Play Date

  • Posted on April 15, 2018 at 10:00 am

Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: This initiates a new series of stories to appear at Juicy Secrets: items from my rather largish library of lesbian fiction that come from… well, I know not where. I compiled thousands of stories before realizing the wisdom of noting A) the author’s name, and B) the website from whence it came. Foolish, I know. Many of these are works that I tweaked somewhat — fixing errors, editing out unwanted male sex partners, or expanding the text — which usually meant adding more sex.

Some of these are simply too good to keep hidden away… so the idea will be to post the story, while encouraging anyone who knows the original (or even better, happened to write the original in the first place) to contact us. In most cases, if the author is willing, we’ll be happy to post the authentic story — and in all cases, we will immediately take ours down if the author so desires. 

Thanks, and enjoy! 


Sarah had such an incredibly sexy ass that I couldn’t keep myself from stealing glances at it. She wore a thin, lavender muslin skirt and a halter top. Sunlight spilled through the window where she stood, making her long brown hair seem nearly golden. The shape of her body was obvious through her clothes.

I leaned back into the couch, sipping Chardonnay and trying to stay calm. I wanted to play this cool, to figure out how she felt about love between women before I tried anything, but she kept her house chilly, and I could feel my nipples getting hard beneath my dress. I supposed there was no way I could hide that. I just sort of grinned. If I was very lucky, it would turn her on.

She turned back to me and smiled. “Well, the girls seem to be getting along fine,” she said.

I was here on the pretext of a play date for our daughters, who were now in the backyard. They had ballet class together, where I had met Sarah. She was the most attractive of the other mothers, single, and about my age. I had heard through the grapevine that she’d had a bad breakup with the father, and wasn’t dating right now. Perhaps she had given up on men. I could only hope…

She came back, sat down opposite me, and poured herself some more wine.

“You have a lovely house,” I said.


She took a sip and leaned back, gazing at me. She seemed very comfortable. I wasn’t. I felt my cheeks start to redden from her attention.

Sarah just kept scrutinizing me. She had the loveliest soft brown eyes, too.

I had never been the aggressive sort, preferring to play things out slowly with a potential lover. To be honest, I had always been a bit awkward at this. Plus, I reminded myself, our daughters are just outside. So I sat there, excited but flustered. It took all of my willpower to refrain from touching myself.

All that being said, I suspected that it was obvious how I felt about Sarah.

Summoning my courage, I smiled at her, looking into her eyes. Then I let my gaze drift down, over her chest. Her breasts were nice and shapely. She wore no bra, and her halter left plenty exposed. She had a nice flat tummy, with a bit of definition to her abs. Her legs were lean and athletic, and lightly tanned. She had kicked off her shoes earlier, when we arrived. Her feet seemed delicate, compared to the rest of her. They were nestled in the plush white carpet.

She parted her legs a bit and gave me a knowing smile. I tried to calm myself down. I hadn’t any intention of doing anything with Sarah today, not with my little girl there. I just wanted to get to know her, to find out if she was interested.

It was pretty clear that she was.

The girls came in laughing and holding hands. Kelsey, my daughter, was ten. She was wearing a little blue jumper dress and had her black hair up in curls. I thought she looked perfectly adorable, even if her knees and elbows were dirty from playing outside.

Ashley, Sarah’s daughter, was eleven. She was wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She had her mother’s brown hair, tied up in a ponytail, and a cute elfin face. She stood a few inches taller than Kelsey, and was dragging her along into the house. Both girls were glistening in the shaft of sunlight that spilled through the open door.

“Mom,” Ashley blurted out, “We’re thirsty. Can we get some lemonade?”

I straightened up and tried to seem relaxed, not wanting the girls to see me in such an obvious state of arousal. Sarah seemed to have no such qualms, though. She sat just as she was, legs parted, a hungry look in her eyes.

“Sure,” she responded.

The girls went to skip past us toward the kitchen when Sarah stopped them.

“Sweetie…” she said, “You’re forgetting the kiss tax.”

Ashley giggled. “Sorry, Mom.”

“In our house, we have a kiss tax,” she said to me. Every time you go into the kitchen for a drink or snacks while someone is sitting here in the living room, you have to pay a forfeit of one kiss.”

Ashley went up to her mother, leaned in and and hugged her. Then she looked over at me a bit warily, as if deciding something. She planted a cute little kiss on Sarah’s cheek.

“And Kelsey, I know you’re a guest here, but you have to pay the kiss tax too.”

