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By Jody and Lisa

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

It was the end of a long day.

I’d arrived in town just that afternoon with a rented car and my meager belongings. My sister, Jessica, was letting me stay with her until I got settled — though she’d warned that her one-bedroom apartment was not large.

I had no idea, yet, how I was going to survive here in the city, but I couldn’t stay at home any longer. My parents had thrown a fit when they read my diary and learned about my sex life.  Most offensive to their mid-western values was my increasing preference for women.

No daughter of theirs would ever be a lesbian, they vowed.

So I chose not to be their daughter, and left.

Now, here I was with my sister, celebrating my independence.

After we’d showered, Jessica took me out for dinner and introduced me to sushi, which I’d never had before.  I was skeptical, but after my first taste I was hooked.  We drank some sake, too, but it wasn’t quite my style.

Instead, we opted to pick up some wine on the way back to her apartment. We sat on her couch and talked all evening.

Eventually, I told her how I’d come to my hasty decision to move.

“Jenny, you know, the only difference between you and me,” my sister said, “is that you got caught.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re not the only one who prefers women,” she added.

I did a double take, then broke into a smile. I hadn’t expected this, but it was so cool. It seemed especially fitting that our narrow-minded parents had produced only lesbian daughters. My sister, just a year older than me, hinted at the lengths she’d had to go to hide her sexuality from the family. Moving to the city had seemed like the best thing, as soon as she was old enough.

I hugged Jessica, feeling closer to her than ever before.

“Tomorrow night, I’ll take you out to the one of the lesbian bars,” my sister promised. “We could both find some action. I haven’t been laid in a month.”

She told me stories about friends and lovers she’d met in the local lesbian scene. I couldn’t wait.

“Time for bed,” said my sister eventually.

It was nearly 3 AM.

“I guess you’re right,” I sighed, slightly drunk. “Shall I sleep on the couch?”

“Not unless you want to wake up as a pretzel,” Jessica joked. “No, you should crash with me.”

“Thanks,” I said, then groaned when I saw what a mess my pile of suitcases and bags was. “Gotta find something to sleep in.”

“Worry about it tomorrow,” my sister said. “You can borrow something of mine.”

Something of hers, it turned out, meant something exceedingly sexy. In her bedroom, Jessica had a drawer stuffed full of lingerie and delicate nightwear. She just loved the whole ultra-feminine look, she explained.

I liked it myself, but I had to agree even more when my sister selected two matching baby doll and panties sets: one pink and one yellow.

“Here,” she said, handing me the top from one set and the bottom of the other. “We can be cross-matching.”

“Now that’s sexy,” I said, feeling the sheer material.

“You can change in here,” Jessica explained. “I’ll use the bathroom.”

I took off all my clothes and put on the stunning pink baby doll. It was a just a wisp of ornate lace flowing across my breasts, with a little bow at the front to hold it together. The panties were even more revealing; a delicate sliver of yellow fabric that barely covered my pussy. It teased its way up the crack of my ass and was held in place by bows at my hips.

It was a good thing I kept my pubic hair trimmed down to nothing to complement such an outrageously sexy pair of underwear.

I looked at myself in the mirror, and just wanted to touch myself all over. I tried putting my hair up, imagining myself in the eyes of a lover. Searching for a hair tie, I opened my sister’s bedside drawer. There I found what I was looking for, and much more: I spied a few toys, and explicit pictures of my sister with other women.

I looked away quickly, but the images were burned into my brain. My sister. Making love to women. In this bed.

Just then, Jessica came into the room.

“Like this?” I said.

Putting her hands on my hips, she tugged my panties up so that they rode high.

“God, you look good in that, Jenny,” my sister said as she stood behind me.

She put her hair up to match mine. We looked gorgeous, side by side at the mirror, I had to admit. Matching bodies, matching blonde hair, matching faces, matching lingerie…we could almost have been twins.

Jessica climbed into bed, and I walked around to the other side.

As I slid under the sheets beside my sister, it really hit me that I was finally away from the stifling conservatism of home. At last, I was free to be myself. And tomorrow night, I would make my debut in the lesbian community.

It made me feel very adult, and kind of sexy, too.

I was acutely aware of my sister’s body in the bed beside me, and of my own near-nakedness.

I thought about the pictures.

“Goodnight, Jenny,” said my sister.

“‘Night, Jess,” I replied.

I leaned over to give my sister a goodnight kiss and she propped herself up to receive me.

It was supposed to be just a simple sisterly kiss, but the moment our lips touched it felt like something else. The kiss was brief, but we parted slowly.

