Shooting with Helena, Chapter 1

  • Posted on January 7, 2018 at 7:37 am

By Cassie

{ This story was originally posted at the now-defunct Sisters in Love }

My sister and I model together. You may even have seen us on the internet now and then. Not that we’ve got a website or anything, but you know how these pictures find themselves on the web, right? Well, what led us to that is what this story is about. But it’s never as simple and easy as it sounds, setting a story like this down on paper. Anyway, I’ll go back to the beginning, because back then everything seemed so much simpler, and a hell of a lot more innocent.

My younger sister, Helena, had always been the pretty one in our family. Mom had always said so to tease me, knowing that I had a place on the cheerleader squad and no end of cute boy suitors, but she was right. Helena had the kind of clean, simple beauty that didn’t need much make-up to make her look stunning. Like me, she had long blonde hair that behaved itself without the use of too much hairspray; a natural color-mix of ash- and strawberry-blonde. The two of us were about the same height; a little over average, and we both looked after ourselves, in our own ways.

But Helena had a jaw and cheekbones that framed the beauty of her face perfectly. Some women look stunning when they have time to get up, scrub and put on some make-up. Helena was able to achieve that as soon as she opened her eyes. It made her very popular at college, even more popular than me, but Helena never showed too much interest in the pursuit of others. She concentrated on her studies.

So when, at the age of eighteen, she was stopped in a shopping mall by a guy with dark glasses and a leather trench coat saying she was the most perfect specimen for his “artistic creation”, flattering her with his off-hand compliments and promises of stardom, it didn’t come as a shock to her. Mom was sceptical, and rightly so, even though at the first shoot, at which Mom chaperoned my sister, the guy seemed totally professional with a full photographic studio set, and magazine covers bearing his “creations”. That first shoot was all about lighting, apparently, and Helena was given long, flowing dresses to wear, in which she looked gorgeous in a girl-dressed-as-a-grown-up way.

So on the second shoot, Helena was allowed to go on her own and this time, the guy showed his real colors. Helena came back saying that his “artistic creations” were fairly explicit, involving a lot of fruit that Helena had to hold against her naked skin, because the lighting apparently demanded it. Mom called the police and they raided the guy’s house, finding several more explicit images that Helena hadn’t mentioned. And in these ones, the fruit wasn’t just held against her skin. I must admit that I got the green-eyed monster a little, even though the guy had tricked my sister and exploited her. There was just a little part of me that craved that kind of attention.

The whole experience had had an effect on Helena. Just not the one Mom or I expected. Rather than become a little withdrawn and inhibited, Lena seemed to have discovered her teenage wings. She spent a lot more time on her cell phone, and a lot more evenings having to explain to Mom why she was so late back from a friend’s house. Her wardrobe changed, too. Rather than the older, slightly more frumpy styles she used to wear, Helena now wore tighter-fitting, more fashionable clothes. Personally, I found this change refreshing, seeing my sister become a little more like me, and someone whose new clothes I could borrow!

It was on an evening a couple of months later, playing a computer game in my room, that Helena and I talked about her experiences at that photo shoot.

“Actually, it was pretty cool,” she said, leaning her body to one side as her virtual car skidded round a corner on the screen in front of us. Helena was dressed casually, in jogging pants and a vest top, her long blonde hair left to fall around her shoulders. My hair was identical to hers, even if it covered shoulders a little more toned, and less finely boned than hers.

“What was cool?” I said, leaning my body in the same direction as I gunned my car to chase hers down.

“The photo shoot,” she said. “It was pretty cool.”

“The first one?” I answered, giving most of my attention to the screen in front of me. I was determined not to lose to my sister. Again.

“Well, yeah, that too,” she said. There was a pause as the fender of my virtual car nudged the bumper of hers. I’d hoped to push her car off the road, but had only succeeded in giving it a further nudge of acceleration.

“Damn it!” Then I stole a curious glance at Helena. “What do you mean, ‘that too’?” I said, flicking buttons with my fingers to change gears and speed up.