She beckoned Kelsey to come to her. It was all a bit weird, but I did nothing to stop it. Kelsey had always been an affectionate girl, and loved to give and receive hugs. It was just a bit disturbing to see my little girl embrace a woman I was longing to fuck.

Sarah took Kelsey up into her arms, giving her a big hug. “You’re such a pretty little girl,” she said, “Simply delightful.”

Kelsey had a great big smile on her face as she hugged Sarah back. They kissed each other on the cheek.

“Mmmmm,” Sarah cooed. She gave Kelsey a little pat on her bottom, then looked over at me and gave me a big smile. I opened my mouth to speak, but said nothing.

As for Sarah’s daughter Ashley, she just stood there, studying me.

“All right, girls,” Sarah then said, “you have to pay Audrey the kiss tax, too.”

The girls approached me. Kelsey was closer, and got there first. She crawled into my lap and embraced me. I felt my heart race with a sudden excitement — perhaps because I’d been thinking about sex all afternoon, and was so aroused that even hugging my little girl was enough to intensify the heat between my legs. I was on fire, my heart singing with adoration for my little girl as we kissed each other warmly on the cheek.

I caressed her softly, my sweet little daughter with her dark curls. Her slender body, covered by a soft cotton jumper, pressed against mine. Something lurid passed through my consciousness, a sudden impulse to kiss her on the mouth. I closed my eyes and silently counted to ten. My body hungered for love like it never had before and I was quaking with the need for release, but I couldn’t let Kelsey see that.

Then Kelsey drew away, and Ashley lightly touched my arm, as if she was waiting for permission to kiss me. She had her mother’s soft brown eyes, and I could feel myself falling into them.

I took the sweet nymph into my arms and hugged her. How could I not?

She embraced me warmly, tenderly. I felt my hard nipples brushing against her body through the dress I wore.

I let out an involuntary little sigh, my eyes drifting shut. It isn’t wrong to hug and kiss little girls, I reminded myself. That I’m turned on right now, holding Ashley… just a coincidence. It’s her mother I want. Only her.

I felt Ashley’s lips brush against my cheek, then again. Angel-soft little kisses. They were luscious. Then they strayed to my mouth!

It was a tiny kiss, then another — brief, barely even a touch. My eyes flickered open. She sat back looking at me, deciding. Then she kissed me again. I let her. My lips parted, just a bit.

I was kissing a little girl on the mouth. In front of her mother. In front of my daughter.

“Okay, you’re all paid up, honey,” Sarah said, just in time to keep me from bringing my tongue into play. “You girls go on and enjoy your lemonade.”

Ashley drew away from me. I glanced over at Kelsey, not knowing how she might have reacted to seeing me kiss her new friend that way. She seemed a little puzzled, but nothing more. Then Ashley seized her hand, leading Kelsey into the kitchen.

“M-my God,” I whispered, once they’d left the room.

Sarah smiled at me. “That was a bit much for you, huh?” she said.

“Look, I’m so sorry. I don’t ever act like that.”

“It’s okay, sweetie. I’m very open with Ashley about love and sex. She obviously figured out that you like me, and was just playing with you.”

I gaped at her, my heart suddenly racing.

“You do like me, don’t you?” she asked.

“Oh God, yes,” I blurted out.

She smiled hugely. “I like you too. Very much, I think. Why don’t we send the girls up to Ashley’s room and we can go to mine. My daughter knows not to disturb me there. Will Kelsey be all right?”

I began to speak, hesitated. “She doesn’t know about my, um… liking women.”

Sarah gave me a thoughtful smile. “Perhaps it’s time she found out.”

This was not how I had planned things. Sarah got up and walked to the kitchen, and I stared at her legs and ass as she passed. Almost involuntarily, I reached up to lightly brush one of my nipples. It felt divine. There was a rising dampness between my legs.

I nodded to myself. Yes. It was time that Kelsey found out about me. Finally.

Taking a deep breath, I followed Sarah into the kitchen. The girls were fumbling with a big pitcher of lemonade, evidently pouring their second glasses.

When I entered, Sarah reached for my hand. “Girls,” she said, “Audrey and I want to be alone for awhile. Do you think you could both go upstairs to play, and not come out until we call?”

The girls looked at us. Ashley seemed to understand exactly what was going on. She smiled and said, “All right, Mom. Have fun.”

Kelsey looked confused, though, so I went to her.

“Sweetie,” I said, “Sarah and I are becoming more than just friends. Do you understand that?”

“Uh… I’m not sure.”

“I have a lot of warm feelings for her. Adult feelings. She and I want to be together alone, to… explore those feelings.”