I gazed into my sister’s eyes and smiled.

“I’m so glad you came to stay with me,” Jessica whispered.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” I told her.

She rolled towards me slightly and I met her halfway for a second goodnight kiss. Though our lips were dry, we lingered against each other.

We were both grinning.

“What?” my sister asked.

“Enough already,” I giggled and leaned toward Jessica again.

Kiss number three was anything but sisterly. My lips meshed with hers. Tentatively, my sister’s tongue slid outward. Willingly, I received her into my mouth. I felt myself flush as our goodnight kiss nervously rose beyond mere curiosity.

Our gazes locked as our mouths parted, burning with questions.

“Let’s stay up a while,” Jessica whispered as she smiled. “Let’s do that some more.”

I nodded my agreement just once before her lips touched mine again. Hungrily, we devoured each other’s mouths and tongues. The minutes drifted by while our passions blossomed.

“Mmm, Jess,” I purred. “This is a surprise.”

“I didn’t expect to be doing this,” my sister whispered.

“Me neither,” I replied. “But I like it.”

It was a lie. I didn’t just like making out with my sister. I loved it.

Jessica gave me a nervous smile, revealing her equal desire.

Of course sisters shouldn’t even have such desires, let alone explore them. My sister Jessica was all I had in the world now, and I think she felt the same bond with me. This night marked the beginning of a special union between us. In the heat of the moment, somehow, our alliance begged for consummation.

Our bodies drew closer.

“You’re so beautiful, Jenny,” my sister whispered.

“I must be a mirror,” I told her.

I put my hand around Jessica’s waist and touched her warm skin, felt her breathing, slow and deep. As I explored higher, her breath quickened.

“Is it okay if I touch you, Jess?” I asked, needing to be certain this wasn’t just my imagination.

“Yes,” she sighed.

Her face, just inches from mine, arched forward and started to make out with me again. I hummed softly while my fingers traced the contour of my sister’s breast. I circled each, once, twice, then focused in on one nipple. All the while, we hummed contentedly, french-kissing.

I squeezed my sister’s breast as I crossed another plateau of excitement.

Gasping for air, Jessica pulled back to watch me.

I looked at her and smiled. Never breaking eye contact, I lowered my mouth to her chest. I let my tongue gently drift across the fabric of her baby-doll until I found my sister’s nipple.

“Mmmm, Jen,” she purred. “You have no idea how much you’re turning me on, sis.”

Through the lace, I suckled at my sister’s breast until her nipple stood firmly erect. It didn’t take much to tease the other into a matching state.

I moved up and cuddled into my sister’s embrace. The warmth of our bodies reflected the strength of our feelings. It was more than a sexual attraction, so much deeper than that, yet that was what we wanted to share with each other, and even the taboo of incest couldn’t quiet our newly-discovered desires.

“This is so naughty,” my sister giggled.

“It’s nice being this close to you,” I replied, caressing her arm.

Jessica reached down beneath the covers, touching my waist, my hips, slowing to stroke my ass.

“I like girls, you like girls,” my sister said. “It’s only natural that we’d like each other, too.”

I sighed with appreciation and stirred under her caresses.

“I wish we’d known this years ago.”

“No need for regrets,” Jessica soothed, stroking my face. “We’re together now.”

Jessica pulled the sheets and blankets away completely, revealing our bodies side by side in the half light. I saw my sister’s lips form an ‘ooh,’ of admiration.

“Let’s stay up, Jen,” my sister whispered.

“I really love you,” I replied.

“I love you, too,” Jessica said.

We spent several minutes making out some more, grinding our breasts together until my nipples stood firm, too. When I felt my sister’s hand reach my thighs, I spread my legs for her without hesitation. Jessica’s fingers were soon drifting closer and closer to my pussy, and I was starting to get wet in anticipation.

I pulled away from her slightly and shifted my position so that I could touch my sister, too. Her knees parted and I reached tentatively between Jessica’s legs. I let one knuckle run across the face of her panties, feeling the soft heat that lay beneath.

My sister sighed and giggled.

Her hand cupped my quim as she moved to kiss me.

We set ourselves to the task of diddling each other in earnest.

Our pussies, still framed by our matching panties, grew wetter and wetter.

I’d never been so turned on in all my life.

Gasping for air, we paused and gazed into each other’s eyes.

My sister and I sat up to get a better look at each other. Jessica released the bow that held her top closed, and peeled it off. I did the same, but teased her as I slowly exposed my chest.

Jessica reached forward and took one breast in her hand, then sank forward to do as I’d done earlier. I whimpered with delight as my sister’s mouth sucked at my nipple.