“Well,” Helena said, effortlessly splitting her attention between talking to me and swerving round old cars to reach the final, “I liked getting dressed up and all, but it was kind of difficult to let go with Mom sitting ten feet away.”

“Let go?” I said, watching with dismay as another computer-controlled car shot past my one.

Helena’s car sped across the finish line and a colorful “WINNER!” slogan lit up the screen. She dropped the game pad onto her lap and turned to look at me.

“Yeah, let go. Like, get into the mood of the shoot. Like an actress in a film. Anyway, it was cool the way I could do that in the second shoot.”

“Are you kidding me?” I said. “That guy made you take of all your clothes and do that — do that fruit thing!”

Helena squirmed a little on my bed, looking uncomfortable. “Well, kinda,” she said, cagily.

I put down my control pad, not bothering to see if my virtual car had limped over the line in last place. “Helena…” I said, using my best Mom voice.

Helena suddenly brightened up, grabbed one of my hands in both of hers and pulled it onto her lap.

“Cassie, it felt so free and uninhibited, being photographed like that.” There was a pause as I watched her look away for a moment and squeeze my hand. She looked back at me; a wicked little glint in her eye. “It wasn’t his idea to take my clothes off,” she said, blurting out the admission. “It was mine.”


“Uh, huh. It just felt, I don’t know, it felt natural.”

“And what about the fruit? Was that your idea too?”

“No. But I didn’t mind at the time.”

“You didn’t mi—” I began, then broke off, incredulous. “Helena, he made you put that fruit inside you. He took pictures of you doing—”

“I know, I know,” said Helena, holding up a hand to stop me. “And it was wrong.” Then she brightened again and the devil glint was back in her eye again. “But it was so… so erotic, Cassie. It was like nothing I’d felt before.”

“Erotic? Helena, what are you saying; this guy turned you on?”

“No, silly. Not him. He was creepy and a bit too obvious about enjoying seeing me naked. But the feeling of being photographed; knowing the person doing it thinks you’re gorgeous. Knowing that everyone who looks at your picture thinks you’re gorgeous. Know what I mean?”

“Well—” I began, but Helena was already a step ahead of me.

“Cass, didn’t you get a thrill when the Sidewinders won the college cup and they took all the photos of you and the other cheerleaders?”

I flicked a glance toward one of my bedroom dressers, where a framed picture of that momentous evening sat. I was dressed in my cheerleader outfit; one arm around Amanda, my best friend and fellow cheerleader, and one arm around Josh, who mistakenly thought he would get lucky later that evening.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said, remembering how good it felt.

“Okay, so what about the photo shoot before the game? All you girls had to look sexy, right?”


“And it didn’t feel good?” Helena said, squeezing my hand.

“Well, yeah, I suppose it did,” I admitted.

“So let’s do it!” said Helena, pulling at my hand, suddenly excited.

“Do what?” I said, wondering if she wanted me to stick up for the creepy photographer or something.

“Let’s get some pictures taken, of us, together,” she said. And that was when the bombshell hit me.

“You want someone to take erotic pictures of us… together?” I said.

“Yes!” said Helena.

I pulled my hand away from her. “Lena,” I said, levelly. “Are you a lesbian?”

Helena deflated noticeably. “Aw, jeez, Cass,” she said. “Don’t you get it? This is role-playing. Acting. It’s incredibly erotic, and if we do it together, neither of us is likely to get… y’know, exploited. See, I know this other photographer. A woman. She’s so nice and totally cool. Come on. Try it out already. Just once. For me.”

I thought about it, and reluctantly said yes.

Later that night, once Helena had gone back to her room and I’d got ready for bed, I stood in front of the my full length mirror and thought about what she said. It was a side of my sister I’d rarely seen; something wild, daring. She seemed almost elemental when she spoke about the eroticism of the photo shoot.

I thought more about her proposal too. Why had she said that? Had she been more rattled by the creepy guy than she cared to admit? Was this part of her plan to carry on doing something that interested her, but without being alone? Was she attracted by the prospect of “facing her fear”? Then I thought about why I’d said yes so readily. Normally I would have said no, flat out — sometimes just because I was feeling bitchy. But Helena seemed so enthused, so determined. Something inside me just went click, and I said yes.