“Like you both are girlfriends?” she asked.

“Sort of, sweetie, yes.”

“They’re just gonna get all lovey-dovey and kissy,” Ashley giggled. “C’mon, let’s go to my room and play.” She grabbed Kelsey by the hand and pulled her away, leading her out of the kitchen and toward the stairs. Kelsey looked back at me, still puzzled.

“She’ll be fine,” Sarah said, wrapping her arm around my waist. She leaned into me. I felt her breast press against my arm. My body responded.

The girls disappeared up the stairs. Then I heard them both giggle.

“See, they’re perfectly okay,” Sarah said. She kissed my cheek gently.

I stopped worrying about Kelsey, turned to my new friend and returned her kiss. Her tongue darted into my mouth, and I moaned in delight, melting into her embrace.

We kissed hungrily for a minute or so, then Sarah gently drew away. “Come with me,” she murmured.

I followed her up the stairs, my hand on her ass most of the way. We passed a door that said KEEP OUT in big magenta letters. I heard the girls chattering and laughing on the other side as we continued down the hall to the door at the end. Sarah led me inside, then shut the door firmly before shoving me against it. I gasped in a mixture of surprise and sexual heat.

She kissed me hotly, probing with her tongue. I fondled her ass, the thin fabric of her skirt and panties offering little resistance to my exploring fingers. I pressed between her legs, feeling the back of her skirt grow damp to the touch. She moaned, grinding her pelvis into mine. I allowed my fingers to drift upward, to where her asshole should be, and pressed between her cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” she muttered. I was touching her through two layers of fabric, but I could tell I was in the right place. “So you’re into that.”

“College left me with two worthwhile things,” I said. “Kelsey, and my taste for women’s asses.”

“Ooooh,” she moaned, gripping me tightly, her eyes wide as I fingered Sarah’s anus through her clothes.

“Do you like it?”

“Mmmmm, It feels fucking great. D-don’t stop.”

I smiled. I began to feel relaxed, in control. Everything had been so weird, awkward, and nervous so far, but now I had her ass, and she loved it.

I positioned her on the bed, up on all fours, then unfastened her skirt, dropping it to the floor. Her panties were a sheer lilac floral print, so pretty that they literally made my pussy tingle. I bent to give her a few gentle kisses through the fabric, then the panties came off, too.

Her ass was like a dream… like a juicy pink peach, full and fleshy, jiggling deliciously when I gave her a light smack.

Kneeling behind Sarah, I parted her cheeks with both hands. Her rosebud was tiny and smooth, her pussy was and delicate, with swollen labia. I leaned in and licked both with one stroke of the tongue. She moaned. I moaned. Her taste was heavenly.

I licked her anus again, trailing my tongue through the puckered cleft, then gave it a wet, sucking kiss. I felt her whole body tense up. “Oh fuck,” she moaned, “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.”

I pressed in my tongue, hard, and reached the fleshy inner parts of her asshole. It tasted metallic, and slightly sweet.

“Mmmm… your ass tastes great!” I exclaimed, raising my head. Then, parting her cheeks as widely as possible, I pushed my tongue into her rectum, fucking it in and out. By now, my cunt was throbbing like a idling engine, so I pulled up my dress and groped myself while I ate her ass.

“Holy fuck,” she said, “No one has ever done this to me before…”

“Really?” I asked, breathing heavily, still nuzzling her crack, “I got the impression you were pretty experienced.”

“I am! But this… this is some wild kinky shit.”

“But do you like it?” I cooed.

She twisted her head around, flashing me a bad-girl smile. “I fucking love it,” she gasped.

I grinned back. “Cool. Then you can do it to me.”

I gave her pussy and ass one more wet lick… and when Sarah rolled over and onto her back, I climbed on top of her, then crushed my mouth to hers in a passionate kiss.

She moaned as I fucked her mouth with my tongue, then broke away, eyes wild, panting for breath.

“Do you like how you taste?” I asked.

“Mmmyeah… it’s yummy,” she sighed.

“Good. Now lick me that way,” I said.

I’ve spent most of my life as a shy and awkward woman. But whenever I get past that shyness… well, let’s just say I let myself go completely.

Sarah had a big smile on her face. It made me hot. Clearly, she was ready to play my game.

I got on all fours and she knelt behind me. I felt her lift the hem of my dress and stroke my ass through the silk lingerie I wore. I was biting my lip, trembling in anticipation as she slowly slid my panties down. Then… nothing. I turned a bit and looked at her. Sitting back on her haunches, she removed her halter top and tossed it aside. Her breasts were lovely and round, with plump pink nipples. They had a nice natural sag to them that looked very motherly.

