughter sex can be. Thanx Jetboy, I loved it

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    I wonder what their lives will be like the next day, the next week, the next year when they begin screaming at each other in angry disagreements typical of those common between moms and teen-age daughters; e.g., when the teen-ager starts to hang out with motor cycle bitches she meets her first day at work at the nearest gas station.

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