On an impulse, I grabbed the hem of my nightshirt and hauled it over my head. I stood in front of the mirror and gave myself a critical appraisal, turning this way and that to look at my own body. I was suddenly conscious of the prospect of being photographed and a built-in fear of body-image kicked in. I looked hard at the naked body facing me. I was a little more toned than my sister; defined where Helena was soft, and my breasts and hips were a little bigger, a touch wider, but not so much as you’d notice. I realized I was being picky. Helena was only a year and a little bit younger than me, and we were often mistaken for twins such was our similarity. When we both wore our hair down and had similar clothes on, we looked a lot alike. But how would we look without those clothes on?

I pulled my nightshirt back on, got into bed and turned the light off. At that point, I had no idea how advanced my sister’s plans were. Helena was way ahead of me.


The following day I didn’t see much of Helena. She was busy with college classes, and so was I. We chatted over dinner, but her proposal of last night didn’t surface. I wondered if she had had second thoughts about it, and let it drop from my mind. But later on, as I was getting into bed, I stood naked in front of my bedroom mirror once more and stared at myself again. This time, I let myself twist and turn like a model, striking little poses to see how it looked. After a few minutes, and feeling a bit foolish, I went to bed.

The next day, I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door.

“Cassie, Cass! It’s me. Open up.” I rubbed sleepy eyes and yawned.

“Door’s open,” I called out. I heard the handle turn and Helena brushed in like a warm breeze. She was wearing her low-cut pajamas and looked like she’d been awake for some time. She walked straight up to my bed and sat on the unmade covers.

“Come on, lazybones,” she said, excitedly, shoving at me with one hand. “Get up and get showered already. We’ve got a busy day!”

“Get lost,” I said, a stock answer. Helena started bouncing up and down on the bed, giggling. “Come on, get up, you lazy bitch. We’ve got things to do!”

I felt Helena move the covers, then her hand was snaking underneath them, reaching in to pinch and tickle me.

“Ow. Get off,” I said, trying my best to ignore the way her hand was grabbing chunks of my flesh.

“I’ll pinch your ass,” she said, reaching again to get underneath me.

“All right, all right!” I muffled, wriggling away to the cold side of the bed. Giggling again, Helena dived under the covers to chase me. She could be so irritating. I felt her barrel into me underneath my bed covers and was suddenly struck by what this looked like; two hot sisters rolling around together underneath the bed sheets. I scrambled out of bed and stumbled over toward my bathroom. I looked back through a thin veil of uncombed hair and saw my sister grinning wickedly underneath my covers. I used the bathroom, took a quick shower, then went back into the main room. Oddly, Helena was still lying in my bed, snuggling up under my own covers with her eyes closed.

“Hey,” I said, rubbing a strand of hair between two ends of a towel. “Thought you said we had things to do.” Helena looked up and threw me a guilty look, then flashed a smile and threw the covers back.

“That’s right,” she said, bounding up to me and giving me a hug. “Lots of good things to do today.” I felt her press her hands against my back, pulling me closer to her. I gave her a light hug back, then pulled away.

“So what’s the hurry?” I said. “What are these ‘good things’?”

“Get dressed and get your war-paint on,” Helena said. “We’re gonna take some pictures.”

I felt my heart sink a little, and an image of me posing into my mirror brought a foolish flush to my cheeks. Helena twirled away and out of my room.

“Fifteen minutes!” she called out as the door closed behind her.

It was a hot summer so I got dressed in a simple tartan ra-ra skirt, with a white top and sneakers. I made my way downstairs to grab some breakfast. Mom had already gone to work and the house seemed quiet. I poured myself some orange juice and was just thinking about some toast when Helena wandered into the kitchen.

“No time for that,” she said, pointing to the bread slices in my hand. “We’ve got to go, sis. Time is money. Or could be.”