She fed her beautiful little girl from those, I thought… and suddenly I had a vision of her eleven-year-old daughter, curled in her mommy’s lap and nursing from Sarah’s breasts. Damn, I told myself, why can’t I stop thinking about Ashley?

I pushed that thought out of my mind. I didn’t want to go there. I arched my butt a bit further into the air, waiting for Sarah to pleasure me.

My skirt had fallen back down, and she pressed her hand tightly against my aching mound. I moaned. It felt so fucking good, but I wanted her to rim me.

“Lick my ass, damn it,” I moaned.

She kept caressing my pussy.

Oh, my fucking God… she had seen right through me! It was our first time together, but she just naturally understood that I was more of a sub than I seemed.

“Please, Sarah… please eat my ass,” I gasped.

Sarah took her hand away from my cunt and lifted my dress again, but she still didn’t give my anus the attention it craved. Instead, she began kissing my thighs and lightly caressing my bottom. Feather-light touches, not the frenzied assault I craved.

She was making me wait. I was building up like a seismic rumble about to turn into a fucking earthquake, and she was teasing me.

I knew, at that moment, that she was the perfect lover for me.

“Please,” I whimpered. “Oh, please, Sarah.”

“What do you want me to do-ooo?” she crooned.

“Rim me, lick my asshole.”

“Are you a dirty little slut?”

“Yes. Oh my God, yes.”

Sarah’s voice turned hard, insistent. “Then say it. Don’t make me drag it out of you.”

“I… I’m a dirty little slut.”

“Yes you are…”

I closed my eyes, trying to relax, but my heart was running like sixty. This was turning out even better than I could have imagined.

Her tongue! There, it was slipping through my crack. I shuddered and moaned, reaching back with one hand to spread my cheeks apart. “Oh, yes,” I whispered breathlessly, “yes!”

I felt a line of warm wetness gliding up and down between my buttocks, heard the sound of slurping and kissing. Wanting to bare myself completely for Sarah, I fumbled for the clasp of my skirt, unfastened it and cast it aside.

Now we were both naked but for our socks. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable, the most secret parts of me hers to use as she pleased.

“Should I put a finger in?” she asked.

“If you want,” I gasped out. “My ass b-belongs to you, lover.”

There was a pleased note in her voice. “How many?”

I wanted her to ravage me, tear me apart. “As many as you can.”

It must have been three. They felt enormous, stretching my rectum. There was pain, but it was glorious. I let out a long, hoarse moan. She pumped her fingers in and out, and I rocked my hips with the motion. I was going to come very soon.

Then I heard Kelsey’s voice cry out. The air conditioner had stopped, and the sound must have carried through the vent.

“What was that?” I panted, pulling away, feeling her fingers withdraw from me.

“It’s just the girls playing,” she said.

I’d been so close to coming, God damn it — but I was a mother first.

I stood, reaching for my skirt. “I’m going to check on them.” My legs were wobbly. I tried to breathe normally, but really couldn’t.

“Wait,” she said, “Don’t go. I still have a nanny cam installed. We can check from here without disturbing them.”

She reached for a remote, turning on the TV. She clicked through some complex menus, then an image of Ashley’s room popped up, and our two girls were there.

I wasn’t at all prepared for what I saw, and the sight nearly flattened me. Ashley was licking my daughter’s slit.

They were on Ashley’s bed. Kelsey was on her back, the hem of her dress pushed up around her waist. Ashley was lying prone between her legs, naked except for a pair of sheer pink panties. The image was a bit grainy, but I could see her fingers spreading Kelsey open, her tongue flicking in and out of my daughter’s vagina.

“I can get sound, too,” Sarah said, flatly. She fumbled with the remote a bit, and suddenly I heard the sound of Kelsey’s moans.

I could have reacted in many different ways. I could have shrieked, horrified. I could have cried, devastated, broken. I could have been overcome by the beauty of the two girls. I could have felt tenderness, and love.

Kelsey’s face was rapt with pleasure. She let out a long moan and stroked Ashley’s hair.

I sat down heavily on the side of Sarah’s bed and watched as my little girl experienced lesbian sex. Is it her first time? I wondered. It must be.

Sarah sat beside me and put her arm around me. She whispered, “Are you okay?”

My head was spinning, my body numb… but somehow I found the strength to reply. “Um… give me a minute to figure that out.”

“Oh, wow, that feels good!” It was Kelsey’s voice, ringing out over the speaker. She sure didn’t sound like a ten year old.