I tried twisting around to do the same back to her again. With no further cue, we settled down in opposite directions, hungrily mouthing at each other’s breasts.

This was heaven.

I reached further up Jessica’s body, enjoying the luxurious pleasure of her skin. My sister’s smooth stomach gave way to her curvaceous hips, and below her panties lay the ultimate taboo. The reality of our decadence struck me with full force as I gazed along the fabric crease that concealed Jessica’s pussy.

I yearned to worship at my sister’s feminine temple, to share with her the utmost sisterly intimacy.

I was drawn irresistibly, crawling up her body.

I felt my sister’s mouth lose it’s purchase on my breast with a wet pop as I climbed on top of her. Jessica moaned in anticipation as we drew our bodies into a sixty-nine.

“Oh god, Jenny,” she panted. “I love you.”

As I examined the sliver of panties that concealed my sister’s pussy, I could feel her touch on my inner thighs. Jessica’s fingers glided along the sides of my underwear until she reached the twin bows. The warmth of her breath washed across my cunt, causing me to tremble in anticipation.

I was dripping wet with excitement.

“Please do it,” I begged her. “Don’t stop.”

My sister pulled the ties that held my panties together, at the same time as I freed hers. I felt my underwear fall away, leaving my naked quim hanging right above my sister’s face.

“Ohh…your pussy’s so beautiful, Jenny,” she purred.

I pulled Jessica’s panties away slowly, savoring the sight of each inch of bare flesh. The tender ridge of her clit came into view, followed by the moist lips of her cunt. My sister was shaved clean just like me, and her pussy was brimming with the sweet fluids of her arousal.

I kissed all around her shining crevice, building her anticipation even higher. Little kisses dotted around the flatness of her loins, tender mouthings of her inner thighs, and lingering traces of my tongue in the valleys of her innermost thighs.

Jessica whimpered sweetly when I peeled her cunt open with my fingers.

I was so horny that I could barely breathe.

I took a tentative swipe of my sister’s honey with my long tongue. The folds of her pussy melted just like butter. The taste of her was intoxicating.

“Oh sis, yeah, oh yeah,” Jessica panted as I pressed my mouth into her depths.

I wiggled my hips to entice my sister into returning the favor. Sure enough, I felt her hands on my ass, pulling my loins down toward her. I will never forget that moment: the first time I felt the warmth of my sister’s mouth covering my pussy.

There are no words to describe the excitement I felt.

It was impossibly beautiful,  too good to be true.

My sister and I, together and free and desperately in love, entwined in our identical bodies, delirious with desire as we celebrated our first incestuous sixty-nine, a circle of sisterly devotion, drinking each other’s most intimate nectar.

“Mmmm, God yes,” I cried out between licks.

Jessica spread my lips open and buried her tongue deeper inside me. I pushed two fingers into my sister’s crevice and focused my tongue to the now-protruding nub of her clit. She gasped and stroked my back.

It was so intense that I sank further onto her, my breasts pressing into her stomach as hers squashed up against mine. I could feel the twitching excitement building in my sister’s belly. I wanted to make her come so badly, and she was almost there.

“Suck it, Jen,” my sister begged. “Just suck my clit.”

I pressed my whole mouth against Jessica’s sweet pink button as she did the same to me.

We stayed like this for minutes, hovering ever closer to the brink of climax. I could barely stand it. When I felt my sister’s first little convulsion, the searing glow of my passion burst forth in an intense explosion of orgasm.

I closed my eyes and saw the circle complete: two blazing white heats merging into one. It was like time no longer held meaning as my sister and I finally came together. Her body and mine trembled in moaning bliss, Jessica’s mouth on my clit and mine on hers.

When our mutual orgasm finally subsided, we stayed in that position. Jessica softly tongued the honey that dripped from my cunt, while I lapped lovingly at her swollen opening.

Eventually, without a word, I turned around and cuddled up beside my sister.

Jessica pulled the covers back over us before we could cool off. The morning sun was starting to penetrate the drapes. The clock said 5:48 AM. We’d been making love for a couple of hours.

“That was fantastic, sis,” I said finally.

Jessica kissed me on the nose and held me closer.

“You’re the best,” she said.

My sister and I slept half the day, and when we awoke there were no regrets. We made breakfast and then took a shower together in the late afternoon. Jessica and I held each other close under the warm spray of water, whispering and giggling.

Then after we emerged dripping and dried ourselves off, we went straight back to bed and started all over again.

We never made it to the bar that weekend, or the next.

We didn’t need to.

As sisters, we had each other.

The End


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