Helena was dressed in a mid-length summer dress with a green and white-hoop print. She wore a thin, wide belt around her waist and small, outdoor slippers.

“Jeez, Helena,” I said, setting the bread back on the counter. “You’re being a real hard ass this morning.” Helena walked behind me and slapped my rump as she went past.

“I think you’ve got the hard ass,” she said, giggling. I frowned again. Was my sister on something?

I finished my juice and we went outside to my little car

“So, Helena, what’s this photographer like?”

“She’s been a photographer for three years, and has experience of shooting still life, nature and erotic pictures.”

“Experience of ‘erotic pictures’?”

“That’s right.”

I closed my mouth and carried on driving. It took me another twenty minutes to drive to Vermont and Bainbridge, then it took us another five minutes to find this woman’s studio.

I parked up and Helena got out, flipping her cell phone.

“Sasha, hi, it’s Helena. Yeah, yeah. We’re in the car park. Okay, I’ll see you in a minute.”

Helena closed her phone and gave me a bright sunny smile. “Come on,” she said, “this way.”

I walked around the car and Helena took my hand. We walked, hand-in-hand, toward a small warehouse. In front of us, a little warehouse door opened and a woman wearing shorts and a t-shirt stepped out. She raised a hand and Helena waved back. As we got closer I could see that the other woman was a little shorter than my sister and I, a little thicker set, and had short dark hair.

“Hiya,” she drawled in a southern accent. “I’m Sasha. You must be Cassandra,” she said, extending her hand. I let go of my sister’s hand and shook Sasha’s.

“Cassie,” I said, by way of introduction, “or Cass.”

Sasha gave me the once-over; from head to toe, then moved to one side and extended her hand. “Come on in,” she said, giving us a lop-sided smile. I walked into the warehouse and was aware of my sister giving Sasha a kiss as she walked in. It looked kind of friendly.

The photographic studio itself was pretty small; just a room about ten square meters with some lighting umbrellas and props including a sofa and some chairs.

“Okay,” said Sasha, her voice loud in the small room. “Helena tells me you want some erotic photos together, right?”

“Um, I guess,” I said.

“And you’ve not done this before, right?”


“Okay. First thing’s first. I’m going to take several different lots of photos and you’ve got to be comfortable not just with each other, but with me behind the camera, okay?”

“Uh, okay,” I said. Helena was smiling confidently beside me.

“Okay,” said Sasha. “So how comfortable are you with each other?”

“We’re cool,” said Helena, coming up beside me and slipping an arm around my waist.

“Yeah,” I said, trying to sound confident. I put my arm around Helena. “We’re sisters.”

Sasha’s face fell a little, as though she were explaining something to a small child.

“You want an erotic photo shoot, right?”

“Yes!” said Helena.

“Okay, so I mean you guys have got to be comfortable together. Like girlfriends.”

“Oh. Oh, right,” I said. I must have looked pretty shocked. Sasha left her camera and walked over to us.

“Look, guys, I don’t want to waste your time or mine. But if this shoot is going to work, you’ve got to get a bit more involved.”

Helena nudged me. “Like role play,” she said, “remember?”

“That’s right,” said Sasha. “And you’ve got to be comfortable. Now, is that how girlfriends would stand together?” she said.

I looked at Helena and she looked at me.

“Oh, right. Right,” I said. We shuffled a bit and I felt very awkward. After a moment, Sasha waved a hand.

“Stop, stop, stop,” she said. “Look, let me make this easy. Why don’t you,” she pointed at me, “copy what I do, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, stepping back. Sasha moved in close toward Helena and slipped her arms around my sister’s waist. Helena draped hers around Sasha’s neck and the two held each other in a close embrace, staring into each other’s eyes. Abruptly, Sasha moved to one side. “Like that,” she said.

“Okay.” I stepped into her place and Helena winked at me. I licked my lips and took a deep breath, then held my sister around the waist and felt her arms around my neck. We closed in for an embrace and I felt a small shiver run though me. I had hugged my sister a thousand times, but this time was quite different, it was all a bit naughty.