Sarah stroked me gently and kissed my cheek. “It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?” she cooed.

Suddenly I knew that Sarah was right. It was beautiful. I brushed my nipples with trembling fingers, feeling my arousal grow. Ashley’s pert bottom, concealed by those little pink panties, was the loveliest thing I’d ever seen. The way her butt squirmed and gyrated was downright hypnotic.

“Ashley’s a dirty little girl, isn’t she?” I said. “God, she’s… she’s fucking my daughter.”

Sarah smiled. “And if things work out the way they should, Kelsey will be fucking her.”

What could I do? I sat and watched as Kelsey’s pleasure grew. Her face was angelic. I so dearly loved her… how could I deny my little girl this happiness?

I turned and gave Sarah a deep kiss. “In answer to your question…” I took a deep breath. “Yes. I’m fine with this. You’re right — they are beautiful together.”

“Good,” Sarah said, “Let’s go tell them, then. Let’s tell them they are beautiful and that we love them, and we’re happy that they’ve found one another.”

I frowned. “Shouldn’t we, um… wait until they finish?”

Sarah just smiled and took my hand. “Come,” she said, leading me toward the door.

“Aren’t we going to put our clothes on?” I gasped.

She shook her head. “Let’s be completely open with the girls,” she replied. “I want them to know about you and me.” She laughed. “After all… aren’t they lovers too?”

Heart racing, I followed her into the hall. Good grief, what was I getting myself into?

We went up to the door with the magenta KEEP OUT sign. She knocked lightly, then said, “Girls, we’re coming in.”

She opened the door and we entered. They were still in bed, but Kelsey had scrambled away from her little lover and was pressing her dress down. Ashley had rolled over and was smiling at us, her mouth wet from my daughter’s sex.

“Hi, Mommy. Hi, Audrey,” she said, “Kelsey’s pussy tastes great.”

My daughter looked as if she was about to burst into tears. “It’s okay, honey,” I hastened to assure her. “You aren’t in any kind of trouble, I promise.”

Sarah sat down next to Kelsey and put an arm around her shoulders, her bare breasts inches from my daughter’s face.

“Kelsey, dear,” she said, “Your mother and I know what you were doing, and it’s okay. We think it’s a wonderful thing that you and Ashley are so close. Right, Audrey?”

I nodded. “There’s nothing wrong with two girls making each other feel good, hon. It’s a loving, beautiful thing.”

“I told you it would be fine,” Ashley chirped, giving Kelsey a knowing grin. “Mommy and Audrey were doing the same stuff anyway. That’s why they don’t have any clothes on, see?”

I looked at Kelsey. She was blushing furiously, but had relaxed a bit. “Did it feel good, dear, having Ashley lick you?” I asked, figuring that the best way to prove I wasn’t upset was to ask her about it.

Suddenly she smiled bashfully, nodding her head. “Oh yes, Mommy. It felt really nice.”

Kelsey almost never called me ‘Mommy’ anymore. It was sweet that she’d choose to do so at a time like this. The pleasure she had just enjoyed made my little girl so incredibly beautiful that it warmed my heart to look at her.

“You two can keep making love,” Sarah said, “Don’t let us stop you. We’d like to watch.”

Eyes flashing excitedly, Ashley rolled back over between Kelsey’s legs and started to lift her skirt. Sarah was still sitting next to my daughter with a comforting arm around her.

Kelsey gave me a quizzical look, still feeling a bit confused about all of this.

“It’s fine, Kelsey,” I said, “Go ahead… let Ashley make love to you.”

Sarah stared at me, a question in her eyes. I understood her perfectly, just as she’d understood me before. As soon as she had led me to Ashley’s room I had known what might happen.

Now, without speaking a word, my new lover was asking, Shall we join our daughters?

I think my decision had already been made the instant I’d seen Ashley’s flawless ass on the video. I had to have her. Gazing at Sarah, I gave her the slightest of nods.

With a smile, she turned to my daughter, whose eyes were glazing over with pleasure as Ashley nuzzled her inner thighs. “Oh, Kelsey,” Sarah murmured, “You’re such a beautiful little girl. Let’s get you out of that dress, okay?”

Kelsey looked at me again.

“It’s all right, sweetie. If you want to, go ahead. You don’t need my permission for everything.”

Sarah sat Kelsey up and helped her pull off her jumper and blouse. I stared, utterly enthralled at the sight of my naked daughter. She had no breasts to speak of, but her nipples were small, pink, and a bit swollen.

Sarah leaned closer and lightly kissed my little girl on the mouth, then her tongue emerged to lick at Kelsey’s lower lip. My daughter was startled for an instant, but when Sarah kissed her again, she was ready. Her lips parted to receive Sarah’s tongue… then, a few heartbeats later, she began to return my lover’s kiss. Ashley watched eagerly as her mother seduced my child.

Breaking away, Sarah bent down to lick at Kelsey’s nipple, circling the erect nubbin with the tip of her tongue. I heard my daughter giggle, then gasp.

Lifting her head, Sarah gave my child a loving smile, then gently laid her back on the bed. Ashley immediately crawled between Kelsey’s legs and began to lick her again. Kelsey’s eyes fluttered, and she moaned softly.

Sarah curled up next to her, offering her bare breast to my daughter. With a bashful smile, Kelsey took my lover’s nipple between her lips and began to suckle. Sarah cooed gently and stroked my daughter’s face.

My God my God my God… she’s making love to my little girl! How can I allow this to happen?

Then my eyes shifted to Ashley, kneeling before my daughter, mouth glued to her bare slit. My heart began to throb at the sight of her outthrust ass, the dark cleft barely visible through her panties.

Then my eyes met Sarah’s. She looked at me — then at her daughter. She smiled and gave a gentle nod.

I actually licked my lips. It was my turn to play. My lover had just offered me the use of her eleven-year-old girl — a gift I was all too eager to accept.

There wasn’t enough room for all four of us on the bed, so I squatted next to it, leaning in to fondle Ashley’s little-girl bottom through her yellow cotton panties.

“I really like your butt, Ashley,” I murmured. “May I kiss it?”

“Um, sure,” she said, between licks of my Kelsey’s slit.

I kissed her through those thin, sheer panties, on her cheeks. Then my kisses traveled down to the bare cream-colored skin of her thighs before moving back up to her crack. I nuzzled my face into the dark cleft, breathing deeply, filling my lungs with the smell of the little girl’s ass. The girls hadn’t showered since their games outside, and her scent was sweet with a delicate musk. Not like a woman. More subtle.

“I’m going to take your panties off, honey,” I murmured.

She wriggled her hips in a very enticing way as I pulled her underpants down, leaving them dangling from an ankle. Her bare bottom was white, a bit plump, and utterly beautiful. I was smitten.

I reached out with both hands and spread her cheeks. Her asshole was tiny, a little pink jewel; round, lovely, perfect. I leaned in and gave it a gentle kiss. I heard her gasp. I licked it, running my tongue from her pussy up to her anus, through her butt crack, then back to her pussy.

“Mommy, she’s licking my butthole,” she moaned out.

“She likes to do that,” Sarah said, “Does it feel good?”

“It’s all… all tickly.”

I licked her some more, pressing in my tongue, not deeply. She was too tight for oral penetration, but it was lovely just to taste the smooth, slippery cleft of her anus. God, I loved rimming a woman — and now I knew that a little girl’s ass was even nicer.

“Ashley, your bottom tastes so good,” I moaned, raising my face from her crack.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah. Really.”

“Oooohh, that feels nice. You can keep licking me that way, if you like it.”

I liked it. I went in for more. She pushed her rump up, getting up on her knees, her face still nestled between Kelsey, thighs. I licked,  kissed and sucked at Ashley’s holes, alternating between her anus and her slit. My lips and chin were coated in the little girl’s fluids.

Kelsey began to moan loudly. I glanced up and saw my daughter’s face, rapt with pleasure as she drew closer and closer to sexual release. Has she ever come before? I wondered. With a loving smile, Sarah bent down to lick at my daughter’s nipples. I paused in my rimming of Ashley, allowing the child to give her full attention to Kelsey. Instead, I gently kissed the soft globes of her buttocks while she made love to my little girl.

Suddenly a squeal issued from Kelsey’s lips as she came. Her eyes clamped tightly shut, her mouth gaped wide. She let out a long, frantic moan, her body gone rigid for an instant. Then she bucked her hips, making Ashley grab her tightly so as not to be dislodged. Then she kicked out her legs, one of Kelsey’s feet hitting my head, not too hard. It was an incredible sight, my daughter lost in the rapture of orgasm.

Then a warm wave of pleasure surged through me, without warning. It wasn’t a climax. Perhaps it was just love, some kind of deep feeling for this beautiful crazy thing that was happening between mothers and their daughters.