“Good,” said Sasha, moving in to push me aside. “Now try this.”

She moved back into an embrace with Helena, but this time leaned forward and planted a soft kiss onto her lips. They held the pose for a few seconds, then broke off.


I nodded, but obviously didn’t look too confident.

“It’s okay, sis,” Helena said, encouraging me. “It’s play acting, right?”

I smiled back. “Right.”

I moved in and embraced my sister once again. This time, I leaned forward, tilting my head the opposite way to Helena’s. I closed my eyes and felt our lips touch. Again I felt that shiver run through me.

“Hold it. Hold it,” said Sasha, her voice moving away from us. There was a small flash and a loud click. She had just taken a picture of us kissing each other! I turned around and looked sharply at her.

“Hey!” I said, “I didn’t know you were going to do that! What’s your problem?”

“What’s my problem?! What’s my problem? Hey, I’m the one here doing you a favor! Why don’t you start acting like it already, Jeez!”

Helena broke away from me and moved toward Sasha, her hands raised in a placating gesture. I turned away from them as Helena began talking quietly to diffuse the photographer’s anger. I took the time to think about what was going on and why I was there. I wondered if I was being too prudish, if I wasn’t giving Sasha’s artistic direction enough respect.

But more than that, I wondered if I were letting down my little sister. I had this huge guilt complex about disappointing Helena — and it was that, rather than anything else, that made up my mind for me. I took a deep breath and walked over to where Helena was still talking to Sasha. The photographer still looked grumpy, but my sister offered me a cautious smile.

“Hey,” Helena said.

“Hey. Um, look, I wanted to apologize,” I said, looking at them both. “I mean, I didn’t want to ruin or waste your time, Sasha. And I know how important this is to you, Helena. So, I’ll be a good girl from now on. I’ll play whatever role you want,” I said the last part straight to Sasha, who looked at me through sulky eyelids.

“Okay. Kiss and make up?”

“Sure,” I said, leaning forward to kiss her cheek, but Sasha pulled back. “Uh, uh,” she said. “You’ve, ah, you’ve got to be a naughty schoolgirl saying sorry to her teacher.”

She looked at me and I felt the blood rise to my cheeks once more. I glanced quickly at Helena, who gave me a blank look.

This is a test, I thought. A test to see if I mean what I say. Well, I wasn’t stupid, and I wanted Sasha to know that. I suddenly adopted a bashful pose, holding my hands behind my back and pouting hugely.

“I’m real sorry for being so naughty, Miss Sasha,” I said, in a Shirley Temple voice. “Please, can I kiss and make up?”

Sasha smiled at me, clearly pleased at my new turn. “Sure,” she said. Then she raised a finger to her lips and pointed to them. “Right here,” she said, adding, “nice and slow.”

“Okay, Miss Sasha,” I said, determined not to fail this test. I leaned forward, lips pouted and eyes closed until I felt the soft crush of Sasha’s lips against mine. I held myself there for two seconds, then pulled back.

“And now,” said Sasha, smiling, waving us backwards toward the photographic set, “I want you to offer the same apology to Miss Helena.”

I nodded, wide-eyed, not willing to let go of the character yet.

“And you,” Sasha said, talking to my sister, “I want you to keep the role going, okay?”

Helena nodded back. “Okay.”

Sasha stopped and gave her a hard look. “Okay?” she repeated for emphasis.

“Oh, yeah,” Helena replied.

I turned round and began to fake a totter toward the set. I felt Helena brush up behind me and pat me softly on my ass.

“Just go with it, sis,” she whispered.

“Okay,” I whispered back. We reached the set and I turned to face Helena. I stood there, pouting and heard the first click of Sasha’s shutter.

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” Helena said to me, wagging a finger in my direction.

I pouted back, heard the shutter click. I nodded my head and uttered a protracted: “Sorrrrrry.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough, Cassandra,” said Helena. “Turn around and bend over.” I did as I was told, bending over slightly with my legs held together, and straight. Helena stepped toward me and lifted up the back of my ra-ra skirt with one hand. I looked back and saw that she was holding the other hand in a slapping pose. “Bad, bad girl,” she said, looking from my ass to the camera.