When my eyes fluttered open, Kelsey was laughing in utter joy. “Oh Ashley! That felt so good. Oh my God, that felt so good. Thank you.” She gazed up shyly at Sarah, kneeling on the floor next to where she lay. “Thanks, Ms. Kinney. I liked kissing you.”

“I liked it too, honey,” Sarah whispered. “You have a sweet little mouth…” Her lips claimed Kelsey’s once more, and I felt a delicious shiver as my daughter’s tongue emerged to play with Sarah’s.

Ashley’s pert little bottom was still angled toward me, so I returned to her pussy for more. She’d gotten really wet while Kelsey came, and I began to feast on her warm honey, swallowing it down. I felt her squirm beneath me. She moaned. I licked deeper, pushing my tongue into her vagina, far as it could go.

Then Kelsey’s face was next to mine. She kissed my cheek.

“Mommy,” she sighed happily, “I want to lick Ashley now.”

“Oh, but honey — I’m enjoying this so much.”

“I know, Mommy, but she just did it to me. And she’s my girlfriend, right?”

I couldn’t argue with that, so I relinquished that sweet ass to my daughter. Ashley slid up the bed to give Kelsey room, but remained on all fours.

“Would you lick my butthole, like your mom did?” Ashley asked, twisting around to peer at Kelsey.

“I… I guess,” Kelsey said, looking at me again.

I smiled. “You can if you want to, honey.”

She did. She ran her tongue up along Ashley’s pussy, then licked at her little friend’s ass crack.

“That’s it — lick her bottom, sweetie,” I said. “Make love to her.”

“Mmmmm,” the girls cooed, both of them.

I glanced up at Sarah, who was sitting back against the wall, seemingly content to finger her pussy and watch my little girl rim her daughter.

“It appears that you’ve lost your sweet young ass,” she said.

“I guess so,”

“But,” she went on, “There is still one sweet young ass available to you. A luscious little bottom that you haven’t ever tasted.” She glanced at Kelsey’s butt and smiled.

It had to come to this, of course. I’d already passed over the barrier of what was permitted, what was forbidden. This was but one more small step.

I stared at my little girl’s pert rump — the pale skin, the delicately contoured globes, the dark pink crease nestled between her soft buttocks, the tender rosebud — and my mouth watered.

I returned to my previous position and began to gently kiss my daughter’s ass.

Kelsey raised her face from Ashley’s bottom and looked at me, astonished.

“Mommy?” she asked. Just that one word, in a tiny voice. Her eyes were filled with wonder.

“May I lick you, my love?” I asked.

A radiant smile appeared on her face. “Oh yes, Mommy, please lick me.”

She really said that. Exactly those words.

I closed my eyes and felt another intense wave of feeling pass over me. If I had touched my pussy at that moment, even the slightest caress… I think I would have died.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl. I felt Sarah watching me, waiting. Kelsey returned to her task, making Ashley moan and squirm. I gave Sarah a long deep look, seeing in her eyes what a major line I was about to cross.

Then I did it. I ate my daughter’s ass. I delved in and licked, probed, tasted. Eager for more, I allowed my tongue to drift down to her bare slit and began to explore. I felt her young, sweet body moan and squirm as I went down on my little girl, twisting around so that my head was resting on the bed, drawing her cunt down to my mouth. She tasted so good. I was in heaven.

I could hear Kelsey getting into licking Ashley, humming happily as she learned to love the taste of another girl. I continued to please my daughter with lips and tongue, her honey coating my mouth.

Suddenly I heard Ashley cry out, coming hard as my little girl brought her off. I felt so proud, knowing that Kelsey had learned to make love. Kelsey came again as I ate her, going rigid above me, calling out, “Oh, Mommy… oh, Mommy!” Finally she went limp, and I sat up, easing my flushed, dazed daughter onto her back.

Gazing adoringly at me, she cooed, “Mommy, thank you. I love you so much.”

And I loved her. I just started laughing at the wonder of it all, at the incredible thing I’d just done.

Then Sarah said, “Good job, girls. Now, I think it is time to make Audrey feel good.”

“What about you, Mommy?” Ashley asked, “When do you get to come?”

“I’ll get my turn, sweetie. Don’t worry about me. I want to watch you two make love to her.”

Trembling inside, I stood as the girls came close and began to touch me, their little hands caressing my bottom and breasts. Then their mouths were on my nipples, suckling them to aching stiffness. Two little girls, lovely and wonderful, peering up at me as they nursed.

“Oh, my,” I whimpered, my hands gliding over their nude bodies.

“Who wants to lick her butthole?” Sarah asked.

“Me!” Kelsey responded. “I want to. I love Mommy’s bottom…”

No parent could have been prouder of their child than I was right then of my daughter, so unselfishly eager to pleasure her mother.

“Okay, Kelsey, you kneel behind your mother and lick her ass. Ashley, get underneath and eat her pussy. All right, go!”

I squatted down to Ashley’s face, opening myself for her. I closed my eyes tightly as I felt little tongues entering me. I came within seconds. I went rigid. I shuddered. My legs gave out and I collapsed. I guess Sarah had predicted that, because she was there in time and caught me. I didn’t crush our little angels.

Then Sarah took me over to the bed. I was still overcome. My eyes were open, I think, but my mind was swirling. She tossed me face down, spread me open, and then slid three fingers in my ass, right where we had left off before.

There was a sharp pain, but it felt lovely. Her fingers, pumping me. I groaned and buried my face in the sheets. I came again hard, jerking this way and that.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned out.

“Oh, Mommy, that looks great.” I saw Kelsey’s sweet face enter my field of view. She kissed my mouth, passionately, her tongue seeking mine. I was too gone to return the kiss, though — just lying there, spent, exhausted.

“Let’s make her come once more,” I heard Sarah say.

I tried to mumble that I couldn’t. I feared it would kill me, if it happened at all. No words came from my mouth, however.

I felt fingers pumping my pussy. I felt a tongue in the crack of my ass that must have been Ashley’s. Kelsey lay in my arms, kissing me like a lover.

Then I heard a buzzing sound. Sarah must have had a vibrator stashed nearby, although I don’t know where. It pressed against my clit sending shocks of sensation up my body. I can’t call it pleasure, exactly. I was past pleasure and pain, at the level of primal desire.

Another orgasm, or something like one. I couldn’t form thoughts anymore. My body just reacted. I was an animal, a simple creature of need. I was the earth, a stone, the river, the fire. I went completely away.

Except I still saw Kelsey’s pretty little face. Her soft, shy smile. Her eyes. The idea of her being ten years old and my lover seemed perfectly right to me. I’d always had Kelsey. Now we had more. When everything else had left me, there would still be love.

I came back to the world slowly, Kelsey softly nuzzling me. I parted my lips, welcoming her tongue, and my daughter and I kissed. When I was myself again, I turned and looked at Sarah. My heart was singing.

“Did you go there?” she asked with a quiet smile. “To the empty place?”

“Yes,” I sighed happily. She knew! “Except it isn’t really empty.”

“No,” she cooed. “For us, it never is.” Then she glanced around at the girls and me. “Well, then… I guess it’s me now. Why don’t you each take turns.”

We did. We each ate her pussy and asshole, giving her three lovely orgasms. I went last. The vibrator in her anus and my tongue on her clit brought Sarah’s tired body home. When she finally came that third time, she kept her eyes open somehow, gazing intently at me. I felt something deep. Something like true love.

Later she and I lay in her bed watching something stupid on TV. The girls were in Ashley’s room, playing with dolls.

“So, um, you and Ashley have… been together before, right?” I asked.

She smiled wryly. “If by ‘together’, you mean sexually, then yes. I’ve been loving my little girl for years, even before her father left. This was our first time with others, though.”

I shook my head; half in wonder, half in disbelief. “Why me, then? Why would you take that chance?”

“It started with Kelsey, believe it or not.”


“Well, sort of. Ashley had the hugest crush on her from class. So, I thought we’d make this play date and I could keep you occupied somehow so they could hook up.”

“Nice. I made the play date so I could hook up with you.”

“Yeah. I figured that out. Anyhow, when you and I got together I felt something pretty deep, and I knew I had to try… you know… to make something real out of it. But you had to find out about me and Ashley. You had to be into… getting intimate with a young girl. Basically, I rolled the dice. It was worth it.”

I agreed. It was.

“I love you,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around me. “You’re everything I ever dreamed of in a woman.”

I nuzzled her face, feeling an unimaginable warmth inside that seemed to light up my very soul. “I love you too,” I moaned. “God, I love you!”

“You’ll move in?” she asked.

“Of course,” I responded. I couldn’t imagine merely dating her. Not after what we’d just experienced.

We discussed living arrangements. She and I would share this room. Ashley would keep hers, and we could redo the guest room to be Kelsey’s. Although, I think we both suspected the girls would sleep together as often as not… and sometimes with us. I imagined the lovemaking the four of us could share.

“So, let’s go tell the girls they’ll be living together,” she said, “I expect they’ll be excited.”

“Yes,” I said, taking her hand and squeezing it, “I expect they will.”

The End


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