“Panties!” Sasha shouted, from behind her camera. Instantly, I felt Helena hook her thumb inside the elastic of my panties and pull them down below my ass cheeks. I closed my eyes, trying to hold myself together.

“Hold it! Hold it!” I heard Sasha say. The shutter clicked several times.

“Okay, now up and apologize,” came the next direction

I stood back up and turned to face my sister. I’d forgotten to pull up my panties and they were now hanging underneath my ass cheeks. I went to pull them up but Sasha cried out “No! pull them down! You’ve been punished, remember?”

I hesitated, but then reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees.

“Okay good. Now apologize.”

“I’m real sorrrrrrrry,” I said, exaggerating the pout. I saw Helena begin to giggle, then control herself. Watching her smile made me feel better and I began to relax. “I’m real sorry my panties are falling down.”

I saw Helena look away for a moment, controlling her giggle. I didn’t ease up.

“Can I kiss and make up, Miss Helena. Can I? Huh? Huh? Can I pleeeeeeease?”

I leaned forward and pouted my lips for a kiss. Helena regained some composure, winked at me and said, “Sure.”

She adopted a similar role to mine, leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. It was a soft, dry but comfortable kiss and we stood there a moment or two as Sasha took pictures.

“Okay,” said the photographer. Now a little clinch. Remember, Hels, you’re the teacher.”

“Put your arms behind your back,” whispered Helena. I did so, closing my eyes, and she stepped in to grab hold of my shoulders. She leaned forward and this time tilted her head to kiss me. Again the kiss was dry, but comfortable. The shutter whirred and clicked.

“Good. Good. Now more.”

“Okay, hold me,” I heard Helena say. I opened my eyes and stepped in to embrace my sister. I draped my arms around her neck and she held me around my waist. We leaned closer and started making small adjustments according to Sasha’s direction.

“Okay, now where’s that kiss?” she said after a while.

Helena and I tilted heads and locked our lips together in a now comfortable pose. I was aware of my panties slipping down to my ankles, and of Helena’s arms around my waist. The camera continued to click as we made minute adjustments. We held the kiss for a while and, after a few moments, I felt Helena part her lips slightly. I did the same, on reflex, and then felt the warm tip of her tongue flick the top of my teeth. I pulled back and stared at her, shocked.

“Hey!” came the call from behind the camera. “I’m not done yet. Get back in that clinch!”

I flicked a glance from my sister to Sasha, but Helena kept her gaze locked on me. She had that glazed look about her and was smiling evilly. She winked, just before leaning in to me once more. I closed my eyes, felt our lips touch, then held my mouth slightly apart for the camera. Almost immediately, I felt Helena’s tongue explore my lips and teeth. I didn’t respond, but I didn’t turn away and, later, I knew that that would be the first real turning point between us.

“Okay. That’s a wrap,” said Sasha, killing the powerful lights trained on us. Helena pressed forward and ended the kiss with a much less sisterly touch. I felt her hands grab my ass cheeks.

“Jesus! That was good,” she said.

I smiled at her and bent down to pull up my panties.

“Aw, let me help you,” Helena said, dropping to the floor. I didn’t reply but watched as she slipped the panties off my raised feet and held them up to me.

“See? Don’t need them now,” she said, grinning at me.

I smiled nervously. It was like seeing my sister on drugs, or in a mood you didn’t expect. “I’ll, uh, I’ll meet you by the car, Sis,” I said.

Helena threw me an odd look, then shrugged her shoulders. “Okay. I just need to talk to Sasha for a minute.”

I nodded my head and walked toward the exit, feeling a little foolish. As I opened the door to leave, I turned around and saw Sasha and my sister bent over the camera, examining the pictures Sasha had just taken. Helena’s arm was around Sasha’s waist and they looked very comfortable together.

The car ride back home was quiet. Lena was chatty and pleasant, but a little distant.

When we got home I got another nasty shock. It was from my credit card company. And they weren’t happy.

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